Sunday, November 22, 2015

Woe, Canada!


                Canada will stick to its decision to withdraw its fighter jets from a mission against Islamic State militants despite last week's Paris attacks, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this past Monday. Funny, Trudeau is French-Canadian, but, in his progressiveness and passivity, appears to be channeling his inner Barack Hussein Obama and giving the middle finger to freedom loving peoples everywhere.
                 ISIS claimed responsibility for the shootings and bombings that killed 129 people and injured hundreds more, prompting France, Britain and others to promise more strikes against the radical Islamist organization.

                 Trudeau, however, who took power in an October election promising to pull out the six Canadian jets in the Middle East, said Canada could contribute more effectively in other ways and was considering how it could step up an existing program to train local troops in Iraq.
                Is Trudeau planning to ramp up maple syrup collecting? Fishing for lake trout? Drinking Molson? Will he courageously challenge ISIS to a game of ice hockey?
                Remember Ottawa?                                                                                  

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