Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Poll Says Americans Afraid To Speak Their Minds

                A new national poll of 2,300 U.S. adults found that 71% of Americans believe that political correctness has silenced important discussions our society needs to have. Worse, 58% of Americans say that the current political climate prevents them from sharing their own political beliefs. The Cato Free Speech and Tolerance Survey found that only Democrats, by a slim majority, do not feel the need to censor themselves, while 58% of Independents say they keep at least some political beliefs to themselves. Fully 73% of Republicans said they keep their views to themselves. Among true conservatives, I’m sure the number is even higher.
                That this could happen in the United States of America is preposterous- and tragic. It certainly makes it easy to see how it occurred in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, for example. Power-hungry statists (think “The Swamp”) manipulate decent people’s feelings in order to shut them up. The statists claim to be tolerant and open-minded and to espouse “equality” and “social justice,” want the rich to pay “their fair share,” and promise “free health-care, college, and birth-control” to everyone else…all the while knowing they are emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and financially raping them for their own benefit.  Physical rape may come a bit later.
                One of the reasons more conservative folks are uncomfortable- and feel “unsafe?”- with sharing their beliefs is the blatant bias and obvious (though empty) moral superiority with which progressives assault anyone with the temerity to stray from Pre-Approved Political Views.
                There is another reason, however. Most conservatives respect other’s beliefs and don’t want to randomly, needlessly inject politics into everyday life. We are taught, from an early age, not to talk about “politics, sex or religion” at formal- or friendly- gatherings with people we don’t know well. Simple decency. Treat others as you’d want to be treated, etc. I am “guilty” of this myself. A life-long serial offender, in fact.
                Leftists do not adhere to this ethic, regularly and wantonly turning even weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and funerals into strident, shameless political advertisements. This is not hyperbole, and I have personally been at a number of these functions. In 2002, Democrats turned the Paul Wellstone funeral into a Party Pep Rally, and, just recently, Maxine Waters used “comedian” Dick Gregory’s memorial service as a forum for attacking President Trump.
                “I’m cleaning out the White House,” she bizarrely declared to a cheering crowd of funeral goers. “We’re going to sanitize the White House!” She added: “When I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached.”
                Classy and touching sentiments, indeed.
                The American Founders were exceptionally well educated, intelligent, and highly moral. Traditional, disciplined and respectful, they never sought a conflict with their British brethren. Yet, when they saw that their freedom and dignity were being abused and even mocked, they calmly yet steadfastly refused to yield even to the greatest military power the world had hitherto known. They simply could not countenance being taken advantage of in this manner.
                My fellow Americans in Flyover Country, and around the world, we’ve seen how corrupt the establishment classes are. Washington, D.C. is a swamp. Brussels is a swamp. The United Nations is a swamp. Hollywood is a den of inequity masquerading as the center of the moral universe. Your rulers in the big cities on the coasts disdain you…and worse. They all employ a cynical constituent calculus, and look ahead to how they believe the demographics of the future will affect their prospects for retaining power. A tip: you’re not a factor in their decisions.
                So, conservative Americans and Brits, Catalonians, people of Venice, and those seeking true freedom, independence and self-rule around the world, it is time to step up, not back down. We must no longer cower in the face of potentially violent though ridiculous backlash to our beliefs.
                Every passing moment makes our children’s freedom less likely, every minute we dally makes it more difficult for the truth to prevail, every second that finds us timid emboldens the dictators.
                It is not only time to serve notice to Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-Un, Raúl Castro, and Hassan Rouhani that we’re no longer going to put up with their threats and bullshit. We must hold our own “leaders” equally accountable.
                Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May, and others must be held to account, as well. Note to our leaders: Black Lives Matter, of course, but so do ours. Immigration is not all bad, but neither is it always good. Illegal immigration is…illegal. We don’t get rewarded for breaking the law.
The Enlightenment eventually led to people believing they knew better how to govern their lives than did kings, dictators, or massive governments run by unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats. We are on the cusp of losing that forever. Do not be afraid. Never surrender. This could be the last time humanity has a chance to have a say in its own future.
Whatever it takes, whatever the sacrifice: Let Freedom Ring.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Hypocrisy

                Halloween costumes are now more scrutinized and judged for potential offense than were citizens of the former East Germany living next to Stasi headquarters. The list of get-ups that we are not supposed to wear is longer than the list of politically-approved outfits handed down to us by our Elite Masters. Ethnic apparel is verboten. A sombrero? May actually cause snowflakes to faint. Anything even gently lampooning a member of the LGBTQIA community could get a non-LGBTQIA person thrown in jail, yet they themselves are allowed to flagrantly- and fabulously!- lampoon themselves…whether deliberately or not.
                Yet, a life-sized scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump was placed in a Halloween display at Santa Clarita Elementary School in California. One of the student’s parents noted that the Trump scarecrow was made to look scary while the other scarecrows appeared benign.
                And, a Halloween display at West Parish Elementary School in Gloucester, Massachusetts featured a bean-bag toss game with several fake tombstones in the immediate vicinity. The only one of them with a specific person’s name on it was the one that read “Donald Trump.” A sitting U.S. president. Classy.
You can be sure the person or persons in charge of this display utterly “deplore gun violence,” “partisan rancor,” and the “intolerant right.” What a bleeping joke! Except, this is one of the few things that aren’t funny, because, if we buy into their tripe, we will have lost the ability to engage in civil discourse or live in a free society.
Schools around the country are banning Halloween costumes, although Che Guevara shirts are still looked on with favor by many, as are countenances of Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. And anybody can openly mock a Christian, of course, whether it be Anita Bryant, a Catholic priest, George W, Bush, or the Lord Himself.  
A Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters mask should truly be unnerving, but they are likely to go unrecognized or even applauded in this dumbed-down age.
Clown outfits are, of course, considered terrifying, and we are all expected to laugh at those ensconced in likenesses of Nixon, “W,” or Reagan.
Halloween or no, what’s now happening in the United States is truly scary.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rutgers Refuses To Return Weinstein Money

                Despite the now countless allegations of sexual assault against big-wig movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Rutgers University will not return the $100,000 donation it received from the H. Weinstein Family Foundation last April. The school’s newspaper, The Daily Targum, reported that the donation is “part of a campaign to raise $3 million for the Gloria Steinem Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies.” Ironically, the campaign benefits the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies and “addresses the intersection of feminist studies and media culture.” Which is near the intersection of greed and hypocrisy, apparently.
                The school, the eighth-oldest college in the United States, was in the midst of its “Turn the Campus Purple” week, an annual campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence, when it announced it was keeping the dirty money. This was shortly after Robert L. Barchi, the school’s president, stated that the institution remained committed to “protecting students from sexual violence, discrimination and harassment” following Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s reassessment of the Obama administration’s misguided Title IX guidelines.
                DeVos wants to protect innocent students from being charged with crimes they didn’t commit, and being prevented from due process and the ability to present exculpatory evidence. Weinstein is a known, long-time, serial harasser and alleged serial rapist. Yet, Rutgers Director of University News and Media Relations Dory Devlin stated that, while the Weinstein allegations are “appalling and indefensible,” much work remains to be done to “advance women’s equality,” and noted that the Weinstein donation “will help those efforts.”
                Colleges rant and rave- continuously- about sexism, misogyny, and the “rape culture.” They decry and deride capitalism, business, and the love of money, and consequently- constantly- extoll the virtues of volunteering. And Rutgers somehow arrives at this decision? Would Jewish charities accept donations from Hezbollah? Hitler Youth? “Well, we know the money is tragically ill-gotten and tainted, but, gosh darn it, we can put it to good use!”
                The Scarlet Knights should be scarlet- in the face- after this debacle. Rutgers University was originally chartered as Queen’s College in November of 1766, prior to the American Revolution. The Queen might say of the school’s decision: “We are not amused.”

                Neither am I. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kellogg's Corn Pops Boxes Racist, Complaint Says

                The Kellogg Company, a world-famous manufacturer of breakfast cereals, recently announced on Twitter that it will be remaking boxes for its Corn Pops brand, after it received a complaint about allegedly racist artwork on the packaging. The current boxes feature cartoon “corn pops” frolicking about a retail mall. Some of the “pops” are shown shopping, others playing in an arcade or water fountain, and one is depicted skateboarding down an escalator. A single “pop,” which appears to be somewhat darker than the others, is shown working as a janitor waxing the floors.
                A Twitter user tweeted: “Why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? This is teaching kids racism,” according to a usatoday.com report. Kellogg issued a Twitter reply the following day, stating: “Kellogg is committed to diversity & inclusion. We did not intend to offend – we apologize. The artwork is updated & will be in stores soon.”
                 In truth, however, I’m not certain the previous Corn Pops box was any less offensive, as it featured a white man cracking a long whip towards the viewer.

Further investigation by this author has revealed other unconscionable cereal indiscretions.

For example, General Mills’ Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Booberry cereal series sported stylized versions of a vampire, monster and ghost, respectively. This is an obvious affront to the fictitious and supernatural monster and demon community (FSMDC). General Mills makes Cocoa Puffs, as well, a product represented by a “cuckoo bird.” This “crazy” avian actually touts the brand by repeatedly averring that he is “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, etc.,” thus shamelessly mocking those who may at times struggle with their sanity.  The Twin Cities-based company also manufactures the Trix brand, boxes of which sport an all-white roller-skating rabbit. I can’t be the only one to find it disturbing that an albino bunny on wheels is so prominently displayed on a sugar-filled product named for acts of prostitution.
Then there is the breakfast behemoth’s “Lucky Charms” cereal, whose boxes feature various iterations of a Leprechaun, often spouting the phrase, “They’re magically delicious!” This tiny, green Irishman with buckles on his little shoes probably should be offensive to those who hail from the Emerald Aisle, but it appears that, as is the case with the University of Notre Dame’s logo, a grizzled and shriveled old Leprechaun in a street-fighter’s stance, the Irish are still slow to feel slighted. This is probably because they are drunk most of the time. (The Irish know I'm kidding). 
                But back to the Kellogg Company again. The now-embattled Michigan organization is the maker of Rice Krispies, and employs cartoon midgets named “Snap, Crackle and Pop” in an effort to foster sales of this morning staple. Only small-minded people would be okay with this ploy. As if this weren’t enough, the company marketed “Sugar Smacks” by depicting one of the creepiest clowns imaginable on the boxes. (Check it out yourself). And that’s not all. Boxes of its “Froot Loops” cereal, targeted at kids, are adorned with images of a toucan with an oversized beak in various pastel colors. A “fruity” cereal with a gaily-colored tropical bird? All that’s missing is an LGBTQ flag.
                To recap, whether breakfast cereal boxes promote racism and intolerance, or expose our kids to deliberately misspelled words, rabbit hookers, and gay toucans, there can be no doubt as to the nefarious intentions of Big Cereal. You’ve been warned. We’ve got your number, cereal makers.
                And, there is more than just the exposure of rampant bigotry working against the industry. A recent study, reported by The New York Times, reveals that almost half of millennials don’t eat cereal because it’s “inconvenient.” These millennials say they’d rather grab a breakfast bar than have to go to the trouble of pouring milk and rinsing out a cereal bowl.

                These two facts together may prove to be cereal killers.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Real Russian Collusion

                It now appears the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were involved in a scheme to dig up dirt on Donald trump prior to the 2016 presidential election. The groups funded research resulting in the infamous “dirty dossier” containing allegations of possible collusion between Trump’s campaign team and the Kremlin. Marc Elias- a lawyer who represented both the Clinton campaign and the DNC- and his law firm retained Fusion GPS to do the dirty work. In turn, Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, former head of MI-6’s Russian Desk who has ties to the U.S. intelligence community. Steele wrote the salacious dossier that was promptly leaked and plastered all over the mainstream media. The Clinton camp and the DNC, via the law firm, continued funding Fusion GPS’s “research” until a few days prior to the election.
                When it was learned that Donald Trump, Jr. may have accepted an invitation to appear in the same room with someone who offered dirt on Hillary Clinton, Democrats and media members shouted, “Treason! By God, treason!” Yet when lengthy, intricate, massive collusion to discredit Trump is unveiled, these same parties yawn and say: “Boring old, garden-variety opposition research. Nothing to see here. So not news.”
                Elias denied involvement in the project for almost a year, even as he fielded questions from reporters. Recently, a pair of reporters said on Twitter that Elias- and others involved- had lied “with sanctimony” about their ties to the arrangement.
                But this is by no means the only collusion in which the Clintons and the DNC have been involved. The Podesta Group, the most powerful Democratic lobbying concern in Washington, D.C., founded by Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta, is now under investigation for possibly violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. FARA requires those who lobby on behalf of foreign governments, leaders, or political parties to file detailed disclosures about their spending and activities with the Justice Department. Deliberate failure to do so is a felony and can result in up to five years in prison.  The Podesta Group represented the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a pro-Russian, oligarch-funded Ukrainian political party with deep ties to Paul Manafort, but amended its FARA registration to more accurately reflect its work for ECMU only after the payments were reported by the media. And this after-exposure amending allegedly occurred on two separate occasions over the years.
                And this is nowhere near the worst of the alleged Democratic collusion with Russia. Russian nuclear officials directed millions of dollars to President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that granted a favorable decision to Moscow regarding American uranium, vital to the manufacture of nuclear weapons, according to a report in The Hill. In what could only have been a quid-pro-quo deal, Russia was given rights to one-fifth of all U.S. uranium, and the Clinton Foundation was given tens of millions of dollars by Vancouver businessman Frank Giustra, the founder of Uranium One, and his associates, who facilitated the transfer. Rosatom, a Russian company heavily involved in nuclear energy and backed by the Russian State, subsequently acquired Uranium One, which has substantial assets in the United States. Amazing! (In 2006, Giustra told The New Yorker that Clinton, “can do things and ask for things that no one else can.” Quite. Just ask Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones).
                Over $100 million was funneled into “The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation” to help those involved arrive at this Russia-friendly decision. This Clinton Foundation was only a charity in the sense that it greatly aided…the Clintons. The New York Post reported that, in 2013, the foundation took in $140 million in grants and pledges but spent just $9 million on direct aid. The rest was spent on administration, travel, salaries and “bonuses,” mostly to family and friends.
                The reason these entities coughed-up large sums to the Clinton Foundation is obvious: influence-peddling and a virtually sure bet. They naturally assumed that a Clinton would be president again in the near future. The Clintons knew they held the cards and that others would have to pay to play. When the unthinkable happened, and Hillary lost the election, their official government roles- and hence virtually all their power- were lost.

    So, they closed their foundation. There is no “charitable” term for that.

                Robert Mueller was FBI Director at the time of the uranium deal. The “probe” into these treasonous shenanigans started while he was in charge. It ended in 2015 under the direction of then-FBI Director James Comey. Say, these names sound familiar, don’t they. They are front and center in the current investigation of President Trump, oddly enough. Yet they managed to keep a tight lid on any untoward and inconvenient allegations or behavior involving Hillary, The Podesta Group, the DNC, Elias, Steele, and the FBI itself for six years.
                The Swamp reeks of privilege and partisanship, and is fundamentally anti-American. It disdains the rule of law, and despises the notion of a truly free, independent, and unbiased press.
                When there is rumor of its conservative opponent’s collusion with Russia, it goes nuts, and dons the mantle of patriotism, exclaiming: “How could you collude with our hated enemy?” When it is demonstrably proven that it is guilty of collusion with Moscow, its natural statist ally, it screams “Nyet!” and blames the Electoral College for all the country’s woes.
                What goes around, comes around. Key American political figures were colluding with Russia. It turns out that it wasn’t those originally targeted to be smeared with these allegations that were doing so, however, but those that made them. Delicious.
                It’s as if we found out Bill Clinton didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, but Ken Starr did. As if we found out that the Nixon administration didn’t bug DNC headquarters, but those that ended up investigating him did.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

North Korea: "Ashes And Darkness"

                Little Rocket Man and his Korean Central News Agency lackeys threatened to bring “nuclear clouds” to Japan and mocked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for acting like a “headless chicken” at the United Nations General Assembly because the Japanese leader urged U.N. members to attempt to force North Korea to end its nuclear and missile programs.
                In response, the Pyongyang powers-that-be, or, in other words, Kim Jong-Un, accused Japan of inciting tension in the Korean peninsula, and characterized Abe’s remarks as a “suicidal deed” that will end with a nuclear attack to sink the island.
 “Japan's such rackets inciting the tension of the Korean peninsula is a suicidal deed that will bring nuclear clouds to the Japanese archipelago,” read a statement from the KCNA. “No one knows when the touch-and-go situation will lead to a nuclear war, but if so, the Japanese archipelago will be engulfed in flames in a moment. This is too self-evident." Too crazy.
North Korea has already fired two missiles over Japan in the last few months, threatened to “sink” Japan, and said the nation could be “the first victim of nuclear disaster in the world.” Earth to the Hermit Kingdom: They already were.
"The four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche. Japan is no longer needed to exist near us," KCNA said in another message. Japan is no longer needed to exist near us? That’s a tad arrogant and dismissive. A top government spokesman for Japan responded to the threat by calling it outrageous and provocative. Sorry, but that’s not going to cut it.
Kim Jong-Un and the KCNA also vowed to reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness.” Do his remarks constitute a “suicidal deed?”
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed there were still “lines of communication” open to Pyongyang, whereas President Trump urged Tillerson to “save [his] energy” because he was simply “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.”
A classic instance of “good cop, bad cop.”
Disaster, North Korea? Kim Jong-Un and his Hermit Kingdom are “no longer needed to exist near” South Korea and Japan. That’s now “too self-evident.”
“Ashes and darkness?” A fitting description of North Korea now.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Colleges Try To Repress Halloween Costumes

                The mere possibility of someone dressing up in what could conceivably be viewed as an “offensive” Halloween costume has sent many universities into paroxysms of panic and hysteria. Think that’s an overstatement? Countless colleges have issued stern warnings to students- and others- not to wear any politically-incorrect outfits, proactively banning the donning of ensembles designed to imitate everyone and everything from Caitlyn Jenner to creepy clowns. To whit:
                The University of St. Thomas, in Minnesota, posted “Costume or Culture Appropriation?” fliers that list “unacceptable” costumes and clothing including Native American headdresses, Mexican sombreros, geisha outfits, or any form of blackface. A message in the flier counseled students: “Cultural appropriation is defined as ‘the act of taking intellectual and cultural expressions from a culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect the culture.’” Talk about identity politics!
                Maryland’s Goucher College held a “Halloween and Cultural Appropriation Tabling” event during which it was helpfully pointed out that offensive costumes incorporate “a long history of prejudice, hate, discrimination, colonialism, and slavery,” and turn “an important and/or sacred element into fashion.” The not-so-festive extravaganza also admonished attendees: “The scariest thing about your costume isn’t what you think.”
                The University of California-Santa Barbara held a Social Justice Workshop to teach students how to spot Halloween costume abuse and appropriation, while Washington State University’s Social Justice Peer Educators Group held an event they termed “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume,” in order to instruct people about the dangers of “harmful” Halloween costumes. Northern Arizona University’s Housing and Residence Life cautioned against African-inspired costumes, Pocahontas, and Asian rice hats, among others.
A Notre Dame residence hall rector sent an urgent missive to her students before a Disney-themed dance instructing them not to dress up as Moana, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, or The Princess and the Frog. This begs the question, WTF?? Golden Domers, these characters aren’t even real. They are fictional. Much like your university’s assertion that it is “dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake” through “free inquiry and open discussion.”
The University of Utah’s Student Affairs Diversity Council (SADC) tells students to avoid Halloween costumes if they are- or could be- labeled “tribal,” or “traditional,” or if they include dreads, locks, afros, cornrows, or a headdress. (Assumedly these would all be okay if you were Native-American or African-American). The University of New Hampshire put on a cultural appropriation “teach in,” targeting not just Halloween, but also Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos.
Tufts University warned its scholars that they could be subject to probes from campus police if they dared to don costumes that could potentially make others “feel threatened or unsafe.” That warning would make me feel unsafe. Could the campus polizei brand me an Enemy of the State? The College Fix reported that Tuft officials encouraged students to report anyone wearing an “inappropriate and offensive costume,” examples of which included the usual suspects: Native Americans, geishas, Confederate soldiers, or anything involving blackface or sombreros.
The University of Texas issued a 29-point checklist regarding Halloween costumes, saying that even “seemingly harmless themes can be carried out incorrectly.” The University of Florida has offered its charges 24 hour a day counseling, seven days a week, around Halloween, stating: “Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”
A Greek official at Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg College actually warned his fellow Greeks that their chapters could be shut down if they wear the “wrong” costumes.
Ohio State University’s 2017 student magazine featured a “flow chart” that overtly supports and approves of students wearing costumes that “make fun of President Donald Trump,” while admonishing them not to dress as Prince. Rebrand yourself as The Hypocritical University, Ohio State. Why do you think it’s okay for you and yours to (sneeringly) appropriate the presidency, old white male culture, or gold hair?
The University of Massachusetts-Amherst put up “Simple Costume Evaluation and Assessment Meter” (SCREAM) posters around and about campus, and assigned threat levels based on how much a costume differs from the student’s own race. So, if I’m white, I have to dress a certain way? Same for Blacks and Latinos, et. al.? And think a certain way? And think a certain way about dressing and thinking a certain way?!
Princeton University’s Center for Equality held a “dialogue about the impact of cultural appropriation, Halloween, and why culture is not a costume.”
Culture is not a costume. That’s why we all must wear only things that those of our culture are supposed to wear! Get it? It makes perfect sense, does it not? We should always and only dress as others stereotypically think we should. That is politically-correct thinking.

(This Halloween, I’m going to dress as a big pot, steam gently wafting from the top, a large fracture down its side, bleeding out the very essence of America. The “Melting Pot” is finished. Thanks to political-correctness and leftist dogma, the U.S. is becoming balkanized).

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Appropriation Proclamation

             All the talk about “cultural appropriation” is driving me crazy. (See also: “Inappropriate Appropriation,” my April 4, 2017 post). Ethnic groups, special interest associations, and assorted other pathetic, angry, entitled, mantle-of-victimhood donning, politically-correct yahoos are attempting to claim that cultural appropriation is a form of oppression. What, precisely, is “cultural appropriation?” Let’s go to the dictionary: “The adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture.”
That used to be called progress. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” to reasonable people of all nationalities and colors, no? Apparently not.
Non-Mexicans can’t run a taco stand? They can’t in Portland, Oregon, anyway. A small burrito pop-up there, a food cart essentially, permanently closed due to outrage over the obvious cultural appropriation exhibited by its Caucasian owners. Are Taco Bells now endanger of being vandalized?
We can’t dress in Indian regalia (Native or sub-continent) for Halloween? Nope. We can’t even use the terms “brave” or “chief,” now. These words are not only inoffensive, but are terms of pride, elevation and courage. Moreover, these words didn’t exist in the languages of indigenous peoples. Surely, we can’t be accused of appropriating our own effing words?
The oldest known person to have sported a tattoo was Ötzi the Iceman, according to online historical sites. Ötzi lived somewhere around 3200 B.C., and is known to have quite a few living relatives in Austria’s Tyrol region. So, all you gals with tramp stamps on your backsides better get them removed. If you don’t, The Iceman’s relatives may Cometh for you. 
This is nothing short of madness. Should the rest of the world have permanently ignored clogs and tulips in deference to Holland?
Baseball is as American as apple pie. Everyone knows that. So, you, in the Dominican Republic, put down your bat.  You there, in Canada, set your fork down and slowly back away from that pie. And all you prospective legal immigrants, stop trying to come here. We don’t want anyone to appropriate the American Dream.
Thomas Edison and crew invented the light bulb. They were all white folks. So, all you non-Caucasians better turn off your lights- and only drive your cars during the day. On second thought, you can’t drive a car, either, because cars were invented and first commonly used by white people. Sorry. In fact, the automobile was invented by a German named Karl (“Mercedes”) Benz. Moreover, the process to mass produce vehicles was invented and refined by Henry Ford, another white guy. He came up with the assembly line and the means of mass-production in general, so I guess you folks can’t use anything that’s mass-produced, either.  
You’d have had to dispense with your cell-phones in any case, you serial-appropriators, because the phone comes to us courtesy of Alexander Graham Bell, while the cell-phone was invented by Martin Cooper, both white.
You’ll also note, dear reader, that all but one of the aforementioned are/were Americans. Therefore, in the spirit of political-correctness, we’re going to have to ask the other 95.6 percent of you inhabiting the planet to jettison your vehicles, lay down your phones and turn out the lights. The party’s over.

(Fundamentalist Muslims believe they must convert, enslave or kill “infidels.” Is this reverse-appropriation? If so, is that better?).

Monday, October 23, 2017

All The President's...Women?

    Trump hates women.

                That is the theme that pervades nearly all mainstream media portrayals of the president. It is omnipresent on social media platforms, late-night talk shows and, hilariously, in Hollywood, as well. Mainstream media outlets, as evidenced by CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, also love to portray themselves as unbiased, noble guardians of Truth and Justice, if not the American Way. They scoff at President Trump’s fake news claims and constantly label him a liar. Now, Trump may not be Honest Abe, but he’s certainly not the legendary liars that Hillary (“I was pinned down by sniper fire…”) Clinton and Barack (“If you like your doctor…”) Obama were. And he certainly isn’t in the same league with Hillary’s husband, The Great Prevaricator.
                Claims that Trump is misogynistic are particularly strange given that women are in charge of many of the most visible posts in his White House, and now run virtually all White House communications. But, leftists never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Worse still, they actually wish things actually were the way they portray them to be, so they wouldn’t have to resort to lying to justify their opinions and make themselves feel superior.
                The facts: Kellyanne Conway is the first female ever to manage the campaign of a successful U.S. presidential candidate, and now serves as Counselor to the President. If she were working for a Democratic president, she’d be lionized by the Fourth Estate and put on the cover of Mother Jones under the heading: “Rock Star.” Instead, she’s largely reviled by the press.
                Elaine Duke is the Trump administration’s Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Nikki Haley is the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. The White House Press Secretary is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Elaine Chao is the president’s Secretary of Transportation. Hope Hicks is White House Communications Director. Kirstjen Nielson is Assistant to the President and Deputy White House Chief-of-Staff. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education. Linda McMahon is the Director of the Small Business Administration. Heather Nauert is State Department Spokesperson. Lindsay Walters is White House Deputy Press Spokeswoman. Seema Verma is Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Carla Provost is the Acting Chief of the United States Border Patrol. Brenda Fitzgerald is the head of the Center for Disease Control. Dana White is Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. And, she’s black, as in African-American.
                Need I go on? Because I could, for some while yet.
                Has any prior administration had so many women in positions of authority? Yet the mainstream media will never change its preconceived narrative just because it’s demonstrably wrong. At least not when it’s got the bit (of power) in its collective mouth, and it thinks it can bring down a president it detests, democratically-elected or not, the people be damned.

                Fake news? You bet. And fake news organizations. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Planned Parenthood Sues To Let Non-Doctors Perform Abortions

                Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the state of Maine recently over a law requiring that only doctors perform abortions, according to the organizations themselves. The entities are challenging the law as “unconstitutional,” and claim that “qualified nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives,” among others, can effectively perform abortions, at least in the first trimester of pregnancy. (Forty-one other states currently have similar laws. Maine’s was enacted in 1979).
                Nicole Clegg, the vice-president of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, said: “What people outside Maine may not realize is how rural our state is, and how hard it can be to access health care.” (Substituting “accessing health care” for “killing babies” is one of the all-time great euphemism ploys). She added, “A person’s ability to make their own personal decisions about abortion shouldn’t depend on their zip code.” Talk to the “fetus” about “a person’s ability to make their own personal decisions about abortion.”
                The legal director of the ACLU of Maine, Zachary Heiden, chimed in, “Anyone who has made it through a Maine winter in a rural area knows that travel can be dangerous or impossible at times- it’s wrong to make a woman risk a journey of hundreds of miles to get an abortion when there are qualified providers nearby.” This is raising disingenuousness to a new level. We no longer travel by Conestoga wagon, Zach. Moreover, Maine is a relatively small state. Also, global warming is rendering cold and snow extinct, right? And, there aren’t really many “emergency” abortions. If a girl is delayed for a few days, it’s not like she’s going to be denied the opportunity to off her offspring.
                But what the hell, I say celebrate inclusiveness. Let’s open up the abortion industry to anyone that wants to take a crack at it. Why limit the extermination of “fetuses” to qualified doctors? I mean, what difference does it make, in the end, to the aborted ones? Let’s let plumbers, fishermen, truckers, salesmen, athletes, entertainers, journalists, gigolos, professors, Congressmen, sanitary engineers, astrologers, bakers, attorneys, florists- and anyone else who is of an open mind- have at the unwanted tissue masses.
                After all, a person’s ability to perform abortions shouldn’t depend on their occupation, should it?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

NFL Player Says He's Victim Of Systemic Oppression

            Some ignorance runs so deep it is impossible to fathom.

Such is the case with the San Francisco Forty-Niner’s Eric Reid. The NFL strong safety recently played in a game in Indianapolis, against the Colts. Mike Pence, the Vice-President of the United States and a native of Indiana, was in attendance, but left after numerous 49ers players, including Reid, knelt during the national anthem.
After the game, Reid stated: “This is what systemic oppression looks like. A man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. Based on the information I have. That’s the assumption I’ve made.”
Someone is a bit full of himself, isn’t he? Reid accuses a guy of “systemic oppression” because he leaves an effing football game early? This is a vile affront to those who have actually experienced systemic oppression, such as slaves in the Antebellum South, Jews in Nazi Germany, and conservatives in modern day America.
Mr. Reid will make $5,676,000 in 2017 for playing football. Vice-President Pence will make $230,700 this year for attempting to help make America better, more prosperous, and safer…while repeatedly being the victim of slander and verbal assault from illustrious athletes, pundits and entertainers.
Mr. Reid should note that slavery is slavery because slaves…those victims of systemic oppression…don’t get to keep the fruits of their own labor. In other words, they don’t get paid. Mr. Reid will make 24 times what Mr. Pence does this year. Not counting endorsements.
Perhaps it is Vice-President Pence that should don the mantle of “systemically-oppressed victim.” Or is he not allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Cambridge University: Shakespeare Topics "Potentially Distressing"

                Cambridge University students were recently warned they may encounter “potentially distressing topics” in plays by Shakespeare.
                The formerly august bastion of worldly knowledge cautioned its English Literature undergraduates that a lecture focusing on Titus Andronicus and The Comedy of Errors would include “discussions of sexual violence” and “sexual assault.” Egads!!
   According to London’s The Telegraph, the trigger warnings were posted on the English Faculty’s “Notes on Lectures” document which is circulated to students at the university.
 Wait, according to those in the mainstream media, colleges are awash in “rape culture.” They claim one in every five females on campus has been the victim of sexual assault. You mean to tell me that students can’t deal with brilliantly written fictional accounts touching on this topic? Tales that illuminate human nature and may help them gain some understanding?
Titus Andronicus is the Bard’s first tragedy, and was written at a time when many of his contemporaries were writing violent “revenge plays,” which were very popular with audiences throughout the 16th century. Roughly 430 years later, Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television, rap music is ubiquitous, the Fifty Shades of Grey books have sold well over 100 million copies, the new Playboy centerfold is a transgender, and we’re warning young adults about Shakespeare??!!!
What’s more, The Comedy of Errors is a comedy. Look, it says so in the title. It is farcical and full of slapstick humor, puns, and word play. And, it’s short. It has been adapted for stage, screen, opera and musical theatre countless times worldwide. Cambridge is afraid the young scholars can’t even handle that?
            If colleges and universities continue to coddle their students and shelter them from anything and everything that could possibly challenge or trouble them in any way, they had better start handing out trigger warnings with every diploma and degree: “Caution- you may henceforth encounter the following potentially distressing topics: nuclear war, radical Islamic terrorism, mass immigration, the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, unemployment, death (yours and others), illness, violent crime, and the continuing popularity of Pokémon Go…among others.”

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Calling 911

                One recent day, so many people called 911 when they couldn’t get Facebook to work that police in at least one town, Bothell, Washington, sent out messages pleading with folks to stop calling the emergency number in hopes of quickly getting the social network “fixed.” Both Facebook and Instagram experienced outages in various parts of the United States on that same day.
                This is absurd- and sadly illustrative of the state of modern man. Many people have watched homicides, suicides, and rapes live-streamed across social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while, apparently, calmly and contentedly munching popcorn and deciding whether to “like” it or not. Yet, on the rare occasions when those sites go down, they might be panicked into calling for emergency help. This is surpassingly bizarre- and tragic.
                In the United States, our First Amendment rights are under attack, our Second Amendment rights are under attack, and the West in general is under simultaneous attack by Islamic extremists on one hand and secular radicals on the other. North Korea could potentially fling devastating nuclear weapons in any number of directions, killing millions. Humanity is willingly putting its future in the “hands” of artificial intelligence.
               And when are we well and truly panicked? When we are separated from our smart phone.
   If we can’t watch “our shows” when we want to, if our internet access is down and we can’t get porn or social media on demand, if a couple of players on our fantasy football teams get injured, that is when we now reach for the phone to call 911.
 Observing the fallen condition of mankind today…looking at the big picture…makes me want to call 911.

 I only wish our society could be “fixed” that easily. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Marquette University Hosts "Diversity And Inclusion" Luncheon: Whites, Females Not Welcome

                Marquette University, a (supposedly) Catholic, Jesuit “institution of higher learning,” recently hosted a racially-tailored lunch for Black and Latino males. Which, come to think of it, also makes it a sexually-tailored repast. This event, held on campus, was dubbed a “Black Male Appreciation Luncheon,” and was meant to highlight social injustices that Black and Latino males experience.  
                Ironically, the feast was part of a series of proceedings titled, “Diversity and Inclusion Programming and Events” that were “designed to promote the richness of diversity and inclusion, highlighting the intersections of multiple social and cultural identities,” according to the school’s events calendar. The affair was sponsored by the “Center for Intercultural Engagement.”
                Note to esteemed educators: limiting this type of event to only Black (and Latino) males, while calling it the Black Male Appreciation Luncheon, necessarily contravenes, contradicts, and undermines your stated mission of promoting “the richness of diversity and inclusion.”
                According to the sponsor’s description on eventbrite.com, the luncheon “is an event designed to acknowledge the status of African American male youth by addressing the following questions: ‘Where have we been? & Where are we going?’” Now it’s just Black Male youth? Come on, people, we’re getting less and less inclusive here! Will your next “Diversity and Inclusion Event” only be open to Black trans-gendered Republican youth who were born on a Thursday in December between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon? Or perhaps attendance will be confined to freshman transvestite Thai marching band members who love bowling and Jennifer Lawrence flicks? Way to bring us all together! Imagine the intersections of identities! 
                “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?” are questions better asked of all of us. African Americans in specific, however, have gone from slavery to The White House.
                The country as a whole was once, unquestionably, the world’s most successful melting pot. Now the same political party that fought- literally and figuratively- against abolition and desegregation is attempting to balkanize and destroy America through identity politics. Colleges and universities are aiding and abetting it in every way possible. Those that dare to hold different views are not welcome on most campuses.

                They call this diversity and inclusion. The death of reason is upon us. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

To Russia With Love

                To Russia with love.

                That was, apparently, the sentiment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton back in 2010, when the Obama administration approved a deal giving Moscow control of a vast swath of American uranium. This is more than ironic considering that Democrats and conspiracy buffs have long been accusing President Trump and his administration of playing footsy with Ivan under the sheets. It likely became criminal when, as is now known, the FBI had already gathered substantial evidence that officials in the Russian nuclear industry were engaged in bribery, extortion, money laundering, and kickback schemes designed to grow Russia’s atomic energy business inside the United States. Evidence to which the Obama administration would probably have been privy.
                Moreover, according to U.S. government sources and documents, federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings, and intercept emails as early as 2009. The information this person collected showed that Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in direct violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
                What’s more, a report published earlier today in The Hill stated: “They also obtained an eyewitness account- backed by documents- indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow.” (Emphasis mine). That is a nuclear bombshell, the kind of revelation that would necessarily provoke a “nuclear reaction”- figuratively speaking- in a sane and unbiased world. Millions of dollars’ worth of Russian bribe money funneled into the Clinton Family Foundation? I guess the Clintons are the very definition of a “nuclear family.” I’m not sure how this aligns with the foundation’s stated goals of improving health and wellness and increasing opportunity for women and girls…unless perhaps they are working in the Russian nuclear industry.    
                The decision on the part of the Obama-Clinton Syndicate to turn over a significant portion of America’s uranium to Russia- despite ample evidence of Soviet Russian nefariousness- borders on treason.
                This is a scandal of far greater magnitude- and import- than anything the mainstream media can dream of pinning on the Trump administration.
                Trust me, though, they will ignore this story like they have countless others that would shed a bad light on Democrats. Hypocrisy? Heavens no! They’re just still too busy investigating the remote possibility that the Trump administration colluded with the Russians to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton…and her nuclear family.   

Monday, October 16, 2017

Democrats Getting Wackier And Wackier

            Democrats just keep getting wackier and wackier.
Many of those attending the Democratic National Convention back in 2012 booed the mention of God. Since then, a number of Democratic politicians and supporters have made it clear that, if one wants to run for office as a member of that party, one had better be a 100%, no-questions-asked, bought into it lock-stock-and-barrel proponent of unfettered abortion.
Then, in 2016, they put up an avowed “soft” socialist for the presidential offing, a first in party history.
And now, Tom Steyer, a 60-year-old billionaire investor from California who spent over $91 million in support of Democratic candidates last year alone, has put forth a new demand. In a letter to Democratic congressional offices and the party’s House and Senate campaign committees obtained by the New York Times, the single biggest donor to progressive Democrats and their causes in the last two federal elections demanded that any/all Democratic candidates running in 2018 support impeaching President Trump. This insistence that a major political party make the impeachment of a sitting president, who has been found guilty of nothing whatsoever, a central issue of mid-term elections is unparalleled in the history of American politics. As well it should be.
Steyer, who is an aggressive activist on climate change, is reportedly himself considering a run for the Senate, possibly to challenge Senator Dianne Feinstein. Whether he does or not, when your biggest donor makes a specific demand, you tend to listen. Would Steyer call for “penalties” to be imposed on climate-change “deniers?”
Just a few short years ago, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama averred that covenantal marriage should, of course, be between one man and one woman. JFK would, unquestionably, be a Republican today. Democrat Harry Truman remains the only world leader ever to have deliberately dropped nuclear bombs on another nation. Has any major political party, anywhere in the world- ever in history- so astonishingly and rapidly changed its core “values” as the Democratic Party in the United States has done in the past few decades?
God bad, war on babies good, capitalism bad, Marxism-Leninism good, unfounded attacks on the foundations of U.S. government good. What will be the next sacrosanct plank in the Donkey Party’s platform? The banning of contact sports? The legalizing of necrophilia and incest? The extermination of all white people? The burning of conservatives at the stake? Making rap the official music of the United States of America? Banning the ownership of guns? Cars, knives, baseball bats, candlesticks, and weed-whackers? “MAGA” hats? Codifying the banning of free speech if that free speech offends a “special, protected group?” Recognizing The Church of Satan as The One True Religion?
This is not simply an exercise in hyperbole, folks. This is not purely parody. Good and evil are real constructs. Just not to leftists. The Democrats are moving closer and closer to a platform- and a belief system- that, if adopted, virtually guarantees the imminent destruction of a society based on the rule of law, and precludes the existence of a (formerly) free republic like the United States of America.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Italian Woman Marries Herself

If marriage needn’t be between one man and one woman- and, really, who doesn’t laugh at that quaint old notion in today’s world?- if it bears no relation to bearing children, then it has no intrinsic meaning and therefore no intrinsic parameters whatsoever.
Most of us know about polygamy, but how many of us are versed on the rapidly growing practice of solygamy? Solygamists marry themselves. Recently, in fact, Italy's Laura Mesi spent nearly $10,000 on her wedding reception, which was replete with a tiered wedding cake sporting just one figure atop. The 40-year-old fitness instructor from a small town near Milan is believed to be the first Italian to marry herself. This may be good for Hallmark- new category!- but will most of the women marrying themselves expect their parents to pay for these “weddings,” too? (The one benefit parents traditionally have had when their daughters can’t find a significant other is they are spared the cost of paying for a wedding).

            Several attendees described Mrs. (and Mrs.?) Mesi's wedding as a "fairy-tale" ceremony. 
If marriage can exist irrespective of the genders or quantities of those betrothed, if it no longer even requires two (or more) people, shouldn’t a person be able to marry just one part of themselves? ‘Til death do them part? Makes sense, no? And certainly, then, those with multiple personalities should be able to marry one or more of their alter egos.

Voila! Another new category, solygamy polygamy!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Does Anything Matter?

If sexual complimentarity is removed from the equation, if a one man and one woman union is thought no more special than any other of an infinite possible variety, if the ability to potentially, naturally create a child is not a critical aspect of sanctioned, covenantal marriage, then, obviously, it’s simply all about our personal pleasure and convenience. That being true, not only is gay marriage on an equal plane, but- obviously- polygamy, bestiality, necrophilia, incest, and underage sex are all equally fine.  
Inclusion, acceptance and tolerance! Repeat it with me now: “Inclusion, acceptance and tolerance! Inclusion, acceptance and tolerance! Inclusion, acceptance and tolerance!” That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. That’s all that matters. There is no such thing as right and wrong, good or bad, Heaven or Hell, male or female, yin or yang…Coke or Pepsi.
Indeed, sperm and egg would be rendered as arbitrary and meaningless as the fetus- that they alone can create- is considered to be by many progressives.  
A lesson to the lunatic left: if nothing is wrong, nothing can be right. If nothing is bad, there can be no good. If nothing is true, nothing can be false, either. Moreover, there is no evolutionary reason for a male to exist if not for the existence of females…and vice-versa. Do you really believe there is no substantive difference between the sexes? Do you really believe everything equivalates? Do you really believe in relativism?  Do you really deny the existence of right and wrong, good and evil, and objective truth? If so, why do you cry, or feel happy, shamed, sad, frustrated, or aggrieved? Hmmm? These emotions would be unnecessary, counterproductive, insane, or even impossible…if one truly ascribes to the dogma to which you have succumbed. And relativism and tolerance would certainly logically preclude you from exhibiting such visceral hatred towards conservatives with which you disagree.
And what of the intrinsic, innate worth of the two sexes?
Is it simply cosmic kismet- or might it be divine decree- that none of us would exist without the dramatically distinct and beautifully complimentary contributions of the opposite sex?
Message to lefties: the truth is good. Put your biases aside and freely, truly, seek it sometime. 

It may even set you free.

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Origin" Author Dan Brown Says God Will Soon Be Dead

                Acclaimed author Dan Brown was at the Frankfurt Book Fair recently promoting his new novel, “Origin.” This is the fifth installment in the series that started with “The Da Vinci Code,” a book that questioned the history of Christianity.
                Brown said the new novel was inspired by the question, “Will God survive science?” Brown stated: “Are we naïve today to believe that the gods of the present will survive and be here in a hundred years?”
                As if “gods” are a figment of our imagination, deities created by us. You probably have that one backwards, Dan. I’m pretty sure God will make it through the next hundred years, but I am not at all sure about humanity. The real question, Mr. Brown, is this: “Will human beings survive science?”
                Many scientists see automation drastically reducing the number of jobs available to living, breathing humans. Self-driving cars are here now, and will be commonplace in the next few years. We can now edit genes and create “designer” babies. The singularity is coming, that point at which artificial intelligence can process information faster than the finest human brain…the point at which be become, scientifically-speaking, unnecessary. Entire human brains will be uploaded into an A.I. computer. At some point, human bodies may be replaced by advanced machinery, as well.

                We are in the process of rendering ourselves moot. Or worse.

                Brown, who has sold 200 million books in 56 languages, said he investigated deeply and spent a great deal of time talking to futurists to come up with the storyline for “Origin.” Looking to the future, he claimed that technological change and the development of artificial intelligence would transform the concept of the divine.
                “We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our interconnections with each other,” he said, predicting the emergence of “some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes our divine.” We should have been finding our spiritual experiences all along in our romantic relations with our spouses, among other places. Now, however, our global consciousness comes from social media, and we worship our smartphones. But, in truth, there is no such thing as an artificial God.
                “Humanity no longer needs God, but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfills the role of religion,” Brown added at the packed news conference. "Our need for that exterior god, that sits up there and judges us ... will diminish and eventually disappear."
Yes, just who does God think He is, sitting up there and judging us? Doesn’t He know “judging” others is bad? (I don’t want to feel marginalized when I’m interconnecting with my sex-bots or doing something else He may not approve of).
 So, it’s all about us then, Dan? There is no higher power or objective truth?
“Origin?” Conclusion:

I would argue that our need for God is greater today than ever before, in part because of the very “transformative” science in which Dan Brown puts his faith.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fox News Poll On Anthem Protests

Only fifty-five percent of voters in the latest Fox News poll see kneeling during the national anthem as an inappropriate form of protest. That’s down a full six percentage points- from 61 percent- who felt that way just one year ago (in September of 2016). It seems that, in the modern era, once something is done- no matter what that something is- it soon becomes accepted. This has held true for premarital sex, adultery, gay marriage, transgender rights, and Pokémon Go, just to name a few.

             Given the speed at which our cultural standards are now changing, I have no doubt we will see the results of another poll published in just a few years stating: “Urinating, defecating, masturbating during National Anthem gaining acceptance, new surveys show.” 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Whoa, Canada

                The Canadian government plans to spend upwards of $650 million on sexual and reproductive health worldwide, much of it aimed at promoting abortions in developing countries, the International Development Ministry has confirmed. This is in stark contrast to the policy of the previous Conservative government, yet comes as no surprise as Canada announced several months ago that it was giving an $85 million grant to the United Nations Population Fund. Matthew Woiciechewski, Campaign Life Coalition’s representative at the U.N., told lifesitenews.com that the UNPF “is a big advocate for depopulating the world through birth control and abortion.” He added, “But it won’t help the people in need. Every dollar spent on this is a dollar taken away from providing them the real necessities of life such as infrastructure and clean water.”
                Louis Belanger, communications director for International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, confirmed the new policy via email with the Toronto Sun newspaper, according to the site, stating “Canada is committed to universal access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights.”
                Abortion is illegal or severely restricted in well over half the nations on the planet, many of them located in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America. But Canada’s new three-year plan, recently announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, almost certainly means that the country will be paying advocacy groups to fight anti-abortion laws in numerous countries around the world.
                That’s a policy that would be cheered by Garry Trudeau, but not one on which the majority of Canadians (or Americans) want to hang their hat toque. Canada is bravely putting its money where other people’s mouths- and appendages- have been, in a bizarre attempt to restrain the growth of third world nations.
                Given Canada’s current immigration policies, “The Great White North” is a moniker not just politically incorrect, but also eventually to be factually in error. “Nanny state” is a term normally used to refer to the practice of big government in one’s own country, a government sticking its nose into its citizen’s lives, bedrooms, and any other area or orifice it can possibly penetrate. Trudeau’s Canada, however, is on the verge of a truly remarkable achievement: it desires to nanny-state other nations citizens.
                “Canada: Flawlessly carrying out the most basic of government functions…taking money from our own citizens to prevent foreigners from being born!”
                Pass the Molson.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood Mogul

                Donald Trump makes an off-the-cuff remark (years ago) about grabbing a gal by her privates…and the media world explodes with grandiloquent outrage. Harvey Weinstein spends decades serially harassing, assaulting, and raping countless actresses…and…cue the crickets chirping. Top Democrats who have been the beneficiaries of Mr. Weinstein’s largess have been largely quiet. The comedians and late-night talk show hosts have loudly proclaimed “There’s nothing to see here” with their reticence.
                But there is something to see here, something ugly and repugnant: these self-righteous arbiters of America’s morals, these holier-than-thou charlatans engaging in flagrantly hypocritical behavior. Night after night they take the stage to preen themselves shamelessly, wallowing in their own perceived superiority. This sight is made more sickening by the knowledge that most of these self-absorbed mental-exhibitionists have little or no understanding of the issues of the day, and couldn’t identify half of the Ten Amendments comprising the Bill of Rights or pick out West Virginia on a map of the United States.
                On and on these clones drone when a Bill O’Reilly or Donald Trump is accused of saying or doing something offensive to women. Night after night they trot out so-called jokes dripping with magisterial enmity and condescension. Night after night they entertain their fellow coastal elites- and lecture the rubes in the hinterlands- gloriously marching in lockstep with their progressive pals.
                Yet, when one of their ilk is proven to be a monster, a serial rapist ala a Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein, someone who believes in what they do and/or has given cash to the cause, the only thing we hear from many of them is the Sound of Silence. The ones that do bring it up sugar-coat, couch it in gentle terms, and make sure to bring up Trump and O’Reilly to disperse the charges.
                Harvey’s past exploits apparently include beating up one reporter on a city sidewalk and cornering another while masturbating into a pot plant. In addition to harassing/raping umpteen actresses. Yet no one took any serious action, and many tried to cover all this up.
                In fact, Meryl Streep jokingly called him “God” when collecting a Golden Globe award in 2012. Dame Judi Dench has his name tattooed on her ass. Literally. To a lefty, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you give to “good and worthy causes,” as Ms. Streep termed it recently, and support the correct Democratic candidates. The ends justify the means if- and only if- you believe in the “right” things, such as unchecked immigration and unlimited gender choices.
                The politically correct think that non-leftists can- and should be- endlessly savaged for any alleged misbehavior and pronounced guilty as charged, due process be damned. But, when it comes to one of their own, when they can no longer hide from the issue they try to “put it in context” and plead for compassion. Hence, the humongous hypocrisy.
After all, they say, none of us are perfect, right? Just look at O’Reilly and Trump!

Monday, October 9, 2017

California Scheming: A Medley

            Item I:

Knowingly exposing others to HIV without their knowledge will no longer be a felony in the great state of California starting in 2018, due to a bill recently passed by the state’s heavily Democratic legislature which has now been signed by California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. That’s right, the penalty for potentially causing a fellow human being to endure major medical complications for the rest of his or her life- or even to suffer an early death- has been reduced to a misdemeanor. This also includes the act of giving blood without informing the blood bank of one’s infection, reports the Los Angeles Times.
            So, go ahead and have at it, Golden Staters.
But you’ve gotta ask yourselves one question: “Do I feel lucky?”
Well, do ya’?
In related news, California lawmakers are rumored to be considering a different bill that would downgrade assault and battery, statutory rape- and certain forms of homicide not involving firearms- from felonies to misdemeanors. This bill, if passed, would also make jaywalking, riding a bicycle without an approved helmet, and failure to use other people’s preferred gender pronouns into felonies punishable by stout fines and lengthy jail sentences.  

Item II:

Apparently, I wasn’t kidding about the afore-mentioned misuse of gender pronouns. California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient's “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a bill recently signed into law by Governor Brown. The bill is ostensibly aimed at “protecting” transgender and other LGBT individuals in hospitals, retirement homes and assisted living facilities, by ensuring their “needs” are met, including letting them decide which gender-specific bathroom they wish to use. 
"It shall be unlawful for a long-term care facility or facility staff to take any of the following actions wholly or partially on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status," the bill reads. Among those unlawful actions are “willfully and repeatedly” failing to use a transgender person’s “preferred name or pronouns” after he or she is “clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.”
Call me a skeptic, but I don’t believe there are vast numbers of elderly transgendered folks in retirement homes and assisted-living communities…even in California. I have spent my fair share of time in these facilities and never had any resident upbraid me for improper pronoun usage. “Dammit, sonny, I told you, it’s not ‘he’, it’s ‘zir’! Now take me to the gender-neutral, HIV-welcoming bathroom!” Never happened. If assisted-living facilities, by their very nature, were teeming with throngs of transgendered residents, it would necessitate a new and enhanced definition of “chaos.”
 Item III:
California became the first "sanctuary state" for undocumented/illegal immigrants recently, when Governor Brown (there he is again, on a roll!) signed Senate Bill 54 (SB54) into “law.” This “landmark” legislation grants enhanced protections to people who are in the United States without permission, including those who have already committed crimes. This seems wise. I mean, what could be the downside? The bill, which goes into effect on January 1, 2018, also limits cooperation between local police forces and federal authorities in their attempts to track down “undocumented immigrants.” I thought cooperation was a good thing, libs? Oh, I get it, not between entities that exist to protect citizens. (I bet the law forbids the feds from checking transgendered bathrooms in assisted-living facilities and retirement homes).
There are nearly 3 million undocumented immigrants currently living in California, the majority of whom are from Mexico and Central America, but others came from the Middle East, North Africa, and places unknown. This is obviously a clear and present danger to national security, but, to progressive California politicians and Governor “Moonbeam,” this consideration pales in comparison with the opportunity to expand their voting base.
 Combine these breathtakingly incomprehensible acts with staggering housing costs, and a high rate of taxation, and it’s no wonder more and more Californians want to leave the Land of the Bilked and Runny.
California politicians, you are systematically destroying your own state’s ability to succeed.
Do the rest of the country a favor. Secede.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Antifa Proclaims "Deface Columbus Day"

                The New York City-based Antifa group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) recently called on all Antifa groups nationwide to “decorate” their neighborhoods by launching a coordinated campaign to vandalize or destroy monuments and memorials across the United States on Monday, October 9th…Columbus Day.    
                Five statues of Christopher Columbus have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks. In one instance, deranged thugs doused a statue of Columbus in Central Park with red paint and scrawled “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.
                The violent left-wing anarchists that comprise Antifa, and all those that cheer them on, represent a bigger threat to America than any outside force. This is in part because they believe the U.S. has no right to fight back against its enemies, since it itself is somehow responsible for all the world’s problems, but also, and more critically, because it is pushing to tear the country apart from the inside by eliminating everything for which it once stood.
                RAM, for instance, advocates for the violent redistribution of property, as well as for the complete abolition of gender. (Gender can’t be “abolished” without abolishing humans, but Antifa types are not rocket scientists. In any case, their real goal is to abolish standards, and the concepts of objective truth and natural law, thereby making it easier, they believe, to annex other people’s freedoms).
                In a sane world, Antifa would be an a priori mockery of itself. The group’s members are demonstrably acting in a fascist fashion, threatening anyone who disagrees with them. Imagine if abortion opponents formed a group called “Antiab” and went around terrorizing pregnant women and kicking them in their abdomens. Would that make sense?
                None of this is- ultimately- about statues or injustice or anything but eviscerating the history of the U.S. As Mark Steyn wrote, “The object is to unmoor Americans from their entire inheritance- because a citizenry so unmoored is that much more pliable and ripe for anything the social engineers wish to inculcate.”
                Perhaps someday ordinary Americans will conclude that these group’s crazed, unthinking hatred and criminal actions cannot be tolerated, and will form their own nationwide group to defend the nation’s heritage. I have a suggestion for the group’s name and acronym: Fed-Up with Craven Kooks Assailing National Treasures and Icons in Fascist Attacks, or FUCKANTIFA. It’s got a nice ring to it. A certain je ne sais quoi, even.
                So, go ahead punks, decorate your neighborhoods by committing statuary rape, but remember, #TheSecondComingIsComing.    
 Columbus may or may not have discovered America. But, let the record show, Antifa has defamed and defaced her.