Thursday, November 5, 2015


                                                                      Droning On

                A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official has recently gone on record as saying  the  organization believes up to one million drones could be sold during the upcoming 2015 holiday season. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAV’s, have become hugely popular in just a few short years. The airborne vehicles are a hit with photographers and hobbyists, among others, as well as certain governmental agencies. The number of available models and sizes has gone up as dramatically as their prices have come down. Wal-Mart currently offers 19 different models on its website, the cheapest of which can be had for $19.99 plus tax! That’s practically a “stocking-stuffer!”
                I envision an upcoming commercial featuring a husband and wife sitting around the Christmas tree in their warmly decorated home, unwrapped presents and torn wrapping paper surrounding them. It is Christmas morning. The wife turns to her beloved and coos, “Thank you, honey, this was the best Christmas ever!” The husband says, “And it’s not over just yet,” as he takes her hand and leads her to the large picture window of their living room, frost around its edges. She looks at him with curiosity and wonder in her eyes and he directs her gaze out the window to the freshly plowed driveway. There, front and center, stands a large, white drone, a red ribbon tied gaily around it. She gasps and falls into his arms as she whispers, “How did you know?!?”
                A little bird told me… okay, a small drone showed me, that Santa Claus himself is assembling a drone fleet. Watch for the reindeer unemployment rate to jump up for the fourth quarter, 2015.
                Drones are becoming ubiquitous. Authorities are worried about air-to-air incidents and other potential mishaps, but people can’t get enough of them. Rumor has it that HBO is going to debut a new original series in December called, “Game of Drones.”        
                So don’t be surprised if you walk into your favorite retailer this coming holiday season to find a drone atop the “Gifts for under $50!” table in the front of the store. Now there’s something for the person who has everything. Don’t wait too long though.

They’ll probably sell out quickly.

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