Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Harvard Theater Presenting All-LGBTQ Version Of "1776"

              Diane Paulus, a Harvard University theater professor, is directing a bold new interpretation of the classic musical “1776.” In this version, the cast will be entirely comprised of female, nonbinary, trans, and genderqueer individuals. “1776” started its Broadway run more than 50 years ago and was also made into a major motion picture in 1972. It focuses on the summer of ’76 when the Founding Fathers tirelessly debated whether or not to declare independence from Britain. Harvard’s American Repertory Theater website states that Paulus’s adaptation will reexamine “this pivotal moment in American history,” while featuring “multiple representations of gender, race, and ethnicity that allow this revival of 1776 to more broadly reflect today’s America, our America.” It further states, “As artists, we are embracing our American history as a human predicament and are committed to the process of learning from the past in order to move forward together.” American history as a “human predicament?” Translation: “We can overcome this nation’s straight, white, cis-male Christian heritage, overturn capitalism, and live happily ever after in a glorious Socialist LGBTQ Paradise free of religion and restraint, if only you all will follow our lead.”

              I’m sure the American Repertory Theater, or ART as it’s known to the culturati, has a series of woke adaptions and re-imaginings of traditional Broadway shows planned for the future. I would expect to see shows titled “A Porous Line,” “Harry Poppins,” “Diddler on the Roof,” “Hello, Collie,” and “My Bare Lady” soon. Rumor has it a new production of “Cats” is in the works, too, with the whole cast made up of straight males in dog costumes. Moreover, an anonymous source close to ART tells me that the theater will also be adapting several classic motion pictures to the stage. The source says plans are already underway for an adaptation of  2001’s “Pearl Harbor,” featuring only non-binary, pansexual Albanians, and of the iconic John Wayne movie “El Dorado,” in which “the Duke” is played by RuPaul and the rest of the cast members are lesbian Chinese Satanists.

              Critics have already gotten word of ART’s plans and have dubbed the upcoming productions “a more accurate representation of today’s reality,” a  “much needed correction of problematic non-portrayals of marginalized populations and communities,” “delicious,” and “to die for.”

British Movie-Streaming Service To Apply "Outdated Attitudes" Warnings

              The British movie-streaming service Sky has demonstrated its woke bona fides by slapping “outdated attitudes” content warnings on numerous movie titles in this era of heightened cultural sensitivity. This, of course, was done in an attempt to get ahead of any potential backlash, something very hard to do at the moment. For example, a description on the Disney animated classic “The Jungle Book” now reads, “This film has outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence today.”

              A spokesperson for the service told Variety: “Sky is committed to supporting anti-racism and improving diversity and inclusion both on and off screen. We constantly review all content on Sky’s owned channels and will take action where necessary including adding additional information for our customer to allow them to make an informed decision when deciding what films and TV shows to watch.” Sky has reportedly committed to spending 10 million British pounds, the equivalent of 12 million U.S. dollars, in support of anti-racism and inclusion efforts throughout the company.

              Many other films have been subjected to the dreaded outdated attitudes warning, including “Gone with the Wind,” “Aladdin,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and “Flash Gordon.” (Apparently, “Flesh Gordon” was deemed inoffensive.)

              Soon all broadcast and cable television stations and networks, streaming services, and online video providers will be utilizing similar “outdated attitudes” warnings. The beloved early American sitcom “Leave it to Beaver,” a show that aired in the 1950s and 1960s, will surely get an outdated attitudes warning attached to it. Many today could be offended by its depictions of decency, civility and respect for elders and authority. Another television show, “Hill Street Blues,” would be labeled as potentially offensive for its portrayal of some cops as human and well-intentioned. The formerly iconic movie “The Ten Commandments” content warning would center around its appalling depiction of Biblical events as real and somehow useful and/or instructional. It is also potentially triggering to Muslims. Disney’s “Pinocchio” will get the caution due to its stereotypical depiction of Italian inventors and its exploitation of marionettes and those with extendable noses.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Do All Lives Matter Or Don't They?

              Sacramento Kings long-time play-by-play announcer Grant Napear was recently placed on leave by his employer, radio station KHTK, after he tweeted “All Lives Matter.” Former Kings star Demarcus Cousins asked the broadcaster what he thought of the Black Lives Matter movement and Napear subsequently tweeted: “All Lives Matter… Every Single One!”

              Sickeningly, Napear apologized, an act of needless contrition published by The Sacramento Bee. He stated: “I’m not as educated on BLM as I thought I was. I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM is trying to get across.” KHTK is reportedly “investigating” Napear’s tweet.

              What the hell kind of bizzarro world are we now living in? All lives do matter. Period. That is inarguable. No one but a crazed fiend can rationally argue otherwise. If all lives don’t matter, abortion is perfectly fine, as was the Holocaust. Guess the NAZIs weren’t wrong. Killing a few million Jews isn’t beyond the pale if their lives don’t matter.

              All lives matter. God/Jesus made that pretty clear. So did the founders. If not, maybe black lives wouldn’t matter. Or are we saying only black lives matter and/or white lives don’t matter? All lives matter simply means exactly what it says, there is no hidden meaning. The phrase can’t possibly be controversial. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have loved the phrase and the acceptance behind it. It is rationally and morally impossible to disavow the fact that all lives matter.

              If anyone-- black or white, Democrat or Republican-- truly believes that all lives do not matter, they may be on their way to a very warm place for eternity. Sayonara.

All Lives Matter    All Lives Matter     All Lives Matter   All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter   All Lives Matter   All Lives Matter    All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter    All Lives Matter    All Lives Matter    All Lives Matter

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Antifa Actual Fascists

              It is preposterously absurd when leftists and anti-Trumpers claim the president is a fascist, a tyrant, a would-be dictator who might refuse to leave office, and who may ban all criticism of his administration, etc. It is equally as insane when mainstream media types, academics, entertainers, Democratic politicians, and assorted other leftists, characterize groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa as peace-loving, patriotic freedom fighters, bursting with tolerance and inclusiveness towards all.

              This is demonstrably false. We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because mainstream media types, academics, entertainers, Democratic politicians, assorted other leftists, and groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa incessantly issue the most vile attacks on Trump (and his supporters) with the utmost impunity-- and braggadocio-- and are never incarcerated, fined or even held accountable in any way for their words or actions. In fact, they are celebrated in their own circles for doing so, while those they attack—with the exception of Trump himself—don’t even bother to fight back or defend themselves in any substantive way. Moreover, they are routinely feted, lionized, and granted special privileges. They are allowed to loot stores, deface and burn down buildings, and even annex significant portions of large American cities with the intent of turning them into independent sovereign nations while societies’ elites laud them for their “mostly peaceful” behavior and look forward to a “summer of love.”

              Any sentient, honest human being knows who the fascists are. But nearly all of them are afraid of stating the obvious truth. Antifa is a neo-fascist conglomeration of momma’s boys-- entitled, craven little pre-mature ejaculators who act tough when no one pushes back. Black Lives Matter is a deluded organization, donations to which end up being funneled through ActBlue to Democratic politicians, representatives of the very party that has virtually been defined by its contempt and ownership of African-Americans.

              Antifa and BLM are nothing more than the militant wing of the Democratic-Socialist Party, emphasis on Socialist. The mainstream media has devolved into nothing more than the house organ for any group that opposes President Trump and Republicans in general.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Biden Says He'd Mandate The Wearing Of Facial Masks

Former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would use his executive power to require Americans to wear face masks in public to slow the spread of COVID-19 if he were president, KDKA-TV reported recently.

Some states and localities currently require masks in public, while others recommend them without requiring them to be worn. President Trump has no intention at this point to make wearing them a federal mandate.

But, when Biden was asked about a potential federal mask requirement by KDKA's Ken Rice, he replied: "I would go back to making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE lined up, making sure we stockpile all the things that we need and we don't have now. The one thing we do know, these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen, it would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks."

Rice then asked the perpetually addled Democratic front-runner, "Couldn't you use your federal leverage to mandate that?” Biden responded, “Yes.” Rice followed up by saying “Would you?” Biden said “Yes, I would from an executive standpoint, I would.” He would. He would.

Rice sought to make certain there was no room for misinterpretation by inquiring of Sleepy Joe, "So, you would, in effect, mandate the wearing of masks,” to which he replied, "I would do everything possible to make it required the people had to wear masks in public.” Poor syntax notwithstanding, I think we get the message. But the president has no legal, Constitutional power to dictate what Americans wear.

Biden then seemed to find his stride and expounded on his earlier answers. He proclaimed his fondness for Zubaz, a popular, baggy, pants-like apparel item in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and said, “I’d make the wearing of Zubaz mandatory, too. I liked them, they were cool. And adult diapers, I’d mandate the hell out of those things. And maybe corsets for women again, you know—” at which point several aides rushed in and took the microphone away from him.  

Where are the geese when you need them?

Friday, June 26, 2020

Elderly Blind Woman Banned From park For Handing Out Christian Pamphlets

              An elderly blind visually-challenged woman has been banished from a public park and library in Rhode Island for the crime of handing out Christian pamphlets to fellow park goers. Officials of the Memorial and Library Association have forbidden Gail Blair from entering Wilcox Park and Westerly Library for two years. Association members called the police on Blair after noticing that she would sometimes stop and chat with patrons and offer them a copy of the Gospel of John.

              Blair, represented by First Liberty Institute and attorney William Wray Jr., recently filed a discrimination complaint with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights against the library association. She says she was unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of her disability and religious beliefs. She noted: “The Police Department searched for all incidents that involved complaints or trespass notices issued to anyone for distributing information, pamphlets, soliciting, selling, hawking, etc., and found none apart from when the Association called the police to eject me from the park. My conduct did not violate the ‘Rules of Conduct’ posted by Westerly Library and Wilcox Park. Nor did it violate any of the Park’s Guidelines.” Blair lives next to the park and says she "cannot independently access another public park or another free public library."

              What are progressives going to do when there are no police officers to save them from the threat of disabled ladies passing out Christian literature? Be careful what you ask for.

              In one sense, Blair had it coming. Had she just been tearing down statues in the park or burning and looting the library she would never have gotten herself in trouble. In fact, she would have garnered support from most of humanity. Celebrities would have lauded her. But tolerance can only go so far. She still has time to repent, though, if she would just start spray-painting “Black Lives Matter” on everything she comes across.

              The Gospel of John states: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

              Maybe not. But the light grows dimmer, the darkness ever closer.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ruptured Republic: U.S. Declaring Independence From Founders, Principles

Observing what’s happening to the United States today is like living through an extended horror movie, each scene more physically—and intellectually-- gruesome than the one preceding it. The leftist agitators and plunderers won’t be happy until everything the Founders bequeathed to us has been ignominiously brought down, like the statues of the men themselves. They will not rest until the idea of limited government of, by and for the people, with rights granted by the Creator, lies moldering in the ground next to them. Until every last one of us proudly admits to being a transgender socialist atheist. Until the last, best hope of Earth is no more.

Rioters did not consecrate the ground their forebears fought to save. They desecrated it. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but will never forget what we did—or did not—do here…on this perilous battlefield of anarchy versus order.

We have switched our allegiance from the flag, and therefore each other, to Marxist theory, from the rule of law to the rule of the jungle, from a belief in “e pluribus unum” to multiculturalism and identity politics. We have decided that we are not “one nation under God, indivisible,” but a conglomeration of competing tribes who careen around Mother Earth playing a zero-sum game no one can win. We have abandoned truth and integrity in favor of the path of least resistance. In devaluing ourselves we devalue everyone. In purging our history, good and bad, we strip ourselves of our collective memory… and erase the very foundation for lessons that could have helped us successfully navigate the future.

The Founders knew the possible outcomes for the republic they created. They knew it was only for a moral people, for as long as we could keep it. They set us up to have the best chance for success. It is sadly ironic that, just as we were finally achieving their vision of equal rights for all, we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

We have declared our independence from Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founders even as we have declared dependence on government and the whims of others. We are dispensing with the King of Kings as we once dispensed with the King of England. We are dismissing the Creator as we are dismissing those that created the only nation in history based on the inalienable rights He granted us. This is not a coincidence.

God save us all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Appetite For Destruction: Lincoln, Grant, Churchill Down, Lenin Up

Statues and monuments to some of the most important Western historical figures of all time have been summarily defaced and destroyed in recent weeks, including those of Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Ulysses S. (U.S.) Grant and Winston Churchill. None of these figures had a damn thing to do with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone because the wanton destruction of symbols of the West’s past has nothing to do with the killing of Floyd, either.

Columbus “discovered” the New World and died well over 100 years before the first slave ship came from Africa to America. Washington was one of the most principled men who ever lived and was “The Father” of the country that has done more to advance human freedom than any other. Lincoln saved that country while freeing the slaves. He directed a war effort that saw nearly 350,000 union troops die…in part to put an end to slavery. Grant defeated the Confederacy, trashed the Ku Klux Klan and fought to protect the newly won rights of black people in the years after the war. Churchill stood alone in the West against the Third Reich and its NAZIs for over 17 consecutive months.

So what is the orgy of anarchy and destruction about? It is nothing short of a planned assault on the West and the values it used to hold so dear. It is a Marxist insurrection hoping to bring about the end of the U.S.—and the West—as we knew them. It is anti-capitalist, anti-rule of law, anti-Christian and anti-freedom. The leaders of Antifa and BLM have openly admitted this. Even if they hadn’t, it is abundantly clear to see for any sentient being connecting the dots. It is also utterly racist, classist and intolerant.

And we have helped bring it on ourselves. We allowed higher education to be completely hijacked by radicals in recent decades. The same goes for mainstream media outlets, entertainment and Hollywood personalities and the heads of Big tech companies. We allowed the nearly permanent bureaucracy, The Swamp, to siphon power away from our elected leaders…who themselves care far more about staying in power than about the people they supposedly “serve.” And we have allowed China covertly and overtly to pervade our society, from our college campuses to our business campuses, and steal our research and tech secrets while dispensing propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party. Sorry if you don’t believe this, but it is demonstrably true.

As the craven Western “leaders” do nothing—or even cheer on the rioters—it seems their societies are intent on seeing the curtain come down on their freedoms for the final time.

And now, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, a new monument was actually erected…to former Soviet leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) installed Lenin's likeness on grounds that used to be part of the former West Germany, decades after its East German communist counterpart collapsed along with the Berlin Wall and the hated Stasi secret police.

Representatives from mainstream parties on the district council for Gelsenkirchen-West passed a resolution in early March stating: "Lenin stands for violence, repression, terrorism and horrific human suffering.” The resolution noted that the council would “not tolerate such an anti-democratic symbol in its district," and added that "all legal means" would be used to block its installation.

However, later that same month the upper state court in Muenster rejected the attempt to stop the statue. The district council, in limiting itself to “all legal means,” is playing by rules that guarantee its defeat. Its members should just go destroy the statue themselves. After all, Lenin ushered in an authoritarian, communist, “proletarian dictatorship” that ultimately was responsible for the death of millions. Maybe the elites would cheer them on for doing so, just as they have sanctioned the mobs that have pillaged and plundered cities across the West in recent weeks. You think?

Lincoln, Grant and Churchill down…and Lenin up?

If we don’t put a stop to this—and soon—it will forever be a shameful monument to our decay, diminution and fecklessness.

One that the Marxist mob, and the new Stasi, won’t need to tear down.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

If Twitter Had Always Been A Thing

If Twitter Had Always Been A Thing—

President Lincoln  @HonestAbe  Mar 15: I must caution the Southern states that, if they choose to secede, I will use serious force to stop them and preserve the union!

Twitter: @HonestAbe, you have broken our policy against abusive behavior, specifically by issuing a threat of harm against an identifiable group or entity and as such you have been permanently banned from this platform.

President Roosevelt  @FDR  Dec 8: The Empire of Japan must know that since its unprovoked and dastardly attack on Pearl Harbor a state of war has existed between our nations! Germany, you are next!

Twitter: @FDR, the blatant and egregious threats you have made against not one, but two, national entities have given us no choice but to censor your post in the most severe manner…and to ban you from this platform for life. Perhaps in the future you will think before you speak. Hatred has no place here.

How Sweet To Be A Democrat

How sweet to be a Democrat. Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. They seem to think it’s like a game to engage in despicable acts and dare anyone to hold them accountable for them. No matter how bold and in your face the act, no matter how crazy the statement or preposterous the proposal (think Green New Deal), they know they will not be seriously questioned or held to account, let alone disciplined. This doesn’t stop them from screaming bloody murder when Republicans engage in the exact same behavior, nor from demanding that the harshest punishments be meted out. In fact, this, too, is part of the game, and gives them great—if perverse—pleasure.

They can do and say whatever they please, safe in the knowledge that they have the media in their pockets and that most younger people haven’t been taught anything that’s true or that matters and therefore have no way to sort truth from fiction. They know that many-- if not most-- folks rely solely on emotion, not reason and evidence, to determine what is real and what is fake. They utilize this knowledge and those people in their incessant quest for power at all costs.

President Trump was endlessly savaged for bragging to another guy about grabbing women in their swimsuit areas. President Clinton’s popularity soared to unprecedented heights after he admitted having adulterous sexual relations with a young intern in the Oval Office…and lying about it under oath. General Flynn was set up by the FBI and essentially forced into telling a fib and was promptly sentenced to prison time. He lost everything and had his life destroyed. As near as can be told, Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff have lied about nearly everything…and no one really cares. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me responsible.”

Roger Stone committed a white-collar process crime and had his house raided before dawn by more than a dozen armed SWAT team members with gunboats, a helicopter and guns drawn. They dragged him and his wife out of bed in their pajamas. Teddy Kennedy left a young woman to drown at Chappaquiddick…and continued to serve in Congress until his own death decades later. President Nixon may have been aware of a piddling, second-rate break-in of Democratic offices and apparently erased 18 minutes of tape. He was vilified, forced to resign, and is still the butt of everyone’s jokes nearly 50 years later. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s FBI, CIA and DOJ, targeted their political opposition, then-candidate Trump, for no reason whatsoever, other than their desire to knock him out of the race and, hopefully, destroy him. Because, they thought, they could. And Hillary used an electronic version of a “Magic Eraser” to permanently eviscerate 33,000 potentially damaging emails. The repercussions? Obama is a greatly respected ex-president and Hillary is still behind the curtain, pulling levers, hoping to yet become president. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me accountable.”

Democrats were lightning quick to pronounce Brett Kavanaugh guilty of sexual harassment and keep him off the bench, though even the people she claimed knew about the alleged harassment denied it. We must believe all women, they said. Kavanaugh should never be allowed to serve, they said. Things are a bit different with the Democrats’ current presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Accused of sexual harassment, most of his fellow Dems have robotically lined up behind him and dismissed the credibility of the accuser. A few progressives have said publicly that they believe the accuser…but plan to vote for Biden anyway.

Democrats love to accuse Republicans of being rich and out of touch with working class folks. For decades this has worked like a charm. Yet Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, refusing to go back to Washington to do the people’s work for fear of the coronavirus, though the Republican Senate is ready, willing and able to do so, issues a video showing her in her toney California abode and showing off her $24,000 freezer, stocked with artisanal ice creams. The mainstream media pretends it never happened.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) allegedly— almost certainly it appears now—temporarily married her brother. This is precisely the kind of sensational story the mainstream media typically love. Instead they chose to bury it. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me accountable!” Imagine if a Republican Congressman had married his sister, whether to help her immigrate or not. What if Donald Trump Jr. had temporarily married Ivanka? Think that would have led the news cycle for, oh, maybe three or four years running?

I haven’t even scratched the surface. I could literally write a book about this. I could write until I’m blue in the…fingers?...and have much material, much evidence, left over. This is more than sad, more than frustrating. It is tragic. For America.

There will be those who read this who think, “I don’t like it! Shut him up!” These same will be fine with Trump getting labeled a NAZI, Republicans fascists. They will have no problem with articles labeling states who want to rescind shelter-in-place orders as soon as possible “pro-plague” states. I have seen several of these. “Pro-plague” states.  Really. The very same Democrats who have nothing but praise for dense throngs of rioters in the streets, looting and burning down private property, are now saying that the upcoming Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma is “dangerous” and “reckless.” Those wishing to attend the rally must be monsters, they say. Yet they wouldn’t even dare to call the thugs, thieves and arsonists pillaging America’s cities “somewhat inconsiderate.”

This double standard will never go away on its own. Only if and when conservatives, patriots and the middle class in flyover country decide to fight back will there be even a slight chance of correcting this monumental miscarriage of justice.

Democrats and the media are saying, “Ha, ha, we dare you.”

Privilege? Democratic privilege trumps all.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Oakland Mayor Determined To See Nooses Everywhere

              Five ropes were discovered hanging from a tree in an Oakland city park recently. The city’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, promptly assumed they were “nooses,” placed there by a demented racist intent on fomenting terror and committing a hate crime. Schaaf held a press conference the next day in which she made the following remarks: “We have to start with the assumption that these are hate crimes. We cannot take these actions lightly. These symbols are symbols of racial violence, and it’s incumbent on all of us to have that sensitivity, to have that knowledge. For those of us that don’t feel complete fear and terror when we see a rope in a tree, that is a privilege that so many of our African American residents do not enjoy.” She launched a hate crime investigation surrounding the appearance of the ropes the same day.

              Unfortunately for the virtue signaling mayor, Victor Sengbe, a local black man, said he put the ropes up a few months ago. Sengbe told KGO-TV that the ropes were part of the rigging for a larger swing system he and his buddies used for exercise and fun. He noted that it was “unfortunate that a genuine gesture of just wanting to have a good time got misinterpreted into something so heinous,” and shared a video of the swing in use, according to the Associated Press.

              This did not assuage Nicholas Williams, Oakland’s director of parks and recreation, who argued that “the symbolism of the rope hanging in the tree is malicious regardless of intent. It’s evil, and it symbolizes hatred.” So, even if a black man puts ropes into a tree for health benefits or amusement, the aspiring “wokerati” say it’s a hate crime. Because no one is more enlightened than a progressive white person. How dare an Uncle Tom claim otherwise!

              Mayor Schaaf believes “We have to start with the assumption that these are hate crimes?” What happened to the traditional American notion of “innocent until proven guilty?” And not being overcome with “complete fear and terror” when seeing a rope in a tree is a sign of white privilege? No, but making that statement might be.

              In today’s mixed up, shook up, muddled up world, we see what’s meant to be an “okay” sign and assume it’s a gesture supporting white supremacy. If President Trump holds a rally on the 8th day of a month, we assume it’s a sly but loving nod to Hitler, as “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

              When you are determined to feel offended, marginalized or abused, you will always be successful…at feeling offended, marginalized or abused.

  And nothing else.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

NFL's Goodell Wants Colin Kaepernick To Guide League On Justice Issues

            What a difference a year makes. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg that he would “support” and even “encourage” a team to sign former San Francisco 49ers quarterback—and formerly controversial figure—Colin Kaepernick. He added that he hopes Kaepernick, who (in)famously took to kneeling during the national anthem prior to the start of games to protest racial injustice, will help “guide” the league on social justice issues. (Kaepernick hasn’t been in the NFL since the 49ers released him in 2016 after he lost the starting quarterback job to Blaine Gabbert.)

            Goodell wants Kaepernick to be the league’s conscience, its lodestar, in all things related to justice? That seems wise. It’s like asking Louis Farrakhan to chair the committee on U.S.-Israeli relations. It’s akin to letting Greta Thunberg guide the world’s climate change policy. When did Kaepernick become an eminence grise?

While Goodell’s at it, why doesn’t he just outright ban the flag from all NFL games, period? F**k it, he should have each NFL city hold a flag-burning contest! Burning and looting are all the rage now, at least among certain favored groups, right? Maybe the league could replace the “Punt, Pass and Kick” competitions it used to hold with “Spit on the Veterans” contests. What fun! Who can hit one from the furthest distance? Who is the most accurate? Who can hawk the biggest loogie?

             It seems like only a year or so ago that the NFL was kind of respectful of the flag and our veterans. Oh, that’s right, that’s because it was. But everything is changing at breakneck speed now, and sports are no exception. Goodell’s remarks clearly illuminate the league’s calculus, where it sees the demographics, opinions and beliefs of its advertisers and audience going in the near future. And the league is betting big on its assumptions.

             The smart money is in. And it’s on multi-culturalism, not E Pluribus Unum, Marxism not merit. And, in what appears to be a paradox but isn’t, money not principle.

             Not even a “Hail Mary” will save us now.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hospitals To Dispense With procedures Developed By White Males

June 25, 2020

News Services--

The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Mayo Clinic issued a joint statement today, renouncing the use of all medical equipment, procedures, practices, medicines and vaccines ever invented or developed by straight white Christian males.

The lengthy statement read in part: “We will no longer utilize any surgical techniques or medical equipment invented or developed by straight white Christian males at any time in the distant or recent past. Nor will we ever again administer any vaccines or prescribe any medication developed by the patriarchy. Though this will be inconvenient for many, we have our consciences fixed on the bigger picture…the greater goal… of not offending anyone by utilizing practices or tangible goods developed by or at the hands of possibly misogynistic men, many of whom were likely not sufficiently supportive of the LGBTQ or BLM lifestyles and communities. We simply cannot in good conscience continue to operate using medical breakthroughs and advances made possible by the likes of Dr. Edward Jenner who invented the first vaccine for smallpox, Dr. Felix Hoffman who invented aspirin, Dr. Jonas Salk who developed a vaccine against polio, the da Vinci robotic surgical team that made possible much more effective-- and less invasive—surgical procedures for prostrate surgeries and coronary artery bypass procedures, or even British surgeon Joseph Lister who was the first to extoll the virtues of cleanliness in all surgical procedures. We realize that this will be a bitter pill for some to swallow, but we must acknowledge-- and commit ourselves to-- the overriding societal good of not appearing to acquiesce to the marginalization of certain historically aggrieved minority groups.”

Repost: The United States Declares Its Independence From Thomas Jefferson--Part II

             This is my post from July 30th, 2015. Yes, I saw this coming five years ago. (Part I was posted on July 27, 2015.)

                I feel “The Onion’s” pain.

                From time to time, usually after I post a parody piece, I will get someone saying something like, “I thought it was funny, but, come on, that’s never gonna happen.” And then, often within days…it, or something very much like it, happens. There are numerous examples. Recently, I posted, “Washington, D.C. to be Renamed,” and, while I admit that may still be highly unlikely, the following (and more) has already come to pass: the state Democratic Party of Connecticut, under pressure by the NAACP, unanimously voted to rename their annual fundraising dinner. For years it had been called the “Jefferson, Jackson, Bailey Dinner.” They are booting Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson off of the title. (Also see my post from two days ago, “U.S. Declaring Independence From Thomas Jefferson”). Apparently, Bailey, a Connecticut state and DNC chairman under JFK and LBJ, is still on the billing.  It helps when you live in an era devoid of slavery.

                Andrew Jackson has had a tough year for a dead guy. He’s been threatened with eviction from the front of the $20 bill, as well.

                  But Thomas Jefferson?! Really? The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution- you know, the one abolishing slavery- used language drafted by Jefferson to that end. And he did write the Declaration of Independence. He also founded- and funded- the University of Virginia. He was a farmer, lawyer, inventor, architect, Governor of Virginia, Minister to France and Secretary of State. He was president for 8 years and authorized the Louisiana Purchase. I mean, come on!

                Moreover, Jefferson has for decades been lauded as the founder of the Democratic Party. (This may have made some sense, even through the 19th century, until the modern-day party took a sharp turn and exited reality, stage left. Shredding Jefferson’s agrarian roots, the Democrats are now the Party of the Inner City Elites and Their Wards and openly mock those in “fly-over” country).

                You know others will follow suit. Jefferson’s name will eventually be taken off of schools, roads and cities, etc., and several other founders will get the same treatment. Or maybe all of them will.

                In any case, the dinner will be rechristened. A new name for the event is to be chosen this fall.

                Let’s turn it into a contest! Submit your suggestions now!

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Truth Is...

Truth (definition): that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. God’s truth.

 Jesus told the truth. He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He was crucified.

 The American founders told the truth, including that humans are born with inalienable rights granted by their Creator. They were harassed, hunted down, vilified, called traitors, had their homes burned down, etc.

 Abraham Lincoln told the truth, including that slavery is a great evil. He was/is, in fact, known as “Honest Abe.” He was assassinated.

 Ronald Reagan told the truth: that government is the problem in many instances, that free market systems work best, that the U.S. would prevail and the U.S.S.R. would be left on the ash-heap of history, and that we are no more than one generation away from losing our freedoms, among others. (Hell, it’s happened within 4 months now.) He was less than an inch away from being assassinated.

Martin Luther King, Jr., told the truth: a person should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. He was assassinated.

Today, even amidst a plethora of hyperboles and border-line untruths, President Donald Trump is telling the big truths: those pertaining to China, the economy, so-called liberals, the media, etc. Numerous academics, “entertainers,” and assorted statists, anarchists and elite power brokers/takers openly and endlessly fantasize about his demise.

Tucker Carlson tells the truth, dares to “speak truth to power,” including Trump, in the preferred vernacular of 1960s liberals.  He and his family have been repeatedly threatened.

George Orwell once noted: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” It was always thus. Today we are told by the mainstream media that those burning buildings and rioting in our streets on behalf of George Floyd are white supremacists. We can clearly see that this is not the case. Unless white supremacists are mostly black. This is not a racist statement, just a fact. Yet we are told by reporters standing in front of burning buildings and looted out areas rife with vile graffiti that the protesters have been “mostly peaceful.” Except for the wily, invisible white supremacists, of course.

Truth is not in vogue at the moment. It has been supplanted by tolerance, except for tolerance of the truth, ironically. Which is why the government is ruthless in punishing those who go against social distancing orders, but utterly unwilling to prosecute those summarily destroying American cities. Will we survive? Can a nation that values tolerance over truth long endure? (Remember, President Reagan said we are never more than one generation away from losing our freedoms.) Frankly, to tell the truth, it doesn’t look good. 

              There is no “your truth” or “my truth,” “his truth” or “her truth.” There is no “black people’s truth” or “Irish pangender people named Patty’s truth.” How do we know this? Because, though one can say that 2+2 doesn’t equal 4, water isn’t necessary for human survival, or the Earth is flat, each of those things are still true. “Your truth” might be that fire isn’t hot. But stick your hand in it and it will still get burned. Etc., etc.

We can pretend that evil doesn’t exist. We can pretend that socialism is the best political system. We can pretend we are certain that the Earth will warm by, say, 2.1 degrees Celsius by 2100. We can pretend that there is no difference between males and females. We can pretend that abortion is a human right, but defending oneself, one’s family and one’s property against violent trespassers is not. We can pretend that the marriage of one man to two penguins is just as natural, valid and valuable to society as that of one man to one woman. But that simply doesn’t make it so. Fake news may be news, but it is fake, nonetheless.    

The truth is: the truth is.

 It is up to us to recognize it. Deal with it. Embrace it. And tell it. No matter what.

Or watch the last best hope of Earth slowly, painfully expire.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sen. Kaine Tells A Whopper

             Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) recently took to the floor of the United States Senate to tell an ugly, bold-faced lie. He began his virtue-signaling bloviation by stating: "The first African Americans sent into the English colonies came to Point Comfort in 1619. They were slaves, they had been captured against their will, but they landed in colonies that didn't have slavery — there were no laws about slavery in the colonies at that time.” He babbled on a bit before arriving at what he thought would be a blockbuster observation: "The United States didn't inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.”

That is an assertion so preposterous it would be laughable in saner times. This is akin to Al Gore saying he invented the internet. Or pants. Kaine didn’t inherit that prevarication, he created it. Out of whole cloth. He must know that’s not true, or he’s even more ignorant than dishonest. He was simply trying to ingratiate himself with those attempting to destroy the country. I mean, what is an elected representative for?

Democrats and media-corporate elites are in the process of fomenting an all-out race war and are using groups largely composed of young people who were “educated” in public schools to do their dirty work for them. These hapless, discontent youths were taught that slavery was invented by white American colonists circa 1619.

The truth is that many warring Native American tribes enslaved their captured foes long before the arrival of the white man. But slavery goes back many thousands of years before that.  To 6800 B.C., in fact, when the world’s first city-state emerged in Mesopotamia. Land ownership squabbles combined with early stages of “technology” led to wars in which enemies were captured and put to forced labor. In 2575 B.C., or thereabouts, Egyptians captured slaves by sending special expeditions up the Nile River. Temple art celebrated the raids. In 550 B.C., the powerful city-state of Athens utilized up to 30,000 slaves in its silver mines alone.

Roman military campaigns circa 120 A.D. captured slaves by the thousands. Some historians estimate that the population of Rome was more than half slave. In 500 A.D., Anglo-Saxon invaders enslaved native Britons by the boatload. By the year 1000 A.D., a mere 619 years (or 20 generations) before slaves arrived on the shores of what would eventually become the United States, slavery was a common practice in rural England, aiding its agrarian economy. In the late 14th century, in the aftermath of the Black Plague, Europe’s slave trade was thriving in response to the resulting labor shortages. People from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa were forced into labor.

Cuba didn’t abolish slavery until 1886. Brazil didn’t until 1888. The League of Nations didn’t adopt a convention abolishing slavery until 1926, six years after its founding. Its replacement, the United Nations, didn’t get around to adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights prohibiting slavery until 1948.

Even today, slavery in one form or another is practiced in South Sudan, Mauritania, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Burundi, Eritrea and the worker’s paradise of North Korea. In the latter two nations, roughly 100 out of every 1,000 people are functionally enslaved, or approximately ten percent.

No people have the right to enslave any other. Slavery is evil. Period.

Nor are we supposed to bear false witness. Citizens should be able to expect their elected representatives to tell them the truth.

Apparently, however, this is something of which Kaine is not able.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lies And Sacraments: The Story Of The Democratic Party

We are being fed an unending stream of lies by the media/academia/Democrat complex. The party of segregation and Jim Crow laws now claims to be the one true friend of African-Americans and people of color. In fact, according to its current presidential nominee, “you ain’t black” if you vote for the other guy.  Does that not mean that “you ain’t white” if you vote for Biden? Of course not. That, too, would be offensive. Conservatives don’t think that way.

The ugly truth is that slavery and abortion have been the two sacraments of the Democratic Party. The first since its inception, the latter in more modern times. Slavery was a monstrous evil as practiced then, and is a monstrous evil as practiced now. Stray too far from the Democratic plantation and they try to strip you of your dignity. Call you names. Say you aren’t actually black. They actively foment race and class warfare to further their own cause, their own power. Screw the country. This is the mother of all evils.

Speaking of mothers, while those aborted don’t have to be provided for, they aren’t worth mentioning since they can’t vote. Because they’re dead. That’s the difference. Abortions are effectively partly subsidized by our tax dollars. What does one say about a party that advocates confiscating people’s money to fund Planned Parenthood (or pay for union dues, for that matter) without their consent, or even in direct opposition to their beliefs? Is that not another form of slavery? It certainly is taxation without representation at the minimum. The Founders rebelled against a three pence tax on tea. Isn’t this worse?

We are being lied to continually. Very few people in the media, such as Tucker Carlson, are brave enough to speak truth to power, whoever that power may be, wherever it may lay. Democrats are gifted liars, preternatural prevaricators. (See also, the Clintons.) They will tell you Republicans are racist. They will tell you that President Trump colluded with the Russians, might even be a Russian asset. They tell us that global warming is an existential crisis and that the Earth will—literally-- be toast in ten years. Of course, they also told us that ten years ago. They told us that COVID-19 would likely kill countless millions, maybe 2.2 million in this country alone, so we should stay inside. We couldn’t have graduation ceremonies, get married, attend funerals, or get a haircut. For our own good.  Those few of us that eventually dared to leave our homes and peacefully protest this usurpation of our Constitutional rights were labeled as selfish, hateful, bigots—terrorists in fact-- who were going to be responsible for a surge in coronavirus infections and resultant deaths.

And now they tell us that certain protests, even violent ones, are a public health good, even a necessity. That isn’t “their truth.” It’s a lie. There’s no such thing as my truth, your truth, his truth, or her truth. There is only the truth.

The truth is: the truth is.

 It is up to us to recognize it. Embrace it. Cherish it. Protect it. And tell it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Buildings Don't Matter?

              The editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stan Wischnowski, was recently forced to resign over outrage that he allowed an article with the headline “Buildings Matter, Too,” to appear in the newspaper. The article was a straightforward chronicle of the thousands of businesses that have been damaged or destroyed by violent rioters in recent weeks, and the heartbreaking impact this has had on many, including many minorities. The buildings that were burned down or smashed to smithereens held the dreams of countless people working to provide for their families and their communities. But this didn’t matter to the baying leftist mobs and opportunistic anarchists, whose insane vitriol caused the paper to issue an apology: "The Philadelphia Inquirer published a headline in Tuesday's edition that was deeply offensive. We should not have printed it. We're sorry, and regret that we did. We also know that an apology on its own is not sufficient." Stating an obvious truth is “Deeply offensive” and warrants an apology?

              Obviously, buildings matter. Try living without them. Architecture is an expression of humans need to create, overcome, elevate and endure. As Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” It is a grim indication of the state of society that vandals are defacing statues of Churchill and buildings.

 Obviously, all lives matter. And other things, such as buildings, as well. Assuming that saying “buildings matter, too” or “all lives matter” means black lives don’t matter is preposterous, insane. Words mean things. If a person refuses to say all lives matter, they are saying either that they don’t believe all lives matter or that they don’t believe blacks think all lives matter. That is—or should be—a monstrous assumption, stunningly ugly and itself racist on its face. Were it true, it would be incomparably sad…but still no reason for others to parrot such a literally inhuman utterance.  

"Cops" Now A Dirty Word

              Leftists and anarchists have acted quickly to take advantage of the sad and unnecessary death of George Floyd. They have burned down parts of nearly every major American city—and some European ones. They have smashed countless windows and looted countless stores. They have run roughshod—or worse—over anyone who has gotten in their way. They have taken over part of a large American city and declared it a sovereign nation, albeit one ruled by a warlord and conspicuously devoid of adequate plumbing facilities. They have done all this because authorities have let them. Cops have been told to stand down. Governors and mayors, to the extent they are aware of the mayhem around them, have proven too craven and virtue-signaling to stop the orgy of destruction, thereby sentencing the vast majority of law-abiding citizens to a life of peril and misery.

              Mainstream media types have worked overtime to fan the flames and further sow hatred and division. For this, they deserve our everlasting enmity. They have already earned our utter distrust of anything they purport to be true, as we can clearly see in most cases it is not. Academicians and entertainers have genuflected and taken knees—literally—in the direction of criminals, anarchists and thuggish terrorist groups such as antifa.

              And now, ironically, anything exhibiting police officers in a favorable or neutral light is being summarily self-cancelled by people terrified of the leftist thought police, a group that doesn’t trouble itself with trivialities like innocent until proven guilty, trial by peers, warrants, etc., etc. Paramount abruptly cancelled “Cops,” a popular show that had been on the air for 32 consecutive years. A & E axed its similarly popular show “Live PD.” Some have actually called for “Paw Patrol,” Nickelodeon’s animated series about canine crimefighters, to be altered, defunded or abolished. Lego has suspended all marketing for its toys that include law enforcement figures.

              Where will this end? Will it end? Not unless and until the rapidly dwindling number of adults in the U.S. decide it must end if the country is to survive. In the meantime, look for every iteration of “cop” to be summarily expunged from public view. The traditional kids game of “cops and robbers” will immediately be renamed “pigs and product liberators,” and you can easily guess who the bad guys are. The phrase “cop an attitude” will no longer be used. You can’t “cop a feel” anymore anyway, but henceforth the very term will be verboten, as well. The word “copy” may be replaced by “duplicate,” at least in woke circles. Aaron Copeland may change his name. COPD, the acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, will have to be altered or replaced. Not only does it contain the word “cop,” but it ends with PD, as in police department. Doubly offensive.

             And people will no longer “copulate,” as this activity will be referred to, even in scientific journals, by more animalistic and vulgar terms. Is the scope severity of the problem becoming clear?

Will society ultimately be able to cope deal with it and move forward into a tenable future? I would like to avoid answering this question, but that would be a cop out, wouldn’t it? And we’ve already seen to much of that. So, in short: it doesn’t look good.

The thin blue line is about to be erased.

Along with our civil society.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Wants Eleven Statues Removed From Capitol

              House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recently announced her desire to have 11 Confederate monuments removed from the United States Capitol. The crazy old Californian wrote a letter to the Joint Committee on the Library, which is responsible for Capitol displays, stating: "The statues in the Capitol should embody our highest ideals as Americans, expressing who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation. Monuments to men who advocated cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a grotesque affront to these ideals. Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage. They must be removed." Though, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) pointed out, individual states are responsible for the statues and retain the power to remove them.

              Interestingly, nine of the eleven statues that Pelosi wants removed are of members of her own party. Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States of America and a devout Democrat. Wade Hampton, John E. Kenna, Uriah Milton Rose, Alexander Hamilton Stephens (Vice-President of the Confederate States), James Zachariah George, Zebulon Baird Vance, Joseph Wheeler, and Edward Douglas White were also proud Democrats. The other two whose likenesses must go? Robert E. Lee, iconic Confederate general, and Edmund Kirby Smith, neither of whom had stated political party affiliations.

             That’s nine Democrats, two with unknown political affiliations, and zero Republicans. If Pelosi really wanted to remove vestiges of a racist past, she would advocate the abolition of the Democratic Party…and return to her mansion In San Francisco, replete with a $24,000 freezer containing vast stores of designer ice cream.

              It’s a Rocky Road to atonement, isn’t it Nancy?

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Media Matters? To Whom?

              Craig Melvin, a journalist-host of the third hour of NBC’s “Today Show,” recently interviewed Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). Both Melvin and Scott are black, Scott being the only black Republican currently in the Senate. Melvin directed Scott to respond to questions surrounding criminal justice reform and the ugly and needless death of George Floyd.

              “Senator,” Melvin began, “you have faced a fair amount of criticism, especially over the past few days, because you are the only black Republican Senator. Some have said that your party is using you, they’ve even thrown around the word ‘token,’ as well. Your response to that criticism?” Scott faced criticism because he is the only black Republican Senator? That makes no sense except to a racist. Melvin didn’t name the “some have said,” assuming they exist, and it was clearly Melvin who was using Scott to advance his narrative/agenda and to illustrate his moral superiority.

              I am sick and tired of smarmy, egotistical journalists, steeped in their white and/or reportorial privilege, addressing black Republicans/conservatives like they are children, traitors, or lepers. “Journalists” are almost universally hypocritical, utterly oblivious to their own intolerance and racist, bigoted attitudes and biases. After suggesting that Sen. Scott somehow serves as a “token” African-American for the GOP, it would not have been surprising to hear him insinuate that Scott is an “Uncle Tom.” This is a commonly used trope the enlightened fling at black conservatives. Nor would I have been shocked if Melvin had referred to Scott as “Aunt Jemima” or “Little Black Sambo.”

             The truth is that those who are too shallow to think for themselves resent those who are not, so they resort to calling them names.

 If you haven’t escaped the plantation, proof that it’s possible can be infuriating.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Actor Savaged For Saying Equality And Cooperation Only Solution To Current Crisis

                Actor Terry Crews triggered a barrage of criticism recently when he said that equality and cooperation are the only possible solutions to the current climate of racial turmoil and distrust. Crews had opined that, "Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together." Crews’ obviously correct statement was met with a firestorm of criticism by those to whom virtue-signaling is the one true religion. This prompted him to explain: "I was not saying Black supremacy exists, because it doesn't. I am saying if both Black and Whites don't continue to work together-- bad attitudes and resentments can create a dangerous self-righteousness. That's all.” He added that he was primarily addressing members of the black community “who decide who's black and who's not,” and noted, "I have often been called out for not being 'black enough'. How can that be?"

              Some of Crews’ fellow black community members didn’t care for his “racist” message of equality and cooperation. Quite a few lashed out at him. One told him: "Shut yo coon a** up.” This is where we are today: one black man calling another a racist for urging equality and cooperation among the races…and commanding him to “shut yo coon ass up.” It would be hilarious if not so sad.

              Crews stated, "Any Black person who calls me a coon or an Uncle Tom for promoting equality is a Black Supremist, because they have determined who's Black and who is not.”

Friday, June 12, 2020

And Then We Were Dumb

              And then we were dumb.

              It is disturbing that a significant proportion of the population is hell bent on dispensing with past wisdom, erasing history, severing all ties with objective reality and denying truth. As proof of this, there are a growing number of people who believe that they can pick and change their own gender yet have no control over their romantic orientation. In other words, they believe that humans are assigned their sexuality at birth but not their sex. This is inexpressibly preposterous—and heartbreakingly sad. It is also an impossibility, akin to saying that we are assigned our species or genus at birth, but not our family, phyla or kingdom. It just can’t be. I don’t claim to know for certain if sexuality is determined absolutely at birth, but if it is, our sex must have been determined first, or at least simultaneously.

              Many now also purport to believe that race is a “cultural construct,” no more fixed than the shirt one is wearing. A few even believe they can choose what species they are at any given time. Or age. Worse, many are comfortable with —even proud of-- ending the life of babies up to the time of birth. For their own convenience. When the state of New York passed a law allowing late-term abortions, the governor was tickled pink. In fact, he bathed the city’s skyscrapers in soft pink light to celebrate the expanded genocide. Good is bad and “bad” means good. To be moral is to be boring, judgmental, tyrannical. It is cool to let one’s “freak flag fly.” (Nobody knows the “throuples” I’ve seen.) In the ‘60s the “hip” kids (“hippies”) extolled the virtues of “sex, drugs and rock and roll.” Today’s phrase would be “kinky sex, legalize drugs and rap music.” Satan must truly be “laughing with delight,” to quote Don McLean, as his church is growing. Literally.

              All this goes hand-in-hand with the continuing collapse of religious belief in the West. And the chaos and carnage in the streets.

              Tragically, this is not unprecedented. Egypt prospered for hundreds of years until “reforms” called its national faith into question. It fell into ruin six times faster than it was built. Athens was dominant for several hundred years until the first Sophists appeared. They were teachers and sceptics. Sound familiar? One of them, Protagoras, declared that “Man is the measure of all things.” Athens’ centuries-long reign was undone in less than 30 years.

 When we become so swollen with pride that we only worship ourselves, we end up condemning ourselves to misery. And history.

  Ironically, whenever we believe we are greater than gods, we become less than human.  

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Michigan State University Labels Itself An Occupier

Michigan State University’s student government recently overwhelmingly approved a resolution that will mandate the reading of a statement describing the school as an occupier before each future meeting of the body. The “Land Acknowledgment” statement cites “contemporary” land ownership by sovereign native tribes and stresses how “students, faculty, and staff have benefited from indigenous land.” The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) will start the first General Assembly meeting of each session with an extended statement. Thereafter, each meeting will begin with the following read statement: “Michigan State University occupies the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg—Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples. The university resides on land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw.”

MSU already has an “official” land acknowledgement, one that is posted on certain campus buildings. However, Miracle Chatman (!), ASMSU’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer (!), noted that not everyone will see these physical statements, adding, “but if we say it at every meeting…especially if you are part of ASMSU you will be aware and will be able to listen to it.” Miraculous. It’s no wonder she is the head honcho of the school’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department (DEID).

MSU’s representative for it’s North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO) seconded the bill with its representative for the College of Natural Sciences (CNS). Both claimed to be inspired by the Association of Big Ten Students’ (ABTS) recent resolution to acknowledge the “sacred land” which America’s universities occupy.

Call me a skeptic, call me a member of the white patriarchy, call me a racist-- but I don’t think this is a good thing…or warranted. In fact, it’s another meaningless gesture on the part of those who know only that they want to feel good about themselves…for no real reason.

Did the various warring American Indian tribes, after taking land from their adversaries in the past, start their meetings, get-togethers and pow-wows by acknowledging that they were occupiers of land rightfully belonging to their vanquished foes? Did the Vikings acknowledge that the Saxons were the real owners of much of England after wresting control from them? Prior to that, did the Saxons apologize to the Romans for horning in on their ancestral lands?

Let’s take this to its logical—okay, illogical-- extreme. Should mollusks and cephalopods have felt guilty about colonizing lands previously dominated by more primitive multicellular life? Should that multicellular life have acknowledged it was essentially just squatting on land/in water rightfully belonging to unicellular organisms?

Normally, I would end here. But, in all honesty, I want to say I am not accusing Native Americans of having a “more primitive” culture. I have great respect for many aspects of their culture. And for many Native Americans. We must, however, move away from the insane desire to denigrate every single historical occurrence that brought us to where we are today, and the equally bizarre quest to assert that only descendants of white Europeans have wreaked havoc upon the Earth, an idea that is the polar opposite of reality.