Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Attacked

                Islamic terrorists are killing Christians and burning down their churches in Indonesia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. They have ‘taken credit’ for bringing down a Russian airliner over Egypt recently. The West has suffered through 9/11, attacks in Ottawa, Paris, Spain, etc., etc.

                Now this.

                Murder and mayhem again in Paris. Hostages and chaos. 

                Europe and America are under assault, though some of our politicians don’t appear to realize it. Europe is literally being invaded by a Tsunami of Muslims, and is in mortal danger of having its culture, history and customs washed away forever. America is lost, its President just yesterday calling for more Syrian immigration to the nation he was sworn to defend. Earlier today he stated that ISIS was "contained."
                It is time for us to face reality. We certainly were loathe to do so before World War II, yet we prevailed in that struggle because we eventually saw that we had no choice but to bear the burdens and make any sacrifices necessary to prevail. It was that or see the world grow dark. Ironically, had we acted on any number of occasions before September 1st, 1939, the war itself likely would never have occurred, sparing millions on all sides untold anguish and heartbreak.
                We are nearing a September 1st, 1939 again. If, however, we take the simple steps needed now, we can save our societies without need of massive bloodshed or large-scale suffering.  First, we must see clearly and think rationally and soberly about what lies ahead if we stay on our current path of appeasement. Worshiping only at the altars of political correctness, multiculturalism and tolerance of everything but standards and tradition will inevitably lead to our destruction. Second, we must understand that earth isn’t a utopia. Pain and confrontation are, at times, unavoidable. When we choose to do nothing, pain will find us.
                 Evil exists…and always will, whether we ignore it or not. Decent people only add to the evil when they consciously refuse to judge it so. It is time for us to pull our heads out of the sand, put down our smartphones and stare reality in its face. It is time, again, for us to be adults. Europe has come through "the Dark Ages" and World Wars I and II. It is no exaggeration to state that this is a potentially existential crisis as well.

                Let us not let “the City of Lights”- or Western Civilization- go dark again.

(Please also read or reread my posts of November 9,6,4 and, especially, October 29 ("Europe In The Balance")  that anticipated/addressed this tragedy and topic).

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