Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Germany Dismantling Protestant Churches In Effort To Appease Muslims

                  A Protestant church in Oberhausen, Germany, is set to remove its Christian crosses, altars and pulpits in order to accommodate 50 Muslim migrants who were invited to stay in the building.
                “The parish had offered that to the city,” an Oberhausen city spokesperson explained.
                “Before the refugees can move in, the seats have to be taken away. Also, the altar, the pulpit and font are movable,” said the superintendent of the Oberhausen church district.
                Sanitary facilities with washing machines will be installed next to the church, while free lunches will also be delivered to the migrants.
                While Germany is already beginning to turn over Christian churches in order to house the influx of Muslim migrants, Sweden may soon follow suit.
                In fact, the world’s first lesbian Bishop, Eva Brunne (anyone reminded of a certain WWII figure’s girlfriend?), suggested removing Christian crosses and symbols from a church in Stockholm in order to make the building “more inviting” for Muslims. Probably not for lesbians, however.
                Remarkably, Brunne, who also suggested that the direction of Mecca should be marked, argued that the church should be treated much like an ‘airport,’ where Muslim prayer rooms are typically provided. ‘Airports?’  What kind of baggage are you carrying and what is the E.T.A. of sanity??!
                Some migrants are also being provided with accommodations at luxury ski resorts and hotels while some Europeans living in ‘social housing’ are being evicted to make way for the refugees.
                Europe appears keen to commit cultural suicide in order to accommodate the migrants, the vast majority of whom aren’t even Syrian and are not fleeing war. I’m sure, however, that in appreciation, gratitude, and the interest of fairness and reciprocity, mosque’s all across the Middle East will install crosses and instruct their lesbian Imams to welcome Christians into their midst.

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