Friday, November 6, 2015

France To Temporarily Reinstate Border Controls

                 France has announced that it will reinstate border controls for roughly the one month period surrounding the upcoming U.N. conference on climate change. That’s right, the nation’s leaders have decided that they can’t countenance any chaos or obvious potential security risks when something as important as that event is occurring. Why, there will be delegations from around the world there, many pontificating about the existential dangers of the Great Global Scam.
                Once the conference is over the controls will, of course, be eliminated or reduced, as they would then only help protect the French people and nation from chaos and attack.
                One question for every reader to ask themselves: Do you really, honestly believe ‘global warming’ is a bigger and more immediate threat to Western civilization than is the uncontrolled (and illegal) mass migration of millions of (mostly) Muslim people into your countries?
                French leaders may know what the answer is.

                They just don’t act like it.
Nov. 13/2015 Update- (I am so, so sorry that my fears were born out. History and reason made it clear that this was possible. It's why I wrote this piece).

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