Monday, November 16, 2015

Terror And Fear Mongering: There Is A Difference

                The latest ISIS video promises that the Islamic State will “kill every person and destroy every religious artifact” that does not belong to their ideology and maintains only the “fool or the blind” will ignore this “undeniable truth.” Sick and disgusting.
                Really, though, the last part of this statement is literally and eerily almost indistinguishable from that of our own climate change “scientists” towards “Deniers.” This “undeniable truth,” “inconvenient truth” to Al Gore, should shock and appall all sentient beings. It does not. “Deniers should be prosecuted/jailed” read some opinion post headlines of late. Anybody feeling a little chill? Many in our society want to incarcerate and silence those who dare to disagree with their climate change dogma even as they blame others for being intolerant of those who have vowed to kill us. Amazing.

Two things:
1)      The intolerant, oppressive, climate change pseudo-scientists should be disgraced.

2)      ‘ISIS’ must be turned into ‘WASWAS.’

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