Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Aunt Sues Nephew

                 Jennifer Connell, 54, of New York, sued her 12-year-old nephew after his enthusiastic hug accidentally broke her wrist. She claimed she was forced to sue her nephew, then 8, as it was the only way to get her homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for the cost of her care.
                Connell said that according to her understanding of Connecticut law, an insurance company couldn’t be named in a suit, so Sean Tarala, the nephew that accidentally broke her wrist with an effusive hug, ‘had to become the defendant.’ So, because of an affectionate familial hug, you should- indeed must- be able to sue your nephew?
                This is what it’s coming to? If a man suffers a heart attack making love to his wife, he’ll sue her? If a father accidentally hits his son with a baseball while pitching to him, the boy will naturally seek recompense through litigation? What a society we’re becoming.

                Fortunately, last week, a jury in Bridgeport, Connecticut, declined to award Connell the $127,000 judgment she was seeking against her nephew, Sean.

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