Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ben & Jerry's Introduces "Pecan Resist" Ice Cream

                And now there is an anti-Trump ice cream flavor.
                Ben & Jerry’s took to Facebook recently to proudly announce: “Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda.” The manifesto went on to say, “We cannot be silent in the face of the President’s policies that attack and attempt to roll back decades of progress on racial and gender equity, climate change, LGBTQ rights, and refugee and immigrant rights—all issues that have been at the core of our social mission for 40 years.”
   This is a stupefying—and stultifying—claim. Go back even one decade and gay marriage wasn’t allowed. Trump has never tried to elicit support for the repeal of Obergefell v. Hodges. Gay marriage is the law of the land now. Progressives like Barack Obama have done the most to sabotage racial and gender relations. Climate change is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated by mankind…on mankind. LGBTQ “rights” have never been broader, stronger, or more mainstream then they are today. Illegal immigrants have no “right” to break the law and invade a sovereign nation like the United States.
                A portion of the proceeds from sales of the new social-justice-warrior ice cream, whose carton features a design by California-based activist Favianna Rodriguez, will go to help support four radical leftist organizations: Color of Change, Women’s March, NETA (an entity that provides “medical” marijuana to New England dispensaries), and Honor the Earth.
                This is not the first time that the wholly-owned subsidiary of the foreign (Anglo-Dutch) firm Unilever has utilized a frozen dairy product in an attempt to bolster a “progressive” cause. To celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States in 2015, Ben & Jerry’s relabeled its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream “I Dough, I Dough.”
                I know, I know. I think. WTF? It’s a good thing the company isn’t in charge of naming anything that matters.
                What virtue-signaling faux flavor will the company roll out next? I, for one, am keen to guess:

                *The People’s Pistachio?
                *Marxist Maple Nut?
                *French (Revolution) Vanilla?
                *Che’s Chocolate Chip?
                *Lenin’s Luscious Lemon-Lime?
                *The Ends Justify the Means I Scream?
                *From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Needs Neopolitan?

                What if there existed a conservative ice cream maker that wanted to get in everyone’s face…literally and figuratively? Would we see “flavors” such as:

                *Wild Barry’s Single-Payer Cookie Dough
                *Pocahontas Pecan
                *Big Fucking Deal Double-Dip
                *Lock Her Up Butterscotch
                *Idiot Ice
                *Socialists Suck Strawberry
                *Progressives Lead Us Down A Rocky Road
                *Bill Clinton Popped My Cherry Surprise
                *Save America Salted Pretzel Supreme

                Leftists will do anything to aid their cause, as I’ve said many times before. Absolutely anything. If it means weaponizing ice cream so be it. “Pecan Resist?”

                That’s truly nuts.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Harvard Poll: Millennials Love Free Stuff

                The Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School conducted a survey it called the “2018 Fall National Youth Poll” recently. The poll found that most of these potential voters aged 18 to 29 support tuition-free college, Medicare for all, and a federal jobs guarantee.
                Specifically, 56% of those surveyed supported a federal jobs guarantee that would provide funding so that every American would be guaranteed a job paying at least $15 an hour and offering paid family/sick leave and health benefits. Only 20% opposed the idea. 18% admitted they didn’t know enough to have an opinion on the matter. (Apparently, 6% didn’t even understand the question, or were unable to formulate an answer of any kind).
                An identical 56% favored the elimination of all tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities for students from families making up to $125,000 per year and making community college tuition-free for all income levels. 20% were opposed to this notion and 6%-- once again-- were apparently unable to formulate a response. Feel the Bern!
                55% of the young scholars surveyed were in favor of the federal government covering all the health care expenses of every individual in the country, a program also known as Medicare For All or Single Payer Health Care. 21% opposed the scheme, 19% didn’t know, and 5%...may have pled the Fifth. The program realistically should be called Bankrupting America or Poverty For All, as it would cost many, many trillions of dollars by even the most optimistic estimates. Yet, Harvard’s pollsters somehow forgot to ask survey participants how the country could afford these massive entitlement proposals.
                Comically costly taxpayer-funded and ultra-unsustainable entitlement programs such as these are preposterously popular among young democratic socialist types today. (See also Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, etc., etc.). This fact alone tells us in no uncertain terms that our education system is broken.
                No doubt the majority of Millennials polled would be in favor of free everything, while simultaneously demanding a $15 minimum wage for any labor they might be thusly coerced to perform.

    It is impossible to be more ignorant than that. 

                The poll took place between October 3rd and October 17th, and also found that 54% of those surveyed who identified as Democrats said they are likely to vote, as opposed to only 43% of Republicans and 24% of Independents.
                That is the scariest thing I’ve heard leading up to this All Hallows Eve.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Racial Justice Board Game

                North Shore Community College recently hosted a “white privilege symposium” titled “Power, Privilege, Progress: Awareness to Action,” according to One of the event’s workshops was built around the playing of a “racial justice” board game called, cleverly enough, “Road to Racial Justice.” The website devoted to the game claims it “supports and encourages cross-cultural understanding and compassionate action in order to help create a more loving and just world.” That’s quite a board game. It’s creator, a Los Angeles-based educator, artist and activist (imagine that), must be very proud. The game features situational discussion prompts such as: “The mascot for your school’s football team is a person dressed up as a warlike Native American,” and “Under U.S. law, farmworkers—who are mostly Latino—have no right to overtime pay, and children as young as 12 are allowed to work in the fields.” This prompt directs “game” players to “find out which stores and restaurants buy fruits and vegetables from unethical farmers, and encourage your friends and family to boycott these places.”
Yes, it’s probably best to go with produce from giant, mechanized, corporate farms or discontinue eating fruits and vegetables entirely.
The RRJ website sniffs: “Players will become more aware that racism exists in many everyday situations,” adding that they will also “learn why the situations are racist (stereotyping, tokenism, cultural appropriation, etc.), and acquire tools to interrupt these kinds of situations.”
Non-students had to fork over $75 for the (white?) privilege of attending the symposium, which The Fix said also included a workshop called: “Completely Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: The Liabilities of White Privilege How White Privilege Hurts White Peopl.” Apparently, some of the liabilities of those involved in describing the symposium are the inability to write well, spell properly or use punctuation correctly.
If people will actually pay good money to be haughtily lectured to by a board game, think of the opportunities out there for a woke entrepreneur! I’m brainstorming right now! Games such as Apples to Apples and Taboo will soon lose their appeal, the former because millennials won’t find the name inclusive enough, the latter because nothing is taboo anymore. (Except holding traditional values). Therefore, I’ve come up with game themes, goals and titles that are suitable for this enlightened age. To wit:

*Stratego II: Chase Republicans into elevators and out of restaurants while breathlessly hoping they’ll meekly back down so good Democratic Socialists—like you!—can capture their seats. Hours of fun for the whole family!

*Unmonopoly: the goal of this game is to give away properties… to illegal aliens. The first player to lose all their property-- and money-- wins!

*No Risk: try to navigate the Western Hemisphere while avoiding straight white males, Christianity, free markets, misogyny, methodological individualism, and various other troubling phenomena.

*Tattleship: current and former members of the Trump administration gather on a cruise ship. Your job is to get them to “spill the beans” on The Donald. This game is relatively easy and is suitable for beginners ages 6-10.

*Tres: there was Uno…and now there is Tres! The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards-- and clothes—before your two partners do. You will have skin in this game!

* So Sorry!: you are a straight, white, Christian male who competes against others of your deplorable ilk. The first player to apologize to everyone in the world—for everything—is declared the winner. All other players are subsequently shot.

*Randyland: self-evident game play, perfect for college campuses! Granted Harvard’s prestigious “Sex-Week Seal of Approval.”

*The Game of Life and Strife: as a player, you go through your “life,” depicted by stages on the game board, and try to select a gender, avoid speech you dislike, create safe spaces, successfully protest, get others to pay for your education and birth control, and avoid gainful employment. Fun and educational!

*Clue-Less: no more “Colonel Mustard in the study with a rope.” This game features the likes of Stormy Daniels in the bedroom with--- Spoiler Alert! Guess you’ll just have to purchase the game to find out!

*Cards Promoting Profanity: try to make the most epic profanity-lased statements by matching up cards. Perfectly suited to the times. F**king fun for the whole mf!$%#&! Family!

*Nazi Yahtzee: forget “full house, threes over twos,” in this updated version of the traditional classic, players toss the dice trying to get rolls like “full house, Trumps over Cruzes,” and “four-of-a-kind, right-wing SCOTUS members,” etc., etc.

*Pricktionary: players take turns drawing Republicans and conservatives, while teammates try to guess exactly which soon-to-be-impeached, mean-spirited Nazi-worshipper they’re sketching. Wholesome fun for everyone!

*Poop Chutes and Bladders: adventurous, liberated, enlightened folks of all 63 genders will love slip-sliding away in this game. Up one chute and down another!

*LGBTQIA Scrabble: players compete (in a non-threatening way!) to see who can get the most points by making words—and acronyms—out of tiles on the game board. Each of the different letters on the board have a different point value. Players start with seven tiles. If any player at any time accrues seven tiles spelling LGBTQIA, whether deliberately or accidentally, that player is immediately declared the winner, the game is halted, and the player is guaranteed a spot in the next Gay Pride Parade in New York City.

* Really Trivial Pursuit: the game is played in the same manner as it’s precursor, but with different categories: American History, The Founders, Western Civilization, The Classics, Rhetoric and Debate, and English Language.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kleenex "Mansize" Tissues Re-Branded

                Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Kleenex brand tissues, has announced that it will re-brand its “Mansize” tissues as “Kleenex Extra Large,” after receiving a rapidly growing number of consumer complaints that the designation was sexist. The company, which sells its “Mansize” tissues in the UK, cited a “consistent increase of complaints on gender concern” as the reason for the move.
                I guess that makes sense. There hasn’t been much manly about Britain since Margaret Thatcher left office.
                A Kimberly-Clark spokesperson told Fox Business Network: “We are always grateful to customers who take time to tell us how our products can be improved, and we carefully consider all suggestions.” Many Kleenex consumers took to Twitter (there’s a shock!) over the past few weeks to mock Kimberly-Clark for the unbearably offensive product description. One said that her young son was confused by the name and wondered if he was allowed to use the tissues: “So @Kleenex UK could you help me tell my son why they’re still called Mansize? And will you consider renaming them to Extra Large tissues? Or do women and children not need bigger tissues,” she tweeted.
                Kleenex was not the only consumer product to offend the apparently delicate sensibilities of British maidens recently. Waitrose, a British supermarket chain with over 350 locations throughout the UK, has said it plans to rename its “Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll” sandwich due to complaints that the name was sexist and “ridiculous.” A Waitrose spokesperson claimed that the company was “not dictating who should eat this sandwich,” but, in Monty Python fashion, essentially apologized to everyone in the world anyway. Said spokesperson stated: "It's never our intention to cause offense — we're not dictating who should eat this sandwich - we hope anyone who tries it will love the distinctive flavors. However, we are planning to change the name of the sandwich soon.”
                In this case, too, a consumer used social media to taunt the chain: “I never knew sandwiches were gender specific,” opined Amy Lamé, adding, “I’m a female but thankfully @waitrose let me purchase this anyway.” Idiocy isn’t gender specific, either.
                Some noted that the sandwich contains anchovy paste, often referred to in Britain as “gentleman’s relish,” which is also the brand name of an anchovy and butter-based spread produced in formerly Jolly-Olde-England, by Elsenham Quality Foods. I think we all know they’ll be targeted next. Brits can look for “Genderqueer Relish” to be hitting the shelves soon.
                Conversely, how many men have complained about Ladyfingers cookies or Pink Lady apples over the years? How many have started a #MenToo movement? Have men bitched about terms like “angry young man” and “dirty old man?” They’ve been smeared coming and going.
                It’s as if women such as these are trying to prove themselves the weaker sex. Yet, the idea of a product named “Gentleman’s” anything is, sadly, ridiculous in this day and age, as is the concept of gentleman itself, because progressives have rendered them—and it-- extinct. They have similarly assaulted the notions of civility, responsibility and accountability.
                Soon, the only product names allowable will be ones such as, “Non-binary tissues,” “Shithead’s sandwich,” “Genderqueer Relish, “Conservatives Suck Catsup,” and “World Peas.”
                All of you pathetic, thin-skinned, hypocritical morons in the oh-so-easily offended community are free to go cry into your “Extra Large Tissues.” But, why not try something different, something radical, and act like a man?
                Or even a gentleman.
                That would be something we should all relish.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Student Says "Virginity Doesn't Even Exist"

                Anabel Costa wrote an op-ed for The Daily Nexus, the University of California Santa-Barbara’s student newspaper, in which she stated: “Over time I’ve come to realize that virginity doesn’t even exist.” Obviously in a reflective mood, she went on to share more of her wisdom with us, adding, “Ultimately, sex is culturally defined by the presence of a penis, or at least some form of penetration, and this is just wrong.” That’s a bit judgmental isn’t it, Anabel? Did you mean the definition of sex as “sexual intercourse” is wrong, or that penetration itself is wrong? Can’t be too sure about anything on college campuses these days. But, she’s got a point. What’s with all those crazy cultures around the world thinking that sex has something to do with a penis? (Or with there being cultures around the world, for that matter)? They are all in dire need of modern-day higher education! The science is settled according to Anabel: sex is in no way connected to the presence of a penis.
                Ms. Costa continued to lampoon the concept of coitus, saying, “This cultural definition makes the task of navigating the world as a queer person that much more confusing, especially for cis women having sex with other cis women.” Reading that last sentence makes navigating the world much more confusing for the rest of us.
                She added: “Sex is whatever it feels like it should be to you and your partner. Plus, virginity is made up anyway, so who really cares?” Sadly, that perfectly sums up the attitudes and beliefs of the majority of today’s college students, and progressives in general. Sex involving three transgenders, a goat, a Twister™ mat and a turkey baster is fine, but traditional missionary-position intercourse between one man and one woman is “wrong.” (Must be rape).
 And her assertion that “virginity doesn’t exist” (she probably believes it’s a white male construct) isn’t quite correct. Merriam-Webster’s first definition of virgin is: a person who has not had sexual intercourse. It’s second is: an unmarried woman devoted to religion. It’s third definition is: an absolutely chaste young woman. So, the concept of virginity clearly exists, even if there are very few virgins on campus or elsewhere. (Anabel might qualify as a virgin by the first definition, but she is among the roughly 99.9% of co-eds who certainly can’t be accurately described by the second and third definitions).
Anabel’s “so who really cares” remark may be the saddest of all. Leftist social justice warriors purport to care deeply about transgender bathrooms and cultural appropriation. (If other cultures decided they, too, wanted transgender bathrooms, would that be cultural appropriation? And, aren’t transgenders themselves appropriating another gender?). They want college to be free, but don’t care about free speech. They want to be protected from “microaggressions,” but want the right to abort their own babies. They know a lot about sex toys, but little or nothing about natural law.  They will protect the “rights” of illegal aliens, but trample on those of their more traditional fellow citizens.
They know what they wish to be true, while saying that the truth is unknowable.

We would all be far better off, if, instead of restricting speech and redefining the sexes, we started asking some penetrating questions.

Friday, October 26, 2018

British Government To Cap Calories

                The British government plans to take “drastic” measures to combat the obesity crisis that has arisen, particularly among the nation’s youth. The latest statistics, released on October 11th, show that children’s obesity rates have climbed by more than a third in the last decade alone. Ergo, the all-knowing, all-caring, cagey government types are planning to force restaurants and grocery stores into limiting the number of calories in pizzas and various other foods, the Independent reported.
                Dr. Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England, told the Telegraph: “It could mean less meat on a pizza, it could mean less cheese, it could mean a smaller size.” She added, “Consumers are saying they want smaller portions and healthier options.”
                If they really wanted smaller portions and healthier options, they would already be buying them.
                The government has very specific plans for reducing the size of its subjects. A pizza for one, for example, would be capped at 928 calories (930 was considered too many) under Public Health England’s draft proposals, significantly fewer than the average pizza of that size currently contains. Other foods would be subject to calorie caps, as well.
                You’ve heard of salary caps. Now we have calorie caps. These restrictions will almost certainly work as well as the bans on the sale of soda pop in containers larger than 16-ounces that a couple of American cities have tried. That is to say, not at all. If one can’t purchase a 32-ounce Coke, one can simply purchase two 16-ounce Cokes. The same goes for pizza and any other food or beverage items.
                I strongly suggest Britain implement a calorie cap and trade system. If, say, Michael Moore was less than satisfied with a 928-calorie personal pie, he would have the option to purchase more calories from someone who only required five or six-hundred of them. In this way, the calorie cap would remain in place and level, but some flexibility would be allowed amongst individuals.
                The British gamely stood up to Hitler and the Third Reich throughout World War II, but apparently need help fending off a pepperoni and cheese pizza. Not their finest hour. Where is Churchill when you need him?
                Come on, Brits, show some spunk. Don’t let your government dictate every aspect of your existence. Channel the spirit of your cousins across the pond in earlier days. Push back. Toss those tasteless pizzas into the Thames.
                Let history record the “London Pizza Party.”

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Current Events Quiz #4

                                   Current Events Quiz #4
                         (Test Yourself!- Check All That Apply! Top answer is ‘a,’ second from top is ‘b,’ etc.)

1)      Bernie Sanders:
o   Is a failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate
o   Is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
o   Is married to a woman the FBI investigated for fraud
o   Has a lakefront compound in Vermont, as well as homes in Burlington and Washington, D.C.
o   All of the above

2)      How many genders are now known to exist?
o   One
o   Three
o   Two
o   63
o   Gender is a pliable construct with no discernible, finite quantity…in sum, it’s unknowable

3)      Kim Jong-un:

o   Is a failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate
o   Is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
o   Believes that 63 genders are now known to exist
o   Secretly has a crush on Beyoncé
o   Secretly has a crush on Dennis Rodman

4)      ISIS:

o   Is just a “J.V.” team as Obama stated
o   Is an Egyptian goddess
o   Is no longer a viable threat
o   Is a skin disease
o   Is responsible for numerous and ongoing deadly terror attacks

5)      The Establishment in The American Republican Party:

o   Couldn’t find their own ass with both hands
o   Is made up of a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys
o   Pre-emptively surrenders to anyone they think they may otherwise offend
o   Routinely snatches defeat from the jaws of victory
o   All of the above

6)      The Earth’s Climate:
o   Is actually controlled by a secret thermostat in George Soros’ garage
o   Has been made noticeably warmer by Al Gore’s extravagant energy usage
o   Is responsible for numerous deadly terror attacks
o   Has been changing dramatically since its formation
o   Doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we want, and will do whatever it will

Correct Answers:
                Question 1) a, c, d 2) e 3) e 4) e 5) e 6) e

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

School District Apologizes For Drag Queen

                A Colorado school district has apologized to parents after hosting a drag queen as part of a career day, according to A spokesperson for Adams 12 Five Star schools said Rocky Top Middle School staff should have notified parents that a drag queen would be speaking to their children before the event took place. Seems like a reasonable assumption.
                The drag queen identifies as a woman named “Jessica L’Whor” (nice touch), and the district confirmed it invited her to attend the school’s career day. After all, what school would want to invite an accountant, fireman, doctor, or rocket scientist to talk to the kiddies about their worthless, boring occupations? And we know businessmen and policemen are persona non grata now.
                L’Whor said, “I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” adding, “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.” I bet it did. “Ms. L’Whor, what’s the best part about being a drag queen? And, what’s your favorite type of underwear?”
                Predictably, district spokesperson Joe Ferdani said the staff believed L’Whor’s visit would demonstrate their inclusiveness of all people, no matter how they prefer to dress. He added: “The school’s focus is to have an event that is representative of the diverse backgrounds and careers in the community.”
                One member of the school’s staff said that the final choice of a career day speaker was between L’Whor, Alexis Texas, the tremendously popular porn star who has appeared in over 550 adult movies, Peter H. Gilmore, the current High Priest and publisher of The Black Flame, the official magazine of The Church of Satan, and Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Cal.).

Democratic Supporters Targeted With Pipe Bombs

                I will refrain from speculation on who is responsible for the crude pipe bombs that were delivered to various Democratic politicians, supporters and CNN today-- unless and until we get factual evidence. Suffice it to say, whosoever was responsible for these disgusting, repulsive, criminal acts is beneath contempt.
                The post office can't get my check to the cable company on time, and delivers some of my mail to the neighbors, but it seems to always be  prompt and accurate when delivering anthrax or small, crude, explosive devices.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Migrant Mob Approaching America

                The migrant mob of Hondurans-- and assorted other vagrants-- currently taking aim at the southern border of the United States is certainly not going out of its way to ingratiate itself with the American people whom they hope to live among.
                Protesters burned tires in front of the American embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in support of the caravan. The protest was led by the organizer of the caravan itself, radical leftist Honduran politician and Hugo Chavez supporter Bartolo Fuentes. Bizarrely, members of the caravan waved Honduran flags during their march, and at the American embassy. Even worse, some of them burned American flags, one with a swastika painted on it, in front of the embassy of the country in which they claim a “right” to live. If you claim to be desperate to live in America, and desperately do not want to be sent back to your own country, why would you proudly wave your country’s banner while burning an American flag adorned with a swastika? These are not rocket scientists.
                They are all criminals or intent on becoming criminals by entering the U.S. illegally. There are young men from countries that sponsor terror among the group. The group knocked down a fence on Mexico’s southern border to enter that nation’s territory. This is nothing less than an overt, slow-motion attempt to invade a sovereign nation. These people have no interest in legally immigrating to the U.S. They have no interest in assimilating into the formerly famed American melting pot when they arrive there. Rather, they want to challenge Trump and dare border guards to apprehend them or even fire on them. This is a train wreck on schedule, albeit an entirely preventable one. If the Democrats, establishment Republicans and complicit media hadn’t convinced President Trump to cease separating families at the border in order to disincentivize illegal immigration, the current mob wouldn’t be so brazen. This was the rare occasion when Trump “backed down.” He shouldn’t have.
                Those scheming to enter the U.S. illegally in the modern era couldn’t be more different then the legal immigrants that helped populate—and build-- America in the 1800s and early 1900s. Earlier immigrants wanted only an opportunity to succeed if they worked hard enough, not a guaranteed handout. They wanted to know everything about their adopted country and to become truly American, not to force America to change its founding principles in accordance with their beliefs and whims. They often fell to the ground and kissed it upon reaching American soil. After passing citizenship tests, they would proudly raise their hands and state, “I am an American.”
                They did not burn tires in protest on Ellis Island, nor proudly wave the flags of the nations from which they were fleeing. Nor did they taunt American presidents, burn American flags or deface the Statue of Liberty.
                Countries are countries because of borders, language and culture. If everyone in the world should happen to want to immigrate to the United States, that doesn’t mean they have the “right” to do so. That would simply be a desire impossible to accommodate. It would lead not just to the destruction of the U.S., but to the collapse of civilization on the planet. Similarly, if everyone in the U.S. wished to immigrate to, say, Luxembourg or Switzerland, those nations obviously would not be obliged to accommodate them. It would be a literal impossibility.
                This current migrant mob is likely to arrive at the southern border of the U.S. just before the midterm elections of November 6th. How remarkably convenient. Maybe the pro-mob Democrats will be waiting there with voter registration materials and absentee ballots. Trump must stop this migrant mob—and the mob mentality taking hold among Democrats—if the United States is to continue to be a sovereign nation…and a representative republic.
                Yet, if he tries to do so, the media will laser-focus on every crying baby, every tearful mother, and every other staged act of martyrdom, while loudly bemoaning the heartless, uncaring bastard who is the illegitimate president of the formerly United States.
                On November 6th, the fate of a nation will be decided.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Democrats Urging Criminals, Non-Citizens, Dead People To Vote

                An Atlanta, Georgia suburb offered a $50 discount off city citations to residents if they registered to vote or just confirmed their voter status, a policy that violated—or should have—the state law banning the giving of money or gifts in exchange for registering voters. The City of South Fulton advertised the discount ahead of its voter registration deadline, and a city solicitor cited it as an example of the city’s “innovative” criminal justice system. Unfortunately, it’s not all that “innovative” anymore for criminal justice systems to be… criminal.
                Surely that’s what’s in the best interest of the nation, get-out-the-vote drives for criminals and convicts! Actually, it is in the best interest of the Democratic Party, which has launched vast new efforts across the fruited plain to sign up new voters and encourage those who rarely vote to do so this November. The thinking is: let’s apply coercive measures to essentially force these lovable low-information deadbeats to vote. For us. It’s $50-dollar vouchers and cash incentives for all of them!
                But, why stop there? How about handing out grab-bags filled with vouchers, cash, coupons, cigarettes (they’ve already done this in the past, it’s an oldie but a goodie), cannabis, hypodermic needles (San Francisco already does this, though not directly tied to voting), and Stormy Daniels playing cards?
                Texas Democrats have gone even further in their bid to rig an election: according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, the state party sent out voter registration forms asking non-citizens to sign up, complete with the citizenship box already checked “yes.” Democrat’s concern over “Russian meddling” in U.S. elections is shown to be an absolute canard with this unbidden open invitation for foreigners to influence them on a large scale.
                The applications were pre-addressed to election officials, which led many potential voters to believe they were receiving official communication from the state, though the return address was from the State Democratic Executive Committee and listed an address in Austin that matches the state Democratic Party’s headquarters, according to the Washington Times.
                In time-honored Democratic tradition, dead people were also encouraged to vote on November 6th. The spokesman for Texas’s secretary of state said he’d heard from people whose relatives were receiving mail asking them to vote despite having passed away 10 years ago or longer. The spokesman said: “It looks like a case of really bad information they are using to send out these mailers.”
                Yes, quite. “Bad information.” That’s exactly what was responsible for these mailers. Now tell us all the one about the three bears.
                If you are an illegal alien, and/or a criminal, Democrats want you to vote early, vote often, and vote even if you happen to be dead. I’m guessing they’ve already found a way to get absentee ballots into the hands of the migrant mob heading north from Mexico.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kyrsten Sinema

                Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), is hoping to become a member of the United States Senate. If she’s truly serious about achieving that goal, she has some explaining to do. Why? She once co-hosted a radio show with a conspiracy theorist who claimed that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were perpetrated by the U.S. government, Fox News reported.  Moreover, in February of 2003, she was interviewed by Ernest Hancock’s “The Valley of the Sun” program on a local Arizona radio station. During that interview, Hancock remarked that he thought if an individual wanted to go fight for the Taliban, that would simply be “a personal decision.” A statement with which then Green Party activist Sinema agreed. She replied: “Fine. I don’t care if you go and do that, go ahead.”
                But she does care if someone fights for the rights of unborn babies. That’s intolerable. She’s for legal abortion without restrictions. She also cares if someone fights for the United States, period. That’s nationalistic. While Sinema tries hard to obscure some of her policy positions, she opposes “expanding the military,” and would almost certainly vote to cut defense spending so as to better fund entitlement spending.
                How our society has changed. How Democrats have changed. Can anyone honestly imagine FDR saying, “Fine. I don’t care if people go and fight for the Japanese or the Germans, go ahead.” Or JFK stating, “I don’t care if people go and fight with Fidel Castro and the communists. Go ahead, it’s a personal decision.”
                And now the Washington Examiner says it has obtained emails that prove Sinema invited a prominent coven of feminist Arizona witches, called the Pagan Cluster, to an anti-war protest and celebration of International Women’s Day in 2003. Sinema apparently exhorted the witches to wear “colorful clothing and come ready to dance, twirl, and stay in touch with your inner creativity and with the Earth.”
                I wonder if Sinema would say of those preparing to vote for her Republican opponent: “Fine. I don’t care if you go and do that, go ahead.”

                Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble.

                She’s as likely to win as…Barney Rubble.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Democratic Violence

A Democratic operative for American Bridge 21st Century, a group funded by leftist billionaire George Soros, was arrested recently after the female campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt accused the operative of grabbing and yanking her arm and refusing to let go. Kristin Davison said the assault “terrified and traumatized” her… and left her with bruises on her neck and arms. #MeToo, Democrats?
William Davis, a Minnesota Democratic Party communications staffer, recently made a Facebook post stating that Democrats should “bring Republicans to the guillotine” on November 7th, the day after the midterm elections. The state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party suspended him for one—count it—one week without pay.
This after two other Minnesota GOP representatives were attacked in recent days. State representative Sarah Anderson was punched in the arm after witnessing a man destroying Republican yard signs. She ran to her car and sped off to get away from her assailant. Anderson told the Washington Free Beacon, “It was just insane. He was charging at me, saying, ‘Why don’t you go kill yourself?’” #MeToo, Democrats?
Shane Mekeland, a first-time state representative candidate, suffered a concussion after getting sucker-punched while speaking with constituents at a restaurant in Benton County. Mekeland was cold-cocked while sitting at a high-top table in a local eatery. He hit his head on the floor after being knocked off his seat. He told the Free Beacon he has experienced memory loss since the assault. Doctors told him it will take four to six weeks for him to recover.
The violent assaults have caused both Anderson and Mekeland to make changes in how they campaign in the closing days of their races. Mekeland is, assumedly temporarily, unable to leave his home to campaign due to his concussion-induced sensitivity to sunlight. He said he and his volunteers will only travel in pairs for the rest of the campaign, limiting the ground they can cover. Anderson says her husband and other volunteers have offered to escort her around the district until election day. She exclaimed: “I refuse to be bullied and intimidated.”
Democrats and Antifa types in Portland recently took it upon themselves to “direct traffic,” telling motorists where they could and could not go. One elderly driver was harassed, another became fearful and was chased down. They bashed in his car. Through all of this, the police stood down. Which is why decent people must rise up.
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace recently admitted that she prodded Jeb Bush to physically attack Donald Trump, saying: “I told Jeb Bush after that debate that I thought he should have punched [Trump] in the face.” Wallace noted that Bush would’ve been “a hero” if he had assaulted Trump. She has previously opined that it must be terribly difficult for White House correspondents to resist the urge to “wring” Sarah Sanders’ neck.
Rapper “T.I.” recently posted a promotional video that shows a Melania Trump look-alike stripping in the Oval Office and giving him a lap-dance. A spokesperson for Melania has called for a boycott of the rapper because of the vile video. Good luck with that.
The Democrats have become the Party of Crime, the Party of Violence, the Party of Decadence, the Party of Sloth. They are the Party of Intolerance. They have literally morphed into the Party of Evil. I take no joy in saying that. I am a classical liberal, alá the Founders. I could conceivably have been a Truman or Kennedy Democrat.
But the Democratic platform is now: abortion on demand, higher taxes, government regulation of all things, and the ends justify the means, no matter what, period. Progressives are aided and abetted by virtually the entirety of the mainstream media, who side with them 90% of the time, credibility be damned.
Compare the limited media interest in-- and reaction to-- the above-mentioned “incidents” with the following “stories.”
Student protesters are demanding that the University of Southern California fire a long-time professor after he said that “accusers sometimes lie” in an email that went campus-wide.
Mary Bono, USA Gymnastics CEO, resigned October 16th due to the massive backlash against her social media post in which she crossed out the Nike symbol on her shoe in protest of the company’s collaboration with former NFL player and social activist Colin Kaepernick. Bono said her post was triggered by Nike’s use of the phrase “sacrifice everything.” Kaepernick is a young African-American millionaire who has repeatedly knelt for the National Anthem and fomented protests that many feel are disrespectful to military veterans who have lost their lives in service of their country.
                Assaults, beheadings, concussions, wrung necks: none of these acts rise to the level of an unhinged person daring to publicly say that not every accuser is honest. Nor to someone deliberately attempting to obscure the small symbol of a large corporation…on her own shoe.

                If you think otherwise, you’d better watch your back. And your neck. And everything else, too.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Nancy Pelosi And Collateral Damage

                During a recent interview in New York City with Paul Krugman, a New York Times op-ed columnist and noted leftist, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) verbally signed-off on the on-going wave of violence and intimidation being conducted against Trump supporters around the country.
                Pelosi said: “I think that we owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country. And if there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it.”
                This one remarkable comment perfectly illustrates the hubris, hypocrisy, inanity and soullessness of today’s Democratic Party. She says the Democrats are “respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country” immediately before adding, “And if there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it.”
                You are not respecting the dignity and worth of every person in the country, only the ones who happen to agree with you. The 50 percent or so of your countrymen that don’t share your view can be harassed and assaulted with impunity. So be it! Perhaps Pelosi meant to say that Democrats are “respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country illegally.” Might have just forgot a word. She forgets a lot of things lately.
                As for being there for the people’s “financial security,” you’ve previously dismissed the $1,000 bonuses numerous businesses gave out to their employees due to the Trump tax cuts as “crumbs.”
                Democrats don’t like the term “collateral damage” when it’s applied to war. Like everything else, however, they’ll use it shamelessly when they think it benefits them. In this case the term could refer to those who’ve been baselessly smeared, made the subject of lies and fake news, those who have been physically assaulted by the leftist mobs, or those like Brett Kavanaugh who’ve had their lives destroyed because they stood in the way of leftist’s power, however innocently. Or perhaps to the millions of babies aborted for the convenience of adults. Adults who progressives know will vote for them. That is the opposite of “respecting the dignity and worth of every person.”
                Let’s hope “collateral damage” is what Democrats experience on November 6th.  

               So be it.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ubiquitous Diversity

                During the 2016-2017 school year, the University of Texas at Austin employed 112 diversity-related employees who earned approximately $9.5 Million in salaries and benefits, according to The College Fix. (The compensation figures cited were taken from a public database maintained by the Texas Tribune and were last updated in July 2017. The number of staffers was compiled based on information obtained from UT Austin’s website in September 2018).
                At some point, those staffers must lose the right to be called “diversity-related” employees. Ubiquitousness, pervasiveness, conformity and omnipresence are not indicative of diversity. When one diversity staffer becomes one-hundred, becomes 1,000, when thousands of dollars spent in the name of diversity morph into millions upon millions, it is not diversity that is being celebrated, but obedience.
                When campuses’ “free speech zones” (which the Founders intended to be the entirety of the United States of America), if they have them, are the size of a large closet, it is not diversity that is the goal, but conformity of thought, word and action.
                When the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is celebrated but the phrase “All Lives Matter” is taboo, it is not diversity that is sought, but acquiescence.
                Diversity is not, in and of itself, inherently good. It cannot properly be classified as a “virtue.” There can be—and is-- a diversity of illness, crime and hatred. There also exists a diverse array of mental illnesses, one of which leads one to believe that there are an infinite number of genders. Another of which causes people to think that diversity of everything but thought is beneficial, but that diversity of belief must be stymied and suppressed by any and all means.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate

First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate
June 18, 2019
University of California-Berkeley
Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo Moderators

Maddow: Good evening those of you watching around the world, good evening candidates.

Candidates: Good evening.

Maddow: Senator Sanders, let’s start with you. First question: do you watch my show? Just kidding! Here’s my real first question: Do you believe you can still make people ‘feel the Bern?’

Sen. Sanders: I do. There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still a fire down below, if you know what I mean.

Maddow: Eww.

C. Cuomo: Alright! Let’s get after it! Ms. Warren, many people say you and Senator Sanders are almost identical in terms of your policy beliefs. How can you separate yourself from Mr. Sanders?

Warren: Eww. Well, Bernie is as white as it gets, and, you know, I’m a person of color. I’m one sixty-fourth Cherokee. And three two-hundred-and-fifty-sixths Congolese!

C. Cuomo: You’re three two-hundred-and-fifty-sixths Congolese? When did you discover that?

Warren: Please don’t use the words ‘discover’ or ‘discovered.’ It makes my people think of Christopher Columbus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: For God sakes, bro’, can’t we move on? Ask me a question, okay?

C. Cuomo: Alright, my man, let’s get after it! How do you respond to folks who think you aren’t well-known enough outside of the Northeast to win? And, for that matter, those who don’t feel your progressive enough to excite the party base?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Well, I think I’m nationally famous, and, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sort of the anti-Christ to the conservative party.

Maddow: Wow. Senator Gillibrand, a two-part question: one, do you believe Trump has kept his promises, and, two, what do you think is the most important thing for Democrats to do if you become president?

Sen. Gillibrand: Rachel, I have a two-part answer: ‘One, No. Fuck no. And, two, if we’re not helping people we should go the fuck home.’

Maddow: I see. Fuck.

C. Cuomo: Well, Mr. Biden, what do you say to that?

Biden: This is a big fucking deal, Chris! I hope we all understand that. One of us on this stage tonight has to win, because we have to stop Trump. And, I believe I’m the only one that can do that. Remember, I said I’d have taken Trump out back of our school and kicked the crap out of him! I think I was the first one to say that, and the only one here tonight to have had the balls to say that!

C. Cuomo: Ah, Senator Harris, which one of your fellow candidates would you prefer to be stuck in an elevator with?

Sen. Harris: Does one of us have to come out of it alive, Chris? Hahaha. But seriously, we should be asking Republicans if they know of any laws that allow the government to make decisions about the male body, right?

Maddow: I agree, but that was kind of random, Kamala. Anyway, Mr. Holder, you have been outspoken in your beliefs about racial relations in this country. As president, how would you seek to address the issues of disunity and racism?

Holder: Well, as you know, whites can’t be victims of racial injustice, because the pasty bastards are inherently racist themselves. To quote myself: ‘In things racial, we are a nation of cowards.’ We have to change that……by having fewer white people.

Biden: Eric, stop with the ‘fast & furious’ attacks on white people. Over six-hundred-thousand of us did die in the Civil War to end slavery, okay?

Holder: Joe, when I was Attorney General, I tapped your phones. Remember when you publicly said: ‘I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s storybook, man?’ That was ‘a big fucking deal’ to Barack Obama, by-the-way. Well, I’ve got tapes of you speaking that make that comment sound like it was uttered by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Biden: Fuck.

Maddow: Mr. Avenatti, what are your thoughts on pornography? Specifically, how would you try to grow the industry while purging it of misogynists?

Avenatti: Well, Rachel, as you know, I’ve represented Stormy Daniels here. What’s more, I can now reveal that Bernie, Andrew, Joe and Eric all exposed themselves to young girls at frat parties some decades ago.

Maddow: What?! Can you corroborate this, Mr. Avenatti?

Christine Blasey Ford: I can. My recollection is that this happened. I think. Maybe.

Maddow: Dr. Ford, where and when did this take place? Were there witnesses?

Christine Blasey Ford: I don’t recall the location or the time. I was pretty hammered, Rachel. But I believe there might have been witnesses. It was pretty fuckin’ hot as I remember! I think. Maybe. Have I told you I’m afraid of flying?

C. Cuomo: Senator Booker, do—

Sen. Booker: Call me Spartacus, please.

C. Cuomo: Really? Okay, um, Spartacus, how would you address the potential threat from Russia if you were the president of the United States?

Sen. Booker/Spartacus: Well, this is my Superman moment. I would tell Russia not to meddle in our elections…or else! Also, I’d make them tear down the Berlin wall.

Maddow: Senator Boo- um, Spartacus, the Berlin wall is already gone. President Reagan famously asked Premier Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall.’

Sen. Booker/Spartacus: Really? Do they have any other walls? I could demand they take another wall down! That would be my Reaganesque moment!

[Just then Hillary Clinton comes from backstage, pushes Bernie Sanders out of the way, glares at the crowd and the cameras, and screeches into his microphone: ‘Looking at these clowns, you might be asking yourself why I’m not already nominated and confirmed.’]

Maddow (mildly surprised): Well, not really. You never entered the race, Ms. Clinton.

HRC: Really, you’re going to go there? Like that’s my fault? It’s because of the vast right-wing conspiracy…and maybe the vast ultra-left-wing conspiracy, too. And the Macedonian content farms, wives who caved to their husbands, Russia, Bernie, the media, Trump, the deplorables, hatred of pantsuits, cheese-heads, misogyny, faulty voting machines, the NRA, fake news, Fox News…