Saturday, November 15, 2014

Feminist Profanity

                 A company called FCKH8 has produced a video that is both disgusting and terribly sad. It is using cute little  girls to promote a starkly feminist agenda. These very young girls stare into the camera for nearly 3 full minutes while blurting out F-bombs (and all manifestations of the eff-word) at a staggering rate. These ‘ironically’ dolled-up ventriloquist dummies are being used and abused in a heartbreakingly pathetic manner by the adult (?) ‘feminists’ for this commercial ad-campaign.  Their agenda  includes selling t-shirts with FCKH8 or feminist messages on them. The sites where this video is posted are rife with advertising as well. More on that later. The viewers of this video seem to be preponderantly female based on their comments in response to the video. Responses, by -the- way, laden with vitriol (hate?), profanity and spelling errors. (You-Tube posted the video, took it down, thought better of it, and posted it again. It is there now).
                The claims of discrimination on this video are distortions of fact and outright lies and this does them no favors.
                The left adores swearing and brooks no distinction between adult fare and children’s or between private and communal, precisely the distinctions that lead to a  society that is at once civil and mannered,  yet spicy and robust. Crazily, it has gotten to the point that there is now less 'swearing' (even the eff-word) in the vast majority of ‘adult’ movies than in most ‘R’-rated popular movies, sometimes dramatically so.
                The left tries to portray people who are concerned with swearing as old-fashioned dorks who probably want to go back to the days when black folk could not sit in the front of a bus and mom was home all day vacuuming while wearing a nice dress. They told us all that Mitt Romney was a dork (was too white) because he talked like Eddie Haskell did when speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver. (“Gosh”, etc.) And, they say, you know it’s hypocritical and false to portray Ward and June like that, too, because in reality they were probably “getting it on” most nights themselves. Gosh, what the heck does that have to do with anything? We already knew that, Einstein, since they have kids.
                But they think it’s ‘authentic’ and ‘gritty’ and ‘real’ and ‘intense’ for the characters in any story to swear continuously. Most people can’t watch classic old movies or television shows now without smirking or laughing. Leftists want the dad in “Father Knows Best”  to tell the kids “To bed with you now you effing effers”!
                I agree wholeheartedly with them that controlling language is the first step to controlling thought, and believe in freedom of speech 100%, but I detect a bit of hypocrisy here. They say no limits, anything goes, yet we’re not to utter the Washington football team’s ‘Redskins’ moniker anymore.  The University of North Dakota was forced to drop its ‘Fighting Sioux’ nickname. They don’t have one now. They are hoping to have one picked out by 2015/2016. I hereby suggest they choose to become the University of North Dakota “Effing Sioux”. It’s almost the same, sounds similar but is one letter shorter and might save a few bucks in uniform costs. If the tribe and p.c. types don't like that name any better ("hey, we replaced violence with love!"), than they could propose just calling themselves the "effers."
                Now, let’s get back to the advertisers on sites with this video. Companies have cancelled- or threatened to cancel- contracts with the Redskins and North Dakota. Nike and others pulled out of deals with Adrian Peterson and/or the Minnesota Vikings because of his overzealous disciplining of his son. Yet they are fine with this abject child-abuse?
                And what about the parents of these girls in the video/ad? Did they coach their baby girls in the correct pronunciation and inflection of these F-bombs and other swear words or just let others do it?
                I am not even totally opposed to the word itself. Used judiciously and in the correct contexts, it has its place, but we demean language- as well as kids- when we use it indiscriminately.

                When I watched this video I thought of ‘the Stupid Virus’ ( see a prior post). Perhaps there is a ‘Vile  Virus’ as well. Effin’ right there is!

                I swear.               

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