Thursday, March 31, 2016

Female Genital Mutilation Comes To The United States

                One half million instances of female genital mutilation each year.

                That is what tolerance gets you.
                It is unconscionable that we in the United States of America (and the West in general) put up with this kind of unspeakable violence. Yet put up with this we do (along with massive numbers of abortions), so that others don’t judge us to be judgmental.
                A few years ago a London woman named Aissa described the ordeal she was put through. She was made to lie down on a bed and was held down by four others. Her clitoris was sliced off of her body with a razor blade. She was not given any anesthetic. She said, "The pain is, well, it's so difficult to describe to you what it is like. Imagine when you cut your finger, it's a million times worse than that. But that doesn't even begin to describe the type of pain that takes over when the part of your body that has the most nerve endings is cut away. Only girls who have been cut will ever know what that level of pain is like. I honestly thought I was going to die, and then everything went black."
                In some cases, after the clitoris and part of the labia is cut out, the remaining flesh from the outer labia is sewn together and the girl's legs are bound from ankle to waist for several weeks while the scar tissue almost entirely closes up the vagina. A small hole, perhaps about the diameter of a pencil, is left for purposes of urination and menstruation.

                Yes, we are allowing this to happen so as not to offend some of our Muslim friends. Yet, seeing "Trump 2016" written with chalk on a campus sidewalk makes many of us tremble and feel "pain."(See prior post). Trump, you see, is "anti-women."

                This is tolerance? This is progressive? Where is the outrage from feminists and women’s rights groups? Oh yeah, they’re too busy lobbying for “abortion rights” to be seen as a crucial “women’s health matter” to worry about a little thing like clitoridectomies.
                I don’t believe it’s simply a woman’s prerogative whether she keeps or kills "her" kid. I do believe it should probably be her choice as to whether or not she keeps her own genitalia.

                Radical, I know.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Invasive Species Vs. Illegal Aliens

                There is so much talk of- and concern about- invasive species these days that many people are truly worried about the future of our flora and fauna. Some even see our ecosystems becoming wildly unbalanced and collapsing under the aggressive invaders weight. In the U.S., government bodies big and small are attempting to marshal forces to fend off these illegal alien plant and animal species before it’s too late.
                Oddly, these same government bodies continue to welcome human illegal aliens with open arms. “They add to the diversity, the rich cultural mix of the land we stole from the native Americans…and we are much the better for it,” they say.
                I am hereby going to become the champion of these “invasive” species, the least represented, most repressed and harassed beings on Earth. We are actively trying to exterminate them through various means, such as chemical poisoning! How can this be in 2016 America? This holocaust must cease. To start with, we must immediately abandon use of the term “Invasive species.” (In the eyes of most plants and animals, we are an invasive species!). Hurtful and non-inclusive language is judgmental and can never be reconciled with a progressive society. I suggest that going forward we use the term “undocumented (but valued!) guest life form.”
                It’s not just “tolerance” that’s required. I believe that species like Zebra Mussels, the Round Goby, and Asian Carp should receive blanket amnesty effective as soon as possible. Additionally, I’d like to grant them the right to vote and I’d seriously consider paying them reparations.
                 At worst, until white working male human attitudes and values can be brought into the 21st century, perhaps we could work out an agreement whereby, say, Zebra Mussels would be allowed to colonize 50% of each lake or reservoir, and native species would get the other half. This would at least be a reasonably egalitarian compromise and starting point.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Emory University Students Traumatized By Seeing "Trump 2016" On Sidewalk

                 Dozens of Emory University students recently claimed to be “traumatized” and “in pain” over simply seeing “Trump 2016” written with chalk on campus sidewalks. Funny, students of their ilk don’t complain about seeing vulgar graffiti on city walls, train cars, over and underpasses and the like, but they viscerally dislike simple, clean free speech and the freedom of political expression that was enshrined in America’s First Amendment. The chalk-work “ads” will wash away in the next rain, unlike the many vile, spray-painted “messages” around cities hither and yon.
                Apparently, these “students” are somehow not traumatized by Hillary Clinton ads or by having President Obama kowtow to dictators, dance a tango and take in baseball games in the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks on Brussels. These students are not only not upset by “Bernie 2016” signs and slogans, they are carrying them. They are opposed to free speech- and indeed to the idea of any thought or speech they disagree with being allowed to have a forum. That is why they hate Trump. This they call “progressive.” Such is the state of our campuses, 2016. They have become naught but giant daycare centers. There is no tolerance, no mental discipline, no familiarity with logic, debate, rhetoric, or reason. After all, when you can’t refute your “opponent” or win an argument, the best tactic available to you is to just prevent an argument from occurring… by shutting the other side up.
                I clearly remember being in grade school just prior to the presidential election of 1968 and, with my peers, walking down the hall to the cafeteria at lunchtime chanting, “Nixon, Nixon, he’s our man, Humphrey belongs in a garbage can…Nixon, Nixon, he’s our man, Humphrey belongs…” (A few other students were chanting the ditty in reverse. A good time was had by all).
                That was the old, free, strong, confident, vibrant, America. If it had happened today, I’d probably have been suspended or expelled for behavior “detrimental to progressive cohesion.”
                Or maybe I’d have been sent to a re-education camp.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Republican Party Poised To Make Historic Mistake

                The Republican Party is seeing record voter turnout- and excellent ratings for its televised debates. People are engaged and enervated. Not one, but two of its candidates could conceivably win the general election this fall and become president. Halcyon days, indeed, right?
                No. It is angry and scared about this. It despises both of its front-runners. And, by extension, the will of the people. Amazing.
                The Party will apparently go to any length to torpedo Donald Trump’s bid to become the nominee. This is unprecedented, but somewhat understandable, given Trump’s past and persona. What is truly incomprehensible is that the powers-that-be atop the Party’s hierarchy are also loath to help its obvious next-best-hope- and solution-in-waiting- Ted Cruz. These stuffy would-be puppeteers-cum-magicians  are hoping to make both Trump and Cruz disappear while conjuring up a viable “moderate” (read liberal) nominee out of thin air.
                Note to the idiots that comprise the establishment of the G.O.P.: there is no such candidate. Any liberal Republican will be defeated by Hillary Clinton. Roughly one-third of the country will vote for a liberal Democrat (read Democrat) whether or not they are a liar, hypocrite, criminal or serial child-molester who worships the anti-Christ. They just want free stuff. They are not going be thrust into the throes of ecstasy by someone who’s almost- but not quite- as liberal… with an ‘R’ by their name. The very reason that the messages of Trump and Cruz are resonating with so many Americans is that they too want to stop the country’s rapid slide into socialism and class-warfare. They are repulsed by what has happened over the past seven-plus years and want to feel that their voices are finally being heard, before it’s too late. This is an enormous opportunity for the G.O.P. Trump is not a real conservative who believes as his supporters do. (He is a charlatan). Cruz is…and does. It would be an ironic and unforgivable act if the Republican Party were simply to ignore the will of the people.
                It is likely, with the ongoing demographic changes, that this is the Republican’s last chance at presidential victory…unless it stands for principle and respects the will of its voters. It certainly is the last chance for the U.S. to salvage any part of its free-market, Constitutionally-protected natural rights heritage.
                That the Republicans are likely about to make this mind-boggling, historic, tragic mistake proves that the party is already gone.
                The U.S. will follow close behind.

                (Some Republican establishment types have actually referred to Cruz as “the wacko bird constitutionalist.” When the elites of even the Republican Party believe you are a nut case if you firmly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, the writing is on the wall).

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Prayer Rugs Come To St. Cloud Public Schools

                 The St. Cloud, Minnesota school system- like those of many cities large and small around the United States- is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of students from East African and Middle Eastern nations. The central Minnesota city’s burgeoning immigrant community- the majority of whom hail from Somalia- has resulted in the school district experiencing a 350 percent spike in English-language-learner enrollment in the past 15 years. Fully 20% of the district’s 10,000 plus students are now English-language learners.
                The U.S. is now home to the largest number of foreign-born black people in its history, and many are K-12 students enrolled in public schools. 35,000 of these students nationwide report that they speak Somali at home, making it one of the most common native languages for English-learners in public schools, according to federal data for the 2013-2014 school year.
                The St. Cloud school district’s lunch menus offer pork-free options for students. The school district has even partnered with the University of Minnesota to develop special uniforms for female athletes who wear Hijabs, the headscarves worn by many Muslim girls and women. The district’s middle and high schools have also accommodated the Muslim immigrants by providing them with access to private rooms with prayer rugs for their five-times-a-day prayer sessions.
                How can one explain this special treatment, given the fact that open displays of prayer specific to any particular religion is not allowed in U.S. public schools, the Ten Commandments cannot be posted in public places and students in many districts are routinely reprimanded or sent home if they even wear apparel with Christian symbols on them?
                It is obvious which of these is a religion “of peace,” and which is vastly more giving and tolerant.
                It is not as easy to discern which one will prove predominant.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Professor Claims More "Just And Equitable Human-Ice Interactions" Needed

                 A University of Oregon professor wrote a 10,300 word journal article this past January in which he proposed a new sensitivity to Earth’s supposedly shrinking icecaps. The new sensitivity? A “feminist glaciology framework” to “generate robust analysis of gender, power and epistemologies” towards a goal of more “just and equitable human-ice interactions.” The obtuse screed promulgates the “idea” that melting icecaps can be properly understood only via more input from female scientists since he believes research so far disproportionately emphasizes the impact climate change has on males.
                I wish there had been a more “just and equitable human-ice interaction” a few weeks ago when I slipped on an icy sidewalk and fell on my back. Was the last ice-age a just and equitable human-ice interaction? And how the hell has the avalanche of climate change research, data and stories emphasized its impact on males? I’ve read much of this bunk…have I missed something?
                The article reads as if written by a college freshman who, having absolutely no grasp of the subject his paper’s to be written about, decides to throw out all the big, scientific sounding words he knows and hope for the best. The professor in this case has gone one step farther, blending political-correctness, feminist theory, New Age twaddle and climate change zealotry to accidentally create a comically serious, remarkably dense pseudo-scientific paper.
                The article was funded, according to the New York Post, by a $412,930 grant from the National Science Foundation.

                Beam me up, Scotty. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Netherlands Kindly Euthanizing People From Around The Globe

                We know how happy the Danes are, courtesy of the U.N. (see a prior post). But did you know how nobly the Dutch are fighting unhappiness?
                A number of years ago the Netherlands changed its laws to aid and abet “physician-assisted suicide” and began euthanizing patients who suffered from severe and incurable conditions. Soon thereafter, laws were further changed so as to allow those suffering from psychiatric problems to be “offed” at will. Now the nation of tulips will snuff out those who have no diagnosed medical conditions whatsoever, other than autism.
                Supreme Courts (in the nations that have them) are now magically discovering new rights- left and right…I mean left and left. The right to life is out of favor. The right to die is all the rage among the lawyerly intelligentsia.
                Reports indicate that unhappy people are coming to the Netherlands from around the globe in hopes of being killed. And the social welfare state’s “generosity” means that their death is a sort of Dutch treat! You pay to get there, they’ll pay for your extermination!

                Apparently, eliminating people’s unhappiness- along with their lives- must make the Dutch happy. Watch out Denmark, you may go the way of Switzerland. Will the U.N. declare the Netherlands the happiest place on Earth in 2017?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

President Obama Giving Jordan $500 Million Dollars To Build Border Wall

                President Obama is giving Jordan half a billion dollars…to build a border wall so that they might keep Syrian refugees out.
                Let that sink in for a moment. You can’t make it up.
                Yet he’s against building a wall on his own country’s border(s) to prevent drug trafficking, illegal immigration and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists. He routinely utters things like, “Can’t be done,” “Too costly,” “Impractical,” “Won’t solve the problem,” “Not who we are,” etc., in referring to the matter.
                China (“The Great Wall of…”) and the U.S.S.R. (“The Berlin Wall”) have proven that it is eminently doable. If we can toss $500 million to another country to pay for a wall to protect its sovereignty (roughly the same amount we spend each year to subsidize abortion), we can afford to build a functional wall on our own border(s). Impractical, won’t solve the problem? Then why does every person, entity or nation that builds a wall…build a wall? Is it practical to let your nation be overrun by “undocumented aliens?” That “policy” certainly won’t solve the problem(s)! It has led to them. And, as for, “It’s not who we are,” we certainly won’t be who we are now- or who we were and were intended to be- in a very short period of time if we allow unchecked illegal immigration to continue.

                All-in-all, Mr. President, you’re just another brick in the figurative wall…that’s preventing us from defending ourselves by building a real one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Danes Are Here Again

                 Happy. That is how the United Nations describes the Danish. In fact, the august world body (ahem!) recently “officially” declared Denmark the happiest nation on Earth. The U.N. didn’t start measuring happiness until 2012, yet Denmark is a repeat winner, resting the happiness crown away from last year’s winner, Switzerland. (I’m sure we’re all familiar with the image of giddy Swiss bankers partying down like it was 1999). The World Happiness Report 2016 was officially presented in Rome last week. The United States came in 13th.
                An Associated Press article quoted Knud Christensen, a 39-year-old Danish social worker (imagine that) as saying “We have no worries. And if we do worry, it’s about the weather.”
                The small Scandinavian country is famous for its extensive and generous cradle-to-grave welfare programs. Most Danes believe that, if they lose their jobs or take ill, the state will support them. Kaare Christensen, a university professor in Odense, said that it doesn’t take much to satisfy Danes. “They are happy with what they get. Danes have no great expectations about what they do or what happens to them,” she stated. Well that makes things a lot easier, doesn’t it? Lose your job? Don’t care. No big goals or lofty expectations to strive for. Don’t really care what happens, frankly.
                Apparently, “1984” arrived a little late, but has been hanging around Denmark for years now. Fortunately, in 1984, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. He stared down the Soviet Union, keeping Europe safe, and demanded that the Berlin Wall be taken down…which it eventually was, reuniting Germany.
                Denmark may remember World War II and the NAZI’s. Fortunately, the U.S. was worried enough about the fate of Europe and Europeans to send a million of its men there to fight… and thousands to die… to liberate her and them. I’m guessing Danes wouldn’t be as happy if they were still under the NAZI boot.
                 It’s easy for countries to be relatively worry-free when they declare themselves neutral- and yet can still rely on the U.S. for protection. Danes may only fret about global warming now, but perhaps they should be worried about the tidal wave of immigration and terrorism sweeping the continent. Or Vladimir Putin’s behavior. Or Hillary Clinton taking over the presidency from Barack Obama. (It doesn’t appear certain that either will step in to defend Europe in the next crisis).
                It is not that people can’t be happy under Socialism that makes the United States- alone- indispensable to liberty.

                It is the fact that they can.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                When will it end?

                Will it end… before our way of life does? Will it end before our lives or the lives of those close to us are ended?
                World Trade Center 1993. Somalia. Israel. Khobar Towers. US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. USS Cole.


                Los Angeles. Moscow. Mombasa. Istanbul. Madrid. Stockholm. Frankfurt. Ottawa. Benghazi. Boston. Copenhagen. Jakarta. Paris. London. San Bernardino.


                When will it end? It will not end as long as we tolerate the continued slaughter.
                Name a country the U.S. has recently attacked without reason or warning. You can’t. There are none. The same goes for England, France and Germany, as well. Canada, too. And now it’s those famously intolerant war-mongering Belgians who’ve been hit.
                More and more countries in the West have welcomed Muslims to their nations. This is consistently how they are paid back.
                There have been over 28,000 attacks carried out world-wide by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. We are not quite three months into 2016, yet there have been 469 attacks in 38 countries that have killed 4,931 and injured  5,205. And counting. And counting. And counting. And…
                And… our leaders still tell us that they are more concerned about our possible “over-reaction” to the attacks than they are about the attacks themselves. This is because they are more worried that we may remove them from power than they are about our safety.
                I am damn tired of moments of silence before sporting events, public functions, etc. The time for lamenting is past. It is time to get loud.

                 We need new leaders.


Monday, March 21, 2016


·         Hillary says we lose “90 people a day” from gun violence and would like to get rid of the NRA.Planned Parenthood murders 3,000 a day. Hillary says we must give them a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money each year.
·         Legal gun owners possess over 200 million firearms and 12 trillion rounds of ammunition. Think about it. If they were a problem, everyone would know it.
·         Who said this: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!” Donald Trump? The head of the NRA? Wyatt Earp? Louis Farrakhan? Nope. Barack Obama.
·         The state of Minnesota is now compensating beekeepers when their charges are killed by insecticides. In the first of its kind decision, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture awarded two state beekeepers financial compensation after some of their hives were damaged by the legal application and use of a common pesticide by a neighboring farm. The state will award “victims” of “beeicide” up to $20,000 per incident going forward.
The buzz over potentially polluted pollinators is growing around the country. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year in part to deliberately kill human babies. (And they make another killing on the secondary baby-parts market). Seems kind of odd to me. We must hope for a particularly forgiving God.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump Protesters Shut Down Speech, Roads

                 Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich supporters- combined- have disrupted a total of zero Democratic events and rallies. On the other hand, thousands of Democratic supporters have disrupted Republican events and rallies. In fact, as I write this, they are blocking roads leading to a Trump event in the Phoenix area. Not content with attempting to shut down free speech, they now have taken to shutting down major highways.
                This should tell folks everything they need to know about the differences in values and mindset among these groups, yet sadly it won’t. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

                Stop preaching tolerance unless you plan on practicing it.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

European Immigrants Handed Envelopes Filled With Cash

                            European Immigrants Handed Envelopes Filled With Cash

                The U.K. Daily Mail Online recently reported that “migrants in Greece are set to be handed envelopes of cash” under a £550 million EU disaster fund announced just days ago. Officials in Brussels stated that, “despite the obvious dangers of giving taxpayers’” money directly to those in refugee camps to spend as they wish, it would help them “maintain their dignity.”
                The EU aid plan is the first of its kind to provide humanitarian relief inside the continent. It was originally slated to be used to help charities provide essentials such as medicines, blankets and food.
                It will be interesting to see what the “migrants” purchase with their cash in order to maintain their dignity, especially after they arrive at their destinations across the continent. Most of those receiving the cash are likely to be younger males from North African and Middle Eastern countries. If past behavior is any guide, they may be purchasing fireworks and call girls on the taxpayer’s dime, which might not do much for the European taxpayer’s dignity…or peace of mind.
                The Brussels officials are actually seeking to maintain and enhance their own dignity with this decision, by feeling superior both to those that receive the money and those that give it up- grudgingly or not- in the first place.
                The next time I cross over a border…into, say, Canada or South Dakota, I hope there is someone there to hand me an envelope, wink and nod at me and whisper, “There’s a little something in there for you, too.”

Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump Tweets III!

                “I am acting so damn presidential now, it’s bleeping scary!” #Reaganhadnothingonme

                “When I’m president, we will win so much people will actually get tired of winning!" #Trumprules

                “Look, I married an immigrant…named Ivana. ‘Nough said.” #Iloveeverybody

                “Kasich and Cruz are like gnats flying around a big man’s face now. I can shoo them away or   crush them anytime I want.” #letsgetreal

                “How can a Latino be from Canada? I mean, does anybody else ever think of these things? Ted   Cruz was born in the Great White North, yet he claims to be Hispanic…and an American! I mean, like      duh!” #TrustTedtobeineligibleforthepresidency

                “Anybody who thinks I have a small Willie, you’ve got another thing coming. Send me a request   and I’ll send you photos of my yuuuuge unit!” #getreadytoweeporcheer

                “I’ve been endorsed more often lately than tax-return checks” #PalinandCarsonaresane

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Twitter Targeting Conservatives?

                Twitter now appears to be openly targeting populist conservatives, cultural conservatives, libertarians and other politically-incorrect malcontents. Many of the aforementioned are mysteriously disappearing from their timelines. Recently, several prominent and popular conservative, counter-cultural voices have simply been erased from the “Twitter-verse.”
                Coincidentally, earlier this month Twitter instituted a “Trust and Safety Council.” This Orwellian watchdog group is stacked with leftist anti-speech activists such as “Feminist Frequency” and “the Dangerous Speech Project,” organizations leading the drive to eviscerate freedom of speech on campuses… and online.
                I have a 140 character (maximum allowed) tweet for Twitter right now: “The pathetic, self-indulgent tweets that emanate from your politically-correct and controlled platform are nothing but flatulence of the mind. Dude, you suck.”


St. Patrick's Day

                A toast to St. Patty
                Now I'll drink to that
                So here's to St. Patty
                And here's to his hat

                A toast to the Irish
                They of good cheer
                So here's to corned beef
                And here's to green beer!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

North Korea Claims Nuclear Readiness

                North Korea has proclaimed that its nuclear weapons are ready for use, the state controlled Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported last week.
                This announcement would pave the way for North Korea to carry out pre-emptive attacks, and allow "the enemies to sleep in peace till the moment they meet their final end in their land,” KCNA reported, citing a speech by the country's leader, Kim Jong-un.
                KCNA continued: "The only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster up nuclear force both in quality and quantity and keep balance of forces, he said, stressing the need to get the nuclear warheads deployed for national defense always on standby so as to be fired any moment."
                This semi-comedic statement follows the U.N. Security Council's unanimous approval Wednesday of new sanctions against North Korea in response to its recent nuclear and long-range missile tests, according to the USA Today.
                The DPRK (which stands for the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” giggle) has lately averred that its military is prepared to counter U.S. and South Korean forces “with an ultra-precision blitzkrieg strike of the Korean style.” Whatever that is. In fact, its military released a statement saying, “The arms to annihilate the enemies with towering hatred for them are waiting for the dignified Supreme Command to issue an order to launch a preemptive strike of justice.” Say what? A “dignified” preemptive nuclear strike of justice launched with towering hatred?
                Unfortunately for the North, this saber-rattling rhetoric was juxtaposed with the recent reports that it has been fruitlessly searching for one of its submarines that has been missing for days off of its east coast. CNN quoted U.S Intelligence officials as speculating that the Hermit Kingdom’s sub may be adrift under the sea or perhaps is lying on the ocean floor after experiencing technical problems. Here’s hoping that the yellow submarine will be found.
               North Korea claims it is developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles, although doubts about that were raised when Western experts publicly stated that the released footage of these “tests” appeared to be fake.
                A few days ago, North Korea’s Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un, observed his forces as they deliberately fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea. (“Yay! Two missiles fired and they both hit the largest ocean in the world! How precise was that, bitches?!”). Kim has ordered the country to improve its nuclear attack capability by conducting even more tests, in defiance of a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted last week in response to the Hermit Kingdom’s latest nuclear test.
                Kim also claimed that his country has miniaturized nuclear warheads to mount on ballistic missiles, although the U.S. and South Korean governments have expressed doubts about that, as well.
                Moreover, Jong-un claims that North Korea has just finalized development of a bomb- the size of a marble- that is so powerful that it can reduce the rest of the planet to ashes while sparing “the beautiful, luscious worker’s paradise of North Korea.” The Dear Leader claims they are now working on a “giant slingshot” to launch the mega-mini-bomb across oceans and landmasses.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brown University Students Upset That Studies Are Interfering With Political Activism

                 According to Chuck Shepherd’s redoubtable weekly News of the Weird column, several students at prestigious Brown University, an Ivy League school, complained via a February story in the student newspaper that classroom work was becoming an increasingly undue burden that was distracting them from the more important calling of organizing and protesting various campus injustices. Students (or parents/taxpayers) pay roughly $50,000 a year for the supposedly elite classroom instruction that more and more students feel is secondary to the need to agitate for socialism, political correctness and social experimentation.

                The students were upset, under-performing academically, and suffering health problems and anxiety issues, because, they said, Brown somehow still expects them to complete course requirements even though they are busy denouncing racism and challenging the weakness of Brown’s diversity policies, among other perceived transgressions.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Living Things, Dead Babies

                The left likes to talk about a “living wage.” Everyone who works is entitled to a living wage, they say, regardless of their age, experience, qualifications or what job they are performing. Who gets to decide exactly what a living wage amounts to and how will they do this?
                The left also views the Constitution as a “living document.” They believe it changes right along with us, doesn’t hold us to any set principles. This is exactly the opposite of the Founders intent. They crafted a document that they hoped would lead to a nation uniquely governed by, of, and for its people, a document informed by universal, eternal truths that they hoped would permanently restrict that government’s ability to take away its citizen’s natural rights.
                Yes, progressives have discovered “living” wages and “living” documents… where the concept doesn’t even apply. They seem to be extremely fond of considering things to be alive.

                But not human babies.

                Oddly enough, they believe everyone is entitled to a living wage, but not to life itself. They believe a document is alive, but not a baby in a womb with a heart that's been beating for months.

                I wish we could keep the babies alive and abort the insanity.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scientists Working To Make Fathers Unneccessary

                     Scientists claim they have found a way for women to have babies without men by creating artificial sperm. The team from China claims it has created healthy mouse babies by injecting laboratory-made sperm into eggs to produce healthy mouse offspring.
                Advanced robots, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and now artificial sperm. Ironically, we have used our own creativity and intelligence via the cutting edge of science to come up with yet another way to render ourselves superfluous.
                Is it really a good idea to strive to make men even more moot and impotent than they are now? Is this best for society? Government has already done everything in its power to destroy traditional marriage and push men away from stable relationships…and many didn’t need much of a push to begin with. Now, the poor 35-year-old lout that lives in his parent’s basement and generates what meager income he has by donating his sperm twice a week, may soon be out of even that job!

                And at least those he “fathered” could say they had a dad, maybe even knew who he was. What of those potential kids who were conjured out of thin air and made from artificial sperm? Imagine them filling out a form someday and coming to the line asking them to print their father’s name in the blank space. Do they just put “none?” Or do they print “Mad Scientist?” 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Protest Shuts Down Trump Rally

                 It was a mob scene in Chicago last night. A few hundred protesters shut down the Donald Trump rally attended by nearly 25,000. You see, they believe their free speech rights are more important than the free speech rights of others, which, of course, actually means that they don’t believe in free speech at all. Fox News reporters asked a number of the protesters what they were there to protest, and they declined to answer. Several of the protesters sported clever “F—K Trump” placards. This was an organized protest, sponsored by and the like. The pathetic individual slugs encouraged by Fox News to exercise their First Amendment rights likely didn’t want to state the truth: that they were paid to be there and disrupt things.
                On campuses across the country, at Trump events nationally, in Hollywood, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., in big cities around the nation, in the mainstream media and in organized religion, “political-correctness” is extinguishing free speech.
                The storm troopers of the politically-correct movement attempt to snuff out all words and thought with which they disagree. (Like mine, for instance).This is part and parcel with slaveholders in the old South wishing their slaves to remain uneducated and ignorant of certain truisms. They are desirous that you are ignorant or apathetic of your plight, but if you are not they must aggressively move to stop you from spreading ideas that may serve to check their power.
                Nazi-ism, Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Socialism, Hillaryism, it matters not. The ‘Big Nanny-State’ shock troops are terrified, as all tyrants are, of words and thought that flow from unconquered, uncorrupted minds.
                 The truth, aided and abetted by courage, may even yet set us free.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Where Have The Heroes Gone?

                In times of yore, when things were at their bleakest, when the fate of the world seemed to hang in the balance, someone always stepped out of the shadows to save the day. Their names are familiar. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Franklin Roosevelt. Winston Churchill. Ronald Reagan. Margaret Thatcher. Pope John Paul II.
                Yet, for the first time in modern history, today it seems that there is no one to take up the mantle, to step in and save the day. Quite the opposite in fact.
                But maybe, just maybe, Ted Cruz is that person.
                Unfortunately, he probably won’t get the chance.
                When opportunity knocked in the desperate past, we usually answered the call with alacrity, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. This time, we may be too lazy to go to the door. Many of us no longer crave the opportunity to work hard and pull ourselves up the ladder of success. We’d rather just continue to lie on the couch and hope that others will feed us.
                Here’s hoping that Cruz won’t be Trumped. And that he can beat Hillary and occupy the White House.

                Then we can all open our front doors, look out upon the broad, sunlit uplands…and let the fresh air in.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Cinder Block Comedy Festival Teaches Us About Diversity!

                 The upcoming “Cinder Block Comedy Festival” is only accepting submissions from members of the LGBTQ community, women, non-white applicants and those with disabilities through March 31st — in an effort to create a diverse lineup of performers for its shows later this year. (Applications will be accepted from straight, white males from April 1 through April 30). The early-bird submissions, however, will also be charged lower application fees. Festival Director Coree Spencer said the difference in price was to mimic the gender pay gap between men and women.
                “Having a token LGBTQ person of color woman, in a sea of white-bearded men is not diversity,” proclaims an ill-crafted, grammatically-challenged video on the comedy festival’s website. “As an audience you deserve more than one point of view.” (As we all know, white males only have one point of view. Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, they’re all the same. Not to generalize or stereotype or anything). “We think comedy shows should be diverse as f—k.” Note to Cinder Block Comedy Festival heads: I know how you can truly push the envelope of tolerance and inclusiveness. If you want to shock people with real diversity, hire a comedienne who doesn’t drop f-bombs in her act or in the promotion thereof.
                According to an open letter on its website, the festival is Spencer’s brainchild. She got the inspiration for the idea after she was severely injured by a flying cinder block while walking home alone at 3 a.m. on the Pulaski Bridge.
                Sounds like a laugh riot. (There must be an “I was stoned” joke in there somewhere. I’m sure the audience will be in stitches, too).

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz, My Choice For President

                Ted Cruz appears to be the only completely sane person left running for president of the United States in 2016. He is extraordinarily intelligent, quick-witted, funny, stable, gracious, and possessed of broad-based historical knowledge. He is a legitimate conservative with unflinching and principled beliefs who holds true to the country’s founding ideals and has a deep and abiding knowledge of- and respect for- the Supreme Court and its proper role in the republic. He is fearless, possesses a passion for excellence, and completely devoid of the pathetic need for group approval.
                He is the only candidate who has repeatedly bested Donald Trump in debate while not continually resorting to gutter-snipe tactics. He always manages to retain his composure even while being subjected to Trump’s most vitriolic and sophomoric attacks…and often responds by saying, “Donald is a friend of mine, but…” with a twinkle in his eye and a slight, wry smile. During the increasingly over-the-top Republican debates he has asked, “Is this the debate we want, is this the debate the American people want?”
                As I’ve stated before, Trump is the anti-Reagan. Ronald Reagan would be deeply and honestly appalled by Trump’s behavior and demeanor. He would applaud Cruz’s. “The Donald” is the consummate insider, deal-maker, and compromiser. He has been in bed with the East Coast power-brokers for decades. Conversely, Ted Cruz came to Washington rather recently and immediately let the establishment types know he wouldn’t genuflect in their direction, and wouldn’t play by their archaic nanny-state and freedom-suffocating rules. Naturally, big-government types that they are, they hated/hate him for this. Both party’s establishments hate Cruz.
                That is the best endorsement that any politician could possibly have right now.
                Many pundits have nearly come unglued trying to decipher Trump’s hold on so many voters. I completely understand Trump’s appeal. It is just misplaced. Cruz is the real conservative/populist. Cruz is the actual outsider. Cruz understands immigration policy and its affects, the economy, the insanity of political-correctness gone mad, the United States’ proper role in the world, the importance of the Judiciary, and most of the other pressing issues of our time. If elected, he would surround himself with competent, quality, mature adults…who actually love and respect their country and its traditions.
                Obama has turned the concept of friends and enemies on its head. During a Cruz presidency our friends and enemies would be returned to their proper places and would know exactly where they stand and what to expect. That would in turn ensure much greater global stability, benefitting us all.
                The world is in turmoil. The times are getting desperate. Tension and conflict rule the day.
                The United States- and the world- would benefit from Cruz Control.

A.H.- 3/8/2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Germany Bans Pork?

              An increasing number of public schools, canteens, cafes and daycare centers in Germany have banned pork from their menus over fears of offending Muslim immigrants.  Many establishments are no longer serving  bacon, ham and even sausages (this is Germany!)  because of religious considerations. (My particular religion demands that I drink 12 bottles of Labatt Blue a day, but I don't expect them to accommodate me in Riyadh or Kabul).
Moreover, in the past several months, several churches in Germany have removed their crosses so as not to "offend" their Islamic "guests." This is slightly different treatment than Christians have been afforded in Islamic nations of late. Not only have Muslims in their homelands not gone out of their way to provide alcohol to Westerners, they haven't even considered removing symbols of- and references to- Islam. Can you believe it?
Oh,  and they've killed hundreds upon hundreds of Christians, many by beheading.

Now that wienerschnitzel ist verboten, what's next? Will Germany soon ban beer sales in deference to Muslim sensibilities? If so, Oktoberfest might be a little less joyous this year.
It seems gem├╝tlichkeit may soon be a thing of the past. Figuratively speaking, Germany itself may not be far behind.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Former Chairman Of U.N. Climate Panel Charged With Sexual Harassment

                 The former chairman of the United Nation’s climate panel, Rajendra Pachauri, has been charged with stalking and harassing a female researcher who worked at the New Delhi environmental think tank he’s headed for over three decades. Pachauri has denied the allegations, though he resigned last year from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and his “think tank,” The Energy Research Institute (TERI), according to the Press Trust of India.
                Oddly enough, he was appointed last month to another high level post at TERI, and shortly thereafter a second woman, who had worked there for only a year, came forward with additional allegations. Police, and TERI’s own internal complaints committee, launched separate investigations. The TERI committee examined evidence presented by the researcher, and questioned nearly 50 other employees. It concluded that the allegations leveled against Pachauri were valid. Police have charged Pachauri, 75, with sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation of the 29-year-old woman.
                Pachauri chaired the climate panel- considered the world’s premier authority on climate science- since 2002, and accepted the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on its behalf. (An award shared with former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore).
                Ironically, it appears Pachauri caused an inhospitable climate in his work environment. As he himself was getting hotter, his underlings (and possibly his under-things) paid the price. By refusing to be accountable for his actions, ignoring the preponderance of the evidence against him and outright denying the allegations, this “man of science” has branded himself a “denier.”
                (The Nobel Peace Prize is still held in high regard by progressives, in part because, over the course of 115 years, it has been awarded to Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Kofi Annan, Yasser Arafat and assorted other terrorists, socialists, criminals, cranks and poke-noses).


Tuesday, March 8th: Apocalypse Or Rapture?

                 If last Tuesday (March 1st) was “Super Tuesday” in America, this coming Tuesday (March 8th) might be “Super Duper Tuesday” for everyone…or the end of the world.
                In one 24-hour period, the earth will experience a total eclipse, a “super-moon” and the closest fly-by of an asteroid in many, many moons. This has predictably led some apocalyptic types to call it a literal “doomsday” scenario. Scientists say that asteroid TX 68 may come as close as 19,000 miles from the earth, a cosmic eyelash. A few are worried that its precise trajectory isn’t known and that we may be unable to see it due to the eclipse. If the 30 meter long space rock should slam into earth, it could be curtains for us.
                The good news is that our global warming fears would be over.

                Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi are holding presidential caucuses or primaries on March 8th, as well. I have never been a conspiracy theorist or a believer in end-of-the-world scenarios, but  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vying to become Chief Executive of a nation once led by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln might truly be the sign that it is time for the Lord to return. After all, it certainly has been seven years of Tribulation under Obama.  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cruz Denounces Calls For Brokered Convention

             To his great credit, Ted Cruz denounced calls to stop presidential front-runner Donald Trump during a potential brokered convention. Cruz, speaking Friday, March 4th, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), warned that the grass roots would be justifiably infuriated if their will was disregarded. “Any time you hear someone talking about a brokered convention, it is the Washington establishment in a fevered frenzy, they are really frustrated because all their chosen candidates, their golden children, the voters keep rejecting,” he stated.
            "So they seize on this plan of a brokered convention, and the D.C. power brokers will drop someone in who is exactly to the liking of the Washington establishment. If that would happen, we would have a manifest revolt on our hands all across this country." Cruz believes that there is only one proper way to beat Trump: “with the voters,” he says.

            Cruz has more character and integrity than The Donald. Ironically, Cruz is what Trump has led his supporters to believe he is. An actual populist outsider with long-held conservative beliefs who is deeply concerned about illegal immigration and political-correctness run-amok. More ironic still, he is the closest to Trump in the polls and must be incredibly frustrated at this juncture, yet his very character and integrity will not let him look for shortcuts or to the use of dirty tricks to take Trump down.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Consciousness-Raising? The Daze Of Our Lives

             We all experience times when we feel like we’re living in a dream-like state, times where we are “barely there,” or “in a daze.” At times we barely notice our surroundings, at others we feel “dialed in,” focused and deeply alive. There are instances where we can’t remember names of people familiar to us and when even simple questions seem not so simple. Yet, there are also moments of near total recall, great clarity and a feeling that we can wrestle with any question and maybe even solve any problem. Some people experiment with mood (or consciousness) altering drugs if they are afraid of- or unhappy with- their existing state. Then there are those who talk of “consciousness-raising.” Do we really have the power to “raise” our own consciousness?
In one sense, if we don’t have a higher level of consciousness, we wouldn’t know we don’t have a higher level of consciousness, or what that consciousness level might be. Although, given a certain level of consciousness, one that, for better or worse, most humans do possess, we can ponder the question and weakly speculate as to what could be. Yet, in much the same way as we can’t ask to be born nor know with absolute certainty what happens “on the other side,” we cannot know, at least on this earth, the highest level of consciousness.

At times I wonder:  Am I unaware of my consciousness? Can I truly be conscious of that of which I’m unaware?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Black Lives Matter Activist Running For Mayor Of Baltimore

                 DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist and the Twitter Identity of the Black Lives Matter movement, is running for mayor of Baltimore. He is one of 13 candidates in the city’s Democratic Primary. Come April, the winner will replace retiring mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Republicans are never elected mayor of Baltimore). During last year’s extensive rioting, Mayor Rawlings-Blake actually insisted that the violent mobs assaulting her city be given “space to destroy.”
                Ironically, these leftist, race-obsessed leaders are impeccably and unceasingly tolerant of the progressive attitudes and policies that have caused their city’s decades-long slide into destitution and depravity, but rigidly intolerant of the conservative ones that could save them.
                America’s own recent history is flush with numerous examples of conservative policies and values helping to revitalize big cities. Look at New York prior to Rudy Guliani. It was a cesspool of drugs, graffiti and homicide. At the end of his mayoral tenure it was one of the safest and cleanest big cities in the nation.
                There is one common denominator amongst Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Gary (Indiana), East St. Louis, etc., etc. They have all been run by progressives for 30 to 40 consecutive years or more.
                But who are we to say that the ethos of victimization,  polarization, envy, lack of accountability and work ethic, dissolution of the family, mocking of religion and traditional values, punishment of success and reward of sloth,  and demonization of businesses that provide jobs and the tax base for all these cities… won’t suddenly start working great?! It could happen, couldn’t it?

                 Maybe they just need a little more “space to destroy.”

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump Tweets!

                                                           Trump Tweets! (Pass Them On!)

                “Marko Rubio, I’m sorry to say, is just plain dumm…really, what else are you gonna call a guy that says the same stuff all the time? Really, what else? Dumm!” #haterepetition#

                “You know, Planned Parenthood does alotta good things… I mean not counting the abortions, and selling of baby parts, but it helps a lot of women out with their health and stuff…” #PPisok

                “I tell ya’, Ted Cruise might be the moast dishonest person I’ve ever met. I mean, he calls me a lyer! WTF?” #thetruthwillsetyoufree

                “Benn Karson is narkoleptic is he not? I mean, he could probably fall asleep making luv to Ivanka, rite?! The only guy that could make Jeb look alive!” #I'mgonnalookstupidifheendorsesme

                “Okay, so I gave big money to Hillary and Harry Reid in the past? So what? I had to cover my bases as a big businessman in New York and as a soon-to-be national political figure… sue me, already!!” #bigwhoop

                “Have you ever noticed that Fox News is fair and balanced? I hate that s—t! They should be groveling at my feet, like everybody else. And, really, I think Megan Kelly is a transgender. I bet ‘she’ has a penis.” #itsnotbiggerthanminethough

                “Is Carly Fiorina here tonight? Oh…she’s not? I couldn’t tell, not that it matters. I thought maybe she was off somewhere taking a pee.” #hugebladderhere

                “Nobody likes Ted Crews…he’s just not nice to everyone. I mean, he claims to believe in certain s--t, and is very consistent in that, but why not just be nice to people? Is that so hard? Love everybody is what I’m sayin’!” #peaceandlove

                “Tedd Crewz sayz I’m a lier? Well, bleep him! I hope he chokes on his next Cubano sandwich or whatever his peeple eat! Also, who ever heard of a Canadian Latino? That’s just weird.” #honestyisthebestpolicy

                “You know, everybody sucks but me…that has been scientifically proven, in fact. I am Yuuuge! Everybody else is small. But I am so open and generous and warm-hearted that I’ll let others continue to stand near me during this election season.” #niceguy

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

School's Anti-Bullying Program Intrudes On Students, Parents

                An “anti-bullying program” at West Allegheny Middle School has led parents to take legal action. An “exercise” conducted during a January 15th “workshop” at the Pittsburgh school entailed asking students more than two dozen intrusive questions and then “grouping” them among their peers based on the answers.

                The entreaties included, “Please move to the middle of the circle if:”
*You have been impacted by drugs or alcohol
*You have been called fat or made fun of
*You or someone close to you identifies as gay, lesbian, or transgendered
* You have been impacted by mental challenges or learning disabilities
* You or your family has ever worried about not having enough money
* You or someone close to you has been imprisoned
* You have been raised by a single parent
                 "Did anyone answer yes to more than  three of these? Sue and Bobby? Okay, let's have you two go sit over here. Boy, I bet you guys have been bullied, haven't you?!"

                One student’s parent said, “I would never expect a middle school to ask kids if their parents have been in school, if they’re the same sex, if they’re having financial issues. How is that going to affect them?”

                The school itself is certainly guilty of bullying its students and their parents…in the name of “preventing” bullying. I wish that still seemed ironic. But it is- and has long been- the overarching modus operandi of the left: continually “accuse” your political opponents of the very behavior and intent that you yourself engage in and hold dear.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hillary, Watergate And General Petraeus

                Hillary Clinton had countless e-mails containing classified information now determined to be at the confidential, secret, top secret and even SAP levels on a server she kept in a guy’s bathroom closet in Colorado. (SAP stands for “special access program,” is above “top secret,” and essentially means “super-duper extra-special top secret”). Most experts believe that much of the SAP information made its way from Hillary’s inbox to hostile intelligence agencies around the world.
                In the past, she might have been charged with treason. If anybody else had been so reckless with confidential material and state secrets they would now be in jail awaiting trial…if they were lucky. General David  Petraeus only shared a fraction of the amount of SAP material that Hillary had on her unprotected server…and that only with one person, his biographer-cum-mistress. He was demoted and prosecuted for breaching exactly the same non-disclosure agreement Hillary signed.
                Nixon was branded a “crook” for a single episode whereby he “did”…what every other president of then recent vintage did, albeit without getting caught…if he even knew about it at all. He had that infamous “18-minute gap” in the tapes, true, but Hillary, likely the next president of the United States, has a history of obstruction of justice that would make “Tricky Dick” blush, and should have a criminal record the likes of which the presidency has never seen.
                And her supporters couldn’t care less. That certainly says more about them than it does about Hillary’s potential opponents.
                How times have changed. Imagine Nixon running for president after all the Watergate charges came to light! And being widely expected to win! And what he did pales in comparison to Hillary’s actions…and inaction, and didn’t compromise vital national security interests and information.