Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing the Insurgent Mood Ring™!

                Outfit your favorite jihadist with the new Insurgent Mood Ring™  from the “Caliphate Collection” by Middle Ages Jewelry, LLC. This ring can be worn on any finger and even comes with an attachment that allows it to be affixed to the nose!
                Now you, your friends and loved ones can tell how any jihadist sporting this ring is feeling.

                White means: “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Black means: “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Green means: “I am feeling spiritual/it’s time for prayers.”
    Gray means:  “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Purple means: “that is a really good looking goat.”
    Blue means: “I need a hug.”
    Red means: “I’m really, really angry/kill more infidels!”

                 A properly accessorized jihadist is a happy jihadist! And, with his or her new Insurgent Mood Ring™, you’ll be able to tell at a glance!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Planetary Climate Manipulation- What Could Go Wrong?

                “Scientists are calling for tests to find ways to cool the planet- a step toward exploration of the controversial field of geo-engineering, which aims to change the climate by blocking the sun’s rays.”
                This was the opening sentence of an article in a recent edition of the San Jose Mercury News. The article went on to state that “experts” said that dramatic measures may need to be taken if society can’t agree on how to stop the carbon emissions that they claim are rapidly heating up the Earth. Any given family is rarely able to agree on what pizza to order or movie to see. I won’t even get into Coke or Pepsi, Chevy or Ford. And we are supposed to believe that society- or all the societies of the world- should be able to agree on how to stop carbon emissions that many don’t believe are a problem in the first place?
                Scientists and “experts” are now nudging us towards the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the planet as the best solution to man-caused global warming! Ironic that this existential threat of climate change that man in his greedy, bumbling ways foisted upon the Earth is now to be counter-acted by man manipulating the planet to bring about climate change!
                What’s the risk vs. reward analysis here, guys? What could possibly go wrong??!!
                Hell, we can’t even make it rain, though we’ve been trying for hundreds of years!
              One geoengineering option would involve “wafting sea-salt particles towards low clouds off California’s Central Coast” to try to fend off sunlight. Another option would be experimenting with the cooling effect of “haze-inducing emissions from Pacific cargo ships.”
             Call me a skeptic, but…really? And do we really need less sun and more haze?
                Fracking is considered by many to be so dangerous to the planet’s health that they want to ban it, despite no evidence in their favor. But, “turn the sun off boys, shut those rays down and let’s try to cool this big, round sucker down a bit!” doesn’t worry anyone?
                But wait! We’ve been told for years now- ad nauseum- that it isn’t the sun that affects the Earth’s temperature, but our carbon emissions alone that are causing the planet to rapidly overheat. (It was seven degrees in Memphis a couple mornings ago. Many places in the east and  south experienced all-time record low temperatures). The few scientists that have flatly stated their belief that the sun and its cycles are responsible for the Earth’s long-term temperature variations have been mocked and shunned. We’ve been told they are funded by the extraction industries. Anyone questioning the global warming orthodoxy is told to shut up. Some have been sued.
                Yet now “experts” believe that the only chance we’ve got is to block the sun’s rays? I’m confused. And what about photosynthesis? Is attempting to cover the  planet in what amounts to an SPF-50 prophylactic good for crop production?

                Stock up on vitamin D.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Hermit Kingdom And Mourning In America

                Referring to “gangster-like U.S. imperialists,” North Korea said it won’t agree to talks with the United States and is instead now focused on its ability to destroy the country with conventional, nuclear and cyber-warfare attacks.
                Well, I’m sure those talks would have been serious and heartfelt on the Hermit Kingdom’s side.
                Kim Jong Un’s government accused the U.S. of “inching closer to the stage of igniting a war of aggression” by, among other things, predicting the collapse of the regime. Putinesque!
                Just as Poland started the war of aggression against Germany in World War II.
                This statement by North Korea didn’t make the front page of most newspapers in the U.S. and, in fact, didn’t generate much of a stir at all, as no one takes the regime seriously. Who really believes that North Korea could ever make good on such threats?
                Yet, think about how far the U.S. has fallen in terms of prestige and respect…in just a few years.  Obama’s “stewardship” of the United States has led directly to both Russia and China  becoming ever more bellicose…to their neighbors and to the U.S. itself. Iran claims the U.S. is “afraid” of them and has agreed to proceed with talks about Iran’s  nuclear program out of weakness. They are right.  And now an impoverished little country, with the majority of its people starving, openly states it won’t agree to talk about its nuclear program and instead seeks to destroy the U.S.
                Get in line.
                It is not “morning in America” anymore.
                It should be “mourning in America” to anyone paying attention.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The European Court of Inhuman Rights

                In an unprecedented ruling, the European Court of Human Rights stated in July that Poland had violated the rights of two terrorism suspects by handing them over to the CIA in 2002. The transfer took place at a secret facility, since closed, in northeastern Poland. The court alleged that the men suffered “torture and inhuman or degrading treatment” while there. The court found that Poland was therefore complicit in the alleged acts, and that the country enabled the U.S. authorities to subject the detainees to torture and ill-treatment on its territory.
                The court ordered Poland to pay the two terrorist inmates of the former “black site” prison a total of $262,000 in reparations.
                The Polish minister of foreign affairs, Grzegorz Schetyna, said Wednesday that Poland will abide by the court’s edict. “We have to do it, we are a law-abiding country,” stated the minister. (Poland requested an appeal this past October, but was denied).
                The two “inmates,” awarded the money by the European court, have been essentially rewarded for their terrorist ties and acts. Abu Zubaydah,  accused of acting as a senior lieutenant in Al-Qaida, will receive $148,000. Al-Nashiri, charged with planning the bombing of the USS Cole off Yemen in 2000 that killed or injured 56 American sailors, will get $114,000. Perhaps the court “penalized” him $607.14 for every American he maimed or killed in that attack, thusly awarding him $34,000 less than Zubaydah.
                 The money will be paid within a month, Schetyna said Wednesday, though some details still were to be resolved. There is a question of how the money will be spent and if Poland will have to pay it directly to the two terrorists, currently residing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
                Is this going to be like the old Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes home visits? Is Schetyna and a representative of the European Court of Inhuman Rights going to show up at Gitmo with cameras rolling and present the two terrorists with oversized checks? Will they then squeal and hop up and down and kiss Schetyna and the rep on their cheeks?
                “So, Abu and Al, please tell the home viewers what you plan on doing with all of this money!”
                “Well Grzegorz,, Al and I discussed this after dinner- very good I might add- and our prayers last night. We decided we will use the money to kill many more infidels, inshallah!! Thank you European Court of Human Rights…giggle!!”
                And they used to say that crime doesn’t pay.

                Yet terrorism is quite lucrative nowadays it appears.

                This may be the beginning of the end.


Monday, February 23, 2015


                Minnesota’s Democratic governor, the wealthy Mark Dayton (of the former Dayton-Hudson corporation), recently decided to grant enormous pay raises to his state agency commissioners (up to $35,000 a year). This decision ignited a controversy and led to Republican opposition.
                And to the governor stating publicly that the second most powerful member of the DFL  in the state, Senate majority leader Tom Bakk “stabbed me in the back.” This pathetic outburst came after Bakk was successful in his Senate floor effort to delay the pay hikes until July 1.
                Dayton strongly opposes the delay and has said he will veto the measure if it reaches his desk. He further claimed that Bakk’s maneuver came without warning. “I’m very disappointed because I thought my relationship with Senator Bakk has always been positive and professional,” Dayton said. “I certainly learned a brutal lesson today that I can’t trust him, can’t believe what he says to me, and that he connives behind my back.”
                Bakk stated: “I will not comment on private conversations except to say if he feels that way, he was not listening when we had a conversation about the potential options to be considered relative to floor action on the bill.”
                Bakk, who isn’t even against the pay raises per se’, added that “the Legislature and the public haven’t had the opportunity to have a discussion about how pay has lagged for these department heads.” Bakk’s amendment passed 63-2 this past Thursday with only two DFL senators dissenting. The amendment would strip Dayton of his pay raise authority until July 1, when that authority would be restored.
                After the Senate vote, Dayton stated that he wanted to talk with other DFL senators in a private caucus meeting. “He was not happy,” stated one of those senators, Jim Carlson of Eagan, who also claimed that the senators were not warned that the governor would oppose the pay raise delays. The senator did stress that Bakk did not try to make senators think otherwise.
                “If the senators had known that this particular amendment was something the governor did not support, I think you would have seen the vote flip,” Carlson said.
                So there you have it. A governor incredulous, pouting and petulant that somebody high up in his own party could have the temerity to disagree with him on an issue. And a senator from said party stating that if we had only known he didn’t want us to vote that way, we wouldn’t have. We would have voted exactly the opposite, in fact.
                The hell with what the people want. So much for truth and transparency.  Principle and integrity? Ha, ha, ha.
                So here we have a governor basically accuse a fellow party member of treason, for the crime of disagreeing with a decision he made, and another member of his party stating that if we had only known how he wanted us to vote we would have voted that way, and scrapped whatever our individual beliefs and values dictated.


To quote the rock band Train: “Calling All You Angels.”

Washington, Adams, Jefferson?


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The University of Texas: We've Lost Our Minds!

                The University of Texas received roughly 200 human brains taken from “mental patients” during autopsies performed as far back as the 1950’s. They received these brains 28 years ago from a psychiatric care facility. They were subsequently stored, safe and sound it was thought, in the basement of the Animal Resources Center. Until this past December, when officials  determined that approximately half the brains in the collection were missing. This discovery was a potential headache for the university, and caused much consternation and hand-wringing.
                Fortunately, the mystery of the missing brains has been solved. It turns out that most of the missing brains had been disposed of by the university’s environmental health and safety officials back in 2002. Faculty members determined that “the specimens had been in poor condition when the university received them, and  were not suitable for research or teaching.”
                They were disposed of in 2002, and the school didn’t discover this until the end of 2014? Is this an inventory or loss-prevention issue, or an example of poor sleuthing? This is certainly not an exemplar of high-end communication skills. “The University of Texas: we’ve only lost half our brains!”
                Oh well, who are we to judge? Looking at politics and current events, in the U.S. and around the world, it seems like a lot of minds have been lost in recent years.
(Some information used in this post was taken from a February, 2015 Newsmax magazine article)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bigger Is Better? ("Power to the...Elites?")

                Big government allies with big business to the detriment of everyone else. This is a simple fact that those left of “center” better start taking to heart. Crony-capitalists, high-powered lawyers, Hollywood studios/moguls, lobbyists, and Big Labor are all solidly and incestuously in this camp of the powerful. Big Education (where there are now  more administrators than instructors) and the rest of Big Media sycophantically and symbiotically cuddle with Big Government even as they attempt to persuade, miss-inform and help regulate the rest of us. Individuals, small businesses and  the middle class as a whole get walloped.
                Worse, Big Labor, through Big Government, takes our taxpayers money and uses it to lobby those in government to give more to Big Labor, even if it is expressly against our wishes. What’s more, much of the money they take from us goes into often slick but always deceiving/misleading ads and commercials to convince us to vote for those candidates and/or policies that are detrimental to us and the nation as a whole…but good for them in the near-term! Candidates and policies that always expand government’s- and its public-sector unions- power. Their power over us.
                The government responds to these factions that are “sophisticated” and wealthy enough to understand and utilize the government’s complexity for their own gain. Hence Democrats, largely responsible for the immensity and complexity of government, receive over 70% of lawyers political contributions, as well as the vast majority of contributions from those in Big Media, Big Education and Big Labor, of course. The largest U.S. companies, particularly the global giants, with no particular or unique love for the U.S. (after all, China, India, etc. are bigger or potentially bigger markets) are more and more flooding the Democratic coffers with cash. They are “too big to fail” and might need a government bailout at some point in the future.
                Starting to see the big picture? Angry yet?
                This is why the former community organizer Obama, not the famously wealthy Romney, carried 8 of America’s 10 wealthiest counties in 2012.
                It is the Democrats that proclaim their love for the “little guy,” yet in reality piss all over the working class. It is the coastal elites that look down their noses at the rubes clinging to their God and their guns in fly-over country.
             Conservatives don’t promise everything to everybody outside of the “one percent.” They don’t promise to give everyone “free” healthcare and college educations, “free” birth-control and abortions, “free” breakfast, lunch and dinner, and freedom from responsibility and guilt.  They know that the money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is taxpayers paychecks.  If the administrators, professors and media-types, et. al., truly dislike the capitalist system and those who make good money, and really believe that education, etc., should be free, why don’t they  simply volunteer…refuse to accept a salary?  Or at least take a pay cut? That way everyone could actually get as close to a free education, etc., as is realistically possible.
What a great idea, right? Well?
Thought so.
 All conservatives  promise  is to give us back some of our freedom.                                                                                         
                And therefore our country.
                They don’t stand a chance against someone promising “free” birth-to-grave healthcare for our pets.

                      (I hope nobody actually picks up on that idea…they would win in a landslide).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bay of Pigs-II?

                Just when it appeared that the Castro’s Cuba was a battered raft on the verge of coming apart in stormy waters, President Obama arrived on the scene to throw it a lifeline.  Cuba’s dictators were bailed out just as falling oil prices had them on the proverbial ropes. The country had been kept afloat in past years by more than 100,000 barrels of crude oil a day provided by Venezuela. Then, as oil prices were plummeting recently, it was widely speculated that Venezuela might turn off the spigot of oil largess  to its island buddy in order to bolster its own  revenues.
                Now, with dramatically relaxed  U.S. travel restrictions, the little economic pressure remaining on Cuba (“Cuber” if you are a Kennedy fan) after six years of  Obama’s reign will disappear altogether. As it is, remittances and travel from the U.S. to Cuba now exceed $4 billion a year.
                As the U.S. has eased off its economic pressure on Cuba, the Castro regime has gotten more repressive, because they are more confident that they personally will weather the storm.
                 Those who think that the U.S.’s decision to open relations with Cuba will significantly improve living conditions for Cuba’s citizens are sadly mistaken. It is illegal for Cuban citizens to engage in commerce with foreign nationals, and all hotels and tourist destinations are controlled by Castro. Additionally, up to 90% of wages earned by Cubans who work in the resort or tourism industry are confiscated by Cuba’s controlling Castros…i.e., the government.
                None of this sits well with Cuban nationals, who are also bitterly angry over Obama’s reference to “President Castro.” There haven’t been elections in Cuba for over half a century. Cubans have never had a vote that could have legitimized Castro. The Cuban nationals understandably consider it a stunning slap in the face  to have the twice-elected President of the United States call their country’s dictator “President.”
                The Castros didn’t change. They didn’t blink. They showed that a tiny, impoverished, third-world island could stare-down the United States of America in an era when she has lost her moral compass.
                Another coup for castro.

                The Bay of Pigs? We’ve just thrown more pork at Cuba. It won’t work out any better for the U.S.- or Cuba’s citizens- than it did the last time we tried to help them.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Speak Oft And Parry A Big Stick?

                Asia expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV that China’s involvement in the cyber-attack on Sony was obvious. He suggested that the Obama administration was bending over backwards to avoid pointing the finger at China: “We’ve had these relations with China where we’re sort of afraid of them. We’re not willing to say in public that which is obvious.”
                In fairness, the Obama administration has bent over backwards to avoid offending many other groups and nations as well. They have bent over backwards to avoid offending Muslims (but  not Christians or Jews), the Castros, Iran (but not Israel), CAIR, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, etc., etc. They have bent over backwards for public-sector unions, crony-capitalists, the NEA, trial lawyers and various other left-leaning special-interest groups. (And they have certainly bent over backwards for gays).
                They are “sort of afraid of them” all, either for what they could do to the U.S., or because they don’t want to lose their votes.
                What a legacy. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Teddy Roosevelt. FDR. JFK. Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine these past presidents bending over backwards this way? Can you imagine them in any way admitting- or acting in a way that revealed- that they were afraid of another country or a special interest group? That we should be afraid?

                “We have nothing to fear… but fear itself!”
                “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
    “Let all nations know…”
    “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

               How did we get here? Shameful and incredible.

                I am “sort of afraid” for my country.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rockefeller Reduction

                30 Rockefeller Plaza opened in 1933. The 70-story limestone skyscraper has towered over mid-town Manhattan as a symbol of capitalism and of a prolific American family synonymous with extraordinary wealth ever since. Family patriarch, John D. Rockefeller, was America’s first billionaire.  His son, John Jr., broke ground for the iconic building in the midst of the Great Depression.
                Now, the Rockefellers have decided to leave the building entirely. By this time next year they will vacate the 56th floor they have occupied since 1933 and move into much smaller and plainer quarters across the street. Perhaps the country’s greatest dynastic family is downsizing. The family has donated countless millions of dollars to charity over the years.
                A co-owner of the building (to whom the Rockefellers sold 30 Rock and nine other office buildings in 2000) stated, “I would be surprised if they weren’t worried about rent.”
                If so, that is depressing. If the big, swaggering business moguls of the past are hurting, what chance do the rest of us have? This seems sadly symbolic of the setting sun that is America.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome To The Islamic Caliphate Beauty Pageant!

Muhammed Abdul-Kalik (MAK):  “Well, here we are at the first annual ‘Islamic Caliphate Beauty Pageant’, sponsored by Cialis, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited!”

Mohammed Al-Darkowi (MAD): “And I couldn’t agree with you more, Muhammed! I got a peek at a few of those burqas backstage earlier, and…zowie!”

MAK: “I know just what you mean, Mohammed, I saw a couple of them as well!” (wipes brow with kaffiyeh)
MAD: “So, without further ado, let’s introduce the contestants, shall we?”
MAK: “Absolutely!”
MAD: “First we have Miss Iraq…coming down the runway now resplendent in a black burqa. Look at those dark eyes, fairly smoldering…”
MAK: “I’d say! And after her…Miss Syria in a black burqa with…do my eyes deceive me? There appears to be a little white lace around her cuffs. Crazy!”
MAD: “Wow. Next we have Miss Yemen! She is wearing a black burqa with black sensible shoes…very nice for kitchen work and such…and, she appears to be wearing a ring on the middle finger of her left hand…will that disqualify her, Muhammed?”
MAK: “Well, it certainly would have in the past, but the rules have been loosened up so much lately that it’s anybody’s guess, Mohammed!”
MAD: “Anyway, look at those beautiful, black eyes as she walks past us. Next up is…Miss Hezbollah! She is decked out in a brown burqa with side pockets…better for carrying small bombs and nails, etc. Very practical, yet sexy… the judges will still give her high scores, I think…”
MAK: “And look at Miss Hamas! The judges are going to like that camouflaged burqa. Very daring. Oh, no, I think she’s had a terrible wardrobe malfunction! It appears her naqib has slipped off on one side! Dear Allah, I can see her left earlobe! Cut! Stop the cameras while they get her offstage!”

<Pause, camera pans ceiling of building>

MAD: “Well, that was unfortunate, but things are back under control now…and here comes Miss I.S.I.S.! I don’t know about you, our viewing audience, but the first thing I notice on her is her…smoldering eyes!”
MAK: “Yes, and she is absolutely rocking that olive-colored burqa.”
MAD: “Following her is Miss Al-Qaeda, in a lovely black and white burqa and sporting what appears to be a handwritten sign that says ‘Close Gitmo For Good.’ That kind of extra attention to detail will go a long way with the judges.”
MAK: “That and the intense look in those dark eyes!”
MAD: “It’s time for a word from our sponsor. When we come back, we’ll have each of the contestants answer one question and then it’s up to the judges. I can hardly wait to see who is crowned ‘Miss Islamic Caliphate!’”


MAD: “We are back here at the Miss Islamic Caliphate Beauty Pageant. Let’s remind everyone at home how the scoring works. Forty percent of  each contestants total score is determined by the burqa competition, thirty percent by the talent contest and thirty percent by how well they answer the upcoming questions. Miss I.S.I.S. blew away the judges earlier this evening with her machete’ juggling act, so I’ve got to think she may be the favorite in the talent competition, although Miss Al-Qaeda surprised everyone here when she threw complimentary I.E.D.’s into the crowd while riding in the back of a white Toyota pick-up and singing Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time!”
MAK: “Very true. Well, the contestants in this segment go in reverse order from the burqa competition and I see we are ready to ask Miss Al-Qaeda her question.
“What would you do if a stray dog showed up on the doorstep of your hut?”
Miss Al-Qaeda: “Well, first I’d try to gain its trust and take it in. Then I’d probably give it to my  husband so he could film it while it died writhing in a sarin gas experiment to show the infidels our power.”
Miss Al-Qaeda: “Oh, and also… we have to stop global warming!!”
MAK: “Well done. Excellent answer!” (takes kaffiyeh and dabs at his eyes).
MAD: “O.k., Miss I.S.I.S., are you ready for your question?”
Miss I.S.I.S.: “Yes.”
MAD: “If you had only one wish, and you knew it would come true…what would it be?”
Miss I.S.I.S.: “I would hope that all the peoples of the world could come together as one and live forever in peace and harmony. Except for the Jews, citizens of ‘the Great Satan,’ gays, Christians, Hindus, and assorted other infidels, of course. They will be converted, enslaved or slayed without mercy, Inshallah!”

<Reception is lost due to ‘technical difficulties.’>

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Miss Israel

                At the recent Miss Universe contest, Miss Israel took a photo of herself and three other contestants. One of those other contestants was Miss Lebanon. The picture, of course, appeared on the internet, causing an uproar in Lebanon. Many  Lebanese citizens called for their contestant to be stripped of her title…because she appeared in the photo with Miss Israel. The government of Lebanon launched an investigation. Lebanon, you see, forbids its beauty queens to have any contact with Israelis.
                The current Miss Lebanon apologized profusely…to her country. In fact, she claimed that Miss Israel sabotaged her, taking the photo against her will. Miss Lebanon is smiling in the photo and is, oddly enough, not restrained in any way.
                The ladies competing in these pageants are famous for their camaraderie. They tour the area together, shop and eat together, etc.
                Their standard answers to pageant questions such as what they would most like to see, hope for, or achieve, revolve around “world peace,” and  “living in harmony with others,” and “being non-judgmental.”
                Miss Israel was happy to share a picture of herself standing with others, including a rival from Lebanon, and the Israelis never complained.

                This little hubbub from a beauty pageant  is sadly illustrative of the irrational hatred that Israel- and Israelis- face on a daily basis.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HarperCollins Omits Israel From Atlas

                The publisher HarperCollins recently created an atlas for schools in the Middle East, with Israel omitted. The West Bank and Gaza were there, Israel not so much. A spokesman ‘explained’  that ‘denoting’ Israel would have been “unacceptable,” and that a company has to satisfy “local preferences.”
                There was another “local preference”- in Germany- some decades ago. Israel didn’t exist then, so it was the Jewish people some didn’t want to “denote.” The Jews weren’t just omitted then. They were slaughtered. Millions actually no longer existed.
                HarperCollins, pretending people and places don’t exist is not a cost of doing business. And it is absurd for a publisher of educational materials.

                The company eventually withdrew the atlas and apologized, but I may ‘omit’ their publications from my future reading lists.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Planned Parenthood Paradox

                The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the last one remaining in that state. “Planned Parenthood abortion clinic” sounds a little oxymoronic to me. Kind of like the “Proactive Financial Planning Network’s bankruptcy center.” But I digress.
                Anyway, feminists are bemoaning the fact that South Dakota has passed a  number of laws restricting access to abortion. The most “controversial” law, passed in 2011, requires every woman to visit a “pregnancy help center” before having an abortion so she can hear about options available “to help her maintain her relationship with her unborn child.”
                “Officials” say the law is so offensive that closing the clinic is under discussion.
                The “procedure” isn’t in any way offensive, of course, but a law that requires a woman to simply hear about other options is.
                I thought this was all about “Pro-choice?!?”
                The medical director of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and the Dakotas stated that abortion “is basic health care for women. One in three women have an abortion in their lifetime. How much more basic is that?” One in three women may  gamble, too. That doesn’t qualify gambling as basic financial planning! She went on to say that she decided years ago that “I’m a good feminist, I’ll learn how to do abortions.”
                This “feminist” should consider going to China. Not only would she be more in tune with the political climate, she could perform abortions to her heart’s content. The government of China claims that 13 million abortions are performed there each year, and the figure is likely much higher. Of course, most of the aborted are females, as most families want their lone “allowable” child to be a boy, resulting in an unbalanced population heavily weighted towards males.

                Feminism in action.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mount Holyoke College: Man, I Feel Like A Woman! (Even Though I've Got A Penis)

                 Historically, Mount Holyoke College has been for women only. I have no problem with that. Today, however, the definition of a ‘woman’ is perhaps a tad broader than it was in the past. According to the school’s updated guidelines, a student can now apply for admission if (he or) she is “biologically born male; identifies as woman.” Actually, it’s even broader than that. If an applicant was born a male but identifies as ‘other’ or ‘others’, they are in if one of the other identities is ‘woman.’
                This gender-sensitivity has led to some unexpected consequences. The ever-popular campus play, “The Vagina Monologues” will no longer be performed at Mount Holyoke. It has been banned. Why, you ask?
               Because it is demeaning to...... “women who have penises.”

                Beam me up, Scotty.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Williams Forgets He Wasn't On Helicopter Shot Down In Iraq

                 NBC News anchor Brian Williams apologized Wednesday, February 4th, for “mistakenly” claiming he had been on a helicopter that was shot down by ground fire in Iraq in 2003.
                Williams told  the story in specific detail to David Letterman in 2013. The story surfaced again recently after Williams took a soldier to a New York Rangers game and inaccurate comments were made by the public address announcer leading to the soldier- and Williams- receiving a standing ovation. Williams was also praised on Facebook…until the actual helicopter’s flight engineer put up his own Facebook post stating that he didn’t remember Williams “being on my helicopter.” He did, however, remember Williams “walking up about an hour after we had landed to ask me what had happened.”
                The flight engineer and other crew members told Stars & Stripes that Williams was not in their helicopter that had been shot down but in one that arrived an hour later.
                This led to Williams’ admission Wednesday on Facebook that he had been on the later-arriving helicopter, not the one that had been hit. He said that viewing the video of the impact area  “and the fog of memory over 12 years- made me conflate the two, and I apologize.”
                Well, I remember how I forgot I wasn’t in the Battle of the Bulge, so I can sympathize. I had read so much about it and seen maps and diagrams of the area that I just naturally vividly remembered being frozen and shot at by the Germans.
                Additionally, I'm quite certain I was in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, 2001, but that was over 13 years ago, so…
                I have at times also forgotten that I wasn’t on the Titanic or the Hindenburg. Lusitania?
                I do know for certain, however, that I was on Apollo 13. You can trust me on that one.

                Poor Brian. He means well. He just wants us to kiss his butt.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Abortion In The Heartland

                It is estimated that one in every three American women will have an abortion by age 45.
                Yes, business is good at the Whole Woman’s Health Clinics now spread over four states. The clinic in downtown Minneapolis performs about one-third of the state of Minnesota’s abortions. Its walls are adorned with messages that are intended to be reassuring and uplifting. (Probably not to the baby). For example, one states “I have no fear. I only have love-Stevie Nicks.” Apparently not love for the baby, however, what with “it” being the reason for the abortion (and clinic). That leaves only the abortionist, the clinic itself or the woman/girl having the abortion as the object of her affection. Maybe it’s all three, but I’m guessing it’s mostly self-love.  I wonder if they had Stevie sign off on their use of that quote. I’m sure that those words would have rung just as true, and been just as meaningful and appropriate if the Germans had placed them on the walls at Dachau or Auschwitz.
                And that’s not the only profundity the hallowed walls of the clinic offer up. There is also this: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”- Emma Goldman
                What the hell? Well, if I have to wear pants I don’t want to be part of your revolution. So there! The only words relevant in that quote are ‘I’ and ‘revolution.’ Tellingly, 'I' is the only word used more than once. A revolution- of sorts- is what they want. A revolt against past norms, values and mores so that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions.
                The clinic’s marketing manager told the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, “I think it’s just really important for people to know that they’re not in it alone.”  
                Tell that to the baby.

                Minnesota’s legislature has passed seven different pro-life measures. All of them were vetoed by governor Mark Dayton.
                The president of Planned Parenthood Minnesota told the Star & Tribune, “Minnesota, currently, is a real beacon of sanity and hope for women in the Upper Midwest.” Minnesota has as many abortion clinics as Wisconsin and the Dakotas combined and a third of its abortions are taxpayer-funded.
                This is in contrast to, say, Texas where nearly half of the abortion clinics have closed. Or neighboring South Dakota, which has only one clinic left and where the last home-based doctor willing to perform abortions recently retired.
                “It feels like two different Americas that depend upon your ZIP code,” stated Amy Hagstrom Miller, the native Minnesotan who founded Whole Woman’s Health in 2003.
                Yes it does, Amy, yes it does.

                In one, babies are being aborted (with taxpayers money) and clinics are being born.
                In the other, clinics are being aborted and babies are being born.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Global Warming 9/11

                I was reviewing some old newspaper articles in my files the other night and came across one I had to comment on….all these years later.
                                                            *****                      *****
                 In a syndicated column titled, “Ignoring the real threats to national security,” published on February 23rd, 2001, Molly Ivins wrote the following: “Darn it. Last week was National Security Week- Karl Rove said so- and I was so busy pointing out the numerous idiocies of George W. Bush’s tax cut that I missed the whole thing.
                “However, it is painfully clear the new administration folks wouldn’t know a threat to national security from the ‘Waltz of the Flowers.’”
                After bemoaning the administration’s plan to spend $50 billion on the “perfectly useless” National Missile Defense system, she went on to bash the Bush defense team for being Cold Warriors and “retreads.”
                Not content just to pretend she is ever-so-much more learned in matters of economics than the Bush team in its entirety, she smugly went on, nose haughtily thrust in the air, and sniffed: “Look, this is really very simple. The single greatest threat to the national security of the United States is the rapidly deteriorating global environment.
                “National Missile Defense does not do a thing to protect us from global warming.” (Maybe not, but the Iron Dome system has certainly worked very well for Israel, directly and immediately saving innocent lives).
                The bit figuratively- but firmly- in her  mouth now, she averred: “The New York Times reports that the snows of Kilimanjaro, which have floated for thousands of years like a cool beacon over Tanzania, are retreating so fast that they will be gone in 15 years. The same is true of icecaps from Peru to Tibet.”
                That would be next year as I write this. It is still snowing on Kilimanjaro. In fact, its snowcap has grown more often than not in recent years. The Tibetan icecap is stable.
                She soldiered on: “I know that many of you who are well-informed about global warming sometimes despair of breaking through the denial, partially paid for by the energy companies- not to mention the depressing sight of Texas oilmen running the country’s energy policy.” Who backs and funds, supports and reports the many studies purporting to show how quickly climate change is ruining the planet, Molly?
                “Despair is not only a grave sin, but, I think, unwarranted,” she continued. Guess I missed that one on the Seven Deadly Sins List. I do remember the injunction against envy, though. And among ‘the six things the Lord hates’ is “a man who stirs up dissension among his brothers.” Molly does not care for many of the rich, to put it mildly, even though she herself is very well off. President Obama and his minions in the press, including Molly, are all about sowing dissension among Americans based on race and income.
                ‘Texas oilmen’ have never run the country’s energy policy. For the past six years, however,  there has been a Chicago community organizer, who disdains Texas oilmen, running the country.
                Ivins continued her stupefyingly smug- and ignorant- diatribe by stating that: “If compassion is beyond you (emphasis mine), despite its newly Bushian status in politics, try this: There’s not a chance that victims of ‘failed states’ and climate change are going to stay where they are. The most massive migrations in history will follow if nothing is done. In your children’s lifetimes.”
                What we do know for certain is that victims of failed states and famines emigrated by the millions to the United States over the course of the last two hundred years. In our ancestors life times. Victims of failed states such as Somalia have certainly been pouring over our borders recently as well, albeit not because of global warming. Oh yeah, terrorists and those fleeing from terror are coming across our borders, too.
                She closed by mocking the Texas Legislature and how, she thinks, certain Texans speak: “Even in the Texas Legislature, they know it is from time to time necessary to rethink their ‘pryroarities.’”
                Just over six and a half months after this most ignorant and insipid article, we lost 3,000 people on 9/11.
                She would have had us prepared for an attack of global warming.
                Maybe she should get her ‘pryroarities’ straight.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it- Edmund Burke