Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Universal Basic Income

            Ten years ago, just 12 percent of Americans polled approved of a universal basic income (UBI). Yet, today, according to a new survey of more than 3,000 U.S. adults conducted by Northeastern University and Gallup, a shocking 48% of Americans support the idea. But, it really isn’t shocking. A majority of American millennials have a favorable view of socialism. Not so long ago, we were seduced by the tantalizing vision of “a chicken in every pot.” Today, 48% of Americans would probably favor a unicorn in every home. (And, in California, they favor pot in every chicken!).
The Germans have a term for waging all-out, lightning-fast war: “blitzkrieg.” Progressives have launched a blitzkrieg on Western “kultur.” They aren’t just winning, their gains are coming with staggering rapidity.
Proposals for universal basic income (UBI) programs vary, but most call for a system in which the federal government sends out regular checks, either to everyone, or to the unemployed and those with little or no income. Finland and Canada have already instituted UBI pilot programs, and the (very) early results are spotty at best. Proponents cite rising inequality of incomes as one reason UBI is needed, and claim that this phenomenon is largely responsible for the recent rise of “authoritarian figures.” This is exactly backwards, however, as it is the policies of “authoritarian figures” such as Barack Obama, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, the Castros, and tin-pot African and “Banana Republic” dictators that cause the income inequality in the first place, or greatly exacerbate it if it previously existed.
Another reason given for implementing UBI is that it will encourage people to pursue employment “for reasons more meaningful than just a need to put food on the table.” What the hell could be a reason more meaningful than putting food on the table? If some folks don’t wish to, say, work in a factory making things that everyone wants, that does not give them the right to receive money from other people for re-interpreting ancient Mesopotamian artworks utilizing paper mache and empty toilet paper rolls.
Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, estimates that a program giving everyone in America $10,000 a year would cost over $3 trillion a year. Where would that $3 trillion come from? Or, more accurately, from whom would it come? In any case, it would be lights out for the economy. We’d all be in need of a universal basic income…but the well would’ve run dry.
Democrats, however, pay no heed to this particular profundity, as 65 percent of them would like to see universal basic income (UBI) become the law of the land. As do 54% of all millennials. Even 28% of Republicans support the concept. (And who said RINOs are endangered?).
One leading UBI cheerleader recently stated, “You can’t have a free market economy if people are constantly insecure. You can’t expect them to be rational.” We had a free market economy for many, many decades, including through the Dust Bowl years and the Great Depression. People were rational in those times. They took any job available to put food on the table. It is in times of ease and comfort that people are irrational and wish to force others to pay them for re-interpreting ancient Mesopotamian artworks utilizing paper mache and empty toilet paper rolls.
If a government is going to grant its citizens a universal basic income, it should demand a universal basic effort (UBE) or a universal basic output (UBO) in return for that largesse. Perhaps there should be a universal basic income tax rate (UBITR), as well?

And what about guaranteeing a universal basic happiness (UBH) level?

After all, I’m still waiting for my unicorn.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

California: The New Gomorrah

                Shit isn’t just hitting the fan in California…it’s hitting the sidewalks. In huge quantities. Along with garbage and drug paraphernalia.
                Homeless encampments have been silently expanding like cancer cells across the formerly Golden State. The streets of cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco are littered with the tragic detritus—and broken lives-- of the progressive welfare state.
                In Orange County, workers in hazmat gear recently removed 250 tons of trash, 1,100 pounds of human waste and 5,000 hypodermic needles from just one homeless camp located a few miles from Disneyland, outside of Los Angeles. The sheer volume of human fecal matter littering the streets of these cities has led to a hepatitis outbreak infecting many hundreds of people. Residents are being warned which streets to avoid.
Los Angeles raised taxes last year in order to build more housing for the homeless and provide a “roving toilet program.” Those being “evicted” from the Orange County homeless camp have been offered the choice of a bed in a shelter or a month-long motel voucher, medical aid, drug treatment, job training, storage for their belongings, and housing for their pets at the county animal shelter. Wow. I hope authorities remember to put a nightly mint on their pillows.
Roughly half a million people in the United States are homeless. California is host to fully 25% of them, the largest number of any state, according to a survey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The problem stems from a host of legislation signed by Democratic governor Jerry (“Moonbeam”) Brown over the past few years. New laws have so diminished the penalties for drug possession, use and other “petty” crimes, that the police often don’t bother wasting their time making arrests. Moreover, treatment is no longer mandatory for those abusing drugs or experiencing severe mental health issues.
San Francisco may be one of the prettiest cities in the world, but, a recent survey of 153 of its blocks, conducted by NBC Bay Area, revealed that all of them were littered with trash, 41 of them were strewn with hypodermic needles and 96 were defiled with piles of feces.
Dr. Lee Riley, a University of California at Berkeley disease expert, compared downtown San Francisco to slums in developing nations. He said, “The contamination is…much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India.” Various national surveys show that the “city by the bay” harbors more homeless folks than any place else in America. The stupefyingly high cost of living, caused by draconian environmental regulations, astronomically high tax rates, and other punitive progressive policies are largely responsible for this crisis. The city also sports the highest rate of property crime in the entire country.
Leftists are well on their way to doing to the erstwhile “Land of Milk and Honey” what they’ve done to the U.S.S.R., Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea, among others. California has gone from being the “Golden State” to a national disgrace in just a relatively few years.
Progressivism: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Or at least hope, health, dignity, decency and culture.

To the beat of the song “Lights,” by Journey:

When the blight comes down on my city
The bum swills wine by the bay
Ooh I want to pee there in my city
Oh, oh, ooooh, ooooh

So you think you're homeless
Well my friend I'm homeless too
And I want to take a crap on the sidewalk, by-the-way
Poo-oo-oo, poo-oo-oo

It's sad, oh there's been mornings
Out on the road without booze
With unpunctured arms
Ooh, my, my, my, my, my, my

When the blight comes down on my city
The bum swills wine by the bay
Ooh I want to pee there, in my city
Oh, Oh, ooooh, ooooh

When the blight comes down on my city
The bum swills wine by the bay
Oooh I want to pee there, in my city
Oh, oh, ooooh, ooooh
Oh, oh, ooooh

(My apologies to Steve Perry, Neal Schon and the boys. Perhaps they're grieving, too.)


Monday, February 26, 2018

Prime Minister Trudeau's Sikh Appearance

                Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a progressive’s progressive. That is precisely what makes his recent one-man global clown-show so (unintentionally) amusing. Trudeau has been gamboling around the globe, appearing in public in whatever nation he happens to be in at the moment, colorfully clad head-to-toe in garb he assumes is traditional native wear.
                His appearance has been right out of central casting-- circa 1959-- to the extent that he rubbed many inhabitants of the subcontinent the wrong way when he materialized, hands pressed together, in traditional spiritual attire at the holy Sikh shrine of the Golden Temple. (If you haven’t yet seen these pictures of Trudeau, you owe it to your self—and your sense of humor—to Google them now).
                At one point, the Canadian Prime Minister even broke into the traditional Indian dance called the Bhangra.
                India Today characterized his dress and demeanor as “tacky,” while several popular Indian personalities termed his outfit choices “fake and annoying.” Apparently apprehensive of the young leader’s fashion sense and judgement, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to acknowledge Trudeau’s arrival on social media and dispatched a low-level agricultural minister to meet him at the airport.
                Oddly, for a strict adherent to the religion of multiculturalism, Trudeau has no qualms about appropriating the hell out of any culture in which he finds himself immersed. “When in Rome…” and all that. Except, he, like most progressives, believes that any culture is superior to the traditional Western ones. The Indians, among others, have been rightfully appalled by the Head Canuck’s behavior, but I enjoy it when the fawningly progressive make fools of themselves on the world stage. I wonder if Prime Minister Modi would consider appearing before the Canadian Parliament dressed as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
                Or, imagine, if you will, that President Trump turned up in, say, Norway wearing a tunic and Viking helmet, while also sporting a shield, sword and gjallarhorn. The media would cite it as proof positive he was a demented white-supremacist, utterly unfit for office. He’d be impeached and summarily deposited in a padded cell, probably located in a subterranean edifice outside of San Francisco.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Let The Games End

            It is time to put the “Olympic Dream” to rest. All the fevered talk of “togetherness” and singing of “We Are the World” has proven to be so much feel good bullshit. The Western “Careistocracy” can’t mask the fact that Olympic Games won’t alter human nature. In fact, they are now magnifying it.
“Pros” are allowed to compete from some nations, but not from others. Broadcasters are using The Games to spread propaganda of one kind in authoritarian states and “progressive” inanity in others. North Korea’s Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s Party of Korea was fawned over by Western media for God’s sake! How many deaths has she and her brother, the notorious Kim Jong-Un, been responsible for? How many innocent people have they slaughtered? When will wholesale execution become an Olympic sport?
                “Thin skin” doesn’t just refer to speed skater’s uniforms anymore. NBC had to apologize for a series of gaffes that were seen as insults by South Koreans, the Dutch, women athletes and ski fans. South Korean speed-skaters have been accused of bullying. American speed-skaters have been lambasted by a New York Times contributor for wearing “pervy” uniforms. The former doctor of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team is a sexual predator of the worst kind. So many of Russia’s athletes have been banned from competing for taking performance enhancing drugs, that the ones who (maybe) weren’t were not allowed to compete under the Russian flag. Yet, incredibly, Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva was her country’s second athlete to fail a doping test at Pyeongchang—one day before the IOC was to decide whether to reinstate Russia from its ban. The first was on the curling team!
“Wardrobe malfunctions” are commonplace. The Olympic Organizing Committee is a corrupt, ineffective sham. The staggering number of condoms it provides to the participating athletes from around the planet suggest they are primarily there to fornicate.  A Canadian cross-country skier was arrested for stealing a Hummer in Pyeongchang after a night of hard drinking. He was accompanied by his wife…and manager! Days before the Olympics started, the coach of the Jamaican women’s bobsled team quit. And claimed the team’s sled was hers. Fortunately for the storied Jamaican bobsledding program, the Red Stripe brewery provided the team with a replacement.
Viewers have been subjected to horrifying crashes, poor performances and bad sportsmanship. A member of the Canadian women’s ice hockey team tore the silver medal off her neck as soon as she was awarded it.
Permeating all of this is the fact that the host nation possesses some 20,000-plus commercial dog farms, where the animals are raised for human consumption, often in horrendous conditions.
And now there’s this: Bloomberg News reports that members of North Korea’s 200-woman-strong national cheerleading squad—darlings of the mainstream media’s coverage of these Winter Games—are very likely sex slaves for the Hermit Kingdom’s ruling elite.
These were the longest Winter Games in history. Most events were sparsely attended. They garnered the lowest television ratings in Olympic history. Maybe there was a reason for that. Or reasons. The Olympic motto is “swifter, higher, stronger.” Perhaps it should be “baser, dumber, harder.”
Careistocrats refuse to recognize truth. But, enough is enough. The Dream was a joke. People are people. No amount of saccharin- or coercion- can ever change that. Let’s all just get back to what we were doing.

As you were.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Key Words

            Culture- or what now passes for it- in the West is changing rapidly. Incredibly rapidly. This is just as true in the United States as it is in Europe. I hereby offer two words in support of this assertion. One new, one old. One defined, one used in illustration.

*Panamorous: Definition: A type of sexual orientation which is defined by a romantic or sexual attraction to partners of varied sex and gender identities, sexual orientations and relationship orientations. A panamorous individual can feel attraction to everyone and anyone.
Yikes! To “everyone and anyone?” Regardless of age, hygiene or favorite sports team? Well, that is certainly inclusive. Sounds a bit messy, though. And expensive. And illegal. At least for now.

                *Tolerance: Roman Catholic Priest Rev. Gregory Greiten recently came out as gay during his Sunday homily, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. This prompted a woman to stand up from her pew and shout, “God bless you, Father!” Almost immediately, the whole congregation of Milwaukee’s St. Bernadette Parish rose to give him a standing ovation.
Which in turn prompts me to ask: were they God-blessing him because he’s gay, or for his “courage” coming out publicly like this…during his sermon? Or were they just happy Greiten shared some “juicy” information with them, scuttlebutt that they could use to enliven future conversations?

I just report. You decide.

Two more key words:

Key: of paramount or crucial importance. Such as understanding the nature and importance of two sexes to the human condition.

Word(s): a single, distinct, meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others- or sometimes alone- to form a sentence and functioning as a principal carrier of meaning. For example: “I laugh, because I must not cry; that is all—that is all.” (Abraham Lincoln to a friend during the Civil War)

Friday, February 23, 2018

Nancy Pelosi: "Mowing The Grass" Will Secure Country

            House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently stated that “mowing the grass” along the U.S.-Mexico border so that illegal immigrants can’t be easily smuggled through the thick vegetation would be a more effective way to secure the nation than building a border wall.
Would that be on the highest setting, Nancy? How long would it take to mow a “strip” of land say about a mile or so deep and 1,954 miles long? Hope that grass doesn’t grow too fast! Gentlemen, start your engines! Don’t worry about those greenhouse gases! No wonder Toro’s stock is doing so well! The smart money is in the know, apparently.
I suppose riding mowers are out of the question due to their high cost and tendency to tip over on uneven terrain. But, maybe she could get Mexico to pay for them? Still, where would we store them? They’d probably be stolen and used to smuggle the illegal immigrants into the country. That would be ironic.
I have a semi-self-propelled push mower with a 22” deck. Let’s use that as a baseline. If there are 5,280 feet in a mile, multiply that by twelve and we get 63,360 inches. Divide that by the width of the deck and we see we’d need 2,880 of these mowers abreast to do the job. If we’re going 1,954 miles at four miles an hour, the 2,880 of us mowing would need 488 and ½ hours to complete the job. Let’s say we can handle the Olympian feat of mowing for 10 hours a day, seven days a week until we’re done. We would make the trek in just under 49 days. How often do you mow? And, remember, don’t take more than 1/3 of the blade off at one cutting! Anybody have an extra wide-deck Lawn-Boy laying around?
It’s long past time to put Ms. Pelosi out to pasture. She keeps referring to “President Bush” when she intends to refer to President Trump. And, she makes preposterous statements like this one. A person might logically wonder how she can keep getting elected. Well, speaking of grass…she is from California.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

CNN: The Counterfeit News Network

Breaking news: CNN is a sad, dangerous joke:

CNN has gone to great lengths to politicize the tragic mass murder at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Despite the fact that the FBI and other officials were repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly warned that the killer was a grave threat, and that the tragedy could have been averted or minimized if the officer on duty had actually gone in to stop the violence or if anyone else had had a firearm at the time, the network blamed the debacle on guns.
                Worse yet, CNN allegedly fed at least one student survivor a scripted question to ask at a town hall meeting about the violence. Inarguably, it’s reporters emphasized the incomprehensible heinousness of this “child murder,” and rightly so. However, if anyone appearing on any CNN platform talked of “child murder” in the context of abortion, they’d be indignant and look down their noses at that person and demand that his or her mic be turned off.
                The network also added to the rapidly growing list of its egregious breaks with journalistic integrity by running a “Breaking News” chyron during Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room reading, “WHITE HOUSE REPEATS TRUMP’S FALSE CLAIM THAT HE’S TOUGHER ON RUSSIA THAN OBAMA.” Technically, this is a subjective statement/issue, and as such is not something properly subject to denial in absolute terms. In this sense, it would be like stating: “WHITE HOUSE REPEATS TRUMP’S FALSE CLAIM THAT HE LIKES BIG MACS MORE THAN BILL CLINTON DID.”
                Yet, on the other hand, any sentient being knows that the statement itself is obviously false, for reasons that should be abundantly clear to anyone who hasn’t been in a coma for the past few years, and that are too numerous to cover here.
                If CNN had been around in the Civil War Era, we would have been treated to this chyron, circa 1865: “CNN BREAKING NEWS: WHITE HOUSE REPEATS LINCOLN’S FALSE CLAIM THAT HE’S TOUGHER ON SLAVERY THAN PIERCE.”
                CNN has become- literally- the Counterfeit News Network. It is now akin to Pravda or the Korean Central News Agency. CNN is to journalism as Crayola’s® Spin Art is to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Regulation 225: Delaware Degeneracy

                “Mom, I’m home! And, by-the-way, I’m now a black lesbian girl named Tasha! Isn’t that cool?”
                “Why, it sure is Johnny—I mean Tasha! Did you learn that at school?”
                “Yeah, mom. They told us we had the inali-, um, inaleenabl-, uh, the right to choose whatever gender identity and race we want to identify as!”
                “Well, Tash! Best. Lesson. Ever. Right?”
                “Yeah! The best!”
                “Let’s march ourselves right over to Victoria’s Secret, honey, we’ve got some shopping to do!”
                “Yay! You’re the best mommy ever!”
                “Um, about that, dear…”

                Regulation 225 is being considered in the Delaware legislature. The proposal would let students as young as 5-years-old choose their own gender-identity and race, without approval from their parents. The proposal, known as “Prohibition Of Discrimination,” has caused an uproar in the Blue Hen State. There are a few parents who claim a more welcoming climate is needed for their transgender and/or non-binary children. On the other hand, some parents say the proposal would infringe on their basic parental rights.
                Under Regulation 225, the First State’s schools would be required to provide access to all facilities and activities that are consistent with a student's gender identity—regardless of the child's sex at birth. That would include bathrooms, locker rooms, and team sports. School employees would have to use the child’s “preferred” name. The proposal would also allow students to choose their own race. More shocking yet, this new regulation would not require schools to inform parents of their child’s decision(s). The policy advises administrators to assess and consider the child’s well-being before opting to disclose the information to the child’s parents. The child would have the option to “choose” his/her/whatever gender and race even if the parent(s) disagree with the decision.
                Mark Purpura, president of Equality Delaware, offered up this shining example of doublespeak: "The regulation isn't about keeping a secret, it's about what's in the best interest of the child. The reality is there are children living in fear who do not feel comfortable coming out to their parents as gay or transgender."
                No, Mark, the reality is that there are infinitely more kids uncomfortable sharing bathrooms, sports teams, and locker rooms with their peers based on their “preferred” gender-identity. The reality is kids are getting more and more confused and less and less fulfilled and content. The reality is many kids have lost moral guidance and are adrift and jaded. The reality is we are failing our kids by ourselves refusing to acknowledge any knowable truths and promoting the myth of moral equivalence. The reality is that we have committed a grievous sin by promulgating the notion that there is no right and wrong. The reality is that guns aren’t corrupt, confused, and evil. They can’t be. The reality is that people can be and are. The reality is that progressive’s policies will inevitably lead to more school shootings. The reality is that progressives favor unfettered abortion and this type of state-sponsored child abuse, as well. The reality is that they, not conservatives, have blood on their hands.
                The reality is that those pushing this proposal are the real “Delaware Destroyers,” apologies to George Thorogood.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The National Science Foundation To Consumers: "Stop It!"

The National Science Foundation, a federal agency, is spending $3 million to discover how to make Americans consume less food, water, and energy. That includes the creation of “Household Metabolism Trackers,” which can monitor all their diabolical consumptive activities. The project, approved by the Obama administration (imagine that!), seeks to “change people’s behavior” out of fear of global warming. (There’s that “change” thing again. The entire Obama presidency was an Orwellian attempt at mass behavior-modification). Global warming? Soon we’ll likely have the opposite problem. We’ll have to encourage everyone to eat like Michael Moore after a 2-bong binge, use water like a typical municipal government sprinkler system that tends to flood sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways while it’s pouring rain, and consume energy like the globetrotting Al Gore and his household.
To teach families how to consume less, “interactive role-playing activities” are being developed. I’ve got an interactive role-playing activity in mind now for the NSF: here, sit on this!
Can you imagine how the Founders would react to these bloated, tyrannical, government agencies if they were alive today? To Big Brother and His partner, The Nanny State? Or, how these agencies would react to them?
The NSF: “George, put down that whiskey. Ben, step away from that beer stein. John, do you really need that second drumstick? Thomas, what’s with the water usage at Monticello? We know you grow a lot of stuff, but really! By-the-way, we’re imposing heavy retroactive fines on you guys for the unauthorized dumping of all that tea into Boston Harbor! The clean-up costs were substantial! Hey, wait, what are you guys doing? We didn’t give you the right to…”
Obama fundamentally transformed “eat, drink, and be merry” into “starve, dehydrate, and be wary.”
It is time The Swamp- including all those in Washington who are drunk on their own power- was fundamentally transformed…into a group of actual public servants of which the Founders would’ve been proud.
Tragically, that’s about as likely to occur as the National Science Foundation- or any other federal agency- trying to “discover” how they themselves could consume less…of taxpayer’s hard-earned money.

Monday, February 19, 2018

North Korean Winter Olympic Athletes Medal-Less

                The selectively mawkish media are making much of the “Unified Team” at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Those in the know, however, are concerned for the safety of the relative handful of North Korean athletes participating, especially as they have yet to win a medal. Kim Jong-Un does not want his Hermit Kingdom- and its citizens- to be seen as anything other than all-powerful winners and achievers. Failure on the world stage has traditionally meant that “winter is coming” for unsuccessful athletes from the North.
                Members of the 1966 North Korean soccer team were reportedly shipped off to Yodok Prison, aka “Camp 15,” just days after they lost to Portugal 5-3. They were also reportedly spotted drinking with local ladies- in public yet- so they probably deserved their fate. North Korean defector Kang Chol-Hwan claims he met some members of the team while he was being held as a political prisoner in the infamous gulag.
                More recently, the North Korean national soccer team was supposedly “punished” after getting trounced 7-0 by Portugal in a 2010 World Cup game. FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) investigated reports that some of the players disappeared and/or were tortured in one of the many prison camps that festoon the nation after that result. Due to the reclusiveness of the regime, and the incompetence of FIFA, nothing was confirmed…but nothing was ruled out, either.
                In keeping with the new Era of Good Feeling- and modern mores- these 2018 North Korean Olympians will not be tortured or shot, even if collectively they don’t win a single medal, a highly-placed source informed me. Instead, upon their return to The Beloved Homeland, they will be given a chance to “train even harder” at “selected remote venues” around the Communist Paradise.
                The source told me that “unique training methods” will be undertaken, and that the athletes will be given the opportunity to compete in “unique sports, slightly modified versions of current winter endeavors.” Some of the new sports rumored to be included are sled-jumping (in place of ski-jumping), lice hockey (in lieu of ice hockey), waterboarding (instead of snowboarding), disfigured skating, the die-athlon, freestyle dying, and advanced skeleton.
                Look for NBC, CNN and MSNBC to laud the continuing efforts of the Dear Leader- and his sister, the Dear Minister of State Propaganda- to provide the means and motivation necessary for their country’s athletes to someday successfully compete in international sporting events.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

University Of California-Merced: Whine, Women And Dongs

                          “Woman” Of Ill Repute In California-

Many folks at the University of California-Merced decried the rather reactionary rigidity of the word “woman,” so the school now uses “womxn” in place of “woman” (or “women”) in its course descriptions and department designations. The institution of higher learning avows it now deliberately misspells these words “to be more inclusive of the diversity within the category of womxn.” (In defiance of the old cliché, at U-Cal-Merced, “woman’s” work is truly done).
In reality, of course, this is nothing more than pandering and virtue-signaling of the most pathetic kind. Note to UCal-Merced: words such as woman and man exist specifically to characterize, signify and differentiate, to let us identify one from another, lest cluelessness and chaos reign. This is true of all nouns. This is why we use words like refrigerator, oven, and washing machine, instead of just “appliance.” There are distinct differences between them, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. If you reject this notion, and I submit that this is one area where the “the science is settled,” try putting your beer in the washing machine and your laundry in the oven.
Both men and women are included in the human family, but if we’re going to define the “diversity within women” broadly enough to encompass those that sport a penis or just identify as a woman on Friday nights at the local truck-stop, then the words are robbed of any meaning whatsoever.
The school’s athletic teams are called the Bobcats. I would propose it immediately change the nickname—slightly-- to “Bobcxts,” to be more inclusive of the diversity within the category of Bobcxt.” After all, there are male and female bobcats, and various color variations. For all we know, there may even be gay, lesbian, transgender and questioning bobcats. Certainly, the University of California does them a disservice, if, while using the word as its nickname and brazenly appropriating them as its “mascot,” it fails to recognize this fact.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Genesis Debunked

            Tamara Kolton is a female rabbi from Michigan. She is also a psychologist. She recently attempted to combine the two disciplines by explaining to us how to properly interpret the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. (Whew! Finally! I had no clue what it was about! Where has she been all these…centuries?).
In timely fashion, she helpfully informs us that Eve was actually the first victim of sexual assault. By God.
 In fact, she equates God with disgraced Olympian doctor Larry Nassar. Here is Tammy, from her piece titled, “The First Story In The Bible Was The First Case Of #MeToo:”

The story that begins the bible, the first one that we learn in Sunday school, the founding story of man and woman upheld for thousands of years by Judeo-Christian religion, is actually the story of the first sexual assault of a woman. The woman’s name is Eve. And the perpetrator? God.
“I want you to think about this. Here is a young, beautiful, intelligent, naked woman living in a state of Grace. She’s hungry, so she does the most natural thing in the world and eats a piece of fruit. For following her instincts, trusting herself, and nourishing her body, she is punished. Her punishment? She will never again feel safe in her nakedness. She will never again love her body. She will never again know her body as a place of sacred sovereignty.
“‘What have you done?’ He God thunders. Eve wants to defend herself, but she is too ashamed to speak. Eve, our first mother whose name means the ‘mother of all living things,’ is silenced, much the way the ‘patients’ of Dr. Nassar were.”
Yeah, pretty much like that. Tragically, she continues:
“The founding myth of Judeo-Christian religion, the story of Eve, granted generations of men permission to violate women. It teaches us that women are liars and sinners. Even if “She” is telling the truth, she deserved it. God told her not to eat that apple, or wear that skirt, or go out after dark, or be pretty, or desirous, or in that bar or on that street or in that car or born a girl.”
Yes, that’s precisely what Genesis was intended to do…grant generations of men permission to violate sinful, lying women. Since Eve ingested that apple, it must mean that all women thereafter should be considered rape-able tramps. What else could God be implying? And, remember, He told Eve not to tart herself up and go clubbing! (Though, to be honest, I don’t know if the Garden of Eden had many bars). 
He also told her not to be “born a girl?” This may well be the single dumbest thing ever uttered in any language. Parroting Tammy, I want you to think about that.
Unfortunately, she’s not done yet: “This God, this man-made figurehead of the patriarchy, is not my God. He is a fiction, a man-made myth, but yet one so powerful that it’s poisoned and limited our notion of what GOD, the truly divine, is and can be, especially for women. It’s time for the one truly loving, compassionate God — the God who wants nothing more than to see Eve to rise and resume her place as ‘the Mother of All Living Things’ — to make herself seen, known, and available to all of us. The God I believe in is all loving. God is a Divine source of life and healing, not shame and abandonment.”
If you don’t like this God, create your own! I’m sure she’ll be more tolerant and inclusive! “Not my God,” Tammy? Sorry, but you might not have any control over that. None of us could have asked to be born for obvious reasons, and none of us created the world. As I’ve frequently noted, logic isn’t a progressive strong suit. Neither is dignity. Or decency.
Ben Shapiro, writing for the Daily Wire, eviscerated her “argument,” calling it “the single most illiterate piece ever written on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve.” He characterized the piece as beyond ridiculous and stated that it “defies description.”
In my humble opinion, he was too gracious. The #MeToo movement has rapidly morphed into the #NoClue and #IAloneAmWorthySinceIAmUniquelyVictimized movements.
Rabbi Kolton ended her piece thusly:
“Just listen…Eve, our blessed mother, is saying, ‘#MeToo.’”

No she’s not. She’s gently weeping. For all her descendants, women and men.

God save us all.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tourist Scientist Lizard Spy

                Hassan Firuzabadi, senior military adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told local media on February 13th that Western spies had used lizards to gain crucial information on his nation’s nuclear program, according to The Times of Israel. Firuzabadi, responding to ILNA News Agency questions about the regime’s recent arrest of environmentalists, couldn’t provide details but claimed the West had often used tourists, scientists and environmentalists to spy on Iran.
                A touring environmental scientist would really rattle them.
                Firuzabadi: “Several years ago, some individuals came to Iran to collect aid for Palestine… we were suspicious of the route they chose. In their possessions were a variety of reptile desert species like lizards, chameleons…we found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities.”
                Lizards? Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell? No. I’ve known lounge lizards more likely to find Iranian nuclear sites. Chameleons? Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham? Probably not. (Though human skin is made of virtually the same proteins as lizard skin).
                And what are “atomic waves?” Scientists say there is no such thing, per se. They also point out that lizards would not be attracted to deep, cold uranium mines. In fact, they seek out toasty-warm spots to hang out. Because they are cold-blooded.
                Just like the Iranian leaders themselves.
               (This is not the first time animals have been accused of spying in the Middle East: See my post of 11/9/2014, "Stork Busters," for example).

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Breaking News

Breaking News:
Item 1-

                Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe, Idiot Emeritus at the School of Life and Honorary Buffoon of the National Lawyers Guild, tweeted out his most cogent thoughts on the Florida high school mass-shooting tragedy. He noted that every mass shooting has been perpetrated by a male, adding that this fact “suggests to me” that they are “driven by doubts about masculinity.” He finished with this clinical observation; “Small hands, big guns. A lethal equation.”
                Nailed it, Larry! Even if there was a scintilla of truth to the last, is it somehow okay to make a generalized statement about a group of men? It’s fine to mock them because of something they have no control over, such as the size of certain body parts? Would it be hip to mock a female for her small breasts? Make lethal assumptions about overweight women? Apparently, he thinks it’s okay to stereotype males in general and a subset thereof in particular. Or, maybe he just took a not-so-veiled cheap-shot at President Trump.
                Progressives have succeeded in splitting the country by ideology. There are now two groups of Americans. Those that pledge their allegiance to leftist dogma can often get away with saying and doing just about anything. Those that don’t…are smeared and reviled as intolerant bigots.
Item 2-

                William Mendoza, a senior policy advisor under former President Barack Obama, resigned from his position in November of 2016 after being arrested and charged with attempted voyeurism. Mendoza, 42, has been convicted of sex crimes after following women and taking photos up their skirts with a government-issued iPhone, according to recently released documents obtained by The Daily Mail.
                Mr. Mendoza, who received a $140,000 annual salary while working for the Obama administration, attempted to take photos and videos up women’s skirts while they were riding on the Washington, DC, Metro on at least four occasions in July 2016. Our tax dollars in action! You may be asking yourself why you’ve never heard this before. The mainstream media had no interest in the story. A government official involved in public sexual harassment, smart-phone hanky-panky, lurid photos…nope, doesn’t sound like anything on which they’d normally report, does it? Imagine if, instead of Mendoza, it was a member of the Trump administration. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc., would have one-hour nightly specials on the rampant misogyny and perversion in the Trump White House. Double-standards? See Item #1 above!
Item 3-
The left-wing public policy group Center for American Progress has fretted about unwarranted voter suppression for years. Now, however, they want to make it much more difficult for Americans in the military serving their country overseas to vote. The group recently issued a report titled “Election Security in All 50 States” (do we have seven fewer than Obama recognized?), calling for stricter standards to prevent cyber-meddling in elections. These standards would prohibit overseas military personnel from submitting ballots via email or fax.
Most states have incorporated vigorous standards to protect the integrity of ballots cast by service-members stationed or living overseas, but CAP will have none of that. The 245-page report reads in part, “Regardless of the state’s secure ballot return system for electronically voted ballots, we recommend that all voted ballots be returned by mail or delivered in person.” That’s progress! (“Preferably arrive on foot or via Conestoga wagon!”).
This tells you everything you need to know about the group. They want to make it easier for everyone else to vote, but harder for those defending the nation. Show a driver’s license or ID at the polling place? Hell, no! Not necessary! In favor of undocumented aliens voting? Hell, yes! Why not? Continue to “allow” those risking their lives for their country to vote? Of course not!
Item 4-
Former White House staffer-- and all-around fruitcake-- Omarosa Manigault Newman said on a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother: “As bad as you think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence—everyone that is wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life.” She told her fellow contestants, “I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things,” referring to Pence.
The comment caused The View co-host Joy Behar to wig-out, saying on air: “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct, hearing voices.” Even Joy’s word choice was incorrect. What she meant to say is, “If I’m not mistaken,” not “If I’m not correct.” As stated, she negated her own attempt at making a point. What Joy exhibits—on a show by show basis-- is mental illness.
To paraphrase a former anchorperson: “(And) that’s the way it is, February 15th, 2018.” Sadly.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Schools Now Banning "Best Friends"

                Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a child and family psychologist, wrote an article for U.S. News & World Report recently in which she suggests that schools should ban children from having best friends. She noted that some American and European schools already forbid kids from having “besties.” What’s the worst thing about best friends, you ask? She cautions, “There is something dreadfully exclusionary” about the whole notion of “best friend.” Ah.
                Though the good doctor admits some will scoff at her concern, she says she is focused on the “bigger picture,” the pain of rejection associated with having such an exalted pal. She wrote: “I am a huge fan of social inclusion. The phrase ‘best friend’ is inherently exclusionary. Among children and even teens, best friends shift rapidly. These shifts lead to emotional distress and would be significantly less likely if our kids spoke of close or even good friends rather than best friends.”  She added, “And, if kids have best friends, does that also imply that they have ‘worst friends?’” I’m guessing Dr. Greenberg’s I.Q. is roughly equivalent to her age. “You’re my closie!” and “You’re my goodie!” just wouldn’t have the same cashet in kid’s lexicon.
                Dr. Babs continued: “A focus on having best friends certainly indicates there’s an unspoken ranking system; and where there is a ranking system, there are problems. I see kids who are never labeled best friends, and sadly, they sit alone at lunch tables and often in their homes while others are with their best friends. My hope is that if we encourage our kids to broaden their social circles, they will be more inclusive and less judgmental. The word ‘best’ encourages judgment and promotes exclusion.”
                She goes on to say that she is not an advocate of “encouraging kids to have huge groups of friends,” and that she’d rather see “children having a smaller group of close friends.” Close friends or good friends?
                Magnanimously, the inclusive shrink says parents should not forbid their kids from “having contact” with an avowed best friend. Yet, she also doesn’t believe parents should be concerned if their child’s school prohibits its students from having best friends. (How the hell would a school enforce that?).
                In summation, Dr. Greenberg urges parents to “consider making a bit of a shift to your vocabulary and talk to your children about the importance of having close friends. Put less emphasis on popularity and having best friends.” It seems as if she’d like to tell each of us exactly how many friends our kids should have, while also specifically characterizing the “proper” nature of those friendships. I’m not sure that’s all that open-minded and inclusive.
                It is ironic that U.S. News & World Report chose to publish this article, given that it is famous for its “Best Rankings” lists, which judge and rank everything from hotels to colleges to…doctors of psychology.
                If using the term “best” is heartlessly exclusionary- and who could argue with a credentialed psychologist- the government should force big box retailer Best Buy to rebrand itself as “Good Buy.”
                “Give it a good shot” should replace “give it your best shot.”
                Personally, I am a huge fan of judgment and exclusion. Without these concepts, there is nothing but chaos and sloth, ennui and existentialism. I don’t want to be best  close friends with a terrorist, or have my kids be “good” friends with drug-addled anarchists. I’m simply not going to be inclusive of those who, though they are utterly ignorant of history- and current events- loudly and virulently trash those with whom they “disagree.”

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trump To Replace Food Stamps?

                President Trump has proposed replacing some food stamp grants with…actual food. This proposal to give the needy real food has, naturally, enraged liberals. Why take away the middle-man they ask? It’s heartless to take choices away from the hungry, they scream!

                It’s always amusing when leftist lowlifes try to rise to a high dudgeon.

                And it’s more than a little ironic that the only time liberals want limited government and a free market, free choice society is when they’re trying to protect massive governmental entitlement programs or the inalienable right to kill one’s baby. The fundamental principle at work here is summed up by the old phrase “beggars can’t be choosers.” If a person has a job- or jobs- and is not on the dole, they have earned the right to choose. However, if one is unemployed and wishes to purchase lobster, steak, Twinkies, and a few six-packs of Budweiser with other people’s money, it is more than moral to at least partially control their spending choices. Progressives actually try to reverse this common-sense guideline.
                The administration’s proposal would modify the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, formerly known as “food stamps,” affecting roughly 80% of current recipients. These recipients would get approximately half of their benefits in the form of a “USDA Foods package,” consisting of items such as “shelf-stable milk, ready-to-eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, and canned fruit and vegetables.”
                Hilariously, left-wing critics of the plan warn that it will increase bureaucracy and foster a more intrusive government, apparently hoping everyone will forget that is precisely what all of their policy prescriptions have been designed to do since FDR was in office. Others worry that the proposal, if put in place, would somehow “stigmatize” recipients. (This has certainly not been a problem in recent decades, for those on food stamps, and wouldn’t be a bad thing if it were true. A little motivation can be a good thing). Stigmatize? “Harry, is that pasta and green beans you’ve got there? Where are the steak and Twinkies? And, is that…milk…your drinking? Dude, I stopped by to share a Bud and a smoke!”
                The Vice-President for Food Assistance Policy (VPFAP) at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), Stacy Dean (MICKEYMOUSE), termed the proposal “radical and risky.” Really? Gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, giving Iran and North Korea nuclear weapons capability…these policies they were solidly behind, but giving poor people food in place of cash is radical and risky? Their favorite First Lady in American history, Michelle Obama, acted as a one-person food Gestapo for the entire American public-school system, to their adoring approval. Unbelievable.
                The rotten “soul,”- or what passes for it- of the left is exposed for all to see. Progressives are in a permanent snit regarding all things Trumpian, even as they fawn over the delegation from North Korea at the Winter Olympic Games. Trump Derangement Syndrome is so advanced, one wonders: if Trump came out as gay, would previously Pride!ful gay liberals go running back into the closet, seek conversion therapy and denounce the LGBTQ community as a basket of deplorables promoting fascism and intolerance?

Monday, February 12, 2018

1936 Olympic Games As Broadcast By Today's Mass Media

            There can be absolutely no doubt about the fecklessness of the American mass media anymore. No matter your opinion of President Trump or tax cuts, its fawning over all things North Korean at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is disturbing and despicable. Most of the Hermit Kingdom’s citizens are starving as the regime attempts to cow the world with ever bigger and more advanced weapons. The Dear Leader executes anyone who annoys him at the drop of a hat, often with anti-aircraft guns, including members of his own family.
And yet, CNN recently declared that Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, was “stealing the show” at the Olympics, and “would be favored to win gold” if “diplomatic dance” were an event at the games. They even hailed her as North Korea’s “answer to American first daughter Ivanka Trump.”
NBC tweeted out praise for the North’s 200-some-odd member female cheerleading squad, saying they are “so satisfying to watch,” as they chant, sway, dance and sing. And it just got more ridiculous from here.
Kim Yo Jong reportedly has a close relationship with her brother, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and is director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s Party of (North) Korea. As such, she has been personally sanctioned by the government of the United States as a key figure in the regime’s heinous human rights abuses of its own people.

Let’s revisit the historic 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, the first ever televised, as brought to you by today’s Western mass media, shall we?

 Wall Street Journal journalist: “What strikes me about these games is the cleanliness and discipline! The trains run on time and the Olympic Village is as pure as the driven snow!”
NBC correspondent: “And there’s Paula Hitler, resplendent in her Stellenleiter outfit with double swastikas. She’s the Third Reich’s answer to Anna Roosevelt, no doubt about that! What effervescence! Just lovely!” 
CNN correspondent: “We’re getting a good look at Joseph Goebbels now. Many folks don’t know it, but his first name is actually Paul. He’s just buzzing around, stealing the show with his gemutlichkeit and dignity, interacting with anyone and everyone! If diplomatic dance were an event at these games, he’d have to be favored for the gold!”

And, if Bullshit and Fake News reporting were an Olympic event…the Korean Central News Agency would be hard pressed to vanquish the likes of American entries such as NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, and CNN.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Short Story By Hillary Clinton

Foreword to the special college edition:

                As most of you young scholars know, I’ve recently become a successful author! I’ve already written a best-selling book, “What Happened.” And, since I have a lot of time on my hands now, due to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy against me, and those damn Macedonian content farms, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a short story. It’s a mystery! And, guess what? If you’re reading this, your college/university has added it to its “Perspectives on America” course reading list! Isn’t that exciting?! Well, here it is, I hope you all like it!
(For your safety, the editors tell me they are adding “Trigger Warning!” alerts immediately before every word or phrase that could be offensive or scary to you, in this special college edition of my story. So, if you see “Trigger Warning!,” and you get frightened, just skip over the next word or two).


A story called “Bob,” as written by Hillary Clinton (and edited by top Ivy League sociology professors!):


Bob lives in a Trigger Warning! white house in the Twin Cities’ Trigger Warning! suburb of Lakeville. He works at a Trigger Warning! for-profit Trigger Warning! business located in the Mall of Trigger Warning! America. He is a Trigger Warning (X4)! straight, white, cis-gendered male who likes Trigger Warning! country music and watches Trigger Warning! Fox News when he has the time. Bob enjoys Trigger Warning! shooting sports and owns several Trigger Warning! shotguns. He participates in Trigger Warning! competitions several times a year and is proud that his Trigger Warning! hard work and effort has paid off. He is so Trigger Warning! skilled, in fact, that he has won awards on a national level. Bob holds a Trigger Warning! traditional interpretation of Trigger Warning! The Bible and believes that Trigger Warning! God gave Trigger Warning! His only Trigger Warning! Son that we may have eternal life. Bob is a devout Trigger Warning! Christian who believes people ultimately will be Trigger Warning! judged for their actions. He sometimes watches Trigger Warning! hunting and fishing shows on the weekends and also takes in the occasional Trigger Warning! NASCAR race and football game. At times, he likes to think of himself as Trigger Warning! “manly,” but he’s really just a product of the old, white patriarchy. His Trigger Warning! family and his Trigger Warning! faith are the most important things in his life. His brother lives in Texas and works for an Trigger Warning! oil company. Bob donates some to charities of his choice, one of the reasons he believes in Trigger Warning! low taxes. He is an independent thinker who doesn’t like to be coerced or told what to think and do, and is a registered Trigger Warning! Republican who voted for Trigger Warning!!!!! Donald Trump.  

The end.

Can you guess who Bob is, kids?
 That’s right, bright ones, Bob is a deplorable! An ignorant, patriotic, rube. He’s an intolerant bigot from the ugly underbelly of America known as “fly-over country.” We Democrats can do without his kind. The country would be better off cleansed of his ilk.
Thanks for reading, kids! And, remember, it’s not too early to make a donation to the “I’m Still with Her In 2020” campaign. Make your checks out to “Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Campaign 2020,” and send them to P.O. Box 666269, Washington, D.C., 20004.
(I’d like to thank the DNC for paying for this project, and the NEA for making the DNC possible! JK!).

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Student "Forced" To Flush Support Hamster Down Airport Toilet

                A student who “had to” flush her pet hamster down the toilet before being allowed to board a Spirit Airlines plane to fly home to South Florida is considering suing the airline. Belen Aldecosea says she twice called the airline before heading to the airport to ensure she could bring along “Pebbles,” her certified support animal.
                Aldecosea says that after she arrived at the Baltimore airport, Spirit refused to allow the dwarf hamster on the flight. She says her only friends, other than Pebbles, were hours away and that she needed to get home to tend to a medical condition. She also claims that she tried to rent a car, unsuccessfully, and that a Greyhound bus would’ve taken days to get to South Florida. According to Aldecosea, an airline representative then suggested she flush the little rodent down the toilet. She agonized for hours before finally doing just that.
                “She was scared. I was scared. It was horrifying trying to put her in the toilet. I was emotional. I was crying. I sat there for a good 10 minutes crying in the stall,” Aldecosea said. She’s thinking of suing Spirit over the conflicting instructions that she avers wound up pressuring her into making an anguished decision about Pebbles’ fate.
                Aldecosea claims the first Spirit employee checked her pet in with no problem, but, as she walked towards the security checkpoint, another employee chased her down, hollering that rodents were not allowed. She also says that Spirit agents told her they couldn’t put the wee animal in the cargo hold, either.
                A spokesman for Spirit acknowledged the airline mistakenly told her that Pebbles was allowed on board, but flatly denied that any Spirit employee recommended flushing the hamster down the toilet. Most airlines do not allow rodent passengers due to safety and health concerns.
                According to the Miami Herald, Aldecosea said she arranged for a later flight while she decided what to do, but when that later flight too was boarding, she panicked. She says she pondered whether to just let Pebbles free outside, but decided it was more humane to end her life right away, and not let her run around scared and cold, only to die getting hit by a car.
                “I didn’t have any other options,” she said.
                This story has been syndicated or reprinted in many, if not most, major newspapers and online outlets. Whether it’s Cecil the lion, Harambe the gorilla, or Pebbles the tiny rodent, the masses are outraged when an animal is harmed. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I honestly don’t know if I could have flushed that toilet.
    But, there is a larger- much larger- point here. Hundreds, often thousands, of babies every day are aborted in the United States alone. Some are cut into pieces with a curette. Some have their limbs torn off with a pliers. A few are partially extracted, their skulls split open and brains vacuumed out. That’s simply business as usual for Planned Parenthood (and others). Few weep. Their stories don’t go viral. There are no newspaper articles. Somehow this just isn’t newsworthy.

                What that tells us about our society should be the biggest, and saddest, news of all. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

University Of Minnesota Hides Ben Shapiro

                The tolerant, inclusive leftists and progressives on college campuses are quick to threaten people and wreck things if they are in danger of being exposed to non-Marxist thought and ideas. That has been perfectly clear for several years now. This fact cannot be recognized, however, or the tolerant, inclusive leftists and progressives on college campuses would be quick to threaten people and wreck things.

                Talk about your Gordian Knot.

                This has been demonstrated yet again on the campus of the University of Minnesota. The school preemptively caved to expected leftist mayhem by exiling Ben Shapiro, who was invited to speak at the “U” by the Young America’s Foundation, to a small, remote venue far from the main campus hub. Shunting Shapiro, a conservative, off to a satellite campus shows that the public, taxpayer-funded university has no regard for fairness, free speech or ideological diversity. The school had no reservations whatsoever about letting now disgraced Senator Al Franken or the even more radically left-wing Senator Elizabeth Warren (a.k.a. “Pocahontas”) speak in the deluxe 1,500-seat Ted Mann Concert Hall- centrally located on the main Minneapolis campus- recently. A venue that had no conflicting events when the YAF requested it, according to the group.
                Several other options were explored, Mayo Auditorium and Willey Hall among them, in addition to the Ted Mann Concert Hall. The school eschewed all of them for various reasons. It is clear the school doesn’t want any non-leftist events to take place near light rail lines, University Avenue, the hospitals that border the campus, or any other high traffic areas. In fact, University of Minnesota Police Lieutenant Troy Buhta nixed the 800-seat Willey Hall “due to access from the skyway.”
The reality is clear: progressives are a danger to those with whom they disagree. Conservatives are not. Conservatives neither threaten people and/or wreck things, nor even try to prevent others from speaking. (Something about the Constitution and our founding ideals). So, it is the conservatives who must be prevented from speaking. To keep the peace and in the interests of public safety. Duh! (And leftists think that’s fair). If the sheeple continue to allow this, there’s only one way it can end. Hello, East Germany 2.0! I’ve heard good things!
Lt. Buhta did sign off on the far-flung Continuing Education and Conference Center on the St. Paul campus (often referred to as “Moo U” due to the prevalence of agricultural instruction there), though the CECC is several miles and a bit of a drive from the center of the main campus. Actually, he signed off on this venue because its so inconvenient to get to, saying, “The best part is the building is all by itself and much easier to secure inside with ample room outside. There isn’t (sic) any significant transportation routes nearby.”
Event hosts say this 400-seat facility won’t come close to meeting the demand for attending Shapiro’s speech, which, of course, was one of the goals of the leftist thugs. They say they had 725 requests for tickets in the first 24-hours after they went on sale and claim they could easily sell “thousands” of tickets. They released a statement, directed at the university, reading, “We attempted to reserve every large capacity building on this campus. We know why we were unable to rent a large venue: The campus leftists and proto-terrorists who call themselves Anti-Fascists cannot hear a different opinion without promising a violent, disruptive protest.”
As The Fix points out, public universities are not allowed to treat different viewpoints differently based solely on the response they provoke. The Young America’s Foundation’s Spencer Brown points out there are unconstitutional restrictions on time, place and manner to be dealt with here, as well. Yet, the progressive scum have achieved a “heckler’s veto.” The school has aided and abetted this by refusing to press charges or expel students known to have engaged in violence and vandalism at previous speaker events, thereby encouraging such behavior.
The university “patently denies any claim of bias based on ideological reasons, stating: “We strive to meet the unique needs for each and every event, and the event scheduled for later this month is no different. When working to accommodate a venue request, our top priority is and will always be the safety and security of our University community, and with that in mind the University works with organizers to determine a location that meets everyone’s needs to the best of our ability.”
The school also flatly contradicted the student organizer’s account, claiming that the organizers were searching for a smaller venue than the one they later said Shapiro could easily fill.
Now, maybe it will tell us the one about the three bears.
The school is simply unwilling to spend the money sadly needed to protect the inalienable rights of those with whom it disagrees.