Thursday, November 12, 2015

Oakland Raider Taunts K-9

                  A member of the Oakland Raiders has been accused of taunting as he took the field for his team’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday (at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh). What’s unusual about that, you ask? It wasn’t an opponent that linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong was taunting. It was a dog. Specifically, a police K-9.
                “We were immediately notified about the incident, and we immediately initiated a criminal investigation into the matter. Sheriff’s Office supervisors interviewed witnesses and reviewed video surveillance recordings at Heinz Field. We notified the District Attorney’s Office on Sunday. The Sheriff’s Office is currently reviewing all of the information and reports to make a final determination relating to charges,” Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said.
                According to witnesses, Armstrong apparently lifted up his shirt, beat his chest, and started barking and yelling at the K-9 before the start of the game. The dog had to be restrained. “Ray-Ray” apparently came out of the locker room, started jumping up and down while calling for the dog and attempting to intimidate him. The dog promptly responded and tried to get at the Raider. The K-9 deputy prevented him from doing so.
                No charges have been filed at the present time, though “taunting” a police K-9 is a felony in Pennsylvania. “Taunting” a police dog is a felony? A felony? You can have your kid killed and yanked out of your womb and allow his/her little parts and organs to be sold to a third party with no legal ramifications whatsoever, but “taunting” a dog is a felony??! Football players constantly taunt each other and only occasionally get punished with a 15-yard penalty. Ray-Ray was probably just hyped up for the game and made a stupid, misplaced pseudo-macho gesture.
                That said, if the moron wanted to taunt the dog, he should’ve been prepared for the consequences…even if the deputy had not restrained the animal. Football gear or not, we’d have seen who was “badder.”


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