Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Britain Does the Right Thing, But We Don't Know Why It Had To


                ‘Britain to prosecute genital mutilation’ read the heading of the  article buried in the ‘world notes’ section of my local paper the other day. Well, that’s super, but in an age where one can be prosecuted for saying ‘hurtful’ things, and a privately owned professional sports franchise can be forced to change its team name  because someone could be offended, I would hope cutting off your daughter’s clitoris would be frowned upon.
     LONDON- ‘Parents in Britain who subject their daughters to genital mutilation will be prosecuted, Prime minister David Cameron announced Tuesday, a day after new research showed that the number of victims of the practice here is about twice as high as previously believed.’
                …”Genital mutilation has been illegal in Britain since 1985, but the first prosecutions took place only this year.”
                This, basically, was the extent of this ‘article’.
                Typical  modern day  mainstream media. No root cause given. No probing. No questions.  (Unless a controversy surrounds someone who doesn’t hold their views and is not a protected minority. Then, they go in for the kill).  At least they didn’t blame the Church of England. Say, why didn’t they need a law banning this practice until 1985? Hmmm. There’s a particularly  obvious question. Were they just lopping ‘em off by the millions, but nobody really cared until then? Catholics and Protestants had  rather famously been around Britain for hundreds of years. This never seemed to be a problem until recently. What’s changed? Immigration of…Musli…? No, nope, never mind! Nothing to see here! How ‘bout that Manchester United squad?!
            You know if a Protestant or Catholic member of Parliament had this done to their daughter(s) it would have been so stated. (Would’ve led off the nightly news in fact). That ‘member’ would’ve been called a ‘monster’.
                As Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently said, “the day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die.”

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Ammo For US, Less For You

      Many on the left  in the federal government would like to rescind the Second Amendment and repeal the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Now we know why. They want them all. According to various reports recently, many federal agencies are buying guns and massive quantities of ammunition. Including some agencies that one wouldn’t expect need to be heavily armed. A growing number of agents in a growing number of federal agencies are being authorized to carry weapons and make arrests.

                The Social Security Administration requested 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets earlier this year.  According to Newsmax Magazine, The United States Postal Service posted a notice on its website requesting proposals for ‘small-arms ammunition’ purchases around the same time. And prior to that the United States Department of Agriculture asked for 320,000 rounds. This same article (in the August 2014 issue) stated that, “Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found a need for 46,000 rounds.”

                The Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General has its own armed division. (Maybe they should post a few armed agents at some troubled schools  around the country.  The ones in the states with the strictest gun control). So does the Energy Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Commerce Department, and the Agency for International Development. Last month the USDA made a request to buy submachine guns.

                This Newsmax article also referenced a Government Accountability (there’s an oxymoron ) Study published this past January that found that there was one agency that was buying fewer munitions of late. Yes, ‘the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition buys have been steadily waning since fiscal 2009’. The GAO also concluded that ‘the drop in ammo buys by Homeland Security was due primarily to budget constraints’.

                Good to know we’re prioritizing properly. Screw the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, they were taking sorely needed guns and ammo away from the Postal Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration!

                At minimum, this is an attempt by the federal government to suck up so much ammo that it is very difficult for lawful firearm- owning citizens to obtain, thereby rendering their firearms moot. But it’s more than that. It’s all about power. Inexorably, the founder’s vision is being pushed farther and farther away, as the federal government gets larger and more powerful day-by-day.

                The people, conversely, grow weaker and more docile. I shudder to think of the founder’s despair. Upon his death, John Adams cried out, “Jefferson Lives!” That was technically not true as Jefferson died about 5 hours before Adams. But I think what Adams meant was, Jefferson’s spirit, his Declaration of Independence and his country built on limited government and powers reserved for the people lived on. The last, best hope.

                Things have changed .

                Jefferson weeps.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


     The results of the Russian News Agency's poll asking, "Who is responsible for shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17" is as follows:

     The Ukrainian military- 28%
     The CIA- 18%
     The LGBT community- 20%
     The Koch Brothers- 11%
     George W. Bush- 9%
     'The same group that shot down that last Malaysian plane back in March'- 14%

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Bridge Too Far?

MSNBC Television  Studio


Host: Bob, I understand you’ve got Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey standing by for an exclusive interview, correct?

On-air reporter: That’s correct, Ted!

Host: All right, Bob, take her away!

On-air reporter: Thank you, Governor, for spending a little time with us tonight, I know you’re busy.

Governor Christie: No problem, Bob.

Reporter: First off, Governor, in light of some, uh, ‘issues’ you’ve had,  have you made a final decision to run for president in 2016?

Governor Christie: I haven’t made a final decision as yet. I still have a little time.

Reporter: So what you’re saying then, is that you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it?

Governor Christie: Something like that, Bob.

Reporter: If you were to run and win, sir, would you try to build a bridge across the aisle to your political opponents?

Governor Christie: I’ve always tried to put the interests of the people ahead of playing political games.

Reporter: Some say the Republicans are conducting a ‘war on women’. In any case, there is a gender gap to contend with. How will you, personally, try to bridge that gap?

Governor Christie: If you look at our policies, historically, and the real-world results of those policies, I’d say that women, as well as men, are better off under Republican leadership. Better economy with more and better jobs, safer streets with less crime, more choices for their children’s education, etc., etc. 'War on women' is patently absurd, Bob.

Reporter: Do you have a bridge in Brooklyn you want to sell me now, Governor? You sound a bit biased there! Do you really believe that? And, please, give us the abridged version. You were a little long-winded in your last answer.

Governor Christie: Yes, I believe it. It’s the truth.

Reporter: Have you thought about a potential running mate? Anybody in mind for vice-president? Maybe someone from the South to balance the ticket and bridge the old north-south divide?

Governor Christie: It’s possible, but I don’t have a clear candidate in mind…if I decide to throw my hat in the ring at all. Bob, I’ve gotta run now. It’s certainly been a pleasure. (Angrily strides away).

Reporter: Well, there he goes now. Probably off to Bridgeman’s for some ‘Rocky Road’ ice cream. Then  home to play a little bridge and relax. And so we’ll bring closure to this interview. Back to you, Ted.

Anchor: In the interest of fairness and our scrupulous adherence to accuracy at this network, it should be pointed out that there are no Bridgeman’s Restaurants/Ice Cream Shops here on the east coast. Bridgeman’s is found in only four states, all in the Midwest. Other than that, though, great work as always, Bob!

Reporter: Thanks, Ted!
Host: Well that's it for tonight folks. Tune in tomorrow night when we'll air an exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton. You'll want to see that. She spoke  from the heart about  how she and Bill were able to survive their dark days of debt and despair after they left the white House nearly poverty-stricken. Good night.




Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Border Control

     No great country is-or has been- unable to control its own borders.

Until now. Our government actually debates whether we should  even try  to control our own borders! After September 11th yet! The first step to becoming an actual citizen of a country based on the rule of law can’t be to break the law of that country.

     Immigration itself isn’t necessarily bad. It’s how we got here. It can- and often has been- a good thing for America.

     But that was legal immigration to become-in every way- an American. Out of many…one. E Plurubus Unum.

     Now some politicians are questioning whether or not we have the capability to control our own border(s)!! Well, we’ve invented computers that can perform billions of calculations a second. We’ve sent what is essentially a hunk of metal, plastic, and glass-before computers really came of age- to the moon. Landed it, got out and walked around. Hit a golf ball into space. Planted a flag. Got back in and flew it home through our planet’s own dense atmosphere without burning up. Survived.

     Guessing we could probably build a damn wall along our border with Mexico. Historically walls have been very successful for these purposes. But, if we’ve truly been degraded and weakened so much by the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America that- after winning two world wars and the Cold War- we honestly don’t think we can build a fifteen foot high fence across our southern border, we have another obvious option.

     Have the Chinese build it for us. They built the ‘Great Wall of China’ starting in the 8th century B.C.! To protect against incursions by various nomadic groups. They wanted to control immigration and emigration (we don’t have to worry about the latter…at least not yet). Most of the existing wall hails from the Ming Dynasty (14th century). This part is 3,889 miles long. Averages 15-20 feet high and about 15 feet wide at the base. The entire wall with all its branches and natural barriers is 13,171 miles long!

     If we commissioned the Chinese to build it for us, it would be so symbolic of a waxing culture versus a waning one. Yet it would solve  many real problems. Our security would be dramatically enhanced. The Chinese could just oversee the job-site and hire thousands of local workers to build it, thus eliminating their need to come to the U.S. to find work. Our foreign relations might be enhanced. The U.N. may ‘like us' on facebook for  contracting with the Chinese and providing jobs for Chinese and Mexican workers. 

     If we think outside of the box we could even get the wall to pay for itself. There would be perpetual opportunities for tourism. And we could sell advertising on both sides of the wall. “This portion of the wall sponsored by…”. The ads could be in Chinese and English on our side of the wall and Chinese and Spanish on the Mexican side.

     “The Great Wall of China... Dos…brought to you by…”                                        



Monday, July 21, 2014

Village People?

     The dissolution of the family is without doubt the main cause of the decline and fall of the United States. Crime, drug and alcohol abuse, dependence on government, out-of-wedlock births, laziness, ignorance of history, ‘self-esteemism’, envy and hatred of the rich…all of this and much, much more have  roots in the collapsing family.  (And the government has a vested interest in making sure that families stay dysfunctional…and therefore dependent… on the government. Hey, it’s tough to get and keep a well-compensated full-time job now…let alone one with this much power over others. Unless you’re in government of course. Our policies are ‘two-fers’! We keep our jobs and expand our power by telling you that you can’t succeed…and by  making laws that make it much harder for you to succeed…without… us! “God, I love this country now that we’ve ‘fundamentally transformed’ it!).”

     In days of yore a relative called ‘dad’ would lay down the law for his kids. Which meant he was actually there for his kids. And participated in their lives. Indeed, loved them so much he didn’t take the easy ways out. Didn’t split. Didn’t become their ‘bestest buddy’. Taught them right from wrong and encouraged them to be their best, and even abide by the Golden-Rule and the Ten Commandments. Disciplined them at all times. This ‘Father-Knows-Best’ era is mocked and reviled now and has given way to the ‘Two Broke Girls’ era.

     Many people intuitively realize that the breakdown of the family is the root cause of many of our ills. If families are thriving, no need for government to ogle us and coddle us all our lives. Indeed if families were thriving, they’d tell the government where to go when the government tries to tell them what they can and can’t do, eat, think and say. This is, after all,  our birthright as Americans. (Think Boston Tea Party, etc.).

     What is not obvious to most Americans is the simple fact that what we have now, as opposed to what we had then, makes it so much harder for us to have functioning families. Our kids literally can not comprehend this. Let me explain. (And please explain this to your kids).

     In this country’s formative years, there were no smart phones…indeed no cell phones. No phones at all. (Relate this to your urchins and hear them gasp). There were no computers. No I-Pads or Pods. No c.d. players. There was no television, let alone 300 cable stations. No video games, no electric heat or air-conditioning. No radios. No cars. No electricity.

     Most people lived in the country, most of those on farms. Small farms, as there were no tractors or automated equipment to help with productivity. They just had lots of kids instead. They would do the work that had to be done.

     These families were together most of the time and worked as a team…no alternative. They ate not just dinner, but almost all meals together. Dad would tell them about their family’s history. And expectations. “Son, you know Johnson’s are…Smith’s don’t…Johnson’s take pride in…remember, Smith’s do the right thing…”

     Dad would pass down homilies or short history lessons as well. He’d talk about what made the country great. Let his offspring know that if they worked hard and kept their noses clean they’d be o.k. No limit to what they could achieve. Mom or dad would ask about their kids school day and friends. They knew their kids and their kid’s lives.


     Today, if there is a dad and an actual meal is eaten at a table in the home, someone may text the family member next to them to pass the ketchup. There are typically no prayers beforehand and the t.v. may well be on… to “Survivor” or “Real Housewives”. Ironic. No real conversation ensues.

     Immediately after dinner, mom goes to the upstairs television to watch ‘her shows’, dad goes  downstairs to watch sports on t.v. or into his office to watch porn on the computer because he can’t get mom to pay any attention to him anymore.  The son plays a video game in his room, and the young daughter goes to her room to blast Nicki Minaj ‘songs’ into her ears via  her I-Pod. 

     Recently, I visited the first ‘house’ Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family occupied outside of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. It had one room. Total.                                                                          


     Telling the truth is risky business these days, but I’ll chance it. It doesn’t take a village…to raise a child.  It takes a family.

     And it takes families to make a village.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Forthwith: A Tale of Fire and the Flammables

     Some say fire is bad, but it does not cease. How can this be? Will it not change its ways?

     Some say, perhaps we can talk to the fire, reason with it. But it rages on.

     Maybe we could retrain the fire or send it to a half-way house. After it has taken from us, we will pay anything so it takes no more. Fire continues and grows larger.

     “It must be the flammables who make the fire rage. Yes, yes, it must be their fault. They’ve been overbearing and prejudiced. Why, the fire had no choice but to try to consume them. After all, did they ever even have the fire over for dinner? No, they were not very fire-sensitive, not conflagrationarily-correct. They even tried to restrain and contain the fire! Yes, it’s their fault.  Shouldn’t the  fire have the same rights as anybody else? Let it go free… and pay it damages!”

     Fire leapt up anew.

     The cries of those enlightened, desperately clinging to the hope that nothing they do- or don’t do- has  consequence grew louder. They must live on.

     A few mourned the flammables and wanted to douse the fire. “Reactionary, fascist, intolerant pigs!” screamed the tolerant, fire-sensitive, conflagrationarily-correct. “You’re not on our level, for we are open-minded. We feel the fire’s pain.”

     Soon, matches were passed out in public schools so that fire’s origin and very roots could be better understood. A symbolic display of unity with the much maligned and little understood fire. And those who passed out the matches  went home and laughed, for they knew that they held the power over both the flammables and the fire. They were more enlightened than the flammables, and were the fire’s only real friends. Yes, they had true power.

     The fire, aided by the fire-sensitive, conflagrationarily-correct, finally consumed most of the flammables. Then, realizing it was rapidly running out of fuel,  turned on its supporters.

     In disbelief, the fire-sensitive, conflagrationarily-correct cried out, “you stupid, two-faced fire; after all we’ve done for you- how could you? There are more uncaring, intolerant, fascist flammables left. Take them. They deserve it! They never cared to know you. Not like we did!”

     But fire did not discriminate, and they, too, were made to perish. It seemed that fire had consumed nearly all that God and nature had wrought.

     With the exception of a few brave flammables who refused to give in, and sought refuge in the Sea of Galilee.

      There was nothing, then, left to fuel the fire. Fire, unable to support itself, quickly retreated and abated.

     The remaining flammables would soon unite. With conviction and love, and an unending hope for a better tomorrow, minus not fire, but fire’s supporters, they would re-populate this fragile orb.

    (This tale was spawned by a quote from Winston Churchill. When asked about his views on morality and behavior, the Prime Minister said, “I refuse to be impartial as between the fire brigade and the fire”).


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A War on Whom?

     The left loves…indeed lives…to ‘push the  envelope’ as to what’s acceptable in our culture. In movies, on television, etc., the more outlandish the sex and violence the better.

     Next up for ‘marriage equality’: wanna marry a goat? No problem! Only an intolerant close-minded ass would oppose that. (Could marry a mule, an actual intolerant, close-minded ass).

     Christ in a jar of urine as art? Good stuff! Brave! More federal funding! Yet when a movie depicts the actual crucifixion of Christ (The Passion of the Christ) they go ballistic and condemn it as too violent. Yes, well, perhaps it was…rather the point, actually.

     The left loves ‘fantasy’ violence. Think about that. Violence as mindless, unneccessary entertainment is grand. But they detest the depiction of historically factual, necessary violence to counteract and repel evil. They’d love to ban the Military Channel…and the military. Yes, the only effectual response to brutal totalitarian violence, the response that has liberated millions of people, saved millions of others from death or incarceration and torture…this they can’t countenance. War stopped slavery in this country, Nazism, Communism, Jew-baking, etc., etc. Still not warranted according to the far left. Violence makes us no better than them, you see. Don’t slap that mosquito for that matter, just let it go outside…(strains of the soundtrack from the movie ‘Born Free’ play).

     Yet they hold the most extreme violence against innocent babies as sacrosanct. Abortion- excuse me, ‘a woman’s right to choose’- is a non-negotiable plank of the tolerant, open-minded, non-violent Democratic Party’s platform. (We don’t want you to pick up a  weapon to defend yourself and your family if a thief breaks into your home, but killing your kid is fine).

      These unbornophobes! Hypocritical, close-minded  unbornocists are (literally) conducting a war on babies.

     We can’t tickle an Al-Qaida prisoner with a feather, but sucking out the brains of an unborn child with a Hoover? Can’t oppose that or we’ll call you an intolerant bigot conducting a ‘War on Women’!
     Beam me up, Scotty.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Beyond Belief?

     Many on the left don’t believe in God. Quite a few actually ‘booed’ His name at the 2012 DNC. That is their prerogative and their right in this country.

     However, many of these smart, sophisticated, coastal, big-city elites are overcome with snobbery when they encounter one of us backward ‘hicks’ from ‘fly-over country’ who actually profess to believe in God.

     Their incredulousness bubbles out of them when they  ask questions like, “you really believe in ‘a Guy in the sky’ who somehow made us and is responsible for…everything? Giggle.”

     Got me there! Sheesh, I’m embarrassed. No, now I believe there was a sort of Primordial Soup that came out of nowhere for some reason, then a bolt of lightning and then…poof, before you know it…life.

Perception, intellect, self-awareness, questioning, love, anguish, beauty. Music, poetry, ecstasy…and…humor? Simple evolution don’t ya’ know. Nothing more to it!

     (While on this earth we will never know exactly how- and why- we got here. That is an impossible task for any and all beings, as we didn’t make ourselves and could not ask to be born).

     They don’t believe in something that can’t be seen. They say there is no scientific evidence. Unlike, say, man-made, permanent global warming. Which, if it exists, and we are just part of evolution…must be simply part of evolution as well, correct?

     Great skeptics these liberals.

    In reality they believe only in what they wish to be true. And that is what they teach…and preach.

     Guess that’s why I just don’t believe in atheists and have no faith in the modern American left.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ad... Nauseum: A Football Broadcast Five Years Hence

Announcer:   “Welcome to the Geisha Brands (Mandarin) Orange Bowl 2019!   Anyway you slice it, it’s one of the most prestigious bowls there is…and good for you, too…ha, ha, ha. Keith?”

     “That’s right Bob, and thanks. Now it’s time for the No Doze kick-off. Morning , noon, or night, you’ll get a ‘kick’ out of No-Doze. Well, Nebraska receives the ball on their own twenty yard line ready to begin the Milovitz and Associates first possession of the game. Remember, at Milovitz possession is ninety percent of the law.

     “First down… and Frazier hands off to his tail-back… and it’s an end -around good for seven yards. End-arounds during today’s game are brought to you by Hanes. Let us get our Hanes on you and we’ll turn your end around.

     “Second down and three yards to go now…Frazier goes to the air and we have our first American Airlines passing play! When you take to the air, fly American.

     “That pass was incomplete, which brings up a third and three now for the Cornhuskers. Frazier takes the snap and…the ball comes loose, it’s on the turf and…when it’s time to tend to your turf, Snapper lawn products make the cut. Snapper, a kick in the grass!

     “Nebraska recovers their own fumble…speaking of recovering, if you're drinking too much, call Al Anon and you could be on your way to recovery.

     “Well, fourth down now and eight to go for the ‘Huskers. And when you need something you ate to go, reach for Ex-Lax, America’s laxative!

    “ Nebraska will punt here…the kick’s on its way, and what hang time! Smith calls for a fair catch, and…hey, if you’re experiencing a catch…in your back, neck, or wherever…give the fine folks at Feldstein Chiropractic a call… you’ll be glad you did. That’s Feldstein Chiropractic…(612)-555-5554.

     “Less than 12 minutes to go now in the first quarter…say, if you’ve got less than twelve minutes to go, grab a phone and call Miller-Wesson Funeral Homes, they’ll bury your fears, and your wallet.

     “I see we’re due for a commercial break shortly…and speaking of commercials, if your company needs an ad agency, remember Fallon-McElliot…’we got ads with ‘tudes!’ “

     “Stay tuned for more of the Geisha Brands (Mandarin) Orange Bowl 2019, after this word from our sponsors…”

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

American Idol President

     In the past I’ve been incredulous (and upset) that a person typically didn’t even need to present a driver’s license to vote for the president of the United States of America (try writing a check at a grocery store or making a purchase at the liquor store if you look like your under 40 years old without one!). Voting for the most powerful man or woman in the world affects the whole planet…and indeed the course of world history. I believed this right should require more thought-and be more  scrutinized- than the act of buying a loaf of bread and a copy of People magazine.

     But, apparently, one can’t stand athwart history and yell “stop!” anymore. Passe’. So 1980’s.

     Therefore, in keeping with our modern attention spans, historical and current-event knowledge and politically-correct dogma, I have changed my mind. Screw having to present an I.D.! One shouldn’t even have to appear in person. Nor have to be a citizen. Don’t know about Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty? We don’t care. Don’t know about the founders? No one does anymore.

     All that matters is if you ‘feel’ this candidate. And he’s tall.

     “He said he cares about us!”.

     “I like his eyes…he’s cute”.

     “He mentioned, like, you know, soccer moms and stuff. He knows what it’s like to deal with all the…umm…problems we have, and he sounds like one of us. And he even said he doesn’t like war! That’s, like, so cool!”.

     So I now propose that the 2016 presidential election should be decided by having people text their vote. Yes indeed, vote early and often! It’s time we pick our president like we do an American Idol winner.

     Maybe one day a president will be as popular. And as well known.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't Waste The Energy

     Another recent study has found that biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term, challenging Obama administration conclusions. This study found these fuels release 7 percent more greenhouse gases in the early years, as compared with conventional gasoline. The study deals a blow to ‘cellulosic biofuels’ which have received over a billion dollars in federal subsidies.

     An unrelated Associated Press investigation last year found that the Environmental Protection Agency’s own analysis of corn-based ethanol failed to predict the environmental consequences accurately. But Democrats, beholden to their special-interest masters, are not content with driving food prices up with their ethanol mandates, even if they actually do nothing to alleviate ‘global warming’.

     They insist we can’t drill for oil off our own coasts (though others can). We can’t access ANWR oil!

     Can’t use our oil-shale either (we have the world’s largest supply). Can’t burn coal (we have a minimum 50 year supply)…too dirty! And we can’t build any nuclear plants…too risky. Hydroelectricity? Come on! Dams are unsightly and block fish migrations. Fracking? Nope. Well, Canada will sell us their oil, so no drilling/burning/nuclear waste/dams/fracking on American soil. A win-win, right?

     Nope. What if the Keystone Pipeline somehow sprung a leak or offended a coyote?

     Liberals love to say that even if we were to ok drilling or start building nuclear power plants or…tried to access and utilize any of our energy sources…it might take up to ten years to see any real benefits from these policy changes.

     I’m pretty sure they said the same thing ten years ago.


     And they sure don’t like that same argument when it’s brought up as regards legislation to curtail global warming or ‘climate change’!




Saturday, July 5, 2014

Natural Law: The Defining Difference

              The uniqueness and greatness of the United States stems directly from the founder’s  belief in Natural Law and how it defines the relationship between the government and its people. (Natural Law states that each individual has certain unalienable rights granted by the Creator such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).  All other aspects of our founding sprang from this. The rule of law, limited government of, by and for the people. Republicanism.  The Constitution. Checks and balances.
             This led eventually to the United States, with approximately 5% of the world’s population, creating nearly as much  new wealth as the rest of the world combined. We have been the world’s ‘bread-basket’. American’s have been responsible for more discoveries and inventions in science and elsewhere than any nation on earth. The United States is nearly always the first nation to provide relief and aid to other nations that have had natural-or other- calamities, sometimes even providing aid to our enemies.  We have given more dollars in aid and relief than most-if not all- of the world’s other nations…combined.

            (Yet in spite of this-or perhaps because of this-we are often the target of the hate and envy of much of the world).
           Our success stems directly from our founder’s vision and understanding of Natural Law. If our rights don’t come from God, either we don’t have any…or they are bestowed on us by other men. If they can be granted by man, whether one person or a group of people (government, say), they can be denied or taken away by man as well. These ‘rights’ will be arbitrary and capricious. By definition then there is  no reason why imprisoning or killing Jews…or gays…or liberals…or Tea Partiers… is wrong. Can’t be wrong if the men responsible for granting rights or denying them deem this so.  Stalin didn’t like a lot of people…millions dead. Hitler…millions dead. Pol-Pot…millions dead. Etc., etc., etc. That is what governments do. Historically.  Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And governmental power corrupts the people, too. The more powerful the government, the more corrupt it-and the people- become. The bigger the government, the smaller the people and vice-versa. The Founder’s genius and the basis for the United States’ unprecedented success was  the restraint of government.

           These critical ‘negative’ rights would finally protect the people from an overreaching government. That was our genius. Most of the people who settled this country were fleeing direct  persecution from government or fleeing the results of a non-representative, authoritarian state. Therefore our founders wanted to guard against abusive government. Government couldn’t take your property or your person.
           Government was to be of laws, not men and wasn’t to grant ‘rights’, but was instituted to secure each person’s Creator-endowed rights to life, liberty and property.

           If it weren’t for Natural Law, some of us could decide, for example, that unborn (or ‘slightly born’) babies had no rights and could just be killed outright by the millions.

           Things changed. Did they ever.

           Now the government can tell us what size soft-drinks we can buy.

           Restraint of government? Laughable.     
          In the Obama era, government aims to restrain the people.



Friday, July 4, 2014

America: Past, Present &...Future?

          I’m angry. Saddened. Frustrated. Most of all, I’m scared…for America.

          Time was when the country’s collective mindset was based on individuals pride, drive and desire to make the country a better place for (their) children. It was a positive, “can do” spirit in very tough times. If you worked hard, minded your own business, kept your own nose clean, then sooner or later you’d likely make it.

         They plowed, they planted, they mined. They stumbled, they fell, they hurt and they were tired. And still they believed. Many died. Young.

         Most never “made it big”. By today’s standards. But they brought us here. What’s more, most of those who didn’t “make it big” were content. With themselves.

         Putting in an honest day’s work, trying to see your family was clothed and fed (that’s what those 12 or 14 hour days were for), seeing the fruits of your labor, teaching your kids to respect the family, the country that gave you this chance, the land, and the labor itself. That was much of the reward.

        (It’s never been easy-certainly not before electric light, the plow, the wheel- let alone phones and computers. Who among us would like to have been a caveman…excuse me, caveperson. Now there was some easy livin’! No choice but to join in the hunt, fish and gather to survive. Don’t let the wooly mammoth gore you. This fire thing is a bit tricky, too.)

        And this group of individuals fought when they had to. For liberty. They believed that and history will record it so. They fought. And they won. Every single time they had to. None enjoyed it. It would be the worst possible experience of their lives-save one: the thought of losing their liberty, their right to see that their work paid off for themselves, their neighbors, their country.

       This collection of individuals worked and fought-and succeeded- as one whole better than any group or ‘society’ or ‘class’ or ‘system’ ever could. Because they were a collection of individuals. With individual beliefs and freedoms. 
        And one monumental set of shared beliefs. Belief in natural law and limited, republican government- of, by and for the people. And this they treasured above all else. Alone they could make a difference, together with these few shared beliefs they were insurmountable.

        These were our forefathers and mothers.

        And here we are today. The most free and affluent society in history. A large portion of us believing we’re victims. Of racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Of our neighbor (he smokes cigarettes outside and if my windows are open…!). Of the capitalist system that got us here. Of the neighbor’s dog. Of the weather (my God, the wind has just ruined my hair and I just spent $100 at the salon!). Of the police. Or big business. Exxon. BP. GM.

       We’ve won the Cold War (thank you Ronald Reagan). Much of the world is trying to throw off their shackles and trend towards a more free market economic system.

        Except us.

        What the hell happened…to us?

        “It’s not my job." “I can’t do that." “Whaddaya expect, miracles?"  “I don’t have a chance, they don’t like blacks/women/W.A.S.P.S./ fill in the blank." “I’m insulted…5 million dollars a year? You think that’s all I’m worth? I’ll go to the Dodgers, they’ll pay me what I deserve!”

        Take your basic caveman, miner, shipbuilder, soldier, etc. Picture these words coming out of their mouths. Of course it’s ludicrous. Times have changed and with them values and expectations. Especially values.

        It was they who brought us here. The Founders. The fighters. Our soldiers and inventors, our farmers and miners, among others. It is their genius and dedication, hard work and perserverance that we should celebrate on the 4th of July. And every day.

        Could we have journeyed from neanderthal times to the moon with the current mindset? (“The world owes me, just for being alive”; there’s an 180 degree turnaround from reality, don’t you think?).

        “Who’s liable if I stub my toe or spill hot coffee on myself at a fast food restaurant? And who is going to pay for my contraception or abortion?"

        “It’s not my job”.

        There are entire groups and subgroups of people who now see themselves chiefly as victims. Some probably were.

        But it is for certain that they now are. Victims of believing those who enslave them by making them believe they are victims; and that there is nothing they can do about it except with others-read their- help. Perfect! A built-in, handy-dandy, self-perpetuating voting bloc. Self-perpetuating in that there is no way they can ever escape their present situation if they believe what these modern-day ‘liberal’ politicians tell them. 

        Life was never ‘fair’. Never will be, anywhere, anytime. It requires individuals with a work ethic, with individual beliefs and pride and thought.

        I care about people. Individuals. I don’t give a damn about races, groups, ‘classes’, etc. Each individual should be judged (gasp!) on their own merits. Any other approach, by definition, is racist, sexist or what-have-you.   I frankly dislike some African-Americans. Loathe a few women. Don’t much care for some Californians. Some white folks make me sick. Can’t stand a few men.

       But I love and cherish certain people. Black men and women. Whites. Asians, Mexicans, Italians…knowing them as individuals. I respect many more-of all walks of life-as individual human beings.

       What to be made of these ramblings?

       I care about this country (I realize I’m not the only one even among those who  disagree with me) and its amazing collection of individuals, past and present, too much to see it stagnated and poisoned by group speak, by incredibly selfish ‘victimology’, by ‘moral terrorism’ (“I’m pure because I’m a victim, but what is that man doing?"), by the rigid, intolerant, politically-correct thinking dogma, by special-interest groups, by the hypocritical, frenzied orgy of litigation and by the “I don’t have to do it, it’s not my job” mode of thinking.

       “Four score and seven years ago,” spoke Lincoln at Gettysburg, “Our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure”.

       My friends, those ‘words’ still apply. They are more pertinent now than at any time since the Civil War. I’d like to think I could make some small contribution towards seeing that, yes indeed, this proposition and this country do endure.

       And I would.

       But…it’s not my job.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Great (Entitlement) Society

     We’re doomed. The Great Entitlement Society we now live in will be the end of America. Studies show the Millennials (Generation ‘Y’) are extremely-and even specifically materialistic. (Despite the constant diatribes of their teachers against materialism/capitalism). They want money and vacation homes and cars and boats…and soon. They just aren’t particularly willing to work to get them. Don’t even expect work to be a ‘central part of their life’. They are, however, especially tolerant. Just not of hard work, apparently.

     Well, they were told they were special and given too many choices at an extremely early age. They therefore look inward, not outward. They know what they want. Know what they’d like to be true. Just don’t know history. Philosophy. Religion. Reality.

     The founders created this country to be of limited government. They put restraints on the government. Here is what the government can’t do to you…as most governments routinely had throughout history. Can’t kill you or your family for no reason. Can’t imprison you without a trial. Can’t come into your home and take what they want…including your home. Etc., etc.

     They believed in these certain “inalienable” rights-granted by the Creator- to every individual.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

     There were no ‘positive’ rights from the government (i.e. humans).The right to never catch a cold. The right to never suffer heartache. The right to live to be 102. The right to make a million dollars a year. The right to have your own reality show.

     The Great Entitlement Society has now reached its zenith (I would say nadir). The expectation for others to pay for their contraception??!!! As mandated by the government of the United States of America??!!! Apparently we’re long past the arguments over whether sex outside of wedlock is ok…or before marriage specifically. Or whether contraception in and of itself is moral even for married couples (see the Catholic Church).

     Shock alert! I am not a prude. I believe each of these is a legitimate topic for discussion.

     But the  leap from everyone is born with inalienable right to life to everyone has the right to prevent life from being born is a bit steep.

     That there is a right for anybody to have other people pay for them to prevent life because they want to screw without consequences is an abortion... of logic and character.