Thursday, November 12, 2015

Perusing Planned Parenthood Perversions- On Site

                 Perusing the website of Planned Parenthood’s (for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota) Minneapolis-St. Paul Health Center, the first thing I noticed was that, of the seven services listed, “women’s health” was last. “Abortion” was first. In fairness, I’m sure that was only because the services were listed in alphabetical order. It still was amusing- if not illustrative- given that the organization claims to be all about women’s health and offers abortion only as a secondary “service.”
                Further down, there was a listing of the “health center’s” hours of operation and the holidays on which it is closed. It is not open on Sundays. Yet. It is closed in observance of Labor Day, which, ironically, led me to think of women giving birth. It is also closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. “Born unto us this day… an infant in swaddling clothes…” and the like would hopefully give them pause, yet realistically it is closed simply so employees have the days off.
                Then came payment information and options. The site stated that, “If paying with a credit card not your own, you must have a letter from the cardholder with you.” Assumedly for cardholder approval of this use. “Dear P.P., I hereby give approval for Desiree’ to use my credit card to kill her kid. Anyway, it’s a reward card. I get points! J
                Cash and checks are welcome, too. And, the site clearly states, “Donations are welcome and will help us continue our mission.” Really? “Just make the check out to Planned Parenthood. Would you like to make a donation to Planned Parenthood?” OMG. I was in retail management for many years and can categorically tell you that such a bold approach wouldn’t work where I was. “Thank you for your purchase today at Home Despot, sir! Also, would you like to make a donation…to Home Despot?”
                Fifteen different insurance companies were listed as acceptable payment options.

                We will all pay in the end. 

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