Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"Meet A Jew"


Antisemitism is—yet again—on the rise in Europe, as it is elsewhere. To help combat this scourge, Germany recently introduced a program intended to normalize Jewishness. This endeavor has been dubbed “Meet a Jew.”

“Meet a Jew” sends pairs of Jewish volunteers to speak to classrooms, sports teams, interns at the foreign ministry, and various other groups at various venues, with the goal of increasing acceptance of Jews in German society. Though German schools do teach extensively about the Holocaust, many Jews today say they still feel like second class citizens, while noting that this kind of remembrance, focused solely on the past, does little to address their current concerns.

Proponents of the program likely had good intentions, and it is a nice gesture, but calling the undertaking “Meet a Jew” seems, to use a term progressives favor, problematic.

You know there would be an outcry if, for instance, the United States initiated a “Meet a Negro” or “Meet a Lesbian” program. “Meet a Trans,” “Meet a LatinX,” or “Meet an Agnostic” wouldn’t likely be looked on favorably, either. Most would consider these terms demeaning to the targeted groups.

“Meet an Unvaccinated Person?” That would be worse yet. Not because anyone would care about the stigma directed at the as-yet un-jabbed, but because the unvaccinated are the new Jews. In the fevered minds of many in our Ruling Class, they deserve to be thrown into newly constructed concentration camps or be shipped off to a distant gulag.

It is easy-- and convenient-- for those in power to identify some other group and blame them for whatever is ailing society at the moment. And it is absolutely necessary for those in power to do so when the problem actually lies with…those in power.

Same as it ever was.

As always, how we the people react to tyranny is the key. The choice is ours. We can meekly, shamefully, and robotically raise our right hands and shout “Heil Hitler.”

Or we can proudly proclaim “Let’s Go Brandon!”   





Monday, November 29, 2021

Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz #10


Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz #10

(Can you get a perfect score?)


1)     President Biden recently tapped into his nation’s:

a)       National peanut oil reserve

b)      National reserve of morons

c)       National strawberry preserve reserve

d)      National oil reserve

e)      National chutzpah and hypocrisy reserve

2)     President Biden recently had what removed from his colon:

a)       His head

b)      Joy Behar’s head

c)       A gerbil

d)      Corn Pop’s foot

e)      A benign polyp

3)     Mainstream media outlets recently described a deliberate vehicular attack by a deranged Black man on a Christmas parade In Waukesha, Wisconsin-- a terrorist assault that killed 8 white people including young kids and a grandmother-- as:

a)       A deadly “parade crash”

b)      An “accident”

c)       “A good start”

d)      “Something happened to some people by somebody”

e)      Both a & b

4)     The Fairfax Virginia Public School Board Reinstated Pornographic Library Books Depicting Young Boys Having Oral Sex with Adult Men By Characterizing The Books as:

a)       “Hotter than hell”

b)      “Diverse reading materials that reflect our student population”

c)       “Damn good reading”

d)          “Valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters that reflect their personal journeys”

e)      Both b & d

5)    The Catholic University Of America Recently Posted Paintings Of _______ As Jesus In Its Campus Ministry Office?

a)     Nancy Pelosi

b)    George Floyd

c)     Greta Thunberg

d)    LeBron James

e)     Al Sharpton

6)    Kyle Rittenhouse is being characterized by the media and Democratic politicians as being a white supremacist because:

a)     He professes to support BLM

b)    He shot two white people and no Black ones

c)     They can

d)    He is white

e)     Both c & d

7)    Canada recently announced that it had released roughly half of its strategic reserve  of_________ due to a worldwide shortage:

a)     Maple syrup

b)    Canadian bacon

c)     Hockey pucks

d)    Labatt Blue

e)     Obsequiousness

8)    The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will feature new events including:

a)     “Freeski big air”

b)    “Women’s monobob”

c)     “Organ harvesting”

d)    Both a & b

e)     “Xi Jinping-pong”

9)    Dr. Fauci recently said:

a)     “We’re all going to die!”

b)    “I represent science”

c)     “I am Jesus”

d)    “I am George Floyd”

e)     “I am a batshit crazy tyrant wannabe!”

10)   Vice-President Kamala Harris recently:

a)     Made a thoughtful and lengthy visit to her country’s border with Mexico

b)    Made a thoughtful and lengthy visit to China

c)     Spoke faux French to French scientists while visiting a COVID-19 lab in France

d)    Cackled like The Joker when asked if she thought President Biden was racist and/or suffering from cognitive decline

e)     Cackled like The Joker when asked if she would make a thoughtful and lengthy visit to her country’s border with Mexico

[Correct answers: 1) d, 2) e, 3) e, 4) e, 5) b, 6) e, 7) a, 8) d, 9) b, 10) c]








Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Second Annual Hoax-of-the-Year Award


Last year at this time I noted, “we are living in a time of hoaxes, an era of deceit on an unprecedented scale.” That assertion is, remarkably, even truer this year. Hence, I decided a Second Annual Hoax-of-the-Year Award was logical, even necessary.

Last year I concluded that “The remarkably rapid pivot from the Russian Collusion Hoax to the Great Election Hoax of 2020 clearly constitutes the greatest back-to-back hoaxing in recorded history. Therefore, I award them a tie for 2020 Hoax of the Year.”  With that in mind, let’s have a look at this year’s hoaxes, shall we?

Incredibly, there was an even richer field of hoaxes to pick from in 2021, and it’s possible I may regret the fact that I have once again decided to declare a winner so early. After all, in this climate, who knows what could happen in the next six weeks? That said, I am confident that no new hoax has time enough to supplant the ones currently considered.

              First off, there is the continuing Climate Change Hoax, previously known as the Global Cooling Hoax and later the Global Warming Hoax. Unfortunately for those who are ultra-invested in promulgating the belief that man-caused warming will render the planet uninhabitable in the next decade or two, the Antarctic Ice Sheet grew at a record pace this past year. The climate has always been changing and always will change…with or without us. That is why we have terms like “climate” and “weather.”

Next up is the Critical Race Theory Isn’t Taught in Our Schools Hoax, a relatively recent one, but nonetheless preposterous. CRT is prevalent in our schools, at various levels, and has also infected corporations and media outlets alike. Coca-Cola, for example, went to great trouble and expense to coax its non-colored employees into renouncing their whiteness. Then there is the Antifa Is Only an Idea Hoax. Tell that to all those who have had their businesses torched and looted. Tell that to Portland and Seattle. Antifa is very real-- and steeped in violence and, ironically, Fascist tactics and thuggery.

The Ivermectin/Remdesivir/Hydroxychloroquine/Aspirin/Anything Else in the World Other Than the Blessed Vaccines Doesn’t Work Against the Coronavirus Hoax has been a stunningly consistent one throughout the year, especially given that anecdotal evidence—and nearly every measure-- illuminates the lie behind the hoax. Regardless of results abroad or here in this country, nauseatingly smug pundits repeat “experts” claims that such “horse de-wormers” don’t work and/or are dangerous. (Given what is happening in the world today, one could more reasonably make that claim against the vaccines themselves.)

Another year-long theme-hoax “progressives” attempted to perpetrate on the American public was the All Black People Who Aren’t Radical Leftists Are White Supremacists Hoax. So-called progressives delighted in preposterously denigrating Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Winsome Sears-- and many others—for daring to traffic in “white ideas.”

This brings us to the epic January 6th Was Worse Than 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the Civil War Combined Hoax. This is a particularly pernicious prevarication, as anybody who lost loved ones on 9/11, at Pearl Harbor, or in the Civil War (more than 600,000 dead) would tell you. As would Ashli Babbitt’s husband.  

Yet another immaculate deception was the Joe Biden Is a Calm, Stable Moderate Who Will Unite the Country Hoax. Yes, and so is Kamala Harris. This one was initiated last year, in an attempt to get Biden elected. It was much ballyhooed after the New Year, as Biden prepared to—and did-- take office. Against all odds, it still survives in some quarters today.

 I’ll stop here, though I’m virtually certain readers can add several more hoaxes to this list.

Nearly everything that you see and hear today, whether in the mainstream media, in your schools, from the heads of Big Tech, your government leaders-- or “experts” like Dr. Fauci-- is a hoax. In fact, I would be perpetrating a hoax myself if I told you it wasn’t. Sad, but true.

So, which hoax to pick as the “Best of 2021,” the “Second Annual Hoax-of-the-Year?” The choice was extremely difficult once again. I didn’t want to proclaim a tie again, as I did last year. No cop out. (I hope that “cop” wasn’t triggering upsetting to anyone.)

              Much like last year, each and every one of these hoaxes has great merit and is truly preposterous in its own right. Once again, they are all related, virtual crimes perpetrated by progressives on the American people.

              The winner? (Drum roll, please.)

The Biden is a Calm, Stable Moderate Hoax, as all the others arguably are either a result of this one or have been aided and abetted by it.

Congratulations! Let’s go Brandon!



Let's Give Thanks For Humor




 It’s one of the things for which I’m most thankful. I scour recent headlines and delve into various news stories on a daily basis as I prepare to write pieces for this and other sites. In recent months this endeavor has been an increasingly dark and taxing one, especially for an aging carcass like mine. If I wasn’t blessed with a sense of humor, life would have long since lost its luster. I’d likely be knitting cummerbunds on a ranch outside of Tierra del Fuego while humming “Classical Gas,” or making custom license plates in a large, secure edifice with lots of cons, and very few pros.


Some folks are blessed with gifts such as extraordinary intelligence and perception, and that is wonderful on its face, but many of the brightest and most inquisitive minds are tormented by these very same qualities and capacities. We all know of the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. And we frequently hear talk of someone possessing a “sixth sense,” a keen intuitive power. Perhaps the ability to predict the stock market or know when the phone is about to ring. My preferred sixth sense is a sense of humor. Think about it. Unlike the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing, a sense of humor appears utterly unnecessary for our species- or any species- survival. We can see a dangerous situation developing, touch a hot surface and pull back our hand before it’s seriously damaged, smell a gas leak, taste spoiled or rotten food and spit it out, and hear a storm coming. But, is it vitally important that we can laugh at a Monty Python skit or a Babylon Bee post?


 If you ask me, it is.


With all the evil being perpetrated around the world, and the rapid decline and fall of the Unites States under the Brandon Biden administration, I would have taken leave of my senses long ago if it wasn’t for the sense God gave me. The life affirming sense of humor. I am reminded of a (quite risqué) movie called Skin Deep in which the late John Ritter played a character who was struggling with depression. Towards the end of the flick, as he began to come to terms with his life, he was sitting on the beach near the ocean when he was suddenly swept away by a giant, rogue wave that he failed to see coming. After being deposited some distance away, he got to his feet and remarked with knowing wonder and a wry smirk: “There is a God! And He’s a gag writer!” He was fine with that realization.


 So am I. At first blush, clinically speaking, humor doesn’t appear to have been a prerequisite for human life, whether one believes in Creationism or evolution. Yet it helps us to slay the demons and to not take ourselves and our troubles so seriously. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy a joke, a pun, or a funny story. Therefore, I would posit that humor is necessary for a rich, full and rewarding life,  or the pursuit of happiness as our Founders dubbed it. 


Humor: it’s not only funny, it’s divine. 


Thank you, God.


So come and have a seat at our table some Thanksgiving. Just watch out for the whoopee cushions.


Friday, November 26, 2021

Thanksgiving Redefined


The Pitt News Editorial Board recently published an article titled “It’s OK to not like Thanksgiving,” in which it recommended that readers ‘redefine’ what Thanksgiving means to them. That’s odd, the term seems perfectly clear to me. Nevertheless, the editorial claimed that “Thanksgiving is a weird holiday as is,” and asserted that the holiday is “forced upon” students. It added, “We are celebrating the genocide of the Wampanoag tribe by eating with our families and saying what we’re thankful for.”

Who hasn’t sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones, bowed their heads, and earnestly prayed: “Dear Lord, we thank thee for the turkey and fixings, football, all our blessings, and especially for the genocide of the Wampanoag tribe?” Are the Pitt News Editorial Board members clinically insane or just tragically woke? Thanksgiving is not “weird” nor “forced upon” anyone. Those who don’t wish to observe (let alone celebrate) it don’t. Sadly, many in our ever more faithless and jaded society just think of the erstwhile reverent holiday as “Turkey Day,” a day off work given over to watching football, eating and drinking. And some no longer even have the day off.  But how could thanking God for—or simply acknowledging-- our current blessings be construed as “celebrating the genocide of the Wampanoag tribe” hundreds of years ago, however it occurred?!

How would we “redefine” Thanksgiving, other than as its opposite? Well, the alumni associations of several universities are taking part in a webinar titled “The Thanksgiving Dilemma: Reevaluating Our Annual Celebration” in which they are addressing that very question. According to something called the Alumni Learning Consortium, the “national mood” has changed recently, leading “many Americans” to ponder whether Thanksgiving should be “rededicated” as a “National Day of Mourning” reflecting the “centuries-long displacement and persecution of Native Americans.”  

Washington State University is one of the participants, an extremely sad irony in that President George Washington instituted the holiday by issuing a proclamation on October 3rd, 1789, designating the last Thursday of that November as “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God…”


Not to be outdone in turning gratitude into mourning, University of Oregon alumni recently led an hour-long discussion titled “Thanks, But No Thanks-giving: Decolonizing an American Holiday.” The subject of reparations was brought up at the event, the bulk of which was spent in an open forum. Attendees had the opportunity to share their thoughts on “decolonizing our understanding of this holiday and the cultures surrounding it,” reconciling “relationships damaged by colonization, both human to human, and human to earth,” and how “inviting diverse perspectives” might play into this “while speaking truth to power.”


We all know how tolerant progressives are when exposed to perspectives of those with whom they disagree. If, say, an unvaccinated person or a Trump supporter tries speaking truth to power it rarely goes well. But I’m sure they sought out differing perspectives, just like the New York Times and the Washington Post do. (For example, the former might characterize my writings as “bigoted and xenophobic” while the latter might label them “xenophobic and bigoted.”)


The truth is, when the Mayflower pilgrims and the Wampanoag sat down for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, it was a routine—and amicable-- harvest celebration. Seven months prior to that feast, they had negotiated a peace treaty, one which lasted for nearly 50 years. In fact, that 1621 treaty was the only one between Native Americans and English colonists to be honored throughout the lives of all who signed it. It was diseases such as smallpox and leptospirosis that largely and tragically led to the decimation of the Wampanoag tribe.


So it’s all in how one looks at things, I guess. I, apparently naively, previously thought that gratitude was a good thing. One of the keys to a happy, rewarding, successful life. My dad has long since passed, but I remember his reaction when someone was complaining about a problem with their car. He would say, “How many moving parts are there in a vehicle like that? Where do the raw materials come from? How many people and factories are involved in the assembly? Maybe we should all wonder at the fact that they carry us wherever we want to go and give thanks that they work at all and don’t routinely blow up or fall apart.” Many would call his observations simple or naïve now. But perhaps it was a valid perspective, legitimate perception, and the frame of mind that leads to happiness and contentment. My oldest brother-- who recently passed-- had cancer, glaucoma, and Alzheimers…and when anyone asked him how he was doing, even shortly before he died, he would reply “Better than I deserve!”


I guess that is partly why I previously found Democrats’ incessant grievance-mongering and cult of victimhood so repulsive and so damaging. Dividing us by identity, I thought, was disgusting. Encouraging jealousy, entitlement, and bitterness a recipe for disaster. Wouldn’t it be much healthier for all of us as Americans to come together in the love of our country, heritage, and unique founding ideals? Or our shared ordeals? I used to believe that if we could all come together with gratitude, that itself would be something for which we could all be thankful.


But no more. I have seen the (progressive) light. Which celebrates darkness.

So, I am here to inform you that Thanksgiving sucks. I’m redefining it to reflect just that assertion. My truth, my Thanksgiving, is that there is nothing—absobleepinglutely nothing—to be thankful for. I propose we rename the “holiday,” steeping it in wokeness. Let’s dub it “Thanklessness Day” or “Unthankful Day.” A date which, like the United States, will live in infamy. Let it forever be “Mourning in America.”

So, screw you, George. And all of you in the dominant white patriarchal culture can kiss my ass.

Pass the turkey.   



Thursday, November 25, 2021

Media Now Seeks Only To Obfuscate, Lie


The mainstream media now seeks to obfuscate, misinform, disinform, omit or manufacture information to further its agenda, traffic in fake news, lie and deny. Or whatever the hell else it takes to advance the Leftist Agenda. Period. Of this there can be no doubt.

A Black rap musician with a long “rap sheet” (criminal history) drives thru a Christmas parade killing 5 and injuring dozens of others, including little children and elderly grandmothers? Yawn, nothing to see here, says the media. Actually, it might just be “Karma” for those darn Wisconsinites. Yet, what if Kyle Rittenhouse had done the exact same thing? There would be 24/7/365 Special Coverage of the “Waukesha Killer,” the tool of White Supremacy, the heinous, border-crossing, radical right-wing member of the cis-patriarchy!

If Hunter Biden’s laptop computer were instead Donald Trump, Jrs., replete with lurid pictures of hookers, underaged girls, the drugged-out laptop owner, and details of nepotism and influence peddling, do you believe the media would have bent over backward to hide that information and protect Don, Jr. as it did Hunter? (Uproarious laughter breaks out among sentient beings.)

And why was Aaron Rogers’ assertion of privacy and refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19 a massive front-page story while the lurid story of Henry Ruggs III drunkenly plowing his Corvette into another person’s vehicle at over 100 miles per hour-- killing a woman and her child-- downplayed in the extreme by the mainstream media? Could it be that Rogers is white, Ruggs III Black, and that Rogers had recently said some things that could possibly be construed as of a conservative bent?

The Democrat-Media Complex solemnly swore—for nearly 4 years—that the reason Donald Trump won in 2016 was because of Russian collusion. Yet, in the face of multiple-- and serious-- questions about the integrity of the 2020 election which saw Joe Biden elected, the self-same Democrat-Media Complex vociferously asserted that substantive interference in an American presidential election was literally impossible, the stuff of right-wing lunatics fever dreams.

Etc., etc.

The mainstream media now seeks to obfuscate, misinform, disinform, omit or manufacture information to further its agenda, traffic in fake news, lie and deny. Or whatever the hell else it takes to advance the Leftist Agenda. Period.

 No honest person with an I.Q. greater than that of an eggplant can deny this any longer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

COVID-19 Updates


COVID-19-20-21-22 Updates

*November 17, 2021: The United Kingdom has a very high vaccination rate against COVID-19. Yet, reports indicate that it currently has more coronavirus cases than it did even during last January’s peak when virtually no one was vaccinated.


Maine sports the highest vaccinated population in the United States. It currently has more cases—and as many hospitalized-- as last winter’s peak when very few were vaccinated.


Gibraltar is the most fully vaccinated place on Earth, with literally 100% of the adult population fully vaccinated and 40% having taken the booster shots, as well. And confirmed cases of COVID-19 are currently skyrocketing.


The National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators are also 100% fully vaccinated. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Unfortunately, (at least) several of their upcoming games have had to be postponed because 40% of this 100% vaccinated squad recently tested positive for the coronavirus.


*March 15, 2022: Dr. Fauci blames the latest wave of coronavirus on the three remaining unvaccinated people left in America. The Biden administration subsequently encourages the other 330+ million Americans to “track down Ted & Alice Johnson of Oklahoma City and ‘Jazz,’ a non-binary accountant from Cleveland,” and “deal with them as necessary.” Dr. Fauci added that, “because of Ted, Alice, and Jazz,"  47 of the 50 states are now experiencing their highest number of COVID-19 cases of the entire pandemic, even though everyone else is vaccinated and the vast majority of Americans have recently “done their duty” and received their third booster shot.

*March 17, 2022: Reports indicate that Ted, Alice, and Jazz have been “dealt with as necessary,” and that 100% of Americans are now vaccinated.

*November 11, 2022: An even worse wave of mutant coronavirus sweeps the United States and much of the developed world. Dr. Fauci releases an urgent statement saying: “This is still a pandemic of the unvaccinated, in that it now appears that the virus is spread much more rapidly by and from people who were reluctant to get the vaccine and who may still hold less than 100% positive thoughts about the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies that make them, the Biden administration, and, of course, myself. Moreover, it is also a pandemic of the under-vaccinated. To address this, I am now mandating, er, recommending, that everyone get a fourth booster shot as soon as possible, within 15 days at the most. This should finally fatten, I mean flatten, the curve…to coin a phrase. Don’t get antsy or angry folks. You are almost to where we need you to be.”

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Merriam-Webster Adds "Fourth Trimester" To Dictionary


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary now officially sports a new term, one to be used to describe the first few months of a newborn’s life. The term is “fourth trimester,” which it claims is warranted as during this time the newborn is “more fetus-like than baby-like.”   

The iconic dictionary company issued a press release stating, “the fourth trimester is the first three to four months of a baby’s life after birth. The word ‘trimester’ implies that the baby is still a fetus…and that’s on purpose! A newborn’s brain and nervous system are not fully developed at birth, making them more fetus-like than baby-like.”

Ahh, I get it. This will make proponents of late term and even “after-birth” abortions feel better about themselves. They aren’t really killing babies, just dispensing with fetuses. Nothing more than non-viable tissue masses, really. No big whoop.  

According to the press release, the term was originally coined by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp. It noted, “He found that, thanks to evolutionary changes, human babies are born about three months before they’re technically ‘ready.’ In fact, they had to be born three months early because a baby’s developing brain and skull have gotten so big by the end of the third trimester that they can barely safely fit through the birth canal.”

Odd that after all this time mother nature couldn’t figure out that babies weren’t ready to be born yet. An enlightened person would think that after tens of thousands of years evolution would have either slowed down the growth of the fetuses’ brains and skulls or enlarged mothers’ vaginal openings.

Unless it was best for babies to have a greater brain capacity and mothers to actually care for them instead of abort them.

If “progressives’” desire to destigmatize abortion—and after-birth abortion (a.k.a. murder)-- continues unabated, at some point certain pro-choice folks should get concerned for their own viability. Vice-President Kamala Harris could be considered to be in her “175th-trimester,” but Greta Thunberg is only in her “61st-trimester,” for example.

Look for Merriam-Webster to add the terms “third-half” and “fifth-quarter” soon, as well.


Monday, November 22, 2021

COVID-19 Mandates VS. Freedom: Herd Immunity Or Herd Mentality?


The outlook for achieving herd-immunity as regards the coronavirus is “very complicated,” according to Dr. Jefferson Jones, a medical officer on the CDC’s COVID-19 Epidemiology Task Force. “Thinking that we’ll be able to achieve some kind of threshold where there’ll be no more transmission of infections may not be possible,” Jones acknowledged recently to members of a panel that advises the CDC on vaccines. He noted that none of the vaccines have proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, and that recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by the vaccines can wane in a matter of months. Jones said this means that, even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would very likely continue to spread.

Remember January 2019? The beginning of that new year now seems as if it was decades ago, not a mere 34 months past. Most of us didn’t fully realize then that we were living in the halcyon days of U.S. energy independence, record low unemployment, historically stout GDP growth, relatively stable relations with our potential adversaries……and that we were freer than we would ever be again. (Would that we could go back in time and party like it was 2019.)

Perhaps we would sing a verse from a Zac Brown Band song:

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

And ever be


Just a month or two after that the “pandemic” hit. We were told we just needed to take unusual precautions for a short while. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” should do it, the “experts” said. Stay in your dwellings for two weeks or so. That’s not so bad, is it?


Two weeks or so went by and the experts cried “that’s not enough.” Our rulers told us we shouldn’t leave our abodes unless absolutely necessary until further notice. We should wipe down and disinfect every single store-bought item we brought into our homes. Many of us were then informed that our jobs weren’t “essential,” even though they sure as hell were to us. We were told to smother our mouths and noses with masks and stay at least six feet away from other disease carriers people. And that we couldn’t enjoy the holidays with our families or attend weddings and funerals.


But, they said, there is a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Once we get a vaccine, then we can corral the coronavirus and life can return to normal. Many did not see that they smirked while they said this, fingers crossed behind their backs. As they lived their lives as usual.


After the “vaccines” appeared, they told us that when 70% or so of us were vaccinated, we would achieve herd-immunity and the pandemic would be near an end. And then they (Dr. Fauci) said, “well, maybe when 80 or 85 percent of Americans are vaccinated we will achieve herd-immunity. Or 90 percent.”


And now, the CDC and the “experts” are telling us that, what with the quickly flagging efficacy of the vaccines and the emerging new mutations such as the Delta Variant that they have brought about, we might never be able to achieve herd-immunity. (And our global rulers chuckle slyly to themselves, a gleam in their eyes.)


Al Stewart wrote a remarkably poignant song, “Roads To Moscow,” about a Russian soldier who comes home at the end of World War II after having helped liberate Germany. Despite his fighting for the Motherland for four brutal years, his superiors are suspicious of what he thought of “the West,” even in the form of the Nazi-run Third Reich, and they send him off to a re-education camp instead of thanking him for his service and treating him as a hero. Sickeningly, this actually happened to many Soviet soldiers. It is historical fact.


The song concludes:


And I wonder when I'll be home again and the morning answers ‘never.’
And the evening sighs and the steely, Russian skies go on


Why do I bring this up?


You tell me. When will we be free again?

Our rulers answer, “never.”