Monday, February 28, 2022

LGBTQ Identification In U.S. Skyrockets


The percentage of U.S. adults who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-- or something/anything other than heterosexual-- has increased to a new high of 7.1%, which is double the percentage from 2012, when Gallup first measured it. What’s more, nearly 40% of Gen Zers and even 30% of young Christians identify as LGBTQ, as well, according to the same survey. Those numbers are truly stupefying.

Obviously, changes of this magnitude and velocity could not happen organically, or through evolution. So, what is happening? Why the illogical race away from heterosexuality? Several factors have come together in a gender-bending perfect storm. First, the rapid, general decline in traditional morality and Christian values has paved the way numerous dangerous trends. Second, the consequent tidal wave of “wokeness” washing over society and through our school systems has accelerated the trend. Teachers’ unions essentially push the trans and LGBTQ agenda along with CRT and other society-altering curricula and politically correct dogma. Peer pressure is a huge factor, too, perhaps the biggest immediate one, as kids convince their friends and fellow students that they really aren’t the sex that aligns with their genitalia. This has become “cool/hip/rad.” Being cis is so, like, yesterday…and boring.

At this rate (a doubling of U.S. adults who identify as LGBTQ every decade), by 2060 virtually 100% of the population will be LGBTQ. If that is the case, there likely won’t be much of a population at all 100 years hence. We may go the way of the dinosaur.

Speaking of which, maybe that’s what happened to them. Perhaps mighty Tyrannosaurus-Rex was actually a little light in the loafers, so to speak. Maybe Brontosaurus was asexual. Maybe we should rename Triceratops to Biceratops, if you know what I mean. Perhaps Diplodocuses all identified as the opposite sex and every Megalosaurus rejected the gender they were “assigned at birth.” Maybe Stegosauruses eventually all decided that they were non-binary. Perhaps all female Allosauruses became lesbian. What if all the other dinosaurs, too, just lost their focus on the wonders of the opposite sex and turned gay, questioning, or entirely non-sexual?

Screw the comet or climate change extinction theories, I say the dinosaurs all turned queer.

           But, hey, other than extinction, it would have been fabulous!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

The View's Joy Behar Beclowns Herself-- Again


Joy Behar, the preposterously ignorant gasbag and cohost of “The View,” recently bemoaned the fact that Russia’s attack on Ukraine might deter her from a long-planned trip to Italy. After expressing concern for the Ukrainian people, Behar said: “Yeah, I’m scared of what’s gonna happen in Western Europe, too. You know, you just, you plan a trip, you wanna go there. I’ve wanted to go to Italy for four years and I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic, and now this, you know? It’s like, who’s gonna, what’s gonna happen there?”

Any decent person’s heart must bleed for Behar, though I doubt Russia will also attack Italy anytime soon.

One wonders what Behar would have said if she were alive in other times of war and strife. I’m guessing if she was around circa 1942 she would have told anyone who would listen, “Yeah, I’m just devastated. I was planning to vacation in Paris this summer. But now, it’s like, are all the shops even open, you know?”

Had she been alive in 1863, she probably would have stated, “I really wanted to go to Gettysburg for the Fourth of July, but now, like, who would wanna go there? I mean, it’s just been ruined for me.”

Saturday, February 26, 2022

John Kerry Worried Russian Attack On Ukraine May Adversely Affect Climate Change


John Kerry recently noted with sadness that Russia's war with Ukraine will distract the international community from what really matters: the battle against climate change. In doing so Kerry as much as admitted that his main concern with Russia’s unprovoked attack on its neighbor was that it would temporarily derail the Biden administration’s plans to impress the world with its adherence to green policies.

During an interview with BBC Arabic, the former secretary of state and current U.S. “special envoy for climate” said the war will have "massive emissions consequences" for the entire world. Kerry did mention his concern for “the people of Ukraine” and of “trying to change boundaries of international law by force,” adding, “I thought we lived in a world that had said no to that kind of activity. And I hope diplomacy will win.” Yeah, “diplomacy” always defeats fanatical, tyrannical governments, doesn’t it, John? Remember the Munich Agreement? “Peace in our time!”  Maybe not. But representatives from the Japanese government were negotiating with us when…never mind.

Tragically, Ukraine, too, is experiencing the results of “diplomacy” as it has been defined and applied in the West. In December of 1994, Ukraine agreed to eliminate all of its nuclear weapons and become a “non-nuclear-weapon State” by signing the Budapest Accord. It did so explicitly because the U.S., U.K., and Russia vowed to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty. The first two items of the Memorandum on Security Assurances in Connection with Ukraine’s Accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons are:

1)      The United States of America, The Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.

2)      The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

After expressing his dismay that Vladimir Putin did not, in fact, say no “to that kind of activity,” Kerry addressed his real concerns, saying: "But massive emissions consequences to the war but equally importantly, you're going to lose people's focus, you're going to lose big country attention because they will be diverted and I think it could have a damaging impact. So, you know hopefully President Putin would realize that in the Northern part of his country, they used to live on 66% of the nation that was over frozen land.” That wasn’t a particularly eloquent—or coherent—statement, but that’s the Biden administration in a nutshell. Babble on about crap that doesn’t really matter while ignoring or covering up what is important and meaningful.

Kerry also allegedly said “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” Yes, I’m sure he’s laser-focused on that, even while attempting to obliterate a neighboring state.

Modern day “progressives” fail to understand…well, everything…but in particular they fail to grasp the fact that not everyone is like them. All dictators-- and most governments-- around the world respect only strength and consider any hint of weakness or compromise an invitation to do as they please. Ergo, striving for “diversity, inclusion and equity” in dealing with them is a recipe for disaster.  Economics isn’t a zero-sum game, but geopolitics is.

Leftists’ priorities are beyond bizarre. Worrying about “climate change” at the same time a belligerent Russia threatens its neighbors is foolish. It is akin to being concerned that the Holocaust would distract the international community from the horrors of transphobia, cedar apple rust, or bail reform. That the attack on Pearl Harbor would distract Americans from the urgent need to develop more organic produce. That the 9/11 attacks would divert our attention away from the existential fight to eliminate plastic straws. Or that a Second Civil War might tend to draw people’s attention from the plight of trans people to secure their inherent right to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choosing.

John Kerry is a fossil, albeit one who hates fossil fuels. We don’t need a “special envoy for climate.”

We need a “special envoy for sanity.”



Zoo Hires Marvin Gaye Impersonator To Get Monkeys In The Mood


The Trentham Monkey Forest, a British zoo in Stafford, England, recently took an unusual step to bolster its population of endangered macaque monkeys. It hired David Largie, an experienced Marvin Gaye impersonator, to visit the monkey’s enclosure and croon love songs. Largie sang some of the soul legend’s sexiest songs, including "Let's Get It On" and "Sexual Healing," inside the Barbary macaque habitat.

Park Director Matt Lovatt (!) noted on the zoo’s website: "We thought it could be a creative way to encourage our females to show a little affection to males that might not have been so lucky in love.”  He added, “Each birth is vital to the species with Barbary macaques being classed as endangered."

Zookeepers expect to discover whether Largie’s covers of the iconic Gaye songs had the intended effect on the monkeys when birthing season arrives in late spring and early summer.

If it turns out Marvin Gaye’s music didn’t put the imperiled primates in the mood, perhaps the zoo could play Bread classics over its sound system.  If “If,” “Everything I Own,” “Baby I’m A Want You,” and “Make It With You” don’t horn up the stolid simians, they deserve to become extinct.

The Trentham Monkey Forest might also consider hiring Dr. Ruth Westheimer to answer any of the macaques’ questions regarding intimacy. Maybe it should also put some Viagra in the monkey’s food, place some candles around the enclosure, and give them a few bottles of a particularly nice chardonnay. I mean, is it really that hard to get monkeys to do it?

Be that as it may, do you know how you know you aren’t Marvin Gaye? I’ll tell you: when you find yourself singing “Sexual Healing” to an enclosure full of macaques.  


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Democratic Representative Says Maskless Congressmen Are Undermining Our Democracy


               Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) chastised and slandered “GOP members” who decline to abide by the Capitol mask mandate, saying they willfully endangered others’ health and comparing them to the January 6 “insurrectionists.”

              Referring to an incident in which Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) allegedly told Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) to “kiss my ass” after she requested he wear a face mask while on an underground subway that carries congressmen from their offices to the Capitol, Jayapal said: “That should not be a problem in the United States Congress. I really believe that our colleagues who refuse to even adhere to the basic norms of civility are undermining our democracy, and of course we’re seeing it in all kinds of even more serious ways like the Jan. 6 insurrection is just part of that and part of the attempt to take down a legitimate democracy from functioning in the way it should."

             Yes, those of us who have the audacity to walk around unmasked—barefaced!—are doing so in a deliberate attempt to “undermine our democracy,” or at least keep it from “functioning in the way it should.” We are insurrectionists-- terrorists really.

  Because, when someone refuses to reflexively comply with an authoritarian government’s demands, that someone is obviously anti-democratic. Probably a fascist. Right?

  In truth, every Democrat screaming that we are “going to lose our democracy” if Republicans/conservatives have their way…is actually…helping us to lose our democracy. Fighting federal mandates, authoritarianism, and tyranny is the only way we can keep “our democracy.”

 Acquiescing to them will destroy it.

            Note to Rep. Jayapal and Rep. Joyce: taking away peoples’ personal freedoms is not a hallmark of democratic government. Tyranny does not equal democracy.

            But you are free to keep wearing your masks. Even as you kiss my ass.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

"Freedom" Now Deemed A "White Supremacist" Notion


Taylor Dysart, a doctoral candidate at Penn, authored a column in which she claimed that the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy “has surprised onlookers in the United States and Canada,” in large part “because the action seems to violate norms of Canadian ‘politeness.’“ She then opined, “But the convoy represents the extension of a strain of Canadian history that has long masked itself behind ‘peacefulness’ or ‘unity’: settler colonialism.” Huh?

Sadly, she wasn’t done. She stated, “The history of Canadian settler colonialism and public health demonstrates how both overt white-supremacist claims and seemingly more inert nationalistic claims about ‘unity’ and ‘freedom’ both enable and erase ongoing harm to marginalized communities.” Huh?

She added, “The primarily White supporters of the Freedom Convoy argue that pandemic mandates infringe upon their constitutional rights to freedom. The notion of ‘freedom’ was historically and remains intertwined with Whiteness, as historian Tyler Stovall has argued. The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of White supremacy. This explains why the Freedom Convoy members see themselves as entitled to freedom, no matter the public health consequences to those around them.”


Yes, how dare the Freedom Convoy members think they are “entitled” to freedom! It’s not like they have inalienable rights granted by their Creator or something! They only have the rights that the government says they have…or don’t have! Period. Leftists somehow believe they are entitled to determine what freedom other people have. Revolting assumed privilege.


“Public health consequences?” We have seen the consequences of being locked down and enslaved for all of history. And they are despair, disease, and death.


Dysart referenced Stovall because his book, “White Freedom: The Racial History of an Idea,” supports her insane belief that the notion of freedom is actually racist.  The book discusses “how the Statue of Liberty—a gift from France to the United States and perhaps the most famous symbol of freedom on Earth—promised both freedom and whiteness to European immigrants.” So, Lady Liberty is racist, too. And probably sexist. (I always suspected her.)


The assertion that one’s “entitlement to freedom” is a “key component of White supremacy” seems illogical at best. Slaves in the American South dreamed of freedom, cherished freedom, and believed they were entitled to it, and I’m pretty sure most of them weren’t White Supremacists.

Come to think of it, I doubt that Martin Luther King thought he was giving a shout out to White Supremacy when he joyously spoke of a day when Black people were “Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty we are free at last.”


But, as Mark Steyn recently noted, “Physical lockdown seems to have inculcated in the citizenry a psychological lockdown that will be far harder to lift.” He referenced a CBC show, Cross-Country Check-Up, to which he said “the word ‘freedom’” itself “is now suspect.”

According to Steyn, the host(s) of the nation-wide open-line radio show opined:

As demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions continue across Canada, the word freedom is on the lips and placards of many protesters. Often associated with protests and rallies in the United States, the term has taken hold among protesters who are part of the Freedom Convoy, which rolled into Ottawa in late January and has become entrenched in the city's downtown.

For many, freedom is a malleable term — one that's open to interpretation. That flexibility, in part, has fueled its growth among certain groups, said Barbara Perry, director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the Oshawa-based Ontario Tech University. It's also a term that has thrived among far-right groups, said Perry, one of a number of experts who say the presence of far-right groups in Canada is growing.

 Freedom is a “malleable” term/concept? I’m pretty sure the slaves on Southern plantations and those held in German concentration camps or Japanese prisons during World War II would disagree.  

Freedom has “thrived” among “far-right” groups? Freedom is a far-right notion? No wonder far-right groups have grown.

It has come to this. As George Orwell knew it could. Freedom is fascist. Freedom is slavery.

If freedom is now considered problematic by the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism, no one can tell me we aren’t in real trouble.

But many apparently now do consider a love of freedom an example of Hate, Bias and Extremism. For example, students and faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) have demanded a new mask mandate be put in place after the statewide mandate was recently lifted by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. And various reports indicate that many Democrats don’t want to relinquish their masks, don’t want life to go back to normal with the waning of the coronavirus plandemic pandemic.

In urban areas of the formerly United States, particularly on both coasts, an astounding number of people seem to enjoy being masked up and locked down, seem to take pride in showing their reflexive compliance to Big Brother, seem to value being submissive and subjugated. They seemingly revel in their subjugation and thrive on being disciplined by their sadomasochistic rulers. They have taken subservience to a new and troubling level and elevated obedience to a virtue. Incomprehensibly, to many in Canada—and the U.S., the land of the formerly free and erstwhile brave-- freedom is out, passé, just another word for nothing left to lose.

Freedom is a “far-right concept” now, according to some. Think about that. Freedom is a word primarily associated with radical, right-wing extremists and white supremacy?! How preposterous and revolting is that assertion? What does it say about those on the left? What does it say about those who don't purport to value (others’) freedom?

Note to all the virtue-signaling wokesters out there: You have the right to prostrate yourself to anybody you like. You can genuflect to your government, take a knee before a Karen. You can submit to your spouse…or your dominatrix. You can subjugate yourself to anyone or anything or any cause you like, but you have no damn right to keep the rest of us enslaved as well. Or to even suggest that we should join you in your prostration.




Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Canadian Police On The Wrong Side Of History


The Ottawa Police Department (OPD) recently received many phone calls protesting its abhorrent abuse of peaceful protesters surrounding the Freedom Convoy. The department apparently did not like the calls. Ergo, it took to Twitter to tweet: We know the events in #Ottawa are upsetting. Still, we’re asking people to stop calling critical emergency and operational phone lines to express displeasure about the police action to remove an unlawful assembly downtown.” The tweet also stated: “We track calls and will charge anyone deliberately interfering with the phone lines.”


Got it. Don’t call us just because you witness an unresisting protester being trampled, kicked, clubbed, kneed, tasered, or teargassed. We need to keep the phone lines open in case someone is in need of help, has an emergency, is being assaulted, or needs medical assistance!

I am a big supporter of the police when they are true to their mission “to protect and serve.” But when they become drunk on their own power and side with the authoritarian state against the people, they forfeit all respect. History is, sadly, rife with unspeakable acts perpetrated by the likes of Hitler’s S.S. and Brownshirts, The East German Stasi, the Soviet Union’s KGB and its successor the FSB, etc., etc. In fact, virtually every non-democratic state in history has had a version of the aforementioned. But now erstwhile democratic states and republics are getting into the act.

To say that the actions of certain members of the OPD and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were unnecessary and egregious is an understatement. They clearly relished the power and control they wielded over those they forcefully disbanded. They enjoyed teaching the great unwashed from the hinterlands a lesson, letting them know who is boss. One shudders to think what they might have done if they knew no one could possibly be watching or ever learn of their actions. It is yet another sad commentary on the depravity of human behavior, especially as juxtaposed to the general nobility of the vast majority of the truckers and their supporters.

“Good afternoon, Ottawa Police Department.”

“Yes, I’d like to report an assault.”

“Okay, who is being assaulted?”

“I don’t know for sure, but it looks like maybe an Antifa member—or maybe it’s a member of parliament-- is being rudely lectured by some conservative dude.”

“Dear God! We’ll be there immediately! Thanks for calling!”


“Good afternoon, Ottawa Police Department.”

“Yes, I’d like to report an assault.”

“Okay, who is being assaulted?”

 “It’s one of the truckers from the Freedom Convoy. He’s being beaten with truncheons! They are kicking the crap out of him for no reason, and—"

“Good! Now stop calling or we will arrest you and prosecute you to the effing moon and back! And freeze your bank account, too, you sniveling little freedom-loving, anti-government snitch!”


Monday, February 21, 2022

Trudeau Laying Waste To Canada, Reason, Freedom


As Andrea Widburg observed in a recent American Thinker post, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau essentially called Melissa Lantsman, a conservative member of the Canadian Parliament, a swastika-waving Nazi. This wasn’t just the usual disgusting and preposterously hysterical hyperbole employed by leftists. This was particularly egregious as Lantsman is a descendant of Holocaust survivors. But, in what passes for the mind of the Prime Minister, she had to be savaged because she dared to defend the truckers who are protesting his draconian mandates and increasingly brutal police-state actions.

 Trudeau said of his fellow public servants, "Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas; they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag." (Which none of them have done or would do.) Or they could stand with Trudeau, who actually is acting like a dictator of a Banana Republic-- or Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Neither of which are good looks for the leader of the True North, as it’s too cold to grow bananas and too many of his citizens still remember who the good guys were in the Cold War. None-the-less, Trudeau’s behavior has become so outlandish I wouldn’t be surprised if he took his shoe off and started banging on a podium at any time.

In response to another member of Parliament who called on Trudeau to apologize for his appalling remarks, Trudeau replied, “Canadians deserve their freedoms back.” Yes, Prime Minister, that is why the truckers you slander are protesting. You took their freedoms from them, and they’d like them back.

Trudeau also said that the blockades “continue to interfere with people’s daily lives.” That’s rich. His government has been doing that for more than two years now, which is why untold millions have offered their support for the brave members of the Freedom Convoy. They would like it if Trudeau stopped interfering in their lives-- and ceased causing them hardship and heartbreak.

The Slime Minister stated that he “will stand on the side of Canadians who want their livelihoods back.” He might want to start with the truckers. And all the others whose jobs he deemed ‘unessential’ during the pandemic.

Trudeau added, “People are made to feel fearful, miss shifts at their work, these are things that cannot be stood for.” Again, these are all things he did to the people. Hence, the protests.

Yet his response to the legitimate grievances of the working-class truckers has been to castigate and shame them. To arrest them, tow away their rigs, unconstitutionally freeze their bank accounts, and even take their pets from them. His own “Justice Minister” has hinted that being a conservative or Trump supporter could be a factor in determining if one’s bank account is frozen. By invoking the War Measures Act, euphemistically renamed the Emergency Act, he arrogated to himself the power to do as he pleases to the truckers…and virtually anyone else in the nation he rules.

The never-before-used emergency powers allow Trudeau’s government to establish “no-go” zones in Ottawa…just like the ones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Baltimore! In fact, under the new rules, excited authorities said they can now ban public assemblies that “may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace.” And the government is nothing if not reasonable. Police have already arrested dozens of people and charged a few at one location with conspiracy to commit murder after announcing the seizure of “weapons” there. You know, like a firearm or a knife. This is like charging people with conspiracy to overeat after finding forks and spoons in their possession. Or charging them with conspiracy to commit libel after discovering they own pens and keyboards. But libel, slander and misinformation are the hallmarks of authoritarian governments, not long-haul truckers.

Disturbingly, Canada’s money-laundering and terrorism financing rules have also been widened to include crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and GiveSendGo, as well as payment service providers that have been used to funnel funds to the protesters. Basically, if the Trudeau government doesn’t approve of your thinking, actions or largesse, it will simply dismiss or prevent them. Chilling.

Does Trudeau wish to start a civil war, or is he just drunk on power and the application of wickedness?

Incredibly, Trudeau claimed that by detaining, arresting, and fining the protesters he was “restoring confidence in our institutions.” Really? By fraudulently slandering them and attacking their rights and freedoms? It’s a little late for that, Dumbo. Good luck “restoring their confidence” in your institutions now. Even the Canadian Civil Liberties Union (CCLU) opposes Trudeau’s heavy-handed overreach.

Oddly, Trudeau didn’t seem to mind the months-long orgy of burning, looting and violence that ravaged the U.S. during the summer of 2020. Nor did he oppose farmers in India clogging the streets of New Delhi in a massive protest last year. In fact, he supported them and told them “Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest.” Just not those in Canada, apparently.

Calling Prime Sinister Minister Trudeau an empty suit would be a grave offense to empty suits everywhere. His hypocrisy knows no bounds, his stupidity is limitless. Yet his ego appears as vast as the cosmos. He treats his fellow citizens like they are his servants, not the other way around. He treats them like they are all lepers…or are all in blackface. But, in truth, he was the one in blackface. That face should be deep red now.

He is a metrosexual/GQ version of a cross between the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. If only he had courage, a brain and a heart, he could approximate a human being. Sadly, he is a misplaced, quiche-eating, latte-sipping, effeminate—and fraudulent-- gasbag in a nation largely comprised of hockey players and outdoor-lovers.

Oh, Canada.

 Look what this clown has done to you. You were once the true north, strong and free.

Please remove this guy from office. For your sake. And ours.





Sunday, February 20, 2022

Trudeau Government To Start Abducting Truckers' Pets


Evil has a new face. It is the face of an entitled pajama boy and wannabe dictator. It is a face that once was painted black as part of a costume for an “Arabian Nights” party. It is the face of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau recently invoked the Emergencies Act, the first time it has ever been utilized, to indiscriminately punish the truckers who comprise the Freedom Convoy. (In 1988, Canada’s existing “War Measures Act” was repealed and replaced by the Emergencies Act, which was to only be invoked during similar security emergencies.)

The act will allow Trudeau to direct that truckers be arrested, their trucks seized, and their bank accounts frozen…all without a warrant. If a protester is detained for more than eight days, that person’s dog or other pet could be taken from them. The same fate could befall those individuals who could no longer care for their pet because they had their bank accounts frozen due to the Trudeau government’s tyrannical and unconstitutional actions.

A tweet from the official account for Ottawa’s by-law and regulatory services read, “Attention animal owners at demonstration: If you are unable to care for your animal as a result of enforcement actions, your animal will placed into protective care for 8 days, at your cost. After 8 days, if arrangements are not made, your animal will be considered relinquished.”

Some Western governments, including those in Canada and the U.S., have taken children from their parents if their parents were not vaccinated. Now Trudeau will separate the anti-mandate truckers from their pets. Talk about a pet peeve.

These nations no longer have the moral authority to effectively confront potentially hostile countries like the erstwhile Soviet Union or modern-day China, Russia, Iran, etc.

Ergo, they don’t.

So, what happens to the trucker’s pet after the government considers it “relinquished?”

Likely the same thing that will happen to our freedom if we allow it to be relinquished.

It will be gone for good.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Students Demand Professor Be Fired For Refusing To Allow "Support" Pit Bull Into Classroom


            Students at George Washington University are demanding that a professor who wouldn’t let a “service” pit bull into her classroom be fired. Well over 4,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of Professor Marie Matta, who argued with student Liza Malinsky in class late in January about the dog’s presence in class.

Malinsky, who describes herself as a “disabled Black woman with a history of trauma” and “crippling anxiety,” claimed on her Instagram page that Matta “humiliated” her and acted illegally by “expos[ing] confidential information about [her] accommodations and disabilities in front of all of [her] peers.” One of Malinsky’s cheerleading teammates, Carly Shaffer, started a petition on February 1st calling for Matta to be fired for engaging in “racial and ableist injustices.”


Say what?! How “disabled” and riddled with “crippling anxiety” could Malinsky be if she is a cheerleader?


In any case, campus police showed up while Malinsky and Matta were arguing. Malinsky then presented the email she received from Disability Support Services stating she did not have to show any paperwork in order to attend class with “Charlie,” her pit bull. Apparently, Charlie isn’t actually a service dog and Malinsky trained him herself, which she claims is “all legal under [Americans with Disabilities Act] law.”

However, the ADA specifically notes, “emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals” do not qualify as service animals. There is an exception, however, for “psychiatric service animals” which serve to calm those with anxiety attacks.


The Disabled Students Collective issued a statement of support for Malinsky, saying: “We wholeheartedly support and believe the victim of the situation, as well as every other student with accommodations on our campus.” Huh?

You can probably guess the result of this disagreement. On February 2, Professor Matta capitulated and sent an emailed apology to Malinsky acknowledging that “her actions were a mistake.”

Great. So, what about my “support” alligator or tarantula? What about your “service” rottweiler, grizzly bear, hyena, rattlesnake, emu, lobster, or water buffalo? Won’t let them in? Fire the professor!

Just like in the world at large, this kind of insanity tolerance will lead to total chaos, lawsuits, and physical danger to others. This kind of thing gets me so upset, I…I…I feel an anxiety attack coming on right now!

Fortunately, I’ve got Bucky my support badger to get me through it. Come here, Bucky!


Americans Who Question Government Now "Threat Actors"


A new federal terror advisory contains a threat assessment that characterizes Americans who “mislead” others into questioning government-approved messages as being on par with terrorists. That is as anti-American messaging as could be imagined. America was founded on questioning governments, foreign and domestic. And that has been her saving grace, the reason for her unique success.

The assessment specifically identifies those who engage in “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions” as “threat actors.” It also cites “widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19” as having a deleterious effect on government institutions.

Actually, it’s the actions of government institutions that often have a deleterious effect on (people’s views of) government institutions…and on the people. But, no matter, our First Amendment rights are out the window. 1984 is here. “Wrong-thought” has been criminalized.

If not stopped—and reversed-- this is the end of the Great Experiment and the Land of Opportunity.

So, fellow threat actors, what are we to do about this?

First off, we must realize that “misinformation” is what has typically been put out by governments since governments were instituted among men. The larger and more powerful the government in relation to the people, the more preposterous the misinformation, false narratives, outright lies and other propaganda it will churn out. And the less it will tolerate dissent and independent thought. This is a historical fact. It was true of feudal kings. Offend the king and it could be “off with your head.” The Third Reich blamed all Germany’s troubles on the Jews. So it imprisoned and exterminated them. The Soviet Union killed millions of folks who didn’t toe the party line. Speak out against the government? Hello “re-education” camp or gulag. And today we have Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Eritrea, North Korea…and, of course, China. (How’s your “social credit score?” You might be about to find out.) China graciously exported the pandemic to the West, and it now appears many Western nations may be attempting to appropriate its system of government, as well. Talk about forgiveness and tolerance. Amazing. The governments of Australia, New Zealand, Austria, several other European nations, and even Canada and the United States have quickly and zealously headed down the road to tyranny.

 Leftists in the U.S. are attacking the First and Second Amendments (among others). These are the essence and guarantor of our freedoms, respectively. They are marginalizing, canceling and even incarcerating those who have the effrontery to challenge their narrative. Meaning their power. That is tyranny. That is terrorism. They are “threat actors.” And they do this while accusing Trump supporters, Christians, patriots, rednecks, Rogan listeners, Republicans, rural residents, truck drivers—and anyone else with whom they disagree-- of being a “threat to our democracy.” The truth is precisely the opposite, of course. They are the threat to our democracy. Demonstrably and inarguably. They want to squelch free speech and vigorous dialogue. They wish to take away your right to protect yourself and your family. They wish to pack the court. They wish to end the filibuster. They wish to eliminate the Electoral College. We don’t wish to do any of those things to them or anybody else. Oh, and they locked us all down and masked us all up for the past two years.

There has been much talk of a Second Civil War or a Second American Revolution. Either, of course, would be tragic, insofar as violence and bloodshed are concerned. But what we really need, and what might help avoid either of the aforementioned, is a second Declaration of Independence. If our elite rulers knew—were absolutely convinced-- that we will no longer accept their forays into tyranny and despotism, will no longer meekly acquiesce to their every wish and whim no matter how banal, damaging, or evil, perhaps we could start reclaiming and restoring “our democracy.”

I’ll even offer to write it.

It might go something like this:

“As Americans, we still hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. And that legitimate governments are instituted among men to secure these rights, not attempt to repeal them. We must never forget that just governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. These are the defining characteristics of America, the blueprint for this nation, and we will not throw our birthrights away. As our Founders noted, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it. Indeed, when a government is trending towards absolute despotism, it is their duty to do so. For, as Americans, we owe it to our forefathers, ourselves, and our posterity to reclaim our former freedoms and see to a rebirth of our once blessed and unrivaled republic.

“The following are some of the abuses, injuries, and usurpations compelling us to make this Declaration:

“Our leaders have used a pandemic, that they partially paid for, to tell us that we couldn’t leave our houses. For the first time, they quarantined the healthy. They told us that we must wear a mask over our mouths and noses at all times, even indoors. They said we couldn’t visit our loved ones in hospitals or in hospice. Pure, unadulterated evil. They barred us from attending weddings and funerals. They informed many of us that our jobs are ‘not essential,’ even as they paid many not to work. Preposterous! They have fomented and excused months-long violent protests and riots by some which led to numerous deaths and billions of dollars in damage…while incarcerating without charge many who peacefully walked our Capitol Building. They have unilaterally instituted a two-tier system of justice, where laws apply utterly differently to different people based on ideology. They have weaponized the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, and IRS against the American people, and are now even attempting to do the same with our military. They have, through extreme incompetence or malevolence given succor to our enemies and created grave doubts in the minds of our friends and allies. They have decided not to tend to or defend our Southern border, leaving us wide open to criminals, drug and sex trafficking, and potential acts of terrorism. They do this because they wish to replace us legal citizens with those who they can more easily control—and whom they can count on to vote for them in the future. Monstrous! Moreover, they have created conditions mandating that crime rates will surge across the nation, making all of us less safe. They have disabled our energy industry, making us once again dependent on foreign actors and adversely affecting our national security. They have mismanaged the economy, driving up inflation and diminishing our quality of life. They have—in a myriad ways—caused absolutely needless pain and suffering for scores of millions of Americans, as reflected in the skyrocketing rates of substance abuse and suicides. All these are egregious and frightening acts signaling a descent into tyranny.

“Yet, whenever we have petitioned for redress, we have been summarily rebuffed. Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. We have been mocked, scorned, cancelled.

“Our leaders must know that we will not choose hopelessness and despair. We will not tolerate their arrogance, scorn, and contempt. We will, once more, be free.

“Therefore, we the citizens of the United States of America, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the universe for the righteousness of our intentions, do solemnly publish and declare that, to this end, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”



Thursday, February 17, 2022

Democrats Declare Another "Unconditional War"


Democrats in the House of Representatives recently introduced a bill which would declare “unconditional war on racism.” If passed, it would establish yet another new federal agency, this one called the “Department of Reconciliation.”

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) introduced the bill as H. Res. 919, though its full title is purportedly “Declaring an unconditional war on racism and invidious discrimination and providing the establishment of a Cabinet-level Department of Reconciliation charged with eliminating racism and invidious discrimination.” Department of Redundancy Department.

The bill also notes that “racism and invidious discrimination—like poverty in 1964—remain pervasive in our country,” and further adds that “systemic and institutionalized racism and invidious discrimination exist in virtually all areas of American life, including policing, criminal justice, housing, banking, voting, employment, education, the environment, and health care.”

Racism and invidious discrimination (RAID) does exist in today’s America, but is most commonly directed against straight white males, Christians, conservatives, and MAGA types, the latter two inarguably. The left, as always, engages in projection, typically with great success. To utilize a sports metaphor, “the best defense is a good offense.”  

“Progressives” continually slander America by saying inane things like, “racism and invidious discrimination (RAID) remain pervasive in this country,” never mentioning the demonstrable fact that racism and invidious discrimination (RAID) have always been—and remain—pervasive in every country.  Or that, in most non-homogenous countries, racism and invidious discrimination (RAID) are far worse.

Nonetheless, in the interest of fairness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, it should be mentioned that Rep. Green’s bill did not specifically state that, in this country, racism and invidious discrimination (RAID) are also present in sports, entertainment, the media, and religion-- and lurk in virtually all restaurants, movie theaters, laundry rooms, houses of ill repute, bingo parlors, game rooms, accountant’s offices, and fish-cleaning houses across the extraordinarily racist and invidiously discriminatory (RAID) plain.

An unconditional war on racism? How trite is that? Back in January of 1964, President Johnson declared an "unconditional war on poverty in America." Since then, taxpayers have spent more than $22 trillion to fight the “unconditional war on poverty in America.” Adjusted for inflation, that's more than three times the cost of all military wars since the American Revolution. And today’s poverty rate? Virtually identical to that of 58 years ago.

Therefore, I’m calling for an “unconditional war on empty virtue signaling.”  I’m also calling for a ban on bullshit, and the abolishment of asininity. Which means, I guess, that I’m calling for the abolishment of the Democratic Party.

Just kidding, I’m not really calling for the abolishment of the Democratic Party, as logically and historically justifiable as that may be since it was—and is—the party of racism and invidious discrimination (RAID).

Conservatives don’t do things like that. Because we support freedom-- and don’t fear competition.