Monday, September 26, 2016

Washington High School Coach Fired For Praying

                Joe Kennedy was a high school football coach in the state of Washington. He lost his job after he refused to stop praying at midfield after football games. U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would have compelled the Bremerton School District to rehire him while his case is litigated.
                The former coach is suing the district, claiming they violated his religious rights. The coach was placed on administrative leave last year after he refused to stop his post-game ritual of taking a knee and praying at the 50-yard-line. After every game for the last eight years, Kennedy walked out to the 50-yard line, took a knee and offered a brief prayer. Eventually, over the years, students asked if they could participate, and he said they were free to do whatever they wanted.
                That changed last year when the school district launched an investigation and ordered the coach to cease and desist. He was prohibited from kneeling, bowing his head or doing anything that could possibly be seen as religious in nature.
                Ironically, the head coach at Washington State’s Garfield High School, Joey Thomas, recently  joined his entire team as they took a knee during the national anthem to protest America. No recriminations are forthcoming.

                 This is what it’s come to in Obama’s America: you can take a knee in protest, but not in prayer. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brown University To Stock Men's Bathrooms With Menstrual Products

                 That historic Ivy League stalwart, Brown University,  is in the vanguard in its response to the fundamental change the Obama Administration has brought to America’s bathrooms. Viet Nguyen, the school’s Undergraduate Council of Students President, recently announced that the august educational institution’s student body president and 20 other young scholars would be hand-delivering menstrual products to all nonresidential bathrooms on campus, including men’s rooms. According to Newsweek, Nguyen wants to get the message out that not all people who menstruate are women. Nguyen further stated, via a campus-wide email: “Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury. They’re as essential as toilet paper. There’s been a lot of conversation about why pads and tampons are a necessity, not a luxury, but not a lot of action. We wanted to take it into our own hands. Low income students struggle with having the necessary funding for food, let alone tampons.”
                According to, Nguyen aims to “set a tone of trans-inclusivity, and not forget that they’re an important part of the population.” Yes, a vital 0.3 percent of the population. At most. And what percentage of those are women who identify as men? Are there even one in a thousand? Doubtful, as more than two-thirds of transgenders are men who claim to identify as women. Vastly more than one in a thousand Americans have digestive issues and intestinal disorders, but I don’t see any Tums dispensers or acid-reflux medication in public restrooms.
                As for the “Not all people who menstruate are women” bon mot, that is demonstrably untrue. Not all women menstruate, but everyone who menstruates is a woman, by definition. You know, “the cycle,” eggs, vagina, womb, etc. And “Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury?” I don’t know anyone who disagrees with that. But when “feminine” hygiene products are freely and anonymously dispensed in men’s bathrooms, that is an unnecessary squandering of funds that could be put to better use elsewhere.
                If not all of the people who menstruate are women, then, obviously, not all of those who inseminate women are men. And, if that is the case, if “men” are menstruating and “women” are impregnating them, language- and rationality- have no meaning and chaos will reign. There will not be a “new world order,” there will be no order at all. In a sense, nothing would matter.

                And when the broken-hearted people
                Living in the world agree
                There will be an answer, let it bleed
                And though they may be parted there is
                Still a chance that they will see
                There will be an answer, let it bleed

                Let it bleed, let it bleed
                Let it bleed, let it bleed.
                Yeah there will be an answer, let it bleed.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Clinton Foundation

                Former senior White House ethics officials have said a new Hillary Clinton administration would have to take careful steps to ensure that past foundation donors would not have the same access as she allowed at the State Department. Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon did not respond directly to the Associated Press’s questions recently about Clinton transition plans regarding ethics, but said in a statement Tuesday that the standard set by the Clinton Foundation's ethics restrictions was "unprecedented, even if it may never satisfy some critics." (Emphasis mine).
                In one sense, he may be correct. What is unprecedented is the Foundation’s lack of ethics restrictions.

                And its chutzpah.

Friday, September 23, 2016

China To Host World Dog Show In 2019?

                China is currently slated to host the World Dog Show in 2019.
                This is a country that slaughters roughly 10 million dogs each and every year, a nation with a truly appalling animal rights record.  Yet an international body representing Kennel Clubs in 90 countries is set to stage the event in Shanghai.
                It is a tradition in China to eat dogs. And trade in their meat. Incredibly, every year many dogs are deliberately boiled alive as part of that meat trade. Surely American progressives will see this as a quaint cultural trait, one that Americans must recognize as equally legitimate- if not actually superior to our own tradition of thinking about dogs as “man’s best friend.” Tolerance and inclusion! Tolerance and inclusion! No “invalidating!”
                The World Dog Show is considered by many to be the most prestigious international event for dog groomers and trainers to display their animals. It is organized by the Belgian group “Fédération Cynologique Internationale,” which is the largest canine organization in the world.
                Britain’s Kennel Club, for one, will not be attending the event.
                According to the, a petition calling for China to be stripped of the show has gained 550,000 signatures thus far.
                If your signature isn’t on that petition, please consider rectifying that with all due haste.
                It may well, figuratively speaking, be a dog-eat-dog world we live in. But it doesn’t literally have to be a man-eat-dog one.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Comedy Central Roast Turns Into Vicious Attack...On Roaster

                Comedy Central’s roasts of the famous have historically been filled with funny lines and bawdy references. “Zingers” are the order of the day. In the end, however, one can usually ascertain the respect- if not actual affection- for the person getting roasted…via the countenances of those roasting him or her. The recent Comedy Central roast of Rob Lowe was more of the same in some respects, but shockingly different in another.
                Many of those doing the roasting departed from lampooning Rob Lowe, he of the 1988 sex tape with a 16-year-old, to savage another roaster, the conservative commentator Ann Coulter. Some of these liberal elites apparently checked their tolerance and inclusivity at the proverbial door. To whit:
Nikki Glaser (?): “The only person you will ever make happy is the Mexican who digs your grave.”
Peyton Manning: “I’m not the only athlete up here. As you know, earlier this year, Ann Coulter won the Kentucky Derby.”
Peter Davidson (SNL): “If you are here, Ann, who is scaring the crows away from our crops?”
                Odd, I thought joking about people’s looks- especially females- was against the welcoming liberal creed? Perhaps they don’t like her because she is attractive and brilliant. But let’s continue with the good humor, shall we?
Jeff Ross: “Ann is against gay marriage. What is your thinking on that? If I can’t get a husband, they can’t either?”
Jimmy Carr: “Ann is one of the most repugnant, hateful, hatchet-faced bitches alive. It’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself.”
Jewel: “I do want to say as a feminist that I can’t support everything that’s been said tonight. But as someone who hates Ann Coulter, I’m delighted.” (Hates!)
                These are people calling Ann names, using the vilest language against her and openly wishing she were dead. She was called a “c-nt” 19 times and a “racist c-nt” once. Davidson said, “Ann describes herself as a polemicist but most people call her a c-nt,” and then muttered “a racist c-nt” under his breath. Glaser called Coulter “a real-life super-villain.”
                Incredibly, after the “event” was over, media-types opined that Coulter was a poor sport who didn’t laugh heartily at the “jokes” directed against her.
                This was the most repugnant mob behavior imaginable- and true hate speech. These “roasters” were nothing more than piranhas smelling blood and going on a mindless rampage. Emphasis on mindless. And rampage. The left revels in the very behavior they so loudly decry. They are inclusive only of those who believe exactly what they believe, and are rabidly intolerant of anyone else. Of course, most of the vacuous celebrities attacking Coulter have no real understanding of history or current events…and couldn’t spell tolerance or civility if you spotted them the vowels.
                Replace “Ann Coulter” with “Barbra Streisand,” “Lena Dunham,” or “Hillary Clinton” in the above report. Or with “Nancy Pelosi,” “Ellen Degeneres,” or “Roseanne Barr,” for that matter. Go ahead, try it right now. Just change the names and then read it word for word.
                Unimaginable. The left would not be laughing. Those that didn’t lose consciousness or go into extended catatonic shock would be crying and/or demanding that the roasters be fined, imprisoned, deported or executed.
                It’s not just the stupefying hypocrisy. The leftist elitists in America today are truly some of the most vapid and pathetic, yet deeply vile and despicable people to have ever trod this planet.
                In closing, to borrow a Sammy Davis, Jr. phrase, “And I mean that!”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boxscores For The Obama Era

                                             Boxscores For the Obama Era

                Historically, many Americans have enjoyed perusing the box-scores of their favorite sports, an activity that has been a morning ritual for millions. How did Colfax and Gibson pitch last night? Did “the Babe” hit another homer? How many points did Michael Jordan get against the Knicks? Could Gretzky have gotten another hat trick? How many yards did Gale Sayers run for? How many carries did Adrian Petersen get? What was Tom Brady’s completion percentage?
                This habit brings much real joy to many, yours truly included. It is-in and of itself- a national pastime. You see, sports is simultaneously important and an avenue of escape. It puts a value on achievement, greatness, desire, character, heart, teamwork and the work ethic. As well as on mental and physical toughness, much needed attributes today, ones rapidly on the wane in our society.
                Yet there are several dark shadows now hanging over the American sports scene, shadows beginning to diminish fan’s enjoyment of these games.  Many American athletes have somehow come to believe that an important part of their vocation is to express their feelings and “thoughts” about current events vis-à-vis perceived historical injustices, etc., particularly as regards the national anthem.
                This attitude has morphed into a meme and is being virulently spread across many sports- at nearly all levels. Recently, some high school athletes have refused to stand for the anthem, girl’s teams as well, of course, even on non-revenue generating squads.

                Soon, box-scores will read something like this:

111 yards rushing
276 yards passing
387 total yards
15 first downs
3 fumbles, 2 lost
Anthem: 43 stood, 4 sat, 3 knelt, 2 held middle fingers up, 1 had wiener hanging out

97 yards rushing
219 yards passing
316 total yards
13 first downs
2 fumbles, 1 lost
Anthem: 39 stood, 6 sat, 4 knelt, 2 held middle finger up,  1 had wiener out, 1 held up “Heil Hitler” banner

Time of Game: 3 hrs. 11 minutes
Attendance: 69,213

                The greatest call in the history of sport was, “Do you believe in miracles?!”
                The sad, but honest answer now has to be: “Not anymore.”

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lost Multiple Mobile Devices, Documents Show

                Hillary Clinton lost several mobile telephones during her tenure as Secretary of State, according to recently released FBI documents pertaining to her mishandling of classified information. These phones would’ve carried e-mails from her private server, likely including classified information.
                One report states, “Abedin and Hanley indicated the whereabouts of Clinton’s devices would frequently become unknown once she transitioned to a new device.” Frequently? Every garden-variety citizen I know of here in fly-over country either turns their old phone in for recycling upon purchase of a new one, or stores it in its original box, in a closet, pending some unforeseen emergency use.
                According to, another report notes that Clinton is known to have used 11 smartphones while Secretary of State and two more thereafter. Investigators wanted all 13 of these mobile devices, but two had been destroyed and none of the others could be found! Documents show that a staffer destroyed Clinton’s old phones “by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.” Nothing unusual about that. Personally, I pour acid on mine and then put them through a wood-shredder. Doesn’t mean she had any sensitive information- or anything to hide- on them!
                Concerns arose that Hillary may have left a trail of phones around the globe for hostile powers and foreign spies to hack, but the former head of the State said she never lost a cell phone while traveling abroad. Well, at least we put that fear to rest! Apparently then, whilst in the U.S., she lost more phones than a platoon’s worth of alcoholic traveling salesmen.
                Apart from mishandling information, “losing” thousands of e-mails, and being unable to pinpoint where her ad-hoc server was, she can’t even remember where a plethora of her former phones went. Good thing she isn’t tasked with carrying the nuclear briefcase.
                “Where’s the case, Hill? Where’s the briefcase??!!”
                “Well, I’m sure I had it earlier today. Let’s see, where is the last place I know I had it? Umm… Bulgaria?!”

(Federal law prohibits the unauthorized transfer, storage, or destruction of classified information or documents. There is a strict protocol and precise procedures to be followed when devices containing government documents are to be destroyed, especially those containing classified information that could endanger national security).

Monday, September 19, 2016

CNN Blurs Out Trump Logo

                Still believe in an unbiased media? Sorry to shock you, but the mainstream media hates Republicans. This is odd, given the fact that many in the establishment wing of the G.O.P. are nearly as drunk with power and their own superiority as they are. RINOs run rampant in the formerly Grand Old Party, and they, too, are believers in big-government and free spending (“R.I.N.O.s” being Republicans In Name Only, for any low-information voters who may be reading this, as unlikely as that may be).
                Don’t pay attention to Big Media? Need more evidence? CNN Headline News recently made the decision to blur out the logo of a “Trump 2016” tee-shirt worn by an interviewee. Steven Eckel had recently broken a vehicle’s window and saved a baby that had been left alone in the steaming hot car. The network was understandably interviewing this heroic man, who happened to be wearing the Trump tee at the time. When they rebroadcast the interview, they blurred out the Trump logo, as if covering up genitalia.
                This wasn’t an episode of Naked and Afraid, this was supposedly hard news. How can we ever trust that what they are showing us is the simple, unbiased, unvarnished truth? They couldn’t countenance the fact that this unselfish hero might choose to wear a pro Trump shirt. And they sure as hell weren’t going to allow their viewers to see it.
                What’s next, are they going to project a #NeverTrump image onto the next person interviewed for valorous behavior? Or will they go the other direction and computer-generate “Trump 16” onto the clothing of people shown committing crimes?
                They say that truth is stranger than fiction. The mainstream media doesn’t want us to be able to tell them apart.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

472 People Shot In Chicago In August

                At least 472 people were shot in Chicago during the month of August, 16 of them on August 31st alone, according to the city’s police department. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson blamed the proliferation of guns and lenient sentencing laws for the bloodbath. How are your city’s strict gun-control laws working out for you, Chicagoans?
                Superintendent Johnson stated that the police have confiscated nearly 6,000 guns so far this year. “We’re doing our part,” he claimed, noting that the total is “more than New York and L.A. combined,” and added “We’re arresting these guys.” That’s as may be, but your city’s homicide rate is also greater than New York’s and L.A.’s combined. I’m guessing most of the guns confiscated aren’t shotguns or hunting rifles and that- in any case- almost none of them were purchased legally, in Illinois or elsewhere. One more “guess”: the majority of those arrested were black. Am I right? Just more proof of police bias! Nothing else to see here, no need to ask questions or delve deeper! Better to have 472 people- a month- shot than risk hurting anyone’s feelings!
                Superintendent Johnson got closer to the actual problem when he further stated, “Where we are having problems is holding repeat gun offenders accountable for repeatedly committing these gun crimes. And until we fix that, we’re going to continue to see this cycle of violence that we see every day.”
                Precisely why are we having trouble holding those who repeatedly commit gun crimes accountable?! That is one of the key issues here. That shouldn’t be a problem at all. And disarming the law-abiding has only made the problem worse.
                We can take away the pencils, pens and keyboards that are causing so many misspelled words in our society, but that won’t solve the problem. We can arrest the spoons, forks and straws that are responsible for the plague of obesity that is shortening so many American’s lives… but they will still be overweight. Inanimate objects are- by definition- incapable of acting on their own. Nor can they recognize good or evil, pro or con.
                That can only be done by individual human beings.
                Until we protect the family, return dignity to people’s lives by getting them off of the government plantation, recognize the existence of good and bad, and esteem the truth, integrity and character over diversity and inclusion, we are destined to be a failed society, rife with crime.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Low Times For High English

                                                    Low Times for High English

                “Like is the new “the.” Like it or not. Consider the following sentence:
                “Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that ‘all men are created equal.’” Recognize it? Of course, it is the first line of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Let us imagine how that line might sound if it were spoken today:
                “Like, eighty-seven years ago our ancestors brought forth, upon this, like, continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty and, like, dedicated to, like, treating all people equally.”
                Now let’s add in the second distinctive feature of modern language usage and revisit the famous sentence:
                “Dudes: like, eighty-seven years ago our foredudes brought forth, upon this, like, continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty and, like, dedicated to, like, treating all dudes equally.”
                And now we insert the third prominent feature of today’s language usage:
                “Dudes: like, fu--ing eighty-seven years ago our fu--ing foredudes brought forth, upon this, like, fu--ing continent, a new fu--ing nation, conceived in mother-fu**ing liberty and, like, dedicated to, like, treating all dudes fu--ing equally.”
                Finally, let’s, like, look at the next line of the tall dude’s speech, okay? So, like, he goes