Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate

First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate
June 18, 2019
University of California-Berkeley
Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo Moderators

Maddow: Good evening those of you watching around the world, good evening candidates.

Candidates: Good evening.

Maddow: Senator Sanders, let’s start with you. First question: do you watch my show? Just kidding! Here’s my real first question: Do you believe you can still make people ‘feel the Bern?’

Sen. Sanders: I do. There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still a fire down below, if you know what I mean.

Maddow: Eww.

C. Cuomo: Alright! Let’s get after it! Ms. Warren, many people say you and Senator Sanders are almost identical in terms of your policy beliefs. How can you separate yourself from Mr. Sanders?

Warren: Eww. Well, Bernie is as white as it gets, and, you know, I’m a person of color. I’m one sixty-fourth Cherokee. And three two-hundred-and-fifty-sixths Congolese!

C. Cuomo: You’re three two-hundred-and-fifty-sixths Congolese? When did you discover that?

Warren: Please don’t use the words ‘discover’ or ‘discovered.’ It makes my people think of Christopher Columbus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: For God sakes, bro’, can’t we move on? Ask me a question, okay?

C. Cuomo: Alright, my man, let’s get after it! How do you respond to folks who think you aren’t well-known enough outside of the Northeast to win? And, for that matter, those who don’t feel your progressive enough to excite the party base?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Well, I think I’m nationally famous, and, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sort of the anti-Christ to the conservative party.

Maddow: Wow. Senator Gillibrand, a two-part question: one, do you believe Trump has kept his promises, and, two, what do you think is the most important thing for Democrats to do if you become president?

Sen. Gillibrand: Rachel, I have a two-part answer: ‘One, No. Fuck no. And, two, if we’re not helping people we should go the fuck home.’

Maddow: I see. Fuck.

C. Cuomo: Well, Mr. Biden, what do you say to that?

Biden: This is a big fucking deal, Chris! I hope we all understand that. One of us on this stage tonight has to win, because we have to stop Trump. And, I believe I’m the only one that can do that. Remember, I said I’d have taken Trump out back of our school and kicked the crap out of him! I think I was the first one to say that, and the only one here tonight to have had the balls to say that!

C. Cuomo: Ah, Senator Harris, which one of your fellow candidates would you prefer to be stuck in an elevator with?

Sen. Harris: Does one of us have to come out of it alive, Chris? Hahaha. But seriously, we should be asking Republicans if they know of any laws that allow the government to make decisions about the male body, right?

Maddow: I agree, but that was kind of random, Kamala. Anyway, Mr. Holder, you have been outspoken in your beliefs about racial relations in this country. As president, how would you seek to address the issues of disunity and racism?

Holder: Well, as you know, whites can’t be victims of racial injustice, because the pasty bastards are inherently racist themselves. To quote myself: ‘In things racial, we are a nation of cowards.’ We have to change that……by having fewer white people.

Biden: Eric, stop with the ‘fast & furious’ attacks on white people. Over six-hundred-thousand of us did die in the Civil War to end slavery, okay?

Holder: Joe, when I was Attorney General, I tapped your phones. Remember when you publicly said: ‘I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s storybook, man?’ That was ‘a big fucking deal’ to Barack Obama, by-the-way. Well, I’ve got tapes of you speaking that make that comment sound like it was uttered by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Biden: Fuck.

Maddow: Mr. Avenatti, what are your thoughts on pornography? Specifically, how would you try to grow the industry while purging it of misogynists?

Avenatti: Well, Rachel, as you know, I’ve represented Stormy Daniels here. What’s more, I can now reveal that Bernie, Andrew, Joe and Eric all exposed themselves to young girls at frat parties some decades ago.

Maddow: What?! Can you corroborate this, Mr. Avenatti?

Christine Blasey Ford: I can. My recollection is that this happened. I think. Maybe.

Maddow: Dr. Ford, where and when did this take place? Were there witnesses?

Christine Blasey Ford: I don’t recall the location or the time. I was pretty hammered, Rachel. But I believe there might have been witnesses. It was pretty fuckin’ hot as I remember! I think. Maybe. Have I told you I’m afraid of flying?

C. Cuomo: Senator Booker, do—

Sen. Booker: Call me Spartacus, please.

C. Cuomo: Really? Okay, um, Spartacus, how would you address the potential threat from Russia if you were the president of the United States?

Sen. Booker/Spartacus: Well, this is my Superman moment. I would tell Russia not to meddle in our elections…or else! Also, I’d make them tear down the Berlin wall.

Maddow: Senator Boo- um, Spartacus, the Berlin wall is already gone. President Reagan famously asked Premier Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall.’

Sen. Booker/Spartacus: Really? Do they have any other walls? I could demand they take another wall down! That would be my Reaganesque moment!

[Just then Hillary Clinton comes from backstage, pushes Bernie Sanders out of the way, glares at the crowd and the cameras, and screeches into his microphone: ‘Looking at these clowns, you might be asking yourself why I’m not already nominated and confirmed.’]

Maddow (mildly surprised): Well, not really. You never entered the race, Ms. Clinton.

HRC: Really, you’re going to go there? Like that’s my fault? It’s because of the vast right-wing conspiracy…and maybe the vast ultra-left-wing conspiracy, too. And the Macedonian content farms, wives who caved to their husbands, Russia, Bernie, the media, Trump, the deplorables, hatred of pantsuits, cheese-heads, misogyny, faulty voting machines, the NRA, fake news, Fox News…

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Election Season

                It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, it’s getting dark earlier…and little people in odd outfits are knocking on your door begging for handouts. That’s right, it’s election season!
                Don’t you just love the constant barrage of ads? They are always so reasoned and informative. Most go something like this: “Joe Johnson voted to repeal the Fifteenth Amendment. And, he hates bunnies! Tell Joe Johnson we don’t want to enslave black people again. Tell him bunnies are cute. Vote for Jim Jeffers. (Paid for by the Committee for American Progress).”
                Or: “Alan Adams wants to use federal funds to pay for the forced busing of communists into your homes to kill your puppies! And, he’s against women’s right to choose! Tell Alan Adams to go lay by his dish. Vote for safe puppies and women’s health. Vote for Sally Roe.” (Disembodied voiceover: “I’m Sally Roe, and I approved this message.”).
                Then there are the forest of yard signs and the abundance of bumper stickers. Many a Prius, Volkswagen and Volvo sport more bumper stickers than the average NBA player has tattoos. Coupled with the “I’m With Her” and “Ocasio-Cortez For Prez!” stickers are the ones imploring us to “Visualize World Peace,” “Save The Whales,” or “Coexist.” In addition to these, often on the same vehicle, are stickers designed to “educate” the rest of us. Messages such as “You Can’t Hug Your Kids With Nuclear Arms,” “Love Your Mother,” and “It Will Be A Great Day When Our Schools Get All The Money They Need And The Air Force Has To Hold A Bake Sale To Buy A Bomber,” are pathetically common.
                It would be a great day if the air force bombed our schools (with the young scholars and everybody else absent from them!) given that they have been turning students into angry, ignorant, entitled, soft, spoiled, hypocritical, non-viable tissue masses incapable of reason or nuanced thought and largely unwilling to engage in productive labor.
                I was at a nightclub recently where I discovered an unoccupied, unclaimed Bill Clinton mask on the table at which my wife and I chose to sit. I wanted that mask for humorous purposes, but, being a conservative, I wasn’t willing to take what wasn’t explicitly, rightfully, mine. On the way out of that nightclub, we passed two separate bachelorette parties coming in. One of the young ladies had a male’s “member” (aka a penis for low-information voters) strapped to her forehead. I immediately thought of the Bill Clinton mask, abandoned and lonely on a now empty table, and thought: “What an opportunity! The possibilities are endless!”

                Then I remembered it was 2018. Oh, well, the jail time might well have been worth it.

                This Halloween—and this coming Election Day—don’t act like an irrational jackass. Don’t appropriate the behavior of Democrats.

                Unless you’re wearing a Clinton mask.

Monday, October 15, 2018

UK Student Punished For Stating Biological Fact

             Angelos Sofocleous, a student at Durham University in the United Kingdom, recently shared a piece from The Spectator titled, “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?” on his personal Twittter account. The answer, apparently, is yes. Metro reported that Angelos was labeled “transphobic,” forced to resign as president-elect of Humanist Students, let go from his post as assistant editor of Durham’s philosophy journal, Critique, and fired from his job as general editor of the school’s online magazine, The Bubble. His tweet has been deleted.

 It’s a wonder he wasn’t imprisoned or shot.

Oh, those wacky, tolerant, diversity-loving leftists!

According to Metro, Christopher Ward, the former chair of LGBT Humanists, took issue with Sofocleous’ post, stating it was “factually incorrect” and therefore not even “worthy of a debate.”
Think about that. A person supporting a factually correct assertion is smeared and booted from his job while another person suffers no consequences for calling a factually correct statement “factually incorrect.” Note also that, when the left promulgates preposterous ideas, it virtually always claims there is “no debating” its position and/or attempts to shut down debate before it can truly get started.
Ward added: “The opposition I experienced from a number of longstanding Humanists members to trans people and trans issues was a stain on an otherwise great organization. And here’s the new president of Humanist Students RTing horrific transphobic s**t.”
 I consider Ward’s “RTing” to be “horrific truthphobic s**t.”
Sofocleous wrote a resignation statement to Humanist Students in which he said that they “cannot tolerate any criticism, either of their movement or their ideas, and are unable to engage in a civilized conversation on issues they disagree on. These are individuals who think they hold the absolute right to determine which ideas can be discussed and what language can be used in a public forum.” Just so. He added that he was surprised by the lack of willingness to engage in a discussion upon the issue by current and former members of the organization.
It does seem odd, given that Wikipedia characterizes the group as: “the national umbrella organization for free-thinking, atheist, humanist and secular student societies in the United Kingdom and Ireland,” whose “aim is to provide a national voice for non-religious student societies in the UK.”
Ironically, secular, free-thinking organizations police thought and speech far more rigidly and aggressively than most others, while atheist groups have a religious fervor to them, and, utterly without doubt themselves, will not tolerate anyone else questioning their inflexible belief in disbelief.
So, truth is simply whatever one wishes it to be. Snakes have legs. Cats have wings. Babies don’t have rights, nor do men accused of…whatever. Rabbits have antlers. We have become a society that believes in jackalopes, but not in reason or the rule of law. That is hard to believe.
 Speaking of doubt, I doubt Sophocles, smart as he was, could have fathomed that there would come a day when a student named Sofocleous would be punished for averring that “women don’t have penises.”
He would, however, recognize it as a tragedy.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Left Attacks

            A left jab…and another… a left hook, another punch and another and another! Brutal.
No, I’m not announcing a boxing match. I’m describing the no-holds-barred, all-out assault that key Democrats, as well as some in the media, entertainment industry and academia have launched on anyone who doesn’t happen to be a Never-Trumper. Maxine Waters famously egged-on the leftist mob recently, telling its members to get in the faces of Trump enablers everywhere, including at their homes.
Bizarrely, after imploring her charges to violence-- and stating, in reference to illegal immigration, “We’re gonna win this battle,”—she said, “God is on our side. On the side of the children. On the side of what’s right. On the side of what’s honorable. On the side of understanding that if we can’t protect the children, we can’t protect anybody."
Maxine, you fully support abortion, the mass-murder of hundreds of thousands of (American) babies each year, many of color, but will fight to the death so that no child trying to enter this country illegally will be sent home? Extraordinary. There is no word in any language that defines hypocrisy and inanity on that scale.
More recently still, luminaries such as Eric Holder and our old friend Hillary Clinton have rejected calls…to reject violence against those with whom they disagree. And Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at prestigious Georgetown University, said of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.” Fair (!) had previously described the GOP as a “fucking death cult.” You can’t make it up.
Across the fruited plain, leftist mobs chase and harass their fellow non-leftist countrymen. They impede traffic, smash windows and, occasionally, physically assault those whom they believe to be traditional and/or conservative. They have taken the law unto themselves. Antifa is fascistic in word and action. This is in keeping with the fact that, everything the left accuses the evil Republicans of being or doing, they actually are.
These activists and thugs are being encouraged, aided and abetted by the urbane, sophisticated coastal elites who now seem to want to use their power and money to intimidate-- or eliminate-- the rubes of the Hinterland who foolishly cling to their God and their guns.
I guess we know why they want to cling to their God and, especially, their guns! Damned if the leftist thugs have not just accidentally proven that the “deplorables” were right all along! But, they’re probably too stupid and close-minded to realize that.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

CNN Unhinged: Kanye West Edition

                CNN is becoming more unhinged daily. “The most trusted name in fake news” attacked rapper Kanye West for having the temerity to meet with President Trump at the White House recently, without its approval.
                CNN “personalities,” if one can call them that, repeatedly questioned West’s mental health. Van Jones opined that West is “not in a healthy place from a mental point of view, while Chris Cuomo declared that West shouldn’t be taken seriously because he once admitted to having a mental health issue.
                Cuomo, of “Let’s Get After It!” fame/ignominy, went so far as to speculate what President Trump was thinking during the meeting, deciding that it was: “Blacks love Trump!” Cuomo condescendingly added of West, “His personal history reads more as a rationale for keeping him from something like this, than indulging him.”
    Who should “keep him” from “something like this,” Chris? How? And from what other things, you arrogant asshole? You don’t think we should “indulge” him? Wow.
    CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter termed West’s White House meeting with the president of the United States “sad” and highlighted commentators who had “expressed concern” for his well-being. That’s right out of the Soviet Union’s or Third Reich’s playbook: “You like this man? And you believe in him? Then we must remove you from society for your—and other’s—own good and safety. You see, we care about you, even if you aren’t fully supportive of us! The re-education camp/Siberia is very nice this time of year.” 
   April Ryan, a political analyst for the Controlling Negroes Network, even asked West’s wife’s former sex-tape partner to comment on the meeting. CNN tries incredibly hard to bring everything back around to sex tapes, adult performers, breasts, yoga-pants, porn stars, exotic dancers, the president’s penis, and women named “Stormy.”
  For his part, Don Lemon remarked that West was putting on a “minstrel show,” before adding that his late mother is “rolling over in her grave.” She may well be, Don, but not for the reason you think.
“The most busted name in news” has become a pathetic sham, a victim of its own rabid hatred of President Trump. Ironically, they have let Trump destroy them.
There is mental illness on display here. Looking at—and listening to-- the likes of Chris Cuomo, April Ryan, Don Lemon, and Rachel Maddow makes that appallingly clear.

Let’s hope the majority of these “journalists” remaining viewers turn CNN off before it drives them mad, too.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Democratic Mayor Arrested

                Jasiel F. Correia II, the Democratic mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was considered a rising star among the state’s Democratic Party politicians. Maybe not so much anymore.
                Correia was arrested by federal agents on October 11th on allegations that he stole nearly one quarter of a million dollars from seven people who invested in his start-up company, SnoOwl, which peddles a smartphone app that connects businesses with consumers.
                Correia allegedly spent the money on “adult entertainment, airfare, a dating service, designer clothes, hotels, jewelry, trips to casinos and a Mercedes-Benz,” according to a Washington Post report. He’s just one more Democrat who knows how to Party! The Honorable Mayor was brought up on 13 counts of wire and tax fraud, but pled not guilty to all of them. Of the charges, he told reporters it was “not my best Thursday,” and added that he is not going to resign.
                “Not my best Thursday?” That’s akin to George Custer saying that the Battle of the Little Big Horn was “not my best confrontation.” Or Napoleon stating that the Battle of Waterloo was “not my favorite fight.”
    But, what the hell, he’s a Democrat, so he is still afforded due process and the presumption of innocence.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


                “Cis” might be the only literally meaningless word—or prefix—in the English language. Originally a Latin prefix, it has been shamelessly appropriated by the anti-appropriation, politically-correct mob, and attached to various gender-related words such as…gender.
                “Cisgender,” a term for the hopelessly traditional, is used by the enlightened to label—and smear-- those that preposterously identify as the gender that they actually, scientifically, are. Therefore “cis-male” means exactly the same thing as…”male,” and the designation “cis-female” is no different than that of “female.”
                Ergo, a reference to a “cis-sis” would simply be acknowledging a sister. “Cis-alcoholic” would mean “alcoholic,” “cis-Jewish” would mean Jewish, and “cis-autistic” would mean autistic.

                This is ridiculous! Or should I say “cis-ridiculous?”

                In fact, it’s all cis-meaningless.

                And cis-moot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kneeling Feeling

                Bishop Talbert W. Swan II, a left-wing black pastor, scolded “white women” who kneel during the National Anthem to protest “rape culture” by tweeting that they are “highjacking a movement” they “took no risks for.” He added the following in another tweet shortly thereafter: “You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of black people, don’t co opt & make it about your victimization. That’s white supremacy in the name of feminism.”
                In other words, your victimization pales before my victimization! What is the correct hierarchy of victimization? (Talbert W. Swan II sounds like the name of someone of privilege, not of the mean streets. It calls to mind someone very familiar with tennis courts and frat houses, not ghettos). Does “rap culture” trump “rape culture?”
               Are women not allowed their own protest? Are only black people truly victimized?
   Hell, I should be taking a knee. Conservatives are getting chased out of public places and cornered in elevators. They are seeing their property confiscated or damaged. They have been mocked, spat on, shot and made the subject of death threats. Why doesn’t everyone in the wealthiest and freest country the world has ever known protest?
  Progressives think white, heterosexual males have it easy. Hmm. We make less money on average than our gay friends and don’t live as long as women. Christians have always been privileged, right? Well, maybe not when the Romans were throwing them to the lions, or during times—such as today—when they’ve been mass-murdered in places like the Middle East or parts of Africa. Even now, in the U.S., Christians are mocked and threatened with fines and/or jail time if they refuse to bake an effing cake for someone.
 And what about the countless millions of innocent souls who have literally been deprived of life? Who will take a knee for the babies, from all walks of life, that have been aborted over the years?
Should people of any or all religions be banned from kneeling if they are not doing so “in solidarity to protest the murder of black people?” Should a white male be prevented from taking a knee to propose to his love interest?
Furthermore, should a white quarterback be allowed to take a knee to kill time at the end of a game in which his team is ahead? Victory formation for whom, precisely?

When everyone is protesting, no one is protesting.

We all doth protest too much. The spoiled, entitled, rich athletes who do so on the playing field should have to spend a few weeks in some of the world’s hellholes, examining their “legal systems,” medical care, standard of living, race relations, and systems of government.

Perhaps then, instead of protesting the flag, they’d pledge allegiance to it.

And we could all pledge allegiance to each other.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hillary Clinton Says Democrats Cannot Be Civil Unless Winning

Preposterous (adjective): contrary to nature, reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.

                In an interview with Christiane Amanpour (the wife of James Rubin, a former Clinton administration official), Hillary Clinton said that Democrats cannot be civil unless and until they retake the House and/or Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.
                Clinton stated: “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. I believe if we are fortunate enough to take back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”
                An extraordinary admission, that. Democrats shouldn’t and/or can’t be civil unless they are winning. I guess magnanimity is out of the question when you think you know better than your enemies, history be damned. Or when you are simply starved for power and control.
                Mrs. Clinton accused Republicans of committing political crimes, and of spreading “falsehoods” and “lies” about her. Like calling her a liar? The Clintons are to lying and deception as FDR was to fireside chats. They are the masters of the craft. If there was a Mount Rushmore for prevaricators, they would be the first two faces carved into it.
                Hillary blamed Mitch McConnell and Donald trump for tainting the Supreme Court confirmation process. If one were to use modern-day Democratic rhetoric, this is akin to the Gestapo blaming Jews for not being fully supportive of the Holocaust.
                Clinton also labeled the GOP an “ideological party driven by a lust for power.” Holy crap! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! That is a nearly perfect definition of today’s Democratic Party. Or should I say, Democratic-Socialist party, many of whose members are involved in doxxing, shouting at, harassing and otherwise threatening Republicans and their supporters. Susan Collins requires a police escort. Rand Paul’s wife sleeps with a loaded gun next to her bed. Maxine Waters has publicly, vehemently called for increased harassment of those with whom she disagrees. Numerous leftist “educators” have called for the assassination of Trump and the destruction of his supporters.
                But, hey, who could expect Democrats to be civil unless they were winning the Second American Civil War?

Monday, October 8, 2018

Columbus Day Discoveries

                I wanted to take the opportunity this Columbus Day to share with you some things I’ve discovered…since last Columbus Day. To wit:

                *There is nothing-- literally nothing-- the Democrats won’t do in their pursuit of power. There was a day not too long ago that some of their ilk at least feigned disgust or regret at the more extreme examples of egregious behavior one of their own may have committed. That day has passed, like the celebration of Columbus Day itself. Anything the mind can conceive, no matter how abhorrent, vicious or evil, they are willing to do…if they think there’s any chance they can get away with it. Tragically, due to the rapid deterioration of our culture, traditions and standards-- and the Orwellian group-think permeating virtually all of the “entertainment” industry, academia and the mainstream media, they are ever-more emboldened in their efforts to destroy the nation that Columbus accidentally discovered.
                *It appears every “celebrity” is absolutely certain the rest of us desperately need to hear what they have to say on the important issues of the day. Actors, actresses and late-night comedians, all reciting lines written by those more intelligent than themselves, believe we want to hear them pontificate, bloviate and verbally regurgitate in the vilest manner. Well, who doesn’t like listening to faux folks-- empty suits and dresses all-- attempt to condescendingly lecture them, talk down to them, and belittle them in a pathetic attempt to make themselves look and feel morally superior?
 I care, I am enlightened, I am woke!” they cry. “Let those who disagree tremble before me, humbled in the shadow of all my splendid (virtue-signaling) glory! I am Spartacus!”
*Colleges and universities throughout the U.S. have become nothing more-- or less-- than anti-American indoctrination centers. They essentially serve as Marxist, young-adult daycare providers, coddling kids and “protecting” them from ideas they don’t like or understand, while inculcating in them a disdain for traditional values, the Protestant work ethic, personal accountability, the Ten Commandments, limited government and the rule of law.
*We are now, knowingly or not, engaged in a Second American Civil War. This battle has, until recently, been a “cold” one, but has increasingly been fought as a “hot” or physical one by radical leftists. Whether the United States survives as a country true to its founding and recognizable by its Founders depends on the character and courage of those the left is attacking with such fierceness. The only nation ever to be based on the idea of “limited government of, by, and for the people,” with “inalienable rights granted by the Creator,” is in grave—indeed existential—danger.

What was found, can be lost. What was discovered, can disappear.