Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Minnesota Department Of Education Approves New Transgender Toolkit

                A Minnesota Department of Education advisory council has approved a new “toolkit” for “Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students.” The toolkit was approved by something called the School Safety Technical Assistance Council, and, though nonbinding, it strongly encourages schools to implement radical new policies in support of transgender and gender nonconforming students. The toolkit, which will be distributed to K-12 schools statewide, recommends that school officials ask before assuming a student’s name, gender identity or pronoun. It also states that schools should not exclude students from activities based on how they identify.
                Kindergartners literally don’t even know what a pronoun is, and can’t possibly have a sexual orientation, yet teachers are supposed to ask them what their “preferred” pronoun is- to use in conjunction with their “gender identity?”


                Moreover, the kit advises public schools to stop calling students “boys and girls,” and to start calling them “scholars” instead. It also has helpful, progressive guidelines for bathroom and locker room usage, as well as hotel room accommodations, should schools take their young scholars on road trips: students should be allowed to choose the restroom, locker room, or accommodation of their gender choice. If this policy makes any other students uncomfortable, the guidelines state, those students should be restricted to a single-use restroom, if available. The toolkit is going out to all public schools in Minnesota despite the fact that transgender people are estimated to comprise just 0.6% of the population (of the United States).
                Can you say, “insane?”
                If we can’t assume a student’s name, gender, or preferred pronoun, how can we assume anything else, either? What if a white student wants to be referred to as black? If that’s how he/she/ze/xir/whatever-the-hell identifies, who are we to refuse to comply? And why should we simply take it upon ourselves to arbitrarily assume the student is human? Or, if they so identify, that they are any particular age? Hmmm?
                This will be needlessly- and tragically- confusing, especially to the young grade-school students.
 States that implement this kind of “strongly suggested,” codified child-molestation should look for chaos to rule, and depression and suicide rates to soar among young people in the decades to come. 
But, on the lighter side, I can’t wait to see how the classic, formerly timeless “Dick and Jane” children’s book series evolves to meet the demands of today’s progressive educator class.
Or maybe they won’t have to evolve all that much. Here is a snippet from the play.google.com/store/books website: “Millions of Americans remember Dick and Jane (and Sally and Spot, too!). Now Dick and Jane and all their pals are back with revised editions of these classic readers for a whole new generation of readers to enjoy!”
Perhaps Dick now identifies as Jane and Jane now identifies as Dick- and/or has one. Maybe Sally is now non-binary. And who knows what Spot might claim to be! The possibilities are endless! I myself am tempted to peruse these updated treasures for the beginning reader!
Here is an excerpt from the Penguin Young Readers Book 2, Dick and Jane- Fun with Dick and Jane: “Look, Jane,” said Dick. “Here is something funny. Can you guess what it is?”
And this from the Young Readers Book 4, Dick and Jane- Guess Who: “Guess who this is,” said Jane. “Guess who this is,” said Sally. “And see the two little ones. Guess who.”


Monday, July 24, 2017

New Parenting Trend Takes Instagram By Storm

                A new trend has been launched on Instagram, in order to combat “rape culture.” The trend? New mothers are asking their infants for “permission” to pick them up before actually doing so.
                According to Heatst.com, the trend began a few weeks ago after Nisha Moodley, mother of 6-month-old Raven, made an Instagram post featuring a selfie with her son and an explanation of her new parenting style, complete with an “endrapeculture” hashtag. Moodley claims to be able to “feel for his ‘yes’” after she politely asks him if she can hoist him up. (“Raven” is a he?).
                I have tried to “feel for her ‘yes’” on a number of occasions, but these were all adult women who were old enough to talk. Is this really a good idea when it comes to one’s infants? Should we also get an infant’s “permission” to feed them, change their diapers, give them medical care, or put them to bed? 
                Apparently so, according to Moodley: “Since the moment he was born, we’ve always asked before we pick him up. I always feel for his ‘yes.’ Why? Because we want him to know that his body is his, and that others’ bodies are theirs, and no one gets to make choices about someone else’s body.”
                Tell that to Planned Parenthood and the 300,000-plus mothers each year who abort their children. Please.
                Moodley, who also uses #lessonsinsovereignty and #bornfree   in her posts, added: “It always touches my heart when someone takes a moment to connect with him and says “Can I hold you, dude?”

                “Can I kill you, dude” doesn’t sound as sweet. 
                No less a luminary than “parenting expert” Sharon Silver avers that Moodley’s parenting methods are “correct,” according to Yahoo News. Silver told Yahoo: “This idea is part of the wonderful [‘Recourse of Infant Educarers’ (RIE)] parenting philosophy, which is essentially respecting a child’s timetable and allowing him or her to participate in the full range of experiences as the result of a decision. It’s the underlying premise of positive parenting.”
                The RIE website offers a new book titled: “Baby Knows Best.” I see. It wasn’t that long ago one of the top-rated television shows was called: “Father Knows Best.”
                It’s no wonder there are fewer and fewer fathers. And fewer and fewer babies.
    I guess it’s true: You’ve come a long way, baby.

    But you probably already knew that.  

    May I change your diaper? I'll "feel" for your "yes." 


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Colorado State University Reaches Agreement With Wrongly Accused Student

                Colorado State University-Pueblo student Grant Neal was granted some much overdue justice recently. Sort of. A court document filed July 14th by attorneys representing the university and the state attorney general says the school reached an agreement with Neal, whose federal lawsuit seeking damages from Colorado State University-Pueblo also was the first if its kind to name the Department of Education as a defendant.  The agreement, reached “on or about June 9,” dismisses all remaining claims against the university and its officials. “The agreement included monetary and a number of non-economic terms,” according to the status update filed in Colorado federal court.
                What was the reason for Neal’s lawsuit in the first place? Neal, at the time a talented sophomore fullback for the school’s football team, was suspended in December of 2015 after Jennifer DeLuna, the university’s “Director of Diversity and Inclusion,” concluded he had “engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse” with athletic trainer and fellow student “Jane Doe.”
                Neal claimed in his lawsuit that investigators ignored exculpatory evidence, including the trainer’s own testimony, in which she flatly stated the sex was consensual.
                “Don’t listen to her, your honor! What would she know?”
                In fact, the trainer herself never accused Neal of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Incredibly, the university’s inquiry into the two student’s sex lives was triggered by a report to the athletic training department by “Doe’s” friend, who simply assumed she had been raped when she saw her sporting a hickey.
                Universities have LGBTQIA “Pride” days, teach classes that discuss the pleasures of oral and anal sex, are famously tolerant and inclusive of almost any behavior one can think of…and they suspend a student because of a “hickey?!?” Even though both parties to the alleged assault say it wasn’t an assault?
A hickey? Hickeys were popular signs of affection back in the straight-laced 40’s and 50’s. June Cleaver probably had a few. The alleged “raper” and the alleged “rapee” both say there was no rape. Yet, despite the testimony of the only two people actually involved in the incident/tryst, the school’s Director of Perversity and Delusion decides to suspend Neal anyway?
The lawsuit alleged that the university violated Neal’s due-process rights in following legally non-binding “guidance” concerning sexual assault investigations from the federal Office for Civil Rights. (That should’ve been a slam-dunk). Yet the university’s suspension remains in effect until “Doe” graduates, and has resulted in Neal losing both his wrestling and his football scholarships, while also limiting him from pursuing his athletic career at other universities, the lawsuit stated. This has potentially devastating effects on his future income and well-being.
In a fit of monumental hubris, CSU-Pueblo asked the court to dismiss the athlete’s suit a year ago, claiming he failed to “allege any actual nexus between his gender and his purported mistreatment.”
According to thecollegefix.com, Magistrate Judge Craig Shaffer stated this past February that the investigators’ decision to not interview witnesses favorable to Neal’s story “all suggest bias and inaccuracy in the outcome.” Shaffer then recommended that Judge Raymond Moore deny the school’s motion to dismiss, prompting the following objection from the university: “[T]he Magistrate Judge here has accepted Plaintiff’s self-serving conjecture, unsupported by a single factual allegation, that CSU-Pueblo administrators were motivated to adopt a discriminatory approach towards male students as a result of pressure from federal authorities.”
“Self-serving?” He’s the plaintiff. What the hell is he supposed to do, just accept whatever random punishment the school feels like dishing out? “Conjecture, unsupported by a single factual allegation?” That would demonstrably be what the trainer’s “friend” and the university itself engaged in.
Sadly, many modern “institutions of higher learning” aren’t interested in facts if they don’t support their own institutional biases and self-serving conjecture.

And that is a fact.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

London's Tube Says Good-Bye To "Ladies And Gentlemen"

                The famous London Underground train, or “tube,” as it’s commonly called in England, will no longer use the time-honored “(Welcome) ladies and gentlemen” greeting, Metro has reported. The iconic, subterranean rapid transit system has bowed to months of intense pressure and lobbying from LGBT activists. Transport for London employees have instead been instructed to use phrases such as “Good afternoon, everyone” as the city moves towards broad-based gender neutrality.
                Many have long called for the removal of the “offensive” phrase, saying that it is archaic and repressive. In reality, it’s simply far too accurate and civilized for the times. Other, more inclusive greeting phrases that have been given the go-ahead to replace the reactionary “(Greeting) ladies and gentlemen” include: “welcome, people,” “hey, all you theys,” (the preferred pronoun of most transgenders), and “what up, hoes and pimps?!”
                Submitted for approval, but still pending endorsement, are: “hiya,’ mass of humanity,” “hello, homo sapiens,” “greetings and salutations to you, cis-gendered, non-binary, all-gendered, non-gendered, some-gendered, partial-gendered, gender non-believing, gender-neutral, and others,” “bonjour, equally-valued, egalitarian, citizens of the world and offspring of our mother the earth,” and… “hi ya’ll.”

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pope Francis Confidant Condemns Conservative Christians

                The Reverend Antonio Spadaro, a close confidant of Pope Francis, recently wrote- in a Vatican-approved magazine- a piece condemning some American evangelicals and their Roman Catholic supporters for mixing religion and politics. Rev. Spadaro, editor of the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, said their worldview promotes division and hatred, and has inspired an “ecumenism of conflict” that demonizes opponents and encourages a ‘theocratic type of state.”
                Apparently, even the Vatican doesn’t want Christianity to spread.
                Spadaro also accused conservative religious supporters of President Donald Trump of promulgating a “xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations.” Like the walls around the Vatican, perhaps, Reverend Charlatan? And aren’t “purifying deportations” on par with exorcisms? Spadaro co-wrote the article with Marcelo Figueroa, a Presbyterian pastor who is the editor of the Argentine edition of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, in the Pope’s native country. It would seem that higher-ups in various Christian religions are in agreement that Christianity is dangerous.
                Which is particularly bizarre and disturbing given the fact that we don’t see devout Christians rioting in the streets, looting and assaulting others. The sowing division, hatred and conflict thing belongs to the secular left- or the fundamentalist Muslims.
                The righteous Reverend was also in the news recently for averring that, unlike in mathematics, in the religious world, 2+2 can equal 5. Here is his Twitter tweet from January 5th, 2017:
                “Theology is not #Mathematics. 2+2 in #Theology can make 5. Because it has to do with #God and real #life of #people…”
                Why do the most powerful people on earth insist on making fools of themselves on Twitter?
                In point of fact, St. Thomas says, in Summa Theologica, that theology has a “greater certitude” than any other science, and that mathematics, and other similar speculative sciences, “derive their certitude from the natural light of human reason, which can err.” While theology, on the other hand, “derives its certitude from the light of divine knowledge, which cannot be misled.”
                We can believe whatever we wish, of course (as long as we don’t say it out loud where a leftist might hear it). I know I don’t have all the answers. But I do recognize that humans didn’t create themselves, their brains, or the universe. (We did create Twitter, however)!
                Therefore, we don’t even know what we don’t know. And people who don’t know that…are often arrogantly rioting in the streets, blindly sowing division and hatred.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Phil Donahue Says This Is The Darkest Moment In American Political History

                “This is the darkest political moment in American history,” former talk-show host Phil Donahue stated recently on MSNBC, adding, “Who’s going to argue that?”
                Gee, I don’t know Phil…I guess I will.
                Let’s see, we’ve had the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel between the sitting Vice-President of the Unites States and a former Secretary of the Treasury, in which the latter was slain. We’ve experienced several assassinations, including of Abraham Lincoln, at the very end of a war between American states. You might have heard of it. 620,000 Americans died in that “political moment.” Kind of dark, Phillip John, wouldn’t you agree?
                There was Watergate, your previous favorite scandal, P.J. Then we had to survive gas lines, stagflation, double-digit interest rates, “malaise” and the bizarre reign of an all-too-sober, pseudo-intellectual redneck who “lusted in his heart.” We would have been better off with his authentically redneck brother Billy as Commander-in-Chief.
                 “Hypocrisy is killing us,” Donahue said recently on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” (CNN and “reliable sources” should never appear in the same paragraph together. I apologize). He was upset that, though Americans tout their patriotism, only about half of them vote. “We were apathetic and we looked up and think (sic) now, holy cow, we got a—we got—I don’t even want to say it. We got a P-U-S-S-Y grabber for president and we are appalled.”
                Donahue, who tries desperately to come off as a European-style “intellectual,” though his I.Q is more likely on par with a water buffalo’s, apparently leads an utterly unexamined life.
                It was not many years ago that President Bill Clinton was impeached for his actual, real- and eventually admitted- adulterous Oval Office affair with a young intern, one that involved creative uses of cigars, dress stains, and fellatio while El Presidenté was on the phone with world leaders…and about which he (originally) lied while under oath. This is also the same president that was accused of raping various other women prior to attaining office. Strangely, Mr. Donahue didn’t hyperventilate over those minor indiscretions.
                Donahue is himself a hypocrite of the highest and rankest order, pretending he disdains hypocrisy while taking it to a never-before-reached level.
                We are actually approaching the darkest moment in American political history, Phil. But that moment will arrive when conservatives are barred from speaking on college campuses, when Christian organizations are labeled as “hate groups,” when men can simply claim to be women and be granted rights to use their public restrooms and locker rooms, when cigarettes are banned but marijuana is legalized, and when a duly-elected president can be removed from office simply because an entitled and infantilized minority is tired of democratic republicanism.
                That moment is here, Phil. Who’s going to argue that?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Swedish Christian School Banned From Practicing Christianity

                A Swedish Christian preschool has banned children from saying grace at mealtime. Nor can they say “Amen.” Or talk about the Bible.
                It’s not much of a Christian school, is it?
                However, the decision to forbid children at the Christian school from engaging in Christian practices was, for all intents and purposes, forced on the school. The municipality of Umea’s education supervisors inspected the school and determined that the Christian activities violate Sweden’s national educational policies, according to a report by Swedish national broadcaster STV. The Swedish Education Act says children must be allowed to opt-out of any religious practices, even, apparently, those in a “Christian” school. The intrepid government inspectors were of the opinion that the school, managed by the Salvation Army, didn’t clearly offer kids a choice as to whether they wanted to participate in activities such as saying grace before eating a meal. (If the meals this school provides are anything like the ones I attempted to consume in my lengthy public-school career, its kids have a clear and present need to pray).
                The kindergarten’s manager, Britt Mårtensson, told STV that, “We knew we could no longer have prayer time while children are at their desks where they learn, so we thought we would add grace as a nice feature during mealtimes. We interpreted the law differently than the municipality.” She added that the Scandinavian country’s Education Act “can be interpreted in different ways” and that she didn’t believe giving thanks at mealtimes constituted “education.”
                Mårtensson said that, since the municipality’s decision, the kids now sing a rhyme giving thanks to the sun, the rain, and the food at mealtimes. Perhaps it goes a little something like this:

                Thank you sun
                Thank you rain
                For the food
                We can’t explain

                And thank you sky
                And thank you Earth
                For we can’t talk
                Of a special birth

                Everything is
                So it seems odd
                That we can’t say
                It comes from God

                Know what’s best
                Passes that test

                It’s government
                That rules the day
                That is the truth
                The light and the way

                From its teachings
                We must not stray
                Innate Christian tolerance has emboldened leftists, hyper-secularists, terrorists, and anarchists, and has, ironically,  directly led to the increased attacks on Christians and Christianity of late. It is time for Christians to push back against this Crusade of chaos, craziness, corruption and criminality. The tyranny of political correctness and “one-way multiculturalism” (credit to Mark Steyn) must be ended.
                As Thomas Jefferson said, “I have sworn on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.”
                “Amen” to that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Artist To Make Snow Globes For Planned Parenthood

                CNN recently reported that a St. Louis artist named “Bunny Burson” will be utilizing some of Hillary Clinton’s tragically unused election night confetti to make snow globes to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. Burson attended Clinton’s election eve watch party at the Javits Center in Manhattan, eagerly anticipating being caught in the blizzard of confetti that would signify the election of the nation’s first (allegedly) female president, if you don’t count Jimmy Carter.
                Given the recent history of CNN, and the artist’s first name, I felt compelled to verify the story via other sources. I have done so. It appears CNN accidentally got something correct, and that this tale is true. I’m sure someone will be sacked.
                The confetti-filled snow globes are to be sold inside Planned Parenthood clinics in St. Louis, with all proceeds benefitting the organization, and its quest to rid the world of those scary “fetuses of color.” And, I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel the spirit of Christmas  a winter wonderland scene more than an abortion clinic. Cue Burl Ives and Bing Crosby!
                Yet Burson apparently believes that Planned Parenthood is somehow in the vanguard of America’s women’s rights movement, now in its 169th year: “I just feel whether it’s running for office or breaking their own glass ceiling in some other way, now’s a time not to give up,” she stated.
                Hillary hawking shirts, artists donating snow globes? Who- and what’s- next in line to help fill Planned Parenthood’s coffers so they can open more shiny, new Mega-death shops? Let’s put our heads together and think outside of the womb box. Any suggestions?
                Maybe Planned Parenthood itself can sell any unused baby parts they have lying around to the DNC. The DNC could then make trinkets, gewgaws and curios out of these pieces and give them back to the organization so they could sell them for a tidy profit.
                Planned Parenthood has a number of slogans it uses in its advertising. One is: “Act. No matter what.” Another is: “Stand with PP.”
                Perhaps it would be better if couples thought before acting. No matter what.
                If they’d put their “PP’s” away, they wouldn’t have needed Planned Parenthood’s services.
                And they could “Stand with dignity.” For the rest of their lives.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Hillary Clinton Hawking "Nasty Woman" T-Shirts For Planned Parenthood

                How the mighty have fallen. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now hawking T-shirts for Planned Parenthood. She is doing so to raise money to support the nation’s largest abortion provider’s “Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project” in Los Angeles County, a political advocacy group agitating to keep abortion safe (for the mother), legal and available everywhere. And funded by taxpayers, whether they like it or not, representation be damned.
                Clinton recently tweeted a picture of herself holding up a black T-shirt with the words “Nasty Woman” written on it In white letters, further proving the accuracy of Trump’s pre-election insult. The shirts are currently being sold and promoted by the cable television network TBS, though this, of course, in no way indicates any bias whatsoever on the part of the network. Samantha Bee, host of the network’s “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” is spearheading the sales push.
            Bee had previously stated: “With the uncertainty of the health care bill, we may need to keep Planned Parenthood afloat one t-shirt at a time,” which is an absurdity, as the recently approved budget funds Planned Parenthood in full. The sales goal for Clinton’s shirts was one million dollars, and that goal has already been surpassed, making many wonder anew why any federal funding is needed, let alone the half a billion dollars that Planned No-Parenthood currently receives annually.
                TBS, Bee, Clinton, and their band of merry mass-murderers tout the shirt sales with this message (I took the liberty of adding the italicized words in parentheses):
                “By getting this exclusive ‘Nasty Woman’ shirt (and/or hoodie), you’re joining Samantha Bee and countless other smart, fearless women and men (there’s nothing braver than killing your own defenseless baby!) in supporting Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County, standing up for women’s (aka, human) rights (except for really small ones) and helping to pave the way for a brighter future (without so many humans!). This is such an incredible time in our country’s history (I f**king hate Trump). Don’t you want to look back on it with (gay) pride (!), knowing that you helped make a difference? We do! Join us and let’s make it (innocent babies dying for the convenience of sluts) happen.”
                 (Writer’s note: I have been unable to determine- as of this writing- the veracity of the rumor that Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, has joined the sales force of the Adam & Eve Company to peddle adult sex toys).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Veteran's Memorial Park In Minnesota To Get Satanic Monument?

                Veteran’s Memorial Park in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, may soon be home to the first Satanic monument on public property in U.S. history. Now that’s “fundamental change/transformation” you can believe in! Thanks Barack and Bill!
                The monument is being erected for The Satanic Temple, and is being built by a group of Satanists from Massachusetts. It features an upturned helmet atop a black cube.
                The city decided to allow the monument to be placed at the veteran’s park after a “religious freedom” group threatened a lawsuit over another statue, entitled “Joe,” which features a soldier kneeling and praying over a grave marked with a cross. City officials say the “memorial” is finished, but that they are “still working out a date for when it will go in,” according to Minnesota.cbslocal.com. According to the officials, the monument has to be put in a small area called “The Free Speech Zone,” that is specifically designated for 10 or fewer memorials, “as long as they honor veterans.”
                What could honor veterans more than a monument to Satanism?
                Belle Plaine resident Donna Karnitz, whose husband is a veteran of the Vietnam War, says she finds the idea of the new Satanic monument offensive. “It was approved a while back already, and it has not come here,” she said. “I am hoping and praying that it doesn’t come into the park here!” Others are, as well. There is a protest planned at the park on Saturday during the city’s popular BBQ Days festival.
                Small towns, Middle America, veteran’s memorials, Barbeque Days, and…Satanic monuments. They go together like mom, baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, and…Charles Manson.
                Cary Coop, a city council member, says he voted against the designated free speech area. He stated: “I don’t think there’s too many Satanists around here, but it’s free speech.” Coop admits they anticipated other groups coming in. “We were warned against creating this free speech zone, and it will probably be just as well that we didn’t have one, that people could use private property to say whatever they want,” he said.
The entirety of the United States was designated-by the Founders- as a free speech zone. We have not the power to “create” one anywhere we want, thereby unconstitutionally constricting First Amendment rights to these limited, specific areas. Nor does this mean we are forced to accept that any and all monuments to chaos and evil must be allowed to be placed on cemetery grounds and other public spaces. Hell, we can no longer even put The Ten Commandments in these venues, and we are rapidly removing monuments to those who fought for the South in the Civil War.
Sadly, the self-proclaimed “tolerant left” has no tolerance for dissenting views. This is why conservatives are routinely threatened with violence and ultimately banned from speaking on college campuses. The supposedly intolerant, bigoted “right,” on the other hand, has such reverence for- and misunderstanding of- the First Amendment, Judeo-Christian values and the true meaning and application of tolerance that it continually allows itself to be bullied and marginalized. This is especially true of garden-variety Republicans. There is only one possible outcome of this current reality, and the left knows this, and utilizes this to its full advantage. This is why the left knows that time is on its side, and why Republicans, who hold most governor-ships, the House, the Senate, and the presidency, preposterously still can’t pass their own agenda.
Bring on the monuments to disaffection, impotence and stupidity.
The Satanic Temple says it does not promote a belief in a “personal Satan” and that “religion can, and should, be divorced from superstition.” That’s nice. Comforting, too.  In other words, don’t put your faith in religion. Put it in science…and Satanism.
(Update: As of Sunday, July 16th, it appears the town’s city council will do away with the free speech zone, preventing the Satanic monument from being placed in the park. Sadly, as a result of this same apparent decision, “Joe” has been removed from the park, likely never to return. The Belle Plaine city council is slated to decide the matter, once and for all, on Monday, July 17th).