Friday, April 19, 2024

Biden Administration Laser-Focused On Low-Efficiency Light Bulbs


The Biden administration recently finalized lightbulb efficiency rules that were first proposed in late 2022. This will more than double the required efficiency level for the most common lightbulbs, from 45 lumens per watt to more than 120 lumens per watt. Yay!

Priorities! Forget rampant crime, fentanyl killing 100,000 Americans a year, human trafficking, the open southern border, destructive inflation, the mass genital mutilation of our young people, the disingenuous rot being taught in our schools… and focus on fighting that scourge of society, the lower-efficiency light bulb!  

The Biden administration has, much to the chagrin of most consumers and their pocketbooks, already snuffed out incandescent light bulbs, and so is likely feeling bulletproof.

 Yes, Joe, let there be light! If it meets with your approval, that is.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

$20 "Happy" Meals?


Not too many years ago, liberals were complaining that the inexpensive prices for fast food were leading to poor people having bad diets. Recently, liberals demanded that fast food workers have a much higher minimum wage, and now they are blaming fast food outlets for rapidly rising prices. They can't have it both ways. This rapidly rising idiocy is making me nauseous.

California fast food outlets have already laid off numerous employees and cut back hours for others. That was as predictable as the sun setting in the west. They have no choice. Decisions/actions/policies have consequences. So do elections.

Typical liberal idiot: “Pay fast food workers higher wages! Hey, why are burgers so expensive?!”  


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Language Of Liberty

“The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties.”-- Thomas Jefferson


Indeed. Communication is our greatest distinguishing asset as a species. It is our essence. Thought leads to words, which naturally lead to speaking and writing. Yet words lead to thought. Try thinking without using words. Is it even possible? In any case, without these pillars of the human condition we are but large crustaceans with opposable thumbs.

Yet today, conservatives are routinely prevented from speaking, especially on college campuses, those erstwhile bastions of higher education and competing ideas. No one is allowed to freely and openly challenge the prevailing (leftist) dogma, whether it be pertaining to COVID-19 vaccines, global warming/climate change, the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, the alleged existence of dozens upon dozens of genders, or a host of other topics. Social media outlets will block, censor, shadow ban, demonetize, or outright permanently kick you off their platforms should you run afoul of the Thought Police. President Trump did just that, and he was kicked off. This is anything but healthy for a supposedly free republic. It is, in fact, a death knell for democracy.

Freedom of speech is Constitutionally protected via the First Amendment. It was placed first out of the original Ten Amendments (27 now) because it is so essential to a free society and an individual. (In my opinion, the Second Amendment was placed there as the best guarantor of the First Amendment—and all those to follow.)

              The First Amendment is under furious assault. The Second Amendment is, too. There are those on The Left who would like to throw out the entire Bill of Rights and the Constitution along with it. If government, “the elites,” and those in organizations like the World Economic Forum can water down, abridge, or repeal our First and Second Amendment rights, there is clearly no right they intend to leave intact. (A recent survey conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that an incredible 47% of elites believe the U.S. government allows its citizens too much freedom! A large majority of them would like to impose “strict rationing of meat, gas, and electricity”…and would ban the use of gas-powered vehicles.)

Whether in spoken or written form, words can be powerful. They can move us, motivate us, inspire us. And they can inspire thought, which can lead us to change our minds—or question what we have been told.

This is why The New Totalitarians of The Left, also known as today’s Democratic Party, are so afraid of them. Those who hold positions of power—and low character—know that their arguments are weak and their policies detrimental to all but themselves. It is, therefore, essential to shut them up.

Though they may temporarily succeed in making it a Hell here on Earth, they will eventually have to deal with the Grantor of the unalienable rights they stole from us.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Last Democratic Election


It is one thing to be one of the dumbest people ever to trod the earth. When world-class disingenuousness and projection is added to the idiocy, the result is truly breathtaking. And repulsive. Vice President Kamala Harris is the latest to simultaneously exhibit all three traits. Harris recently appeared on a podcast I’d never heard of, titled “I’ve Had It,” during which she agreed with the hosts that the upcoming 2024 presidential election could be the last democratic election ever held in the United States.

This could in fact be the case, but what the Venn diagram-loving moron didn’t say is that this would be because her administration—and her party-- won’t allow them any longer.

In fact, 2016 might have been the last democratic election the United States will ever see, as since then Democrats have done everything possible-- including attempting to jail their leading political opponent and disenfranchise non-leftist American voters—to force permanent one-party rule on the republic. Just to be sure of their primacy, they also bribed and coerced the giant social media companies to act in their favor-- and threatened to eliminate the filibuster, pack the court, and grant statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. And don’t forget the perpetually open southern border.

I’ve had it…with Democrats’ lying, gaslighting, projection, virtue signaling, bullying, coercion, threats, disdain for the Constitution/opponents/rule of law, ruinous policies…and rampant amorality.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Letter To An Undecided Voter


A Letter To An Undecided Voter:

You say you’re not going to vote for Trump? You say you’re tired of the drama? You say you aren’t fond of the mean tweets and ungracious comments?

Drama, huh? Are you tired of your president being incapable of cogent thought and fluid speech? Are you tired of the “Big Guy’s” softer than warm butter stance on China? Are you tired of rampant inflation and high taxes? The Strategic Oil Reserve being drawn down needlessly? Are you tired of open borders and 100,000 deaths a year from fentanyl overdoses? Are you tired of human and sex-trafficking? Are you tired of illegal aliens migrants newcomers committing crimes and flooding our cities? Are you tired of rampant crime? Are you tired of trains derailing, plane parts falling off, and bridges collapsing? Are you tired of some groups being feted and others mocked on the basis of their skin color and religious affiliation? Are you tired of freakishly-adorned high level nuclear officials stealing other people’s dresses at airports around the country? Are you tired of people who hold traditional views being prevented from speaking and chased off campuses? Are you tired of being told what kind of stove and automobile you will be allowed to buy in the near future? Are you tired of being told what kind of food (hint: bugs) you will be allowed to eat? Are you tired of elites telling us that we will soon own nothing and be happy?

Are you tired of the government treating migrants better than American citizens? Better than Veterans? Are you tired of endless wars? Are you tired of the party in power attempting to imprison its political opponents?

Is this the America you remember and can be proud of? Is this all now considered “calm” and “normal?” Is any of the aforementioned “drama?” Is any of it “mean,” disgusting, or “ungracious?”

Are you better off than you were pre-pandemic, say in 2019? More hopeful?

Who are you going to vote for again?


Sunday, April 14, 2024

"Death To America" Chants Ring Out...In America?


Chants of “Death to America” broke out at an Al Quds Day Rally in Dearborn, Michigan recently, as can be heard in a social media video. An activist named Tarek Bazzi spoke to the crowd, inciting it by repeating Malcolm X’s claim that America is “one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth.

A local Imam named Usama Abdhulagani also spoke, telling the gathering that “Israel is ISIS, they are Nazis, they are fascists.” As if averring that Israelis are Nazis isn’t insane enough, they are also ISIS, too?

The Daily Caller, which has been following the story, noted that it contacted Michigan Democrats to ask if they condemned the chant, with a number of them replying in the affirmative. However, despite repeated requests for a statement of condemnation, The Daily Caller said that others, including Rep. Debbie Dingell, Rep. Haley Stevens, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Sen. Gary Peters, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib refused to share their stance on the matter, while Gov. Whitmer did not respond to a request for comment.

If “Death to America” isn’t hate speech, what would be? Is it not verbal “violence?” It certainly could be seen as inciting violence. And multiple Democrat state representatives—and the governor—declined to condemn it?!

If the Democrat Party keeps moving in the same direction and with the same speed that it has in the past several years-- and the country’s demographics keep changing apace-- by 2032 or 2036, Democratic candidates themselves may be chanting “Death to America” on the campaign trail.

Whether even that would be enough to rouse a sleeping—and ever-changing—populace to throw them out is, as they say, problematic.






*Colleges and universities are just vast mis-education camps, indoctrination factories. Soon, those who don’t go to college will likely have to attend re-education camps. The Land of the Free has become Indoctrination Nation. Tragic.

*Thomas Jefferson, the author of The Declaration of Independence, once proclaimed: “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.” Today, the Democrat Party is effectively stating: “We have sworn, on the altar of political correctness/Gaia, eternal hostility to all those that question our beliefs, desires, and decrees.”

*The Mainstream Media: “We are fact-free news! Now with extra bias!”

*Democrats plan to let criminals out of jail to vote for them is not new. They’ve been doing that since at least 1864. In fact, that year they plotted a jail break of Confederate prisoners!

*Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers recently vetoed a bill that would have banned “transgender women” from participating on female school sports teams. He did so claiming it would “threaten the safety and dignity of LGBTQ Wisconsinites.” That is preposterous. Not passing the bill, however, demonstrably threatens the safety of Wisconsin schoolgirls. The most effective way to advance an evil agenda is to accuse one’s opponents of being evil.

*Though Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex, Quinnipiac University School of Law is offering a scholarship open only to women and LGBTQ+ students. Wonder if the school would consider offering athletic scholarships to women and LGBTQ+ students only? Let’s hear it for inclusion!

*So-called “comedian” Michael Ian Black says he may leave the U.S. even if Donald Trump loses the upcoming presidential election, because, he says, the country has “let so many of us down.” We’ll help you pack.

*”Trump Openly Complains About Being Thrown in Jail in Unhinged Rant Against Court Cases” read the MEDIAite headline. The nerve of that guy, complaining about his political opposition attempting to jail him on…ahem, trumped up charges! The article noted that Trump characterized the charges against him as “so unfair,” stating that those are “the petulant words one typically hears from a tired or hungry toddler.” The article itself was filled with untruths and biased blather one might normally expect to hear from a small child. In short, it was an unhinged rant.

*Rutgers University is going to hold separate graduation ceremonies for LGBTQ+ and illegal immigrant students. Why not then break it down even further…to gays only, lesbians only, bisexuals only, illegal immigrants from El Salvador only, illegal immigrants from Venezuela only, etc., etc., graduation ceremonies? Everything about this is wrong, from separating students by sexual orientation to allowing illegal immigrants (whose education has been paid for in part by American taxpayers) to graduate. Disgusting.



Friday, April 12, 2024

Obama, "Biden Doctrine" Fundamentally Transforming America


President Obama often spoke of the “fundamental transformation” of America. What the (former?) president didn’t explicitly state, and what some still fail to understand, is that the Democratic Party has been fundamentally transformed in recent years…in large part due to his efforts. It, in turn, has fundamentally transformed the United States. And not for the better. Obviously.

JFK and Truman, like them or despise them, wouldn’t recognize it. In fact, they would disdain—and mock-- today’s Democratic Party, as it would them. It has morphed from a party ostensibly for working people into one of, by, and for elites-- nationally and globally. (Okay, it has always advanced policies detrimental to Black people, but in most other important respects it has changed.) The party that spawned the Truman Doctrine, the policy of providing aid to countries threatened by Communism and totalitarianism, has now been given over to the Biden Doctrine, the policy of badgering our closest allies (such as Israel) and giving aid, succor, cash, and billions in top-shelf military hardware to those who despise us (such as Iran, the Afghani Taliban, and Hamas.) This is the strangest doctrine imaginable, and an existential threat to national security. And yet, the party still holds the power in Washington, D.C.

The Biden Doctrine, even if unstated, is also at odds with JFK’s promise to the world that the United States would “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty. Today, the Democratic Party is hell bent…on extinguishing the freedom and liberty of its political opponents here at home, as well as that of a large percentage of American citizens. Quite the difference.

Speaking of citizens, the Biden Doctrine actively dismisses them in favor of illegal aliens undocumented migrants “newcomers,” using citizens’ tax dollars to pay for healthcare, hotel stays, credit card accounts, cell phones, and such like, for those who break the law by entering our country without going thru the application and naturalization process. That is truly stupefying. Not only is the “Great Replacement Theory” a fact, but American citizens are paying to negate their future votes if not functionally erase themselves entirely.

That’s quite a doctrine, one unlike any that proceeded it in Western history.

If Biden wins re-election this November, his doctrine will have somehow prevailed…and the formerly United States will be fundamentally transformed.




Thursday, April 11, 2024

Representative Suggests Black Americans Shouldn't Pay Taxes


Rep. Jasmine Crockett, D-Texas, suggested during an appearance on a recent “Black Lawyers Podcast” that Black Americans should be exempt from paying taxes as a form of reparations. That would be a good gig if you could get it, although she does admit that many Blacks do not currently pay taxes due to lower incomes.

Crockett, no relation to Davy, also said that Blacks are owed “for the labor that was stolen and killed and all the other things.” I’m not sure what “and killed and all the other things” means, but whatever.

I must admit this is a unique proposal, though it is somewhat mindful of one I rather satirically suggested that Democrats might put forth nearly a decade ago. 

What’s next? Will, say, California or Minnesota soon enact legislation that would exempt all Peoples of Color (POC) from paying income taxes? If so, they could become a “POC Sanctuary.” (Which would add to the long list of people and actions for which they are a sanctuary.) Perhaps New York or Illinois will announce that henceforth they will no longer burden the LGBTQ Community with sales taxes. Can’t wait to see how they’d attempt to implement that policy! Maybe Indigenous folks and Pacific Islanders should be exempt from paying estate taxes? The possibilities are endless, though the results would be the same: a more divided, amoral and impoverished America.

I strongly doubt, however, that any government will sign off on anything that could reduce its revenue. At this point, it’s more likely it will simply double the tax rate for white people or Christians. (Quadruple the tax rate for white Christians?)

Oddly, the mainstream media never talks about how taxes “disproportionately” affect the wealthy. And rarely is the fact brought up, at least in a positive light, that no one in states like South Dakota, Texas, and Florida pays income taxes. Now that is equity.

And then there are illegal aliens, who don’t pay taxes, but do get benefits, making them possibly the only group in history to have representation without taxation!





Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Progressives Are Unbalanced


Perspective? Balance? Reason? Fairness?

Not so much, at least when one is speaking of today’s so-called progressives.

Hypocrisy? Gaslighting? Projection? Shamelessness?

In spades!

They are still attempting to put former President Donald Trump in prison for allegedly overpricing his real estate, a victimless non-crime—and something that nearly everyone does at some level at one time or another. Yet many of the same people forced the experimental mRNA vaccines on us, and locked down the world, creating endless victims and countless dead, and have not been held to account in any way whatsoever. (The ones who didn’t have the power to mandate the jabs or lock down others cheered on those who did.) They have not been held to account for perpetrating The Crime of the Century, perhaps the greatest, most ubiquitous, and most destructive crime ever committed!

Misgender someone? They'll throw the book at you! Your policies and mandates kill thousands, ruin the livelihoods of millions, and steal the liberty of perhaps billions? Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be. No problem. No consequences.

Yet progressives incessantly tout the virtues of “fairness” and “equity.” How can this be, you ask? (Okay, I asked that.)

It can be because they are self-hating, virtue-signaling liars… a truly preposterous and repulsive combination.

As The Kinks wrote (and sang), “It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.”


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Mandatory Journalism Course Says Many Questions Are Microaggressions


According to The College Fix, a mandatory journalism course at Arizona State University, titled “Diversity and Civility at Cronkite,” instructs students that asking questions such as “Where are you from?” and “Where were you born?” are racial microaggressions.

The school’s Cronkite School of Journalism online description notes that it places a strong emphasis on the “importance of diversity, inclusion, equity and civility.” I guess. But I doubt famed journalist Walter Cronkite-- from whom the school took its name-- would approve. ASU has added another letter on to the currently ubiquitous DEI, and also had the “E” and “I” swap positions, so that we now have DIEC. Too bad. If it had touted the “importance of diversity, inclusion, civility, and equity,” the acronym would’ve been DICE. Much better.

Preposterously, even the statement, “I think the most qualified person should get the job” is considered a microaggression at ASU’s CSJ. And some of us thought “journalism” couldn’t get any worse!

So, like everything else, asking questions is now racist. There is an upside, however: it makes doing “journalism” much easier and less time consuming!

And it fits with the times. If I tell you I’m a woman, I’m a woman. If I tell you I’m a journalist, I’m a journalist. No questions asked.


Monday, April 8, 2024

Leftists Trying To Lobotomize The United States


“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have someone write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster… the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”—Milan Kundera (The Book of Laughter and Forgetting; 1979)


This is all being done today. In—and to—the United States of America. It is, in fact, eerily accurate.

Leftists are rewriting—and flat-out lying about-- our history, expunging existing textbooks from classrooms, and replacing them with toxic drivel like “The 1619 Project” and “Critical Race Theory.” They are trashing our culture and traditions, injecting books like “All Boys Aren’t Blue” into our children’s school libraries, disparaging Christianity, and encouraging “transgenderism.”

Indeed, this is all being done today. And more. And it is, in part, why conservatives so value the lessons of the past, and of those that lived in it…and wish to conserve much of what once was.

We are in the midst of a national frontal lobotomy, being performed on us by so-called “progressives.” And, yes, a lobotomy is a form of “fundamental transformation.” Already, too many wonder who we are and what we stand for, many of them routinely spitting out drooling nonsense. (Think AOC, Joy Behar, Adam Schiff, Rachel Maddow, et. al.)

The Roman Republic, the most impressive previous one, lasted for five centuries, twice as long as America has been in existence. It is painful for historian-patriots to observe what is happening now. The Roman Republic finally collapsed when too many Romans forgot what it meant to be Roman. And now too many have forgotten what it meant to be an American—or have effectively renounced their citizenship.

There are few sadder sights than a person who has lost his or her memory. Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease that saps intellect and memory from even the most brilliant and vibrant people. In the final stages, a person often cannot even identify his closest family members. The injustice, pain and bewilderment can tear families apart. And that is for an insidious malady afflicting one person. When memory loss afflicts millions, it leads to societal devastation. Alzheimer’s occurs of natural causes. But what’s happening to our society is even worse. Americans’ memories are being deliberately stripped, negated, replaced, modified, and abused.

The New Totalitarians in academia, media, Hollywood-- and in corporate H.R departments-- are continuously and steadfastly attempting to indoctrinate youngsters and replace the memories of older folks. In the manner of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” they seek total, unthinking uniformity of thought and allegiance. And they are snatching minds.

In this regard, contrary to their incessant proclamations, diversity is their most hated enemy, not their overarching goal.

“In God We Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum,” “Natural Rights,” “Give me liberty or give me death,” “limited government of, by, and for the people,” and the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, are all-- with other founding principles—in the process of being “memory-holed” by the liberty-hating elites that rule over us.

If they are successful in their endeavor, every person who sacrificed their life, from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars through Afghanistan, from Lexington and Concord to Antietam to Omaha Beach to Khe Sanh to Kabul, will be memory-holed, as well.

As will the country they fought to birth, enhance, and preserve.



Sunday, April 7, 2024

Medical Students Asked to Kneel, Pray For "Mama Earth"


According to The Washington Free Beacon, medical students at UCLA were reportedly recently ordered to say a “non-secular prayer” to “the ancestors.” Guest speaker Lisa Gray-Garcia instructed students to get on their knees and touch “Mama Earth” with their fists during a mandatory course titled “Structural Racism and Health Equity.” According to a couple of students present at the time, at least half of the students complied. That is terrifying. When told to do something, we just reflexively obey now? Apparently, this is no longer America, or at least a place no longer populated by Americans.  

The Beacon noted that Gray-Garcia’s prayer also included a benediction for “black,” “brown,” and “houseless people” who die because of the “crapatalist lie” of “private property.” Lie of private property? Guess that explains The Left’s affinity for squatters. She (they?) also informed the kneeling medical students that Mama Earth “was never meant to be bought, sold, pimped, or played.” (Apparently Mama Earth is a stick in the mud. A real old fuddy-duddy. No fun at all.)

Gray-Garcia was wearing a keffiyeh during the class and led the young scholars in chants of “Free, Free Palestine,” as “faculty and staff looked on in silence” The Beacon reported. It also noted that Gray-Garcia, a self-professed “poverty scholar,” referred to modern medicine as “white science” and “inveighed against the ‘occupation’ of ‘Turtle Island,’” which is, you guessed it, her preferred term for the United States of America.

Finally, stated The Beacon, Gray-Garcia asked the students to “stand for a second prayer,” adding, “This time, nearly everyone rose.” Pardon me while I vomit.

There doesn’t seem to be many Daniel Boones, Lewis and Clarks, John Waynes, Sergeant Yorks, or George Washingtons around anymore. Hell, at this point I’d settle for the Marlboro Man.

Courage is the attribute that guarantees all others. Group-think can lead to mass atrocities and the destruction of society. (Such as the Holocaust, for example.) We were not meant to be lemmings. Independence used to be the hallmark of Americans, our birthright, our very essence.

Thomas Jefferson, the author of The Declaration of Independence, once exclaimed, “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.”

Those UCLA medical students should have laughed at Gray-Garcia and walked out. That would have been a sign of a healthier republic.





Saturday, April 6, 2024

NBC Implies Florida Is A S***hole State


NBC News, or, as Greg Gutfeld aptly calls the mainstream media outlet, “Nothing But Crap,” recently outdid even themselves in promulgating misleading information. A weekend report strongly implied that Florida is a veritable hellhole from which residents are fleeing at a remarkable rate. The outlet claimed "a perfect storm of soaring insurance costs, a hostile political environment, worsening traffic, and extreme weather” had caused people to abandon the Sunshine State in droves.

And they based that claim on interviews with "more than a dozen recent transplants and longtime residents who left the state in the past two years." More than a dozen! That’s over twelve! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Did a third-grader write that? You could get 13 or 14 people to agree that the Earth is flat or that Joe Biden is a Rhodes Scholar.

Here is a recent post on ‘X’:

@NBC News

The Sunshine State isn’t always as sunny as it may seem. Hundreds of thousands of new residents have flocked to Florida with the promise of beautiful weather and no income tax. But nearly 500,000 left in 2022, according to the most recent Census data.

Catch that? Hundreds of thousands have moved to Florida, but almost half a million left in 2022 alone. NBC apparently forgot to mention that roughly 700,000 moved to Florida in 2022. Florida had a 2% net growth that year, highest among all states. And Florida is second only to Texas in actual numbers moving in. Essentially, Florida has been shedding Democrats. And, if you’ve paid attention to what Democrat policies have done to the nation lately, that’s a good thing. At least for Florida and Floridians.

Pathetically, if hilariously, the self-same misinformation outlet ran a piece less than 6 months ago headlined, “Florida is booming and burning more trash. Residents say it’s making them sick” in which it noted that “more people equals more garbage.” I haven’t heard or read that mentioned anywhere else, but it certainly vividly illustrates that NBC wants it both ways, and, not unlike many other “news” purveyors, will take every opportunity to slander Florida, even if it has to make stuff up. Because DeSantis, Trump, and Republicans.

I’m pretty sure Florida is far from the only state subject to “soaring insurance costs, a hostile political environment, worsening traffic, and extreme weather.” But Nothing But Crap doesn’t care to mention that. Journalism is dead. But perhaps NBC is trying to “Make Fake News Great Again.”


Friday, April 5, 2024

Did The Zionists Exploit The Holocaust?


As reported by Campus Reform, Princeton’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently hosted a “Conversation on the Gaza Genocide with Norman Finkelstein & Chris Hedges.” I personally couldn’t pick either Norman or Chris out in a crowd of two, but Campus Reform noted that Finkelstein is a controversial anti-Israel speaker and the author of ‘The Holocaust Industry,’ a book asserting that Zionists ‘exploited the Holocaust’ for their own ends.” I’m sorry, say again?

CR also noted that Finkelstein took to X this past December to state: “Make no mistake about it. In order to stifle dissent from Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza, the Jewish billionaire class has launched the most concerted assault on academic freedom in the history of our country.” He added, “If the presidents at Ivy League universities are not safe from the wrath of these Jewish supremacists, then no one is, and academic freedom is dead.”

Wow, where to start?! First of all, I’m not sure anyone has ever used the words “Jewish” and “supremacists” together before. And I didn’t know there was a designated “Jewish billionaire class.” If there is, it certainly hasn’t launched any assault, concerted or otherwise, on academic freedom. Those who despise Israel and support Hamas, on the other hand, certainly have. On campuses across the fruited plain, pro-Hamas types have terrorized Jewish students, staged sit-ins, threatened college presidents, chased off and/or shouted down Jewish speakers, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Also, the Jews have been the victims of actual genocide, and are not engaged in that behavior themselves. In fact, the IDF has gone to such great pains to avoid civilian casualties (even though most Palestinians would like to see them wiped off the face of the planet) that it has achieved the lowest civilian to soldier casualty ratio in the history of urban warfare.

But the kicker, perhaps the most preposterous assertion in recorded history, is Finkelstein’s claim that Zionists have “exploited the Holocaust.”

Those dirty Zionist exploiters! It’s just like them to take advantage of 6 million of their own being exterminated! Two-thirds of them were wiped off the face of the Earth and suddenly they get all defensive and uppity! I mean, the unmitigated gall!

Apparently Finkelstein and Hedges are unclear on the concept of “exploitation.” If the Jews/Zionists “exploited” the Holocaust, the U.S. “exploited” Pearl Harbor and the Baltic states exploited being forcefully occupied by the Soviet Union.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Wrong Woman Receives Abortion


Don’t you just hate it when an abortion is performed on the wrong woman?

Like was recently the case at a major “teaching” hospital in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. A healthy woman, four months pregnant, was mistakenly sedated and given an abortion when she should have been having a routine check-up. Doctors performed a curettage-- a kind of uterus surgery-- on her which led to her miscarrying. The curettage was supposed to be performed on a different woman.

A hospital spokeswoman told CNN Prima: “An adverse event occurred at our Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic. According to the findings so far, as a result of serious violations and non-compliance with internal regulations by the employees concerned, an operation was started on an incorrectly identified patient.”

“An adverse event occurred?!” That sounds like the woman received a parking ticket or had a fender-bender, not had her baby’s life stolen from inside her.

 At the very least, I hope the spokeswoman exclaimed: “Sorry, our bad! Didn’t mean to mangle your uterus and kill your kid!”

Well, accidents happen, right? I mean que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

In all seriousness, this is obviously shocking and tragic, and especially traumatic to the wronged woman and her family. Which will now be one fewer than it would/should have been. My heart goes out to her. And I fervently hope the “serious violations and non-compliance with internal regulations by the employees concerned” was not the result of D.E.I. hiring.


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Politico Links Humor To Authoritarianism


A recent Politico report bizarrely suggested that former President Trump’s "jokes" and sense of humor could be used to normalize authoritarianism. The article stated, "This isn’t new, and Trump, obviously, is far from the first president or pol with some capacity for comedy.” Seriously. Remarkably, the report went on to grudgingly acknowledge that "Trump is not Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini," but noted "they share a rhetorical style." 

No, they don’t. Obviously, those involved in presenting this report have never heard Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini speak. Authoritarians typically have little or no sense of humor. Hitler certainly didn’t. Nor did Stalin, at least not in the sense that a sane person would recognize and appreciate. Pol Pot? Nope. Idi Amin Dada? Sorry. Mao wasn’t a laugh riot, either.

Those on the left are nearly always bitter, entitled, and deadly serious about…everything. Literally everything. Such as pronouns, “microaggressions,” and safe spaces. The New Totalitarians of the Democrat-Socialist Party actually despise humor. Especially if directed at themselves. And history shows us that those who can’t laugh, especially at themselves, are sure to be a threat to others. In fact, this is a trademark of…authoritarians.

Authoritarians throughout history have typically not been funny. Especially not to the millions they have slaughtered. Does anyone remember Hitler telling jokes in between ranting and foaming at the mouth about Jews? Hitler: “Ein mann sagt zu anderer mann, ‘meine hund hast keine nase.’ Der anderer mann antwortete, ‘Wie tut er riechen?’ Die antwort? Schrecklich!’ Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Trump’s humor shows a humanity and maturity of mind, even if he himself can act like a child at times. It is endearing…and reassuring. It connects him with us, the common people, even as the “elites” continue to badger and demean us. And, of course, be mocks the elites. Their response? Anger and vitriol.

Laughter is the best medicine, often literally. Trump knows this.

Trump is funny. The elites are thin-skinned, power hungry and vicious. (Just look what they have done to Trump.) Who is truly more inclined to authoritarianism? Who is trying to normalize it?

And that is no laughing matter.


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Biden Hosts Lavish Fundraiser At New York's Radio City Music Hall


Welcome to today’s edition of “Did I Really See That?”

This entry is courtesy of @JoeBiden. Someone(s) on the president’s team actually took to Elon Musk’s ‘X’ to post what amounted to an ad for a fundraiser for the ostensible president. It read:

Folks, you don’t want to miss this one.

Join @BarackObama, @BillClinton, and me tomorrow for a grassroots fundraiser as we discuss what’s on the ballot in this election and how we will defeat Trump again.

Chip in now to join us:

Below the message was a picture of the three presidents’ smiling mugs. Biden’s was half cut off. Clinton appears to be lusting for someone in his mind.

No one has ever before been stupid enough to tout a lavish black-tie fundraiser held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City-- and that cost as much as $500,000 per seat to attend-- as “grassroots.” Tone deaf doesn’t begin to describe this. But, of course, the mainstream media won’t mention the post—unless it does so by gravely stating that those dastardly Republicans “pounced” on this innocent posting meant to help “save our democracy.”

Democrats have lost touch with the average American. That doesn’t mean, however, that the average American won’t vote for them, because the average American is now woefully ignorant-- and feelings-driven, rather than rational. (“I know there’s been high inflation, rising crime, multiple wars, collapsing bridges, disintegrating airplanes, derailing trains, burning food-processing plants, increasing racial tension, threats from China, Iran, North Korea, et. al., and declining lifespans in the last couple of years…but Trump seems kind of full of himself and sends out mean tweets. I simply can’t vote for him.”)

So the party of the people will continue to ignore the wishes of the people and continue to be funded by billionaires like George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates.

And it will continue to call that “grassroots” support.

Monday, April 1, 2024

The U.S. Now Ranks 23rd In The World Happiness Report


The annual World Happiness Report was recently released-- and the U.S. was listed in 23rd place, down from 15th place just last year. That is a precipitous fall. (And “fall” might be an omen.)

The report, though obviously subjective, is illustrative. So, which country does the report say is the happiest in the world? Finland. Again. (Followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Israel.) What makes Finland so relatively giddy? First off, it is relatively homogenous. Also, any country with reindeer, saunas, and Long Drink is going to be at least reasonably content.

The least happy nation, in 143rd place? Afghanistan. This shouldn’t be a shocker to any sentient being, despite the fact that the United States recently gifted it countless billions of dollars in military equipment. (Afghanistan doesn’t have reindeer, saunas, or Long Drink.)

Why did the U.S. continue to slide down the ranks of nations? Well, Joe Biden has been its president for going on four years now. In all honesty, it is slightly more complicated than that. Other factors include the fact that schools now universally teach—and preach—that the nation is a hellhole of racism, sexism, homophobia, and myriad other forms of bigotry…and was founded solely to further white, male, heterosexual, colonialism. The mainstream media unquestioningly and enthusiastically parrots that message, along with the “fact” that the earth will soon spontaneously combust due to man-caused global warming. Our elites, whether in academia, the media, or government, now tell us that religion is fake news, and that only gullible and silly people in flyover country believe in a “sky daddy” or whatever.

Which is why the survey showed that, when considering only residents under the age of 30, the U.S. came in at 62nd place, whereas when looking only at residents over 60, it placed 10th, 52 spots higher.

           This is not a trend a nation can long sustain.

It is no surprise that citizens in the U.S. are becoming less happy with the decline of belief in its excellence and uniqueness. And the decline of belief in anything…other than big government. It doesn’t help that that big government refuses to secure its southern border and treats its own residents as second-class citizens—at best-- while feting those who have illegally entered the country as if they were foreign potentates deserving of every conceivable blandishment.

Elites and Deep Staters have long since decided America must be remade into the image of other failed Marxists states. Hence, “Fundamental transformation” has occurred. It is no longer, as Reagan stated just 40 years ago, “Morning in America.” Instead, many of us are mourning in America. Mourning an America that we knew and loved, one which is now gone. As the World Happiness Report indicated.

The sun rises in the morning, of course, and sets in the evening. It appears that we are now watching, helplessly, as our sun sets. Likely never to rise again.

Speaking of rising again, there is one hope, however. I hope you had a blessed Easter.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

White House Nixes Religious Designs On Easter Eggs


Each year at this time, the White House hosts a "Celebrating National Guard Families" art event in which service members’ children decorate Easter eggs in the lead up to the famous Easter Egg Roll. But this year something was different. There was an added stipulation regarding designs the kids were allowed to put on the eggs. The National Guard offspring were explicitly prohibited from submitting religious Easter egg designs. (Can’t have “religious” and “Easter” together! That’d be silly!)

The flyer for the contest stated that an Easter egg design submission "must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements." See how they equated “questionable content,” “religious symbols” or themes, and “partisan political statements?” The truth is, this hyper-secular White House doesn’t want religious symbols on eggs because they think they are partisan political statements, since they know most Christians-- and an increasing number of Muslims—vote Republican.

What’s next? Will the Biden administration decree that Memorial Day observances are fine…as long as they are not accompanied by American flags? Or that we can still celebrate July Fourth, of course, but not with fireworks-- or by having red, white, and blue themes?

Oh well, here’s looking forward to next year’s “Holiday Egg Roll.”  

Saturday, March 30, 2024


            (The following is a re-post from April 20th, 2019. It seemed appropriate.)

The question to ask this Easter is whether Western civilization can be resurrected.


The answer clearly is: not without Christianity.


It is not coincidence that as Christian churches close down for lack of attendance and are the targets of vandalism, as fewer and fewer Westerners identify with any Christian religion, fewer and fewer claim to be happy and filled with hope for the future.

Progressives fight for late-term and even after-birth abortion “rights.” Men are women if they say so…and vice-versa. Young children are encouraged to seek hormone “therapy” and risky operations if they seem at all confused about their gender. Some studies show that one-in five children have some form of mental illness. Hmm. For the first time, American’s life expectancy is actually declining. The San Francisco Gate recently ran a headline reading, “People Are Pooping More Than Ever on the Streets Of San Francisco.” Might all these things have something in common?

After the Mueller Report came out utterly exonerating President Trump and his administration from charges of colluding with Russia, the New York Times ran this headline: “MUELLER REPORT LAYS OUT RUSSIAN CONTACTS AND TRUMP’S FRANTIC EFFORTS TO FOIL INQUIRY.” That doesn’t seem like “The Truth.” Because it isn’t.

An MSN headline posed the urgent question of if a “white man” should be allowed to be the face of the Democratic Party in 2020. In a real sense, a 29-year-old woman has become the face of the Democratic-Socialist Party. She recently released a 7-minute-long animated film titled “A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” in which she gloats about saving the world by banning the internal combustion engine, all fossil fuel extraction and use…and cow farts, while somehow rebuilding every structure in the United States of America and constructing electric train lines leading to… everywhere.

Oh, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris nearly burnt down to start this Easter holy week. Officials, who haven’t yet been able to conduct an investigation, never-the-less assure us it couldn’t possibly have been the result of terrorism or malicious intent.


That is where we’re at as I write this, April 20th, 2019.


Bar the Second Coming, there appears to be no way out of our malaise. Today’s “progressives” are anything but. Real progressives were men such as John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, and the American founding fathers who took humanity on a 1,500-year leap from the Dark Ages into a bright future of freedom, prosperity and promise. Today’s progressives are really touting regressivism, a devolution back into chaos, primitivism and darkness.


Until we begin to seek the truth instead of what makes us feel the best at any given time, until we begin to believe once again in something bigger than ourselves—bigger even than climate change and Russian collusion—we are doomed to a slow death by a thousand cuts.


Therefore, it is perhaps time for us in the West to be truly radical and embrace our heritage, our Judeo-Christian values. If we do so, perhaps we, too, will experience a glorious rebirth.


The way, the truth and the light. He is risen.


Will we follow?










Friday, March 29, 2024

Media Trucking Around With The Truth Again (A.K.A. Lying)


New York Times columnist Nick Kristof recently reposted a preposterous NPR claim meant to make Israel look bad in its war against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

The NPR report stated in part: “A Jordanian official says 30,000 trucks are backed up at the main border crossing with Egypt, waiting for Israeli approval to enter.”  

So Kristof, fully in the grips of IDS (Israel Derangement Syndrome), took to ‘X’ to repost this and note: .@janearraf of @NPR quotes a Jordanian official as saying that 30,000 aid trucks are stuck at the Egypt/Gaza border, waiting for Israeli approval to enter Gaza, with some Jordanian trucks stuck there for the last two months. Meanwhile, Gaza kids starve.

Social media critics like John Greenburg pointed out the absurdity of such statements. Greenburg calculated that 30,000 relief trucks would occupy 271 miles of roadway. (For comparison, Israel itself is 263 miles long and 71 miles wide.) We’d be treated to incessant aerial views of this relief truck traffic jam were it remotely true. The truth is that Israel has done more than any other nation in the history of urban warfare to limit “innocent” civilian casualties. As I have noted—several times-- previously, the mainstream media has become a shameless purveyor of lies, and, as such, truly an enemy of the people.

The mainstream Media: Fact free news! Now with extra bias!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Feds To Attempt To Identify Who Is Watching Certain Livestreams, Videos?


As if the burgeoning U.S. surveillance state isn’t yet obtrusive and unconstitutional enough, recent reports indicate that federal law enforcement, in conjunction with courts, have issued orders to Alphabet/Google to identify everyone who is watching certain livestreams or videos on YouTube.

Of course, the feds purport to utilize this information only in legitimate ongoing criminal investigations. However, their recent track record makes this claim doubtful at best.

While I detest social media in general, the monitoring of online activities and pressuring of social media companies is getting out of hand, as evidenced by the Biden administration pressuring Facebook to censor disfavored content in the lead up to the last election. I envision scenes such as the following:

Fed: “Mr. Jones, on or about the night of December 9, 2023, did you or did you not take to YouTube to watch a Jason Aldean video titled ‘Try That in A Small Town?’”

Mr. Jones: “I confess I did, but only because I was so repulsed by the white, racist, patriarchal, Christian Nationalist message!”

Fed: “Do you know who Morgan Wallen is?”

Mr. Jones; “WHO?!”

Fed: “Nice try. Mr. Jones, you now have two options. One, you can make a full public apology. Or, two, you can attend a 6-week re-education camp.”


Fed: “Mr. Smith, why did you watch the video of Tucker Carlson interviewing Tulsi Gabbard?”

Mr. Smith: “I—I didn’t. I swear!”

Fed: “Mr. Smith…we have ways of knowing such things, so please don’t lie to us-- or things will quickly get, shall we say, ‘unpleasant,’ for you.”