Friday, November 20, 2015

Nancy Pelosi Slanders Republicans

                The House Committee on Energy and Commerce and its select investigative panel was recently referred to by Nancy Pelosi as the, “Republican’s Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health.”
                Even more stupefying is the fact that she said this because she believes that a measurable part of the populace will agree with the statement.
                Most stupefying of all- and tragically sad- is the fact that a measurable part of the populace probably does agree with that statement.
                The committee is investigating the gruesome and inhuman practices of Planned Parenthood as regards that organization’s abortion procedures and post-abortion sale of baby parts. Saving female babies from extermination and, in some cases, girls from a life of regret, is not an “attack on women’s health.” It is, however, accurate, or very nearly so, to call Planned Parenthood and those who seek abortions “baby killers,” and the practice of aborting hundreds of thousands of “fetuses” a year “genocide.”
                The left constantly blathers on about tolerance, inclusiveness and “mean-spirited” right-wing rhetoric. The inconvenient truth of the matter is that they are the ones who love to traffic in vicious vitriol, and are utterly intolerant of opposing viewpoints. Their movements du jour, like feminism, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and the like, are rigidly, virulently non-inclusive.

                They certainly aren’t tolerant, welcoming and ‘inclusive’ to the babies they prefer to abort.

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