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                In the course of looking through older folders and digging farther into file cabinets, I discovered even more of my earlier writing ramblings. Here then, are excerpts from... the "Deep Files."

December 23, 2017-                         A Faithless Faith?
Rome fell when it forgot who—and why—it was.
            Something analogous is happening today, to the heads of Christian churches.
When an entity is so afraid that it’s most cherished and meaningful symbols, representations, ceremonies and beliefs might somehow be deemed offensive to some other entity that it won’t display them publicly, even on its own property, it has obviously decided that those symbols, representations, ceremonies and beliefs actually may be offensive. Or, that it isn’t worth the hassle of staunchly defending them. In the case of the Catholic Church, it is clear that the powers that be have lost faith in their faith, even as the church appears to have faith in almost anything and everything else, from global warming to gay marriage to a limitless number of genders.
Back to Rome again.
Reports indicate that there are no Christian religious symbols on the Vatican Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square this year. A long-time observer pointed out that the tree is unadorned by the usual images of Mary, the Magi or even angels. Not a single overtly Christian emblem graces its branches. It is bedecked, however, by universal symbols such as peace signs. And oriental yin-yang figures, which signify that the universe is composed of two forces that are opposing, yet complimentary. Like Islam and Christianity? Those who are pro-abortion and those who are pro-life?
Or perhaps like good and evil. Wouldn’t want to take sides there. Who are we to judge?



                   The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the most important one. It was placed there deliberately. It is not only a guarantor of rights itself, it is the only one that can protect the First Amendment, the principle, the building block, the foundation of a new nation for all-- and all the other amendments to follow. The Second Amendment in no way was meant to only or simply protect the right of the people to hunt or shoot or just have a gun around the household. It was specifically intended to protect the people against tyrannical (big) government. Indeed, unlike the First Amendment's "freedom of religion" clause, which in no way meant freedom from religion, (a concept the Founders found antithetical to a democratic republic), the Second Amendment was seen as not just a right, but a duty.
                                                          The Hypocritical Oath

                   Democrats love to loudly proclaim their …love…for the “little guy”. Yet  in practice, they despise individuals, can only relate to groups, i.e., homosexuals, black females, the ‘underclass’, pro-abortionists, ‘life’s lottery losers’, those left behind (?), etc., etc.
                   These same folks love Big Education, Big Unions &, of course, Big Government…and their friends in the Big Media. (All of these groups create…CREATE…a grand total of NO wealth). The very same institutions that  suppress thought, steal money from those who they purportedly ‘serve’ and give it to only one political party, even if that is at odds with the ( union member(s)) wishes from whom it was stolen from, steal from a giver to give to a taker, creating  SLAVES of them both, reducing both the incentive to create beneficial ( in the case of our reviled drug companies….many, many LIFE-SAVING) new products and jobs (new tax income for the government) and the desire on the part of the ‘beneficiary’ to get a job.
                   Let’s see, we can’t kill those who’ve pre-meditatively murdered many people…monsters who like Ed Gheen turned men, women and children into furniture. That would be wrong. We would be a vicious state, we would be a terrorist state. We would be no better than them. The European ‘Community’ would frown on this. The ‘enlightened’ would disagree.
                  The pathetic folks we’ve SAVED THE LIVES OF FOR NO APPARENT REASON TWICE BEFORE can ruminate on this. (France?).
                  The ‘instigator’ is everything…we must stop the instigators of… evil. I could go along forever with no animus towards those who disagree with me…or even who potentially bear me ill will. Treat people as they treat you, my dad said. Don’t fall for abusing anyone or treating them unfairly just because someone else said they deserved it. Yet, if these same, for NO reason attack you, you must respond and with overwhelming force…and win the victory of the deserved.
                 The Al-Qaeda terrorists, the multiple murderers, the most heinous criminals in society don’t deserve the death penalty our liberal democratic friends say. So they killed 3,000 CIVILIANS of all races, nationalities…men, women & children. Well, if you’re of a certain Christian bent, I’d understand this (maybe not, but)…how to grapple with this?
                 Those same liberals who appeal for the lives of the most heinous mass-murderers…see nothing wrong with the genocide, the mass-murder of millions of the most innocent civilians…the babies…the unborn…the PARTIALLY BORN. Memo to liberal apologists /celebrants, this Holocaust, this Jihad, is equal to or even more heinous than what Hitler did to the Jews. This GENOCIDE on a continual and STAGGERING scale
Solely for the CONVENIENCE of the living (If I want to screw, without any protection, that’s MY business, f--k everyone else, screw what necessarily comes with the territory). If we have to stab a healthy, viable baby in the back of the head with a scissors  and suck out its brains with a Hoover and toss the baby parts in the trash…so be it. At least we aren’t teaching abstinence!!!

                  Personally, I’d impose the Death Penalty on the partial-birth abortionist.

Big (Bad) Business? Well, Big Government proved who was bigger…and badder…it just snuffed out Microsoft…to the Big Government-Media-Education-Union-Complex the worst example of a successful company that brought huge advancements to other businesses, small & large,  & especially to individuals around the world, linking up folks around the globe to share knowledge and stories and make the world smaller and each person feel more connected (and less isolated and restrained in many countries).  Yes, when the Clinton team  ASSASSINATED  Microsoft, and ended the 17 ‘fat years’ that Reagan created (his ‘other’ war…he Won that one, TOO), it showed what big & powerful and privileged REALLY means…and sent the stock market into a tail-spin THE NEXT DAY from which it has yet to recover two YEARS later.(Yet another nice…and PLANNED…going away present from Slick to ‘W’!).

                Whether it’s promising more funding for this group or that…offering free cigarettes to the homeless to vote for Democrats, telling NAMBLA, “you’re every bit as legitimate as the boy scouts…now cough up some cash to help us in the upcoming erections…oops…elections”, shaking down Buddhist Temples, sowing class warfare with bold and staggering outright lies…the Democratic Party says two things louder than anything else.

1)       We buy votes…if we can cobble together enough votes from the bare majority of people who earn less (at this point in time) than the large  minority of people who earn more  (no matter what factors are involved in creating this discrepancy and no matter that the lower income earners would be wealthy almost anywhere else on earth because and only because with incredibly hard work and vision and passion and intellect some people can make more than others who sit around and watch Gilligan’s Island re-runs with the crack pipe nearby, not paying taxes and sucking up a significant percentage of the person’s wealth who does get up every morning and fight traffic and stay late to produce the goods and services that have led us to live to an average age of 77-up from 45 just a few generations ago- all the while STILL being punished for this contribution with a stunning and forced contribution of more tax dollars and a higher tax rate…..

2)   We detest America…but will always find a way to like…or TOLERATE…those who hate us (for, among other reasons, contributing more money to the rest of the worlds needs than…the rest of the world combined…money that we have only BECAUSE of our free-market economic system (see Far Side Comic-bird flies overhead…man sees bird flying…man yearns to fly, jumps off cliff with arms flapping & falls back to Earth…man shoots bird with bow & arrow…this is the true genesis of the terrorist threat…and the Democratic Party)

   Oops, there is a third thing…we don’t believe in the first amendment as it was written/meant…as a protection of political speech…to prevent a government from becoming repressive…HOWEVER, we do believe we have the right to say dirty words and do anything in public…including portraying Christ in a jar of urine, oddly enough…

   Well…ok. There is something else too…the second amendment actually means the government is the only entity allowed to own guns!!
               Really?  Well… “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”…I guess I’ll have to read it a few more times. Guns save more lives every year than ‘they take’ (pencils cause misspelled words?) and give the truly powerless (mulatto, transvestite, bi-sexual elderly woman?) the ability to be on a level playing field with a young WASP businessman coming to beat her or toss her into the streets (as we all know they are wont to do on a regular basis…no less authorities than Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin tell us so).

                 Well... o.k., there is the equality of outcome thing. Equal opportunity has never and will never produce the same outcomes. Everyone can’t run a 10 second 100-yard dash. Not everyone can even run a 16 second 100-yard ‘dash’ (though many who can’t are wealthy). No matter the endeavor, we all have differing skill sets, desires, attitudes, abilities (intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc., etc.), personalities…
                 I personally know  more than one ‘couple’ up North by our cabin who simply don’t want the hassle of work. Rather look out their small home and take in the wildlife. Go down to the shore and let the wind muss up their hair. Sit on the dock of the bay…and watch the tide roll away. In one case, surf the internet on their p.c. (they don’t have running water…Minnesota in January? This is their CHOICE). They are happy with their choice. I don’t blame them. I’ve thought about joining them many times…usually in traffic on the way to work in ‘the Cities’. I’m not being facetious.
                There are only two problems with their choice. They have much of what ‘little’ (even though in most countries they’d be considered middle-class or better…think about why and how this is…the underlying reason if you would) they have because of those who DO work. (We’ve given them much of the rest of their ‘stuff’…as in “just take it…haven’t used it much lately…”). Especially those who work hard and succeed, as the top 50% of income earners pay between 96 and 97% of all taxes. Talk about blatantly unfair…and repressive/regressive, non-sensical and economy-retarding. “The Welfare State: Where Liberal Whitey makes certain that the underclass stays that way by telling them there is no hope, nothing they can do…don’t bother to try…you’re a permanent victim, baby!!” (‘You know…I’d throw you a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand bucks if you’d only vote for me, though. I CARE about you, whereas the evil Conservatives want to kill you and your mama and grandmama too,  eat your kids, poison ‘your’ water. If they REALLY cared about you, deep down and personally, like I do… why wouldn’t they just give you whatever you wanted to get your vote?’).
                Great…now by definition those who can’t keep the fruits of their labor (the taxpayers) are slaves as are the underclass…with the tragic twist that for the first time in history there truly  isn’t even any HOPE for them if they listen to and internalize their liberal white Democratic ‘owners/handlers’ drivel.
                If there WAS true  equality… of outcome…everyone would make the per capita ‘income’ of less than $20,000 per year by definition. Whether they worked or not.
                Let’s see…I could have all the time in the world to fish, boat,  relax with my family, enjoy my cabin, etc.! I could  do everything I’ve always wanted to do without the horrendous drive time, the 50-90 hour work-weeks,  the stress of  working for someone other than oneself, of having to produce every damn day or risk demotion or job loss, of travel, of time away from family, of putting up with incredibly ‘stupid’ decisions by upper management…!!!! And make the same as someone who didn’t work a day in….
                What would I do…hmmm. What would I do? I’d do what EVERY other person would. The entire workforce would retire to be with their families and smell the roses. Start getting some sleep and exercise again. Go visit Aunt Betty in the Rockies. Fish, golf, hunt
                With absolutely no clear and pronounced monetary incentive or benefit to working, no one would. I’d take the $20,000 (ripped from others pockets who did work) for not working….over the $20,000 for busting my you-know-what for X number of hours a week. You’d have to…for your family.
                  EXCEPT…. that with no one working…there would be NO per-capita income. The end result would be no money for me…or you. No one willing to work equals no production equals no jobs equals no incomes equals no taxable incomes equals no money to pay for national defense…police…schools…garbage collection…let alone ‘income re-distribution’. We would be….OMG……
                 What every (other) socialist/ communist  nation  has ended up as…a vast wasteland…economically… morally, spiritually…and yes, even, (you Green Party nuts) environmentally.
                 So, you Wellstone-Worshippers (let’s see how you act when Ronald Reagan dies-gee, would you excuse the same type of excesses that prevailed at your guys ‘Memorial’-though it would never happen), after using your deceased candidate like a Shake & Bake bag, what have you to say for yourselves?
                  Why do you think thousands are fleeing Canada and Sweden-among others- to come here for health care?
                The next time you turn on the tube and see people living in offal heaps, or getting rolled over by a tank, or waiting in a three-block long line for a potato and a roll of toilet paper…perhaps you’ll realize that you need to be careful what you wish for.

              There, but for the grace of the free-market system….go all of us.

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