Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Reflection

               Take some time today to give thanks for all of your blessings. Spouse, family, friends, loved ones, of course. Also good food, music, hobbies you enjoy, etc.
               But let us also truly be thankful for those that have sacrificed, and perhaps even given their lives, so that most of us can be free.. Those who, over the millenia, have fended off Mongrol hordes, Muslim invaders, Vikings, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, etc., etc. are deserving of special gratitude. Where and who would we be without them? Would we be?
               It is not the existence of evil that shocks and saddens us, but the refusal to acknowledge it. We in the West can over come any and all acts of terror, heinous as they may be, if we do not attempt to rationalize or ignore them. If we do not acquiesce, we will prevail.
              And that will give future generations a reason to give thanks.
              To all of you who read this blog- around the world- thank you.

              Happy Thanksgiving.

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