Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Catholic Pro-Life Dad's Home Raided And He Faces 11 Years In Prison


Mark Houck, Catholic pro-life activist and father of seven, was recently arrested at his home in Pennsylvania after being charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for allegedly assaulting a person who provides abortion-related services.

Pennsylvania pro-life activist Ashley Garecht told The Daily Wire that Houck was protecting his son from an aggressive Planned Parenthood escort who was harassing the 12-year-old, noting that the case was dismissed by a federal court in Philadelphia when the escort tried to press charges.

Houck, who leads a nonprofit group that provides sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics in Philadelphia, claims that roughly 25 armed FBI agents in 15 vehicles raided his residence. Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie Houck, told LifeSiteNews that a group of agents in SWAT gear arrived in 15 vehicles outside the family home at around 7:05 a.m. She said the agents quickly surrounded the house and began pounding on the door, demanding they open up. Houck reportedly tried to get the agents to calm down, saying that his seven children were scared, but the agents allegedly kept shouting.

Mrs. Houck stated: “They had big, huge rifles pointed at Mark and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house.” She added, “The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic.”

A spokesperson with the Philadelphia office of the FBI partially rebutted the Houcks’ claims, saying SWAT was not involved with the arrest of Houck.

The spokesperson told Fox News: “There are inaccurate claims being made regarding the arrest of Mark Houck. No SWAT Team or SWAT operators were involved. FBI agents knocked on Mr. Houck’s front door, identified themselves as FBI agents and asked him to exit the residence. He did so and was taken into custody without incident pursuant to an indictment.” 

What we know of the raid on Roger Stone’s home gives us reason to believe the worst. The sixty-six-year-old Stone was accused of a process crime, yet saw 29 heavily armed agents, many with guns drawn, swarm his abode in the early morning hours, cuff him, and drag him outside barefoot…terrifying his wife and dogs.

A senior FBI source admitted to Fox News that there might have been 15-20 agents who arrived at the Houck family’s door with guns out and-- at the ready. But the source claimed that the guns were never pointed directly at Houck or any members of his family.

Incredibly, Houck is facing up to 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000, according to Fox News.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented attack on pro-life people. Virtually anyone—and any entity-- who values life and considers it a sacred gift to be cherished is being challenged, mocked, cancelled, fined, or even imprisoned. Conversely, pro-abortion types can run amok with impunity, knowing they won’t be held accountable for their actions.

Elites tell us that people are bad for the planet and that we must reduce the number of humans inhabiting the Earth-- whether via abortion, assisted suicide, or any number of other actions and policies. They want to dramatically limit farming, and food production in general. They want to do away with fossil fuels energy and allow countless numbers to perish from extreme cold and heat. They imposed deadly lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. It appears they may be on the verge of allowing mRNA vaccines to be injected into cows/cattle, making it nearly impossible for most of us to keep them from entering our bodies. They want us to eat bugs—and own nothing yet be happy. Their policies have directly or indirectly led to increasing conflict and crime, more frequent near misses in the air and train derailments on the ground. They have pushed to legalize heavily THC-laden marijuana-- and even hard drugs-- in many states, even as they refuse to close the U.S. southern border to try to stem the tide of fentanyl washing over the nation, killing more than a hundred thousand folks annually.

It is clear that our current rulers don’t respect life, let alone cherish it. They certainly don’t respect or value the lives of those with whom they disagree. They are destroyers, not builders. Many defend Satanists while mocking concerned parents and pro-lifers as “extremists.”

Should we trust these folks? Should we trust them with our own lives, or that of our loved ones?

Because, as things stand now, we are doing just that.


Democratic Governor Declares "State Of Emergency" Over School Choice


Roy Cooper, the Democratic governor of North Carolina, actually declared a "state of emergency in education" after the Republican-controlled legislature voted to make it easier for families to obtain school vouchers. Cooper also took exception to Republican plans that would grant a somewhat smaller pay raise to teachers than Democrats wanted.

Ergo, a “state of emergency.” But Cooper wasn’t done going off the rails. In his May 22nd address, he accused Republicans of trying to “starve public education,” and of dropping "an atomic bomb on public education.”

Incredibly, he added, “It’s clear that the Republican legislature is aiming to choke the life out of public education. I am declaring this state of emergency because you need to know what’s happening. Our teachers deserve better pay and more respect, but the legislature wants to give them neither one.”

Being for school choice is akin to starving public education? And also like dropping an atomic bomb on it? Oh, and of choking the life out of it?

Hyperbole much? Cooper might as well have said that Republicans want to “wipe public education off the face of the earth.” I’m surprised he didn’t say—face contorted in agony and with a tear traversing his cheek—“public education can’t breathe!” Is North Carolina now, like Florida, about to become a “terrorist state?”

What a pathetic asshat.

Unfortunately for the republic and all those that call it home, preposterous prevarication and scaremongering have become a tried and true tactic of the Democratic Party. “The GOP hates your grandmother, the Earth, and clean water! And now Republicans want to decapitate public education!

The truth is that Democrats don’t like competition or merit. They don’t like to be challenged or even questioned. They simply want to rule.

Neither are they pro-choice-- for anything but abortion or gender selection, that is. They hate the concept of school choice. They didn’t believe you should have the choice of whether or not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, or to cover your mouth with a facial diaper. They don’t want you to have the choice to defend yourself and your loved ones with a firearm, or to engage in proper pronoun usage when addressing someone who is in the throes of gender dysphoria. Etc., etc., etc.

In their perfect world, no one would have any choice but to agree with every Democrat proposal and desire. Today’s Democrats, with remarkably few exceptions, are essentially saying: “We can’t allow choice or dissent if we want to save our democracy! Duh!” Stupefying.

Every sentient, rational, freedom-loving American should tell these elitist, tyrannical-wannabe dogs to go lay by their respective dishes.  




Monday, May 29, 2023

Moral And Ethical Confusion Reign


Sadly, moral and ethical confusion reign supreme today, and reason and sanity appear on the way to extinction.

Case in point: according to a nationwide student survey recently conducted by Inside Higher Ed, college students are claiming that difficult course materials and exams, required attendance -- and deadlines-- are all acting as impediments to their college success. Moreover, when asked what professors could do to “help them be more successful,” a majority of young scholars responded that flexible deadlines would be helpful, while a large minority said flexible attendance and participation policies would be helpful, as well. Students also wished professors would experiment with new teaching styles and discuss available wellness resources in class.

Yes, kids, you’d all be much better off with no time constraints, easy exams, and if-you-please attendance. You’d be much readier for the real world, right? Oh, you don’t want to compete in the world-at-large? You’d prefer a universal basic income (UBI) and cradle-to-grave care? In that case, you aren’t humans, you’re cattle. Or worse, “non-viable tissue masses” ala the “clumps of cells” or “fetuses” so many of you like to see aborted.

Case in point number two: According to The New York Post, the Hochul administration is trying to gin up support for a complete ban on the sale of all tobacco products in the state within ten years. To that end, the Empire State’s state Health Department commissioned a new survey aimed at gauging support for an all-out prohibition. Ironically, New York has done everything it can to legalize—and encourage—the use of today’s ultra-potent THC-laced marijuana, a substance containing more carcinogens than most tobacco products, and one that, unlike tobacco, is mind-altering and can cause paranoia. The Big Apple fairly reeks of marijuana today. It has literally gone to pot.

Case in point number three (and proof that it isn’t just Americans who have lost their minds): Gender Museum Denmark, previously known as The Women’s Museum, has recently attracted significant attention for an exhibit pushing woke gender ideology. In the museum’s main hall now stands an 11-foot-tall statue of a naked man with male features and genitalia who is also depicted as having female breasts. The man is shown holding and “breastfeeding” a baby.

A museum originally built to honor women, has been renamed and repurposed to be “inclusive” of all genders-- and features a statue of a nude man “breastfeeding” a baby?

How apropos! What a perfect symbol of the times, and the dying of the West! Surely the museum will soon sport a statue of a woman with a penis in the act of attempting to impregnate a man with a vagina.

Is it possible to mock God/Genesis/Creation—or even evolution—in a more egregious way than this?!

I will close as I opened: moral and ethical confusion reign supreme today, and reason and sanity appear on the way to extinction.






State Farm To No Longer Issue Property Insurance Policies In California


State Farm General Insurance Company recently announced that it will no longer accept new applications for property insurance and other policies in California, citing "historic" increases in construction costs and inflation. The Illinois-based State Farm Insurance group will cease to accept applications for business and personal lines property and casualty insurance. 

The company released a statement reading: "State Farm General Insurance Company made this decision due to historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation, rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and a challenging reinsurance market.”

The company said actions were necessary to improve its financial strength, while vowing that California State Farm agents will continue to serve existing customers. 

A (likely chagrinned) spokesperson for the California Department of Insurance told Fox Business News: "The factors driving State Farm’s decision are beyond our control, including climate change, reinsurance costs affecting the entire insurance industry, and global inflation.”

If California’s powers-that-be truly believe all the factors are “beyond their control,” they are even more pathetic than I thought. That’s complete bunk. State Farm didn’t announce that it would no longer write property (and other) policies in any other state, did it, spokesperson? Just a coincidence? Is ”global” inflation not affecting Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, etc.?

Truth is, the state’s one-party government has enacted a myriad of policies that have caused home prices and construction costs to skyrocket over the years. California has virtually eliminated the middle class. Only the very wealthy and the homeless are left. The erstwhile Land of Milk and Honey now has the highest poverty rate of any state in the nation. Homeless shelters are ubiquitous. Tent cities litter the landscape. Neither State Farm nor other carriers offer home insurance on portable tents. Moreover, California has historically refused to pro-actively selectively burn dead trees and underbrush that have led to forest fires. Nor has it taken any truly effective action to prevent mudslides and other disasters. The Golden State is no more.

So, Californians, if you seek home insurance-- unlike your neighbor, State Farm isn’t there.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Texas Democrat Says A Woman Is Simply Someone Who Claims To Be A Woman



Rep. John Bucy (D-TX) was asked to define the word "woman” by fellow Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX). Schaefer directed this difficult query at Bucy in the form of, "What is a woman?"

Bucy, apparently channeling his inner Kamala Harris, replied: "When a woman tells me they're a woman I know they're a woman.” Right. Always believe a woman. Even if she isn’t one.

But Schaefer, a typically devious GOPer, pressed the issue, asking Bucy if he could "define a woman."

Bucy responded that when someone—anyone-- tells him that they are a woman "then they're a woman."

Would it were that easy. Might we be a bit gullible? Naïve?

What if Hitler had pronounced himself a “lover of Jews?” Would that have made him one? Xi Jinping can identify as a republican freedom fighter, but, alas, that wouldn’t make it so. There are terrible repercussions for this kind of inanity.

I myself now identify as a well-endowed stallion. Don’t laugh, it’s my chosen and lived identity.  (To clarify, I am a stallion that doesn’t identify as a filly.)

 Giving ourselves over to utter delusion will eventually lead to total chaos, insanity…and the devolution and destruction of society.

But, oh well, I guess. It’s better than hurting anyone’s feelings, right?




Friday, May 26, 2023

Gov. Newsom Claims "There Is A Systemic Attack On The Gay Community" Whilst Defending Target


Gavin Newsom, Democratic governor of the People’s Republic of California, lambasted Brian Cornell, the CEO of Target, after the latter appeared to back off on promoting products touting the LGBTQ agenda.

Newsom denounced the retail giant’s decision to move LGBTQ products to the back of some stores subsequent to outrage from some conservatives and Christians at the retailer’s embrace of a radical line of apparel and accessories, including some aimed at children. Target, long one of the “wokest” companies on earth, sells “chest binders,” and “tuck friendly” swimsuits, and recently added several items designed by an avowed Satanist.

Nonetheless, Newsome recently tweeted: “CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage. This isn’t just a couple stores in the South. There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country.” He added, “Wake up America. This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman? You’re next.”

First of all, there is not a “systematic attack on the gay community” across the ever more fruited plain. Quite the opposite. Heterosexual Christians are routinely mocked and cancelled, but gays are celebrated. We are, in fact, on the cusp of PRIDE! Month, a virtually mandatory four-plus week celebration of all things gay and queer. America couldn’t be more woke if every man, woman, and child chugged three “Jolt Colas,” snorted a line of coke, and pledged allegiance to the pride flag.

Secondly, I don’t recall Target ever dedicating a section of its stores to “Jewish Pride” apparel and accessories. Nor have I ever heard anyone complain about Target selling Black—or Asian—apparel and accessories. This could be because, 1) Target doesn’t sell Black or Asian apparel and accessories, or, 2) there is no difference between Black and Asian apparel and accessories and anyone else’s.

As for Newsome’s assertion that women could be “next,” Target wouldn’t exist without women. Its apparel, accessories, pharmacies, housewares, groceries—and weekly ads-- are targeted at women.

Ergo, at first blush, Governor French Laundry’s statement would appear to be either the dumbest thing ever tweeted… or the most insane. In reality, however, it is pure evil ironically disguised as virtue signaling. That there apparently is a viable audience for this preposterous and vile drivel speaks volumes about the state of the union.

The governor of a state that has legalized recreational marijuana use, encourages abortion and the mutilation of minor’s genitals, and yet is about to ban the sale of Skittles and other candies as being detrimental to children’s health, has no credibility as being anything other than a crazed ideologue.

Newsome apparently believes those who are not comfortable with transgender apparel for toddlers sporting sayings such as, “Too Queer for Here” are extremists. Further, he appears to think those who oppose Satanists, or products made by the Baphomet-loving, are extremists. Wow. That is above and beyond extreme. It is repugnant, deranged, and dangerous.

Governor Gavin (“Slick”) Newsome is a lunatic. Or perhaps he is just a member in good standing of the “trans-sane” community.




Thursday, May 25, 2023

Transgender Woman Suing Yoga Studio For Kicking Her Out Of The Women's Locker Room


A transgender “woman” is suing a Manhattan yoga studio for $5 million because “she” was made to leave the women’s locker room and told to use the men’s locker room.

The lawsuit, Ali Miles (aka Dylan Miles) vs. Hot Yoga Chelsea, stated that some women “complained” about Miles’ “presence” in the women’s locker room, and that those women “yelled” and demanded that Miles “leave and cease using the facilities." Understandable.

The filing also reads, “Miles use of single-gender locker room and bathroom labeled Men, made Miles suffer shame, humiliation, and frustration; Miles, against Miles wishes and intent, was forced to use a locker room and bathroom that was not most closely aligned with Miles gender.” That’s as may be, but the locker and bathrooms were perfectly aligned with the “other” women’s gender, and there were a lot more of them than there were of Miles. And the actual women were obviously, and reasonably, highly uncomfortable with the presence of a large man in their locker room. With his maleness spilling out.

To wit: one witness alleged, “There's 150% man. There were things hanging out.” That witness added, “He was crouched on the floor before the shower stalls. It was very uncomfortable for one of the women that was in there, and she was completely naked.”

Sorry, Dylan (what is it with Dylans lately?), you can identify as a member of the opposite sex, as a different race or species, or as a Chevy Equinox, but that doesn’t make you one. Period. (Something which you will never have, no matter how fervently you wish otherwise.)

A man demanding to use the women’s locker room, and suing the institution that wouldn’t let him do so because he claimed to feel put upon?

Well, that is ballsy, I’ve got to give him that.





Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Democrats Used Conservatives' Principles Against Them To Capture Critical Institutions


How did the U.S. become a one-party state, one in which only certain views are allowed?

Here’s how: Conservatives, true to principles, understandably, did not want to use the power of government to stop leftists/progressives/radicals/Marxists from protesting/taking over our institutions/cheating to win elections, etc. This led to leftists/progressives/radicals/Marxists taking over our institutions and winning elections, etc.. And they are only too happy to use government to prevent conservatives from protesting/dissenting/regaining footholds in our institutions…or having a realistic chance to win crucial elections.

This could easily be considered a tad ironic by a sentient being with a functioning cerebral cortex.

For a very brief moment in history, the (formerly) United States was that rarest and most precious of all societies-- a functional, representative, democratic, republic. But that moment has passed, as has that republic, victim of an ever more rapacious and shameless Democratic Party and a meek, hyper-tolerant, Republican Party hoping against hope to still get invited to the coolest cocktail parties.

Much as America’s enemies historically used its (formerly) free press and the nature of its open society against it, Constitution-disdaining Leftists used conservatives’ adherence to the Constitution-- and its mandate for limited government, the rule of law, and equal justice under that law—against them in their now successful bid to get control over virtually all of the country’s institutions and levers of power.

They now ruthlessly use the self-same institutions they used to protest—but now own—to spy on, castigate, deplatform, silence, slander, “cancel” and even incarcerate those with whom they disagree. They eschew dialog and debate and simply scream “racist!” or “transphobe!” at any and everyone who dares to dissent from their preposterous narrative.

The times, they are a-changing…almost as fast as the Democrat Party. Harry Truman and JFK would now be deemed far-right extremists by most of today’s Jackasses. (It will be interesting to see how JFK’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., is treated by his fellow Democrats-- and their sycophants in the mainstream media—during the 2024 presidential campaign.)

The Democratic Party should be sued for false advertising, as it is anything but democratic as currently constituted. The louder its politicians yammer about appropriation, the more absurd. Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Native American. Stacey Abrams claimed to be the governor of Georgia. AOC claims to be sane. And Hillary Clinton claimed to be the victim of…well, everyone and everything, including “Macedonian content farms.” We now know that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, but Hillary and certain Democrat operatives did.

The entire Democrat Party claims to be for the “marginalized,” and “disproportionately” aggrieved, yet nothing could be further from the truth. It may still try to “identify” as such, but it has now “transitioned” into the party of willful ignorance, mental illness, intolerance, and tyranny.

Whether lacking real conviction, or the courage to defend those convictions, Republicans—and the rest of us—allowed this longest and most consequential of all insurrections to succeed.

Ironic? Yes.

More’s the pity.

More’s the shame.



Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The (Undeclared) War On Christians


Facebook flagged with a warning—and then deleted—a post that simply read, “Jesus died so you could live” due to a “hate speech” violation, or so alleges Billy Hallowell, a former writer for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.

FaceBook considers “Jesus died so you could live” hate speech? It is just the opposite. It is, literally, the ultimate in love speech. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Hate speech? Goes against FaceBook’s community code? That tells you everything you need to know about Meta, Zuckerberg…and the “values” and agenda of the Left.

This is simply part of a broader war on Christianity, one now being fought in the West. Remarkably, even allegedly Christian institutions are aiding and abetting progressives in their attacks on Christianity. As just one of countless examples, a professor at Fordham, a purportedly Catholic university, believes that Christianity, going back to St. Paul the Apostle, is to blame for racism and antisemitism…to this day. Professor Magda Teter’s new book, titled “Christian Supremacy,” was recently published. A description of the book says it offers “a profound reckoning with history that traces the roots of the modern rejection of Jewish and Black equality to an enduring Christian heritage of exclusion, intolerance, and persecution.”

Teter states, “What I argue in the book is that white Christian supremacy becomes white supremacy. It never discards the Christian sense of domination and superiority that emerges from its early relationship with Jews and Judaism.”

She goes on to say, “In the United States, Black people serve as contrast figures to whiteness, in the law and in the culture. You cannot have whiteness without Blackness. For Christians, Jews serve as that contrast figure.  Really? Contrast? How about complementarity? Oh, that’s right, you folks don’t believe in that.

And then there’s Wendy Ashby, a former Waterloo Catholic District School Board trustee, who recently resigned after a tweet surfaced in which Ashby called white Christian males “the most dangerous creature on the planet.” Ashby’s vile and preposterous anti-Christian tweets prompted more than 3,000 parents to complain.

Police in Loudoun County, Virginia, recently launched an investigation after a whistleblower revealed allegedly violent online threats against parents who dared to oppose radical curricula during school board meetings. The Loudon County sheriff characterized the threats as “disturbing and almost demonic.” Demonic.

Though it doesn’t get much coverage by the mainstream media, many know that Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered-- and their places of worship destroyed—in the Middle East and parts of Africa. But scores of Christian churches have been vandalized or even firebombed in the United States and Canada in recent months.

Detect a pattern?

The Left is attacking anything and everything that a majority has traditionally done or believed. Objective truths are to be discredited and thrown onto the proverbial ash-heap of history along with historical notions of morality, the idea of merit, and the capitalist economic system…all to be replaced by Communism and the most perverse forms of secularism/humanism/paganism.

Sadly, ever fewer Americans identify as Christians while ever more identify as non-believers. This goes a long way towards explaining the dramatic rise in crime, depression, hopelessness, suicide rates—and gender confusion—occurring in the country in the past few years. (The Biden administration has had a deleterious effect on these, too.)

Tolerance? Progress? Wokeness? Are we on the way to a collective utopia?

The Left’s utter intolerance for dissent leads to regression, not progression. If we don’t wake up from our woke nightmare soon, we will soon find ourselves living in a collective dystopia…from which we may never escape or recover.




Monday, May 22, 2023

Biden Administration Updates Guidance On Religious Expression In Schools


According to reports, the Biden administration recently updated its guidance on prayer and other religious expression in public schools, warning school employees not to encourage or endorse such activity.

Well, duh! School employees should be spending all their time encouraging kids to change genders and engage in bizarre sexual kinks! And endorsing books depicting graphic sex acts-- amongst people of all ages and genders-- for their school’s libraries!

I mean, what’s an Edumacation Department for, anyway?

Sunday, May 21, 2023

A New Version Of "Twenty Questions" For A World Gone Mad


A New Version Of “Twenty Questions” For A World Gone Mad


How does lopping off breasts and penises morph into “gender care?”

How does killing babies in one’s womb become “women’s health care?”

How did “merit” become controversial…or even a symbol of “white supremacy.”

And could anything be more racist than that concept?

How come unarmed people parading around inside the Capitol Building are “insurrectionists,” but those loudly and aggressively protesting inside other capitols are tolerated or even lauded as heroes?

How come everyone is expected to show ID to cash a check or buy a pack of cigarettes, but Democrats do not expect minorities to be able to produce an ID prior to voting?

How come the manufacture and purchase of cigarettes has been all but criminalized, while the sale and consumption of marijuana, CBD-- and related substances and foodstuffs—has essentially been subsidized and encouraged?

How come it’s okay for biological men to be in women’s lockers and bathrooms, but not for conservatives to speak on campus?

How is it that peddling demonstrable hoaxes has no adverse repercussions, but telling the truth does?

How is it that when an individual citizen makes tons of money it is considered bad, but when the government takes tons of money away from those who earned it, it is a good thing?

And what would the government do without the money it took from the well-off it so disdains?

How is it many of us immerse ourselves in virtual reality, yet can’t recognize actual reality? (Such as the fact that men and women are different.)

How is it that the planet is still here when “scientists” warned us back in the ‘70s that a new and terrible ice age was imminent?

How is it that there are now 8 billion people on Earth when the esteemed professor and biologist Paul Ehrlich warned us in 1968 that mass starvation and a shattering collapse of civilization was a “near certainty” in the next several decades?

How is it the Bidens get away with literally anything and everything…while the media and powers-that-be gin up stories implicating Trump in any and every type of wrongdoing?

How is it that invasive species are universally considered a serious threat to the nation and its environment, but unchecked illegal immigration is not?

How is it that a lone Christian’s silent prayer is not tolerated near an abortion clinic, but Muslim call to prayer can be broadcast over loudspeakers throughout a major city?

How is it that Democrats’ purportedly “compassionate and caring” policies virtually always lead to nothing but despair and devastation? (Compare and contrast Democrat-run cities-- and states-- to those that Republicans control.)

How is it that the freedoms granted to each of us by the Creator—and to Americans via the Constitution and the Bill of Rights-- are being usurped and expunged by the ruling class?

How is it, that, despite all of this, so many Americans still vote for Democrats?


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Traincar Mysteriously Arrives At Destination Missing 60,000 Pounds Of Explosives


Food processing plants catching fire, chicken farms burning down, trains derailing at a record pace, cows being slaughtered-- individually and by the thousands—and now this: a train car carrying 30 tons of explosive chemicals arrived at its final destination empty, according to radio station KQED. Why not? Totally in keeping with the times.

60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, often used to make explosives, was loaded into the train car on April 12th while it was stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, along with matches and fertilizers. The ammonium nitrate belonged to Dyno Nobel, a commercial explosives firm.

Inexplicably, after a two-week-long trek to California that included several stops, the railcar previously loaded with the potentially explosive chemicals was found to be…empty.

This prompted Dyno Nobel to subsequently file a brief incident report to the federal National Response Center. The company stated that it suspects the chemicals fell from the train car when moving from the main track to a rail siding. It added that the shipment was transported in pellet form in a covered hopper railcar, one similar to those used to haul coal.

A spokesperson for the company told KQED, “The railcar was sealed when it left the Cheyenne facility, and the seals were still intact when it arrived in Saltdale. The initial assessment is that a leak through the bottom gate on the railcar may have developed in transit.”

No one on the train or in the areas it passed through noticed the supposed massive leak of potentially explosive matériel? There wasn’t a daily—hell, hourly—check on such valuable and potentially volatile cargo? 60,000 pounds of explosive pellets went missing and no one has a clue how, why, or where this happened?

 Like many things lately, this strains credulity.

Can we put an end to this insanity and ineptness?

Well, the train has left the station.

Whether we can stop it-- or it arrives at its destination with what it was carrying—is anybody’s guess.



Friday, May 19, 2023

Agriculture Under Attack By Global Reset Types


Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry recently warned that the world can't tackle climate change without first addressing emissions from agriculture.

Kerry noted that agricultural production is responsible for roughly one-third of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions and argued that reducing those emissions must be "front and center" in the quest to defeat global warming. Kerry made the remarks at the Department of Agriculture's AIM (Agriculture Innovation Mission) for Climate Summit in Washington, D.C.

The attack on farming by Western leaders is beyond shocking. It is criminal, treasonous. For his part, Kerry neglected to mention that, though agriculture is purportedly responsible for roughly 33% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions, it is undeniably responsible for the sustenance—and continued existence—of 100% of the world’s roughly 8 billion people.

In places like Minnesota, the Democratic Party is-- and has long been-- known as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, or DFL. It is time to take the “F” out of DFL. And, given its job-killing policies, the “L” should be removed, as well. I propose that these letters be replaced by “TG,” for transgender. It would be more accurate to refer to today’s Democrats as members of the DTG Party.

It may sound like a bit of a niche brand, but, to be fair, it is also the party of idiots, globalists, entitled whiners, freedom deniers, and wealthy wannabe tyrants. In this day and age, that is a pretty big tent.

In any case, Democrats are hell bent-- (I’m tempted to stop there, but I won’t)—on banning the use of fossil fuels that have provided the world abundant and inexpensive energy that has led to rising living standards and life expectancies and are now attempting to dramatically curtail the production of farm-raised vegetables and animal-based foodstuffs…in the hopes that we will soon make insects a staple of our diets.

Do you understand? Eating insects is not a bug, but a feature of the future the elites have planned for us.

If we let them get away with this, we deserve what we get.

Pass the mealworms.


Thursday, May 18, 2023

Fake Beer. Fake Women. Real B.S.


Think I’ll just grab a cold Bud Light and check out the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

What’s that you say? Bud Light featured a “trans woman” as a spokesperson, and put his her image on some of its cans? And Sports Illustrated is featuring Kim Petras, a transgender model, on the cover of its formerly iconic Swimsuit Edition? 

Okay, I was just kidding. Actually, I’m going to grab a double IPA and go watch a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ video.

One question, though: is Petras holding a Bud Light while “gracing” the Sports Illustrated cover? If not, he she should be.

Fake beer. Fake women. Fake news. Artificial intelligence. “Virtual” reality. Real bullshit. I’m sick of all of them.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Media Has No Clothes


As Tucker Carlson has recently spelled out, the corporate media is corrupt.

“Disinformation” is all too often its term for “the truth.” “Fact check” really means comparing something to its agenda and deeming it “false” if it does not completely comport with it.

If there was CCTV video of Xi JInping handing suitcases full of cash to the Bidens in exchange for policy considerations most favorable to China, the mainstream media would call it a Russian disinformation operation—aided, abetted, and paid for by Donald Trump.

There is zero chance that anything you see in the legacy news media is true, fair, accurate, and unbiased. Period. The MSM is nought but the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist Party, comprised of utterly shameless, morally bankrupt, intellectually stunted, virtue-signaling charlatans who cannot tolerate dissenting opinion. They are worse than useless to the majority of us on Main Street, as they are still quite useful to the elites who disdain us-- and to their globalist agenda-- by preying on the ignorant, gullible, and naïve.

When Republicans control the government, the Fourth Estate loudly touts their sacred mission: “to speak truth to power” and hold our public servants accountable.

When Democrats are in power, the media immediately become sycophantic lapdogs, eager to help them hide any wrongdoing-- and willing to obfuscate, deceive, lie…and even help “hide the bodies,” if necessary.

A free press is of great use to a free society/democratic republic.

It is too bad we don’t have one.





Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Poll Says Americans Split On Whether President Biden Should Publicly Acknowledge Granddaughter

According to a TIPP Poll of nearly 1,500 Americans-- that was conducted after Hunter Biden’s recent appearance in an Arkansas court to determine how much child support the First Son should pay-- U.S. voters are split over whether President Joe Biden should publicly acknowledge his granddaughter.


Hunter had the girl, now 4, with beautiful ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. Yet neither Hunter nor his dad, “The Big Guy,” are willing to welcome Navy Joan Roberts into America's First Family. The president has six other grandchildren, all of whom he recognizes, and all of whom had their names written on Christmas stockings hanging from a White House mantle this past holiday season. But not Navy.

It is no surprise that Americans are divided over whether or not the little girl should be publicly claimed by the Biden family that is responsible for her. We are divided over everything else, as well. And it is no surprise that the majority of Democrats, liberals-- and those without children-- consider it a private family matter that the Bidens should handle however they deem best for them.

On the other hand, Republicans, conservatives, those with children, and religious Americans overwhelmingly believe the president should at least publicly acknowledge the existence of Navy Joan Roberts — the granddaughter that neither he nor his son have ever met.

It is reprehensible and repugnant that the Biden family has essentially not even acknowledged the existence of this little girl. Perhaps they wish she would’ve been aborted. On the other hand, given Joe and Hunter’s historical interactions with females of nearly all ages, maybe it is for the best.

It should have been easy to guess which (roughly) half of “Americans” are cool with the Bidens abandoning this little girl, regardless of how it makes her feel or what it does to her psyche and wellbeing.

Democrats are frauds, charlatans, hypocrites, and gas-lighters who performatively virtue signal while channeling their inner Beelzebub.

They care about one thing and one thing only: power. Power. Power. Power. Power. Power.

Here’s hoping that Navy’s mom properly cares for her. Someone has to.

And it’s apparently not going to be the Bidens.




Monday, May 15, 2023

Target Selling New Line Of LGBTQ "Pride" Clothing For Toddlers, Infants


Consumers’ Research, a Washington, DC-based conservative nonprofit organization, recently introduced “Woke Alerts,” text messages that inform consumers about products and companies that cater to a radical “woke agenda.”

A recent alert highlighted a new LGBTQ “pride” clothing collection from Target. The corporate behemoth has long been a champion of progressive dogma and policies, opening up bathrooms and dressing rooms to all genders, and eliminating separate “boys” and “girls” toy sections, etc. The left-leaning international retail giant has sold kids’ books with titles such as, “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?” and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.”

The store’s new line of pro-LGBTQ clothing is aimed at kids…including infants. The company says the “take pride” apparel is about “being true to yourself and your community” and “is something to celebrate all year long.” (Of course, this would not be the case if “your community” happened to be a Christian or conservative one.)

Messages on the “Pride Kids’ & Baby Clothing” include: “Pride Baby ‘Be Kind’,” “Pride Baby ‘Always Proud’,” and “Pride Baby ‘It Takes All Kinds’.”

It is singularly repulsive to use your precious baby as a billboard for cultural Marxism and depravity. It is despicable for a mass retailer to place a Target on those who hold traditional and Biblical values. Or biologically correct beliefs, for that matter. This should be the Genesis of a boycott.

What kind of person feels the overwhelming need to politicize their baby’s clothing? To use their infant in an ad campaign? If you plan to let your children choose their own gender, why can’t you wait a while and let them choose what clothing to wear?

It should be obvious that this kind of kids’ apparel says more about the parent(s) than the child. It says: “I’m an insecure, intolerant, virtue-signaling jackass who values shallow attempted activism over my child’s dignity and inherent worth.”

Target forever besmirches itself by trying to profit from the sale of such merchandise.