Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore And The Empty Ballpark

                What if they held a ballgame and nobody came? Well, that happened for the first time in history yesterday, at least as far as Major League Baseball is concerned. Nobody was allowed to come to the game and enter the park, due to fear of rioting and uncontrollable violence and disorder.
                Disorder. There is a lot of that in the country today.
                An empty baseball park is very symbolic of what has happened- what has been done- to America in recent years, courtesy of Barack Obama and his band of leftist Democrats.
                In days of yore, parks were filled with families eating hot dogs and singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Now, families- and hot dogs- are under assault. And officials are worried about a ‘brawlgame’ breaking out.
                Baseball helped integrate this nation with the likes of the great (player and person) Jackie Robinson. Now, our President, AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and a long list of white “liberals” fan the flames of racial hatred and ignorance.

                We are disintegrating, as a people and as a nation.

                 Think of America herself as a great ballpark that has sheltered and brought together hundreds of millions of people, via a vast melting pot, and forged them into one mighty, unprecedented entity with the belief in limited government of, by and for the people… and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
                Tragically, that “figurative” ballpark truly is almost empty now.
                Families have been devastated by government policies as our inner cities collapse and go financially- and morally- bankrupt. Hot dogs are a no-no to Michelle Obama and her ilk. The melting pot has been turned off. Limited government? Seriously? No one believes in that concept anymore! The right to life? Abortion now and forever. Hell, “post-birth” abortion is supported by many libs now. Liberty? You can’t do this, you must do that, you are watched wherever you go…all for your own good of course. And if you’re a conservative, watch out! The First and Second Amendments are under serious attack, you think others won’t be, too?
                We have lost our collective soul. Many of our rights, including the most precious natural ones, are being eroded daily if not outright taken away. We do, however, apparently have the right to free contraception and gay marriage. (Well, we probably don’t need to take advantage of both of those rights simultaneously!).
                Old notions of faith, hard work, dignity, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, and the like, are openly mocked and scorned, called remnants of a patriarchal, non-inclusive, hyper-Christian society.
                It is telling that, as baseball fades in popularity, it is slowly being replaced by the third world sports of soccer and hooliganism.

                Elvis really has left the building.

                And America went with him.

                The great ballpark stands empty.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Medical Ethics?

              A college professor wrote an article for the Journal of Medical Ethics whose thesis contained the sentence, “There is nothing magical about passing through the birth canal that transforms it from a fetus into a person.” It, of course, being the baby/fetus. A study published in the Journal argues that babies have no “moral right to life,” and therefore aren’t actually human beings…until the parents decide they are.
               Liberals famously don’t believe that life begins at conception, nor does their pro-choice crowd believe that babies in the womb are actual, viable people.
                If the act of being born is no longer enough for them to consider a baby a real, viable person, we have entered a brave new world, indeed. Ethics aren’t what they used to be. Where does that leave us?
                Mark Harrington, director of Created Equal, stated, “We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we visit. While this viewpoint is still seen as shocking by most people, it is becoming increasingly popular.” A few students, including a man attending the University of Minnesota, went so far as to suggest children up to 4 or 5 years old can be killed, because they are not yet “self aware.”
                Some students have even signed fake petitions to make abortion legal in “the 4th trimester.” Thank goodness for higher education! No wonder colleges are cranking out so many brilliant, independent, courageous and ethical leaders!
              The head of Voices for Planned Parenthood at Ohio State University explained, “As for post-birth abortion, I would imagine that my colleagues would think the ‘post-birth’ part was largely irrelevant, as we believe very strongly in abortion on demand, without apology, and it’s plain and simple that we should look to the woman’s morals and not shove our opinions where they, frankly, don’t belong.”
                There’s something else you shouldn’t shove where, frankly, it doesn’t belong. At least unless you are man enough to be responsible for the consequences of your own actions.
                For their part, Democrats actually defeated a bill back in 2012 that would have banned abortions based on sex selection. That’s correct, they actually voted to allow a couple that conceived a girl, but wanted a boy, to abort their daughter. The bill was termed the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act. The vote was 246 to 168 against the bill, however it didn’t achieve the two-thirds majority needed to pass. Hell, what could be wrong with abortion based solely on the sex of the child? I mean, like, China and other nations allow it.
                President Obama opposed the bill because he said it “intrudes on women’s right to privacy,” and would be “hazardous” for doctors who perform the procedure. It’s funny that the only time leftists don’t want to intrude on a person’s right to privacy is when they want to abort an innocent child. And it would be hazardous to the “doctors” that are killing these babies? Really? Who the bleeping hell would let these monsters get away with this b.s.?! It’s hazardous alright…to the babies that are being eviscerated.
                A number of abortion activists say women should have the right to an abortion simply because  they shouldn’t be forced to have a child they don’t want. I’ve got an idea. If you don’t want a kid, don’t have sex. Then you won’t be forced to have one…or kill one. There is a mantra among the most radical abortion zealots: “Forced motherhood is female enslavement.” They believe it is “degrading” to women to be expected to go through with their pregnancy. Yet, if the rest of us are forced to pay for abortions, to have the fruits of our labor taken from us so they don’t have to go through labor, are we not, by definition, the real slaves? Perhaps those folks should crack open a dictionary now and again. And, is it not a tad degrading to, say,  your daughter (“potential” person) to think of her as a non-viable tissue mass that has no real worth until you say she does? Or to kill her? There’s a lot of talk about violence against women, but not enough about unconscionable violence committed by women.               
                Melissa Harris-Perry, an MSNBC host, addressed the issue of “post-birth” abortion on the air July 21st, 2013. She said, “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling…but not science.” The most radical abortion rights activists are now semi-publicly arguing that it is okay for parents to “abort” their children up to age three.
                Ah, so life begins at age four! Or 3 years and one day?
                Yet other radical  “liberals” are touting the benefits of breastfeeding a child until the age of three or four. Is this, then, to fatten them up for the slaughter or is it just another routine chore like slopping the hogs?
                And now we have a couple who’ve decided to allow their 5-year-old daughter to transgender to a boy. Perhaps a child isn’t legitimately a human until they are done breastfeeding and ready to change sexes?
                Liberals love stupid bumper-stickers. Many plaster them all over the back of their cars, usually at least slightly askew. Perhaps soon there will be a, “Have You Post-Birth Aborted Your Three-Year-Old Today?” sticker next to the obligatory, “Visualize World Peace” one.
                What’s next, after-kindergarten abortions? Post-puberty abortions? Apparently there wouldn’t have been rioting if Trayvon Martin had simply been after-birth aborted.

                We are far past the “slippery slope” here.

                We are in the moral abyss.
              Don’t think so?  Abortion rights radicals chanted, “Hail, Satan” at an abortion rally in Austin, Texas after that state inexplicably banned third-term abortions. It is on You-Tube if you’d like to view it.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

(Climate) Change He Can Believe In

                 President Obama, in a speech delivered April 22nd while he was in Everglades National Park, sounded the alarm about climate change. “Simply refusing to say the words ‘climate change’ doesn’t mean climate change isn’t happening,” said the Anointed One.
                Much like refusing to say the words ‘under God’   (in a Pledge of Allegiance, for example) doesn’t mean we aren’t under God?
               Or like refusing to say the words ‘Islamic terrorists’ doesn’t mean they don’t exist? Hmmm?

   All good leftists will agree, of that I’m sure.

   I know how much they like to be ‘Fair and Balanced.’

Monday, April 27, 2015

IRS Taxes Patience

                “The IRS’ overloaded phone system hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services to help pay to enforce President Obama’s health law,” read the first sentence of the recent Associated Press report.
                It went on to state that only 40% of those that weren’t disconnected ever got through to a person. And many of those people waited on hold for over half an hour. This reduction of taxpayer services, of course, came at exactly the same time that taxpayers were being broad-sided by new requirements under the health law, resulting in many questions that went unanswered.
                A new House Ways and Means Committee report claims the IRS diverted $134 million in user fees that had been spent on customer service last year to other areas this year. Predictably, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen blamed budget cuts for the problem. The IRS has already spent over $1.2 billion implementing the health care law, with another $533 million scheduled to be spent this year.
                Last year, 39.9 million people called the IRS with questions about their tax returns. According to the article, when too many people call at the same time, the IRS phone system hangs up on callers at the beginning of their calls, rather than making them wait on hold for an hour or more. That’s the IRS for you, so polite and service oriented!
                In keeping with leftist’s love of calling things exactly what they aren’t, the agency actually refers to these hang-ups as “courtesy disconnects.”

                And remember folks, “Arbeit Machs Du Frei!!”

                Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., said Congress did not cut funding for taxpayer services. He claimed that decision was made by the agency.
                “The amount of money Congress appropriated to the IRS for taxpayer assistance was the same this year as last year, but the level of service has decreased drastically,” he said. “So, what happened? The IRS made the decision to move money away from taxpayer assistance.”
                Roskam and other Republicans complained that the agency spent $60 million on employee bonuses last year while it was cutting customer service. The IRS also allows employees to spend almost 500,000 hours a year “working” on union activities while getting paid by the agency.
                Commissioner Koskinen defended the bonuses and claimed federal law requires the IRS to allow workers to engage in union activities while being paid.
                Those selfless civil servants! When they’re not doing agency work targeting grass roots Conservative organizations they disagree with, they are working for their union…to advance their cause at the expense of taxpayers.

                Welcome to the new America, where the citizens are forced to pay their “public servants” to actively work against their interests.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

DEA Capers

                Michele Leonhart, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, recently told Attorney General Eric Holder that she intended to retire next month, ending a 35-year tenure at the agency. This couldn’t have come as a big surprise to officials, as she has recently faced numerous accusations of mismanagement. Her looming departure, after an eight year reign at the DEA, comes on the heels of a hearing last week in which lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee expressed outrage at her handling of reports that DEA agents stationed in Columbia had participated in sex parties with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels.
                I mean, when in Columbia, do as the Columbians do, right?
                Oh. Perhaps the lawmakers think that drug enforcement agents getting free hookers from drug cartels might be a conflict of interest. Maybe they are worried that said agents will be bought off, or at the very least much less zealous in their drug enforcement activities. Do you think?
                The seven agents who admitted to the accusations were given suspensions of two to ten days. Under stern questioning from the House panel, Leonhart stated that she had been powerless to take more aggressive action such as firing the agents or revoking their security clearances.

                In a statement, Holder called Leonhart a “trailblazer for equality” and a “good friend.”

Friday, April 24, 2015

Utah Mom Is Baby Killer

                Megan Huntsman, a Utah woman who has admitted to murdering six of her newborn babies, was sentenced to six terms of up to life in prison, the maximum possible sentence. Huntsman told police she had strangled or suffocated the infants and had lost count of how many, according to court documents. Well, any of us could lose track of minutia like that.
                She told police she believed there were 8 or 9 infant bodies in her garage. But Pleasant Grove (you can’t make this crap up) Police Captain Mike Roberts told the Associated Press that they believe there were “only the seven (you can’t make this crap up) found in the garage.”
                “She couldn’t remember the exact figure so she threw a ballpark figure out there,” he said. “That was her guess.”
                 I mean, let’s not be judgmental here. Who among us can remember exactly how many of our own kids we’ve strangled or suffocated??!
                Police found Xanax, marijuana and bongs inside the trailer home where she was living with her boyfriend in a Salt Lake City suburb. There’s a shock.
                Roberts said that during her interview she appeared “perfectly normal.” Investigators say they know Huntsman’s motive but declined to discuss it publicly. What the hell? Let me guess, she did it for world peace or to advance the cause of science? To help alleviate global warming? Perhaps as a protest of the one-percent or the sequestration? Performance art?
               Or just maybe it was because she’s a scumbag serial-killer who didn’t want the hassle of dealing with babies.

                Oh well. What’s the big deal?

                She’s really just a freelance after-birth abortionist. She shouldn’t have been given these life sentences. She should be celebrated as a pioneer. She should be up for the Katha Pollit/Melissa Harris-Perry Lifetime Achievement Award!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dehydrated Driving

                Not drinking enough water has the same effect as drunk driving.

                These are the findings of a study led by the Emeritus Professor of Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the prestigious Loughborough University in London, according to a Telegraph Online post of April 18th. A driver drinking as few as five sips of water an hour could be experiencing the equivalent of being over the legal alcohol limit in England and in most states in the U.S. Drivers make more than twice as many mistakes when they are just mildly dehydrated (up to 25ml of water an hour) as compared to those who are properly hydrated. The Professor stated, “To put our results into perspective, the levels of driver errors we found are of a similar magnitude to those found in people with blood alcohol content of 0.08%, the current UK legal driving limit. In other words, drivers who are not properly hydrated make the same number of errors as people who are over the drink drive limit.”
                Additionally, dehydration can cause impaired mental functioning, mood swings, lack of concentration and alertness and also result in short-term memory loss say the researchers who conducted the first study of dehydration, driving errors and accident risk.
                During the study, published in the journal Physiology and Behavior, the researchers performed a range of tests over two days on male drivers using a laboratory-based driving simulator. Each study volunteer visited the laboratory on separate occasions and used the simulator on one day while normally hydrated and on another when they were deliberately under-hydrated. The simulated driving test took the form of a two hour continuous, “monotonous” drive on a two-lane highway with curves, auditory “rumble strips,” and slow moving vehicles that were to be overtaken by the volunteer driver. On one day, the men were given 200ml of water an hour and on the “dry” day only 25ml an hour. Driver errors  such as lane drifting, late braking, and touching or crossing the “rumble strips” or lane lines were calculated for each condition and compared.
                During the normal hydration tests there were 47 driving “incidents,” as opposed to 101 when the men were mildly dehydrated. Moreover, the error rate increased during the two hour period, peaking in the last 30 minutes.
                “The level of dehydration induced in the present study was mild and could easily be reproduced by individuals with limited access to fluid over the course of a busy working day,” stated the researchers. They also noted that driving in a hot car could lead to significant water loss over the course of a long journey, and that the effects may be exacerbated by drivers who deliberately restrict drinking to avoid toilet stops.

                Loughborough University recently won its 7th Queen’s Anniversary Prize, awarded for relevant research.

                It is easy to see the new laws coming after the results of this study are fully disseminated. We’ve already seen an explosion of recommendations-cum-legislation regarding cell-phone use, specifically texting while driving.
                Driving Under-Hydrated, or D.U.H., laws will start cropping up around the U.S. eventually, too. At  least MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)  won’t have to change their acronym much. They could simply become MADDD (Mothers Against Drunk and Dehydrated Drivers) or perhaps MADADD, but that sounds like it’s giving the credit to dads and not moms, and as such probably won’t fly.
                Will there be roadblocks and officers checking for dehydrated driving? If you are lucky enough to pass will you get an “I’m properly hydrated!” sticker? Will insurance companies offer special “good hydration” discounts? Surely repeat offenders will have a feature in their cars that tests them for hydration and prevents the vehicle from starting unless they chug down a bottle of Aqua-Fina.

                “Officer, I can honestly tell you that I’ve had literally nothing to drink tonight!”
                “Come with me, sir. You have the right to remain silent…”

                But not dehydrated.

                     Remember, don’t drink and drive, but don’t drive and not drink!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dark Matter

                The journal Science recently published a new study on “dark matter.” The study suggests that dark matter might have the unique ability to go careening through the universe without slowing down or dragging because particles of it don’t interact with other matter or even each other.
                Scientists claim that, based on all observable evidence, galaxies “should be” ripping themselves apart. Dark matter is simply the term for the as-of-yet unobserved matter that experts believe must be bulking up the cosmos and thereby giving galaxies the gravity they need to spin at the rates they do without falling to pieces.
Dark matter does not absorb or reflect light like all other known matter does, though it does bend it. Scientists assert that, even though it can’t be seen, we can learn about it based on the effects it has on observable matter. In the study, researchers focused on galaxy clusters, where, apparently, galaxies routinely collide with each other. Gas in one galaxy slows down when it hits gas from another galaxy, but scientists wanted to study how dark matter “behaved” during these colossal collisions. The lead author of the study stated, “We know how gas and stars react to these cosmic crashes and where they emerge from the wreckage. Comparing how dark matter behaves can help us to narrow down what it actually is.”
The fact that dark matter didn’t slow down in these crashes was unexpected, as scientists think that dark matter is abundant throughout the universe, making up as much as 90% of total matter. That means that dark matter had to be hitting other dark matter in these collisions, yet these unseen particles were exhibiting no evidence of the confrontation. The scientists conclusion: dark matter is even less like “regular” matter than originally thought.
Another author of the study exclaimed, “If you bang your head against the wall, the electrostatic force between the molecules in your head and the ones in the wall cause a collision. This is what dark matter doesn’t seem to feel.”
Interesting that the experts are talking about the “behavior” of something that can’t be seen and that this unobserved matter doesn’t “feel” a collision. Even though it’s never been seen, we can learn about it based on the effects it has on observable forms of matter? (Yes, I am well aware of gravity, for example, and fully believe in “its” power).
 Maybe it’s the observable forms of matter- or something in them or their nature that we don’t yet understand- that is having the effect on these observable forms of matter.

 Or maybe it’s some other power that we can’t see.

It is incredible to me that so many scientists, scholars, “experts” and the like refuse to believe in a God that they can’t see, yet know that unseen matter “must” make up 90% of the universe.
Dark matter? Maybe it’s what comprises these expert’s brains. Despite no visible evidence, they must exist, right?
True to form they may not absorb or reflect the light.
But they do bend…credulity.
The only faith these experts have is in themselves…and unseen particles that they believe comprise most of the universe. Yes, the unseen particles must exist. But they couldn’t have come from an unseen source.

That’s crazy.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

How Dumb Is We?

                Recently, the Pew Research Center published a report titled, “What Do Americans Know?” The report was based on the results of a survey of over 1,000 adult Americans. Those surveyed were asked 12 “easy” multiple-choice questions about prominent matters in the news.
                It  will come as no surprise to conservatives that the results were not encouraging.
                The average score among these voting-age citizens was 5. Five. F-I-V-E. This is only slightly better than the result of pure guesswork.
                Less than half of these American adults knew that it was oil- not tourism, soybeans or auto manufacturing- that fueled the recent economic boom in North Dakota.
                Only one in five knew that Social Security costs the federal government more than transportation, foreign aid or interest on the debt.
                Many, if not most Americans, don’t know what the country’s founding principles are/were. Most couldn’t tell you much about the first ten Amendments…the Bill of Rights. Most have no idea that it was the Democratic Party that was pro slavery and segregation for many decades surrounding the Civil War and the Republican Party that drove anti-slavery and anti-segregation legislation.
                Tragically, whether it’s knowledge of current events or key concepts of history, most Americans are clueless.  Of course, much (most) of the blame lies with the clueless, but it isn’t coincidence that the majority of the big government types in power like them that way. And have actively promoted policies that have aided and abetted the dumbing-down of America’s citizenry. Democrats are always nervous when a low voter turnout is expected. If it’s only those with detailed knowledge of the issues voting, they know they are likely in trouble.
                Speaking at the City Club of Cleveland recently, President Obama strongly suggested that all Americans eligible to vote should be compelled to vote. That is taking away a right. No pro-choice blather there. Why do you think he said this?

                Because he knows how ignorant we are.

                We’ve proved it.


Friday, April 17, 2015

California Water-Use Restrictions

                California residents will likely soon be fined up to $500 per day for…taking long showers. That is significantly more than the average household earns in a day. Due to the drought and subsequent water shortage in the state, strict rules are forthcoming regulating water usage. Any usage of water over a daily household limit will bring the fines down on the offending party. Governor Jerry Brown specifically acknowledged that taking long showers would be one offense that could result in the fines.
                Brown signed an order recently demanding a 25% drop in urban water use as compared to 2013. The Governor says that voluntary water cutbacks haven’t been nearly enough to compensate for the extended drought. California’s water board has established some state-wide regulations, restricting lawn watering and prohibiting restaurants from serving water unless customers specifically request it.
                That could be a win-win! Maybe some folks will become dehydrated and not have to flush their toilets as often! Perhaps the next step will be to ban the usage of flush toilets. The water board could decree that citizens must go to the bathroom outdoors or in an outhouse or Satellite. Another win-win! These places  typically don’t have faucets for washing one’s hands! More water savings!

                The Land of Milk and Honey is no more.
                All that glitters may no longer be gold.

                Stock up on Purell.

                “Who’s that guy, honey?”

                “Oh, he’s just our shower monitor, dear.”               ”

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apocalypse Now?

                Israel is in mortal danger.

                Just a few weeks ago, during the Vienna nuclear negotiations, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated, “there is no cure for Israel, only annihilation.” Then, last week, he declared two of the United States’ main negotiating  principles null and void. He said that all economic sanctions would have to be lifted on the day a final deal is signed and that Iranian  military sites would be off limits to foreign inspectors.
                And now the Russian government is claiming that it may ship the S-300 air defense missile system to Iran “at any moment.” This system, one of the most advanced air defense weapons in the world, has a range of 125 miles and can track and strike multiple targets simultaneously.
                To recap, the world is handing the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons to Iran on a silver platter for the promise that they won’t…for awhile anyway. At the same time Iran is refusing to allow their nuclear facilities to be inspected. Trust, but don’t verify may be our new policy! Brilliant! And the Russians will now help make Iran invulnerable to attack… immediately after it has repeated its threat to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.
                The Jews have been persecuted before in the recent past. Iran has over 9 times the population of Israel. Iran is over 79 times larger than Israel.

                And it is Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel  that get portrayed by the mainstream media as unreasonable and war-mongering??!

                I thought we loved the underdog?

                In Ezekiel 38-39 the Bible warns that Iran (Persia at the time) and Russia (Magog) will go to war with Israel. It also warns us that the United States will not defend Israel, as it will be unwilling or unable to do so. Israel, therefore, must stand alone…with God. Further, the Bible alludes to a future world leader  who will enforce a Peace Plan (“covenant”) upon Israel. This Antichrist’s actions will trigger the final 7-Year period of time often called the “Apocalypse.”

                For the first time in its history, the U.S. is led by a president that appears unwilling to defend Israel. One, in fact, who seems to delight in snubbing Israel and its leader while bending over backward for Iran and others (even Russia to an extent). Netanyahu himself came over to address the United States Congress and issued an urgent plea to the U.S. not to make a Nuclear Deal with Iran.

                Yet the president seems Hell-bent on getting just such a deal done.


              Anybody getting nervous yet?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The War on Babies

             Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas) recently introduced a bill that would aid victims of sex-trafficking by utilizing fines paid by traffickers to fund services for their victims. A good thing, right? Who could possibly be against this?
Incredibly, Democrats insist that those services must include abortion, whereas the bill itself specifies that abortion will not be among the services provided. Democrats are intent on blocking the bill until abortion is among the services the bill would provide.
Abortion is already legal. Girls who’ve been smuggled across continents, held as slaves and been subjected to heinous horrors are in need of a lot of things, yet all Democrats seem to care about is their free and unfettered access to publicly funded abortion!
There is an overwhelming crassness, coarseness and callousness that has descended on our society. We have been desensitized to almost anything and everything imaginable. We have been dumbed-down. We have been "euphemized." Some are getting euthanized.
If, perchance, we ascend to Heaven to find millions- or billions- of aborted babies there, will we be chagrinned? Will we understand what we have done?
I don’t want to write about abortion anymore. I don’t set out to. I have no quota of abortion themed posts. But, to many Democrats, everything appears to revolve around abortion. It is their Holy Grail, from which a certain percentage of their leftist base are sure to drink.
To  deny aid to victims of sex-trafficking unless that aid includes funding for abortions is a monstrous act, but what kind of coverage is this getting in the mainstream media?


There is no “war on women.”

There is a war on babies.

And it’s a slaughter.

One side can’t fight back.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

U.N.: Fewer People Would Be Better

                 According to, certain United Nations officials believe the human population should be reduced in order to effectively combat climate change. To whit, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCC (what happened to the third ‘C’?), had a conversation in 2013 with Climate One founder Greg Dalton regarding fertility rates in  various populations.
                Referring to the fact that some scientists project that the Earth’s population will rise to 9 billion by 2050, the question was asked, “is that figure locked in?”
                “We can definitely change those numbers,” Figueres said. Oh? Maybe that’s why the U.N. has essentially stood by and watched genocides unfold in various areas such as the Sudan. “We should do everything possible…” (to change those numbers) she stated. Maybe the UNFCC could sponsor a few abortion clinics.  Wasn’t it Genesis 9:7 that stated, “be fruitful and increase in number (go forth and multiply)…but make sure you don’t go overboard, I mean, enough is enough, right?”
                How comfortable would you be if your safety and/or health depended on a relief or humanitarian organization that honestly believed the best thing for the planet would be for there to be far fewer people alive?

                I’m guessing she doesn’t want far fewer United Nations officials, though. Odd. 

                Who gets to pick who goes away and who doesn't get to arrive on the scene?

                Figueres has previously described the UNFCC’s goal as “a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.” Is that all? Why am I worried? She has also stated that a Chinese style communist government is better suited than the U.S.’s Constitutional system to fight global warming.
                Really? China is the world’s biggest polluter of the oceans, skies and land. Many people in China’s vast cities wear a mask on a daily basis to protect their lungs from the dense smog. The U.S. just embarked on a massive- and massively expensive- campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically in the next couple of decades, in part to coax the rest of the world to follow suit.
                It’s not about global warming or climate change.  Those are just convenient tools with which to dope up the masses and dupe them into relinquishing their freedoms. It’s about control. Mixed in with her blatantly idiotic statements is one that matters. She really does want, “a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.”

                And we’re worried about climate change?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Gender Proliferation

                First there was Adam…and Eve. Male and female.

Not long thereafter there were more men and women.

Eventually, the gay and lesbian community arrived on the scene.  They were joined by the bisexual crowd.  Trans-genders came aboard soon after, so that we now needed to use an acronym to save time and space when referring to this/these social group(s). GLBTG.
                The other day I picked up a newsletter from my son’s senior high school. Among other things, it touted the fact that therapists were available on campus to help your youngster through a range of issues including, “LGBTQ.” I couldn’t figure out what the Q was for.  I was informed it stood for “questioning.” Ah. But why was the G after the L now? Apparently lesbians have recently been granted more special status than gays. It’s hard to stay on top of proper politically-correct etiquette in these times. Also, I wondered, what happened to the G in transgender? They must have bumped it from the acronym to save space. That doesn’t seem very inclusive to me.
                 Facebook now recognizes something like 57 different genders. Startling.  I recently read a review of Facebook’s new acceptance of these 57 gender terms that opined, “this list cannot possibly cover every possible gender identity a person can have.” Really?! That list of genders is too small?
                Wow. I had no idea. We’re now going to need an acronym longer than “antidisestablishmentarianism.”
                And the good folks over at state, “…even in a fairly simple system of identifying genders, there are at least Sixty-Three (63) gender combinations.”
                These same progressives are leading the push for unisex bathrooms. If there are indeed 63 genders, this is probably a good thing. If there were 63 different bathrooms necessary, all of our sports and concert venues would have to be the size of New Jersey. After 8 or ten drinks, no convention attendee could ever find the right rest room. Personally, I think there should be three bathrooms, not 63…or one or two. Men’s, women’s and “Gender Non-Conformists” should suffice. (The latter can enter at their own risk and amusement after signing a waiver of liability). You’ll see why after reading the following.
                There exist, according to various gender-catalogers, many general categories(!) of gender, encompassing various gender sub-sets and variants.  To Whit:

*Agender- Someone who does not identify with any  gender. May also be termed “genderless” or “gender neutral.”
*Androgyne/Androgenous- Someone who neither identifies with, nor presents as, a man or woman. (I’m not entirely sure what differentiates these folks from the Agender. And I thought it was a zone).
*Bigender- Someone who identifies as both a man and a woman. A combination of the two, but not necessarily 50/50. They may present as men, women or as gender-neutral on different days. (I’d hate to pay for their wardrobe! But I’d like to see Ronco’s amazing new “Bigender Blender! It makes daiquiris and wine-spritzers, but also grinds sausage and cheese and makes a great double IPA!”
*Cis-  category encompasses many different terms to describe those (odd, boring) folks that aren’t trans and do not have a “gender diverse” identity or presentation. E.G.: Cis Female, Cisgender Female, Cisgender Woman, and Cis Woman all describe a female who identifies as a woman and has a feminine gender identity. (Why, that’s not at all progressive and frankly quite queer! But, by its own definition, these are four different labels to describe the exact same group! And one of the two traditional ones, at that. This is completely unnecessary and redundant. This term does not refer to your female sibling. Or maybe it does…I don’t know anymore).
*FTM (female to male)- a trans person who was assigned female sex, and now lives as a man and has a masculine gender identity. (Who “assigned” their female sex…a teacher? Was it homework? I thought FTM was a magazine).
*Gender Fluid- someone whose gender identity  and presentation are not confined to only one gender category. (What makes this category different than agender or bigender? “Could we get a wet clean-up in aisle four? There’s some gender fluid on the floor here!”).
*Gender Nonconforming- Someone who looks and/or performs in ways that are atypical of society’s expectations. (This is  the umpteenth description of the same group. Maybe the Cis-gendered are the Gender Nonconformists now?).
*Gender Questioning- Someone who may be questioning their gender or gender identity or ways of experiencing/expressing their gender or gender presentation. (This one actually scares me a little).
*Gender Variant- An umbrella term that refers to anyone who, for any reason, does not have a cisgender identity. (Again, what makes this category different than…?).
*Genderqueer- Someone who identifies outside of, or wishes to challenge, the two-gender system. (Again, what makes this category different from…? Wow. Talk about beating the proverbial dead- but previously Gender Questioning- horse!).
*MTF (Male to Female)- a trans person who was assigned male sex and now lives as a woman and has  a feminine gender identity. (Bruce Jenner).
*Neither- Not putting a label on one’s gender. (Is it just me, or is there an incredible amount of duplication in these terms/labels? Also, there is an incredible amount of labeling in these terms in order that we not stereotype, confine and… label).
*Neutrois- An umbrella term within the bigger umbrella terms of transgender or gender-queer. Includes people who consider themselves agender, neither-gender, and gender-less. (Department of Redundancy Department).
*Non-binary- Similar to gender-queer, a way of describing one’s gender as outside the two-gender “system” and/or challenging that system. (Ditto).
*Other- Choosing not to provide a commonly recognized label to one’s gender. This term should not be used to refer to people whose gender you can’t quite understand or place! (Ditto).
*Pangender- “Pan” means every, or all, and this term challenges binary gender and is inclusive of gender diverse people. (Ditto).
*Transgender- An umbrella term that includes all people who have genders not traditionally associated with their assigned sex. (Ditto).
*Trans*- Is an inclusive term, referring to the many ways one can transcend or even transgress gender or gender norms. Also called Trans*Person. (“Look at me, I’m transcending- dare I say transgressing- gender norms! How remarkably unusual and courageous I am!”).
*Transsexual Person- Refers to people who have made lasting changes to their bodies. (This is oddly vague. Does this include those with tattoos, piercings, etc.? Those who have lost 40 lbs. recently?).
*Transmasculine- Someone assigned a female sex at birth who identifies as masculine, but may not identify wholly as a man. (Do we need a separate term for those identifying as 99% masculine, 98% masculine, 97% masculine, etc.? There really could be limitless numbers of genders!).
*Transfeminine- Guess. Or see above. (Ditto).
*Two-Spirit- Native Americans who have both masculine and feminine characteristics and presentations, have distinct roles in their tribes, and are seen as a third gender. Germany and Nepal have recently adopted a third gender option for their citizens to select, as well. (I really shouldn’t comment on this, as much as I’d like to).
*So now we are up to (at the very least): the LGBTQAGANBGCISFTMGFGNGQGVGqIMTFNeiNeuNBOPGTTPTMTFTS community.
                And where do those of us that have been “assigned” male or female heterosexual genders fit in? Can we not squeeze a couple of capital letters into the world’s largest acronym to represent this group? Or is modern progressive society not quite that inclusive? Maybe Cis covers us? Aren't we all one big human family?

                Isn’t it ironic that those who so vehemently profess to believe in a limitless number of genders  have really only come up with one of their own? To replace the traditional designation of  1) male and 2) female, they have come up with 1) those who consider themselves to be male, or 2) female, in the traditional sense… and 3) those who don’t.             

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

North Korea Recruiting Young Women To Join "Pleasure Squad"

                  North Korea Recruiting Young Women To Join “Pleasure Squad” For Kim Jong-Un

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo recently reported that Kim Jong-Un became interested in re-forming the troupe while recovering from an unknown ailment at one of his summer cottages last year. 
“Pleasure squads” have existed in North Korea since the country’s founding under Kim Il Sung, who was the grandfather of the present dictator. Government officials were sent out to procure the prettiest women and girls to be sent to the dictator’s numerous mansions, where they were expected to be “available upon request.”
Many of the women were singers, dancers, maids and the like, but those judged particularly beautiful were made to be concubines of North Korean leaders. Many of those were “retired” from the squads when they reached their twenties and were paired off with military officers looking for wives.
The squad used to “perform” for Kim’s father, Kim Jong-Il, as well, and was disbanded shortly after his death in December 2011. They were forced to sign a pledge of secrecy in exchange for money and gifts.
Britain’s Daily Telegraph quoted a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University, described as an authority on North Korean affairs, as saying that Kim believed the women who “entertained” his father knew too many state secrets. “After he came to power, Mr. Kim trusted no-one and ordered thorough investigations into every official in the regime, from the highest to the lowest,” stated the professor.
But now there will be a new crop of pleasure providers to entertain the regime. Perhaps the uber-bureacrats will be warier and less likely to spill state secrets this time around, considering their reaction to the release of the movie “The Interview” a few months back.
Sadly, in the Hermit Kingdom, where much of the population is starving, it is probably pretty easy to round up even the prettiest girls to serve the doughy dictator.
I wonder if Dennis Rodman approves.
                                                          ******                                                                                            (Some information used in this post was obtained from a article earlier this week) 

Monday, April 6, 2015

The KaraFem Abortion Spa (Abortion Spas- Part II)

                Welcome to the KaraFem Abortion Spa! As a ‘next-generation’ abortion clinic, we offer  natural wood floors, throw rugs and just the right amount of lighting to be ever so welcoming and inviting. Mothers-not-to-be will be given plush bathrobes and herbal tea. Scones will be offered. A total ‘spa’ experience is to be had by all.
                Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy will be the order of the day. Just had your daughter exterminated? You want our famous “Mother-No-More” massage! And what better way to multi-task than to get a great pedicure as your fetus is shredded?!
                Traditional spas offer ‘body firming wraps’ as well. However, we feel that if you’ve shed your baby, you’ve really thinned and firmed your body already. Weight loss comes quick here at the abortion spa! No need for fad dieting!
               That said, we know that if you’ve just slayed your kid, you probably want your Chakras balanced! We can take care of that, too. We are a full-service, destination salon. As such, we offer these additional services:
*Grand Body Exfoliation- You’ve just sloughed-off your baby. Now it’s time to tone your skin!
*The Tahitian Facial and Body Wrap- While you’re extinguishing the life inside you, bring new life to your skin.
*Hungarian Herbal Mud Wrap- You won’t let anyone drag your name through the mud, but your body feels so good encased in it. Rejuvenate! Renew! Rejoice!
*Moroccan Ritual- Hot stones, scalp treatment and a body buff. Need we say more? Baby who?
*The Steamy Glow- You’ll experience true bliss in our private steam canopy. And some say pregnant women evince a ‘glow’. We promise they’ll be jealous of yours!
*The Indulgence- It starts with a Blueberry Sugar Scrub to relax you and continues with a hot soak. Then you will experience hot and cold stones upon your body. Warm satin blankets come next as you receive a foot and scalp massage. After an all-body buff, warm, soothing oils will be caressed into your body as your therapist continually whispers in your ear, “you are what matters, you are the best” and other affirmations. You deserve to celebrate all the pleasures life has to offer!

                “Selfies” are encouraged! Take a pic of the big moment and post it on our website!
                 We offer free wi-fi!

                Upcoming Events:
                *April 15- Katha Pollitt poetry reading (4pm-5pm).
                *April 20- Special, edited rebroadcast of the 2012 Democratic National Convention where delegates loudly “booed” the re-inclusion of God in their party platform (2pm-5pm).
              *April 23- Maya Angelou poetry reading (3pm-5pm).
              *April 27- Prominent DNC members talk about their own abortions (9am-5pm).

                Merchandise For Sale In Our “Eve’s Corner” Nook:
               * We have “I Didn’t Heart My Baby” bumper stickers available. Get a 5% discount if you order the politically-correct bumper-sticker multi-pack that also includes the popular “I Heart Barack Obama,” “I Heart My Golden Lab,” and “I Heart Che Guevara” stickers.
*”CoExist” bumper stickers and tee-shirts (women’s sizes s-xxl).

                Be reborn here at the KaraFemAbortoSpa (KFAS)…where every fifth abortion is free!

                Remember, donations are welcome, pro-lifers are not.

                 What’s next? Abortion drive-ins/throughs? Modeled after McDonald’s or Sonic?

                “I’d like a cheeseburger, large fry, an abortion and a diet Coke, please.”
                “That’ll be $249.96…please pull ahead.”

                And the sign out front touts, “Millions and Millions Served."
                 A reporter asks the Sonic (Baby) Un-Boom manager how business has been.
She answers: "Great, we're making a killing!"


Sunday, April 5, 2015


                He is risen!
                Happy Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Abortion "Spas"- Part I

                 A new trend is giving abortion clinics a makeover. No longer cold and sterile places, the abortion clinic of the future will be a ‘spa.’ Many in the movement are trying to take any mystery and shame out of the term- and act- of abortion. They believe in calling abortion…abortion… and boldly stating that it can be a good thing and should carry no negative connotations whatsoever. In fact, they say, it should be celebrated and performed in a “warm, welcoming environment.” It should, in short, be no different than getting a manicure or a massage.
                Katha Pollitt is in favor of this. She is proudly on record proclaiming that abortion can be the most moral choice for the fetus, if it would otherwise be born into a difficult, challenging environment. By this same “logic,” the moral thing to do for kids or adults in brutal or hopeless environments would be to kill them. The death penalty, then, should not be seen as cruel, but as a humane reprieve from a lifetime of miserable existence as a slave in a cement cage. Physician-assisted end-of-life killings should also be universally celebrated rather than controversial. (There might well be less need for murder, the death penalty, and Death Panels if we just killed everyone before they were born).
                She has some other truly remarkable beliefs and quotes. She avers that our society has turned “an act that is normal and necessary into something shameful and secretive.” No different than going to the bathroom. She says abortion should simply be viewed as a common part of a woman’s reproductive life. Really? Abortion prevents reproduction and is therefore- by definition- not part of a woman’s reproductive life.
                She also says that it is time we “reclaim the lives and the rights of women and mothers.” Is this a bit? Would that it were so. Mothers aren’t being killed. They are killing their babies. And, in most cases, the law affords them the right to do this. Now, they demand the ‘right’ to do so without consequence or questioning. And in a ‘spa’ setting!
                The littany of Pollitt’s abortion quotes is long and stupefying. We continue: “The unwillingly pregnant woman faces a terrifying loss of control over her fate.” Who has a lack of control over their fate here?!! The pregnant woman had control over whether she could get pregnant or not. She will decide whether to keep- or abort- the baby. The baby had/has no control over any of this.
                Abortion is “good for women. It’s good for children. It’s good for men. It’s a normal fact of life and has been since ancient times.” So trumpets Katha. It’s good for children? That’s just preposterously sick. Good for men? I thought that would be anathema to these ultra-feminists. And it isn’t a ‘normal fact of life.’ It precludes it. It certainly couldn’t have been too ‘normal’ in the past or most of us wouldn’t be here.
                There’s more where that came from, though! Another quote. “Why must the women apologize for not having a baby just because she happened to get pregnant. It’s as if we think motherhood is the default setting for a woman’s life from first period to menopause and she needs a note from God not to say yes to every zygote that knocks on her door?”
                “Happened to get pregnant?” No different than ‘happening’ to get the flu, apparently. She cries out, “If you need an abortion to live your life as you see fit, then pro abortion is exactly what you are.” This is self-absorption at the highest (lowest, basest?) level.

                Contrast this with the example that Easter gives us. Self-sacrifice, humility and love for others.

                He died…that we might live on.


Part II- Soon

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal (Watered-Down Gate)

                 Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary (Rodham) Clinton recently admitted using her personal account for official government business. This is an official no-no for various reasons.
                Now she basically admits she deleted all e-mails from her server  after Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy and the State Department itself demanded/asked her to turn them over!
                Incredibly, she also stated, in response to a congressional subpoena, that she would not allow an independent third party to analyze the server.
                The 18-minute-gap in the Nixon tapes was front page news for months and he never intentionally deleted anything. The press hounded him for months and drove him out of the presidency. “What are you trying to hide, what are you covering up, Mr. President?!!” was the cry of the day. Week. Month. Era.  It is still talked about today and taught in schools. (Yet few believe that Nixon gave direct orders to anyone to break into the Watergate Hotel).
              That being the case, what he did absolutely pales in comparison to Former Secretary Clinton’s actions. Whether she is lying about her finances (“We were dead broke when we left the White House”), Benghazi, or any number of other subjects, she certainly learned well the practiced arts of lying, dissemination, deceit and the parsing of words. Makes sense. She had a good teacher in her husband, Bill. Who can forget, “Sorry I’m late, we were pinned down by gunfire?” Brian Williams was suspended for six months for a similar prevarication. This current disdain for the law has so many levels… from going against the regulations in the first place to deleting e-mails after they were officially requested by government bodies and representatives of the people…to baldly and boldly stating that she will not comply with a subpoena! Imagine if Tricky Dick had done that.
                This doesn’t even take into account the fact that the Clintons accepted millions of dollars in donations to their foundation from foreign governments while she was the acting Secretary of State of the United States of America! What could possibly go wrong?
                The saddest and most stupefying thing about this whole sordid episode is that it is getting so little coverage. The fact that she deleted her e-mails and does not intend to comply with a subpoena was found hidden in a small blurb on page A 7 in my local paper on March 28th. The blurb was 3 5/8” in length and 1 5/8” wide. Watergate? Watered-Down Gate.
                The Clintons have an unprecedented ability to get away with virtually anything. (The old cliché would be that they could  “get away with murder.” I’m not going there).
                Wake up, America. You should know by now…if a Clinton’s mouth is moving, disingenuousness is pouring out. What have we become?

                Do we really want to reward that?


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Global Warming Is Here!

               Last year at this time I lost my job due to climate change.
              A few days ago, the vehicle my son was driving got a flat tire. I saw that a screw, not a nail, had somehow cleanly penetrated the tire. I took it in to be patched or repaired. The technician at the tire shop said it couldn’t be repaired, as it was punctured in a bad place. He said that global climate change was causing changes in the relative densities of metals and rubber and that therefore flat tires were becoming more common. He told me that I’d need a new tire (the punctured one was only a year old), but that, due to global warming, he didn’t have a matching tire in stock. He’d have to get one from a nearby location. He told me that it was hard to keep tires in stock as they aren’t lasting as long as they used to on the hotter roadways of the era.
                Today I noticed coolant leaking out of my truck’s engine compartment and puddling on the driveway. I brought it in to the dealership and had it diagnosed. The tech said it was leaking from the thermostat and thermostat housing. It would be $580 to fix. He said this is occurring more frequently now because of man-caused climate change. (Thermostats are devices that signal changes in temperature and/or establish and maintain a desired temperature).
                We recently found out that my son received his first ‘non-A’ grade in high school on an advanced placement calculus test. We attribute this to El-Nino’ induced warming, as there doesn’t appear to be any other logical reason for the mark.
                Just in the last couple of weeks I have noticed the rapidly rising temperatures where I live. Two weeks ago we had lows in the teens a couple of nights, yet this week has seen daytime highs rise into the sixties on consecutive days! The earth is overheating to the point that ice is melting on many lakes in the area. If this trend continues, their ice sheets will completely disappear in a matter of weeks! This would be disastrous for ice fishermen who depend on the ice to provide them a safe and secluded place to drink and get away from their wives.
                There are those who claim global warming or climate change is  a hoax, but I know better. They would rather just ignore all the obvious signs.

                There’s just no reasoning with some people.