Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Taxing Question

                I’m tired of hearing about how the wealthy need to “pay their fair share of taxes!” If they paid their fair share, they’d be paying much less than they are now. As it currently stands, just the top one percent pay roughly half of all federal income taxes.
                There is inequality all around us, and always will be. Deal with it, progressives. I bet you think some foods are better than others, don’t you? Everybody does. You have restaurants you think are better than others, some clothes you think are tacky or tattered and some you love and think make you look better, correct? Do you think all politicians are equal? (Well, now that you mention it…). How about all political parties or systems? Are all automobiles the same?
                There is great inequality in people’s appearance, athletic ability, health, intelligence, discipline, character, hearing, and sight, among other attributes. Were it possible, should we be able to forcibly take some of the appearance, ability, intelligence, hearing, sight, or health, etc., away from some people to give to others, the way we do with money? And then complain to them that they haven’t given enough?
                Would that make things right? Last I checked, envy was one of the Seven Deadly Sins and ‘stirring up dissension’ (think Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, et. al.) among one’s brothers was one of the detestable ones.

                Throw in wrath, ‘hands that shed innocent blood’ (abortion,) false witness (lying), and you literally have the entire Democratic Party platform!
                Does that seem healthy to you?

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