Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yes, California!

                The group “Yes California” is attempting to collect the 585,407 signatures necessary to put the question of the state’s seceding from the union on the ballot in 2018. In a recent article from the Washington Post, Tim Vollmer, an academic consultant (there’s a shock) from San Francisco (there’s a shock), was quoted as saying, “Basically, what we’re witnessing is the birth of a nation. We can lead what’s left of the free world.” The states’ latest threat to secede stems, of course, from the election of Donald Trump.
                California has nearly 40 million residents, making it the most populous state in the union, yet, for some reason, doesn’t believe it gets a fair say in presidential elections, even though it has more representatives in the House than any other state, and carefully crafts a leftist message through its Hollywood movies and adult entertainers, a cinematic bully-pulpit no other state possesses. It certainly sports more whiny, wealthy, hypocritical, sniveling, faux-people with media access than any other state in the republic.
                The Washington Post reports that “Yes California primarily advertises through its Facebook page, which has about 39,000 likes and about the same number of followers.” What the hell? The state has 40 million residents and Yes California didn’t think to ask them to “like” their own page? I mean, the page should have at least as many likes as signatures on the petition to allow a vote on secession, right?
                The group is already working on a Pledge of Allegiance to the potentially new nation. I offer my assistance in this matter now, gratis:
                “Dude, like I pledge allegiance, to the freak flag, of an independent- and righteous- California, and to the illegal immigrants, for which it stands, one dumb nation, under Gaia, with puberty…and weed… for all.”
                Yes California is currently debating how the state should address military matters and from whence it should get its water. (They may decide to be neutral, ala’ Switzerland). The group started collecting signatures this past January and has six months to achieve its goal. Will they accept signatures from those of us in the rest of the fruited plain? After all, they are welcoming to illegal immigrants, and give them driver’s licenses and let them vote. Most of us in the Heartland would gladly sign–off on their petition to secede. I would doggedly apply my “John Hancock”- or variations thereof- until my hand eventually fell from my body in a tortured yet blissful withdrawal from my person.
                The secessionists liken their cause to the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage, things that seemed impossible only a decade ago, but are now the law-of-the-Land of Milk and Honey. They claim the group’s goal is to first have the state secede and then figure out how it should run. That seems wise. Ready-fire!-aim.

                Make America Great Again! Let California secede from the union!

Monday, February 27, 2017

University Professors Decry Subtle Acts Of Racism, Exclusion

                 Prominent professors from various departments at several major colleges and universities are making a compelling case that wearing clothing and exhibiting good posture are just two of many examples of habits once thought to be “good,” “correct” or “proper,” that are actually acts of racism, white privilege and caucasian cultural arrogance. In some instances, these acts could rise to the level of a “hate crime,” according to the educational experts.
                In a statement released earlier today, Professor Cara Lott and Professor Chester E. Dewgooder, both from the University of California at Stockton, explained that, while most people engaging in these endeavors mean no harm and aren’t even aware of their own insensitivity, many in marginalized communities are deeply offended by them. So much so, in fact, some are calling for special, designated safe spaces on campus where apparel and supercilious bearing are not allowed.
                University of Central Massachusetts Professor DeVonte “LeRoy” Jackson sited “chewing with one’s mouth closed” and “annunciating clearly” as two other exercises fraught with snobbery and exclusion. “Those intolerant of open mastication, mispronunciaphobes, and others of their ilk, are really just oral bullies,” stated the professor via a phone interview. At least I think he did. It was difficult to pick out his words.
                Other inherently, reprehensibly racist and intolerant acts identified by the professors were: saying “please” and “thank you,” pooping indoors, respecting one’s elders, helping little old ladies across the street, vacuuming, doing one’s best at school and work, and not blaming others for your situation in life.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

University Says Proper Grammar Is Racist

                 The Writing Center at the University of Washington-Tacoma proudly sports a new poster with the heading, “STATEMENT ON ANTIRACIST AND SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK IN THE WRITING CENTER.” The poster proclaims: “The writing center works from several important beliefs that are crucial to helping writers write and succeed in a racist society. The racist conditions of our society are not simply a matter of bias or prejudice that some people hold.”
                Now they tell me. I wish I’d had that guidance before I started scribbling on my own. The lesson continues (and continues…and continues):

“Racism is the normal condition of things. Racism is pervasive. It is in the systems, structures, rules, languages, expectations, and guidelines that make up our classes, school, and society. For example, linguistic and writing research has shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent ‘standard’ of English. Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in particular versions of English.

“Because we all live, work, learn, and communicate within such racist systems, the consultants in the writing center assume that a big part of our job is to help students become more critical of these unjust language structures as they affect students’ writing and the judgment of that writing. In particular, being aware of racism as structural offers students the best chances to develop as writers and succeed on their own terms in an inherently racist society.

“Furthermore, by acknowledging and critiquing the systemic racism that forms parts of UWT and the languages and literacies expected in it, students and writing center consultants can cultivate a more socially just future for everyone. Just avoiding racism is not enough because it means we are doing nothing to stop racism at large, and it amounts to allowing racism to continue.

“The writing center consultants and staff promise to listen and look carefully and compassionately for ways that we may unintentionally perpetuate racism or social injustice, actively engaging in antiracist practices.”

                Holy crap.

                The poster, written by the director, staff and tutors of the school’s Writing Center, also makes nine specified promises to students, including these: to “emphasize the importance of rhetorical situations over grammatical ‘correctness’ in the production of texts,” and to “challenge conventional word choices and writing explanations.”
                I would like to select and employ a number of unconventional word choices right now, but, after all, perhaps discretion is the better part of valor…or however the hell you want to phrase it.
                The plucky, progressive, placard finished up by averring: “We also realize that racism is connected to other forms of social injustice, such as classism, sexism, heteronormative assumptions, etc., in similar ways. We promise further to do our best to compassionately address these issues as they pertain to student writing as well.”
                I didn’t know American grammar was racist or that proper grammar is in truth an unjust language structure.
                If grammar and word choices don’t matter, and are inherently arbitrary, or even racist, then the thought process which produces them is also baseless, meaningless and inconsequential, except in-so-far as it’s bad.
                It’s a good thing Shakespeare, Churchill, Longfellow, et.al., didn’t attend UWT, or much of the world’s best writing would read very differently.
                But,  who can say that “Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” is any better than, “Dude, like, what up?!” Certainly “Now is the winter of our discontent” should be graded no differently than “I almost froze my balls off, man!” And really, is “The course of true love never did run smooth” somehow a cut above “Bitch had it coming?”
                “To be or not to be; that is the question” isn’t really any different than, “Whatever. Coexist!”
                “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” would, of course, be rightfully construed as racist ‘hate speech’ today. I bring it up solely as an example of the callous disregard for others that most of the archaic white male writers routinely exhibited.
                Anyway, how can “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts” be thought on a higher plane than, say, “All public bathrooms should be open to men and women, the transgendered and gender-questioning, using the same entrances and exits; a guy might identify as a female one day, a man the next, despite his parts?” I’ll tell you how: because that person is a heteronormative, non-inclusive, reactionary racist, that’s how!

                And remember, “Black Lives Matter. Look out for number one. Screw everyone else!”

                Or, if you wish, “To thine own self be true.”

                (Check out the online version of the amazingly offensive, condescending, UWT poster for yourself at: www.tacoma.uw.edu/university-writing-program/writing-center).       

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pope Francis Says Muslim Terrorism "Doesn't Exist"

                 Pope Francis proclaimed that “Muslim terrorism does not exist” to a world meeting of populist movements recently. Remarkably, in the same address in which he denied the existence of Muslim terrorism, he condemned those who deny the existence of man-caused global warming: “A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. Let us not fall into denial. Time is running out. Let us act.”
                Those last three short sentences would have better applied to…Islamic terrorism. He’s not the most astute pontiff in the Holy See.
                “No people is criminal or drug-trafficking or violent,” Francis said. He went on to reaffirm his belief that all religions promote peace, before stating: “There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”
                I’m confused. Which is it? Are no people criminal and do all religions promote peace? Or are there fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions?
                The Pope and the Holy See are concerned with the growing populist movements in Europe and the United States. Yes, you hate to see citizens of democratic nations try to take back their power from  entrenched bureaucracies, don’t you? In my opinion, Francis, isn’t a great Pope. He might have made a better New York Times reporter.
                In other remarks, the puzzling pontiff denied the existence of media bias, and, oddly enough, the New England Patriots, but said he was “inclined to” believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Friday, February 24, 2017

President Trump, Mainstream Media At War

                The Scold War the mainstream media and the president are fighting has escalated yet again, and is unprecedented due to the unanimity of the Fourth Estate. The media is conducting the battle on all fronts, with stunning breadth, depth, and intensity. It is engaging in overt and covert warfare, both bold and up front and via a guerrilla campaign in the shadows. The elites’ War of the Noses (indignantly and haughtily thrust skyward, far above the Deplorables ability to even perceive them) is on a scale such as we have never seen before. In days past, the fledgling nation had a number of Federalist papers and a number of Democratic-Republican papers, each of which may have engaged in hyperbole and even character-assassination now and again. Later on they were joined by a Whig newspaper or two. There were also, of course, abolitionist papers in the North and pro-slavery papers in the South prior to and during the Civil War, but nothing remotely close to the politically-correct group-think and non-diversity of opinion that has seized virtually the entire mainstream media today. This is dangerous.
                For his part, President Trump recently called the media “the enemy.” Was that accurate or smart? A free, open, inquisitive, and honest media is a great boon to a democratic republic. Indeed, a necessary one. But, an angry, close-minded, intolerant media determined, at all costs, to bring down a president with whom they disagree politically, is a grave danger to that republic. An “enemy,” if you will.
                “Journalist” and author Carl Bernstein told CNN that “There’s a history of what ‘enemy of the people’…means as used by dictators and authoritarians, including Stalin, including Hitler.” CNN’s Chris Cuomo opined, “Somebody’s going to get hurt. It’s just a question of time, because just like in every other dynamic in life, if you take somebody who’s got a legitimate reason to be upset in the first place, and you pump them up and it starts to become a call to action…somebody’s going to get hurt.”
                Is that a threat, Chris? Is your side gonna’ fit your “opponents” for cement shoes? That’s the role of the media, today? I’ve got news for you, dumbass, “somebodies” have already gotten hurt. Numerous Trump supporters have gotten physically assaulted in numerous venues. Anti-Trumpers are typically vile thugs, societal refuse oozing down the streets of America’s inner cities, leaving everything worse off than when they found it, their putrid stain hard to cleanse from streets, structures and memories alike.
                I’ve got news for everyone who isn’t robotically marching in lock-step with the likes of the New York Times and NBC: The mainstream media vehemently, virulently detests Main Street America.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Women's Studies?

                 There is a new crisis swirling around women’s studies curricula: is the vagina truly indispensable to the genre? Controversy has broken out over a panel discussion titled “Pregnancy Without Women,” slated to be held at an upcoming National Women’s Studies Association conference. A rift has opened between two camps of women’s studies professors: those who wish to accept and deal logically with the fact that biological men cannot get pregnant- and those who don’t.
                Those in the former group object to the idea of discussing pregnancy…without women, and cling to the traditional belief that being a woman is simply a biological fact. A recent scholarly debate took place via Listserv, where this comment was posted: “We don’t need supposedly progressive folks downplaying the importance of women’s reproductive functions at this time. Let us stop this game now. Only women get pregnant and it serves women not at all to pretend this is not true!”
                This, predictably, stunned and angered the “those who don’t” camp. Transgender people and their advocates flatly reject the idea of a biologically driven gender binary, and believe those who embrace it as the only true gender perspective are narrow-minded, hostile, troglodytes from the darkest ages. And they are determined to do everything in their power to enlighten those of us who still believe the terms “man” and “woman” have any inherent meaning. For example, student leaders at the University of Southern California recently unanimously voted to change the name of the Women’s Student Assembly to the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment in an effort to be more inclusive to transgender students.

                (Excuse me for a moment, I’m going to empower my gender. There. Much better).

                Various campuses have opened up the cast performing their Vagina Monologues plays to “women without vaginas.”
                Some women’s studies professors and transgender scholars were even offended by one aspect of the Women’s March on Washington, stating: “The vagina imagery at the women’s march was offensive to women without vaginas.”
                While it is undeniably heartwarming- and more than a little amusing- to see progressive whackos make complete fools out of themselves in their eternal quest to out-queer each other, it is equally disturbing to see how much “progress” they’ve made.
                “Women without vaginas?” Really?

                And that isn’t even our biggest problem. Our biggest problem has been men without balls. Which is why, the occasional faux pas aside, it is nice to have Trump in the People’s House. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Facebook Frauds

                 If you are conservative, or simply non-political, you may have noticed a curious trait that many of your liberal social media friends exhibit. If they are like a few of mine, they frequently put up political posts, many of them ludicrous, with a comment something like this: "As my long-time friends know, I rarely post any political stuff, but this time I just couldn't help myself!"
                I've never put up a purely, overtly political post on my regular Facebook page, or on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and most, though not all, of my conservative brethren are similarly restrained. I, of course, use my clearly labeled blog to convey my beliefs. We conservatives tend to get irked and dismayed when clear political bias is injected into entertainment fields such as movies and television, and also sporting events, the weather, obituaries, fortune cookies, and children's bedtime stories. The left, however, never rests...and apparently doesn't want your children to, either.
                Again, I can't tell you how often a liberal Facebook "friend" will preface a political post with, "As you all know if you've followed/friended me long, I loathe getting political on here, but...," before launching into a remarkably emotional, ill-informed political rant and sharing a post from Slate.com purporting to show that Elizabeth Warren is a caring intellectual, who- if it wasn't for sexist pigs- would already have her visage chiseled into Mount Rushmore, while Ted Cruz is mean and everybody hates him for good reason. (Whew! That may have been the longest sentence I've ever scribbled here).
                I'm sorry my liberal buddies, but when roughly 60% of your posts are of the "Yay my team, your team wants to destroy the planet in the quickest manner possible" variety, it's a little hard to take your claims of political chastity seriously.
                In many cases, if these palpably progressive posters actually have managed to go a day or two without, say, comparing President Trump's policies to those of the Khmer Rouge, when they eventually then state, "This was just too much, I had to post it," the dam breaks. Instead of just one post, they now often turn into crazed, human, political-commentary pez dispensers, firing off dozens of posts in a few hour span, all designed to show off their superior tolerance and inclusiveness, in an online version of a Honda Element sporting 13 bumper-stickers, including “Coexist,” “Visualize World Peace,” and “You Can’t Hug Your Kids With Nuclear Arms.” (That may now have been my longest sentence).

                Thank the Lord I've got my blog.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Coming Soon: A Day Without Women

                They’re back.

                The organizers of last month’s hugely successful “Women’s March on Washington” recently announced- via an Instagram post- that they will be conducting a “general strike” on March 8th, “International Women’s Day.” This festive event will cleverly be called, “A Day Without A Woman.”
                I feel bad for men. Already a minority, they are left out of everything. They don’t have anything analogous to “The Vagina Monologues” (which, incidentally, will now even be performed at the Plymouth Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ in New Hampshire on February 24th).  
                In the spirit of inclusiveness, I suggest men stage “A Day Without Men,” maybe on International Men’s Day. Oh yeah, there isn’t one. Perhaps men should stage a general strike on Veteran’s Day. They might as well walk out on the day commemorating the hundreds of thousands of American men who’ve died to protect our freedom…to march in protest. This could be yuuge! We could get every man, whether he is a soldier, surgeon, gynecologist, veterinarian, ambulance driver, janitor, policeman, fireman, park ranger, pastor- or just a husband and father- to walk off the job and march down to their local government seat wearing blue “c—k” or “rooster”  hats. How would that work out for everybody? Let’s think big and make it “A Week Without Men.” Feminists should love that.
                Group-think and identity politics run amok have fractured America’s foundation. This fracking of our soul is a deliberate attempt to extract ever more resentment and entitlement and is an existential danger- clear and present- to the very existence of this nation.
                What’s next, a day without Transgenders? A day without Jews? A day without 53-year-old mulatto transvestite play-writes? Hell, let’s have “A Day Without Everybody.” We could all take to the streets in an orgy of inanity.
                What I’d really like to see is “A Day Without Abortion” or “A Day Without Spoiled, Entitled, Morons Proudly Making Asses Of Themselves In Public.” But, given our present state, that is too much for which to ask. How about just “A Day Without Nancy Pelosi?”
                Actually, I’d settle for the recognition that, without either men or women, there wouldn’t be any men or women. In a sane world we could all agree on that, stop the protesting and posturing, and celebrate together.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Democratic Candidates For President In 2020?

                 I used to have 20/20 vision, but alas that is no longer the case. However, that will not keep me from looking ahead to the year 2020 and speculating as to who may be the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in that year’s presidential election. After all, it’s President’s Day, and therefore only fitting that we should embark on this mental journey. Join me, won’t you?
                There has been much talk of Keith Ellison, Rep.-MN, becoming the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Ellison, the first openly Muslim representative in Congress, has ties to Louis Farrakhan and the radical Nation of Islam going back to his college days, and seems like a good fit to continue to shepherd the party in the direction it is already rapidly travelling. There has also been talk of the Democrats nominating Elizabeth Warren, the party’s senior Senator from Massachusetts, for president in 2020. Candidate Trump tabbed Warren “Pocahontas” during the 2016 campaign in light of her ludicrous claim that she’s Native American. If she does get the nod, perhaps a better nickname for her would be Sacagawea. After all, it was Sacagawea who led Lewis and Clark to the West (Left) Coast, now a Democratic stronghold. Perhaps, duly inspired, she could lead the Progressive Party back to the White House.
                As for other possible candidates, Hillary Clinton is too unpopular, scandal-ridden and frail to make another run at the throne. Bernie Sanders will probably be too old at the time, and besides, his brand of socialism will likely be seen as blasé and passé by then. Most top Democrats believe the party needs to move even faster and further to the left than it has recently to retake power. As odd and counterintuitive as that notion may seem now, given the apparently inexorable demographic and cultural changes, they may actually be right. In that spirit, here are my suggestions for Democratic nominees in 2020:

                * RuPaul Andre Charles is famous simply as RuPaul. He is a drag queen, model, actor, author, television personality and recording artist. Immersed in the arts and on good terms with the mainstream media, he is a natural fit.  What’s more, his one word moniker is catchy and easy to remember, like Pelé, or Madonna.

                *Chad Sevearance is president of the Charlotte Business Guild, a network of LGBT professionals in the Charlotte area who meet to promote positive role models in the LGBT community. He and his group took a lead role in seeking the right to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of the sex with which they claim to identify. Sevearance worked as a youth minister in 1998, and, during that time, allegedly lured younger males to his apartment where he attempted to have sex with them. In 2000, he was convicted of one charge of sexual molestation of a minor. He would be in the vanguard of the new progressive movement.

                    *Beyoncé. She is an immensely popular modern music icon who has recently performed songs decrying racism and police brutality. The fabulously wealthy diva also sings songs with lyrics such as:
                    Keep me coming, keep me going, keep me coming, keep me going
                    Keep me humming, keep me moaning, keep me humming, keep me moaning
                    Don’t stop loving ‘til the morning, don’t stop loving ‘til the morning
                    Don’t stop screaming, freaking, blowing
                    Can you eat my skittles
                    It’s the sweetest in the middle
                    Pink is the flavor
                    Solve the riddle

                    Riddle solved, my girl. Call me Sherlock. You’d be a natural (Au Naturel?) in a progression from JFK, Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner, et. al.!
                    *Charles Manson. The famous mass-murderer is also the issuer of a famous quote, one which clearly speaks to our present situation: “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” Who knew he was such an astute social observer? Manson, a long-time member of the Church of Satan, leads me to my next potential Democratic nominee. Drawback: Probably couldn’t get him out of prison.
                    *Peter Howard Gilmore. Pete is a composer, artiste, author, and the administrator of the Church of Satan. (What the hell does he do in his spare time?). He graduated from NYU (there’s a shock) and went on to author The Satanic Scriptures. He perfectly personifies the new Dems, who famously booed the mere mention of God at their 2012 convention.
                    *Cecile Richards. Ms. Richards has been the acting head of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America since 2006 and is the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. As a fervent believer in granting careless and promiscuous mothers the right to deny innocent babies their right to survive, she would be a natural born leader of today’s Democratic Party.
                  Think of the potential pairings! We could have Ms. Richards with Beyoncé on the first ever all-women ticket. Beyoncé with RuPaul would constitute the first pair of running-mates to each only sport one name! This, again,  has the added benefit of making the duo much easier for leftists to recall when standing before the ballot box. And, talk about a versatile line-up? RuPaul could be either First Lady or First Gentleman.
                  Speaking of journeys, it’s one hell of a long way from George Washington to where we are now.

Philadelphians Sour On Tax Of Sweetened Drinks

                It has only been six weeks since the City of Brotherly Love imposed a tax on sweetened beverages, yet a toll has already been taken. Drink distributors and grocers have reported significant drops in sales, some as much as 50 percent. Local distributor Canada Dry Delaware Valley (Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, and Arizona Iced Tea) states that their business was off 45 percent in the first five weeks of 2017 as compared to the same period last year. ShopRite and Fresh Grocer supermarkets experienced a 15 percent drop in sales in that time frame.
                For those of you who didn’t read my post on the city’s action (“Philadelphia Imposes Tax On Soda”- 1/31/2017), here is the final full paragraph:
                “Of course, the end result of this tax will be that the city’s rascally and intransigent consumers will go elsewhere to shop. And, when they are shopping in nearby towns unaffected by this tax, they won’t just buy soda. The city of Philadelphia may see sales declines in areas other than soft drinks. And that may be a bitter pill to swallow.”
                Just sayin’.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pepperdine University Banishes Columbus

                Pepperdine University will soon evict a statue of recently reviled explorer Christopher Columbus from its California campus due to student demands at the Christian school. The sculpture, currently in a prominent spot above the college’s amphitheater, will be relocated to Pepperdine’s Florence, Italy campus. Back from whence you came, Chris! Explore this, you honkey pilgrim!
                The statue was donated to the university in 1992, 500 years after the Italian pathfinder discovered America, and roughly 15 years before we discovered we hate him for it. The university’s president has previously characterized the group that funded the figure as “Italian-American friends” of the institution. Probably code words for mafia.  Protesters claimed that the likeness of Columbus constituted “a prioritization of nominally esteemed university donors above the cultural acceptance and personal experience of marginalized students.” Translation: “screw the dirty wops!”
                The protest group “Waves Against Columbus” (?!) issued a statement claiming that the statue is “a celebration of genocide and racial oppression.” Perhaps they’re confusing it with Planned Parenthood.
                Upon hearing the news of the formerly great man’s expulsion, one student tweeted: “Pepperdine is getting rid of our Christopher Columbus statue! Progress!” To which another student replied: “I am so excited about this!”
                The school’s tolerant young scholars are apparently very good at banishing offensive works of art from campus grounds. Last summer the Pepperdine president, Andrew Benton, bowed to pressure and saw to the removal of a wooden mural that hung in the campus café. The objectionable portrayal depicted “Father [Junipero] Serra next to a mission, wildlife, conquistadors and a Spanish colonel prominent in the center of the piece alongside a group of Native Americans in the lower right corner.” Benton told students via email that “stories of conquest and the art associated therewith are painful reminders of loss and human tragedy” for many, including those at the university.
                This is an obvious example of “hate art.” What was its creator thinking? A Christian and a military leader in the same piece? Intolerable. Maybe they should send it back to Italy on the same boat the statue of Columbus is on. Is the Santa Maria still in service?
                Columbus was an adventurer, trailblazer and immigrant…who discovered and begat the New World. But that’s not progressive enough for the pinheads at Pepperdine.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Pearl Harbor Of Our Own Making

                The hybrid-Prius-driving liberal loonies with the “It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber” bumper stickers are close to getting their wish. (A bumper sticker one would never see in Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, etc., by-the-way).
                According to DefenseNews.com, almost two-thirds of the U.S. Navy’s strike fighters are unusable because there isn’t enough money to repair them. President Obama inflicted severe damage on his navy, air force, army and marines by implementing massive cuts to the budget of the military as a whole. The navy doesn’t have the money to fix its ships, either. Maintenance of some ships has been deferred- or cancelled outright. A number of the Navy’s submarines have been out of service for years. One sub, the Boise, forfeited its diving certification because it was out of commission for so long. Officials say that another five submarines could lose their certification soon, if more money doesn’t become available. The other service branches, including the Coast Guard, are also in dire need of bigger budgets if they are to be able to effectively carry out their duties.
                Governments are formed in large part to protect their citizens. That is the single most important function with which they are charged. If they fail in this obligation, no other mission matters. U.S. politicians used to know this, but now too many believe the single most important function they have is to keep themselves in power by bribing the large segment of the citizenry…and non-citizenry…whose morals have atrophied to the point that they believe they are limitlessly entitled to the fruits of other’s labor.
                In the U.S., defense spending as a percentage of GNP has plummeted over the years (Obama cut long-term spending on defense programs by almost $1 trillion dollars in fiscal years 2009 to 2023) while entitlement spending by the same measure has skyrocketed. Similarly, spending on education has soared in recent years, even as educational performance, by various measures, has sharply declined. The United States spent over two and a half trillion dollars on ‘entitlement’ programs in 2016. It spent well over $650 billion on education last year, though the real figure is hard to calculate- and certainly much, much higher than that- due to the difficulty of tabulating expenses across the federal, state and local level. And this doesn’t even include the staggering sums of cash schools coerce their student’s family, friends and neighbors into spending on donations, bake sales, chocolate and candy, flowers, fees to attend school functions, etc., etc., etc. That $650 billion education figure alone is tens of billions of dollars more than the country spent for national defense in 2016, but two and a half trillion dollars?!
                I know a certain amount of the money I pay in taxes goes to the defense budget…and I’m fine with that. But I pay more than that for our schools and education. (And, obviously, for “entitlements”). Moreover, the schools ask for new spending almost every year. Rarely an election goes by without another bleeping school-spending referendum. Add up the levees, money spent on musical equipment, band trips, field trips, sports equipment, the cost of attending games, concerts, plays, lunch money, property taxes given over to the local school district, etc., etc., ad infinitem, and the amount we pay for education is truly staggering.
                And our kids knew more…much more… at least of what’s actually important, such as systems of government and Western thought, back when many were educated in one-room school houses. If you don’t believe me, take an (online, as everything is nowadays) 8th or 10th grade test from the mid or late 1800's. Good luck.
                The United States has been out of service for over eight years now, so it mirrors the condition of its dilapidated military. Its morals and reason have sat, rotting and ignored, for far too long.
                The Trump administration appears willing to make a concerted effort to bring the country- and its military- back to life. If gypsies, tramps and thieves stymie it in its mission, and insist that their self-proclaimed ‘freak flags’ fly higher than Old Glory, it’s curtains for the shining city on a hill.

                And lights out for the rest of the world as well.

Friday, February 17, 2017

British Medical Association Says Term "Expectant Mothers" Offensive

                The British Medical Association has directed its staff not to use the term “expectant mothers” in order to avoid offending transgender people. The BMA suggested “pregnant people” would be less likely to upset “intersex” and transgender men. Opining on pregnancy and maternity, the union said: “Gender inequality is reflected in traditional ideas about the roles of women and men. Though they have shifted over time, the assumptions and stereotypes that underpin those ideas are often deeply-rooted.”
                I can’t speak for you, the reader, but my genitalia is not an “assumption.”
                This latest bit of august scientific advice was dispensed, free of charge, via an internal document highlighting a plethora of phrases that a sensitive person should shit-can. For instance, “the elderly” should be referred to as “older people.” “Disabled lifts” would better be called “accessible lifts,” and one who is “biologically male or female” should be called “assigned male or female,” because it’s not their fault if someone or something arbitrarily decided they would be something they don’t wish to be. I mean, Santa sometimes brings the wrong present, doesn’t he? (I apologize for using the masculine form there, but, as far as I know, there is still general agreement that Santa- if he existed- would, unlike some liberal’s conception of God, be a male).
                The guide even advises against using the terms “born man” or “born woman” vis-à-vis trans people, as they “are reductive and over-simplify a complex subject.” But, if one is born a man and doesn’t want to be one, then being born a man would be the trigger causing him to wish to be something else, correct? If we are to ban these terms, we may as well just ban ideas and language.  BMA staff are also encouraged to substitute the words “surname” or “last name” for family name. You know, because “family” is restrictive, traditional, reductive…bad! Listing prefixes for names (titles such as “Doctor,” “Professor,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” and “Representative”) in any particular order is likewise verboten, so as to avoid perceived hierarchy. Yes, randomness and anarchy are much better for all concerned.
                This dictate by document climaxes with this nugget: “A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women. We can include intersex men and transmen who may get pregnant by saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers.’”
                “A large majority of people that have given birth identify as women?” That’s akin to saying “A large majority of those that have penises identify as men,” or stating, “A large majority of those who’ve passed away were once alive.” I mean, WTF? Really, WTF?
                Hayden Cross, a 20-year-old pregnant Briton who was “born female” but is legally male though “he” has not yet had sex-change surgery, put that surgery off so “he” could have “his” baby. My take on this, you ask? If a biological female wants to continue letting a biological male’s penis bang her vagina, has a functional uterus and egg delivery system, and we let her call herself a man, we are simply doomed as a society, as nothing then would have innate meaning, worth- or relevance to any other thing or idea.
                At any rate, all this sage advice came in the form of a 14-page handout titled, “A Guide to Effective Communication: Inclusive Language in the Workplace.” Proponents tout it as a celebration of diversity, and a treatise on treating others as dignified members of an integrated community. After all, they say, no matter the situation, everyone has the right to be a parent.
                Just as every child, no matter the situation, has the right to be born…right, Planned Parenthood and pro-choice whores?
                And, by-the-way, here’s my “Guide to Effective Communication:” If we cease to recognize- and appreciate- the differences in the sexes that God assigned to create each and every one of us, we- and society- are well and truly f**ked.

                No matter our preferred gender identity or current genitalia.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tax Resistance

                Some on the left are now refusing to pay their federal income taxes to protest Trump administration policies. “Tax resistance,” which was last “a thing” in the Vietnam War era, is back.
                “My tax money will be going towards putting up a wall on the Mexican border instead of helping sick people. It will contribute to the destruction of the environment and maybe more nuclear weapons,” said Andrew Newman, an associate professor of English and history (there’s a shock!) at Stony Brook University in New York. Newman added, “If you pay taxes you are implicated in the system. The government wants our money and if a lot of people were thinking about this kind of peaceful protest, it would get their attention.” I’m sure it would. Conservative groups get “their” attention whether or not their members pay their taxes promptly and in full, as IRS thuggery has shown. Newman plans to donate the money he would’ve paid in taxes to causes that, in his estimation, are more socially redeemable.
                You want tax resistance? I’ve got your bleeping tax resistance right here! It makes me physically sick knowing my taxes go to pay for abortions, birth-control, welfare cheats, policies that destroy the family and lead to poverty, a permanent underclass, and never-ending needless misery!!!!! But if I, and others, refused to pay them, that would be a quick way to eviscerate the rule of law, render our societal contract moot, and lead to chaos, extreme rancor- and the dissolution of society.
                Oh…is that it?
                The hippie generation, the “make love not war” crowd of pastel-adorned ignoramuses,  and other leftists, tried to use tax resistance to make a typically limp, pathetic statement back in the Vietnam era. Most of them didn’t really have any income, so it didn’t really matter. Today’s tax resistors appear to be significantly better off financially. Ironically, in some cases, they appear to be of “the rich aren’t paying their fair share” ilk.
                There is a part of me that would rather drive a chartreuse micro-bus, don purple bell-bottoms and put flowers in my effing hair than hand over my tax money to help pay for Obama era programs that are destroying health care and soon may lead to an economic armageddon. But, again, if we all refused to pay our taxes because of the various programs we dislike, the results would be even more devastating.
                Not surprisingly, celebrities like Mia Farrow and aging feminists such as Gloria Steinem are also taking part in the movement. So, rich people who love big government are protesting the greedy rich by not paying their taxes. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
                Steinem said that she’s only going to pay that part of her federal taxes that she thinks should go to Planned Parenthood and allowed as how anyone could and should pay whatever they are able to in support of the organization.
                So she aims to prevent death and violence by making it easier for our enemies to kill us, while simultaneously- proudly- paying for the extermination of our own babies?! There can be no better definition of mental illness. But, wait, there’s more!
                These cretins are planning nationwide anti-Trump rallies for April 15th- normally tax day- to demand President Trump release his tax records. Kirsten Taylor, a contemporary arts fundraiser (there’s a shock!) from Michigan, stated, “I’m desperate for someone to figure out a way to get him to disclose his returns. I think they would show he should not be president.” Those who are now refusing to pay their own taxes are demanding to see Trump’s tax returns and claiming the moral high-ground for it?! Even if their darkest theories were true, what if Trump didn’t want to- in fact, couldn’t morally justify- paying for Obama’s or other previous president’s immoral policies? Hmmm?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Democrats: Republicans Declaring War On Everything

                Well, there they go again.

                But further and faster than they have ever gone before. Democrats have ratcheted up the baseless rhetoric to the point that they appear rabid, unhinged and clearly detached from reality. In fact, I don’t know if they can see reality from where they now stand, apparently a little to the left of Vladimir Lenin.
                When they’re not ranting about the Republican’s War on Women, they are trying to convince Middle America that Trump is worse than the Devil, and is bent on destroying the planet. Hyperbole is one thing, but many of their current fulminations are literally insane. There is now talk of this administration’s War on Children, due to Betsy DeVos taking over as Secretary of Education. That’s odd, I like kids. I have a couple of ‘em. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t vote for anyone who wants to harm mine…or anyone else’s. Oh yeah, that’s one of the reasons I voted for Trump. You see, Democratic policies actually do harm kids. Kill them, in fact. They want to convince you that Republicans wish to come into your homes and kill your puppies and kittens, but they really do aid and abet those who reach into wombs and destroy babies.
                The Demon-crats try to convince the world that Trump and his ilk are hoping to bring on the apocalypse, that they take joy in trashing everything there is. That they are bent on banishing hope and destroying the universe, the future…and Heaven itself. The reality is that they are trying to protect Americans and save what’s left of the last, best hope on Earth.
                Democrats accuse those in the Trump administration of declaring a War on Everything. Nothing could be further from the truth. What Republicans should do, however, is declare war on those accusing them…of declaring war on everything.

                After all, as Al Gore might say, the Earth is in the balance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The New York Times Declares War On Trump Administration

                The New York Times has declared war on Donald Trump and his administration.

                Now, I believe, as did the Founders, that a free and honest press is not just a nice thing to have, but a prerequisite to a vital, healthy, free republic. That, in fact, is the problem. The Times, along with a number of other powerful newspapers and media entities, has/have become so extremely, brazenly biased, that they appear willing to stoop to any level to bring down a president and his administration, thereby deliberately causing the very news they are “covering.” Moreover, this weaponization of a “newspaper” is in direct contravention of the expressed wishes of a very significant portion of the citizens of a democratic republic, as well as the founding ideals of the nation. It also inevitably causes some push-back from the few objective or right-leaning media outlets, leading to everything being politicized and to a disturbing coarseness of communication and conduct, as well as a general weariness- a weariness that those attacking Trump and traditional American values use to their advantage.
                It has recently come to light that some sources believe that the Times will soon launch a special investigative unit solely focused on discovering and exposing any potential conflicts of interest among Trump, his family and their business ties, as well as the financial dealings of everyone in his administration. Why didn’t the paper launch a special investigative unit solely focused on exposing conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation?
                The top shareholder of the Times is Carlos Slim, who is often considered to be the richest man in the world, with a Forbes-estimated net worth of…wait for it…$79.6 billion. His NYT shares are valued at approximately $340 million, a figure that seems to have exempted him from getting negative coverage in his own paper, despite its otherwise skeptical approach to wealthy businessmen. What’s more, he derives the vast majority of his fabulous wealth from his ownership of Mexican telecom colossus América Móvil, which in turn has benefitted from industry cronyism in its home country. Even more fortuitously, the company has benefitted from the largess of a U.S. welfare program that gave out “Obama phones.” TracFone, a U.S. subsidiary of América Móvil, was one of the largest suppliers of the free phones handed out by Uncle Sam.
                Sadly, the erstwhile “newspaper of record” is now the newspaper of discord, eschewing “All the news that’s fit to print” for “All the news misfits can print.” The New York Times, and everyone employed by it, from Mr. Slim to the lowliest intern, should themselves be the targets of a massive investigation. Anything less, and there should be protests in the streets. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Who holds Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.’s, Paul Krugman’s, or Maureen Dowd’s feet to the fire? Who speaks truth to Thomas Friedman, Frank Bruni or Nicholas Kristof?

                If it’s war they want, war they should have.  It is time for the Gray Lady to be taken down.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dakota Access Protesters Trash The Environment

                They came. They saw. They trashed the place.

                Yes, those plucky eco-warriors that selflessly attempted to save the North Dakota environment by blocking the Dakota Access pipeline turned out to be pharisaical frauds who literally left behind mountains of debris and detritus. In fact, North Dakota authorities said last Monday that cleanup crews at the site of the protest were actually scouring the piles of trash looking for anyone who may have died during the demonstrations. A minimum of 23 loads of the protesters’ garbage had been transported to- and dumped into- the Bismarck Landfill in the previous week. According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Office, they were also looking for “anything illegal, anything that might be used to, I guess, harm our officers during a protest.”
                Authorities say at least 250 trucks will be needed to clear out the trash. All the garbage left behind was frozen into chunks Sanitation workers are hoping to get the massive mess cleaned up by spring.
                These imbeciles actually caused an environmental disaster protesting a potential one! And now one or more of their ilk might be entombed in a frozen offal heap of their own making, ala a mastodon from yesteryear. You can’t make it up. Think I’m exaggerating? Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering said, “Standing Rock Environmental Protection Agency and Dakota Sanitation are working together to try and avert an environmental tragedy.”
                At this point, anyone dumb enough to believe anything that comes out of a leftist mouth should be institutionalized for their own- and our- protection.

                Not to mention the environment’s.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Teacher Says The Only Good Trump Supporter Is A Dead Trump Supporter

                 David Colin, a Tennessee substitute teacher posted an unusually thoughtful, educational judgment on his Facebook page this past November 9th, the day after the presidential election. He reasoned: “The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter.” He admitted to a local television station (WTVF-Nashville) that he made the post, and that he followed it up a month later with this bon mot: “Shooting them sounds more appealing than getting along with them…”
                And I was just going to ask the old liberal bromide of a question: “Can’t we all just get along?” Guess not.
                Wishing that tens of millions of your countrymen were dead because they hold differing political views doesn’t seem particularly tolerant or inclusive to me, but maybe I’m just not an expert on tolerance and inclusiveness. In any case, David tried, on camera, to place his statements in perspective: “That morning after there was…millions of volatile comments made by millions of people.” This heat-of-the-moment ‘excuse’ is obviously a pathetic ruse given his post a month later.
                He then attempted a different approach, telling WTVF: “I don’t want this to be about the posting. It’s more about what comes after, using people’s freedom of speech and trying to use that to browbeat one side against the other.” Remarkable. 
                I’m sure he doesn’t want it “to be about the posting” at this point. No, he’s just championing free speech! Progressives, politically-correct warriors that they are, deny free speech to anyone who doesn’t agree with them, yet, when they make outrageous statements with implied threats of physical violence or death, they are immediately taken aback if anyone questions their motive for making them.
                Can you imagine if a teacher had publicly made those posts about President Obama and his supporters? That news would’ve led every network newscast for a week straight, and the New York Times and the Washington Post would have had separate sections on the endemic racism, violence and gun culture in the nation, with special reports on the ‘anti-government extremist whackos’ lurking around every corner.
                When asked if he would make the same post again, Colin replied, “I’d probably phrase it a little bit different, but I would still speak out.” Probably?
                According to the station, Colin was still employed by the company that contracted him to substitute teach at the Rutherford County Schools, though he won’t be placed in schools again until a pending investigation is completed.
                Had he made those remarks about Obama, he would have been summarily dismissed from his job, made to undergo extensive sensitivity training, and quite possibly been thrown into Gitmo.
                Another local television station, WZTV (also in Nashville), reported that the substandard substitute is also accused of posting what amounts to a call-to-arms on Facebook on January 16th. Here is an excerpt from that diatribe: “So, where do we go from here? Rallies and demonstrations are pretty much futile, since the lunatics just laugh at us knowing we haven’t the guts to stand up and take the actions needed. Writing and complaining falls on deaf ears. Not until the first shot is fired will the recovery begin.” He thinks those he’s threatening are lunatics?!
                Those zany educators! There are reports from around the country of teachers at all levels- in their classrooms in front of students- engaging in hysterical fulminations against the president, comparing him to historical villains, staging faux assassinations and/or holding impromptu workshops for students and faculty to come to terms with their grief. It’s good to know our kids are in such sane, capable, steady hands.
                Memo to Mr. Colin: I don’t know if you have any knowledge of the Revolutionary War, but, if “where you go from here” is firing the first shot, you and yours will not be on the side of the Patriots.

                Your coats will be red.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Betsy DeVos Eyes?

                                                     Betsy DeVos Eyes?      (My apologies to Kim Carnes)

                Hollywood’s finest were chomping at the bit to opine on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education Tuesday. Even those who attended a private school, or whose kids currently attend a private school took to the airwaves and/or social media platforms to slander the new SecEd. Some prophesied that she will be the end of the public school system. This is ludicrous on its face, but why would it be a problem if true?
                Joss Whedon, director of “Avengers,” said Republicans have “declared war on our children.” This seems like a bit of a stretch, as many members of the GOP have children. In fact, more children than the Democratic obstructionists have in aggregate, I would guess.
                So-called comedienne Chelsea Handler remarked “Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Education Secretary. So now the entire public education system is basically Trump University.” The opposite is true. We can see what being publicly ‘edumacated’ did for Chelsea, who possesses roughly the IQ of a brussel sprout.
                Some leftist loonies actually aver that DeVos’ plans “will kill our children.” Obviously, any sane person scoffs at such a deranged belief, which brings us to Vanity Fair film critic Richard Lawson, who said, “That is not an exaggeration in any sense,” and posits that DeVos’ confirmation will be deadly for “queer and other at-risk kids,” due to her support of voucher programs. And who would understand education better than a Vanity Fair film critic? Lawson: “Voucher programs will create systems in which queer kids have literally zero access to support apparatus because they are in religious schools. Meaning voucher programs will lead to more suicides. Betsy DeVos’s policies will kill children.”
                Do you hear what he is saying? How does one find guidance and support in a religious school, as opposed to a public one? Yes, everyone knows access to religion leads to more suicides. Insane. Democrats never, ever seek a truce in their War on Religion. Unless that religion is Islam.
                For its part, the New Republic lectured its readers, telling them not to “normalize Betsy DeVos. Her views are simply much too dangerous.” For whom? Addlepated morons like you? Funny, the New Republic is all for “normalizing” men who claim to be women having access to girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice-versa. How the bleep did we get here?
                “Comedian” John Fugelsang likened the nomination to the refugee crisis, tweeting: “Refugees vetted 2 yrs before allowed to reunite w/families. Betsy DeVos vetted 5 minutes per Senator before being allowed to run America’s schools.” We didn’t even vet community organizer Barack Obama for that long before we let him run America, jackass.
                It strikes me as kind of odd and hypocritical that six of the ten Senate Democrats on the committee that considered the DeVos confirmation- and voted against her- attended private or parochial schools, or have children or grandchildren attending them.
                What the Democratic Party and its supporters are really doing here…is everything humanly possible to force the Trump administration to back off and adjust its agenda leftward, in contravention of voter’s wishes.
                How has Betsy DeVos responded to her critics? She said, prior to her confirmation, “If confirmed, I look forward to fighting for quality education for all students.”


Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump's Travel Ban And The Law Of The Land

                 Here is the relevant passage from federal statute (8 U.S.C. §1182(f)) pertaining to Trump’s ‘travel ban:’ “Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, [the president] may by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
                That is perfectly clear. Remarkably so, in fact, for today’s bureaucracy. Unlike many of Obama’s declarations, proclamations, decrees and fiats, Trump’s actions in this critical matter were fully, unambiguously constitutional. Not that it matters to Democrats/progressives. Just as they didn’t care if Obama ignored, trampled on, or circumvented the constitution when it suited their “needs,” they now don’t care if Trump’s actions are legal and constitutional. If they don’t like them, they will do everything in their power to see that they are stillborn or aborted.

                In that, at least, they are consistent. They are happy to obstruct the founders, Republicanism, voters, the constitution, the country, and the president- as well as kill babies- if they believe it’s in their own interest. That is a special kind of hubris. 
               And a special kind of evil.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi Press Conference

Nancy Pelosi & Maxine Waters Press Conference
House Press Gallery
Tuesday, February 14th, 2017- 10 am EST

Maxine Waters: “I’d like to thank you all for coming today; I know it’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure some of you need to be picking up a dozen roses for your loved one, and whatnot, but we are here to talk about a couple of very important subjects. First off, the president is probably sending flowers and chocolates to Putin right now, and blowing kisses to him, even as Russia continues to menace its neighbors, like, um…umm…Eritrea…and, err, gonorrhea. The president, I’m sorry to say, doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy, unlike our great President Obama, who never would have stood around while Putin wrapped his arms around, uhhhh…Chick Corea. Anyway, congressional Democrats have come up with a way to punish Russia both for its aggression and its role in stealing the election from Hillary Clinton. We are proposing a bill that would put a total ban on imports of Russian fertilizer, wood, and, what do they call those little slimy egg thingies…commissar? (“Caviar”). Yes, thank you, caviar. Speaking for my party, we don’t need anymore fertilizer. And we can certainly do without fish eggs. And I know I don’t need any Russian wood, how about the rest of you? (Smattering of “no’s,” light applause, one giggle). That’s right! Now let’s let representative Pelosi speak about women’s issues.” (Steps aside).

Nancy Pelosi: “Well I hope we can hurry up and pass that bill so we can find out what all is in it! My friends, I’ve tried to keep an open mind, but, frankly, these first few weeks have been worse than I thought they’d be. I wanted to work with President Ford, I really did, but he’s just been inflexible. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Republican’s War on Women continues. In fact, they are waging it with reckless abandon. Women’s Reproductive Rights must be preserved! The Republicans claim that the people voted for these NAZI-esque policies they are trying to put in place, like not wanting the government to pay for a woman’s abortion or her contraceptives, but I would remind them: The majority of American voters cast their ballots for Hillary Rodham Clinton…not for Henry Ford! Well, buck up ladies, as Ronald Reagan once said, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself!’ We shall overcome! We Democrats have always been the party of the people, and it’s no different today. We are proposing a sweeping series of initiatives that would commit the government to pay not just for a woman’s abortion and contraceptives, which are of course constitutionally-protected rights granted by her Creatoress, but also for her lingerie, strap-ons, dental dams, vibrators, and one boxed set each of the Fifty Shades series books! (Wild applause and cheering from the gallery). Now, we know that President Nixon will certainly veto this bill, if it were even to get out of the House. But, as I stated before, we shall overcome! Those mean-spirited fascists from across the aisle will have to explain their votes to a rapidly-changing demographic, one brimming with pissed-off women like us (looks at Rep. Waters)- demanding to be taken seriously! If we don’t get what we want from these patriarchal Republican bullies, we will make the Women’s March on Washington look like a short stroll through a small-town bake-sale! Hear us roar! Hear us roar!! Hear us roar!!! (Roars). Thank you.”

  (Fade out)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Secretary Of Education Over Unanimous Democratic Opposition

                                                                We Are DeVos

                 Democrats claim to be for the poor, the less fortunate, immigrants and inner-city minorities, yet presented with an opportunity to do something that might actually help these groups, they unanimously declined to do so. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has a distinguished track record of educational reform, and is a strong supporter of Vouchers and charter schools, which give kids in urban and under-performing school districts a chance at a quality education. Every single one of the Democratic senators voted against her confirmation. Obviously, it’s because she is a female. Sexist pigs!
                In reality, it is teacher’s union cash they care about, and Betsy DeVos’ policies could conceivably lead to a slight reduction in public school teaching positions. Public school teachers unions can’t countenance that, so the hell with the little brats. Democrats look at teachers unions the way an abused puppy looks at his abusive master. Their eyes get big and the trembling sets in, and nothing else matters. These are some of the vilest people currently burdening the planet.
                The Trump administration, on the other hand, is attempting to shake up the establishment, bring in fresh, new ideas, and boldly tackle entrenched problems, while standing proud in the face of the Democrats reactionary reaction. Could it be the Trump Team that is composed of progressives?
                Two liberal RINOs joined the dogmatic Democrats in declining to vote for DeVos, requiring Vice-President Pence to cast the deciding ballot for her. This despite the fact that America’s public schools are demonstrably failing their students, as is evidenced by the continuing decline in their test scores vis-à-vis the rest of the world.
                No president has ever before had so few cabinet members confirmed this far into his presidency. Nor have any faced such frequent and open talk of impeachment or assassination at this juncture, if ever. Where are the tolerant, open-minded, inclusive voices denouncing this hate speech, the threats of violence and the rioting in the streets? Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone in the Sham Party to speak up. The only thing they care about is their own power. They don’t even care about how it’s obtained or wielded. Any act that they believe could enhance their power is, by definition, legitimate expression…free speech. Conversely, they brand simple statements of facts uttered by conservatives as “fake news,” secure in the knowledge that the media will report them thus, and the low-information citizen will internalize them- and regurgitate them as necessary.

                These would-be socialist wolves in sheep’s clothing should get back in their white robes and pointy hats and go burn down some crosses…and reveal themselves for who they really are: execrable louts whose lawless behavior and unconstitutional actions should no longer be tolerated.