Saturday, November 28, 2015

Headlines Then Vs. Now (1970's Edition)

1970’s Headlines:
*Oil crisis looms…earth running out of vital energy source, experts say.
*Cold, snow the new normal; global cooling endangers our future say the experts.
Today’s Headlines:
*Oil glut: planet can’t figure out where to store all of its oil.
*Global warming the new normal, could eventually kill us all, experts say.
The Reality:
*“Experts” were convinced that we would run out of oil and soon freeze just 35-40 years ago.
*”Experts” now say we have too much oil (and coal and natural gas) and shouldn’t use it, so we don’t all burn up eventually.
The History:
*”Experts” thought the earth was flat for centuries and that the Heavens revolved around Earth (ironically, today many scientists believe the Earth revolves around them).
*”Experts” thought that “bloodletting” the sick was an excellent method for curing illnesses for many years (ironically, today many experts want to practice bloodletting on the economies of the United States and other Western nations in order to cure climate change).


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