Saturday, November 14, 2015

Al Gore In Paris: 24 Hours Of Reality

                 I hope someone got Al Gore out of the Eiffel Tower.
                The famous climate-change blowhard was scheduled to host a 24-hour marathon broadcast in support of the upcoming COP 21 Paris Climate Change Summit yesterday, utilizing the base of the famous landmark as a broadcast studio. The event and its webcast were suspended in light of the terrorist attacks ravaging the city. Elton John, Duran-Duran and others were scheduled to perform.
                The webcast was titled, “24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth.” You can’t make it up. The “Reality” is that scores of people are “Dead,” and not from climate change.
                But, I guess the climate did change, Al. Unless you plan to blame the heinous terrorist attacks on global warming, this kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

                The question is, are we going to put our time and effort into fighting a non-existent problem or an immediate, existential threat? Are we going to worry about what could happen if the ocean levels are 3” higher in the 22nd-century, or about preventing the present-day slaughter of untold thousands of people, friends and family among them?

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