Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gender Blender

The public schools of Lincoln, Nebraska, have instructed their teachers not to use the “offensive” phrase “boys and girls.” Or “ladies and gentlemen” and/or any other gender-specific term. The district foisted a training document on its middle-school teachers that tells them that even hearing the “offensive” phrase could seriously harm students who are “transgender.”  The document instructs the instructors to use such “gender inclusive” classroom names as “campers, readers, athletes and purple penguinsinstead.

That is comically absurd. And pathetic. And, as God is my witness (those of you who’ve followed my blog from its early days know I have rarely- if ever- used that phrase before), one of the saddest and most destructive and dangerous things I’ve ever heard.

The “document” also “warns” teachers not to ask students to “line up as boys or girls” , and suggests asking them to line up by whether they prefer “skateboards or bikes/ milk or juice/ dogs or cats/ summer or winter/ talking or listening.”

It also tells teachers that they should intervene if they ever hear the students themselves talk about gender in terms of “boys and girls” and, basically, tell them to knock it off.

This is really about gender neutrality, the “concept” that there is no difference whatsoever between male and female human beings. If that were the case, I’d like to be dead tomorrow, but it isn’t of course, as none of us would ever have been born.

And without life, there could be no “concepts” whatsoever. No thought, no music, no poetry, no passion, no literature, no love, hope or faith.  If there are no sex or “gender-specific” traits, there could be no meaningful  sex, and would be no life, no…anything.

An info-graphic produced by a website used by  Lincoln schools replaces the traditional “Gingerbread man” with a Genderbread person.” The description of the image reads “Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but most people don’t.”

No. Gender is one of those things that almost everyone intuitively understands, except for a few wildly intolerant “progressives.”

The graphic has been placed in the form of a handout to kids and continues by stating that “It’s not either/or, in many cases it’s both/and. A bit of this, a dash of that.” It encourages the reader to define their gender based on how much they align with “what you understand to be the options for gender” such as “two-spirit” and “gender/queer.” If you’re not either male or female to begin with, how could you know if you’re queer?? Moreover, how the hell are we going to know who to blame for sexual assaults on campus anymore? It used to be the guy was just automatically blamed. Now what? "Well, the twin-spirited entity sought to couple with the gender-queer being...at least that's what the Trans*Female  (gender-questioning) witness said..."

Elsewhere in the weighty documents used by teachers in Lincoln is a handout that defines “gender identity” as simply “a psychological quality…it can’t be observed or measured, only reported by the individual… it consists of more than two categories, including those who identify as a third gender, two-spirit (both), or agender (neither).”

Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel defended the materials, stating that, “…we have kids coming to us from so many different backgrounds, and some of those are confusing to the students themselves, to other students, and to some of our staff.” That the kids can be both genders, no gender, or some undetermined “third gender” is going to make it less confusing to all?!?!!

Many of the best, most beautiful, meaningful, spiritual, powerful and life-changing moments of the vast majority of people’s lives revolve specifically around there being two sexes. I don’t believe the majority of the transgender students are  “seriously harmed” by hearing the terms “boy” or “girl.” That’s patently absurd. I give them more credit as human beings than that. In much the same manner as most heterosexual “boys” and “girls” aren’t “seriously harmed” by hearing the term “transgender.” Transgenders are 1% of any student body at most. Heteros 99%. Who are we trying to harm?

Boys and girls. Ladies and gentlemen. Man and woman. Husband and wife. She and I. Are there many more profound and pregnant words… in any language? Leather and Lace, metal and magnet.

There are many on the progressive side who no longer want us to recognize “truth” and who don’t believe in “good” and “evil.” Now they want to do away with “male” and “female.”

Odd. These are all core concepts from the Bible and the main drivers of human history. They are all clearly understood, even by those that reject them. Yet, the “myriad” of gender options leftists propose (after male or female) are said to be “fluid” or “transitory” or “either/both/neither/don’t know” and such like.

It’s hard to define what doesn’t exist.



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