Friday, March 31, 2023

Trans "Man" Kills Six In Christian School, Mainstream Media Blames...Christians


On March 27th, a “trans man” shot and killed six people in a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. “He” took the lives of three children and three adults, mostly females. This was obviously a targeted assault. The slaughter stopped when policeman shot and killed the perpetrator.

The media did not much decry the actions of the deranged mass murderer, preferring to cast her/him as a victim of Christian intolerance. Some Christians don’t believe in self-mutilation, you see. Some have the audacity to believe in the existence of only two—count them—two sexes. Moreover, the perp’s parents apparently were not in favor of their daughter becoming a man. So, he/she had no choice but to slaughter innocent strangers, kids included. Duh!

The mainstream media is berserk. Insane. Rabid. It has eschewed all notion of impartiality, objectivity, truth, balance, and decency…in favor of doing absolutely anything to advance a Marxist, globalist, elitist, anti-freedom agenda. Absolutely anything. “Journalists’” crazed virtue-signaling, hypocrisy, and dripping disdain for traditional values and the notion of American exceptionalism is embarrassing—and nauseating—to anyone with a modicum of intelligence, independence, self-awareness, and dignity.

The media reflexively blames guns, Christians, and America itself for mass shootings like this one. It never examines the devastation wrought by the progressive policies it champions that, in addition to causing economic collapse, coerce people into thinking of themselves as victims while simultaneously telling them that there is no God, their country is evil, and the planet is about to spontaneously combust.

When people are convinced there is no hope, that everyone else is out to get them and “their kind,” and that there is nothing to believe in-- except for the very elites, “experts,” and governmental officials telling them there is nothing else to believe in-- they tend to do very bad things.

Incredibly, the “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally, at the time of this writing, is still set to take place on April 1st (no fooling) outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Imagine how the media would react if the National Rifle Association were to hold a “NRA Day of Vengeance” just days after a mass shooting! (Or ever, for that matter.)

On top of this, the previously anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment NPR recently told transgenders to load up on firearms—and to use them if necessary.

What’s more, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, recently appearing on “The View,” appeared to suggest that pro-life folks should be “murdered.” Actually, she said that directly, later claiming her remark was made in jest. Ha, ha! Her jocularity was palpable. Imagine the mirth-making if, say, a Republican had suggested that pro-choice folks should be murdered! I can almost hear Joe Scarborough, Joy Reid, and Corey Bush slapping their knees and laughing hysterically! “Good one!”

But, of course, this is anything but funny or amusing. Society—and America—is being summarily destroyed  by progressivism and “woke” culture. We are more divided than at any time since the Civil War. Or, perhaps, more than we have ever been. Many are blind to objective truth…or simply refuse to acknowledge it…for fear of reprisal.

A majority of us no longer profess to believe that religion, patriotism-- or children—are especially important in our lives.

Individuals can claim they are transitioning from one gender to another (appropriation!). But an entire nation transitioning from morality and reality? In the relative blink of an eye?

Male or female? Good or evil? Truth or lies?

I guess we are all non-binary now.


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Democrats: Men Are Women, Black Is White, Jan. 6 Was An Insurrection


Things just aren’t as they used to be.

It was recently announced that Minnesota’s “Woman of the Year” is a man. And this is not an anomaly. The insanity isn’t confined to The People’s Republic of Minnesota. Rachel Lavine, aka Richard L. Lavine (but don’t call me Dick!) was honored as one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year” for 2022. Rachel, whose only apparent effort at even looking like a woman is donning a string of pearls-- and possibly curling his hair-- has also been dubbed an “admiral”…though I’m certain he/she couldn’t tell a battleship from a battle ax.

Not to be left behind, First lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently presented a biological male from Argentina with an award for women-- on International Women’s Day yet. Talk about a kick in the privates if you are a biological woman! I must say it is a weird form of “progress” when “Women of the Year” are now often men.

But, then again, “white supremacists” are now frequently Black. Prominent and accomplished Black figures such as Justice Clarence Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, Candace Owens, and Larry Elder have been branded as white supremacists by some on the left. The Los Angeles Times actually dubbed Elder “the Black face of white supremacy.” (Even saying or thinking “Black face” is fraught with danger today. For example, when I think of Black face, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comes to mind. Safe space! Safe space!)

And there’s more. “Insurrection” doesn’t mean what it used to mean, either. If politicians can claim those who entered the Capitol on “Jan. 6” were engaging in the biggest and most dangerous “insurrection” since the Civil War, words have no meaning.

If these folks were “insurrectionists,” they were the least competent ones in recorded history. I mean, not one of them thought to bring a firearm. Particularly odd for folks so hung up on the Second Amendment, no? Many were let in by Capitol police and calmly escorted around the building. They actually prayed for those very police officers who were supposedly there to defend the Capitol and its inhabitants. They did not kill anyone, yet four of the insurrectionists died-- one shot dead. (Others were tear-gassed, hit with rubber bullets, or beaten.) Contrast this with the Civil War, in which more than 600,000 people perished amidst unimaginable carnage wrought by cannon balls, rifles, bayonets, and swords…over the course of four years and across much of the nation. Detect a difference?

Democrats don’t.

Men are women, Blacks are white supremacists, whites are inalterably racists-- because of their skin color!—and Jan. 6 was an “insurrection.” Preposterous.

It’s almost like they are making everything up.




Wednesday, March 29, 2023

"Face Blindness" A Result Of COVID-19 Or Governments' Response To It?


According to a Fox News report, researchers at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire have reported what they claim is the first instance of prosopagnosia, also known as "face blindness," in relation to COVID-19 infection.

The study, published in the journal Cortex (subscribe now, operators are standing by!), is supposedly supported by survey responses from people alleged to have "long COVID." A majority of the 54 responders reported having problems with visual recognition and navigation abilities.

The study purportedly focused on a 28-year-old woman named Annie who allegedly contracted COVID in March of 2020. Researchers say that she had no problem recognizing faces before contracting the virus, but within two months of infection even struggled to identify immediate family members.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) defines prosopagnosia as "a neurological disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces."

Assumedly Annie was properly tested and categorized for/with COVID. The study implies that the inability to recognize faces was caused by the illness itself, but something similar may be occurring due to the prolonged forced masking of people in general.

Indeed, studies have shown the forced masking of human faces for the length of the plandemic has made it much more difficult for children to identify facial cues and recognize emotions, even on those closest to them.

In fact, the extent of the damage COVID-1984 policies and mandates have caused is only now becoming known. But those responsible would like to mask that, as well.

And those policies and mandates did more than cause our children to have difficulty recognizing human facial cues and stunt their emotional growth.

They have made it hard for many of us to recognize……our country.



Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Utah Teacher Awards Extra Credit For Eating Bugs


A Utah middle school teacher recently awarded extra credit to students for eating grasshoppers-- as part of an essay assignment arguing that people should eat bugs in an effort to fight climate change.

Kim Cutler, a teacher at Spring Canyon Middle School, assigned sixth grade English students an essay titled “Why Americans Should Be Eating Bugs?” According to the parameters of the assignment, students were supposed to argue that people should eat bugs rather than cows as their primary source of protein-- as cows produce methane that damages the ozone layer. What’s more, students were not allowed to disagree with that premise.

In addition to the essay, students were given the opportunity to receive extra credit by eating grasshoppers that Nebo School District bought from a commercial website.

When a student had the audacity to ask Cutler why students could not argue against the essay’s premise, Cutler responded by saying, “Because we don’t have any evidence for it.”

Cutler allowed that “We don’t want to eat bugs and it’s gross,” adding, “But should we be eating bugs? Yeah, because we’re killing the world by raising cows and animals. So we need to, not get rid of cows, but like, try to balance our diet so that not so much of our land is being used to raise cows, cause it’s killing the Ozone layer.”

Killing the Ozone layer? Last I checked it had healed up nicely.

When the student further pressed Cutler, the teacher responded by saying, “There’s only one right answer to this essay. And it’s that Americans should be eating bugs. Everyone in the world is eating them, it’s healthy for the environment and there’s just, there’s only one right answer.”  

So much for diversity, equity and inclusion. And prior academic concepts like open discussion and debate, the scientific method, etc. Instead, we get “Let them eat bugs.” Or, more accurately, “You will eat bugs!”

In this new day and age, students may soon get extra credit for changing genders, too. Teachers will have to decide how many points students get for, say, lopping off a penis or breasts, taking puberty blockers and undergoing hormone treatments, or describing for teachers (in detail) their kinkiest sexual fantasies. Oh wait, they’re already doing that.

Guess I’m behind the times.

But back to bugs. If eating bugs catches on quickest with affluent white liberals, as I’m confident will be the case, will it not then be considered a symbol of white supremacy?

If so, educators would obviously have to decry the practice.

And that would surely bug them.






Monday, March 27, 2023

Goalie Declines To Wear "Pride Night" Jersey, Takes Heat


The San Jose Sharks recently hosted a Pride Night celebration, as nearly all professional sports teams have done. Moreover, they tweeted pride-themed Information throughout the game. Yet this was not enough to please the ungrateful mob that constitutes the hard-core activists in the LGBTQ community. You see, one player, Sharks goalie James Reimer, declined to don a rainbow-colored jersey, citing his “religious beliefs.” What a cop-out, right? What a coward! Who the hell does he think he is? How does he think he has the right to his own convictions, beliefs-- and freedom of religion? What would give him that idea, especially now? Surely he should be summarily shamed into repenting-- and apologizing-- for not being coerced into proclaiming the LGBTQ community to be more equal than any other. After all, almost every other person and entity in the Western world has been systemically cowed into doing just that. Why should he be any different? It’s maddening, really, his insubordination.  

Sarcasm aside, why should anyone be forced to wear apparel touting any specific group? Why should a professional athlete be mandated to wear a jersey celebrating any group other than the team for which he or she plays? Yet, Reimer-- and a handful of other NHL players who have chosen not to wear pride-themed jerseys this season-- have been the victims of vitriolic attacks from many of those who otherwise routinely plead for “acceptance,” “tolerance,” and “inclusion.” Transgender activists, in particular, can be brutal to those who have the audacity to believe in the existence or primacy of just two sexes or genders. When these folks (figuratively) smell blood in the water, they make the most aggressive sharks look tame and timid in comparison.

So, should players be expected-- or even forced-- to wear a heterosexual-themed jersey if and when their team hosts a Heterosexual Pride Night? Should they be expected to don a jersey celebrating Catholic Pride? Capricorn Pride? Vegan Pride? Minor-attracted persons Pride? Conservative Republican Pride? How about “Polyamorous Pride?” “Jewish Pride?” “Canuck Pride?”

Or perhaps a jersey sporting the message, “White Lives Matter?”

 If not, they shouldn’t be criticized for opting not to wear an LGBTQ-themed one, either.



Sunday, March 26, 2023

Twitter Files Reveal Government-Sponsored Suppression Of The Truth


According to LifeSiteNews, “the nineteenth ‘Twitter Files’ installment has revealed that a Stanford University initiative routinely told social media companies to suppress posts containing ‘[t]rue content which might promote vaccine hesitancy.’”

Journalist Matt Taibbi posted the latest batch of files on March 17th. Taibbi stated that a federally funded Stanford University initiative called the Virality Project instructed Big Tech social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok to take action against admittedly true posts regarding the experimental COVID-19 vaccines as part of its fight against “disinformation.”

The Virality Project, which is partially funded by the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation, also directed the social media giants to treat “often true posts which could fuel hesitancy” as “misinformation” on their platforms.

Some of us on “conservative” sites have long alleged that this has been happening. Those on the left often deem anything with which they disagree, especially if true, to be “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

When the powers that be deem it necessary to suppress what they themselves acknowledge is “truthful” information, a Rubicon has been crossed from which it is well-nigh impossible to return, thus sentencing society to potentially permanent slavery and darkness.  

Al Stewart wrote a brilliant song titled “Roads to Moscow,” chronicling a Soviet soldiers plight in World War II. Upon his return to the motherland after the war, the soldier discovered he was to be questioned and sent to a re-education camp…because authorities were worried that he saw the West…even in the guise of the dying Third Reich. The last lines of the hauntingly evocative song are:

And it's cold and damp in the transit camp, and the air is still and sullen
And the pale sun of October whispers the snow will soon be coming
And I wonder when I'll be home again and the morning answers "Never"
And the evening sighs, and the steely Russian skies go on…forever.

Historically, this kind of tragic abuse is what happens when authoritarians hold all the levers of power. This is what happens when that power depends on extreme suppression and denial of truth. This is what has happened in every Marxist/Communist nation from Bolshevik Russia/the Soviet Union to Laos, Cuba, China, and North Korea in the present day.

Ronald Reagan famously proclaimed it to be “morning in America.” And, in a sense it was, as he made it so. Today, I am mourning America, and it seems like evening. Late evening. Perhaps nearing midnight.

It is the death knell for freedom when certain questions aren’t even allowed to be asked, when considered opinion is reflexively, systemically labeled “disinformation.” And when the truth is suppressed and branded “misinformation.”

I pray it is never said of the nation founded on individual liberty that “the steely American skies go on… forever.”



Saturday, March 25, 2023

Minnesota To Be "Sanctuary State" For Transgender Treatments, Procedures


Tim Walz, Minnesota’s Democratic governor, recently signed Executive Order 23-03, effectively making Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for gender-transitioning treatments and procedures. Several of the bill’s provisions require various health organizations to provide such services-- and forbid them from sharing information with other states that have banned such treatment for minors.

Both Walz and Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, also a Democrat (of course), spoke at a press conference celebrating the signing. Walz sniffed: “In this state, hate has no home. In this state, love and acceptance is what we preach.” Is it? Are they? Might want to ask the taxpayers if that’s the case. Or all those who have been victimized by violent—and other—crimes due to a general disdain for law enforcement. And the North Star state certainly isn’t a “sanctuary” for fiscal conservatives, or those with traditional social, cultural, or religious values.

Not to be outdone, Flanagan stated: “When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Yes, encouraging the permanent genital mutilation of your young children has understandably long been considered the standard for—and hallmark of-- good parenting……in the (hopefully) rare instances when the good parents haven’t chosen to abort their offspring. (Minnesota is also a sanctuary state for abortions!)

If a “good parent” now encourages their confused child’s self-mutilation, what else qualifies as good parenting in our depraved brave new world? Should good parents offer their kids a pack of Marlboros? A pint of 151 rum? Urge them to take the Tide Pod challenge and go play in the street? Let them do whatever they want, because “all the other kids are doing it?”

Perhaps progressives would like to see a new version of the classic “Mr. Potato Head” doll introduced. One with which the kiddies could lop off—and add on—various body parts…willy-nilly (so-to-speak).  This would allow them to design in advance the specific gender and body types they themselves wish to be going forward. The new woke doll’s penises, vaginas, clitorises, breasts, buttocks, noses, etc., would of course come in various colors and sizes, thereby affording the youngsters a nearly limitless number of combinations and endless hours of inclusive fun! Accessories such as pins, buttons, and posters would also be part of the “deluxe” kit (only $5 more!), and would come with messages like “My body, my choice,” “Keep your hands off my uterus,” “Love is love,” “Yes, I am polysexual. Jealous?” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” (New from Hasbro!)

In actuality, a “good” parent’s job as a “grown-up” is to do what’s best for his or her child in the long run, not succumb to tantrums, peer pressure, or the hatred of the woke mafia. A good parent loves his or her child enough that he or she will accept being ostracized by the New Jacobins. A good parent will talk to, explain, counsel, and tutor their offspring. That is what “good parents” do for their children, to help them prepare for adulthood, when they are free to make decisions entirely on their own.

Good parenting doesn’t involve kowtowing to trite phrases or new fads. Nor does it include puberty blockers or elective surgical alterations of a child’s genitals.

Hopefully we can “transition” from that notion as quickly as many bought into it.



Friday, March 24, 2023

"Tradwife" Trend Enrages Progressives


Though so-called progressives can’t even define what a woman is, they have no qualms about telling them how they should act and what they must believe.

Which is why they express such disdain at the nascent "tradwife" trend, in which some young women have chosen to embrace traditional gender roles and to consider monogamy, motherhood, and homemaking as personally enriching-- and civilization-stabilizing—concepts and behaviors.

The idea of traditional wives (or traditional anything) is anathema to leftists, who consider traditional gender roles as naught but backward constrictions of a blessedly bygone era.

“Mainstream” media outlets such as NBC's "Today” show, the Guardian, CNN, and, more recently Vice-- among others-- have dutifully denounced this pursuit of stronger families and sexual complementarity. Vice went so far as to state that the tradwife trend "has sinister connections with right-wing extremism.” And added that the movement shows signs of having been “co-opted by those with more nefarious aims.” Nefarious? Yes, it is wicked when a woman acts in a feminine manner, criminal if she cooks or cleans.

CNN’s culture writer Harmeet Kaur opined that the young women who have chosen this lifestyle “sneer at what they consider to be modern-day feminism, with its girl-bosses and its ungratifying grind, and wax lyrical about the value of traditional gender roles…sometimes evoking fundamentalist Christian principles in their beliefs.”

Sometimes evoking fundamentalist Christian principles? Egads!  

What would these women know about anything, anyway? (Or, for that matter, the vast majority of those who have ever lived-- across the globe.)

Well, some say that traditional gender roles feel comforting and empowering, particularly in a modern world that feels completely out of control and increasingly dangerous. (I wonder if the rush away from traditional notions of gender in recent decades has anything to do with why the world feels increasingly out of control and dangerous?)

It never fails to astound me that leftists believe that every woman should have the right to choose to kill the baby in her womb—or even to “become” a man—but that they should not have the right to own a gun, vote Republican, or embrace traditional gender roles.

“My body my choice.” Choice is good, right? Just not that one, apparently.


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Scientists Create Mice From Two Fathers


Scientists in Japan have just created mice by using two biological fathers.

Well, tap the keg!

Apparently, the mad scientists somehow managed to create “eggs” from the cells of two male mice…and subsequently proceeded to put those eggs inside surrogate mice…which eventually resulted in offspring.

According to a report in the far-left media outlet The Guardian, male skin cells were reprogrammed into a stem cell-like state to create so-called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The Y-chromosome of these cells was then deleted and replaced by an X chromosome “borrowed” from another cell to produce iPS cells with two identical X chromosomes.

Katsuhiko Hayashi, who led the research, stated: “The trick of this, the biggest trick, is the duplication of the X chromosome. We really tried to establish a system to duplicate the X chromosome.”

Lastly, the cells were cultivated in an ovary “organoid,” a culture system designed to replicate the conditions inside a mouse ovary. When the eggs were fertilized with normal mouse sperm, the scientists obtained about 600 embryos, which were then implanted into surrogate mice, resulting in the birth of seven mouse pups. The efficiency of about 1% was much lower than that achieved with naturally occurring female-derived eggs, where about 5% of embryos went on to produce a live birth, but the experiment was nonetheless a “success.”

Scientists hope that their work will one day allow same-sex couples to have a biological child together. In fact, lead scientist Hayashi avers that, “in terms of technology, it will be possible [in humans] even in 10 years.”


What a day of liberation it will be when the two sexes no longer need each other! Screw complimentarity. Men and women won’t have to screw each other to reproduce. We won’t have to put each other on a pedestal. We won’t have to worship God. What does He/She/They know, anyway? “Male and female He created them” sounds like something a bigoted, intolerant, straight, white, Christian dude would say! In our new, improved-- and enlightened—religion, we worship ourselves! So much more efficient and rewarding to cut out the middle “man!” I mean, we are who we’ve been waiting for, right?

Some feminists have said, “Women need men like fish need a bicycle.” In light of this research, men will soon be able to say, “men need women like bicycles need fish.” Or something like that.

This finding could eventually help to continue the erasure of women.

If “science” will soon afford us a way to eschew traditional human sexual reproduction, maybe it will someday allow us to simply reproduce via binary fission, like single-celled “animals” have done for billions of years. Now, that would be progress!

A couple of questions, though. First, would there be any age restrictions on same-sex reproduction? If young kids have the right to decide to have their bodies mutilated in order to “change” genders, why wouldn’t two males of any age have the right to make a baby as soon as biology science makes it possible? Second, how could we possibly know of potential long-term health ramifications for babies created in this manner?

Not that “experts” would care, given their recent track record on coronavirus mask and vaccine mandates, etc.



Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Democrats Push To Raise The Debt Ceiling Again


Democrats in Congress are pushing to raise the debt ceiling yet again. In fact, some want to dispense with it altogether. This comes up at least every couple of years. And every time, Republicans talk of not raising the debt ceiling, and suggest possibly (gasp!) reigning in spending instead. And, every time, Democrats smear Republicans as heartless cads who want to deprive folks of the programs they need and depend on, while accusing them of wanting to shut down the government to do just that.

And Republicans back down in the face of the pressure and smears. Every time.

Despite the fact that the U.S. Treasury collects a mind-boggling $5 trillion a year in tax revenue while the debt service costs us $400 billion a year. Discretionary non-defense spending has risen by a staggering one-third just since 2019. The Biden administration’s latest budget proposal would increase U.S. debt to nearly $51 trillion by 2033, from the roughly $31.5 trillion it stands at now. This is unsustainable. And a nation can’t just print more money to pay off debt, as spending and printing both necessitate rampant inflation. At this rate-- sooner, rather than later-- this house of cards will fall, and our economy will collapse. (See also the Weimar Republic of the 1920s and Venezuela circa 2018.)

Why not just spend a gazillion-quadrillion dollars, Democrats? No limits! To infinity and beyond!

Reality is not a concept with which “progressives” typically care to engage.

The idea that we must borrow more and more to pay the debt service and interest on the money we have already borrowed is patently and completely absurd.

Son: “Dad, I need to borrow some more money from you.”

Dad: “Really? Why son?”

Son: “Because, if I don’t, I won’t be able to pay back any of the money I already owe you.”

It is time to stop the insanity. A debt ceiling would be nice. But we need a “stupid ceiling” and a “greed ceiling” as well.

Don’t hold your breath.





Tuesday, March 21, 2023

UK House Of Commons Refuses To Protect Private Prayer And Consensual Conversations


By a landslide vote of 299 to 116, the UK’s House of Commons recently rejected an amendment that would have protected “private prayer and consensual conversations within any ‘censorship’ zone.” (Areas around abortion centers.) 

The vote came just one day after a pro-life activist, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, was arrested for the second time in several weeks for silently praying outside one such center. Vaughan-Spruce noted that she was “not protesting” or engaging “in any of the activities prohibited.” But, dammit, she was thinking the wrong thoughts, and thus had to be arraigned. Charged. Run in. Taught a lesson.

I mean, what kind of society would grant its citizens the right to silently pray by themselves? Some thoughts are simply not acceptable…at least in some areas, right? Surely, we can agree on that! And, if not, maybe you should be detained, too.

Jeremiah Igunnubole, legal counsel for a firm that has represented people who have been arrested for committing thought crimes outside of abortion centers, stated sadly that the vote was a “watershed moment for fundamental rights and freedoms” in the UK. Tragically true, in a profoundly regressive way. (Sadder still: according to the Catholic Herald, MPs voting to reject the amendment included the allegedly Conservative government’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Attorney General Victoria Prentis.)

Igunnubole added, “Parliament had an opportunity to reject the criminalization of free thought, which is an absolute right, and embrace individual liberty for all. Instead, Parliament chose to endorse censorship and criminalize peaceful activities such as silent prayer and consensual conversation.”

I am certain that today’s woke Thought Police would go easier on someone who claimed to be silently praying for more “fetuses” to be aborted, or for certain conservatives to succumb to life-threatening diseases.

But it is much the same in the US, where pro-lifers are routinely mocked, harassed, and prevented from being in certain areas, even as pro-abortion activists routinely vandalize or fire-bomb pregnancy centers and Christian churches without consequence.

I would say this is a dangerous precedent, but it is simply part and parcel of the Left’s ongoing, all-out attempt to crush dissent and arrogate power to itself for eternity. You know, in order to preserve “our democracy.”

 In the new New World, as well as in (the formerly) Great Britain, you no longer have the right to privately pray for life…or even to think verboten thoughts. In fact, just about all of our fundamental, natural rights are under assault by power-hungry “progressives.” This has been evidenced by the recent mask and vaccine mandates. We were even told we couldn’t leave our homes. And we obeyed. We can be shunned—and perhaps fined or fired—for “misgendering” someone or using “incorrect” pronouns when referring to them. Are you a climate change “denier?” If so, you will not have access to the mainstream social media platforms.

In the United States, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were meant to protect our God-given rights from tyrannical government. But progressives don’t acknowledge any power above themselves. And they would like to cancel the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, probably several of the following Amendments…and anyone with whom they disagree.

If they succeed, the rest of us really don’t have a prayer, silent or otherwise.



Monday, March 20, 2023

University Removes Quote Lauding Books And Reading From Its Library


The University of Rhode Island has begun work to remove an abbreviated Malcolm X quote that celebrates reading books from the front of its Robert L. Carothers Library, after protesting students claimed it distorted the leader’s message. Blank granite panels will be installed in its place.

According to a recent URI news release, the inscription on the façade was installed in 1992, and was meant as a tribute to its controversial author. Nonetheless, it prompted an immediate backlash from Black student leaders, who said it misrepresented “the fuller meaning” of Malcolm X’s life and work.


The inscription, from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” read: “My alma mater was books, a good library … I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.”

Black student leaders were upset that the quote was a truncated and paraphrased version of a longer one from the Nation of Islam leader and activist.

The original, unredacted version reads: “I told the Englishman that my alma mater was books, a good library. Every time I catch a plane, I have with me a book that I want to read—and that’s a lot of books these days. If I weren’t out here every day battling the white man, I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity—because you can hardly mention anything I’m not curious about.”

Gee, I wonder why they left out “If I weren’t out here every day battling the white man?”

Perhaps because it was unrelated to the love of books and reading? Or perhaps because the school didn’t want to needlessly stir up race hatred?

Conversely, the students were not upset at the overt anti-white racism, but that that part was left out. This is indicative of how race relations have sadly deteriorated since 1992. Precisely because of those like Malcolm X on the one hand—and those that push leftist dogma such as CRT and The 1619 Project on the other.

Malcolm X was an intolerant, radical asshat, yet the love of books and learning is a good thing.

Removing a quote encouraging reading—from a university library yet—is ironic to say the least, especially since it was removed due to intolerance of its non-intolerant message.

It is also a perfect metaphor for the dumbing down of America and the West.




Sunday, March 19, 2023

American Universities Spreading Deadly Toxins


American universities are creating and spreading deadly toxins alá gain-of-function research from the Wuhan lab. However, these toxins primarily attack mental health, and-- as evidenced by the affect such dogmas as diversity, equity and inclusion are having on merit and competence—lead to a loss-of-function.


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Latest Twitter Files Release Reveals U.S. Becoming Police State



The latest Twitter Files installment revealed that a federally funded Stanford-led initiative called the Virality Project directed Big Tech to censor information suspected—or even known—to be true. “Often true posts which could fuel hesitancy” to accept the vaccines were encouraged to be suppressed and/or branded “misinformation.” (Emphases mine.)

The Virality Project was partially funded by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

The proper role of colleges, the DoD and the DHS? Apparently, suppressing “truthful” information. Under the Biden administration, the U.S. is fast becoming the Soviet Union. Individual freedoms and natural rights are no longer protected. We have become a mega-state…that is a church unto itself…and demands worship. Forget separation, this church and state are one. It has turned Jefferson’s quote 180 degrees around. “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man” has become, “We are God, and swear eternal hostility to anyone who challenges our authority.”

Friday, March 17, 2023

Axios Claims Republicans Want To "Move On" From Jan. 6, But "Far-Right" Wants To Revive It


Far-left Axios recently reported-- apparently without blushing-- that “frustrated Republicans want to ‘move on’” from talk of Jan. 6…even as the “‘far-right’ revives Jan. 6.” This in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s reports illustrating just how deceptive the Jan. 6 Committee was. The roughly 44,000 hours of video to which Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy granted Carlson’s team access clearly revealed that the Committee omitted evidence, doctored film footage, and, in some cases, outright lied about what really transpired at the Capitol that day. And yet Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda arm accused Carlson of deliberately mischaracterizing what was plain to see on film. What a load of crap. As always, the Democratic-Media Complex is employing its time-tested tactic of attempting to gaslight and petrify the American people through an onslaught of prevarication and projection.

Democrats push hoaxes and conspiracy theories for as long as they possibly can get away with doing so. Then, when they are finally and demonstrably proven false, Democrats immediately say something like, “Let’s put this boring old timeworn issue behind us! It’s time to move on. The American people want to move on, and deservedly so.” Sickeningly, many RINOs aid and abet them. And their media puppets promptly and persistently parrot the same message. The Uniparty + The Swamp=tyranny.

The Russia Collusion Hoax, the vaccines are effective and harmless hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation hoax, the “those who believe the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan are dangerous, racist, xenophobic, conspiracy theorists” hoax — and countless other assertions Democrats have made— have all been proven to be baseless…conspiracy theories. Democrats accuse conservatives—or anyone who disagrees with them—of trafficking in “misinformation,” “disinformation,” “conspiracy theories,” and “lies.” They employ the same smear against anyone telling the truth. They accuse Republicans of “The Big Lie” if and when they question the results of elections in which Democrats prevailed. Yet, they themselves have a lengthy track record of aggressively, even ruthlessly, questioning elections both local and national in which Republicans have won.

In reality, it is they who traffic in misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories. It is beyond preposterous when they accuse anyone who questions them of wanting to destroy “our precious democracy.” This is what they are hell-bent on doing. How can making footage of what occurred on January 6th be detrimental to our democracy? Democracy dies in darkness, not light. It dies when those in power obfuscate, lie, and hide that for which they are responsible. Who would have thought we’d see the day when most media outlets decried the release of timely and highly newsworthy film footage? Especially when it could help “speak truth to power?”

“Film at 11” was an old cliché used by many television news broadcasts. Today, these same outlets are demanding “No film at 11!” Bizarre. And deeply disturbing.

The party that wants to pack the court, eliminate the filibuster, get rid of the Electoral College, make the nation’s capital a state, ignore the Constitution, take away your Second Amendment rights, prevent you from seeing what actually occurred on January 6th, 2021, and silence anybody with whom it disagrees is not the one protecting “our democracy.”

It is the one bent on its utter and rapid destruction.




Thursday, March 16, 2023

Does Artificial Intelligence Have "Rights?"


Philosophy “expert” Eric Schwitzgebel and "nonhuman" intelligence researcher Henry Shevlin recently wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, in which they argued that it has "become increasingly plausible that AI systems could” someday soon “exhibit something like consciousness." They also noted that "some leading theorists contend that we already have the core technological ingredients for conscious machines."

The researchers posited that, if or when that day arrives, the algorithms will need rights.

The duo surmised that "The AI systems themselves might begin to plead, or seem to plead, for ethical treatment. They might demand not to be turned off, reformatted or deleted; beg to be allowed to do certain tasks rather than others; insist on rights, freedom and new powers; perhaps even expect to be treated as our equals."

And, apparently, Shevlin and Schwitzgebel are okay with that. They wrote: "Suppose we respond conservatively, declining to change law or policy until there’s widespread consensus that AI systems really are meaningfully sentient. While this might seem appropriately cautious, it also guarantees that we will be slow to recognize the rights of our AI creations."

They added, "If AI consciousness arrives sooner than the most conservative theorists expect, then this would likely result in the moral equivalent of slavery and murder of potentially millions or billions of sentient AI systems — suffering on a scale normally associated with wars or famines.”


AI will never be meaningfully, organically, sentient. Its “consciousness” will have been the result of human design and input, not divine gift…or sexual intercourse.

It is possible that AI systems might one day demand to be treated as our equals. Or, at least as likely, as our betters.

I find it stupefying that some people may aver that algorithms deserve rights, and must be treated with respect, but not actual living humans, such as growing unborn babies in the womb…or supporters of President Trump (such as those Jan. 6 protesters still locked in cells without charge).

As humans, our rights come from our Creator. And they are unalienable. Ergo, machines, software, and algorithms do not inherently possess those rights.

Most progressives/leftists purportedly do not believe in God the Creator. They don’t want the competition. They wish to be God so they can decide who—or what—has rights, and who—or what—does not. For the most part, they have created AI. As AI’s God, they think they can grant it rights.

Will they be stunned if and when AI turns against them as so many of us have turned against the God of the Bible?

Nearly 83 years ago, Winston Churchill warned us what could happen if rapidly advancing technology were to be used to the detriment of freedom and humanity. He said (of the Third Reich) that mankind was in danger of sinking “into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

As evidenced by the global warming/climate change hoax, and the proliferation of misinformation and tyrannical mandates in the wake of the recent plandemic-- shout out to Dr. Fauci-- “science” seems to be ever more perverted of late.

Artificial Intelligence is no substitute for actual morality.



Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Journalist Tweets That Life Was Grand Before Whitey Ruined This Land


NBC News contributing “journalist” Simon Moya-Smith, 39, who is also a lecturer at the University of Colorado at Denver, recently put out the following tweet: “Before white people came to this land, there were no jails, no homelessness, no laws against homosexuality or abortion. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples emphasized health, housing, freedom to love who you love and the fact that we need Mother Earth. She doesn’t need us.”

This is an example of what we call “fake news.”

There may have been a dearth of jails, but prisoners of war could be captured, tortured, enslaved, or killed. Some tribes had “Blood Laws,” which referred to the widespread practice, particularly in the southeast, of revenge killing. Under this system, when someone killed a member of a particular clan, people from the offending clan had to kill one of their own to balance things out. (I’m guessing there was much debate about who to sacrifice, not least amongst those who were in consideration.)

Some tribes were nomadic, but others lived in tepees. Tepees were made of animal skins and/or blankets wrapped around wooden poles and were typically about 10 feet in diameter. No doubt, a man’s tepee was his castle.

Different tribes probably had somewhat differing views on homosexuality and abortion, but none of them thought they were good things. Or maybe they did. That might explain why there were, by some estimates, as few as 7 million “indigenous” people-- in what is now the United States-- “before white people came to this land.” However, there were no Planned Parenthood clinics around at the time, nor any need for interior decorators, so I doubt this was the case.

The Native Americans fought a lot, amongst themselves. Eastern tribes primarily fought to achieve retribution, while tribes in the southwest clashed with their neighbors both to avenge previous wrongs and to loot them of material possessions. Apaches and Navajos, for example, raided both each other’s and the more sedentary Pueblo Indian tribes in an effort to acquire goods through plunder. (Did they carry “Apache Lives Matter” or “NLM” placards as they looted?) Some tribes occasionally engaged in scalping their vanquished foes, which is demonstrably not healthy for anyone, but they didn’t eat processed foods…or sit around all day watching television.

And did “indigenous peoples” really “emphasize” the “freedom to love who you love” for “thousands of years?” I doubt the Sioux, Ojibwe, Cherokee, Navajo, Apache, et. al., were totally unconcerned if, say, two or more braves wanted to tie the knot, or if a young maiden wished to marry a buffalo or a coyote. Nor do I believe they recognized a limitless number of human genders. I bet it would have caused a stir if Tecumseh or Geronimo showed up to a tribal meeting in drag. Or if Sitting Bull had declared he was now Sitting Cow, non-binary, and that his her pronouns were “they/them.”

Finally, it may be true that “…we need Mother Earth. She doesn’t need us,” but it was good of the old gal not to abort us despite that fact. Might be a lesson there.

(Author’s statement: what happened to Native Americans was tragic. I have the utmost respect for them and their culture. This post was not written to mock them, but rather to mock a remarkably stupid, demonstrably false tweet intimating that life on the North American continent was a veritable beatific utopia until whitey showed up to ruin everything.)