Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islamic Terror Vs. Freedom: The Sun Sets On The West?

                Modern day liberals and progressives believe that global warming, transgender bathroom privileges, forced diversity (of everything but thought and opinion), and the appropriateness of Halloween costumes are the defining issues of our time.
                If we cannot find the ‘courage’ to stand up to our own childish leftist narcissists we certainly won’t have the character and fortitude to win the long battle against Islamic terror…and Western Civilization’s time will be over. If we won’t steadfastly point out to our progressive leaders in academia, media, entertainment and politics how ridiculous- yet dangerous- their priorities are, and be undeterred by any future attempts to insult, label or stigmatize us for doing so, it’s all over but the shouting…of “Allahu Akbar!”
                The lands that literally gave the world light, as with Edison’s light bulb, and the flush toilet, automobile, airplane, (scores of) life-saving drugs and medicines, modern agriculture, radio, photography, printing press, telephone, internet, etc., first gave it the idea of individual, natural rights and freedoms. It is an incredible record and the whole world is demonstrably, immensely better off for these gifts. Worldwide, life expectancy has been dramatically increased as hunger has been dramatically diminished, even as the human population continues to grow.

                How remarkably inexplicable it would be if we do not now take any and all actions necessary to save ourselves, our nations and the long-held heritage of our Western Civilization.
                How remarkably ironic if 'progressives' inadvertently aid and abet the Islamic terrorists attempt to take us back to the seventh century.

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