Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White House "We the People" Website

                Did you know the White House has a “We the People” website where anybody can start a petition? This experiment in “direct democracy” is in its fifth year. A petition has to garner 150 signatures before it becomes public on the site, and then reach the 100,000 signature mark within 30 days to elicit a response from the Obama administration.
                So what do these petitions demand? Some have asked the president to violate the Constitution or otherwise exercise powers he doesn’t possess. That’s like demanding that a drunk attend happy hour. It also is a very bad sign for an experiment in direct democracy.
                Only six demands have generated more than 200,000 electronic signatures. So, what are Americans’ top demands of President Obama? Among the six:
*File charges against the 47 Republican senators who dared to write a letter to Iran to undermine the nuclear ‘deal.’
*Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.
*Extradite Twin Cities dentist Walter Palmer to Zimbabwe for killing Cecil the Lion.

                Let’s look at each of these in turn.

*We want to file charges against lawmakers attempting to protect their country? Those who have the temerity to dissent from the president’s policies and views?
*We want to deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card, but are allowing politicians to enact blanket amnesty of the illegal aliens that are filling our jails and further perverting our political system?
*We want to extradite a Midwestern dentist to Zimbabwe? One who currently faces no charges whatsoever, from Zimbabwe or any other nation, and who is an American citizen and small business owner employing others?

                It is no wonder why the Founders didn’t want a ‘pure democracy.’

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