Thursday, June 20, 2024

Democrats' Policies Are Regressive, Not Progressive


Progressive Democrats, and there virtually no other kind anymore, are people that think they know better than you do how to run your own life. Or, possibly worse yet, that other people know better than you do how to run your life. This is the worst kind of slavery, mental and spiritual, though it could even be physical, as well. (Think pandemic lockdowns where many people weren’t allowed to keep working or leave their houses. Or even attend a loved one’s wedding or funeral.)

Democrats laughably claim that they want to protect “our democracy” from the evil MAGA Republicans, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The United States isn’t a democracy, because the founders knew pure democracies always devolve into mobocracies. In truth, Democrats only wish to protect their bureaucracy. Their own fiefdoms. And The Deep State. The Swamp. The unelected ideologues who are actually responsible for much of the legislation the rest of us have to live with—and under-- and who should be held accountable for the nonsensical, tyrannical effluvium they trowel out. But, good luck with that. (See also “unelected.”)

Many of today’s Democrats are evil. Or, at minimum, foster and promote evil, so explain to me the difference. For their part, the vast majority of establishment Republicans are spineless…or worse. If someone aids and abets, or at least continually and proactively compromises with evil…can they truthfully be called anything but…evil?

But, Eric, you’re taking this too far! This is nuts! Good versus evil, come on! Really?

The majority of Democrats purport to believe in abortion up until the moment of birth…or maybe a little while after. (“After birth abortion” isn’t the same as murder! Really, it isn’t! Swear!) They do not want to protect our borders, and they treat illegal aliens far better than American citizens. (Forget the 100,000 or so fentanyl deaths a year and the sex trafficking, etc., etc.) They sanction violent riots that result in burned out businesses, injuries, and death, and dub them “mostly peaceful,” while calling a bunch of unarmed citizens who paraded around and through “the People’s House” (because they truly believed their votes had been stolen from them and rendered moot) an “insurrection.” They withhold aid to the only actual democracy in the Middle East, a tiny nation of people who have been far more than “marginalized” for nearly their entire existence, and provide aid to the bloodthirsty terrorists who raped, murdered, beheaded, and otherwise tortured thousands of them this past October 7th. They tell Black African nations that they will withhold aid from them, unless they gleefully sign on to the radical LGBTQ agenda. They promote radical hormone treatments and genital mutilation for young boys and girls, even without parental notification. They disdain Genesis, creation, life—and laugh in the face of God, that “sky daddy” that so many ignorant straight white Christian troglodytes in flyover country worship. And they deliberately and sneeringly accuse their political opponents of being and doing what they are and do. That is currently their primary political strategy, in fact. And it is repulsive.

Add all that up. Does it qualify as “evil?”

Progressive? No. Regressive. The United States was progressive in its belief in natural rights and limited government of, by, and for the people…under the rule of law, applied equally. This fundamentally transformed the nature of government. To fundamentally transform the nation now would be to revert to back to some form of authoritarianism.

That is the Democrats’ desire. And they are almost to their goal.


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MSNBC Op-Ed Touts Dads Who Have Aborted Their Babies


A recent op-ed on, by Why not say “Happy Arbor Day to all you serial arsonists?” or “A very merry Christmas to Satanists everywhere?”

Have we really sunk to this level of callousness, immorality, and insanity? In such a short period of time? The answer, sadly, is “yes.” Were there a day celebrating people who are pro-life, this would be like saying, “Happy Pro-Life Day to all the mass murderers out there.” But, of course, there isn’t such a thing as Pro-Life Day, because that would be silly or weird or something, right? “Pro-Life Day,” hah!

The repulsive piece cited Jennifer Reich, a professor of sociology at the University of Colorado, “who told The New York Times in 2022: ‘Everybody benefits when individuals can control their own reproduction…’” This just in: everybody can control their own reproduction…without resorting to abortion. Easily, in fact. Just don’t have intercourse, or at least unprotected intercourse, if you are unwilling to support a child. That’s it. And, unlike an abortion, it doesn’t cost anything and works every time.

The piece referred to abortion as

“I wouldn’t be a father without abortion. Before we met, both my wife and I had experiences with abortion. … If we had not been able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, we wouldn’t be happily married with a 5-year-old. It would have taken both of our lives in completely different directions.” Abortion didn’t make him a father. Quite the opposite. And calling a pregnancy “unwanted” makes it sound like an outbreak of mold or genital warts. One thing is certain, it took his baby’s life in a different direction. By ending it. I could have stopped after stating “it took his baby’s life.”

“men benefit hugely from access to abortion care.” (“Abortion care?”) Yes, men “benefit hugely” by not having to take responsibility-- financial, emotional, or otherwise-- for their actions. They can continue to be randy pigs if they like.

Except…real men don’t do that. And any “benefit” is more than offset by a loss of pride, decency, dignity, and soul. Whether they know it or not.

Abortion kills more than just the baby. Men who support it so as not to be inconvenienced deserve no praise. And no quarter.



Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Police And Military Demoralized...Trains Derailing, Airplane Parts Falling From The Sky, Products Being Recalled At A Record Rate. Why?

Police departments around the country are shorthanded, defunded, demoralized. Many officers have retired or walked away, because they aren’t valued—or, worse, are demonized. All for working long hours for not great pay…and putting their life on the line for public safety. And, if they do arrest somebody for even violent behavior, the perps often are sprung the same day, no bail required. This has led to the majority of American citizens being less safe than perhaps ever before.

Our military is far less capable than it was just a few short years ago. Patriots, Christians, MAGA types, and conservatives have been deliberately drummed out of the services in favor of more left-leaning individuals. Competence—let alone excellence—has been dismissed in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion. (I hope and pray we don’t soon have to see how diversity, equity, and inclusion fares against well-trained, highly skilled, determined adversaries.) Recruiting goals are not close to being met. The navy, 600 ships strong at the end of Reagan’s presidency, is now down to just 283 mostly functioning vessels. In toto, the once unparalleled American military is no longer an effective deterrence against the likes of China, Russia…or even Iran. It is a sad but historical fact that, when we are incapable of effective deterrence, our allies lose confidence and our enemies pounce. And innocent people “DIE.” (“DEI” rearranged to more accurately reflect the end result of such hyper-woke sentiments and policies.)

And there is more. Much more. Trains are derailing, plane parts are falling from the sky, shipping delays are legion, customer service seems an outmoded concept…and there are more product recalls, particularly of foodstuffs, than ever before.

All of this was predictable. In fact, there is no other possible result of an all-out assault on competence, reason, and productivity. Ayn Rand predicted this back in 1957.

What we are witnessing now is…Atlas Shrugging.

Monday, June 17, 2024

California Gov. Newsome Proposes Budget Slashing Law Enforcement


According to a Fox News report, “Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., proposed slashing budgets regarding public safety, such as prisons and law enforcement, as the state simultaneously grapples with a crippling deficit and doubles down on climate goals relating to equity.” (“Climate goals relating to equity?” A progressive twofer!)

Gov. Hair Gel’s proposed budget, recently released, notes that "difficult decisions" are necessary to address the estimated $27.6 billion deficit, projected to continue into the foreseeable future. The Fox report stated that the budget “includes a $97 million cut to trial court operations, $10 million to the Department of Justice's Division of Law Enforcement and more than $80 million to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.”

“Difficult decisions?” Really?! Difficult? How about ceasing funding for illegal aliens instead of slashing the budget for law enforcement?! Might that lead to a safer, more stable and just society? Talk about a twofer! The erstwhile Golden State’s food assistance program could be limited to truly needy citizens, and it could stop spending more than $2.7 billion a year providing free health care to illegals! The latter figure alone is almost 13 times more than the previously enumerated proposed cuts!

A spokesperson for Newsome told Fox News Digital, "The budget proposes numerous ways to make government more efficient and reduce costs for taxpayers, including cuts on inmate spending.” Well, it should be a no-brainer to cut spending on inmates, since California is no longer incarcerating anyone!

Newsome’s proposed budget should be known as the “How to Destroy a State in One Easy Step Program.”


Sunday, June 16, 2024

Staunch Abortion Advocate Nancy Pelosi Says Gun Control Is Needed To Protect Our Children


Former House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi recently took to Twitter ‘X’ to declare, ““No one’s political survival is more important than our children’s survival. Survivors and advocates turning pain into purpose demand an assault weapons ban. #WearOrange today and Vote Blue to defeat Republicans standing in the way of commonsense solutions to gun violence.-NP”

For some reason, she did not add, “And also Vote Blue so we can make unfettered abortion the law of the land! #killyourunbornbabytoday.-NP”

In early 2023, virtually every House Democrat voted against legislation that would have required prompt medical attention be given to babies who were born alive after an attempt was made to abort them. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act stated that doctors would be required to care for those infants as a "reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive." Democrats would have none of it.

Pelosi virtue signaling about children’s survival is like Hitler touting the Anti-Defamation League to prioritize the survival of Jews. It’s like Mexican drug cartels launching a “Just Say No!” campaign, ala Nancy Reagan. It’s as if Dr. Fauci and Kristi Noem joined the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is preposterous and repulsive.

Maybe I’ll write a spoof about a fundraiser for unfettered abortion and gun control and post it on my blogsite. Oh, wait, I already did. Long ago. But, sadly, it’s not parody anymore.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to write parody today, because nothing is crazier than reality. Especially the “reality” Democrats recognize.   




Saturday, June 15, 2024

Whither America?

If, in a fair and free election (snort, giggle), the American people return Biden to the White House, they will have voted themselves into shackles, elected to eliminate their freedoms and liberty, and chosen to live as cattle on the government’s ranch…an act perhaps without precedent in human history.

If you vote for the current president who is trying to destroy a former president for far lesser offenses than he himself has committed, you are a hypocrite. If you vote for the man who is currently attempting to imprison his political opponent, perhaps for life, for the sin of standing in the way of his continued power, you are an ignorant fool. If you vote for the man who has labeled nearly half of your countrymen “domestic terrorists,” you are a cad of the highest order. If you vote for the man who is clearly beholden to at least one-- likely more than one-- of America’s enemies, each with totalitarian governments, you cannot claim to be a patriot or defender of democracy.

            If you vote for the man who clearly—and in so many ways-- favors illegal immigrants over American citizens, and those who break the law over those who abide by it, you are voting for chaos, pain, and societal destruction.

           Someone once asked, “What is the difference between ignorance and apathy?” To which the cheeky reply is, “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

The pertinent question for likely Biden voters as we near the 2024 presidential election would be: “What is the difference between ignorance and insanity?”

The answer in this case would be: “Nothing, in terms of the consequences.”

World Economic Forum Authors: "Let Them Eat Fake Meat"


The globalist elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are calling on governments to promote fake meat and other alternative proteins in a coordinated effort to change consumers’ behavior. Shocking, I know.

The authors of a white paper entitled “Creating a Vibrant Food Innovation Ecosystem: How Israel Is Advancing Alternative Proteins Across Sectors,” claim that changing humans’ eating habits will require a global effort with governments and corporations working together. Yes, bloated governments and big corporations working together to manipulate and coerce the little people’s behavior is a great idea! And perfectly befitting of fascism, or at least a robust oligarchy!

Fake meat. Fake genders. Fake news. Artificial intelligence. I am sick of it all.

Is anything real anymore?

Yes, the existential danger this represents to us as humans-- and formerly free and sentient beings-- is all too real, indeed.



Thursday, June 13, 2024

MSNBC Analyst Urges The Military To Keep Trump From Getting Elected


Crazed MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch recently urged the military to release an ad campaign against former President Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming presidential election. True story, as Biden might say.

Deutsch said: “Contrast is everything in this election. And I think the military is the greatest example to show the contrast between two men. You see Donald Trump who, you know, got off, didn’t serve because of bunions and allegedly told John Kelly, his chief of staff … as they were in a cemetery looking at fallen heroes, ‘why would any person be a sucker and give their life for their country?’ And that’s all you need to know about Donald Trump.”

The “alleged” story has been revealed to be less of a story and more alleged. Like nearly everything else said of Trump by those who are so blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can no longer see anything that doesn’t feed their hatred or comport with their agenda. And anyone who ends their comments about something that someone “allegedly” did by remarking, “And that’s all you need to know” about that someone is a cad whose apocryphal story should be automatically dismissed.

The MSNBC anal-ist also, incredibly, stated: “I think the most compelling advertising campaign would be centered around the military. If we got Mattis, McMaster, Milley and Kelly, to go to screen and say, ‘look this country cannot stand Donald Trump. The defense of this country will not stand Donald Trump. We are great Americans. We believe in the country. We trust this country. We know this country. You can’t vote for Donald Trump.’ I think the military is the secret weapon in this election and I hope those ads come to fruition.” 

That’s ironic. He thinks the military is “the secret weapon” that should tell the American people: “You can’t vote for Donald Trump?” What happened to the long-cherished American concept of separating the civilian government from the military? Democrats’ disdain for civilians combined with their control of the military. That’s what happened.

Deutsch has previously spoken of “the evilness of Donald Trump” and labeled him as nothing more than the “Chief Crime Boss.” In this particular appearance, he slandered nearly half of all Americans, stating, “If you vote for Trump, you’re the bad guy.”

Ironically, as “Deutsch” directly translates to “German,” Donny Boy also said of Trump supporters, “You, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, go(ing) ‘you here, you here.’”

Let me see if I have this straight: To progressives, “Kink shaming” is bad, but MAGA shaming is a defense of democracy?!

I, for one, have had enough of these deviants, these projecting perverts.

They are the bad guys…and gals…and whatever other genders they care to name or invent. How do we know this? If you silently pray outside of an abortion mill, they want you arrested. If, however, you protest for Hamas, a terror group who killed many innocent women on or about October 7 by using a blowtorch on their genital regions, they will speak up for your right to do so…if not actually praise you for your courage…even as you claim to be the real victim yourself. (Of course, they also support the genital mutilation of young people in this country who profess gender confusion, however briefly, so…)

Anyone who proposes that the party in power use the military to affect the outcome of the next presidential election “to save our democracy” either has no understanding of democracy or is clinically insane. Or evil. Or some combination of the three.

In any case, they have no business lecturing—or threatening—the rest of us.


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Minnesota Gov. Walz Bans Training For "Excited Delirium"


According to the Minneapolis StarTribune, also known as the New World’s Pravda, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has signed a law prohibiting training for licensed police officers on “excited delirium.” You may well be asking yourself, “Say what?”

StarTribune: “Excited delirium usually refers to a person possessed by a potentially deadly form of agitation, sometimes abetted by drug abuse, and displaying aggressive behavior, profuse sweating, public nudity, mouth foaming and superhuman strength.”

Well, just because a perp is on drugs, foaming at the mouth, possibly nude, displaying aggressive behavior and deadly agitation while exhibiting superhuman strength, that’s no reason for law enforcement personnel to use force against that person! Or even to be trained in how to handle that situation! Why wouldn’t any and all sane police officers tell Walz, “Okay, you do this f**King job!”

The StarTribune noted that ‘excited delirium’ is “a diagnosis that national medical associations have rejected as pseudoscience.” The far-left paper for the far-left Twin Cities also quoted Dr. Altaf Saadi, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital who has called for the end of the term’s use in the United States, as saying, "Right now, there's not a single medical association that upholds excited delirium as legitimate.”

Pseudoscience? Legitimate? Medical associations in the U.S. and Canada recognize men who claim to be women as women, and women who claim to be men as men. They recommend the genital mutilation of young children. They were wrong about nearly everything pertaining to the coronavirus and the response thereto. They claimed that it was a necessary public health matter to allow Black Lives Matter and Antifa to riot in the streets and burn down buildings while the rest of us were told we must stay six feet apart—and that we couldn’t go to work, the gym, or to the funeral of a loved one. Some are pro-abortion…and pro-medically assisted suicide. Doctors and nurses now “assign” a baby’s “gender” at birth as “X.” Or refuse to give a life-saving organ transplant to someone who hasn’t had the full regimen of COVID-19 vaccinations. They claim alcoholism is a disease á la the common cold or pneumonia. (If so, how does one “catch” it?) and now they are buying into DEI at the expense of competence.

So if Walz and his sycophants at the StarTribune want examples of the belief in pseudoscience, they should look in the mirror. Or at a picture of “Dr. Fauci.”

Excited delirium is real. Don’t believe me? Just look at the actions of “journalists” reporting on Donald J. Trump.



Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Woke Culture Declares War On Beauty


As WKRG reported, 23-year-old Atmore resident Sara Milliken won Miss Alabama on her third try over Memorial Day weekend. The morbidly obese Milliken claimed her goal was only to make the top 10 after failing even to place in her previous two attempts. Yet, she is now Miss Alabama.

A few days later, despite an array of stunningly beautiful, charming, and intelligent women to choose from in the Miss Maryland USA pageant, the contest’s judges awarded the crown to a biological male who goes by the name of Bailey Anne Kennedy.

How did this happen? You know the answer as well as I do: wokeness run amok.

This is part and parcel of the perverse leftist desire to render the meaning of words moot…and, worse yet, to strip everything of any meaning whatsoever. Their desire to excuse their own proclivities and behavior, whatever it may be, impels them to attempt to destroy the very concepts of decency, “better,” and good and evil…that they may not be judged here on this earth. (And, since they typically do not believe in God, they think they are home free.) This is a deliberate attempt to make a mockery of judgements, competition, the sacredness of male and female complementarity, beauty…and God himself.

Make no mistake, The Left is engaged in an all-out war on beauty, excellence, and decency. This, in turn, is part of its larger War on Truth.

If we do not win this war, the consequences will be catastrophic. And likely permanent.

Monday, June 10, 2024

WHO Says It's Time To "Be More Aggressive" Against Anti-Vaxxers


WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently gave a speech promoting health initiatives and vaccines in which he stated, "I think it's time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers.”

In his address, titled “A Pact with the Future: Why the Pandemic Agreement Is Mission-Critical for Humanity,” given in Dubai, Ghebreyesus said: "We cannot allow this historic agreement, this milestone in global health, to be sabotaged by those who spread lies, either deliberately or unknowingly." Cannot allow people to have access to as much information as possible and make up their own minds? This from an organization that deliberately spreads lies-- and allegedly helped the Chinese Communist Party in its cover up of the coronavirus’ origins. And told the rest of the planet’s nations not to restrict travelers from China or close their borders. And who granted the CCP a veto over its own COVID-19 origins report. And pushed vaccines that were far less effective—and far more dangerous—than it led us to believe was the case.

Even prior to this, the WHO was embroiled in controversy over wasteful spending, corruption…and a sexual abuse scandal. The pertinent question is, given its incompetence, how can anybody take the WHO seriously in its efforts to undermine national—and individual—sovereignty.  

Moreover, the organization’s International Health Regulation amendments, aggressively pushed, include the creation of digital “health documents,” which mirror the goals of the World Economic Forum…and threaten personal privacy.

Yet the WHO thinks “it’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers?” Now?!

The truth is it is high time for the rest of us to be more aggressive in pushing back on the edicts, mandates, and desires of failed organizations like the WHO, U.N., and WEF.

Lyrics from a song by the classic rock band The Who seem appropriate here:


Come on, come on WHO?

WHO are you?


Ah, WHO the f**k are you?



Sunday, June 9, 2024

Reflections On D-Day...And Culture Change


The 80th anniversary of D-Day caused me to reflect on those young men who gave the last full measure of devotion to come to the aid of so many others (whom they did not know and were not related to) that had been enslaved. And all those like them throughout the years…and wars. Even sadder, it caused me to reflect on young people now, the majority of whom appear to be entitled, spoiled, and craven. And the many who are on college campuses, protesting for those that would kill or enslave them if they had the chance, and against the very freedoms bequeathed to them.

Time is a fickle thing. Would those who sacrificed so much have done so if they had known this would someday be the case? Reparations? Don’t those of us alive today owe them something? Particularly the kids from wealthy families attending elite schools and insisting their every demand be met and every protest be heard…even as others end up paying for their privilege?

I have never fully bought into the term “greatest generation,” as there have been several great generations. I think of the Founders in particular, or those that fought in the Civil War. However, the generation that victoriously fought in World War II, and came home to build a vibrant economy and thriving families, is certainly one of the greatest.

But let’s think of them as individuals, something leftists are loathe to do. Let us think of the young man from Chicago who hated to leave his struggling family but was proud to serve his country. Or the one from Los Angeles who was sure he was on the way to becoming a movie star but followed a higher calling. Or the one from Alabama who wanted nothing more than to marry his childhood sweetheart and live quietly—and happily—ever after. And never got the chance. Or the 18-year-old from Iowa who loved the family farm, and the cool creek running through the north forty. Or the 20-year-old from Minneapolis who had never missed a summer at the family’s northern Minnesota lake cabin.

Their sacrifices, some ultimate, now rarely—and barely—get noticed…if at all. They did not protest. They did not make demands. They did not blame others for their fortunes. They did not scream, yell, cry, and dissemble. And they did not stick up for evil. They fought it.

Greater love hath no man than this.



California Doesn't Know If $24 Billion It Spent Did Any Good


The results of a recently released audit clearly illustrate that, while California spent a staggering $24 billion to address the homeless crisis over the past five years, it failed to properly or consistently track the huge outlay of public money-- or whether it did anything at all to actually improve the problem.

In fact, the state auditor’s report found that despite the massive outlay, the problem didn’t improve in many cities.

According to Fox News, “the report found that the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH), which is responsible for coordinating agencies and allocating resources for the homelessness programs, stopped tracking whether the programs were working in 2021.” (Yet the Cal ICH is placing the blame squarely on local governments.)

Newsome’s government stopped tracking whether the programs were working several years ago? Way to be cautious and prudent with those taxpayer dollars! The sad truth is that Cal ICH likely stopped keeping track of whether the program was a success or not precisely because they knew it wasn’t!

As the late, great “investigative humorist” P.J. O’Rourke once noted, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”


Friday, June 7, 2024

Five With No Jive


Five With No Jive


*Despite all evidence, Attorney General Meritless Merrick Garland says it’s a “dangerous conspiracy theory” to allege that the Department of Justice is communicating with state and local prosecutions against Trump. Understand, when those in Biden’s government say “it’s a dangerous conspiracy theory,” they mean dangerous for them, not for the country. There’s a huge difference. They are opposites, in fact.

*Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt recently signed the “Women’s Bill of Rights Law,” which defines “man” and “woman” based on biology. That’s weird. Why not define male and female based on whim, hearsay, wishes-- or if the moon is in the seventh house? Gender is whatever we say it is. The science is settled!

*Apparently deranged Canadian Health Minister Mark Holland recently implied-- during a remarkably unhinged rant-- that if Canucks take too many summer road trips, it could make “the planet burn.” I wonder where he’s going on his extended vacation? Hopefully some place with a nice, padded cell.

*United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently delivered a keynote speech in which he stated: “Like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, we [humans] are having an outsized impact. In the case of climate, we are not the dinosaurs; we are the meteor. We are not only in danger; we are the danger.” One question: Did the f**king dinosaurs not do anything to change the climate? Were they perfect stewards of Our Mother? Unquestionably, they were too stupid to make things that could contribute to “greenhouse gas” accumulation. But that didn’t help them.

*In a recent interview, El Salvidor President Nayib Bukele told Tucker Carlson that MS-13 gang members were involved in Satanic child sacrifice rituals, claiming this was “well-documented.” How is that any different than what is happening in the U.S.? Ours are encouraged and/or performed by teachers and medical personnel instead of MS-13 gang members, but other than that…



Thursday, June 6, 2024

D-Day...Past And Future (Praise, Fear, And Hope)


On this hallowed date in 1944, 160,000 young British, Canadian, and American troops came ashore in Normandy to attempt the nearly impossible. Their mission was to secure the beaches, scale the cliffs, penetrate the Atlantic Wall, evict the Germans from their observation posts, gun batteries, and bunker networks…and, eventually, liberate the European Continent from the throes of tyrannical fascism. Eleven months later, they had done just that.

Many—if not most—of us in the Land of the (formerly) Free now recognize another “D-Day” is needed. The events of this second D-Day will be centered around November 5, 2024. Success on this new D-Day will come not by guns and grenades, but by ballots and vigilance. Can we do the seemingly improbable? Can we save ourselves—and give hope to the world once more?

Can we liberate ourselves from the throes of a growing tyrannical Marxism?

Is it possible given the demographic changes to the U.S.? Is it possible given the feminization of our military? And the corruption of its leadership? Is it possible given the cultural climate, which is of infinitely greater concern—or should be-- than the other “climate change” that allegedly worries progressives so? Is it possible given the corruption of virtually all the leaders of virtually all of the nation’s “alphabet agencies” and federal departments? Is it possible given the apparent corruption or lack of courage of nearly all those under them? Is it possible given the vast breadth and depth of the Deep State? Is it possible given the staggering ignorance, hypocrisy, and apathy of a large section of the American populace? Is it possible given the precipitous drop in Americans’ religious belief? Is it possible given the prevalence of mail-in voting with no real or enforced safeguards whatsoever? Is it possible given the fact that Americans’ votes are overwhelmingly counted by those who favor those currently comprising the ruling class?

Despite what you may have been hearing lately, it is assuredly not likely.

But, logically, it did not seem possible that the 160,000 young British, Canadians, and Americans who came ashore in Normandy on June 6, 1944 would succeed in getting off the beaches, scaling the cliffs, and defeating the entrenched Germans who held the high ground (physically though not morally).

As Lincoln so eloquently noted, the United States of America was conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Countless men and women have sacrificed—and died—to achieve and preserve those foundational principles.

We are now engaged in a great philosophical and spiritual contest, testing whether that nation or perhaps any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

This D-Day will determine if we will liberate ourselves from the global elites’ mindset that fancies themselves superior to the rest of us-- akin to the Aryan race-- or, if, as FDR once stated, the date will “live in infamy.”

To paraphrase another great wartime leader, Winston Churchill: if we fail, we will almost certainly sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age. One made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. (See also “Dr.” Fauci.)



Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Dead Man Elected In New Jersey


Voters in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District re-elected Rep. Donald Payne Jr. on Tuesday, June 4th. Unfortunately for them, Rep. Payne is dead. According to the New York Post, “The 65-year-old member of the Congressional Black Caucus died April 24 after a heart attack — after the filing deadline for the primary had already passed.” And, since Payne ran unopposed, and passed after the filing deadline for the primary had also passed, no one could replace him on the ballot per the Garden State’s election rules.

A special primary election will be held on July 16, with the winner to finish out the late congressman’s term. Around the same time, Democratic committee members in the district will meet to pick a new candidate for the Nov. 5 general election.

A dead guy elected? That’s different. Usually it’s Democrat voters who are dead.

(New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District is one of the farthest left in the nation. Stalin would defeat any Republican. He’s dead, too.)

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Sesame Street And The National Weather Service Celebrate Pride Month!


In honor of PRIDE! Month, various entities took to Twitter X to shamelessly virtue signal and bend a knee towards the 2SLGBTQIIA+ Community. The Biden White House declared, “This month and every month, our Administration celebrates the extraordinary courage of LGBTQI+ people and proudly stands with them in the fight for equality, justice, and inclusion.” (Does this mean it doesn’t stand with the 2Sers, one of the “Is,” or the “A” people?)

The U.S. Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) “openly and proudly” recognized the contributions of “LGBTQ+” Veterans, while the Department of Defense (DOD) trumpeted: “Pride Month is a time to come together to honor the contributions of LGBTQ+ service members.” (“Come together,” wink, wink.) Not sure if the VA or DOD ever separately and explicitly honored heterosexual veterans. Or Christian ones. Or traditional and conservative ones. Oh yeah, they actually kicked them out of the services.

Meanwhile, Sesame Street, the Public Television show aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, proudly posted: “Happy #PrideMonth from Sesame Street! Today and every day, we celebrate and uplift the LGBTQIA+ members of our community. Together, let’s build a world where every person and family feels loved and welcomed for who they are.” Because two to six-year-olds desperately need to learn about aberrant—or any-- sexual behavior. Right? I don’t want to hear about Bert and Ernie—and Elmo. I can hear The Count now: “One, one LGBTQIA+ member; two, two LGBTQIA+ members; three, three LGBTQIA+ members, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

Happily, the National Weather Service (NWS) also chipped in, stating: “Let us Reflect, Empower and Unite together this #Pride Month as we celebrate the diversity of the NWS family! Their skills and perspectives allow us to meet our mission of protecting a diverse nation.” Because when, say, a hurricane or tornado is heading your way, isn’t it good to know that your weatherperson isn’t straight?!

So, if you are a straight, white, Christian male veteran-- regardless of your sacrifice—you get one day a year to be officially recognized…November 11th. But if you are, say, a bisexual, mulatto, transgender veteran, you get to be feted for an entire month! Lucky you!

The NWS? Sesame Street? I, for one, can’t wait to see the posts touting the LGBTQIA+ Community coming from the Bureau of Engraving, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Vatican, Chuck E. Cheese, and the Brewery Collectibles Club of America.

As Hunter Biden might say, by way of the Beatles, “Come together, right now, over me.”



Monday, June 3, 2024

Four That Will Leave You Asking For More

Four That Will Leave You Asking For More


*The now ironically named U.S. “Justice Department” says it can’t release Biden’s special council interview with Robert Hur due to “deepfake” audio concerns. I’m going to have to call bullshit on that one. The addled Commander-in-Chief doesn’t want it released.

*Recently reformed erstwhile Democrat Tulsi Gabbard’s aunt was allegedly beaten and stabbed to death with a hammer and knife…by a protégé and close friend. Two points come to mind here. One, how close a friend was the alleged assailant/murderer really? Two, this clearly shows the need for common sense hammer and knife control. Congress?

*Canada’s ministry of Veteran’s Affairs did not mention Good Friday as a holiday this year, opting instead to issue a statement reading, “We want to wish Veterans, current members and their families a happy March holiday season!” Because there’s no real substantive difference between Good Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, and National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day…among many other observances. Right?

*Those who follow horse racing closely will know of American Pharoah. Well, there is a new American Pharoah, the current president of the formerly United States of America. This American Pharoah is neither an equine nor a winner, but he is a horse’s ass.


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Vermont Punishes Oil Production


Vermont recently passed legislation that will punish oil companies for producing oil by forcing them to pay a share of damages allegedly caused by "climate change." In doing so, the Green Mountain State has effectively criminalized the extraction and production of petroleum—and therefor petroleum products.

Per the Associated Press:

Under the legislation, the Vermont state treasurer, in consultation with the Agency of Natural Resources, would provide a report by Jan. 15, 2026, on the total cost to Vermonters and the state from the emission of greenhouse gases from Jan. 1, 1995, to Dec. 31, 2024. The assessment would look at the effects on public health, natural resources, agriculture, economic development, housing and other areas. The state would use federal data to determine the amount of covered greenhouse gas emissions attributed to a fossil fuel company.

To say this is insane is to seriously understate things. Assuming that greenhouse gases are in some way detrimental, how could it be possible to apportion “blame” amongst companies, industries, individuals, groups, organizations, vehicles, appliances…and the government?

Nonetheless, typically timid GOP Governor Phil Scott managed to be missing in action long enough for the bill to become law without his signature. Vermont’s chief invertebrate then actually wrote a letter to lawmakers in which he said, “I understand the desire to seek funding to mitigate the effects of climate change that has hurt our state in so many ways.” (Invertebrate --noun--: an animal lacking a backbone, such as an arthropod, mollusk, annelid, coelenterate, or establishment Republican. See also, RINO.)

The oil companies should go along with the insanity. Not one drop of oil should be directed towards Vermont. Let Vermonters freeze to death in the winter—or die of heatstroke in the allegedly rapidly warming climate. No affordable gasoline to power your vehicles so you can go to work, the hospital, out to eat, or on vacation? Too bad, dumbasses. Think about that—and the myriad of other products that are made from petroleum-- the next time you are going to vote.

Penalizing companies that deliver lifesaving (and enhancing) goods and services by extorting money from them over and above the regular rate of taxation is a recipe for societal disaster. Unfortunately, this is of a piece with penalizing farmers for producing the food we need to survive. (While we’re at it, let’s also penalize the waste management companies that pick up and haul away our garbage. I mean, my God, they literally trash Mother Earth by inserting refuse into her by way of landfills!)

Here’s hoping Vermont’s politicians are held responsible for the damages this legislation will cause.

This is Atlas Shrugged writ large.

By the way, who is John Galt?


Saturday, June 1, 2024

Democrat Devolution


“My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular. Where it's safe to say what's on your mind, especially when everyone disagrees. Where it's safe to believe what you believe, especially when everyone else's beliefs stand elsewhere.”—Adlai Stevenson

Adlai Stevenson was a Democrat. (In fact, he ran for president in 1952 and 1956, losing twice to Dwight Eisenhower.)

Hard to believe today when the Donkey Party is composed almost entirely of radical leftists bent on suppressing or eliminating any belief, thought, or utterance that it fears could possibly tend to lessen its grip on power. It’s not just “The Squad,” or the likes of Adam Schiff, that are keen to stymie, cancel, erase, or shut down opposing viewpoints. Nearly all of today’s Democrats disdain the First Amendment in their tyrannical lust for eternal power and control, President Biden chief among them.

Another Democrat, Harry Truman, once stated: “We need not fear the expression of ideas-- we do need to fear their suppression.”

And the person who many claim founded the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson, solemnly averred: “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.”

Today, the “Democratic” president is trying to imprison his Republican rival. College campuses are hermetically sealed off from anyone with an allegedly “conservative” or traditional viewpoint. Federal agencies warn media outlets against telling the truth. Speaking out against the pandemic-induced lockdowns, social distancing requirements, mask mandates, or COVID-1984 vaccines, could lead to your being mocked, shadow-banned, or pink-slipped depending on your circumstances. Challenging “climate-change” orthodoxy will get you branded a “Denier” with a capital, crimson ‘D,’ and possibly labeled a nut case. Disagree with the rapidly evolving and expanding trans agenda? Don’t believe in the artificial hormone-altering or genital mutilation of our children? Prepare to be at least figuratively assaulted by the most hyper-sensitive, close-minded, and thuggish identity group that has ever existed.

Dare to speak up for your beliefs? If you happen to be a straight, white, Christian male that believes in the Founding values—or a proud, independent-thinking Black person that doesn’t toe the Democratic Party line—prepare to have your voice stolen, silenced, rendered mute. The Party doesn’t like the former. Period. And won’t abide the latter straying from the ideological plantation on which they intend to keep them. (Democrats, eventually rather successfully, attempted to institute mental slavery almost immediately upon Republicans ending physical slavery.) As Biden said, “You ain’t Black” if you have trouble deciding between him and Trump.

Facebook acquiesces to federal government pressure to help sway the 2020 presidential election. Big Tech and Big Social Media censor—or worse—any sentiment with which they disagree. My own blog has long been demonetized, shadow-banned, and otherwise stunted and harassed on its Google platform. This from the company whose motto was once, “Don’t be evil.” The truth is, most progressive/leftist/Marxist/Communist media outlets and platforms love to be evil. They aren’’t big on God, but they are big on themselves, money…and tyranny.

Those of us who have been the victims of Big Tech/social media hypocrisy, intolerance, and virtue-signaling vitriol typically receive messages such as, “a recent post doesn’t conform to our community standards.” I assume they mean the “standards” that see their communities awash in drug and alcohol overdoses, homeless people, illegal aliens, hopelessness, and crime. Oh, and piles of human feces.

If one speaks out too strongly against even that, there may be consequences. But I will continue to do so anyway. And not under an assumed name. I know full well that I can be punished for this…because I already have been. So bleeping what?!

If enough of us speak out—or try to-- regardless of the consequences, those that would silence us may someday find their power and control waning, not waxing.


American Justice?


The term “American Justice” is now an oxymoron.

“American clown show” would be more accurate. The Biden Department of Injustice, the FBI, CIA, DIA, M-O-U-S-E, and other government agencies have been so thoroughly compromised—and weaponized against anyone who would dare to challenge them, that there appears to be no way back to decency, objectivity, and sanity. This erstwhile Constitutional, representative republic has devolved into a Banana Republic in just a few short years. Barack Obama’s stated goal of “fundamentally transforming” the (formerly) United States has come to fruition. The nation that long did more to advance human freedom and dignity than any other is now just another polity controlled by power-hungry madmen seeking their own glorification over that of the Creator.

Donald Trump has been convicted of, well, being Donald Trump-- and standing in the way of Biden’s re-election. Nothing more and nothing less. The Biden administration and its appointees, toadies, and assorted sycophants in the media and elsewhere would convict Trump for removing the tag off of his mattress or for fudging his golf score. Proactively. And with demonic glee. They are reminiscent of the folks in days of yore who used to cry “Witch!” followed by “Burn her! Burn her!” They are anything but “progressive.” They now esteem lawfare even more than welfare.

Judge Merchan and his Kangaroo Court have destroyed American jurisprudence. They have tossed out the concepts of rule of law, equal justice under the law, a jury of one’s peers, and innocent until proven guilty. And they don’t care.

Ronald Reagan once noted that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” He added that, if we don’t fight for and protect it, “one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” A corollary would be that our government institutions—even the most cherished and vital ones—are never more than one generation away from being utterly corrupted. As they are now.

The jury is out… as to if America can ever recover. November 5th—and, sadly, due to mail-in voting, the many days leading up to and possibly after it— will be a referendum of sorts. The issue? Can America heal itself and continue its tradition of freedom and limited government…of, by, and for, the people.

What troubles me is a quote, generally attributed to the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin: "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”

The people who currently count the votes in the U.S. are largely the same as those who convicted Trump in New York City.

And that is not democratic, but demonic.