Monday, February 29, 2016

YouGov Survey Finds Americans Under Thirty Favor Socialism

                 A survey conducted late last month by YouGov found that a shocking 43 percent of Americans under 30 have a favorable view of socialism, while only about 32 percent had a favorable view of capitalism. Conversely, of those over 65, 63% had a favorable view of capitalism while only 23% had a favorable view of socialism.
                The survey results clearly reveal a number of facts: 1) Rapid demographic changes are having an effect on the political views of the American populace, much to the delight of the establishment of both parties. The vast majority of illegal immigrants, for various reasons, are young. 2) Schools at all levels are failing to teach history or failing to teach it accurately and honestly. Anyone who knows the history of socialist/Marxist/communist countries knows it is an unbroken streak of human misery, dictatorship, plunging standards of living and outright evil at worst- and drastically limited human freedoms and an attendant breakdown in innovation, religion, morale, respect for life and individual self-esteem at best.
                Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, the Cold War. The under 30 crowd didn’t live in this era, of course, so they don’t have first-hand knowledge of it. And now they aren’t being taught history, except perhaps through a revisionist, Marxist prism. Leftists control all of America’s major institutions, so that even outside of academia, all they are exposed to in the mainstream media, Hollywood, music, social media, etc., is a constant barrage of mindless, craven, intolerant, politically-correct…twaddle.
                3) As we have reached an unprecedented level of wealth and comfort, with previously unheard of amounts of leisure time, we have gone soft. In an apparent attempt to be caring and humane, we have built a welfare state that allows those who don’t wish to work the ability to stay home and collect an unearned paycheck, taken from the ever fewer number of folks with the integrity and character to keep working. Smoking weed and playing video games is cool. And it still leaves one with plenty of time to denounce the rich and lobby for free college tuition, free birth control and free…everything else, too.
                Not having experienced what previous generations had to go through to survive, such as hunting woolly mammoths and living in caves; living in a small home with no electricity, heat, television, phones or internet;  or fighting off a lengthy global depression, and fighting in two World Wars, etc., etc.,…has left the millennial generation, as a whole, utterly spoiled, entitled, infantilized and effeminate.
                These factors combine to explain why the majority of millennials are pro-socialism and are consequently voting for Bernie Sanders in overwhelming numbers. It still boggles the mind, though,  how ignorant and blinded by groundless emotion people can be. It is stunning that many disdain the very folks who produce the wealth that they seek to transfer to themselves.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Global Warming Devastating Minnesota's Moose Population?

                 An article in the Sunday, February 7th, Minneapolis StarTribune purported to chronicle the decline of Northern Minnesota’s moose population. The headline, on the front page above the fold, read: “Can Our Moose Be Saved?” A small banner above that alerted readers that this was a “Special Report.”
                Make no mistake, I “like” moose and wish them no harm. I hope they can and will be saved, if, in fact, they are in need of saving. The article went on to list the alleged reasons for the recent decline in that area’s moose population, highlighting everything from wolf predation to parasite infestations. And then, predictably, it arrived at the “real” culprit: climate change. It bluntly stated that these animals don’t do well in higher temperatures, especially in winter (emphasis mine). So, moose don’t do well in the higher coldest yearly temperatures, but do alright in summer when it is 70, 80, 90 degrees? You really want us to believe that it is easier for the moose in 40 to 50 degree below zero weather like this area experienced 2 and 3 winters ago, and if it’s, say, 89 degrees, than it is if the temperature is 30 or 40 degrees??! Come on.
                The article referenced a DNR researcher who “found” that, in the winter, “the more often temperatures are above 23 degrees (not 22 or 24!), the worse off moose are nutritionally and added “In short, at higher temperatures they don’t seem to eat enough.” The researcher added, that even when they are near a “smorgasbord” of good forage, “If it’s too warm, it doesn’t matter.” Yet, later on, the article allowed as how moose are gaily roaming around the “far warmer plains” of North Dakota and agricultural regions of Alberta, Canada.
                To recap: these learned scientists, these exalted experts,  would have us believe that when the temperature is 29 degrees above zero moose just can’t motivate themselves to stave off starvation like they can if it’s 29 degrees below zero or 79 degrees above zero.
                Belief in man-caused global warming does seem to be leading to a drastic decline… in logic.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vegan Activists Threaten Restaurant Over Valentine's Day Menu

                 Vegan activists threatened a restaurant in the United Kingdom over its Valentine’s Day menu. Mark Dixon, the award winning chef at Kings Arms at Fleggburgh, decided against offering the expensive dish during Valentine’s Day dinner this year after being subjected to “harassment,” apparently even including death threats, the Guardian reported recently. Dixon posted the Valentine’s Day menu on Facebook in January. At a cost of 50 pounds per diner, potential guests were invited to indulge in a specialty tasting menu that included vodka cured salmon, grilled halibut, Foie Gras and chicken liver parfait.  The last two items in particular drew the ire of activists (because the fowl are deliberately overfed), resulting in the restaurant being bombarded with calls, threats and fake reservations.
                “We have listened to every opinion but when people go as far as ringing our staff, constantly, calling them murderers and death threats we class this as harassment and also inhumane to humans on the vegans behalf, and completely disgusting and unacceptable,” read a Kings Arms Facebook post shortly thereafter. “To stop this unfair behavior on our staff we have decided to remove the Foie Gras from the menu and apologize to all of our customers who enjoy our parfait dish.”
                You can be sure these same vegans and vegetarians who threatened to kill this restaurant’s employees for the crime of serving Foie Gras never got close to working up this much indignation over  recent Islamic terror attacks.
                Perhaps it’s true…you are what you eat. These “activists” have certainly consumed more than their fair share of vegetables… and nuts.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Rats Protected From Harrassment, Babies Not So Much

                 According to Larry Schweikart (in his 2011 book “What Would The Founders Say”), under a U.S.  law,  the “crime” of “annoying” a kangaroo rat could result in a fine of $100,000 and a year in jail, and these penalties could be levied for the simple act of shining a flashlight on one of these springy rodents.
                On the other hand, aborting your baby is legal, and though we partially fund this infanticide through cash confiscated from taxpayers, Girl Scout cookie purchases, and via assorted other avenues, Planned Parenthood and abortion rights agitators are always clamoring for more money. I believe that we should augment these already substantial death donations by taking the money accrued from fines paid by the despicable kangaroo rat molesters and giving it to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the like.
                If we were to strictly enforce existing kangaroo rat-annoyance laws, this would create a win-win scenario, as doing so would help keep the native human population in check, while making sure the abhorrent practice of rat-annoying is properly punished.


Obama To Ignore Supreme Court Decision

                 President Obama will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change this year regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision to void a significant part of it. Read that again. That is unprecedented. The United States Supreme Court this month put on hold regulations to curb carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants and the like, leading to speculation that the U.S. (and other nations) could delay formally signing the Paris Agreement, which was reached back in December. Todd Stern, the U.S. “climate envoy,” said that once the agreement is in place, Obama’s successor, even if a Republican, would be unlikely to scrap the Paris Agreement as it would have negative diplomatic implications. (Apparently, he knows Republicans).
                Further, Stern told reporters in Brussels that he was confident that Obama’s Clean Power Plan would survive. “It is entirely premature…to assume the Clean Power Plan will be struck down but, even if it were, come what may, we are sticking to our plans to sign, to join.” So screw the Constitution, the rule of law and the will of the people…we will damn well do what we want!

                F—k checks and balances, our very own “Dear Leader” rules by executive fiat.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Browser Extension To Automatically Change Words

              A new Google Chrome extension has been released that will automatically change the words “pro-life” to “anti-choice” in the browsers of users who add it. The extension’s “creator” wishes to remain anonymous, according to the liberal website She has partnered with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund in order to release the extension to the public.

             “We thought it was a really interesting and creative idea,” Andrea Miller, the president of NIRH, told ThinkProgress. “We agreed with her that the language in this discussion really matters.” So much so, apparently, that they have to change it.
            “Those who stand against a woman’s right to decide what is best for her own body prop themselves up as righteous saviors using a problematic framework of rhetoric and religion,” the extension’s own website states. “The term ‘pro-life’ is inaccurate in this argument — although it is a powerful tool in the fight against women’s health rights — as it serves to demonize individuals who are pro-choice by suggesting that in their support of a woman’s right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way.”
            It is truly astounding that a “free” society would put up with the suppression of thought and language now occurring. The lefts’ attempt to limit or eliminate free speech by hi-jacking the language is a breathtakingly bold reminder of how ignorant of history a majority of Americans are. Almost every sentence, phrase, and word comprising Miller’s and the extension’s website quotes is demonstrably opposite of the truth, devoid of any self-awareness, and would be laughably hypocritical save for the stupefying self-importance and casual affirmation of the slaughter of innocents.
            “The term ‘pro-life’ is inaccurate in this argument?” How is the attempt to stop babies from being killed not pro-life? “The fight against women’s health rights?” That’s absurd. Unfortunately, many abortions can be “problematic” for women’s health, as complications can ensue. Mental as well as physical complications. And how is aborting baby girls considered a woman’s health right?
            Women do not have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies. Neither do men. Murder is illegal. For that matter, so is drinking and driving. Or walking around a public place nude. Or smoking a cigarette in most public spaces. You can’t even take your damn body and jay-walk across the street. For a time in New York City, you couldn’t legally purchase and slake your thirst with a 32-ounce soda, sister.  No matter how badly you have to go, you can’t just relieve yourself on a public sidewalk, “excretory health” rights be damned. The idea that women- or men- have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies is patently absurd. And most of the examples listed here don’t even involve the taking of someone else’s life.
            When you rationalize your mistreatment of others based solely on your own unaccountability and selfishness, you are a scumbag of the highest order.
            Progressives shameless use of euphemisms would make the NAZI’s blush.( Vielleicht “Arbeit macht’s du frei” Fraulein Miller?). The left is terrified of the truth and therefore must gain control of the language. It alone has to have the authority to define what words mean, or it would not wield anything like the power it currently enjoys.
            Progressives are not “pro-choice” when it comes to abortion. They are not pro-choice when it comes to our freedoms. They certainly aren’t pro-choice in terms of language. Using technology to automatically change words and phrases into what they want them to be obviously, tyrannically, strips away the choice the user of those words and phrases had already made.
            I myself have a new browser extension coming out. It automatically changes the title “National Institute for Reproductive Health” to “National Institute for Killing Babies and not Being Made to Feel Guilty About it.” Moreover, it will take all entries of “ThinkProgress” and change them to “ThinkChaosandInsanity.” Also, it will change all references to “pro-choice” into “pro-murder” or “AdvocatingforDeathinSomeWay.” Finally it morphs all usage of the term “progressive” into the more truthful “repressive.”
            Interesting and creative, no? The language in this discussion really does matter.
            The socialist-progressives know that society’s fate likely hinges on a War of Words. Shame on the rest of us if we don’t find a way to prevail in this bloodless battle.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

North Korea Threatens To Attack The United States

                 North Korea has threatened to attack “mainland America” if the United States carries out a planned military exercise with South Korea next month. In response to the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear tests earlier in the year, a larger than usual annual military drill has been planned, with the U.S. contributing roughly 15,000 troops and South Korea 290,000. The Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises reportedly will include a staged “pre-emptive strike” against the North, information that caused the Cherubic One to foam at the mouth.
                Pyongyang released a statement threatening to use all its might to hit back if there is even a “slight sign” of such exercises taking place, claiming their first target would be South Korea’s presidential Blue House, with U.S. military bases in Asia and America constituting secondary targets.
                The rogue nation routinely threatens its Southern neighbor- and America- as their annual preparedness drill approaches, but this year has upped the ante by vowing to attack the American Heartland. I must admit, it would be interesting to see how “the Donald” would respond to these types of threats were he president.

                As of this writing, John Kerry hasn’t yet formally issued an American apology to the North for offending its “Dear Leader.”


Donald Trump To Be Nominee Courtesy Of The Establishment That Disdains Him?

                 58 percent of Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become,” according to a recent Reuters survey. 53 percent of Americans say that they “feel like a stranger” in their own country. The majority of these folks are white and members of the working class who both party’s establishments view as little more than lepers. These folks don’t care for Obamacare, and they do not want their culture swept away forever by an ever swelling tsunami of illegal immigrants. They respect the Founders, the Constitution and revere the First and Second Amendments. They know that the number of Americans on permanent disability is at an all-time high, the number of Americans not in the labor force is at an all-time high and that the number of Americans on food stamps is at an all-time high…as is the national debt. They also know that her military is a shell of what it was only a few short years ago.
                This leads to entirely understandable hatred of the establishment elites, which is the single most important driving force in this election cycle.

                And to the phenomenal rise of Donald Trump. Many of us thought that a Trump presidential nomination was improbable at best. Yet, due to the breathtaking cravenness and irrationality of the Republican establishment, it is extremely likely that- one week from today- the Donald will be a fait accompli.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Minneapolis To Ban Drive-Throughs?

                 Incredibly, or would that it were, there is a proposal before the Minneapolis City Council that could lead to a ban on drive-throughs, those staples of fast food restaurants and coffee retailers, etc., that allow for much faster service for customers both inside and out. The push to update drive-through regulations, or outright ban them going forward, originated with the “Pedestrian Advisory Committee.” They claim that the more curb cuts or drive-throughs along a street, the greater the risk of pedestrians getting hit by cars. If that is what they were concerned about, they would be pushing to ban light rail, as Twin Cities pedestrians are getting wacked by trains at an alarming rate.
                An “Editorial Counterpoint” in a recent StarTribune newspaper overflowed with arrogant infantilism while lauding the proposal. Its author is president of the East Isles Residents Association, East Isles being an upscale neighborhood in the city proper. He argues that we live in a “built environment that prioritizes driving.” The horror.
                He continues on: “The truth is that the car-dependent society that we live in today is the result of decades of societal engineering. It is a result of decades of public policy that encouraged driving while discouraging walking.” No, you guys do the societal engineering thing. The rest of us didn’t want to walk to Aunt Edna’s in Cleveland. Or to Mount Rushmore. Or to work and back. In Minnesota, in January.
                He revs up his indignation: “When we design roads with the simple purpose of getting cars from point A to point B, we encourage driving. When we provide excess supply of free parking, we encourage driving. When we liberally allow for the installation of drive-throughs, we encourage driving. As a society, we either prioritize driving, or we prioritize walking and other alternative modes of transportation… In Minneapolis, our values are shifting toward the latter, and it is something that anyone who enjoys city living should be excited about.” Guess you told us. We’d move to the suburbs if we could ever get “public policy” to add a lane or two to the freeways. And I can tell you’ve never attempted to find a parking space downtown, let alone a free one! As for designing roads to get “cars from point A to point B,” what kind of nut job would do that? If there are to be any roads at all, they should obviously be in the form of a constant series of linked round-a-bouts. That way our trips could be as round-a-bout and circular as your thinking.
                In his missive, he actually sniffs, “To say that it is the pedestrian’s responsibility to look both ways when approaching a drive-through in response to these safety concerns is irresponsible.”
                He has to be a gag writer…and a damned good one! It is irresponsible to say that a pedestrian is responsible for looking both ways before he crosses a drive-through??! What is the first thing every parent tells their child before they allow them out of the house? “Look both ways before you cross the street.”
                The automobile has been one of the biggest factors in this country’s rise to economic powerhouse. It has literally paved the way to new lands, discoveries and adventures for countless millions. In doing so it has opened the minds of many. This is not about pedestrian safety. That’s not even a “pedestrian” argument. We are all pedestrians when we aren’t driving.

                This is about “alternative modes” of living and the absolute conviction that you are superior to the majority. And a disdain of others and their freedoms.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Burning For Bernie!


                Bernie Sanders is a big hit with Satanists. In a highly popular pro-Sanders meme group, created on Facebook, a post with an image stating “Satanists for Bernie 2016” has received well over 1,100 likes and well over 200 shares. Countless others embraced the “endorsement.” One member of the group posted “Bernie is actually pretty popular among Satanists. A solid majority of the people I know in the satanic community plan on voting for him.” Another group, the Satanic Communist Party, with membership of over 2,000 souls, also appears to be heavily pro-Bernie. It should be noted, however, that the central hub of  satanic worship, the Church of Satan, hasn't yet officially endorsed any candidate. I can see why. It must be an agonizingly difficult choice for them again this year! Hillary or Bernie, Bernie or Hillary?
                Many socialists in the U.S. are attempting to distance Sanders "version" of socialism from communism. There have been those in the past who likewise attempted to portray "their version" of socialism as distinct from communism, but Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and others openly admitted that “the goal of socialism… is communism.”

                Oh well, the devil is in the details. Meanwhile, let's "Burn for Bernie!" baby!

University Students Traumatized By Free Speech

                 Students at Rutgers University were so traumatized by Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit to their campus that they had to hold a group therapy session the campus newspaper reported.
According to the paper, students and faculty members gathered at a “cultural center” on campus, where students declared they were “feeling scared, hurt, and discriminated against.” ( is a center-right website). Apparently, these students believe that if they hear an opinion different from their own they are being discriminated against. Or perhaps they just hate people from Greece. Why didn’t they just not attend this event?
                An assortment of organizations and departments were on hand to listen to, answer questions from-and show support for- the addled and coddled students, who had disrupted Yiannopoulos’ speech by smearing fake blood on their faces and chanting protest slogans. These included Psychiatric Services, the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, and the Rutgers University Police. Several students attending the event broke down crying afterwards, and one said he felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.” According to reports, many other students claimed to feel “unsafe” on campus afterwards.  “It is upsetting that my mental health is not cared about by the University,” said one student at the event. “I do not know what else to do for us to be heard for us to be cared about. I deserve an apology, everyone in this room deserves an apology.”
                It’s no wonder that debate has been banished from the academic milieu. If these kids hear something akin to, “the free-market system has historically out-produced socialism in economic output,” or “the United States gives more money to charity than any other nation,” or “thousands of scientists have signed a letter questioning man-caused global warming data,” they feel raped, victimized and assaulted. The truth doesn't matter, is not, in fact, even a factor.
                Even when vandalizing others property, infringing on others First Amendment rights, and generally acting like arrogant but pathetic thugs, the progressive claims to be a victim.
                Yiannopoulos spoke- or tried to- even more recently at the University of Minnesota, along with author Christina Hoff Sommers. Liberal, inclusive, tolerant protesters outside cleverly chanted, “Yiannopoulos, out of Minneapolis!” (That doesn’t seem very welcoming). Inside, protesters blasted air horns when Milo attempted to speak.


Sunday, February 21, 2016


Genesis: 1:28
                And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Pope Francis, speaking about global warming in 2015:
                “I don’t know if it  (human activity) is the only cause, but mostly, in great part, it is man who has slapped nature in the face. We have in a sense taken over nature. I think we have exploited nature too much. Thanks be to God that today there are voices, so many people who are speaking out about it.”
                Has this Pope read  the Book of Genesis? (I mean, this is from Book One, Chapter One. It’s the second page of the Old Testament). It wouldn’t appear so, as his comments seem to question- if not be in direct contravention of- God’s direction revealed therein.
                Perhaps, like most of us in modernity, he doesn’t particularly care for the Old Testament.
                Not inclusive enough, far too judgmental and not particularly validating of some genders and behaviors.

                You know society is in big trouble if even the Pope has succumbed to the charms of Gaia worship (as well as socialism-Marxism-Leninism).

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The State Of Hockey?

                 Minnesota calls itself “the state of hockey.” At least that’s what the state’s professional hockey team uses as its motto. And that certainly was the case a few short years ago.
                 But the times, they are a’changin’ to quote a native Minnesotan. Richfield High School, once one of the state’s prouder hockey powers, recently discontinued its hockey program. The school that sent Steve Christoff and Darby Hendrickson, among others, to the NHL, no longer has enough kids coming out for the sport to continue to compete. Demographic changes are behind this trend. Ramsey county, home of the city of St. Paul, itself the home of the National Hockey League’s  Minnesota Wild, is considering closing several ice arenas. In 1975, 16 high school hockey teams existed in St. Paul. There are five now. Again, demographic changes are to blame.
                It turns out Somalis, Middle Easterners and North Africans aren’t big on hockey.
                “The state of hockey” may be gradually morphing into… “The state of female genital mutilation.”

                Oh well, there’s always soccer. Go team! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope Francis Crusades Against Border Walls


                Apparently, I am no longer a Christian.

                Pope Francis has denounced everyone who favors building a border wall in order to protect their country and limit illegal immigration by stating that anyone with those ideas “is not Christian.” Taking a brief break from attacking the free-market capitalist system that has brought most of the world out of abject poverty and provided the material wealth that illegal immigrants come to the United States (and the West) to exploit, the pontiff turned to the subject of border walls. Flying back to the Vatican from Mexico he was asked what he thought of Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall on the southern border of the United States. Francis answered, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel.” To his credit, Trump quickly responded by saying, “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.” 
                Last week Trump said that the Pope’s plans to pray at the border show he is a political figure being exploited by the Mexican government. Asked if he felt he was being used as a pawn by Mexico, Francis said he didn’t know, but, according to reports, he seemed “pleased” to hear that Trump had called him a “political” figure, noting that Aristotle had described the human being as a “political animal.” He certainly does seem hell-bent on ensuring that a Democrat wins the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 
                Perhaps the proudly political pontiff doesn’t know that the United States annually takes in more people every year, legally, than the rest of the world combined. Add a half million or more illegals to that number and it comes to roughly 2 million “refugees” accepted every year. That would be an impossible task for many countries and is now an extremely dangerous one for the U.S.
                This pope shepherds criminals towards our border, hugs prison inmates and is famously inclusive in the modern sense, but he just figuratively kicked millions of people out of his Church and the Christian religion.
                Christianity is already under attack from secularism and militant Islam (many of whose adherents are streaming across our border), so it seems odd that he’d banish so many folks from his otherwise tolerant religious tent. What’s more, the Vatican itself has the most restrictive immigration and citizenship policies (of any nation) in the world and is surrounded by walls.
                Among leftists, hypocrisy has now become a religion unto itself.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Penn State Repeals First Amendment

                 The CampusFix website recently reported that Pennsylvania State University has launched a massive campaign encouraging students to watch what they say, lest they offend someone, and also to report any and all “biased” statements to “campus officials.” Yes, the administrators at the public school want to know about any potential slight or slur. To that end, they have put up over 1,000 “stop” signs around campus with words such as “bias,” “homophobia,” “injustice,” and “inequity” inside the outlines of a red traffic stop sign on a blue poster. The poster reads, “Report A Bias Incident.”
                Well, I guess there won’t be any mainstream media on school grounds anymore! And PBS and NPR would have to be “verboten” as well. Come to think of it, what will the professors talk about?
                Will administrators be parading around campus wearing grey uniforms with red armbands sporting a jaunty hakenkreuz?
                Welcome, all, to Penn Stasi University!


                 Donald Trump is the biggest charlatan in the history of the Republican Party. He is a straw man, lacking both brains and heart and he is certainly not searching for the latter.
                He clearly wasn’t wearing his “big boy” pants when he called on the Republican National Committee to intervene in his “dispute” with Ted Cruz (more accurately stated as his increasingly maniacal attacks on Cruz). He calls Cruz a “liar” nearly every time he opens his prodigious mouth. The problem for “The Donald” is that everything Cruz has said about his past positions is demonstrably true. Trump was pro-choice, he did support an Obamacare-like universal healthcare plan. He has used eminent domain to try to evict private citizens from their property for his personal gain. He was wishy-washy in his views on the right to bear arms. He did give money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid!
                A rational man would simply say, “I’ve grown up since then and my views have as well,” but instead Trump compounds his problems by calling his opponent a liar…which makes himself one. He accuses the RNC of stacking the debate audience with donors who “boo” him, and says that they are breaking the “loyalty pledge” he signed with them, in which he agreed to support whoever the Republican nominee was for president. He now threatens to renege on that pledge (and run as an independent candidate) if the RNC doesn’t make Cruz apologize to him. How is he going to stand up to the Clinton Machine’s full-court-press if he’s this rattled by someone who trails him in the polls by a huge margin? Moreover, by saying he may break his own recent (pledge) commitment he is highlighting his own perfidy and lack of judgment.
                Not that he hasn’t repeatedly done that before. Trump originally said that Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency was not an issue. More recently he said it was an issue. Now he says he will bring a lawsuit against Cruz and his Canadian carcass if he doesn’t publicly apologize to him.
                Trump called Cruz “the biggest liar I think I’ve ever met in politics.” Has he ever looked in a mirror? And he donated to the Clintons, for crying out loud. Trump called Cruz “unstable” and said “he’s nuts.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! That’s like Bill Clinton indignantly branding Bill Cosby an “abusive womanizer.”

                Let’s hope this vulgar, pompous, blowhard doesn’t get to run against Hillary. It would be hard to watch two empty suits debate, one mythomaniac versus another.

                (And I'll still vote for him over Bernie or Hillary, and because of- not in spite of- logic. Scary times are these, folks!).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Antonin Scalia And Twitter Litter

                 The “Twitterverse,” that vile playground for the vulgar, tacky and illiterate, exploded with grave dancers the past couple of days with the announcement of Justice Scalia’s passing. Even a few of my more liberal associates were shocked by the number of tweets reveling in his death.
                Antonin Scalia was an extremely intelligent man who enjoyed laughing. He was rational, reasoned and deliberative. His prose- whether writing a majority or minority opinion- was sharp, clear and illustrative. He believed deeply in the rule of law and the impartiality of the court. He held that now old-fashioned notion that the Court’s role was to interpret the laws, not make the laws. He also believed in the Constitution and that the Founders meant what they wrote. He was a giant of the Judiciary.
                It was a sad day in what’s left of America when he died. It has been made immeasurably sadder still with the reaction to his death on Twitter and other progressive social media outlets.

(President Obama cannot find the time to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral. He has promised to find the time to name his replacement. The last Supreme Court Justice to pass away was William Rehnquist. George W. Bush, president at the time, not only attended the funeral, he gave the eulogy).

Antonin Scalia Dead, No Autopsy To Be Performed

                 Antonin Scalia was found dead in his bed at a hunting ranch in Texas Sunday morning. His bedclothes were unwrinkled and there was a pillow over his head. There were no witnesses to his passing and no medical experts on hand. Yet Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara declared Scalia dead via telephone, having never seen the body. Cause of death was listed as a “heart attack.” We don’t know why.
                Scalia, the brilliant and witty Supreme Court Justice, had just last week been the deciding factor in the Supreme Court’s ruling against President Obama’s beloved climate change accord, the Paris Agreement. The Court is also set to rule on several important Constitutional issues in the near future.
                Many veteran homicide investigators around the nation have questioned the Judge’s decision and voiced concerns that no autopsy is scheduled. I would call her incompetent. She would disagree.

                You know what they say. If the shoe fits, Cinderela… 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pain-Free Memories Coming Soon

                     Reports claim Dutch psychology professor Merel Kindt has discovered a way to erase emotional anxiety associated with bad memories without erasing the memories themselves. Her tests show that, after being given a drug called propranolol, people retain their memories, but discard any pain associated with them, as the drug changes the way memories are re-saved in the brain after being accessed.

                Methinks it’s time to buy stock in the companies that manufacture the drug. After 8 long years of the Obama administration, and this year’s presidential campaign, the vast majority of the American population will soon be lining up to purchase propranolol in bulk quantities.

Marine Life Wiped Out By Machine Noise, Studies Claim

                Humans may be inadvertently wiping out marine life due to noise emanating from our machines, two recent studies purport.
                The first study found that ship noises could hurt endangered killer whales. A second, published in Nature Communications (subscribe now, operators are standing by!), purportedly found that the noises our machines make underwater may actually be fatal to “smaller fish.”
                The researchers, from Britain, Canada and Australia, point out that the planet’s coastal regions are “experiencing unprecedented human population growth.” The University of Bristol’s Andy Radford stated, “The combination of stress and poor responses to strikes by predators is why these fish became such easy prey.”
                Or, it could be the fact that they are small fish. Small fish have been eaten by larger fish and other predators for some millions of years now. Nature, you see.
                The team of scientists was led by Stephen Simpson of the University of Exeter. They say that the noise appeared to make the fish breathe more heavily, leading them to consume more oxygen and slowing their ability to respond to a dangerous situation, thereby increasing a predator’s success at capturing the fish. (I don’t know about you, but when I find myself breathing more heavily I usually respond quicker to the situation, but perhaps that’s a story best left for another time).
                If mechanical noise is so dangerous to whales and porpoises, why do they so often swim alongside ships? And if the noise is so deadly to smaller fish, why doesn’t the same noise have that same affect on the predators, which are mainly larger fish? I mean, if it bothers the whales and the small fish…?
                How did these fish make it through World War II with German U-Boats prowling about, sonar constantly pinging, sinking everything in sight (oil everywhere, too!) while Japanese Kamikaze pilots plowed into the sea like large, metallic ospreys?

                Chill out, guys, your theory is all wet. Maybe evolution and survival of the fittest will work in this case, too.

Monday, February 15, 2016

George Washington And Optimistic Skepticism

                 Conservatives are inherently skeptical. We don’t believe that any human being is perfect…or perfect-able. Therefore we don’t believe that any person, entity or government body can be fully trusted with absolute power or even ‘just’ the extremely substantial power over the public that our elected officials- and, sadly, some unelected ones- now possess. George Washington could have been king. He rejected the concept out of hand. Many of the citizens of the newly minted nation fled the tyranny of royals and other governments to come to the New World. Why would he insult them so? Some wanted to call him “Your Majesty” or “His Excellency.” He said “Mr. President” would suffice, thank you. The United States was founded on the principles of limited government and checks and balances.

                It was a shortage of skepticism that led to the Obama presidency and the peril we’re in now.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japanese Scientists Develop "Mind Reading" Device

                  Japanese scientists have recently developed a “mind-reading” device that can decipher unspoken words from human brainwaves, likely leading to the imminent prospect of “telepathic” communication. Researchers have found that the electrical activity in our brain is the same when words are spoken and when they are “thought” but left unsaid. They were then able to look for the distinct wave forms produced just before speaking and match them up with various words.
                      If these Japanese wizards had their mind-reading device hooked up to me right now, they would be able to identify my fervent one-word request: “STOP!”
                This would be the end of the family as we know it. Marriage would be extinct. (Gay or straight, it wouldn’t matter). Can you imagine one spouse having the ability to read the other’s mind?! You’d be strolling through the mall,  doing a little people-watching, and your wife would suddenly turn to you and scream, “You want to do WHAT to her?!!” Or you’d be at the beach this summer and you’d “hear” your wife thinking, “Man, that guy could go all Christian-Grey on me any old time!!”
                Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day. If these scientists are successful, there may not be many more of them.


Saturday, February 13, 2016



                *“Feel the Bern!” For a guy that looks and talks much like an elderly Elmer Fudd? Really? #loser

                *Coffee hits $15 a cup (in the Bay Area of California) and gasoline is $1.49 a gallon nationally? And it is oil companies that people hate? Where are the protests of Starbucks, Caribou and Folgers??! #hypocrisy

                *“The terrible tyranny of total tolerance snuffs out judgment, eradicates the truth, destroys morality, and banishes individual thought and free will.”- #thoughtpolicearen'ttolerant

          *I now “self-identify” as a 28-year-old Malawi tribesman #joiningtheclub
             *We know what Trump is against, but what is he for? #Trump
             *Why would we exchange one arrogant, mud-slinging, know-nothing, liberal, would-be-dictator for another? #sameasiteverwas
             *Trump is literally the anti-Reagan, a raging egomaniac of Obaman proportions #noclass
             *If you don’t want to get into a car accident, don’t drive drunk. If you don’t want to have a baby, don’t have sex…or at least unprotected sex.  If   you don’t want to appear insane, don’t lash out at the former risky behavior while stumping for abortion rights.  Hard to be a member of M.A.D.D…. and N.A.R.A.L. or Planned Parenthood at the same time.  Just saying #logic
                *The politically-correct movement has gotten even sillier… or scarier…or both. At Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania, students actually petitioned administrators to rename Lynch Memorial Hall. The building was dedicated in the name of the school’s former president, Clyde Lynch, who was by all accounts a great guy, and who capably led the college through the Great Depression and World War II. This did not, however, appease the affronted students. “Lynching," you see, is bad #really?


San Diego Lifts Ban On Founding Fathers

                 It is once again permitted to use the phrase “Founding Fathers” in the city of San Diego. This stunning turn of events came to pass when the city’s mayor, Kevin Faulconer, responded to pressure from a conservative legal group by tweaking guidelines in the city’s correspondence manual. The Pacific Legal Foundation had questioned those guidelines which asked that employees not refer to the nation’s “Founding Fathers” to avoid gender bias. The guidelines called for use of the phrase “Founders” instead.
                This is a rare win for history and sanity, completely against the tide. Around the nation more and more statues and monuments are being removed from public spaces, more and more names, phrases, words and history banned from public institutions…all sacrificed in the name of political-correctness. Progressives couch this all-out assault on history, sanity, tradition, cultural remembrance and cohesion in terms of “inclusiveness” and the desire not to risk “offending anyone.” Yet, removing a statue, name or phrase doesn’t include anyone. Moreover, the very act of doing so offends many, and they know it. They don’t really care about offending anyone per se’, they care about who they are offending. Real progressives simply disdain some groups, the wealthy for example. In addition, they read the demographic writing on the wall, and don’t worry about offending certain groups that they believe will be essentially powerless in the future, such as small-government conservatives, strict-constructionists, evangelical Christians, etc., etc.

                As a public service (hey, it’s what I do!), here are some uses of the word “father” that are impolitic going forward, as well as suggested alternatives:

*”Not your father’s…” (Buick, music, etc.) will now be “Not your parent’s…”
*”Like father, like son” morphs into, “like gender-neutral caregiver, like gender-neutral offspring.”
*”Father Christmas” is intolerable on multiple levels. Henceforth “Parental Winter Holiday” will be used.
*”Fatherhood becomes “sirehood” or, more properly, “Co- parental unithood.”
*”Fatherland.” Should use “Motherland” instead.
*”Experience is the father of wisdom” becomes “Experience is the progenitor of wisdom.”
*”Father’s Day.” Will not be celebrated anymore as it is potentially offensive and hurtful to those who don’t have kids, don’t know who their ostensibly male co-parent is, or who have 2- or more- mothers. Therefore this term won’t be needed.
*”Father of his country.” Usually used to refer to George Washington, its use is also discouraged, as he was an old white guy who owned slaves. If must be used, suggest “Initiator of his country.”
*”Father time.” “Creator of time” had been approved as a substitute, but is now considered offensive to atheists. “Inventor of time” or “Time starter” may be used.
*”Grandfather clock” slides neatly into “Progenitorsoriginator clock.”

                You’re welcome.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Martin Luther King Not Inclusive Enough For College Kids

                 Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have A Dream” quote has long adorned a wall of a prominent University of Oregon campus building. It nearly was kicked off campus recently. Why? The university’s student union seriously considered removing it because it only references one kind of diversity- skin color- and is therefore not fully inclusive. The students were concerned that King’s statement doesn’t address the concerns of the LGBTQ community, among others.
                For all too many college students today, it is not enough to agree with them on some things, one must accept their entire agenda, all at once, or be branded an intolerant, close-minded bigot and enemy of progress. And they will tolerate anything in the world except for objective truth, a conservative speaking on campus, or open disagreement with their exalted notions. This is why surveys show such a sizeable minority of college students are currently in favor of overt censorship of speech.
                Mr. King delivered this speech in 1963. Most people weren’t aware that there was a LGBTQ community. Frankly, most people were quite content with the (now stultifying) 2-sex system. MLK literally couldn’t have dreamt of the 57 or 63 or whatever number of different genders are officially recognized now. What did these comfort-craving, coddled, crazy college kids expect him to have said?
                Perhaps: “When we allow freedom to ring- when we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, feminists and NAZI’s, gays and lesbians, bisexuals and agenders, atheists and pagans, gender fluid and non-binaries, devil-worshippers and Muslims, two-spirits and pangenders, neutrois and trans*, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, we are free at last.”?
                Dr. King famously said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
                For those truly listening, doesn't that say it all?


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dogs Depressed Because Of Global Warming, Behaviorists Say

                 I thought I’d seen it all in terms of global warming being blamed for every problem under the sun. (Just in the past couple of weeks I wrote about experts claiming that it may lead to humans evolving webbed feet and gills, and to more turbulent airline travel).
                Happily, I was mistaken.
                According to a report in the (U.K.) Independent, “leading pet behaviorists” now claim that global warming is leading to depressed, bored and “unsettled” dogs. They say that the number of dogs they have seen in recent months exhibiting those symptoms is “unprecedented.” They further suggest that the spate of wet winters could be at the root of the problem, as owners cut down on the daily walks that are crucial to keeping dogs’ spirits up.
                 “I’ve been working with dogs for more than 20 years and I can’t remember a time when they’ve been this bored. I tend to see boredom in bursts but I’m seeing it chronically this winter,” said Carolyn Menteith, a dog behaviorist who was named Britain’s Instructor of the Year in 2015. “They are just really, really, bored. People are quite happy to get their dogs out in frosty, hard weather but not when it’s muddy and horrible.”
                She soldiered on: “But we have over 200 breeds of dog in this country and an awful lot of them – especially family dogs like Labradors, retrievers and spaniels - were bred to do a job. So they are hardwired to work and need a lot of exercise.” Ms. Menteith spends a good deal of time outside walking dogs and says she has noticed a significant change in the weather in the past five years or so –  cold, crisp winters gradually giving way to “constant wet dreariness.” Naturally, she attributes this to man-caused climate change and expects to see global warming unleash increasingly frequent and intense bouts of winter rainfall.
                And more bored dogs.

                We need to build more indoor dog walking areas, running tracks and pools. They could have a few faux fire hydrants sprinkled amongst them and maybe an artificial mailman or two. That will be the next big thing: canine fitness centers. (“LAB Fitness, where your dog can work (out) like…a dog”).

U.N. Reveals Most Popular Library Book

                The United Nations recently announced that the book most frequently checked out of its New York in-house library in 2015 was “Immunity of Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes.” The nearly 500-page tome concludes that, in general, current heads of state have immunity but not past ones. The library, named in honor of Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary General of the U.N., did not release the names of the borrowers. We can probably guess.

                Other books popular with the U.N. crowd were:
                *”The Progressive Pedophile”
                *”Food Etiquette And Famine: Is Fine Dining Okay While Aiding Starving Populations?”
                *” Smelling the Sulfur: George W. Bush and the U.N.”…and

                *”Eschew the Jew: Why Israel Shouldn’t Exist”
                (Okay, I may have made up the last four titles. May have).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Americans Most Generous, Survey Finds

                A recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Research and published in the Almanac of American Philanthropy found that Americans out-donate the British and Canadians two-to-one and Italians, Germans and others roughly 20-to-1. The survey, the first of its kind, also revealed that, in America, more than half of every income class except those earning under $25,000 annually donate to charity. Americans are the most charitable people in the world according to the study, reports the Washington Examiner.
             The heartily abused top “one percent” of U.S. income earners, i.e. the “evil rich,” fork over one third of all donations, and they keep right on giving even after they die. The survey found that the wealthiest 1.4 percent of Americans are responsible for 86 percent of all charitable donations made at death.
              Heartless bastards.


Trump, Sanders Take New Hampshire Primaries In Landslide

                 Iowa caucus results historically do not portend either party’s presidential nominees. The results of the New Hampshire primary often do. Yesterday, in the Granite State, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won in landslides. Completely demolished their respective fields. Each of the most liberal candidates in both parties won. Why?
                In “The Donald’s” case it is because no one knows or cares about his former positions, statements, relationships, donations, etc., and because they- rightly- are focused on his promise to protect the nation from near certain doom by sealing the borders and disavowing political-correctness as the highest form of consciousness.
                In Bernie Sander’s case (“feel the Bern!”), it is partly because many are finally sick and tired of Hillary’s constant lies, obfuscations and flip-flops, but mostly because millennials are in love with Socialism. They have been taught to hate capitalism, corporations, the wealthy and America in nearly every single college and university in the land for decades now, and in many secondary schools. They are steered away from entering business schools and encouraged to volunteer and go into fields where they “can make a difference.” The 70-something, white Bernie is winning an overwhelming percentage of the millennial vote for these reasons alone. Think about this: the state with the motto “Live free or die” has just voted for a socialist candidate in overwhelming numbers. (Millennials do believe everything should be free…to them).
                Don’t think an arrogant mud-slinger like Trump or an avowed Socialist like Sanders can win the popular vote and the presidency? Bill Clinton, an alleged serial rapist and pathological liar was elected twice- and is now considered one of the most respected ex-presidents, this despite the fact that he was impeached. Barack Obama, a man with no experience who openly showed his disdain- if not outright hatred- for the country he went on to lead- was elected…twice…to the presidency.

                There is no more here…here. The United States, as originally constituted, has…simply ceased to be.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Democratic Campaign Follies

                                                    Democratic Campaign Follies
                Recently, attempting to persuade young women to support Hillary Clinton in the upcoming primaries (one failed former Secretary of State trying to aid another), Madelyn Albright said, “We can tell our story about how we climbed the ladder and a lot of you younger women don’t think you have to — it’s been done — it’s not done and you have to help. Hillary Clinton will always be there for you." It has been done, Mads. Repeatedly. But, here again, if you are a woman you “have to” vote for a woman? Just as you are a racist if you are white and didn’t vote for Obama. (That is racist by definition!). We know it couldn’t have anything to do with policies or what’s best for the country in the long term! Then, “Hillary Clinton will always be there for you?” With a straight face, yet? She was “there” for Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, et. al., all right, Albright, but I’m not sure they were comforted by that.
                She continued, “And just remember: there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help each other.” (Hillary burst out laughing and the audience cheered at that remark). So gals, you’ll be cast into Hell if you don’t vote for Hillary. Oh well, maybe you can “hook up” with Bill.
                Albright was strangely silent about what happens to those women who don’t vote for Carly Fiorina.
                In a related story, feminazi Gloria Steinem has suggested that young women supporting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign are doing so to gain the attention of men. “When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie,'” Steinem told Bill Maher recently on his HBO show “Real Time.” This has earned her the wrath of many in the “Twitterverse,” according to reports.
                Gloria, maybe they’re just sick and tired of Billary and/or aren’t versed in political and economic history.


                Apart from Hillary winning six consecutive coin flips against Bernie Sanders in Iowa, were there vote-counting shenanigans, as well? A man named Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of his precinct’s vote. Why? He was the only caucusgoer in his county, Woodbury County Number 43. Yet, the Iowa Democratic Party’s final results show that Hillary Clinton won one county delegate and Bernie Sanders none. Schwarz told The Des Moines Register, “I voted for Bernie. It was really suspicious…it also doesn’t help the optics that the state party chairwoman drove around for years in a car with “HRC2016” license plates.” 
                Neither party’s establishment likes it when the little people get uppity. They like to lose even less.

Doritos Commercial Offends NARAL

                NARAL (the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws) "Pro-choice" America wants Doritos to abort its fanciful but humorous commercial that depicts an unborn child craving his father's Doritos while his mother is undergoing an ultrasound examination. According to NARAL, the commercial, first aired during the Super Bowl, is an example of the "tactic of humanizing fetuses."
                This statement renders it impossible to "humanize" NARAL and its members.

Republicans Cave Again

             The $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill recently passed by Congress and signed into law was not only not contested by Republicans who control Congress, but was gaily advanced by them. Every time Democrats threaten to shut the government down if Republicans don’t agree to increase spending, Republicans agree to increase spending. Even when they are the majority party in both houses. Those stout proponents of smaller government! What courage, principle and character! They are just who they claimed to be, right?
This time, Republicans actually proposed and pushed through a temporary expansion of the H-2B visa program, quadrupling the issuance of visas to foreign workers for non-agricultural or temporary service jobs in 2016. They also fully funded the refugee-resettlement program in spite of major national-security concerns. Not content with those “accomplishments,” they permitted federal grants to “sanctuary cities” with no qualifying conditions (I thought sanctuary cities were so named because they refused to use money or resources to enforce federal immigration laws?!)  and dismissed all efforts to reform the cronyism-riddled EB-5 visa program that essentially allows foreigners to obtain a green card if they simply give a certain amount of cash to an American business.
(Last week, on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh had this to say about establishment Republicans: “The donors have become more important than the voters to many in the Republican Party. So, if you, masses of people who vote, want something, the power of your vote collectively expressed has now been dwarfed by the amount of money given by donors.  And if the donors want the Republican Party to stand aside or maybe even join with the Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform, then that's what elected Republicans are gonna do.”).

He’s right.