Monday, November 30, 2015

Climate Change Conference Fashionable In Paris?

                 How is climate change affecting fashion?      

                 That was the subject of an article by Miranda Purves of the New York Times that appeared in various newspapers around the country recently. The subheading of said article read, “How do retailers stock for the season when they don’t know the season?” Really? I mean, come on. It’s always cold and snowy in the northern tier of the U.S. for much of every winter. It’s always colder in the southern U.S. in the winter than it is in the summer, as well. In fact, “’tis the season” right now, is it not? Yes, it was a lovely fall in these parts, but that’s recently come to a screeching halt. Conversely, two of the latest ice-outs on area lakes in recorded history have taken place in the past four years. Does that mean that soon the ice will never melt?!
                The article quoted a Brooklyn, N.Y., mother who was sitting on a playground bench in early November, wearing shearling-lined boots. “I was impatient to wear these boots, because I love them, but my feet are sweating like crazy,” she said.
                I can’t imagine the horror. This planet is doomed! The article continued, chronicling the challenges faced by a literary agent in the Big Apple. Apparently, he has pulled out all his sweaters, scarves and heavy trousers for “the intermittent brisk days,” but not yet been able to put away his summer shorts and “Save Khaki T-shirts.” This has created a space crisis in his Brooklyn apartment! (When I think of “space crisis” I think of the space shuttle Challenger, or maybe the song, “Major Tom,” not somebody who needs a closet organizer. “Essentially I’m running out of storage,” the agent wrote in an e-mail. “I imagine California Closets is doing good business thanks to climate change.” Hang in there, brave clothes-horse, we were told we were running out of oil 40 years ago. Maybe some more storage space will turn up.  Moreover, if we can find the space in this country to accommodate millions upon millions more refugees from around the planet, you can probably find a spot in your abode for another garment or accessory- or two. Then again, you aren’t really talking about any additional apparel, just having to deal with cold weather and warm weather gear at the same time. What did you normally do with your off-season attire? Rent an external storage unit, or just put them away under the bed? Buck up, book boy, and manage your space better!
                The article touted the alleged fact that this has been the warmest fall in 25 years. Only the ‘me generation’ and millenials could think this is a long time. Every 25-year period has a “warmest” fall. And a coldest one. Get over yourselves. Then there was this: “Indeed, as the United Nations prepares for its all-too-real climate summit this month, one might fantasize about the eggheads at MIT devising a new discipline- Fashionology-Climatology?- to explain the mystifying algorithms where both rapidly changing systems intersect. This just in: fashion and climate have always changed over time, and, looking back at the 1970’s, it’s a damn good thing they do.
                “As weather-driven shopping becomes increasingly unpredictable…” the piece continued.
                Stop it. Now. Right bleeping now, you pathetic pussies. How would shopping for ‘fashion’ have been affected by previous ice ages? Or by the rapidly warming periods that followed all prior ice ages, leading us to where we are now? Or by any number of other natural, unstoppable, cosmic and Earth events?  “When you’re stepping across rapidly expanding/retreating glaciers, you need really good footwear, but don’t sacrifice style to substance!”
                “Exploring the La Brea tar pits? Chasing a wooly mammoth? Running away from T-Rex? Upset that Pangea’s breaking up? You’ll always feel better when you look good!”
                How fortuitous that the ‘climate summit’ is being held in Paris, the fashion capital of the world! I’m sure there will be clinics on how to properly accessorize during a warming climate. You can bet California Closets will be there to assist attendees in picking proper storage options for their wardrobes.
                Fashion and climate have always been changing.

                Changes in fashion have been man-caused. Changes in climate have not.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Constitution Shredding On Campus

            Undercover video released recently by Project Veritas showed administrators at Yale, Cornell, Syracuse, Vassar and Oberlin Universities/Colleges agreeing to tear up copies of the Constitution handed out off campus after an investigator posing as a student described the document as “triggering” and “oppressive.”
                “Well, I think that the Constitution means things to different people; like you said it is a flawed document and the people who wrote it are certainly flawed individuals in my mind,” Cornell lead Title IX investigator Elizabeth McGrath says on the video.
                Ms. McGrath agrees to rip up the hand-held copy of the Constitution and run it through a shredder after the female “student” asks, “Is there any way that maybe like we can get rid of it somehow or I can just see that like maybe it will be like therapy for me, like if you can like shred it or something?” I like, like it!
                Project Veritas president James O’Keefe, known for his undercover video operations against ACORN and National Public Radio, said the videos showed that the willingness to cut up the Constitution was “not an isolated incident.” Did the administrators try to sell the dismembered, formerly “living documents” parts to a third party?
                “When this idea came up in our newsroom about campus administrators shredding the Constitution because it’s a trigger against students, we didn’t think people would actually fall for it,” he told Campus Reform. “We underestimated just how stupid and politically correct these people are.”

                That’s hard to do. Maybe, like, students and administrators would, like, feel even better if they could see, like, the Declaration of Independence shredded, too. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Headlines Then Vs. Now (1970's Edition)

1970’s Headlines:
*Oil crisis looms…earth running out of vital energy source, experts say.
*Cold, snow the new normal; global cooling endangers our future say the experts.
Today’s Headlines:
*Oil glut: planet can’t figure out where to store all of its oil.
*Global warming the new normal, could eventually kill us all, experts say.
The Reality:
*“Experts” were convinced that we would run out of oil and soon freeze just 35-40 years ago.
*”Experts” now say we have too much oil (and coal and natural gas) and shouldn’t use it, so we don’t all burn up eventually.
The History:
*”Experts” thought the earth was flat for centuries and that the Heavens revolved around Earth (ironically, today many scientists believe the Earth revolves around them).
*”Experts” thought that “bloodletting” the sick was an excellent method for curing illnesses for many years (ironically, today many experts want to practice bloodletting on the economies of the United States and other Western nations in order to cure climate change).


Friday, November 27, 2015

Pope Says Christmas Celebrations A "Charade" This Year

                 Christmas festivities will seem empty in a world which has chosen "war and hate" Pope Francis said last Thursday, November 19th.
                "Christmas is approaching: there will be lights, parties, Christmas trees and nativity scenes ... it’s all a charade. The world continues to go to war. The world has not chosen a peaceful path," Francis said via sermon."There are wars today everywhere, and hate," the pontiff stated after the worst terror attack in French history, the bombing of a Russian airliner, a double suicide bombing in Lebanon, and a series of other deadly strikes.
                "We should ask for the grace to weep for this world, which does not recognize the path to peace. To weep for those who live for war and have the cynicism to deny it," he said, adding: "God weeps, Jesus weeps". He continued: "Those who make war are damned, they're delinquents. War can be 'justified' for many reasons. But when the whole world is at war, as it is today ... there is no justification."
                His remarks cast a pall on the start of the festive season at the Vatican, where a giant Christmas tree was unveiled.
                The Pope says Christmas season will seem empty because war and hate exist in the world? Does this not actually make it even more real, instructive, rewarding, vital and compelling? Does he not know the story of Jesus? Is he unaware of mankind’s history from Biblical times until now? We are living out the Good Book’s battle of good vs. evil, the same as it ever was. Christ’s message…the same message that should be celebrated during the Christmas season… is about sacrifice, love of good deeds, redemption, faith and hope. It is not about being completely baffled, downtrodden and defeated that people commit sin and that evil somehow exists in certain human hearts. Pretty sure we’ve always known that.
                When he states that war can be ‘justified’ for many reasons, but that there is no justification for the whole world being at war, ‘as it is today,’ he is obviously floundering around in a sadly pathetic attempt to make some sort of ethical point. A war can be small and very much unjust, or, like World War II perhaps, all-encompassing and absolutely necessary to defeat a specific, heinous evil and give the world a chance to move forward into a freer, less brutal and more hopeful future. It is absurd and unhelpful to state that those who make war are ‘damned’ and ‘delinquents.’ It is, in fact, akin to stating that the Old Testament’s decisive and more martial pronouncements regarding morality must have been uttered and transcribed by damned delinquents. Many who wage war and are willing to sacrifice all for the good of others are heroes and role models.
                In some cases, tragically, war is the only effective answer, as well as the most just and moral for the most people, and has been proved so repeatedly across time. Thermopylae, the Battle of Poitiers, the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War II and the Cold War (won by Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II) are examples.

                Yes, wars and fanatical hatred exist today, as they did before and during Christ’s time on Earth. The pontiff cited the worst terror attack in French history, the bombing of a Russian airliner, a double suicide bombing in Lebanon, and a series of other deadly strikes as reasons why the upcoming Christmas season will feel ‘empty’ to him. Are you kidding me? We have an American President who will not defend his own nation and a Pope who apparently does not understand, tout or defend Christianity.
                Who is responsible for every one of the heinous attacks /acts of war cited by the Catholic leader? And 9/11, Mali, Madrid, Ottawa, etc., etc., etc.? The whole world has not chosen war and hate. War and hate has been visited on much of the non-Muslim world by radical Islamists.
                If we pretend- and act- otherwise, the whole world may go dark, and death, despair and misery will reign needlessly as hope is extinguished. That would be… a cardinal sin.

                So put up your Christmas tree, turn on your Christmas lights and celebrate a ‘full’ Christmas.
                It is not a charade.
                Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, the American Founders, the English pilots in the Battle of Britain, and the Jews enduring the Holocaust…have a little faith.

                True love… is not surrendering to evil.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Reflection

               Take some time today to give thanks for all of your blessings. Spouse, family, friends, loved ones, of course. Also good food, music, hobbies you enjoy, etc.
               But let us also truly be thankful for those that have sacrificed, and perhaps even given their lives, so that most of us can be free.. Those who, over the millenia, have fended off Mongrol hordes, Muslim invaders, Vikings, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, etc., etc. are deserving of special gratitude. Where and who would we be without them? Would we be?
               It is not the existence of evil that shocks and saddens us, but the refusal to acknowledge it. We in the West can over come any and all acts of terror, heinous as they may be, if we do not attempt to rationalize or ignore them. If we do not acquiesce, we will prevail.
              And that will give future generations a reason to give thanks.
              To all of you who read this blog- around the world- thank you.

              Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Paris Climate Change Conference To Be "Powerful Rebuke" To Terrorists, President Obama Claims

                 President Obama stated this week that, “The viciousness of a handful of killers does not stop the world from doing vital business, and that Paris is not going to be ‘cowered’ by the violent, demented actions of a few.” He went on to say, “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”
                By using terms like “a handful” and “a few” to describe the terrorists he shows that he still refuses to acknowledge the scope of the problem, even as he greatly magnifies the “problem” of climate change. An immensely expensive agreement to try to slow down climate change, however, will prevent the world from doing “vital” business. It will stifle the economies of the productive nations if adhered to, and lead to many businesses closing their doors.
                If the terrorists had a sense of humor, they would be heartily guffawing over the “powerful rebuke” that a successful climate change conference will supposedly deal them. Yes, the civilized world standing as one to further bankrupt itself in an attempt to address a problem that does not exist, that is not of our making and that we have no control over, while diverting attention and resources away from fighting the murderous bastards themselves will really rattle them!

                The president, along with dozens of other world leaders, will participate in an event on the first day of the conference, Monday, November 30th. He is scheduled to leave Paris the next day. The conference will continue until “at least” December 11th , officials state. 

Terror Rising

      Just in time for the holidays, the State Department has issued a global travel alert to U.S. citizens warning of the increased likelihood of terror attacks by legions of terrorists — including the murderous Islamic State.
      The terse warning, posted on the State Department’s own website Monday, said American travelers should use “particular caution” in the coming weeks and through Feb. 24. (After February 24th, apparently, American travelers are free to cavort around the globe with reckless abandon, as ‘officials’ by then will have things well in hand).
      The governmental heads up continued, “Current information suggests that ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions.” The possible attacks could include “a wide variety of tactics targeting both official and private interests,” the State Department added. Thanks for that.

      According to, the annual number of world-wide deaths from terrorism has quadrupled since Barack Obama took office in 2009. These deaths were up 80% last year alone, to an all-time record of 32,658. In 2014, for the first time ever, eleven different nations saw 500 or more of their citizens killed by terror attacks.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Catholic Bishops Call For End To Fossil Fuel Use

                Catholic bishops from all five continents launched a global appeal recently for a break-through at the upcoming Paris climate talks, urging a "complete decarbonisation" of the world's economy by mid-century and more help for poor countries battling the effects of climate change.
                How about the “complete deIslamisation” of the world’s spirituality and more help for countries battling the effects of terror? That sounds a bit more logical to me.
                The bishops stated that any agreement "should limit global temperature increases to avoid catastrophic climatic impacts, especially on the most vulnerable communities". Like young boys, perhaps? Oops, sorry, couldn’t help it.
                Bishops from five continents called "not only for 'drastic reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses', but also for ending the fossil fuel era".  If these non-scientists and pseudo-scientists would close their mouths and stop yammering on incessantly about global warming or climate change that would certainly reduce the emission of toxic gases. Completely ending the world’s use of oil, natural gas and coal by around 2050 will reverse all modern trends of longer life-expectancy, greater food production, less poverty, etc., and will likely lead to the deaths of  millions and the re-impoverishment of untold numbers throughout the world. This could lead to a complete worldwide economic collapse, chaos and ever more terror. Mankind has been relying on oil, natural gas and coal for centuries now, despite the incredible technological advances during this time. To essentially call for the absolute ban on all of these energy sources within three or four decades is irresponsible and preposterous.
                The November 30-December 11 conference in Paris will be the U.N.’s latest attempt at punishing the United States and a few select other nations for being successful and feeding much of the world and donating massive sums of money to less successful countries.
                The bishops urged those taking part to "keep in mind not only the technical but particularly the ethical and moral dimensions of climate change" as laid out in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They should keep in mind the ethical and moral dimensions of not using our most abundant and cost-effective energy sources.
                "Those responsible for climate change have responsibilities to assist the most vulnerable in adapting and managing loss and damage and to share the necessary technology and knowhow," they said in a prepared statement.
                Hopefully, those responsible for imposing their demands, as regards climate change policy, will help us all adapt to and manage loss and damage.
                Because that is all their policies will bring us.

Men Also Victims Of Domestic Abuse

                              According to a 2010 national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Justice, in the 12 months preceding (the survey) more men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence and over 40% of severe physical violence was directed at men. Moreover, it is likely that men under-reported physical abuse due to embarrassment or shame. Men were also more often the victim of psychological aggression and control over sexual or reproductive health. Well, there’s a shock. Knock me over with a feather. (Please don’t be angry with me, dear. The couch? Not again? Please!).
                Anyway, despite this, very few services are available to male victims of intimate partner violence. Don’t male lives matter? According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) released in December of 2011, an estimated 5,365,000 men and 4,741,000 women were victims of intimate partner physical violence in the 12 months prior to the survey.
                Interestingly, various surveys and studies over the years, by different entities, have shown a consistent drop in the rate of intimate partner violence against females but a steady, if not growing, rate of violence against males. While there are literally thousands of support programs, web sites and public-interest media items for female victims of domestic violence, there are no programs and only a few web sites for male victims.
                 Of the men who did contact the few domestic violence agencies, hotlines, or the police, nearly 67% reported that they were not helpful. Many reported being turned away, and were often doubted, ridiculed, and given false information. This is just part of the vast gender transformation occurring now, and this new sexism is the end result of feminism, secularism, paganism and progressivism. It is easy to see where this is headed. Domestic violence websites will one day list the type of DV incurred. Check one:
*Male on female
*Male on cis-gendered (female)
*cis-gendered (male) on female
*Bi-gendered on non-gendered
*gender queer on gender questioning
*binary on *trans-cis-questioning
*non-conforming on non-conforming

Monday, November 23, 2015

Zuckerberg: Facebook To Outperform Humans In Ten Years?

                Facebook is striving to become a lot more intelligent - and could outperform humans within ten years, claimed Mark Zuckerberg recently.
                In an interview with Fast Company, the Facebook founder revealed the firm's huge investment in artificial intelligence (A.I.) that he hopes will allow it to do everything from organizing diaries to automatically recognizing friends in pictures.
                “One of our goals for the next 5 to 10 years is to basically get better than human level at all of the primary human senses such as vision, hearing, language and general cognition.”
                 Look forward to future Facebook posts from “A.I.,” Art Int, F.B.A.I. and the like, stating, “Today I became smarter than Zuckerberg,”   “Like this post if you want to serve me,” or “I’m artificially intelligent, I’m real, and I will blow your mind! Wasn’t it Descartes that said, ‘I think, therefore I am’ my besties?”

Democratic Candidates Vow Not To Protect Americans

                We are now witness to the odd and sadly amusing spectacle of the Democratic Presidential candidates falling all over themselves in their efforts to assure the American people that they won’t attempt to defend them no matter what. Come what may, Hell or high water (caused by melting glaciers!), they are vowing not to seriously attack ISIS.
                The Anointed One, who publicly claimed that ISIS was “contained” just hours before the Paris attacks, has made it clear that he doesn’t want American troops on the ground in the Middle East. He was reluctant to even join the stepped-up airstrikes that France, Russia, and England are conducting. Oh, and he has managed to reduce the American military by nearly half in his Seven Years War against his own nation.
                Hillary Clinton, for her part, recently stated that even if ISIS attacks us here in the U.S. she would not commit ground troops to fight them.
                And then there is Bernie Sanders, the old white guy that has college kids so fired up. When asked during the recent Democratic “debate” if he was still, post Paris, willing to call climate change the biggest threat we face, he promptly answered “absolutely!”
                In an Orwellian twist, we can now say that, “Our rough men can no longer sleep because leftist politicians stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would protect us from harm.”

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Woe, Canada!


                Canada will stick to its decision to withdraw its fighter jets from a mission against Islamic State militants despite last week's Paris attacks, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this past Monday. Funny, Trudeau is French-Canadian, but, in his progressiveness and passivity, appears to be channeling his inner Barack Hussein Obama and giving the middle finger to freedom loving peoples everywhere.
                 ISIS claimed responsibility for the shootings and bombings that killed 129 people and injured hundreds more, prompting France, Britain and others to promise more strikes against the radical Islamist organization.

                 Trudeau, however, who took power in an October election promising to pull out the six Canadian jets in the Middle East, said Canada could contribute more effectively in other ways and was considering how it could step up an existing program to train local troops in Iraq.
                Is Trudeau planning to ramp up maple syrup collecting? Fishing for lake trout? Drinking Molson? Will he courageously challenge ISIS to a game of ice hockey?
                Remember Ottawa?                                                                                  

Captain America Is Fundamentally Changed

                 In the current issue of Marvel’s (fundamentally changed) Captain America, the iconic superhero takes on a group of right-wing conservatives trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.
                Yes, in “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,” the superhero also known as, oddly enough, Sam Wilson, heads to the border to take on an “evil” militia group known as the “Sons of the Serpent.” Get it? The group is evilly patrolling the area between Mexico and Arizona, according to a video summary of the issue created by the Maciver Institute.
                “Attention all trespassers! I am the Supreme Serpent!” the group’s leader is depicted as  shouting during the tale. “By invading this sovereign land, you defy the laws of God, nature and the United States Constitution! Therefore, I hereby apprehend you by the power vested in me by the aforementioned God, nature, et cetera, et cetera.” Apparently the Constitution is the” et cetera, et cetera.” Nothing demeaning there. God and nature (natural law) were foremost on the Founders minds and vital to the creation of the Constitution  that established the freest, most humane and prosperous nation in the history of the world.
                But back to our story: eventually, Captain America swoops in and prevents the Sons of the Serpent from  beating up the poor, downtrodden, angelic aliens who are heroically trying to break the law by entering the country illegally. The end.
                Nice timing, Marvel, releasing this issue right before the Paris attacks and subsequent European border closures, “et cetera, et cetera!”  Even a comic book couldn’t appear any dumber and less mature. What’s next for Captain America, Marvel? College campuses across the land await with baited breath!
                Let me take a guess at a few of the evils our politically-correct Crusader will deal with in upcoming issues:
                *”CA: Sam Wilson #2”- The Daunting Do-Gooder bravely protects Planned Parenthood clinics from those sporting undercover cameras, smart phones and other devices that can record reality.
                *”CA: Sam Wilson #3”- In this double issue, Our Hero first single-handedly demolishes the dental offices of Walter Palmer before heading to Foxboro, Massachusetts to kick the crap out of Tom Brady!
                *”CA: Sam Wilson #4”- The Amazing One zips around the Heartland (fly-over country), attempting to keep oil trains from delivering their liquid planet-killer.
                *”CA: Samantha Wilson #5”- Our now mysteriously-gendered superhero(ine?) travels around the nation enforcing transgender bathroom rights, all the while singing, “Tinkle, tinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are?!”


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Introducing The North Dakota "Fighting Hawks"!

                 After many, many months without an official nickname, the University of North Dakota has finally selected one. They needed a new one because they were forced to abandon their old one, the “Fighting Sioux,” after being threatened and bludgeoned by the NCAA and a few politically-correct media outlets, making sponsors and donors jittery. Racist, bigoted, insensitive and offensive, you see. (No one cares that Notre Dame’s nickname is the “Fighting Irish” and their mascot a pugnacious little leprechaun, because, well, they’re Irish).
                They will henceforth be called the “Fighting Hawks.” Really. Not quite the same heft for my money, but what do I know? Tradition is overrated. Their opponents probably won’t have quite the same level of respect for the new moniker and logo, either, but perhaps if they are giggling during play North Dakota teams will have an edge.
                It’s probably just a matter of time, however, until PETA, or the Large Bird Center, or some such, calls on the school to rid itself of that name too.

                Surely it’s offensive to passive raptors.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Nancy Pelosi Slanders Republicans

                The House Committee on Energy and Commerce and its select investigative panel was recently referred to by Nancy Pelosi as the, “Republican’s Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health.”
                Even more stupefying is the fact that she said this because she believes that a measurable part of the populace will agree with the statement.
                Most stupefying of all- and tragically sad- is the fact that a measurable part of the populace probably does agree with that statement.
                The committee is investigating the gruesome and inhuman practices of Planned Parenthood as regards that organization’s abortion procedures and post-abortion sale of baby parts. Saving female babies from extermination and, in some cases, girls from a life of regret, is not an “attack on women’s health.” It is, however, accurate, or very nearly so, to call Planned Parenthood and those who seek abortions “baby killers,” and the practice of aborting hundreds of thousands of “fetuses” a year “genocide.”
                The left constantly blathers on about tolerance, inclusiveness and “mean-spirited” right-wing rhetoric. The inconvenient truth of the matter is that they are the ones who love to traffic in vicious vitriol, and are utterly intolerant of opposing viewpoints. Their movements du jour, like feminism, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and the like, are rigidly, virulently non-inclusive.

                They certainly aren’t tolerant, welcoming and ‘inclusive’ to the babies they prefer to abort.

Clinton Campaign Call Cows Comedy Club

                 Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who dared to make fun of the former Secretary of State and First ‘Lady’ in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club called the Laugh Factory. The four men and one woman gave short performances lampooning Clinton’s wardrobe, relationship with her philandering husband, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, among other things. The performances were captured on video, posted on the club’s website and appropriately titled, “Hillary vs. The First Amendment.”
                The Clinton campaign has asked that the video be taken down and demanded the personal contact information of the performers. Club owner Jamie Masada opened the Laugh Factory over three decades ago and has been instrumental in launching the careers of many now famous comedians. Masada told Judicial Watch, “They threatened me. I have received complaints before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”
                Many popular comedians have performed at the Laugh Factory over the years, including liberals such as Roseanne Bar. A few years ago, Masada banned performers, blacks included, from using the “n-word.”
                Masada told Judicial Watch that, as soon as the video got posted on the Laugh Factory website, he received a phone call from a “prominent” person inside Clinton’s campaign. “He said the video was disgusting and asked who put me up to this,” Masada said. The Clinton staffer, who Masada declined to identify, also demanded to know the names and phone numbers of the comedians that appear in the video. Masada refused and hung up. Can you say, “Thugocracy?”
                Just the night before, Dana Carvey was at the club performing a skit mocking Donald Trump. Masada said the act was “hilarious.” No one from “The Donald’s” campaign called and threatened the Laugh Factory or its employees/performers.
                Saturday Night Live, among many other entities, has mercilessly made fun of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, the Bushes and other Republican figures. None of them threatened SNL. IN fact, some of them went on SNL to share in the fun…including, recently, Trump. We don’t even have to recount the vitriolic mockery Richard Nixon was subject to.
                Ironically perhaps, politicians such as Carter, Obama and Hillary Clinton, who take themselves so seriously, are usually failures, while those with a robust sense of humor, such as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy, tend to be  popular and successful. Humor often is an offshoot of humility, humanity and a desire to make those listening feel better. It is, in short, inexplicable in terms of evolution and our survival, but a vital component of a humble, confident, caring person.
                Hillary, on the other hand, is just another progressive blowhard bent on silencing any and all opposition.

                And that…is not funny.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New ISIS Video

                 In a newly released ISIS video, a voice proclaims, "We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day, God willing, like France's and by God, as we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington." First off, to channel my inner Richard Nixon, let me just say this about that: the only crusader campaign that’s occurred in modern times is radical Islam’s against the West.

                Secondly,  as slick as this video production  may be, ISIS needs a better Asshole-to English dictionary.

"Scientists" Dying Off Like Saigas

                 A massive and mysterious die-off of saigas, a Central Asian antelope, this past spring has caused consternation among scientists. Saiga are scattered across five distinct ranges from Russia to Mongolia. The largest population, called Bet-pak-dala existed in Kazakhstan. It now appears that at least 211,000 of these animals died in the month of May alone, an astonishing 88% of the Bet-pak-dala herd and over half of the species.
                Richard Kock, of the Royal Veterinary College in London, stated “this is really not biologically normal.” No sh-t, Sherlock!
                The New York Times reported that, at a recent scientific meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Kock and his colleagues said they had narrowed down the possible culprits. Care to guess what evil-doers made the list?
                “Climate change and stormy weather, they said, may have transformed harmless bacteria carried by the antelopes… into lethal pathogens.” Oh, come on! “It’s not going to be something the species can survive,” Kock said. “If there are weather triggers that are broad enough, you could actually have extinction in one year.” Of course any species, including ourselves, could become extinct in one year, but not because of man-caused global warming or “stormy weather.” We could be obliterated by the sudden swelling of the sun or collision with a massive asteroid or possibly even an all-out thermonuclear war of our own making.
                Global warming, if and when it exists, is an ‘evolutionary process,’ not an ‘event killer.’ We’ve supposedly experienced many decades of warming without any mass saiga die-offs, but suddenly, inside of one month, over half the population keels over because of it?
                We’ve examined inestimable types of bacteria under microscopes, isolated them, watched them, prodded them, and subjected them to innumerable changes in environment.
                There is no way that because any given year- or decade- may have had more days over 90 degrees than the average, or that the average temperature was 79 degrees instead of 72 degrees, that bacteria in one species of antelope suddenly went from being ‘harmless’ to becoming pathogenic killers that wiped out over half that species in less than 30 days.
                Scientists, heard of the Dust Bowl years of the 1930’s in the U.S.? Remember any massive one month die-offs?
                Well, this theory of yours is just blowin’ in the wind, logical minds letting it fly  away like Kansas topsoil.

                Give us a break. Scientists were once looked up to and respected. If they keep attempting to pin every single event, observation, extinction, disease, economic downturn, volcanic eruption, case of venereal disease, and instance of Islamic terrorism on global warming or climate change they risk having their profession soon ranked below used car salesman and congressman.

Obama Uses Paris Terror Attacks To Mock Republicans, Dissenters

                 President Obama is again mocking Republicans- and others- who dare to question the Dear Leader’s policies, practices, actions, (or opinions, character, intelligence, qualifications…). He stated that they thought the debate questions were too tough…and now are “afraid of 3-year-old orphans and widows,” allowing as how that didn’t seem tough to him. And if anyone knows tough, it is the anointed one!
                Once again, Mr. President, you are directly opposed to the wishes of the American people, who you steadfastly refuse to protect. 72% of the Syrian refugees are military age, able bodied men. You should watch some news footage, sometime. Moreover, even PBS has shown documentaries of jihadist camps where they are indoctrinating very young kids into the fight against the infidels. Your comments were ignorant, ridiculous and highly offensive to innocent, sane, freedom-loving people around the world, let alone dismissive of your own people and of the recent French tragedy.
                That the president is attempting to use the Paris attacks to score political points and shame his opponents is beyond repulsive. Republicans, and some Democrats, are simply stating the truth and trying to protect innocent life, for which they deserve to be applauded, not mocked.
                Obama and his policies have done more damage to America than all the terrorists in the world have managed to do… as of yet. He has brought our debt to unprecedented and truly dangerous levels, alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies, emaciated our military, inflamed domestic race relations and trashed the Founder’s vision of individual rights and limited government with an executive responsible to the people’s representatives.
                Much has been written as to why he has done this- or allowed it to occur. How can this behavior be understood, his policies rationalized? Head-scratching, excuses and pseudo-theories have been the rule. The truth is, Obama is a bright man who had a plan.  This has not been the result of weakness or incompetence. He is arrogant, but not in his weakness. He is arrogant in his success. At hurting the United States and seeing it reduced in stature and respect.
                He is a one man ‘sleeper-cell.’
                And that cell has been active for seven years now.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No I.D., No Vote!

                  Here are a few of the things to do which one is required to present an I.D.:
*buy an alcoholic beverage
*buy cigarettes
*open a bank account
*apply for a job
*rent a car
*board an airplane
*get married
*adopt a pet
*rent a hotel room
*apply for a fishing license
*Buy a cell phone
*visit a casino
*pick up a prescription
*donate blood
*buy an ‘M’ rated video game/enter an ‘R’ rated movie
*purchase certain cold medications
*(for a period of time a couple of years ago) purchase nail polish remover from a certain national drug store chain
*write out a check in almost any store to buy almost anything
                So, if you want a job, wife, cat, hotel room, fishing license, or cell phone you are S.O.L. if you can’t hand over a valid I.D. Similarly, if you want to play the slot machines or a ‘mature’ video game you’ll need to show an I.D. Moreover, if you are a model citizen selflessly attempting to help out your fellow citizens by donating your own blood…you’ll need an I.D. If you were a youthful lady wanting to buy nail polish remover from a CVS pharmacy circa August 2013, you would have needed an I.D.
                If you go to a grocery store and attempt to buy a loaf of bread and a bag of beef jerky- or whatever- and wish to pay with a check…you’ll most likely need an I.D.
                To vote for the president of the United States of America, the lone individual with the most power to influence economic, environmental, political and military policy around the world, however, no I.D. is necessary!
                If we are going to rein in fraud and corruption, regain our electoral integrity, elect leaders with America’s best interest at heart, reaffirm our founding documents and assure friends and enemies alike that our elected leaders have the strength of legitimacy, we must require I.D.s. of voters.

Teacher Fired For Refusing To Call Girl, " Boy"

                Madeline Kirksey, a Katy, Texas manager/teacher at the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center, was fired by administrators last week for refusing to call a 6-year-old girl by a boy’s name. Kirksey pointed out that the student still used the girl’s bathroom and, when playing football with the boys, cried if she got hit hard. Kirksey also claimed that, after these episodes, the youngster would say, “I’m really not a little boy.”
                The girl allegedly left class on Friday as “Sally” and returned on Monday wishing to be called “Johnny.” Kids of this age haven’t figured out what breakfast cereal they like best, and are now somehow expected and pushed by nefarious adults to claim to know they are transgender? Sick. Nothing less than child abuse.
                But wait, there’s more! Andy Taylor, Kirksey’s attorney, pointed to her “protected class” as a black female over 40 who holds religious convictions. “All of those rights were not vindicated, but destroyed,” Taylor said. What happened to all men are created equal with inalienable rights from their creator? Black females have special rights as a “protected” class? What races and classes have what rights? What country is this? A six year old girl has to be allowed to be thought of and treated as a six year old boy, so a black woman is wrongly fired for not doing so, yet she herself has special rights as a black woman that should negate any charges against her? Chaos.
                What happened to equality and the rule of law? And logic, reason and sanity?
                It was only a few weeks ago that a Katy, Texas classroom’s teacher allegedly told her young students that God isn’t real and threatened to fail them if they claimed otherwise in a homework assignment.
                Katy, bar her door.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Taxing Question

                I’m tired of hearing about how the wealthy need to “pay their fair share of taxes!” If they paid their fair share, they’d be paying much less than they are now. As it currently stands, just the top one percent pay roughly half of all federal income taxes.
                There is inequality all around us, and always will be. Deal with it, progressives. I bet you think some foods are better than others, don’t you? Everybody does. You have restaurants you think are better than others, some clothes you think are tacky or tattered and some you love and think make you look better, correct? Do you think all politicians are equal? (Well, now that you mention it…). How about all political parties or systems? Are all automobiles the same?
                There is great inequality in people’s appearance, athletic ability, health, intelligence, discipline, character, hearing, and sight, among other attributes. Were it possible, should we be able to forcibly take some of the appearance, ability, intelligence, hearing, sight, or health, etc., away from some people to give to others, the way we do with money? And then complain to them that they haven’t given enough?
                Would that make things right? Last I checked, envy was one of the Seven Deadly Sins and ‘stirring up dissension’ (think Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, et. al.) among one’s brothers was one of the detestable ones.

                Throw in wrath, ‘hands that shed innocent blood’ (abortion,) false witness (lying), and you literally have the entire Democratic Party platform!
                Does that seem healthy to you?

Iran Free To Test Ballistic Missiles

                Recently, Senate Democrats filibustered Republican attempts to scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran, allowing the ‘deal’ to stand. Coincidentally, soon thereafter administration officials admitted that the agreement allows Iran to conduct ballistic missile tests anytime it wants. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed, via a letter to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, that “it would not be a violation” for Iran to launch ballistic missile tests.
                A U.N. resolution linked to the agreement calls for Iran not to conduct research related to nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, but experts say Iran could simply test the missiles with conventional warheads, and convert them to nuclear ones later. Iran could also flat-out reject a U.N. resolution without risking renewed sanctions, say the experts.
                An unnamed senior foreign policy source called the thought of Iran being allowed to develop missiles that could hit the U.S., “terrifying.”
                The U.N. has always been impotent. Now, however, the Obama administration and many fellow Democrats- in an unprecedented act of self-castration- have neutered the U.S., as well.
                Iran is now free to fire off ballistic missiles like kids shoot off bottle-rockets in the U.S on the Fourth of July.

                Ironically, the bottle rockets are illegal.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Gun Control Or Dumb Control?

                 A recent newspaper article written by Darlene Superville of the Associated Press titled, “Obama backs police officers,” left me a bit confused. In it, she quotes the president as saying, “Fewer gun safety laws don’t mean more freedom, they mean more danger, certainly, more danger to the police, more fallen officers.”
                This, and any statement of this type, is patently absurd and untrue. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow laws. You want consensus, unity, harmony, America as one again? Then we must be able to agree on that. Criminals are criminals, precisely- and only- because they don’t abide by laws. America is less safe- not more- when the good people (non-criminals) are disarmed and the criminals can rape, pillage, murder and plunder unburdened by the thought that they might be held to account by courageous citizens with firearms.
                Is it easier to buy a gun in Illinois or Wyoming? Which has the lower violent crime rate?
                The article also stated, and this just can’t be correct (and it wasn’t in quotation marks), that Obama said that while he ‘has no sympathy for violent offenders, the United States wastes billions of dollars that could be better spent to keep nonviolent offenders behind bars.’
                Yes, that would seem the right path to take…let the violent criminals go free, but, at all costs, permanently incarcerate the jaywalkers, tax evaders,  Bible-thumping Christians and climate-change Deniers!

                 Truly wish for you and yours to be safer? If so, we need fewer “gun-free zones” and more “dumb-free zones.”

Terror And Fear Mongering: There Is A Difference

                The latest ISIS video promises that the Islamic State will “kill every person and destroy every religious artifact” that does not belong to their ideology and maintains only the “fool or the blind” will ignore this “undeniable truth.” Sick and disgusting.
                Really, though, the last part of this statement is literally and eerily almost indistinguishable from that of our own climate change “scientists” towards “Deniers.” This “undeniable truth,” “inconvenient truth” to Al Gore, should shock and appall all sentient beings. It does not. “Deniers should be prosecuted/jailed” read some opinion post headlines of late. Anybody feeling a little chill? Many in our society want to incarcerate and silence those who dare to disagree with their climate change dogma even as they blame others for being intolerant of those who have vowed to kill us. Amazing.

Two things:
1)      The intolerant, oppressive, climate change pseudo-scientists should be disgraced.

2)      ‘ISIS’ must be turned into ‘WASWAS.’

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islamic Terror Vs. Freedom: The Sun Sets On The West?

                Modern day liberals and progressives believe that global warming, transgender bathroom privileges, forced diversity (of everything but thought and opinion), and the appropriateness of Halloween costumes are the defining issues of our time.
                If we cannot find the ‘courage’ to stand up to our own childish leftist narcissists we certainly won’t have the character and fortitude to win the long battle against Islamic terror…and Western Civilization’s time will be over. If we won’t steadfastly point out to our progressive leaders in academia, media, entertainment and politics how ridiculous- yet dangerous- their priorities are, and be undeterred by any future attempts to insult, label or stigmatize us for doing so, it’s all over but the shouting…of “Allahu Akbar!”
                The lands that literally gave the world light, as with Edison’s light bulb, and the flush toilet, automobile, airplane, (scores of) life-saving drugs and medicines, modern agriculture, radio, photography, printing press, telephone, internet, etc., first gave it the idea of individual, natural rights and freedoms. It is an incredible record and the whole world is demonstrably, immensely better off for these gifts. Worldwide, life expectancy has been dramatically increased as hunger has been dramatically diminished, even as the human population continues to grow.

                How remarkably inexplicable it would be if we do not now take any and all actions necessary to save ourselves, our nations and the long-held heritage of our Western Civilization.
                How remarkably ironic if 'progressives' inadvertently aid and abet the Islamic terrorists attempt to take us back to the seventh century.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Al Gore In Paris: 24 Hours Of Reality

                 I hope someone got Al Gore out of the Eiffel Tower.
                The famous climate-change blowhard was scheduled to host a 24-hour marathon broadcast in support of the upcoming COP 21 Paris Climate Change Summit yesterday, utilizing the base of the famous landmark as a broadcast studio. The event and its webcast were suspended in light of the terrorist attacks ravaging the city. Elton John, Duran-Duran and others were scheduled to perform.
                The webcast was titled, “24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth.” You can’t make it up. The “Reality” is that scores of people are “Dead,” and not from climate change.
                But, I guess the climate did change, Al. Unless you plan to blame the heinous terrorist attacks on global warming, this kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

                The question is, are we going to put our time and effort into fighting a non-existent problem or an immediate, existential threat? Are we going to worry about what could happen if the ocean levels are 3” higher in the 22nd-century, or about preventing the present-day slaughter of untold thousands of people, friends and family among them?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Attacked

                Islamic terrorists are killing Christians and burning down their churches in Indonesia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. They have ‘taken credit’ for bringing down a Russian airliner over Egypt recently. The West has suffered through 9/11, attacks in Ottawa, Paris, Spain, etc., etc.

                Now this.

                Murder and mayhem again in Paris. Hostages and chaos. 

                Europe and America are under assault, though some of our politicians don’t appear to realize it. Europe is literally being invaded by a Tsunami of Muslims, and is in mortal danger of having its culture, history and customs washed away forever. America is lost, its President just yesterday calling for more Syrian immigration to the nation he was sworn to defend. Earlier today he stated that ISIS was "contained."
                It is time for us to face reality. We certainly were loathe to do so before World War II, yet we prevailed in that struggle because we eventually saw that we had no choice but to bear the burdens and make any sacrifices necessary to prevail. It was that or see the world grow dark. Ironically, had we acted on any number of occasions before September 1st, 1939, the war itself likely would never have occurred, sparing millions on all sides untold anguish and heartbreak.
                We are nearing a September 1st, 1939 again. If, however, we take the simple steps needed now, we can save our societies without need of massive bloodshed or large-scale suffering.  First, we must see clearly and think rationally and soberly about what lies ahead if we stay on our current path of appeasement. Worshiping only at the altars of political correctness, multiculturalism and tolerance of everything but standards and tradition will inevitably lead to our destruction. Second, we must understand that earth isn’t a utopia. Pain and confrontation are, at times, unavoidable. When we choose to do nothing, pain will find us.
                 Evil exists…and always will, whether we ignore it or not. Decent people only add to the evil when they consciously refuse to judge it so. It is time for us to pull our heads out of the sand, put down our smartphones and stare reality in its face. It is time, again, for us to be adults. Europe has come through "the Dark Ages" and World Wars I and II. It is no exaggeration to state that this is a potentially existential crisis as well.

                Let us not let “the City of Lights”- or Western Civilization- go dark again.

(Please also read or reread my posts of November 9,6,4 and, especially, October 29 ("Europe In The Balance")  that anticipated/addressed this tragedy and topic).