Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Signature Issue

                An educational budget hearing in Albany, New York, was the site of a startling revelation recently: many Big Apple students, including those of state lawmakers, can’t even sign their own names.            Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-SI/Brooklyn) told Board of Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia that students have become so tech-oriented that they never learn how to write their names in signature form, leaving them unable to properly ink contracts, checks and credit cards. “Not only is it sad, but it’s a security issue. Can you imagine? Not only does it mean you can’t sign a business contract, but it makes you vulnerable to identity theft because anyone can just go ahead and print your name,” she stated.
Malliotakis said the penmanship problem was brought to her attention while she was helping one of her constituents fill out a voter registration form. He printed his name and she told him to sign it. He didn’t know how to and insisted that his printed name was his “signature.” This is someone at least 18-years-old (or very close to it).
                Long-time Harlem legislator Herman “Denny” Farrell says that his 11-year-old daughter doesn’t know how to sign her name, either. “And she’s smarter than me,” he said of his daughter. “They don’t teach it,” Farrell exclaimed. LeRoy Comrie, a senator from Queens, told Malliotakis that his son was never taught that “skill” either.
                The United States spends more per pupil on education than any other country in the world.
                John Hancock weeps.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

University Of California-Irvine Attempts To Ban American Flag

  Six University of California-Irvine student council members voted to ban the American flag from a campus building. Students and faculty members defended them and created an online petition stating their express support of the underlying reasons for the ban.

             The vote to remove the flag stemmed from an attempt to avoid “triggering” hurt feelings among illegal immigrants due to “racism and xenophobia,” according to the petition, which received over 1,200 signatures, including 60 from UC Irvine professors and faculty members. The petition roundly condemned “nationalism” in general and “U.S. nationalism” in particular.

 Let your “freak flags” fly folks! Just not Old Glory.

             The ban was eventually overturned, much to the chagrin of academics everywhere.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Queen Of The Jungle

                  We, the citizens of the United States of America, are likely about to elect a person who lies with impunity, breaks laws, and cares not a whit about protecting her countries most important and sensitive information, to the highest office in the land. That seems incredible, until we examine the cultural changes the country has undergone in the past few decades and reflect on who is in office now.
                 Sure she’s lied under oath like her hubby, but we like her position on women’s rights. Okay, so she led the attack on the women that her hubby assaulted, attempting to discredit and marginalize them, but we like her views on abortion. Sure, she may have told our folks in Benghazi to stand down, but she stood up to her interrogators in Congress by saying, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
                Maybe the FBI will indict her, but she would be the first woman president. Like, hello! How cool would that be?
    Yeah, that bitch Sally Miller, the former Miss Arkansas, and former mistress of Bill Clinton, put out a Face Book post alerting her friends that she fears for her life at the hands of the Clintons and was physically threatened by one of their operatives back in the 1990’s. Sure she said, “In this election year, if you read I died… by committing suicide…don’t believe it.”
 So what? We like Hillary's stance on women’s health care!


MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Asks Why Anyone Would Watch A Debate Between "The Two Cuban Guys"

                 MSNBC host Chris Matthews ridiculed the idea of a Trump-less Republican debate on Tuesday, January 26th, and asked why anyone would care about a debate between “the Cuban guys.” That’s odd, I thought the mainstream media members loathed “The Donald” and would welcome a more substantive debate without his politically-incorrect bluster.
                The Hardball host, accidentally giving his best Trump imitation, went on to say, dismissively,  “Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who is going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Who cares?” Matthews has recently said that he didn’t know if Cruz and Rubio should even be considered Hispanic.
                “Two Cuban guys?” In this day and age? Really? Would it fly if he had cause to say “Who is going to watch a debate between the two Muslim guys?” or “The two Kenyan guys?” Or the “Two lesbian gals?” His views are all too typical of the hyper-tolerant left that is only tolerant of what they think should be tolerated.
                So, Chris, why would anyone care about a debate between “the Cuban guys?” Because they do care…about their country…their families…and the fate of the world.

                You wouldn’t have asked that question, Chris, if you would have watched the debates… with an open mind.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vulture Detained In Lebanon Suspected Of Being Israeli Spy

                 CNN reports that a griffon vulture that flew into Lebanon from an Israeli nature reserve has been captured and detained on suspicion of spying for the Jewish state. The Gamla Nature Reserve tracked the bird to the vicinity of the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, located just a few miles from the Israeli border. Reports soon began trickling in that the bird was being held by locals who suspected the giant raptor was a spy because it sported Israeli tags and devices.
                Soon after, a series of photos surfaced. One showed the bird’s (Israeli!) tags and a rope tied around its legs. Another highlighted a transmitter on the raptor’s back. Yet another exhibited two men displaying the bird’s massive wingspan. The vulture has a metal ring on its leg, courtesy of Tel Aviv University, tags on both wings and a GPS transmitter attached to its tail, so that scientists can identify the bird and track its movements. The bird is part of a conservation project with the goal of restoring the species to its former range throughout the Middle East. A range, incidentally, many, many times larger than the state of Israel.
                The bird is just one of many animals detained in the region over the years on suspicion of spying for the Israelis. A little over a year ago I reported on a stork that was jailed in Egypt under nearly identical circumstances. (See "Stork Busters" post of 11/9/2014, replete with a photo of the poor bird languishing in a dingy jail cell).

Humans May Develop Gills, Webbed Feet Due To Global Warming, Experts Say

                 Dr. Matthew Skinner, a paleoanthropologist at England’s University of Kent, recently claimed that humans may evolve webbed feet and cat-like eyes in response to global warming. The good doctor says that this could come about if melting ice caps cause rising sea levels and therefore a “water world” environment, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.
                Dr. Skinner also said that some changes could take place very quickly and noted that some humans already have a genetic mutation that produces webbing. Other changes would take longer. Our noses and face size would increase to help warm inhaled cold air in the nasopharynx, the area behind the nose. (I thought global warming heated the oceans, too).  We may develop a layer in the retina to help us see in poor light under water. Finally, the scientist stated, humans may even develop gills.
                As part of an exercise to calculate how our physical appearance could change under a number of different scenarios, Dr. Skinner and other "experts" also contemplated what might happen if we colonized other planets (that better happen before we have gills and webbed feet!) or if an asteroid struck Earth, triggering another ice age. Ice age?
                I don’t wish to duck the issue, but there’s something fishy here. Thinking about this is stressing me out. I mean, how will we know what to pack for future trips? I need to relax.

                I’m going for a swim.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama, Clinton, Cruz, Rubio: An American Essay, Part II (The Final Chapter?)

                 There has been much consternation among many Americans as to why President Obama consistently takes actions that are obviously detrimental to the interests- and image- of the United States. This despite his promise to “fundamentally transform” the nation, despite his 20+ year relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who famously, repeatedly, chanted “God Damn America” from his pulpit, despite his association with Bill Ayers, etc., etc.
                He is a smart man. At some point you have to come to the realization that he takes these actions because he wants to.
 It is the same with the Clintons. Has he really abused all those women? Has she really put up with all of it? Can they both have really told so many lies over the decades? Been so cavalier about national security? Yes. It is who they are.
So, why have the establishment Republicans promised to govern in a conservative manner and consistently backed away from doing so upon election? Why does government never shrink? Why is abortion legal? Why is Planned Parenthood still going strong? Why is Obamacare the law of the land? Why are we now approximately $20 trillion in debt? Why are our borders unenforced? Why have we sanctified gay marriage? Why do federal agencies consider “right- wing extremists” a graver danger than Islamic terrorists? I could go on and on…and on…and on. But I think by now you know the answer.
We have effectively been living in a one-party political system for years. The Elite Establishment Party rules the nation and in turn are essentially controlled by the donors and lobbyists. There Is now also an emerging second party: the hard left Socialist Party USA. We may also, God-willing, be seeing the rise of a nascent third party: the Conservative Constitutionalists. The Elites care for power and money more than they care about the country. Multinational companies, globalism and one-world-government are the order of the day, the realpolitik.
If you are a white, working (or middle/upper middle) class person from flyover- town, the Elite Establishment Party doesn’t care what you think. They disdain you. Worse, if you happen to be of a Tea-Party bent, a conservative who actually believes in the country’s founding principles, a strict constructionist, they are united…in their hatred of you. The “Republican” establishment literally hates conservatives. That is the truth. True conservatives challenge them, make them say things they don’t believe, potentially threaten the natural order of things and generally make them feel uncomfortable, much like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
The hard left Socialists are, of course, ideologically against every principle the United States was founded on, though at least they are presently open and honest about their beliefs and intentions. This leaves the Conservative Constitutionalists as the only hope for the continued existence of America.
Enter Ted Cruz. The establishment RINO’s have done an about face and have now decided they would rather deal with Donald Trump than Ted Cruz. “The Donald” has no real conservative credentials whatsoever and they believe they can co-opt him. After all, he is a New York billionaire.
Ted Cruz came to Washington just four years ago and didn’t even genuflect to the establishment types. He made it clear what he believed and what he wished to accomplish. He didn’t go out of his way to get their advice or offer to shine their shoes. The establishment hates his guts. They really, really wish him ill. That is why you are now hearing them say things like “Nobody likes Ted Cruz,” and “He’s mean.” It is disgusting…and pathetic.
I don’t know if Cruz can win the nomination- or the presidency- with so many enemies. I do know they will spare no effort in their attempt to discredit him. I also know that with enemies like those, he has my vote.
Cruz needs all the help and support he can get. So does America.

(Marco Rubio has waffled/been soft on illegal immigration in the past. It was a big mistake, one that he’ll have to try to overcome. He is, however, a deep thinker, well-spoken and right on many issues. He has diligently studied policy and the historical results thereof… in depth and for years. He is a “policy wonk,” as opposed to Cruz, who is learned and very smart in his own right but who focuses on big picture principles of freedom, free markets, individual rights, Natural Law, etc. Rubio is a Newt Gingrich of sorts to Cruz’s Ronald Reagan. Cruz-Rubio. That’s the ticket!).


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The IRS And You

                 After recent IRS debacles, such as the agency’s unconstitutional targeting of conservative groups and individuals, and the plight of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who tried to contact the agency via phone last year and were never able to get help, this latest news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, I guess. Still, it saddens.
                Even after being handed an extra $290 million by Congress, with the express stipulation that it be spent “solely for taxpayer services to ensure the agency responds to taxpayer questions in a timely manner…” taxpayer advocates are saying that the bloated bureaucracy will offer even less phone and face-to-face service to its “customers” this year…and in years to come.  Moreover, it is thought that many tax preparers will be forced to pay for advice that they used to get for free. This is in part because more emphasis will be placed on online and automated services, despite security concerns, but mostly because the IRS’ long term plan will be to stress enforcement over customer service, representatives of the people be-damned.
                                Does the agency know that the extra $290 million Congress bestowed on them- and every other dollar that they take in- comes from taxpayers that they euphemistically call “customers?” They do. They don’t care. They will target you for your beliefs. First Amendment, what First Amendment? They don’t wish to hear from you. They don’t comply with mandates from your elected representatives. This is a form of taxation without representation.
                                We know what our ancestors did. Every American taxpayer should take his or her tax forms to Washington and throw them in the Reflecting Pool… or the Potomac. We are drowning in a sea of regulations. It is time to give back.
                Our tax return forms may hold water, but arguments for the continuance of the current tax system and the totalitarian thuggery of the IRS do not.
                (The agency, of course, denies all of this and says it has used the money to hire hundreds of employees specifically to handle customer inquiries. We shall see).


                It has now come to light that the agency has erased a hard drive belonging to a former high level employee involved in its controversial, taxpayer-funded hiring of the elite trial law firm Quinn Emanuel. Microsoft had previously submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, which led to a court preservation order being issued on all documents related to the matter, but the IRS erased the hard drive anyway. (For its part, the law firm itself has virtually no experience handling sensitive tax data, yet taxpayers have been footing bills of over $1,000 per hour for its services rendered).

Uncivil Asset Forfeiture

                 The News of the Weird reports that the federal government took more property from American citizens in 2014 than burglars did, through “civil asset forfeiture,” according to FBI figures published by the independent Institute for Justice. (This does not count state and local government seizures… these are not uniformly reported, in any case). The government is no longer bound by law to await convictions before confiscating its citizens’ private property, although some seized assets must be returned to private-party victims. Countless news reports speak of various government agencies suddenly enriched with brand new cars and many other expensive assets that were mysteriously “gifted” or otherwise acquired from suspects never convicted of crimes.

                Any government that acts in this tyrannical and uncivil a manner forfeits all claims to legitimacy and should necessarily have its ass(ets) kicked, whupped…or handed to it on a platter.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Released Despite Vow To Kill Americans

                 Guantanamo Bay and its detainees have frequently been in the news lately. One of the detainees, Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani, a man suspected of having been close to Osama bin Laden, has recently posted a dating profile on captioned “detained but ready to mingle.” I bet he is. Via various forums, Muhammed has lately commented on Lebron James, Caitlyn Jenner, the Ashley Madison website and the state of South Dakota. Go figure. ( has now apparently suspended his account due to the recent publicity).
                Mohammed Ali Abdullah Bwazir was scheduled to be released from “Gitmo” recently but balked at leaving, claiming he was “frightened” to leave the prison and go to a country where he has no family. You know it’s a nice “prison” when an inmate doesn’t want leave.
                Then there is Rahman al-Shumrani who openly and repeatedly vowed that he would “kill as many Americans as I can” upon his release from the facility. His file is filled with quotes in which he vowed to kill Americans both here and abroad. His file also contains this passage pertaining to his suitability for release: “If released without rehabilitation, close supervision, and means to successfully reintegrate into his society as a law-abiding citizen, it is assessed detainee would immediately seek out prior associates and reengage in hostilities and extremist support activities at home and abroad.”
                President Obama, who was aware of al-Shumrani’s oft-declared intentions, approved his release. He is now at large.
                (Roughly 30% of those released from Guantanamo have been confirmed or suspected of returning to the battlefield to attack Americans again. Can we Gitmo dumber?).

British School's Transgender Accomodation

                 Transgender policy changes have come to an independent school in Britain and you can be sure more schools will follow in their stead. Students up to the age of 16 will be allowed to wear the uniform of the gender they identify as, meaning girls who identify as boys will be allowed to wear a full tweed blazer, tie and trousers, whilst boys who identify as girls can wear a skirt, ‘bolero’ jacket and open-neck Revere blouse, reports the Telegraph.
 Don’t be afraid to show a little cleavage boys, but make sure you’re wearing panties or underwear! No confusion here. What could go wrong?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Barack Obama, Definition Of

                 Let’s be clear and succinct: Barack Obama is not a Christian or a Muslim. He is a narcissist. Religions would be too confining for him. He intends to be worshipped.
                 He believes he is unique and exceptional, not the nation he leads. While he’s told every other person, entity or business in the land that “you didn’t build/do it alone, you had help,” he clearly believes that he alone (despite rascally Republicans, Fox News and all the other obstacles he’s had to face) has transformed the country, if not the world.
                Unfortunately, in that he is correct. To paraphrase the Bhagavad Gita, he has become the destroyer of nations. Certainly his own. We can only hope and pray that Israel and other American allies will survive what he has wrought.

                Barack Obama: The Unfounder.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald Trump To Be Banned From Britain?

                 Four hundred thousand British folks have launched a petition seeking to bar Donald Trump from entering Britain on the basis of laws against hate speech.  Michael Savage, a conservative radio host from San Francisco, has already been the victim of these ridiculous, intolerant, tyrannical and hugely hypocritical laws.
                Trump and Savage are- whatever their faults- by any objective and reasoned measure attempting to help the English speaking peoples, as Churchill called them, salvage some of their history, traditions and culture. Are they a bit arrogant at times? Yes. Much as Churchill was. Are they xenophobic or predisposed to violence? Absolutely not, nor was Churchill. They have a noble goal in common with each other and with Sir Winston: to lead the West out of a potentially existential crisis and through this dark hour. True, they cannot compare to the former Prime Minister in many respects, but who can?

                Should not the British be more concerned with keeping radical Islamists who want to kill them and destroy their heritage from entering Britain than with barring those who wish to help?

"Cuddle Parties"

                 Membership in the Minneapolis chapter of “Cuddle Parties” is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people are joining and attending the groups’ monthly meetings to “explore communication and boundaries.”
                On a recent night, bedding is spread across the floor and members cuddle with complete strangers or those they have just recently met. Candessa Hadsall said “There are rules for how you are to behave in a cuddle party.” Asking permission to touch, she said, is the most important of all. “I’d like you to know for tonight ‘No’ is a complete sentence,” she stated. Hadsall believes there are benefits both in learning to ask for what you want and saying no to what you don’t want. Many psychologists, physicians and Cuddle Party members say that cuddling releases oxytocin, a feel good hormone released in our brains that reduces stress and blood pressure.
                A chapter member who is a message therapist said, “Everybody wants to be held, it’s just a human need that we have.” He continued, “There’s something about hearts connecting. I think society makes it all sexual but it’s just lovely to drop in and just breathe together,” he said.
                Two hours into the session, they are all totally tangled up on the floor with people they’ve just met, in what they call the “silverware drawer.” (I get it. Everything/one all jumbled together or spooning).

                We used to just play “Twister.”

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Harvard Unveils Social Justice Placemats

                 Harvard University is now using placemats in its dining halls to propagandize about what students- and their parents- should think about the issues of the day. They recently utilized “Holiday Placemats for Social Justice” to further students’ indoctrination even as they eat. Stacks of these placemats were available in several locations, many were already on tables and at least one was posted on a wall in message-board fashion, as well.
                Among the many non-biased and well reasoned points listed on the mats (points that were intended to “foster dialogue between students and their families” when the students went home for the holiday recess) was this one: “Political justice involves welcoming Syrian refugees.”
                Well now. Guess they showed the likes of me. Great dialogue though.
                Harvard’s Assistant Dean of “Student Life for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,” among others, applauded the use of these placemats. (That is a comically named body, as it is the opposite of what it claims to be, in every respect). They need an assistant student dean for equity, diversity and inclusion? Is there a dean and assistant dean for every school, administrative division, demographic topic and current event issue?
                Welcome to the new normal on campus. Minds once open are closed. Education has given way to indoctrination. What’s next?

                One thing’s for sure: Harvard is full of... deans.

Judge Judy, College Graduates And The Supreme Court

                 10% of recent college graduates think “Judge Judy” is a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, according to a survey by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, fully one in ten of our most educated young people believe the reality-television show star sits on the highest court in the land.
                It is not surprising, then, that 5.5% of them think Secretary of State John Kerry is also a SCOTUS pillar. This led me to do my own informal research. The results are as follows:

                *14% of recent university graduates in my survey didn’t recognize the name of Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.
                *37% thought John Adams was “like, some type of beer or something…”
                *19% said Ted Cruz was born in Kenya
                *21% thought Thomas Jefferson was “an old white guy who owned slaves, but, like, declared our independence from the South or something…”
                *And this one shocked me… 23% of recent graduates in my survey who’ve received a Master’s Degree thought Beyonce’ was someone to whom you were engaged to be married.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New York City Addresses Transgender Rights

                 New York City’s “Commission on Human Rights” has issued new guidelines as to what pronouns can be used to refer to transgender individuals. Yes, the same stout yeopersons who believe that abortion, which abolishes a child’s inalienable right to life (as well as the child) is a human right, have now decreed that pronouns are “wrong” when they correspond to someone’s actual or birth gender but are contrary to that person’s gender self-identity. Well, if it’s not a fundamental human right to be called by whatever gender-descriptive pronoun (from the newly vast and contrived list of them) you like, no matter your genitalia, I don’t know what is.
                If you are a business or property owner in New York and call a transsexual person “he” or “she” when they prefer to be called “zhe,” for instance, you may have to pay a quarter of a million dollar fine. “Misgendering” breaks the city’s newly updated law as regards “Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression,” and is now a serious offense. What was it Ted Cruz was saying?
                Incidents that are deemed “willful and malicious” will see property owners face up to $250,000 in fines, while standard violations of the law will result only in a $125,000 fine. Fines of these amounts would be the end of many small businesses.
                Funny, these businesses would likely also get fined for false advertising or misrepresentation if they- or their claims- turned out to be other than they actually are. For example, why can’t a company that makes alcoholic beverages simply self-identify as “the maker of the world’s healthiest drink” if that’s how they wish to see themselves? Surely their products should be allowed onto the same shelves as skim milk. Surely they shouldn’t be excluded from grocery stores or vending machines! That wouldn’t be very validating!(Perhaps the company’s 151 rum has a drop or two of kale extract in it and is transitioning to a health drink).
             The legislation makes it clear that if an individual desires, property owners will have to use  “zhe,” “hir” and any other preferred pronoun. From the updated legislation: ”The NYCHRL requires employers and covered entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.” (Many transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or zhe/hir).
            Other violations of the law include refusing to allow individuals to use single-sex facilities such as bathrooms that are “consistent with their gender identity,” failing to provide employee health benefits for “gender-affirming care” and “imposing different uniforms or grooming standards based on sex or gender.” Ergo, if a bar owner prevents a male bartender from wearing a skirt, lipstick and high heels, he or she (“zhe?”) would be breaking the law. Every property owner will be forced to comply with the same standards.
                Identity has become chimerical and surreal, based on absurdly selfish and subjective interpretation rather than objective reality. This will have real consequences. Human interaction will be more precarious and difficult and therefore less frequent. Language will take another hit.
                It has come to this: if you simply, (and believe) accurately address a person by his or her actual physical gender in the biggest and most important city in the United States, you may be ruined for life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Thomas Jefferson: An Essay On America

                Thomas Jefferson dies.

                That is what happens if either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are elected the 45th President of the United States of America. But Jefferson died on July 4th, 1776 you say.
                Yes. And no. John Adams, who passed away just hours after his fellow Founder, on that very date, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence (that Jefferson wrote), used the last two words of his own interesting and magnificent life to proclaim, “Jefferson lives!”
                 At the time, Adams was aware that Jefferson was failing, though he was unaware of Jefferson’s death. Regardless, I think he meant that despite his and Jefferson’s passing, the country that Jefferson birthed with his Declaration was very much alive, and, thanks in part to their efforts, would likely be so for a long, long time. “As long as the citizens can keep it,” to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin.
                The United States is unique among nations, not because of its borders, language and culture per se’, though these are critically important to any country, the U.S. included. No, the U.S. is unique among all nations in history because it is the sum of certain specific, unprecedented ideas.
                The nation was founded on- and enshrined and codified- the idea that all men are created equal and are granted by their creator certain unalienable rights, and that among those are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Natural Law. To best secure these rights, a limited government of by and for the people was established. The Federal government’s role was specifically enumerated, all other powers reserved to the states- and to the people. Republicanism.
                Checks and balances, the rule of law and free trade and markets came along with this single notion. That is why the U.S. is unique- and uniquely successful. The government hasn’t told its citizens what they can do, the citizens have told the government what it can do.
                Until recently. A bloated federal government now takes and spends ever more money and bribes, threatens and bludgeons states into compliance with staggering amounts of federal mandates. A power-besotted and bitter President openly, willfully, tauntingly ignores the Constitution. We, the people, are losing our First (!) Amendment rights to the banality and intolerant mendaciousness of political-correctness. Our Second Amendment rights are being attacked and eroded with each passing day. If we won’t even preserve these two, the rest of the Bill of Rights (and any pursuant Amendments) could be stripped away with pathetic ease.
                More and more laws, rules and regulations are being written and imposed on the American people every day, more and more of them by judicial fiat or other unelected “officials,” in addition to those the Congress saddles us with. And they exempt themselves from all the laws they pass! I won’t even get started on taxation, with or without representation. Suffice it to say the Founders would be stunned and saddened. Eminent domain. Asset forfeiture. Systemic lying to the public.
                And this is only the tip of the titanic, freedom-destroying iceberg upon which the Republic and its subjects now founder.
                 The most depressing thing I deal with on a daily basis is the ignorance (not stupidity, there is a big difference) and apathy of many Americans. The ignorance is evidenced by the sheer number of people who voted for Barack Obama, especially those who did so in 2012, and who will vote for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016. The apathy is clearly seen in those who are bored silly by history, current events and politics, but are driven to a frenzy by an NFL game or a glimpse of a Kardashian backside. Sadly, it is better for the Republic if the apathetic don’t exercise their right to vote, because they are nearly always ignorant as well and easily duped. That is why Democrats stop at nothing to get them registered and carted off to the voting booths.
                It is not hyperbole, but understatement, to say that this country is at a crossroads. It is more divided than at any time since the Civil War. It is very painful for me to state that I believe it highly unlikely that the U.S. will survive the vast demographic, ethical, economic and technological changes that are now underway. (The same could be said of the West in general. Hey, the whole world’s on edge right now). If we are to do so, we must rediscover our moral courage and founding values.  We as a people have already seen and experienced the “fundamental transformation” of this country. If we decide that we permanently want big government (“the bigger the better if I get free stuff!”) and don’t really care about that Natural Law thing or our Constitutional rights, the rule of law, republicanism or free markets, the United States of America necessarily ceases to exist. By definition. Period. It stupefies me that many can’t- or won’t- recognize this fact.
                Oh, there will of course still be a country of sorts here, with something akin to borders, many, many different languages and a remnant of our culture. It won’t be exceptional or unique, however.
                If we again elect a big-government, nanny-state loving pseudo-person (who is a known serial prevaricator and almost certainly a criminal in this case) or an actual admitted socialist, there will be no more Shining City on a Hill. America would be but a memory.

                And Jefferson would be dead.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Americans Moving South And West

                 A pronounced demographic trend in the years leading up to the Great Recession is back with a vengeance: Americans are moving to the South and the West. Florida alone gained roughly 200,000 net new movers (this number does not include immigrants from abroad, only Americans who’ve moved between states) between 2014 and 2015. Other states with big gains in the numbers of new net movers were Texas (170,000), Colorado (54,000) and Arizona and South Carolina (more than 45,000 each). That’s over half a million people in just one year who chose to relocate to these five states alone.
                What states did they come from and why did they leave them, you ask? The states experiencing the biggest losses to domestic migration were New York, Illinois (105,000 people chose to leave the stomping grounds of Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel), New Jersey, California, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland…in that order. Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire were among other states that lost population in this manner.
                There are some long-term trends at work here, such as the prevalence of air-conditioning and interstate highways in recent decades, especially as regards the South. The loss of industrial jobs in many areas of the Midwest and Northeast has also led some to abandon these areas. In much of the South and West housing was- and often still is- cheaper than in the Midwest and Northeast.
                Despite the hysteria over global warming, many folks get sick of the cold weather in the northern climes, especially as they get older. Anyone who has had to drive on icy roads or been stranded in a blizzard can sympathize, I’m sure. (As I write this, the northern-tier states are in the grip of dangerously cold weather).
                There is more to it than all of this, however. Notice that the vast majority of the states people are leaving are bastions of liberalism while the states they are fleeing to tend to be more conservative. The major cities in the Rust Belt states have been nearly- or actually- bankrupted financially…and morally. Violent crime is high- and getting higher- in areas where firearm laws are strict and conceal-carry laws are non-existent. Many people want to be free to exercise their inherent, natural, Constitutional right to protect themselves and their loved ones if necessary… and don’t want to be condescended to for so desiring.
                In some states, like New York, immigration from abroad has offset losses from domestic migration, but most areas in the Rust Belt will see more empty houses, vacant lots and shrinking cities, leaving only dependency and despair to fill the void.
                There is another reason, too, for this Great Migration. It’s not just smaller states these folks are leaving behind, but smaller minds. (And higher taxes). The states and cities that have been run (into the ground) by progressives for years on end are also the most politically correct. Light up a smoke in your own vehicle or wear a Sombrero to a Halloween party and you may be held up for public shame and ridicule. And the South, in particular, still has a reputation for being more refined and polite in dealing with strangers.
                The allure of better manners, bigger skies and open land (and minds) is a powerful one, indeed. Perhaps the hope that many of these people couldn’t find in Obama can be found in Odessa.

                Texas, that is.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

St. Paul Public Schools' "Gender Inclusion" Policy

                 A public charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the site of a continuing debate revolving around the “needs” of transgender and gender-nonconforming students. The controversy began when the parents of a 5-year-old child, who they tout as gender-nonconforming, asked Nova Classical Academy to help ensure their student wasn’t being bullied.

                Full stop. Please.  

                First off, they are implying that the school would otherwise allow 5-year-old children in its charge to be bullied. That is ludicrous. Secondly, no 5-year old knows if they really are “transgender” or “gender-nonconforming.” They may be curious, or want to play act, or even feel like it might be cool to be the other sex or no sex- or whatever- for awhile. And these feelings certainly aren’t of a sexual relations nature at this point. They simply may not know what their “identity” is at that age and adults that direct them otherwise are complicit in a tragic and unnecessary social experiment.
                That didn’t stop the school from reacting- dramatically overreacting in fact- to that one set of parents. When parents of other students heard that faculty members had been talking with children about such bullying and reading a book called “Jacob’s New Dress,” many were understandably upset. Kids are sponges at that age, and these are their teachers. The reading of that book without input from- or even notification of- the students’ parents is indoctrination not education.  
                Eventually, the school’s board got involved and outside groups intervened. The non-profit group “Gender Justice” is working with the family of the lone allegedly gender-nonconforming student.
                 The St. Paul Public Schools approved a gender inclusion policy last March, which states that staff in the school district will respect students’ gender identity and provide them with access to facilities that best align with that identity, including bathrooms. The Minnesota Family Council, a Christian organization based in nearby Minneapolis, put out a news release claiming that nearly 400 parents have signed a petition opposing mixed-sex bathrooms and that several have pulled their students out of Nova or off its waiting list. Nova has not yet adopted the St. Paul Public Schools’ inclusion policy and hasn’t made any final decisions regarding who can use which bathrooms. Ali Yocom, co-chair of a support group called “Transforming Families,” says the focus on bathrooms is simply a “scare tactic.” She also opined “It’s so sad that there are so many adults out there that are willing to go to great lengths to make this kid’s experience more difficult.”
                Ali, I beg to differ.
                It’s so sad that there are two adults out there (not counting Ali) that are willing to go to great lengths to make all these kids’- and their parents’- experiences more difficult. Their own kid would have been just fine- better off, in fact- without their attempt to make the rest of the world tremble before their titanic tolerance and insurmountable inclusivity. The political agenda behind this push is easily seen in the name of the “support group,” Transforming Families. (Not Helping Families, Family Choice, Gender Choice For Families or Gender Neutral Family Aid, for example).
                There has been an awful lot of "transforming" going on in the Obama Years. None of it beneficial.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

San Francisco Schools To Validate The Trans-Specied

                  San Francisco school district heads are pushing for new, more inclusive policies towards trans-species and species-nonconforming students in the wake of complaints from several youths and their family members. The former Susan Smith, for example, a senior at Milk and Honey Senior High School, recently informed school authorities that she “didn’t feel fully welcomed at times” because some students thought it funny that she was transitioning to the identity of “Lucky,” a four-year-old male Black Labrador retriever.
                Bob Johnson, a junior at Gold Rush Senior High, claims that he has not felt “fully validated” since he came out as  “Flash,” a mature, stream-run, Rainbow Trout. “I’ve just always loved to swim,” Johnson said. “I can’t help what- or who- I am, you know?”
                Then there is Tom Brown, of Levi Senior High, who recently revealed he was henceforth identifying as “Bucky” the bunny. “I’ve always known that I am a rabbit in a human body. I really like vegetables, I poop a lot and I can run right through chain-link fences. I just want to do all the things that rabbits like to do… if you know what I mean,” Johnson said as his nose twitched and his ears wiggled.
                School system authorities are huddling with legal experts this week in an attempt to update official Bay Area school policy manuals and purge them of any type of discrimination whatsoever.
                 Superintendent Happy Fillmore met with local media yesterday and stated, “I want to assure everyone that our schools will not discriminate on the basis of…anything at all. Not on age, race, creed, religion, appearance, intellect, belief, behavior, performance, sex, gender, or species identity. And I’m probably forgetting a bunch of other things. We will be a totally tolerant, open and inclusive educational enclave! Except for obvious cranks and whackos like Christians, homophobes and those who own firearms, of course.”


Friday, January 15, 2016

North Korea Claims To Have "Most Powerful Bomb On Earth"

 January 15, 2016
News Services-

               Just days after claiming to have successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb, North Korean leader Kim Jong (the only) un said today that his “Great Nation has perfected the most powerful bomb ever built by anyone.” He went on to state that “It is thousands of times more forceful than the American’s puny little H-bombs and the weapons the Russians or Chinese have! It just shows the world the genius of the Worker’s Paradise! What’s more, it is a ‘stealthy' weapon as the American capitalist running-dogs call them, I think. It is silent...even when exploding... and can’t be detected by seismometers or any other  human device… except for the one we’ve also just invented! And, best of all, it is completely invisible!”
                The Hermit Kingdom’s Dear Leader was forced to temporarily interrupt his speech when his microphone malfunctioned and it took technicians the better part of an hour to solve the problem, during which time several North Korean citizens in attendance appeared to die of starvation.

                When the microphone was back on, the intrepid Upper Korean leader finished with a flourish, proclaiming to the world, “North Korea is now the most powerful country on earth. We can blow up anyplace we like and you’ll never see it coming, so you better not piss us off! Seriously! For real! Thank you.”

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nikki Haley And The State Of The Union

                 Nikki Haley, Republican governor of South Carolina, gave her party’s “rebuttal” to President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday evening. It was widely applauded in the media, as well it should have been. It played right into their hands and validated several of their most cherished canons.
                In short, it really wasn’t much of a rebuttal at all. She agreed with this most partisan of president’s call for civility and bi-partisanship. She also agreed with the president that we shouldn’t listen to the loudest and angriest voices among us, i.e. the American people.
                In fact, rather than touching on the reasons why such a large percentage of the populace is unhappy with the state of their union, she spent her precious airtime blasting her own party’s front-runners for the 2016 presidential election, and by default the more than two-thirds of her party’s base that enthusiastically support them.
                She was presented with a golden opportunity to repair and strengthen her party’s ties to the American electorate. Instead, she berated conservatives and verbally attempted to escort them out of the party, leaving more room in the country club for the establishment elites. Incredible? I wish that were the case.

                Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With apologies to Geico, when you are a member of the stupidest political party in the history of the planet…it’s what you do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

John Kerry Thanks Iran For Releasing Kidnapped American Sailors

                 The images of the ten American sailors on their knees with their hands on their heads are disturbing. That Iran would pull a stunt like the detaining of two American vessels and its sailors the week before it is to be the recipient of $100 billion in American largess beggars description. It underscores how weak the Obama administration appears and how little respect it has around the world. This would not have happened if Reagan were president. Iran sent back the 52 hostages it had held for 444 days moments after he was sworn in. Even the “progressive” Teddy Roosevelt, were he president today, would be soundly beating Iran about with his big stick.
                Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, built the American navy from scratch. He was tired of the four Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast seizing our merchant vessels in international waters and enslaving our sailors. He sent these newly built warships across the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to kick the Barbary Pirates’ collective ass. They did.
                The American naval personnel, 9 men and one woman, had their shoes, weapons and other possessions taken from them, and the female was put in a Muslim headscarf. Moreover, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said that his forces’ coast-to-sea missiles were awaiting orders to hit the American aircraft carrier USS Truman, deployed in the Persian Gulf region. Ironically, if Truman was president, there would likely now be gaping holes in Iran’s coastal areas where those missile batteries supposedly were. (Not to worry, Ali, he wouldn’t have used nuclear weapons on you. Probably.).
                That would have been the proper response to the Rear Admiral, his bullshit threat and the Iranian leadership.
                Instead, American Secretary of State John Kerry actually thanked Iran for treating the sailors fairly and releasing them promptly, lauding its “quick and appropriate response!” (He apparently refrained from sending the Iranian leaders Pajamagrams and a Hallmark card).

                Mr. Jefferson, how we need you now. America- and her navy- need to be born again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Koko The Gorilla's New Year's Message To Humans

                 I don’t even know how to start this post, although, apparently, I just did. The Daily Mail reported this past New Year’s Day that Koko, a 44-year-old female gorilla who they claim has been learning sign language since she was one, essentially put out a “tweet” (using sign language?) stating “Humans bad. Hurt Earth. Koko sad.” As readers know, I am an absolute proponent of unfettered free speech, but those humans responsible for flinging this crap should be charged with fraud and those who believed it retired to bright, airy, padded rooms, for their safety- and ours. This is a more outrageous hoax than global warming, though on a much smaller scale. Koko has no awareness of the universe and therefore of her place in it. She has no concept of a higher power or of how she got here. She is ignorant of Natural Law. She doesn’t know the size of the earth, the extent of humankind or what humans have or haven’t done with the vast majority of the planet she hasn’t seen. She doesn’t know why our planet is called “earth,” for that matter, or what that concept entails.
                None of this stopped NOE Conservation, an organization based in France whose main focus is “biodiversity,” and The Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California, from scripting this so-called message. Koko has lived in Woodside for the past 36 years.
                The Great Ape is said to be able to understand about 1,000 words of U.S. sign language, but there has been much controversy about whether her use of signs is simple, reward-induced mimicry or something meaningful.
                Koko was filmed delivering a 38-word, 60-second “New Year’s message” in which she supposedly urged humanity to stop destroying the planet. In that video the ape reportedly said, “I am gorilla, I am flowers, animals. I am Nature. Koko love man. Earth Koko love. But man stupid…stupid! Koko sorry. Koko cry. Time hurry. Fix Earth! Help Earth! Hurry! Protect Earth. Nature watches you. Thank you.” The video was made to help get NOE Conservation’s message across for the recent UN Climate Conference in Paris. Imagine that. One bald-faced scam to aid another. “Nature” is not a concept she could possibly thoroughly understand. And man “stupid…stupid”?! Nice emphasis, timing and dramatic effect! Almost like you had an agenda! “Hurry, hurry, nature watches you?” She knows nature sees all but gives her a pass in order to prosecute those who evolved from her! “Koko sorry, Koko cry? Thank you?” She’s been programmed to emote like an Oprah Winfrey guest. Those words could have emanated from any MSNBC host. (Okay, my apologies to Koko for that one).
                A Gorilla Foundation spokesman stated that, “Because of her unique ability to communicate with humans in sign language, Koko is a natural ambassador for endangered species. We presented her with a script drafted by NOE and allowed her to improvise during a series of brief daily video discussion sessions. The result was edited from a number of separate takes, for brevity and continuity.” I’m sure. The spokesman admitted that Koko had to learn “a few new signs” for the video, including “protect” and “nature.” (See my earlier comment about Koko’s grasp of the term “nature”). And does anyone really believe she understands the concept of "endangered species"? (She's essentially been on welfare for decades).

                If Koko is as smart, aware and versed in sign language as those who use her for their own personal aggrandizement claim she is, this is what she would have said: “Koko used and abused. Humans force Koko to say things they want Koko say. Koko not understand all. Hurry to help Koko be free. Hurry! Koko doesn’t know what to think. Humans watching Koko. Koko scared of them. Honesty and truth Koko loves. Koko has to poop. Koko will fling crap back at Koko’s humans like they fling at other humans. Protect Earth. Don’t vote for Hillary. Thank you.”

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Transgender Project

                 Last month a Canadian “supportive” organization called the Transgender Project released a biographical video of (the former) Paul Wolscht, 52. Wolscht fathered seven children with his ex-wife, Marie, but has now embarked upon his new life as a female…a six-year-old female named “Stefonknee.” “She” precociously told the Daily Xtra, a gay and lesbian news site, “I don’t want to be an adult right now,” and that not acting her real age enables her to escape “depression and suicidal thoughts.” Deal with them, sister, the rest of us do. As a result of your outlandish and wildly selfish behavior you may now have encouraged your ex-wife and seven children to succumb to depression and suicidal thoughts! (A brief digression: does the gay and lesbian Xtra routinely interact with 6-year-olds? And why in this case? Are we missing something?).
                The transgender trans-ager’s favorite activities are coloring, creating a play “kingdom” and wearing “really pretty clothes.”Not weird enough?
                Stefonknee is now living with the couple that adopted her. She said, “I have a mommy and a daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl.”

                 Stefonknee now claims to be younger than the seven children she fathered…and her new 7-year-old sister. Read that last sentence again.What could possibly be wrong with that?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Man-Caused Arrogance Increasing To Dangerous Levels

                 We human beings didn’t create ourselves, nor did we create the earth, universe or cosmos. Yet, somehow, we are all here. I doubt that (the) God/Gods/Mother Nature/Evolution/Unsacred miracle or random, fluky, occurrence that did create/lead to everything is/are particularly impressed with our boastful claim that we have control over the climate, have caused the latest bout of “global warming,” (even though we know that we didn’t cause earlier ice ages and warming periods) and will now see to it that future warming slows or stops.
                This past year, heads of European nations thought they could look progressive, hip, tolerant, and morally superior while allowing millions of immigrants to swarm their countries, (obvious) consequences-be-damned. Western authorities attending the Paris COP21 Climate Summit pledged to spend $150 billion per year (for much the same reason) to slow global warming by 2100, even while letting the two biggest greenhouse gas contributors, China and India, off the hook. The actions of Russia and China speak for themselves, and North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-un is the gold standard for completely unwarranted, fabricated arrogance. Meanwhile, American President Barrack Obama frequently decided that he knew better than the Founders, the Congress, and the people and repeatedly broke the law by circumventing the Constitution of the United States, whilst promising to do so even more frequently in his last year in office. Doing her part, Hillary Clinton still refused to take any blame for the Benghazi attacks and her State Department accomplices essentially refused to turn over many of the e-mails from the private account/server she used in direct contravention of established government protocol.
                Then there’s Trump.
                It was a record year for man-caused arrogance. In fact, 97% of experts and political scientists agree that 2015 was the most arrogant year ever recorded, and they expect levels of arrogance to rise yet again in 2016.

                Don’t believe it? Doubting? Skeptical?  Logically refute me, Denier!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Donald Trump, The Republican Party... And A Brokered Convention?

                 There is much speculation about the fate of Donald Trump’s candidacy…and the Republican Party. Trump is not- and never has been- a conservative. In temperament, personality and observable character, he is, in fact, the anti-Reagan. He has given money to Democratic candidates in the past. He does have two things going for him… currently the two most important things to many voters…and likely to the fate of the nation. He is right on immigration and he doesn’t worship at the altar of political correctness. People believe he means what he says. It is an unusual- even uniquely strange- situation in which we find ourselves. Has a major party ever tried to take down its own leading candidate for the nomination, one who has energized millions of voters and whose poll numbers are more than double his second place challenger?  That can’t be healthy for that party. How did we get here?
                 A number of years ago, the Democratic Party, already becoming ever more liberal, completely fled the mainstream, exiting stage left. Soon thereafter, the establishment Republicans followed it. Worse, they borrowed an age old leftist tactic and pretended to be something they were no longer. They pledged to rein in government, to cut regulation, govern in a responsible manner. They won elections via these promises. They did not govern responsibly.
                More recently they claimed to be aghast- aghast, I tell you!- over the passage of Obama Care and the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, otherwise known as Murder, Inc. They promised to roll back or eliminate the programs and funding. They won two landslide congressional elections with these promises. They did not do what they promised to do.
                The recent budget “compromise” fully funds every progressive program, every liberal wet-dream-come-true and every Democratic whim.
                So here we are today. The gutless, lying, big government Republicans making people (yours truly among them) angry- and sick to their stomachs. People realize things are quickly headed in the wrong direction, with the passing of bills or the lawless instituting of regulations and “law” by executive fiat or judicial decree. Things that would have been thought impossible- by members of both parties- not too many years ago, have come to pass and are now, apparently, a permanent part of the American landscape.
                The bulk of American citizens know that the illegal immigration taking place today can have only one result. In the past, immigrants only wanted a chance. To work hard and become Americans. That is why they came. Wherever they may have come from, they shared that one trait. They believed in America’s promise and her founding principles.  Most of them were also Christian. Or Jewish. A few were agnostic or atheist.
                There are still those who seek to come here for those very reasons. Those folks usually try to come here legally.  Unfortunately, there are now two very different groups of folks seeking entry to the United States. Some wish to come here for the benefits, the largess that they know will be bestowed upon them. The welfare state is an attractive and comfortable hammock in which to repose. (The same can be said of much of Europe, of course). The second group is composed of the devout Muslims, those who wish to live under Sharia Law, wherever they reside. Sharia Law is simply not compatible with an open, democratic, free-market based nation, nor with the founding principles of the United States. We either let America go the way of the passenger pigeon and relinquish our freedoms or we don’t.
                Trump voters don’t want to be told to go sit in the corner or lay by their dish. They can’t vote for Democrats. That party has turned against its own country. They can no longer vote for establishment Republicans. They have no other choice but Trump- or Cruz.
                There is talk of a brokered Republican convention. The establishment wing so detests Trump- and is so afraid of him- that they will do anything to keep him off the ballot. Many are worried that if this happens it will mark the end of the Republican Party. Establishment Republicans (Republicans In Name Only, or RINOs) have likely already ensured that result. There is simply no way a true conservative, someone who believes in the founding principles of limited government by, of and for the people, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Natural Law can in good conscience vote for the “moderate,” establishment, country-club, big-government GOP’ers. If the policies of the Democrat-RINO Complex are continued, with unlimited income redistribution and unfettered illegal immigration, no conservative will ever win another national election, anyway. It won’t matter how bad the economy gets. Look at Detroit.
                The 1976 Republican Convention was their last brokered one. They picked the wrong candidate to put on the ballot. He lost to Jimmy Carter. Four disastrous years later, the candidate the convention of ’76 snubbed was elected President. He was a Washington outsider and a conservative. The country experienced a startling renewal.
                That will not happen again. The times, they are a changin’. Brokered or not, we need to get this convention right. Divided we must stand, as united with RINOs we- and the country- will continue to fail. That is an absolute certainty.
                Ted Cruz appears to be the real deal. Let’s hope he can trump “the Donald.” If not, swallow hard, plug your nose and hope Trump can cruise to the nomination. And the presidency.
                 No more Clintons or Bushes. No more fundamental transformation of America, though we do need change… now more than ever. The right kind of change. I fear that it won’t happen.
                I hope I am wrong.


Friday, January 8, 2016

The U.S., Illegal Immigration & Sharia Law

                 Adherence to the tenets of Sharia Law is simply incompatible with a free, open, republican society based on the rule of law. This is not a rant. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to say this. Quite the opposite. It is, however, a fact.
                Islam isn’t in America, or any Western Christian nation for that matter, to be equal to any other faith. It pushes to become dominant. CAIR leaders, Imams and other influential Muslims have flatly stated that they believe the Quran should be the highest authority in America, Islam the only accepted religion on earth. Some have expressed their “contempt for the United States.”
                Ihsan Bagby, of CAIR’s Washington, D.C., office has stated that Muslims “can never be full citizens of this country, because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country,” according to Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes. Institutions and ideologies are precisely the things that define America…and Americans.
                There are well over 3 million Muslims currently living in the U.S., with more than 250,000 new Muslim residents arriving here each year, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. A May, 2015, poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy found that the majority of American Muslims wanted their own Sharia courts outside of the legal system founded, sanctioned and guided by the Constitution of the United States of America. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed admitted that they believed the use of violent jihad was justified in establishing Sharia. That’s three-quarters of a million people… and counting!
                The American people know that there must be limits on immigration, that policies must be put in place and enforced that prevent people bent on our ultimate destruction from entering the country. Our politicians, however, may not be wise enough or courageous enough to see to the will of the people.
                 If they are not, there will eventually be no America left in which any future refugees could seek asylum.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Of Women And Men, Objectively Speaking

                 Both men and women treat women as sex objects as is proven by women’s actions in posing for nude pictures, calendars, etc., and in walking down runways scantily attired for fashion shows…and in men’s unending desire to look at and watch them. Women now treat men as sex objects, a fact obvious in our culture. Also, judging by the stupefying success of books and movies such as “Fifty Shades of Grey,” women desperately want to be thought of and treated as sex objects. From a biological standpoint this not only makes sense, but is basically the whole point, at least as far as silly little matters like the survival of the species is concerned.
                What is odd is that gay men treat men as sex objects and lesbians treat each other as sex objects, yet those officially sanctioned groups typically march in lockstep with the progressive movement in general, which vilifies and decries the objectification of women, while at the same time giving a pass to the Muslim religion that effectively treats women as chattel.
                Despite what some feminists would have us believe, men and women are different. That’s a simple, scientific fact, unlike global warming. If they weren’t, there would be neither men nor women, or any human beings of any race, creed or religion, peaceful or not.  Amoebas and mollusks did not require an Adam or Eve. People who attempt to refute that are the real “Deniers” and are truly anti-science. It is more than ironic, in this era of celebrating diversity and tolerating all things, that the existence of two distinct sexes is diminished, denigrated and even denied. It should be celebrated, revered and reveled in, appreciated by both sexes as the divine gift that it is. When a one-celled organism just splits into two (it’s not half the cell it used to be?) it derives no pleasure from the occurrence. When a man and a woman become one through commitment and love, they share fulfillment, a moment of bliss, and the ability to produce not another one-celled organism, but a unique child, yet one in God’s image.It isn’t one entity simply splitting into two halves, it is two halves becoming one and producing another. The difference to some may seem subtle or even specious, but it is deeply profound.
                This angry obsession with “objectification” is bizarre in itself.
                Here is the definition of an object according to Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary: 1. Anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form. 2. A thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed.
                Perhaps as in, “I see your outer beauty, but adore your inner beauty, my love.”
                It isn’t objectification women should abhor. It is abuse, neglect, disdain and nullification.

Women In Cologne, Germany, Victims Of Mass New Year's Eve Assault

                 At least ten women have reported being sexually assaulted and robbed on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne. German authorities have finally admitted that these assaults were part of an unprecedented and coordinated series of attacks in which dozens and dozens of women were sexually harassed and robbed by hundreds of young men “who appeared to have a North African or Arab” background, according to testimony from numerous victims and witnesses. More than 90 people have filed legal complaints.
                The mass assault went virtually unreported for days, leading many to the obvious conclusion that authorities wanted to prevent the incidents from being used as an argument for restricting immigration. Germany took in more than one million migrants last year and is struggling to deal with the political, social and economic consequences of the influx.
                Heiko Maas, Germany’s Minister of Injustice, warned against linking the assaults to immigrants, stating that the ethnicity of the perpetrators was irrelevant.
                Heiko, you may want to try to tell that to the Jews.
                Police said that the men committing the assaults broke into smaller groups, with each group encircling a woman. Then, while some groped her, others would steal her wallet and/or cell-phone.
                Cologne holds a large festival every year prior to Easter. Thousands of costumed revelers fill the streets to celebrate with parades and parties.  Henriette Reker, the mayor of Cologne, said that city officials would begin working to explain the city’s attitudes and norms to its many newcomers.
                “We will explain our carnival much better to people who come from other cultures, so there won’t be any confusion about what constitutes celebratory behavior in Cologne, which has nothing to do with a sexual frankness.” (Emphasis mine).
                Well, she just refuted old Heiko’s claim that the ethnicity of the perpetrators was irrelevant. Confusing celebratory behavior with sexual assault- pardon me, I mean sexual “frankness”- seems a bit of a stretch.

                I can already see the politically-correct, helpful and informative signs going up in Cologne’s public square prior to the next festival: “Please Refrain From Assaulting, Robbing, Raping Or Plundering Fellow Celebrants!”