Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gray Lady Down...With Obama

                 President Obama met privately with news columnists recently and told them that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety people felt after the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. He was obviously still consumed with dread over global warming, which has not killed anyone on earth yet and was understandably caught unawares by his constituents reaction to hundreds more innocent people dead and injured at the hands of bloodthirsty terrorists.
                This stupefying presidential comment was originally published in the first edition of the New York Times late Thursday night, December 17th, despite some consternation. CNN’s Brian Stelter, among others, drew attention to it. Yet, just as the quote was being absorbed and disseminated, the Times erased it from their papers without alerting readers that it had been retracted, changed, redacted, updated, altered or corrected. It simply vanished. It was replaced by a new paragraph and presidential quote bearing no resemblance to the original.
                Apparently, the “Gray Lady” deemed the fact that the president of the United States willingly attributed his inability to understand that Americans were anxious and concerned, after two major terrorist attacks on Western cities left scores dead, to his infrequent cable television perusal, unfit news to print. The “paper of record” ripped the record of the president’s comments from its own pages with no notice to its readers.

                It is yet another example of the mainstream media’s pledge of allegiance to Obama, progressivism and those who disdain America (and her citizens freedom). They will only speak “truth to power” when those they detest wield it. When their people reign, they are for abuse of power.

A New Year's Eve Message

                  New Year’s Eve. It’s time to eulogize the old year and ring in the new one. 2015, like 2014, was not a banner year for yours truly in some respects. Many people around the world feel the same way. Many are anxious and uncertain, skeptical of what the future may bring. There is good reason for those feelings. The global economy is not humming, new terror threats pop up seemingly every day, and the media and other “experts,” along with our governments, loudly purport to be objective and only have our best interests in mind, even as they tell us to ignore obvious near-term existential threats and to focus on becoming ever less judgmental and ever more politically correct.
                Never-the-less, never despair. One person, determined, can change the world, and certainly at least his or her corner of it. Many, acting in harmony and with integrity, character and resolve can achieve almost anything. We have faced- and overcome- many worse crises in times past. Look at the American Founders, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln for examples. Let us this day highly resolve to take positive action this coming year.
                If you mean it, tell her you love her. Play some games with your kids. Read a classic book. Write that book you’ve talked about writing for years. Make yourself an expert on an issue important to you. Go to political party meetings…and, if you feel versed on a subject, speak up.
                Don’t let someone tell you lies, or let some group or government tell you how to think and act…and what you can and cannot say. Don’t be embarrassed about your considered opinion. There is nothing more sinister and detrimental to the human condition and its improvement. All of history has proven that so.
                Don’t just mark time. Make time… to do what you’ll otherwise wish you had done when you are out of time. Starting tonight.
                There has never been a time without time.
                Time... is timeless.

                We are not.
                                                               HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*Thank you to all who read this blog. Don’t hesitate to comment. If you have constructive suggestions on something you’d like me to write about, please let me know. Here’s wishing you and your loved one’s all the best in 2016!* Prost!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Joyless Jihadis

                 A report given to the UN Security Council last March claims that 22,000 foreign fighters from across the globe had already traveled to Syria and Iraq to support ISIS, the vast majority of them coming from Western nations. That number would be even higher today.
                Apparently, however, there is trouble in paradise.
                Many of the would-be Western jihadists are not taken with the lack of creature comforts in the heart of the Caliphate and quite a few have taken to social media outlets to express their frustration. Women converts appear especially troubled. According to a recent report on, no Starbucks, rude help at beauty salons, lousy restaurants, slow internet and bad cell phone service are some of the most common complaints.
                I don’t know about you, but if I went to the desert to live amongst bloodthirsty killers I would at least expect to be able to enjoy a nice latte’. And I mean, hello, if you’re going to be blowing yourself- and as many others as possible- up soon, you’re going to want a fresh hairstyle. “I swear, these local bitches don’t know a beehive from a Bettie Page, a bob from a bouffant or a chignon from a comb over!”
                It must be terribly frustrating when you’re whiling away the time in between attacks and have to choke down bad Arab food in a tacky restaurant while waiting for Pinterest to appear on your smart phone.
                And voicing unhappiness about the treatment of women is strictly forbidden in the Islamic State. According to that same report, on Aug. 10, 2015, a Swedish woman named Muhajira Umm Hamza took to Twitter and lashed out against the treatment of women in the city of Raqqah by male muhajirin, or foreign fighters, in a series of tweets.
                "Seriously, I am getting so tired of many men muhajirin now. I feel harassed so often now. Women can't do this or that. What is the point?" read one of the missives. “It's not sharia that men scream or talk to us in the street. It's not. I feel more and more sad here now.”
                "There is so little respect for us,” read another tweet from the same woman. Shortly after her social media rant all of her tweets were deleted.
                Her fate is not known.
                Not everything is lacking or of poor quality in the Levant, however. In fact, many claim that the local suicide-bomber gear is to die for.
                Native jihadists have responded to Western recruit’s complaints with their own tweets on Twitter. “If I hear one more European muhajirah trashing Arab sisters I’m going to lose it,” @GreenBirdofDabiq tweeted on September 10th, 2015. And we thought you were so stable. She continued, If you didn’t like Arab culture, u shouldn’t have come here. And don’t trash our Syrian sisters who didn’t grow up with the wealth u have. Yr not better than they r and u risk nullifying yr hijrah.” Ironic?
                We in the West need to be as bold and forthright in confronting immigrants from the Middle East- or elsewhere. “If you disdain our culture, then don’t come here” should be the logical response to many.
                Why? Because if they truly can’t stand our culture, why would they go to the trouble of coming here? If they want asylum, a chance at a better life and a handout from Uncle Sam (U.S. taxpayers), they should be praising “our culture,” not criticizing it.
                And, if that’s not the case, the only other reason for their arrival would be to attempt to destroy the culture they so revile- and many of us along with it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Australian Study Shows Vegetarians More Depressed

                 A vegetarian diet is a healthy diet, right? The enlightened experts would have you believe that ingesting red meat is as detrimental to your health as habitually smoking cigarettes while binge-watching Fox News, no? Or perhaps habitually watching Fox News while binge-smoking cigarettes? Cancer, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, elevated “bad” cholesterol and an overwhelming desire to watch the cable television show “Swamp People” are supposed to be the result of a meat-inclusive diet.
                But if you have a beef with beef, or chicken out of eating chicken, you may want to reconsider. Several new studies suggest that the opposite may be true. The good and honest folks at Women’s Health magazine recently examined some of the research and cited an Australian study from 2014 which found that vegetarians were less optimistic than people who kept meat in their diets. The same study found that vegetarians were more likely to report being depressed and were significantly more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety. Good on ya’ then, Aussies (Full disclosure: I have always liked Aussies).

                Let’s shine the light of truth on vegetarians…and put the beef in (the) Barbie, girls.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The White House No Longer

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Washington, D.C.
News Services-
                Congress passed a bill today that would officially rename the White House the “Ecru House.” This comes just days after the Washington R--skins football team announced that the franchise will be known as the Washington Progressives starting with the 2017 NFL season, and has set off another round of joyous celebration across the nation. Pressure has been building for many months now to remove the word “white” from many phrases, places and things in deference to racial equality and harmony.
                Sources say lawmakers had considered other color-denoting adjectives that might fit, but found them to be potentially offensive, as well. This reporter was recently presented with a list of possible new names that were put up for debate. A reliable, highly placed, inside source revealed them to me over beers at a favorite congressional watering hole this past Tuesday night. They were:

*Ivory House- This was briefly considered, but reminded some of the illegal ivory trade and dead or maimed elephants.
*Eggshell House- Some in the Senate felt this would have inferred presidents were unsure of themselves and afraid to act boldly.
*Vanilla House- House members thought this term too bland.
*Cream House- Lawmakers didn't believe this choice conveyed a sense of inclusiveness or vision for the future, as it reminded many specifically of the residence during the Bill Clinton administration.
*Bone House- See above concern.

                Many of those who deliberated  feel that the vast majority of their constituents don’t even know what “ecru” is and therefore will be unlikely to find it offensive. The President has stated that he will sign the bill into law "in a hummingbird's heartbeat."



Sunday, December 27, 2015

Russia, China Rattle Sabers

                Russia and China, in a never ending quest for world domination, are producing more and more sabers to rattle. Conversely, the U.S. needs more and more rattles for its tantrum-throwing, infantilized progressives to shake.
                The U.S. used to be proud of what it produced, but is now perversely prouder of what it doesn’t produce, or has pledged not to produce. Shut those coal plants down. Oil shale? Can’t do that. Fracking? Let’s stop that, too. Nuclear power? The term itself is radioactive to eco-warriors. Tap ANWAR? Hell, no! Access our offshore oil? Stop it! We must quit producing greenhouse gas emissions. And energy.
                We pay farmers now not to produce crops on significant tracts of their land.
                We will soon not have enough money to produce a military capable of properly defending our interests because we are taking money from the roughly 50% of the population that earns it and giving it to the roughly 50% of the population that, well, takes it...instead of spending it on frivolous things like national security. Moreover, the producers, the poor taxpayers, are also caught in a kind of reverse Ponzi scheme as regards Medicare and Medicaid, with fewer and fewer paying in and a smaller and smaller chance of fully recouping their contributions in the future.

                 We have become obscene actors staging a farce in a theater of the absurd.

                “Independence” was for many decades almost synonymous with “America.” It was what we- individually and as a nation- strove for. Now the term is thought by many on the left to be indicative of someone who thinks he’s above others and is not a “team” player.
                Remarkably, we are on the verge of losing a war we’ve already won. Like nearly every other traditional phrase, name or concept, this war, too, will have to be renamed in deference to the progressive’s wishes. After all, they are winning… the War for Dependence.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Michael Moore: "We Are All Muslim"

                 Michael Moore held up a sign proclaiming “We are all Muslim” outside of the Trump Tower in New York City last week. I am not sure if the illustrious film magnate, had he existed at the time, would have stood at Pearl Harbor with a sign exclaiming “We are all Japanese” in the days after that nation’s surprise attack killed thousands of Americans. But, knowing what we know now, I wouldn’t rule it out. I can picture him on the battlefield in the moments after the Battle of Second Manassas with a banner exclaiming “We are all Confederates” or in the streets of London during the Blitz holding a placard proclaiming “We are all NAZI’s.”
                Just what aspect or tenet of Islam Mr. Moore is in such harmony with is a bit uncertain. Is it the near total diminution of women? The stoning of adulterers? The maiming or killing of gays and lesbians?

                Perhaps it’s the edict of converting, enslaving or killing those who disagree with you that makes him such a staunch supporter of the “religion of peace?”

The Clinton Coronation

                 Bernie Sanders can’t win. Literally and figuratively.  (That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, if you ask me).
                 Political insiders say that Sanders’ relatively gracious approach so far hasn’t worked. But they also say he faces significant risks if he goes too negative against Mrs. Clinton. Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist, states that “It doesn’t seem to me that there’s any winning strategy in the debate for Bernie Sanders. If he beats the living daylights out of her, I don’t see him taking votes away from her.”
                This, for Bernie, must be mindful of the old Woody Allen line: “Mankind is at a crossroads. One road leads to hopelessness and despair…the other to utter destruction. Let us hope we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

                The Sanders campaign is right as regards one thing. The Clinton Coronation is a fait accompli.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Students Sign Petition To Keep Radio Stations From Playing "White Christmas"

                 I just finished watching a short video, done by Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center (MRC TV) website. He was on campus attempting to get college students to sign a petition urging radio stations to stop playing the song “White Christmas.” It was humorous in a way, though unimaginably sad as well. He was telling students that the song infers that white is good and other colors are bad, it’s cultural and color hegemony, etc. At one point he also intoned that “it doesn’t mention anything about climate change, either.”
                Eighteen students signed the petition in one hour.
                Well, as you can imagine, this bit of enlightenment activated some latent guilt inside of me. Suddenly, the light came on (not a white light!). I decided to add to his efforts at banning blatantly offensive Christmas songs. First, I needed to do some research, as I couldn’t remember many of the lyrics of even the more popular tunes. What I found shocked and appalled me. Let’s take a closer look:

                *“It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas”- Meaning white, right?
                *”Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”- Very insistent that everything turn white.
                *”A Marshmallow World”- Yet again with the white theme!
                *”Frosty The Snowman”- Meaning the snow white man, correct? And why man? Why not woman, or even better, gender neutral or non-conforming?
                *”The Christmas Song”- Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Is that not dangerous? And folks dressed up like ‘Eskimos?’ That is degrading and/or appropriative!
                *”Deck The Halls”- Don we now our gay apparel? What about lesbian apparel, or bi…or transgender?
                *”Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”- All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names? They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games? OMG! I need a safe space and a warm cookie. Somebody get me a ‘Cecil’ plush toy! Harassment of one that’s “different,” and non-inclusiveness on a grand scale!
                *”A Holly Jolly Christmas”- Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me? Did she sign a form explicitly giving consent prior to the attempt to kiss “her?”
                *”There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays”- How do you think this makes the homeless feel? Or did you think at all?
                *”It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”- Of course it is- for you- you culturally dominant SOB. What about TET or Ramadan?
                *”O Tannenbaum”- Sure, an ode to the Aryan race and would-be fascists around the globe.
                *”Up On The Housetop”- What, like Santa has to be a man because we all know only a big, strong male is capable of getting on the roof with bags of toys and then sliding down a chimney? Good old St. Nick? How about good old St. Chick? And give little Nell a doll? Really? Why not a truck or something gender-neutral?
                *”The 12 Days Of Christmas”- Nine ladies dancing? Of course, what else are they capable of doing? Probably really meant lap-dancing to the ancient white males who wrote this tripe. Eight maids a milking? There’s the 1% forcing the lower classes to do the grunt work again. Sexist as well. Six geese a laying? They’ve gotta do the wealthy’s dirty work, too? Dairy is theft, you know! And bad for you. Three French hens? Of course, say, Palestinian hens aren’t good enough, are they? WTF?
                *”Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”- What about the deaf or mute? Think maybe this song makes them feel disrespected?
                *”I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”- Why not daddy kissing Santa Claus? Or both daddy and mommy kissing Santa Claus? This song is such 1950’s ‘Father Knows Best’-ish traditional Christian crap.
                I’ve come to realize the whole genre is offensive and hurtful. And, we need to take Christ out of Christmas, once and for all.
                And we are well on our way to doing that, Allahu Akbar.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Full Moon On Christmas

                 Enjoy the full moon on Christmas this year, a phenomenon that hasn’t occurred since 1977, in the first half of the Carter presidency. It will be full in the early morning hours of December 25, according to a NASA spokesman, affording Santa and his reindeer an excellent view of all of the homes of good little boys and girls around the world. Another Christmas full moon will not arrive until 2034, at which time Santa’s sleigh will likely be propelled by artificially intelligent, GPS guided, robotic reindeer.
                This December full moon is called the “Full Cold Moon,” according to the Farmer’s Almanac.
                Here’s hoping that it finds you- and yours- full of warmth… and blessings.

                Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

U.S. Students Instructed To Sing "Allahu Akbar," Banned From Reciting Gospel Of Luke

                 Students at Blaine Senior High School (in Blaine, Minnesota) were recently instructed to sing a song lauding Ramadan, which is observed during June and July in the United States, as part of a “holiday season” music offering.  The song is called Eid un Sa’Eid-Zain Bhikha. Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

All over the world
Under the big blue sky
Muslims unite to worship Allah
It’s a time of brotherhood, a time of peace
Muslims are singing praises to Allah
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
                Are they instructed to sing ”Silent Night?” Recite “the Lord’s Prayer?” Or even the Pledge of Allegiance? And yet:
                A Kentucky elementary school has “censored” its students in their performance of a play based on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (the original episode of the hugely popular not-just-for-kids television series, itself based off of the iconic comic-strip). The characters experience the glitz, hype and shopping that have become the dominant aspects of the season, but Charlie Brown laments that no one is really thinking about the real meaning of Christmas. At this point, Linus steps up and recites a passage from the Gospel of Luke.
                That caused one person to be “offended.” That person complained to school officials, who promptly caved and banned that part of the play from being performed again.
                Many more people were offended that the kids were prohibited from performing the defining part of the show/play. If we are to ban anything and everything that any individual claims to take offense at, there will be nothing left of life. (I myself have been offended by many things on television and in movies, on the news, etc., etc. I just don’t claim to be a victim or demand that things be banned. Turn the tv off. Pretend to be an adult. Get over it).
                There would be no television, no movies, no books, no plays, no art, no political discourse, no exchange of ideas, no discourse at all, in fact.  Don’t like it when something “makes you see red?” Complain and get that color banned! Think pink paints females into a stereotyped corner, all sweet and soft? Be offended and get it banned, baby! Feeling blue? You shouldn’t have to! Let’s ban blue too!
                We can have a truly colorless society, devoid of…everything. Especially meaning.
                We are well on our way to allowing progressives to destroy our society by chipping away at its’ foundations until it collapses and disintegrates. Toss out the Founders, toss out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Toss out Christianity. This is intolerance on an epic scale, perpetrated by those claiming to be tolerant and tolerated by those they claim to be intolerant.

                Truth offends progressives. And scares the rest of us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton And "The Donald"

                 Hillary Clinton is refusing to apologize for calling Donald Trump the Islamic State’s “best recruiter.” She strayed from her “love and kindness” campaign and spewed the absurd accusation during the Democratic Debate this past Saturday evening.
                Apparently, in today’s climate, suggesting that we take even the mildest steps necessary to protect ourselves and our country is considered vile hate speech. You’ll remember how the country went nuts when FDR put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, Republicans shouting that the President was “the Rising Sun’s best recruiter.”
                Trump has demanded that Mrs. Clinton apologize. However, when Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon was asked if the Democratic front-runner was considering an apology, he answered “Hell no!” He could have said, “Trump can go get ‘schlonged.’”
                 “The Donald” might’ve laughed.
                Even President Carter banned Iranian immigration for a time during the hostage crisis. Republicans did not then claim that his action was “just going to create more radical Islamists.”They wanted tougher responses.
                When America was younger and had ideals it held more important than comfort, idleness, sloth, safety, graft, greed, jealousy and political correctness, it had stout leaders who said things such as:
*“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”- Nathan Hale
*”Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”- William Prescott
*”Let all nations know, whether they wish us well or ill, that we will go any place and pay any price in defense of freedom.”- John F. Kennedy
                Thus quoth the craven: “Nevermore.”


Planned Parenthood Reborn

                 Planned Parenthood has a new marketing slogan (as does Hillary Clinton: see my post of Dec. 14, “Hillary Clinton Has A New Campaign Slogan!”). Brash and crass, the Baby Butcher’s new slogan is much more in your face than is Hillary’s “Love and kindness” attempt at hornswoggling the low-information, inattentive crowd. Their billboards in Minneapolis and St. Paul are now proudly proclaiming “Here for Good.”
                That little double entendre is at once a boast that, callousness and controversy be damned- and unlike the babies they abort- the organization is here for the long run. It is also a smarmy intimation that they are somehow on the correct side of the moral and ethical debate.
                “Millions of babies are gone for good” would be a more factual slogan. Perhaps P.P. should put big, neon signs out front of all their clinics, ala’ McDonald's in their salad days, stating “millions” aborted, possibly even updating the info with numerical figures as the iconic burger joint did for a time…”One  million killed,” “Over 5 million slaughtered,” and so forth.
                Private support is still strong for Planned Parenthood and hefty donations still roll in. While elective abortions have declined across the country in recent years, Planned Parenthood may be busier than ever. In Minnesota, for example, abortions overall have declined by 30 percent since 2000, yet the number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood (in that state) have more than doubled! It performed 49 percent of all elective abortions in Minnesota last year, compared to 17 percent in the year 2000. While other clinics have closed, they have opened a new $16 million headquarters in St. Paul, tripled its endowment to $30 million, opened a new clinic in Richfield, expanded its Rochester clinic’s services to include video conferencing and “medicinal abortions,” and launched a mobile app.
                Brazenly heading for monopoly status, the entity may soon become “too big to fail” in Obama administration parlance. Planned Parenthood is prospering and rapidly gaining market share in that coveted demographic of unwed single mothers who wish to “off” their (potential) offspring. Its KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are strong, its ROI trending positive and Congress has recently sanctioned its murdering mission by voting to fully fund it. Times are good, baby!
                Speaking of the recent (and abhorrent) shooting at a clinic in Colorado that killed three people and wounded nine others,  Sarah Stoesz, a local Planned Parenthood CEO/president stated, “We’ve always been a target. We were born in controversy. We’ve lived in controversy for 100 years.” (Yes we know how sensitive you are to death and killing).
                Really? “We were born in controversy… we’ve lived in controversy…?” That is either staggering hypocrisy and callousness, deliberately offensive, or unimaginably stupid. The babies have been the target, most killed before they were “allowed” to be born, some maybe just after. That is why they haven’t lived through “controversy.” You’ve been a “target?” The Minnesota legislature failed to even cut state Medicaid funding for abortions.
                Yes, the brave warriors of Canned Creatorhood (Murdered Motherhood?) will soldier on, in ever glitzier Palaces of Parental Preemption. “We have 100 years of contingency plans on the shelf,” Stoesz said.

                If not 100 years of baby parts.

Monday, December 21, 2015

DNC Releases Future Democratic Debate Schedule: Must See TV!

                 The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced today that the next Democratic Presidential Debate will take place Monday morning, February 8th, 2016, at 3 a.m.,  at a Motel 6 in Climax, Pennsylvania.  It will be broadcast live on Al Jazeera America and BET, and on a tape-delayed basis on BabyFirst Americas en Espanol and the HGTV network.
                 The fifth- and possibly last- Donkey Debate will occur on April 1st, 2016, from 1:37 am until 3:42 am and will be held at an IHOP in Compton, California. This one is slated to be aired on Nickelodeon, MTV 3 and the Tennis Channel, and will be simulcast on certain Serius Satellite Radio stations.

                Asked by a reporter if the DNC was trying to “hide” these debates, a highly placed DNC operative said, “Dude! Like, the Democratic Party prides itself on its transparency, inclusiveness and honesty. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Republicans Put Lump Of Coal In Voter’s Stockings This Christmas

                Republicans have yet again engineered- and flawlessly executed- a massive betrayal of the voting public this year. Having won landslide elections in 2010 and 2014, by promising to do away with Obamacare, secure the nation’s borders, and not further bankrupt the country by signing on to a ruinous climate change agreement, they have proceeded to do just that…and more.
                Egged on by Paul Ryan, the perpetually petrified political party again pledged to put political politeness ahead of national security by kowtowing to Democrats now reflexive anti-Americanism. The mainstream “moderates” in the Grand Old Party have  become virtually as destructive and pathetic as the Democratic-Socialist-Marxists, aiding, abetting and executing ever more government control and ever less individual freedom, in a craven- and, in the long run, utterly self-defeating- attempt to hold power.
                Terrified of being branded as the party that “shut down the government,” they helped pass an egregious spending bill last week that fully funds the already bloated government to the tune of $1.1 trillion. Obamacare? Fully funded. Cop21 climate agreement spending? Fully funded. Planned Parenthood? Fully funded. Sanctuary cities? Fully funded. Mideast and other immigration programs? Fully funded. Throw in a backroom deal that allows for the quadrupling of foreign workers and the release of criminal aliens and it is no wonder why the White House and Democrats have declared “total victory” over the GOP congress.
                This action also makes it abundantly clear why Donald Trump remains so popular.
                The GOP “establishment” that so disdains him has made him thus, as he embodies everything they aren’t.
                Anyone with a hint of independence, backbone, character,  spirit, love of free speech and/or knowledge of America’s founding uniqueness and  her historic place in the world will of course reject both the Democrats and the establishment R.’s.I.N.O. positions.
                I fervently hope necessity Trump’s political correctness. And I’d love to Cruz to victory.

                Unfortunately, the reality is that Bill’s gal will be the next president of the United States.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Trump Bashing Taken To A New Level

                 According to internet reports, a new “food cart” in Portland, Oregon, celebrated its grand opening with, among other things, a Donald Trump piñata. Adults and small children alike lined up to wait their turn to tear apart the billionaire candidate’s effigy by whacking it repeatedly with a blunt instrument. This was allegedly being done to “promote peace” and” fight hate.” One young kid screamed “I want to kill him,” as he was pummeling the political piñata, the reports claimed. (These same kids likely can’t wear a shirt with the “Browning” logo in their schools nor bring a “spork” to them).
                The owner of the food cart apparently stated that the mock Trump bludgeoning wasn’t about politics. Of course it wasn’t. If it had been President Obama’s likeness being lynched, he would’ve said the same thing, I’m sure… and the mass media would’ve similarly completely ignored it, right?
                You can be sure that Trump piñatas will be turning up on college campuses soon, in student’s “safe spaces,” so they can relieve their anger over allegedly inappropriate Halloween costumes, “appropriated” foods and assorted microaggressions by literally beating the stuffing out of Trump likenesses in a tolerant, non-judgmental manner.

                You can expect Trump piñatas to arrive at your favorite retail outlet in time for Christmas holiday shoppers to scoop them up. Nothing will make your favorite Trump basher happier this holiday season than finding one of these special gifts under the tree!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

And The Heisman Trophy Goes To...?

                 The Heisman Trophy, given to the best football player in the nation whose “performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity” was recently awarded to Alabama’s Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry is an excellent running back, and one who runs with power and abandon, traits I greatly admire. He is fun to watch and very likely a fine young man. I personally like him based on what I’ve seen of him and heard him say. He hopefully will go on to have a great career in the NFL and make himself and his family wealthy. I will enjoy watching him.
                Christian McCaffrey is an excellent running back, as well. As a freshman he averaged 7.1 yards per carry. The first time he touched the ball he scored a touchdown. It was on a 52-yard pass reception. Now a sophomore at Stanford, he too was a Heisman Trophy finalist this year. Derrick Henry had 2,083 all-purpose yards (1986 rushing, 97 receiving) in the 2015 season. McCaffrey had 3,496, an NCAA all-division all-time record (including punt and kickoff returns). He saved his best for when it really counted, amassing a mind-boggling 461 yards (207 rushing, 105 receiving and 129 on punt and kickoff returns) in the PAC-12 championship game, which Stanford won handily, beating USC 41-22. It is amazing he’s still standing. He was the only player in FBS (major college football) to lead his team in both rushing and receiving yardage.
                It is easy to wonder why McCaffrey didn’t win the Heisman. 2015 was a year sadly drowned in race-relations rhetoric and tension. After all that’s transpired since President Obama first took the oath of office, many ironically see everything only through a racial prism. If one didn’t vote for Obama there were those accusing that person of racism, though in an election between any two people of (any two) different races the same could obviously be said about each candidates voters…if the accuser didn’t care at all about the candidate’s stands on the issues, character, policy proposals, ability to communicate, etc., etc. (Many of those accused of racism and bigotry would happily vote for Dr. Ben Carson). We have gone on to mock and repudiate Dr. Martin Luther King’s wise words proclaiming that it isn’t the color of one’s skin that matters, but the content of one’s character.
                I point this out not to bring race to the forefront…it already is and in a big way. It is tragic. I write this rather to illustrate the absurdity of some people’s desperate quest to see everything as a racial slight.
                McCaffrey is not a particularly big man. He plays two positions that are more often played by African-Americans. He attends a prestigious school. He is white.
                And his name is Christian.

                In 2015, he never had a chance.

New Orleans City Council Votes To Erase History

                                                             History Is Now History
                The New Orleans city council voted to remove four monuments to the Confederacy that currently adorn Lee Circle. Statues of General Robert E. Lee, General P.G.T. Beauregard and Confederate president Jefferson Davis will be removed, as will the obelisk dedicated to the Battle of Liberty Place. (Ironic as it may seem to the vast hordes who believe that Republicans are the racists, this battle was instigated in 1874 by the Crescent City White League, which was a paramilitary organization of the Democratic Party… and was fought against the legal Reconstruction state government then located in New Orleans).
                Councilman James Gray called the statues homages to “murderers and rapists.” (We are now murdering and raping historyand the accurate definition of words). According to authorities the statues will be stored until a place can be found to display them “in the proper context.” Lee Circle itself will soon be renamed. It appears likely that it will once again be called ‘Tivoli’ Circle (‘I lov it’ spelled backwards!), its ‘original’ name.
                The “proper context” in which to display these statues will likely prove to be a massive jar of urine or the inside of the world’s largest tampon if progressive’s past history is any indication.

                In related news, Lee Jeans, the venerable American trouser manufacturer, has announced that it will henceforth be called “the Union Jeans Company,” to avoid inadvertently offending anyone “except maybe a few old crackers who nobody cares about anyway.” Insiders report that it was originally going to rebrand itself as the “Free Jeans Company,” but a few higher-ups thought that customers would be led to believe that the pants themselves cost nothing.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Climate Summit Results In One-World Socialism

                 The Cop 21 climate summit is over and One-World Socialism is now the pseudo-law of all the lands. So, who’s forking over the dough to whom?
                Uncle Sam, as always, is the Biggest Loser, by way of being the biggest winner for all these years. The U.S. will pay dearly for its historic choice of economic and political systems, limited government over tyranny and the hard work, discipline and creativity of its citizens. Other successful Western nations will chip in, as well. Incredibly, China and India are not being held to account. China is the second largest economy in the world, possibly on the verge of becoming the largest…and is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions on earth. How can an agreement have been crafted that lets this huge communist country, by far the most populous in the world, go on doing what it’s been doing unmolested? And India actually plans to double its coal usage in the next few years! Poorer nations, some of their own making, some not, are also all too thrilled to accept this mostly Western largesse without having to commit to doing anything themselves.
                Followers of this blog know that I wouldn’t actually blame nations for not hopping on the Climate-Change-Action-or-Else Bandwagon, but also know that I detest rank hypocrisy and the rampant playing of the “Victim Card.”
                It is clearly, historically, not a matter of big vs. little or resource laden vs. resource poor that determines the productivity of a nation. Tiny Taiwan and Hong Kong were economic behemoths while the Soviet Union and other large nations were not. Even now, the island nation of Japan sports the third biggest economy on earth, while Canada is tenth and Russia 15th. Nations shouldn’t, therefore, be penalized for being successful.
                Not to worry, though, the U.S., as usual (meaning its taxpayers, of course), will pay for maybe half of all the costs involved with this ridiculous climate change agreement, while the rest of the nations on the planet- combined- pick up the other half of the tab…even as many of them continue to complain about U.S. arrogance and Imperialism.
                The West needs new leaders who aren’t afraid of acting in their own interests, and who aren’t afraid of their own shadows.
                If the U.S., in particular, is wise enough to elect a new president with character, historical knowledge, and large cojones, it- and the world- will be the better for it. Friends and enemies alike will again know where they stand, leading to less confusion, tension and misunderstanding.

                Changing the world’s political climate would be a good thing.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Climate Change "Deniers" Disappearing Faster Than Glaciers

                 Weathermen- and others- who dare to question accepted climate change gospel have been disappearing like clothes at a nudist camp. Philippe Verdier, a popular (though now former) French weather reporter, recently announced via an online video that he had received a letter of dismissal. He stated, “My book, ‘Climate Investigation,’ was published one month ago. It got me banned from the airwaves.” Verdier was put “on leave” from the TV station back on October 12th. He told RTL radio station shortly thereafter, “I received this letter this morning and decided to open it in front of you because it concerns everybody in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of information. I put myself in the path of COP21, which is a bulldozer, and this is the result.”
                Verdier decided to write the book after French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with television meteorologists and asked them to highlight climate change issues in their broadcasts prior to the summit. “I was horrified by this speech,” he confided to the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. His book accuses state-funded climate change scientists of having been manipulated and politicized and asserts that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) knowingly publishes misleading data and has “blatantly erased” data contradicting their conclusions. Moreover, Verdier points out that there are “a great many positive consequences to global warming,” such as lower consumption of fuel used for heating and fewer cold-related deaths in winter. “I am being punished for exercising my freedom of expression,” he told RTL. Mr. Verdier asserts that the UN, through its climate agenda, “Wants to make us perpetual victims of fear.” He charges top climatologists with “taking the world hostage.” He believes there is a conspiracy of interests linking government, NGO’s, science, mainstream media, and religion. He was put on indefinite “forced holiday.” Unions at France Television have called for him to be fired.
                Quentin Letts is a British journalist and theater critic who writes for several popular British newspapers. Earlier this year he made what he termed “a jaunty little Radio 4 programme called ‘What’s The Point Of The Met Office?’” which he intended to be light and amusing fair.  In the program he had fun with the U.K.’s national public weather service and its views on global warming. This triggered a lobbying campaign by environmental activists and the program was summarily removed from the BBC’s iPlayer playback facility. To quote part of a line from a beloved Monty Python sketch, it has “simply ceased to be.”
                Former Democratic congressional candidate and progressive American University statistician Dr. Caleb Rossiter had the unmitigated gall to say that belief in climate catastrophe is “simply not logical.” He wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal describing man-made global warming as an “unproved science.” Two days later, the Institute for Policy Studies sent him an e-mail, sacking him.
                A month prior to Rossiter’s dismissal, Swedish meteorologist and climatologist Lennart Bengtsson was essentially forced to resign from the Global Warming Policy Foundation after being told his views on climate change were “incorrect.”
                Mark Steyn, one of this author’s favorite scribes, was forbidden by court injunction to write for the National Review after challenging a certain professor’s “hockey stick graph” depiction of global warming.
                Feel a chill yet? You should.
                The climate change crowd changed after a New York City debate held in 2007 in which the skeptics annihilated the believer’s arguments and claims. This event/occurrence was dutifully ignored by the mainstream media and as a result almost no one took note. Ironically, these two facts in concert with each other prompted the believers to decide that their best course of action was to simply declare that the debate was over, that there is no debate…man-caused climate change was a fact of life.
                And then they got intolerant. And shrill…crazy…and violent, spewing the vilest of hate speech and shedding logic, reason… their minds. The Gawker website suggested that authorities should “jail deniers.” Some called for Nuremberg-style trials. Others claimed that Deniers were committing “terracide.” (The killing of planet Earth). A June, 2009, Talking Points Memo website post asked, “At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers.” (Italics/emphasis mine). The post continued, “So when the right wing f--ktards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the world type events- how will we punish those responsible? It will be too late. So shouldn’t we start punishing them now?” Yes, screw the rule of law and the tired old bromide, “innocent until proven guilty.” What have they ever done for mankind?
                By that literally insane “reasoning” we should just incarcerate or execute all Muslims now before they prove to be terrorists. What if the climate ignores their fondest hopes and feral wishes and doesn’t warm up in the near future? What if, instead, global cooling sets in again like climatologists were certain was the case in the 1970’s? (What if we had just jailed or executed all global cooling deniers then?!). Will they say, “Oops,” or not even care as they believe they are higher powers exempt from accountability? And, “f--ktard?” Really?  Short for f--king retard? I thought that was a politically incorrect term. But it is obvious that the pathetic, hypocritical, literarily-challenged morons exempt themselves from accountability for “hate-speech,” as a quick glance at the comments on any given political website makes clear.
                And then, in June of 2009, a member of Climate Progress defended a post on his website warning that climate change skeptics would be strangled in their beds for rejecting the view that we face a man-made climate crisis. “An entire generation will soon be ready to strangle you and your kind while you sleep in your beds,” read the post.
                These climate change NAZIS are, ultimately, in a sense, equally as dangerous as Islamic terrorists. They accost and accuse innocent people and “offer” them the same choices as radical Islamists…convert, be imprisoned or heavily taxed, or be killed.

                I have often expounded here  on my climate change views, so I hope I don’t become the victim of such outrageous hatred and have people who want to silence me-

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Third Democratic Debate: Hear It Here First...Now!

                Now that the final Republican debate of 2015 is behind us, the nation breathlessly awaits the next Democratic debate.
                Fortunately, a startling breakthrough in technology has allowed me to see a short time into the future, thus enabling me to bring you the transcript of the upcoming Democratic presidential debate on ABC that will take place in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday, December 19th, before anyone has even taken the stage. IBM’s extraordinary new “Vaticinator I” reveals the debate in advance for you now.
                David Muir and Martha Raddatz moderate. Here it is- and you’re welcome:

*David Muir: I just first want to say how courageous it was of all three of you candidates, in conjunction with the DNC, to dispense with WMUR and their anti-union policies.
*All the candidates in unison: Thank you for those wise and kind words, David, I hope your family is enjoying the holiday treats I sent them.
*DM: They certainly are, thank you all. Let’s start with you, Hillary, my love…what will you do to expand upon the policies our current Dear Leader has pursued that have recently brought such honor and respect to an otherwise unexceptional nation?
*HC: Well, Davey, I just have such respect for the First Amendment and freedom of speech and what you guys in the mainstream media do, that I (choking up)…I’m sorry, I’m just feeling a lot of love and kindness these days. I might add…screw the bleeping Second Amendment though! I don’t know what those old white male bastards were thinking! (Applause). Ha, Ha…thank you all, you’re so kind…I love you all!
*MR: Mr. Sanders, you’ve rightfully called for equal wealth distribution, but do you believe that’s really possible, I mean in light of the fact that the wealthy are such clever, tight bastards?
*BS: Well, Martha, I think we should trust but verify. We’ll trust that 98% top marginal tax rates on the rich will result in an earthly utopia, but we will sure as hell verify that they are paying them!
*MR: I love you…I mean, thank you, Mr. Sanders, sir.
DM: Mr. O’Malley, why are you on the stage tonight?
MO: I’m sorry, what do you mean?
DM: You’re polling at, like, three percent…Hillary’s at close to 50 percent and Bernie’s above 35 percent…so?
MO: I still think it’s better to-
DM: Quiet, frat boy. Anyway, Mrs. Clinton, if you could be any country, which one would you be…and why?
HC: Well, I think I’d like to be Liechtenstein. I just like the way it sounds, I guess.
MO: Oh for crying out loud!
DM: Zip it, loser!
MR: Bernie, you are so, so right in calling for everyone to receive the exact same amount of remuneration regardless of their job status, work ethic, intelligence, discipline and so forth, but do you believe the biased, bigoted, ignoramuses that populate talk radio and internet sites will let your common sense policies come to fruition?
BS: Well, Martha, if elected, I plan to push for passage of the Fairness Doctrine. This law would essentially put an end to any voices dissenting from sanity.  I might add, it was last seriously considered under the first Billary administration, in 1993.
DM: Hillary, I mean Mrs. Clinton… love that pantsuit by-the-way…your response?
HC: Well, you know, I am all for the Fairness Doctrine…always have been.
DM: A follow-up question, if I may, Mrs. Clinton?
HC: By all means.
DM: If you could be a color, just one color, what color would you choose to be?
HC: You don’t mean skin color, do you?
DM: Of course not!
HC: Okay then, I think I’d be…………fuchsia!
DM: Lovely…and unique! I apologize to you all, but I have to bring up this topic, if only because “The Donald” (makes rude gesture with hands) stepped in it so badly. Could each of you, in turn, starting with President-excuse me- Mrs. Clinton, clarify your position on illegal immigration?
HC: You mean ‘undocumented immigrant,’ right?
DM: Quite right! I’m sorry for the slip-up!
BS: I believe the correct term is ‘new American!’
DM: Even better! Again, I’m humbled!
MR:  Alright, closing remarks if you please candidates, starting with you Mr. O’Malley.
MO: Let me just say this about the previous unaddressed-
MR: Thank you. Bernie?
BS: Everything should be free! Except to rich people, ‘cuz they have money.
MR: Well stated, sir, well stated, indeed. The last word is yours, Mrs. Clinton.
HC: I’d just like to say that Donald Trump is the Devil, and he is anti-woman, unlike my venerable husband, who has fought for women’s rights for many years. And, lastly, thank you all so much for coming to this wonderful debate tonight. Love and kindness to you all! (waves to crowd and camera)

                Fade to close

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Swedish Citizens Receive Terror Notices

                     Numerous Swedish citizens have received “letters” notifying them that they will be beheaded if they don’t convert to Islam…in three days or less. The “notices” were slipped under the doors of these citizens dwellings. They state: “In the name of Allah, the merciful, full of grace, you who are not believers will be decapitated in three days in your own house. We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards.”  
                Not to worry, though. The terrorists were merciful enough-and full of enough grace- to leave them an out. All that those threatened have to do- to avoid losing their heads and dispense with the corpse bombing- is pay a jizwa, or religious tax. How, exactly, they might do this is unclear. Pay-Pal? Three easy monthly installments?

                Convert, enslave/tax or kill. Basic Islamic doctrine for dealing with infidels. This doesn’t seem all that unreasonable in light of the recent climate summit agreement. The people of Western (Christian) industrialized nations have also “been given a choice” in recent years. Convert to belief in man-caused climate change or be mocked, scorned and smeared by the intelligentsia. Now, post Parisian summit, they are also being forced to pay a large (but undefined) climate tax, or “jipsu.”

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has A New Campaign Slogan!

                The Hillary Rodham Clinton Camp has a new campaign slogan: “Love trumps hate.” Get it?! After recently stating that she was “Proud to have made enemies of Republicans,” she has suddenly embarked on a love and kindness campaign? In Alabama, she recently explained to lawyers that justice means “standing beside love.” I’ll have to check my Webster’s unabridged dictionary, as I thought it meant moral rightness and lawfulness. Hillary isn’t versed in those areas. At any rate, in Atlanta, Mrs. Clinton promised a group of black ministers that she’d run on a “love and kindness platform.” Talk about a total makeover! What’s next, Trump stating that he’s “not worthy” of being president? Perhaps Hillary will reveal her desire to become an “exotic dancer” after leaving office? (That may tie-in with the love and kindness bit, though not to eyewitnesses).
                Democratic pollster Margie Omero said, “That sort of language very much tracks with what a lot of women voters say. They say, ‘Let’s go back to a time in which we’re being nicer to each other.”
                This bogus love and kindness jihad is, of course, blatantly hypocritical. It does nothing to address our most pressing problems, such as radical Islamic terrorism, getting a handle on immigration, reviving the economy, putting people back to work, getting people off the government dole and reducing our nearly $20 trillion national debt.
                In fact, the result of this love and kindness campaign taken to fruition would be ever more “progressive” policies leading to the appeasement of terrorists, unobstructed immigration, a worsening economy, fewer people working to pay for even more folks on the government dole and a continuing increase in our national debt.
                That doesn’t sound like real love and kindness to me, especially not as regards the hard working, law abiding middle class that seven years of Obama administration policies have devastated. (For the first time in memory, the middle class is no longer the majority, as the numbers of poor and very wealthy folks have increased dramatically).
                It does, however tragically, sound like the kind of vapid verbiage that under-informed and overly emotional…especially female…liberals like to traffic in to make themselves feel good.
                As Kevin D. Williamson wrote ( “The Future Is Free,” National Review, Nov. 19, 2015), “You need a little political theory and a little economics to understand the connection between well-ordered liberty and the facts of actual human happiness and actual human flourishing, which is why we conservatives are always at a slight disadvantage in the popular conversation: Understanding things such as comparative advantage and gains from trade is not all that difficult, but it is a hell of a lot more difficult than ‘Here’s a kitten! It’s a nice kitten! Don’t you want to be nice to the nice kitten?’ And that is essentially the Left’s political program…”
                When Hillary states, “Love trumps hate,” it’s just another bimbo eruption.

Scientists Race To Develop New Satellite Technology To Combat Global Warming

                 Scientists from the United States, China, Japan- and possibly other nations- are engaged in a race to perfect satellite technology that will one day measure greenhouse gas emissions from space, likely transforming the winner into the world’s first climate cop. It would give that country the ability to monitor the planet’s emissions quickly and cheaply, as well as the capability to determine individual nation’s net emissions and whether or not that nation had kept its promises to slow global warming.
                And I thought drones were getting intrusive. Talk about your nosy, nagging Nanny State! Big Brother? Big Bossy Brother!

                That’s just what the world needs, a supranational Peeping Tom. “Your Excellency, I'm afraid it’s that creepy Uncle Sam again, he’s peeking in on us to see if we’re being naughty.”

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Climate Change Prevention Funding Follies

                The University of Zurich’s Axel Michaelowa studies climate aid grants. That’s right, it’s not enough to study the climate itself, there appears to be a pressing need to study what happens to the large amounts of cash and other booty bequeathed to various entities around the world in the battle against climate change. Michaelowa conducted a study four years ago in order to track what became of specific climate grants.
                What he discovered is neither pretty nor surprising. “There was a huge misrepresentation, governments were actually really not able to report properly” on what became of their aid to help countries reduce carbon dioxide emissions. His study uncovered a large number of “projects without any conceivable climate change connotation.” Among these was Belgium funding for a “love movie festival,” in Africa, over a decade ago. Also among them was a U.S.-funded study on Savannah elephant sounds, and uniforms for park guardians in Central America courtesy of aid from Spain.
                Romain Weikmans, a researcher at Brown University’s Climate and Development Lab, described this governmental non-accountability by saying, “It’s really a process of lying the more you can.” He and Timmons Roberts, a professor at Brown, studied 5,201 projects mentioned by developed nations and claimed that 3,444 of them “did not explicitly link project activities to addressing climate vulnerability.” (Emphasis/italics mine). “Climate finance accounting is the wild west,” Roberts said. Weikmans said that, a few years ago, a 33 million euro pledge from one nation suddenly doubled on the books “thanks only to methodological changes in accounting.” Much like the data on global warming itself!
                It shouldn’t come as a shock to scientists or professors- or anyone else for that matter- that this occurs. Governments constantly utilize “creative” accounting methods and other mathematical slights-of-hand to come up with figures on revenue, spending, taxation, unemployment, current fund levels, et. al.
                Climate change spending has morphed into a feel good global poker game with all proceeds going to… charity? Well, somewhere.
                John Kerry (U.S.): “Well, that’s a nice pot there boys… Francois, we’ll see your $100 billion and raise you a Barbara Streisand concert in Myanmar and an interpretative center on Mt. Kilimanjaro!”


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Historic Climate Change Agreement Nears Completion

                The nations of the world are purportedly nearing a historic global climate agreement, if media reports out of Paris are to be believed. Most country’s representatives seemed upbeat about the chances to wrap up an agreement this weekend, prior to the end of the conference. Whew, just in the nick of time! Or, as vastly hyperbolized newspaper and website headlines have screamed, “World’s Last Chance!”
                Liu Zhenmin, deputy chief of the Chinese delegation, however, was a bit more cautious and circumspect. “We need heating. We need air conditioning. You need to drive your car,” he stated. Zhenmin therefore cautioned against sharply limiting the number of degrees the planet warms this century. I rarely agree with a representative of the comically named “People’s Republic of China,” but this is one of those times. China should spend some serious money on cleaning up its air, water and land pollution, an effort that would help the health of its citizens, not on a “problem” that is problematic, at best.
                 The phrase, ‘sharply limiting the number of degrees the planet warms this century,’ is an indication of truly remarkable hubris on our part. I was unaware that there was a planetary thermostat that we could simply adjust to our comfort level.

                Obama: “turn it down, we’re being wasteful!”
                Xi Jinping: “leave it where it’s at, I’m cold enough as it is!”

                The Cosmos laughs.


Thai Guy Facing 32 Years In Prison For "Liking" Facebook Post

                 As reported by, Thanakorn Siripaiboon is a 27-year-old auto factory worker from Thailand who was arrested this week and charged with sedition and “computer crimes.” What was the reason for his arrest, you may ask? Well, on December 2nd, he had the chutzpah to click ‘Like’ on a doctored photo of His Majesty the king…and proceeded to share it with many of his friends. OMG!
                He is facing 32 years in prison.
                The American founders instituted a government with dramatically limited and concisely defined powers, founded on the rule of law and natural, individual, rights to prevent just such outrages and miscarriages of justice. Yet, now, American citizens are also being subjected to the whims of governmental bodies and presidential fiat and abuse, our freedoms altered, diminished or abolished.

                Freely speak your mind and/or propose policies that don’t fit into the politically correct straitjacket of today’s progressive Thugocracy  and you will be attacked, mocked and threatened by those tolerant, non-judgmental, peace-loving, can’t-we-all-just-get-along, superior beings. As I have been.
                Fight back. No matter what. 

                No matter what.

Friday, December 11, 2015

DHS Manned By Terrorists?

                                          Department of Homeland Security Manned by Terrorists?    
            At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to Democratic lawmaker Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts. Lynch disclosed that a recent congressional investigation found that, at minimum, 72 individuals working for the D.H.S. “were on the terrorist watch list.” Coming, as it does, on the heels of numerous reports that the husband-wife terror team that went on a killing spree in San Bernardino, California days ago were obviously radicalized and dangerous long before carrying out their atrocities, this is not a reassuring disclosure.
            We are weak, distracted, hyper-tolerant, politically-correct to the point of lunacy and blind to reality.
            What’s next, the revelation that the U.N. appears fixated on- and petrified by- weather, while completely ignoring civil wars and heinous child sexual abuse in Africa and the Middle East? That our American president isn’t a patriot, citizen, Christian? That congressmen care more about their own power than the citizens they supposedly represent? That the mainstream media is fully in bed with progressive Democrats/Socialists? That evangelical climate change missionaries deliberately distort the evidence and are portraying their own beliefs as the One True Religion? That the president of the United States is determined to bring in more Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ that his own administration admits can’t possibly all be vetted? That, at the same time, he wishes to disarm his own constituents and dismiss the Second Amendment?
            These are truly gonzo, freakish, self-contradictory, inexplicable times.
            Apocalyptic divination?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Current Events/American History Quiz

1)      Which of the following is/are real?
¨  A) Tooth Fairy
¨  B) Islamic Terrorism
¨  C) Sasquatch
¨  D) Man-Caused Global Warming
¨  E) Hillary’s Hair
¨  F) Santa Claus

2)      Which of the following are cities in the United States of America?
¨  A) The Cayman Islands
¨  B) Pittsburgh
¨  C) The Golden Gate Bridge
¨  D) Trump's Hair
¨  E) Oklahoma City
¨  F) Beef Jerky

3)      What country installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, spawning the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963?                                                                                                                                             
¨  A) Buffalo
¨  B) The USSR
¨  C) Oklahoma City
¨  D) Madagascar
¨  E) Estonia
¨  F) Oprah Winfrey

4)      What was one of Barack Obama’s campaign promises in 2008?
¨  A) Racial Harmony
¨  B) A Chicken In Every Pot
¨  C) I like Ike
¨  D) Fundamental Transformation Of American Society
¨  E) Everything Will Be Free
¨  F) Eviscerate America’s Military

5)      Which one of the following is considered an American founding father?
¨  A) Donald Trump
¨  B) Oprah Winfrey
¨  C) Prince
¨  D) Oklahoma City
¨  E) George Washington
¨  F) Al Gore

                        By popular demand, going forward I will be posting occasional current event/history quizzes such as this, at uneven intervals, with a difficulty level suitable for modern Americans. Four out of five correct answers are required to pass!
                        Today’s quiz answers found below.

                       1)B; 2)B,E; 3)B; 4)D; 5)E