Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Teacher Fired For Refusing To Call Girl, " Boy"

                Madeline Kirksey, a Katy, Texas manager/teacher at the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center, was fired by administrators last week for refusing to call a 6-year-old girl by a boy’s name. Kirksey pointed out that the student still used the girl’s bathroom and, when playing football with the boys, cried if she got hit hard. Kirksey also claimed that, after these episodes, the youngster would say, “I’m really not a little boy.”
                The girl allegedly left class on Friday as “Sally” and returned on Monday wishing to be called “Johnny.” Kids of this age haven’t figured out what breakfast cereal they like best, and are now somehow expected and pushed by nefarious adults to claim to know they are transgender? Sick. Nothing less than child abuse.
                But wait, there’s more! Andy Taylor, Kirksey’s attorney, pointed to her “protected class” as a black female over 40 who holds religious convictions. “All of those rights were not vindicated, but destroyed,” Taylor said. What happened to all men are created equal with inalienable rights from their creator? Black females have special rights as a “protected” class? What races and classes have what rights? What country is this? A six year old girl has to be allowed to be thought of and treated as a six year old boy, so a black woman is wrongly fired for not doing so, yet she herself has special rights as a black woman that should negate any charges against her? Chaos.
                What happened to equality and the rule of law? And logic, reason and sanity?
                It was only a few weeks ago that a Katy, Texas classroom’s teacher allegedly told her young students that God isn’t real and threatened to fail them if they claimed otherwise in a homework assignment.
                Katy, bar her door.

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