Saturday, December 26, 2020

Another Russian Doctor Falls Out A Window To His Death


            Yet another Russian involved with COVID-19 treatments has fallen out of a window and died. Biologist Alexander “Sasha” Kagansky, 45, known for his work fighting cancer, reportedly fell from a 14th floor window of a St Petersburg residential high-rise building…while clad only in his underwear. Oh, and he had a stab wound on his body according to Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK). Nothing to see here. Happens all the time.

Actually, in Russia, it does. No fewer than six Russians plunged to their deaths from hospital windows earlier this year. Another, Dr. Alexander Shulepov, 37, survived but remains hospitalized with head injuries after “falling” from a second-floor window shortly after complaining about personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages and being made to work despite suffering from the virus.

            Kagansky, who was recently the Director of the Centre for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine at Russia's Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, had been working on coronavirus treatments before he sailed out the window. The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a murder probe into his death, and a 45-year-old male suspect has been detained. The suspect, reportedly a friend of Dr. Kaganksy, claimed that the biologist was in a mentally unstable state before his death and that he injured himself with a knife, according to Bild. He further claimed that Kaganksy jumped from the balcony when he tried to take the weapon from him. Right. He stabbed himself and jumped out the window.

              In any case, Russian windows are oddly and exceedingly dangerous to doctors and patients alike. Earlier this year, Natalya Shcherbakova, 45, fell to her death after being treated for the coronavirus.

Dr. Yelena Nepomnyaschchava, 47, also fell to her death…after complaining about “acute shortages”' of PPE.

Dr. Natalya Lebedeva, 48, fell to her death while being treated for Covid-19…after she was blamed for the spread of coronavirus at her clinic.  

Nadezhda Salkovae, 74, also fell to her death while being treated for Covid-19.

As did an unidentified man, 68, from a window in the intensive care ward of Veterans' Hospital in Yaroslavl.

Yet another man, 49, fell 60 feet to his death from the window of a Moscow prenatal hospital which had been reassigned to treat victims of the pandemic…while being treated for Covid-19. 

 Family members of the victims have suggested the coronavirus sufferers may have been experiencing suicidal thoughts from the drugs that were used to treat them, causing them to try and kill themselves. 

              Call me a skeptic, but I have to say “Nyet” to that suggestion. People don’t routinely throw themselves out of windows, whether from the second story or the fourteenth, because of medication. And how the hell are they getting out of windows in supposedly secure and monitored areas like intensive care wards?

The only thing we can say with certainty is that sanity, like the bodies of these now deceased Russians, has gone out the window. 

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