Monday, November 23, 2015

Democratic Candidates Vow Not To Protect Americans

                We are now witness to the odd and sadly amusing spectacle of the Democratic Presidential candidates falling all over themselves in their efforts to assure the American people that they won’t attempt to defend them no matter what. Come what may, Hell or high water (caused by melting glaciers!), they are vowing not to seriously attack ISIS.
                The Anointed One, who publicly claimed that ISIS was “contained” just hours before the Paris attacks, has made it clear that he doesn’t want American troops on the ground in the Middle East. He was reluctant to even join the stepped-up airstrikes that France, Russia, and England are conducting. Oh, and he has managed to reduce the American military by nearly half in his Seven Years War against his own nation.
                Hillary Clinton, for her part, recently stated that even if ISIS attacks us here in the U.S. she would not commit ground troops to fight them.
                And then there is Bernie Sanders, the old white guy that has college kids so fired up. When asked during the recent Democratic “debate” if he was still, post Paris, willing to call climate change the biggest threat we face, he promptly answered “absolutely!”
                In an Orwellian twist, we can now say that, “Our rough men can no longer sleep because leftist politicians stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would protect us from harm.”

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