Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween Outfit Suggestions!

     Well, it's the first of October already...the time of year when thoughts turn to pumpkin-flavored beer and Halloween outfits. Stumped about what to wear this year? As a public service, here are some ideas for you and the kiddies:

*Put on a John Boehner mask and go as a weepy invertebrate
*Don an Indianapolis Colts jersey and a Baltimore Ravens helmet and go as an incompetent, whiny, informer
*Dress up as Brian Williams and offer to tell everyone about the time aliens from outer space gave you a ride in their flying saucer
*Get the “Hillary 2016” costume kit (available at stores everywhere, complete with a cloth for ‘wiping’ your server!) and go as the world’s first ‘lie projector.’ Kit comes with Realvoice™ audio package. Press a small button on the back of the facemask and hear Hillary say things like, “I actually hope Vice-President Biden gets in the race,” “I’m sorry I was late, I was pinned down by sniper fire,” and, “I don’t even know how e-mail works, giggle!”
*Wear a nice suit and a bland look on your face and earnestly offer to compromise with- or surrender to- everyone you meet. Go as an establishment Republican.
*If you are a well-built older man, bare your chest, pretend to be tough- but worldly- and threaten to annex your neighbor’s property. Go as Vladimir Putin.
*Procure a speculum, scalpel,  game shears and an (almost) dead fetus. Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them, “Have a heart? I’ve got one here, if you want it! $20. Cold feet? $30 for the pair. Don’t have the stomach for it? Got a spare one for $25.” Go as a Planned Parenthood employee.
*”Good evening Ladies and Bruces,” the Monty Python Troupe used to say. Now you can represent that phrase in the flesh. Go as Caitlynn Jenner!
*Go door-to-door and insist that everyone you meet comes to live in your place. Go as Angela Merkel.
*Put on a swimsuit, parka, sunscreen, sunglasses, galoshes and hold an umbrella. Go as (man-caused, of course!) climate change!

And a bonus suggestion: Put on a suit and drive to each house or party in your diesel Jetta. If people ask about your car’s exhaust, tell them it only emits a light air-freshener and gets 50 miles to the gallon. Go as a Volkswagen executive.

You're welcome.

A Day In The Life Of America: Circa 2015

                                            A day in the life of America, circa 2015:

1) The University of Cincinnati Medical Center admitted that a still-born infant’s body had gone missing recently. It was believed to have been mistakenly taken out with the trash. Doggone it! A crew spent three fruitless days digging at the Rumpke Landfill in an attempt to recover it.
                Planned Parenthood would be proud.
                Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? That old, hyperbolic, yet illustrative and cautionary cliché has itself been rendered passe’ of late. We now just treat new life as so much trash to be disposed of as we see fit.

                2) The Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota is set to open the nation’s first ‘marijuana resort.’ They are going to grow their own plants and are being tutored in this regard by a Colorado company. The resort as currently envisioned will consist of a smoking lounge, nightclub, arcade, bar, and will have food service, slots and an outdoor music venue. The first joints are slated to be available for purchase on New Year’s Eve. Guessing the food service does well.

                3) A video has been released showing Americans at a San Diego beach blithely signing off on a petition to ban talk of religion or politics in public. The person soliciting the signatures continually and mundanely said such things as, “I think we can all agree that talk of religion and politics just isn’t for a public beach. I mean we’re all here to relax, chill and have a good time, right? You have the right to talk about these things in your living room, but not in public spaces. Agree?”
                This is the most pathetic, chilling and tragic result of “kindness,” tolerance and politically-correct thinking imaginable. I myself know more than a few people who, without really thinking about it, would agree with that statement, and some who actually  practice this self-circumcision and thought –abortion on a regular basis so as not to upset family members, in-laws, teachers, or NAMBLA members.
                Yes, let’s ban our own First Amendment rights, that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to defend.

                We are no longer a serious nation.

                Or a viable one.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Planned Parenthood, Code Pink Attack Carly Fiorina

                 Planned Parenthood and Code Pink protesters hurled insults- and condoms- at Republican presidential  candidate  Carly Fiorina Saturday during her tailgate party appearance prior to an Iowa Hawkeyes football game. One of the condoms landed in a woman’s hair. A typically classy and persuasive gesture by leftist extremists. Also a tad ironic to any sensitive and sentient being.
                Why didn’t they hold on to the condoms and utilize them in the intended manner so they wouldn’t  “have to” kill more babies?  Unless they want to. Perhaps they believe every dead fetus proves a point. Or, maybe they’re getting a kick-back from those selling baby parts.
                Taxpayers do fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood then funds pro-abortion Democrats in an amazing shell game that is “unfair,” unethical, immoral and should be illegal.
                One of the protesters had the temerity to ask candidate Fiorina if she “cared about women’s health.” She replied that she did, and added that she herself was a breast cancer survivor.
                She should have asked the protester, “Don’t you care about baby’s lives? How many girl babies have been aborted? Do you know that minorities are aborted at a much higher rate than whites? Do you have a hidden agenda?”
                She s also could have referenced the old classic Saturday Night Live skit and said, “You know what, your piercing intellect and cogent argument have changed my mind. In your case I would not only have paid for the abortion, I would have performed it myself!”
                Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 murders/abortions during the 2013-2014 calendar year, while receiving $542 million dollars from taxpayers.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Near-Future Headlines

                                                          Headlines of the Near-Future:

ESPN.COM: Roger Goodell Suspects Patriot's Coaches, Players Using “Invisible Cell-Phones” To Communicate

CBS.COM: Are The New England Patriots Funding ISIS?

ABC.COM: New England Patriots Funding Planned Parenthood?

New York Times: Patriots Now Hiding Hillary’s Missing E-mails, Server?

CNN Online:  “Fairly Sure” New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Behind This Summer’s Bird Flu Outbreak

MSNBC Online: Did The New England Patriots Take Down The Twin Towers? Evidence Mounts!

FOXNEWS.COM: Bill Belichick’s Birth Certificate In Question

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gladiators To Robots

                 First, there were the gladiators. Later, there was jousting. Boxing, wrestling, archery, shooting sports, and rodeo came along thereafter. Eventually football, hockey, horse racing, road racing and other sports arrived, thrived and proliferated to thrill their growing legions of fans. They helped instill discipline, courage, teamwork and a work ethic into those that played them, as they inspired those who watched them. They provided a sense of identity and belonging to players and fans alike. They encouraged physical fitness and, as in Roman times, a respect for both beauty and toughness.
                The writing is on the wall, though. Football and hockey, especially, have already seen dramatic rule changes in order to make the game safer.  These rule changes have brought about an increase in the number of injuries and are taking some of the excitement out of the games. Parents are afraid to let their kids play them…and many kids are now afraid of playing them.
                The number of students turning out for high school football teams is plummeting around the country, especially in states like California, New York and Massachusetts. Inside of 30 years there may be no high school football. Colleges and professional leagues won’t have players to fill their rosters.
                Soon, the only sports left will be tree-hugging and toenail painting (non-competitive and “gender open!”).
                This at a time when robots are taking over more and more jobs from human beings. Soon they will be doing all our work for us. And, since humans can get hurt and animals can be “exploited,” neither of which is acceptable anymore, in the future might they also be playing our sports for us in “robotic leagues?”

                In the greatest irony of all, we may soon let robots do all our living for us.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Air Pollution Killing 3.3 Million People Annually

                Air pollution is killing 3.3 million people a year worldwide, according to a new study published recently in the journal Nature. The study also projects that if trends don’t change, the yearly death total will double by 2050. The author of the study claims that about three quarters of these deaths occur due to strokes and heart attacks. I would think blaming air pollution for stroke and heart attack deaths would be problematic at best, given the many other potential factors involved, including genetics, diet and exercise, or exposure to studies published in the journal Nature.
                And what about smoking? How does one accurately determine whether someone died from “ambient air pollution” (that the study says is responsible for 6 percent of all global deaths annually) or smoking cigarettes? Or, in the interests of political correctness, do smoker’s deaths get counted twice?
                Jos Lelieveld of Germany’s Max (Walk the) Planck Institute for Chemistry, the study’s author, avers that air pollution kills more people than HIV and malaria combined. China experiences the most yearly air pollution fatalities (duh!), nearly 1.4 million, followed by India with 645,000 and Pakistan with 110,000. The United States, vast exploiter of the Earth’s resources and energy hog that she is, came in a distant seventh.(“We’ll get ‘em next year!”).
                The most surprising finding of the study was that farming plays a huge role in these air pollution fatalities. Apparently, ammonia from fertilizer and animal waste combines with sulfates and nitrates from power plants and automobile exhaust to form soot particles that are the real killers. In “fact,” the study claims that in the U.S. northeast, and all of Europe, Russia, Japan and South Korea, agriculture is the number 1 cause of air pollution deaths, and is the number 2 cause globally.

                There you have it: city or country, we’re equally screwed.

                But look on the bright side. If we just stop producing energy- and food- we’ve got a chance!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Volkswagen Scandal

                The German automaker Volkswagen, the world’s biggest car company by sales, has deliberately produced and distributed some 11 million cars worldwide equipped with software designed specifically to cheat emissions tests. What’s more, knowledge of the emissions cheating was apparently widespread, and it appears the company may have purposely deceived its consumers and dealerships. Volkswagen had allegedly engaged in similar behavior in the U.S. market in the early 1970’s and was assessed a small fine at the time.
                The vehicles in question virtually all have diesel engines and experts say the company’s efforts to conform to stricter U.S. emissions standards led to the egregious decisions. The tougher emission standards were phased in between 2004 and 2007. At the time, the government acknowledged that meeting the new standards for NOx, or nitrogen oxide, as well as soot, would pose difficult challenges to automakers. During that period, Volkswagen retreated from the U.S. diesel car market in order to retool, but returned with a diesel version of the Jetta in 2008, which it said was a “clean diesel.” That vehicle received raves and won “Green Car of the Year” at the Los Angeles Auto Show! That apparent breakthrough now seems an elaborate ruse.
                The company’s two-liter diesel engines in the United States have been equipped with a “defeat device” that allows the cars to pass federal emissions tests despite the fact that while on the road they emit more than 10 times the permitted amounts of NOx.
                Understandably, though ironically, the “clean diesel” cars were a big hit with “eco-friendly” customers, many of whom now feel deeply betrayed. The affect has been particularly strongly felt in California, a state that prides itself on its environmental record, and in which the most VW diesel car owners reside. “Thanks to VW’s blatant and intentional fraud, I am now the subject of ridicule for having bragged about my good gas mileage and reliability,” wrote one owner on the VW Vortex forum.
                A mandatory stop-sale order is in effect for the affected vehicles. Independent engineers say that any attempt to repair the cars emissions systems would be very difficult and could likely harm engine efficiency and performance. None could offer a reliable estimate of repair costs.
                Dealers and car owners aren’t sure how Volkswagen will attempt to handle the issue. Dealers aren’t sure what to tell their customers, many of whom may demand a refund or exchange for their car. As one California dealer put it, “We can’t take the hit for it. That would put us out of business.”
                Volkswagen means  “people’s car” in German. The company got its start in the late 1930’s as a state owned entity operated by the German Labor Front, a Nazi organization. For awhile, at least, it is likely to be considered the Verbotenwagen.

                Das Auto?

                Das Betrug.

                (Rudolf Diesel was a German engineer who invented the diesel engine. He died in 1913, at age 55, under mysterious circumstances).

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Invasive Species? Celebrate Diversity!

                 Two Chinese soft-shelled marsh turtles have been seen south of Boston! There is a deep and growing concern that they could eventually threaten local ecosystems if they become established in the New England area. Was there no warning? “Two if by sea!?”  Where is Paul Revere when you really need him?
                “The concern is that if it can establish a population, it can actually survive our winter,” said Nigella Hillgarth, the New England Aquarium’s president and CEO, and a zoologist. “It could cause major changes in the ecosystem. None of the animals in that ecosystem are adapted to a predator of that size (7”-15” long). It eats large amounts of small fish, mussels, clams and insects.”  None of the animals in the waters off New England are accustomed to roughly foot-long predators? Come on. A species that eats small fish, mussels, clams and insects is unheard of there?
                These illegal alien turtles are native to brackish marshes and ponds in eastern Asia.  More than 300 million are raised annually on Chinese farms for food. Yet they are considered endangered in the Chinese wild, though they have become invasive in Hawaii, California and Virginia. Sightings have been reported in New York and Maryland.
                So, to recap, it’s endangered in its home range, but threatens to proliferate and take over our native ecosystems anywhere a couple of them get loose over here?
                An incredible number of invasive species have found their way to this country, ready to simply overwhelm our native species. Are many- if not most- plant and animal species in the “wrong” place, globally speaking,  or are the plants and animals native to the Americas just weak-sister species? In either case, Darwin, you got some ‘splaining to do.

                Illegal alien species wreaking havoc upon us?!!  We can’t build a wall for these invaders.

                Guess we just need to celebrate diversity!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mohamed's "Clock"

                A  student named Ahmed Mohamed brings a “clock” to his Irving, Texas high school that happens to be hidden in a case that appears to be ticking… and he, and his contraption, are removed from said school and he was temporarily arrested…and it’s considered an act of racism??!!! We have completely lost our minds and are hell-bent on our own destruction.
                Kids can’t bring a Swiss Army knife to school anymore without being accosted and sent home. Recently a young white boy chewed a pop-sickle stick into the shape of a “gun” and was disciplined for this egregious transgression of school safety rules. Kids are sent home for having a butter knife on them or an unidentified vial of liquid. Or for wearing an “offensive” shirt, like one touting the U.S. or Christianity, for example. This has happened several times.
                If Ahmed is anything close to as intelligent as he is touted to be, he well knew what kind of response his actions would bring about. And is therefore guilty of the charge of bringing a “faux bomb” to school, which was the cause of his brief arrest.

                Who brings clocks to school? Many kids don’t even wear watches, they just look at their I-phones when they want to know what time it is. Yet, in our post 9/11 world, a boy named Mohamed brings to school a ticking briefcase with wires coming out of it (and a clock inside) and the authorities that detained him are called bullies and racists?

                That should be alarming.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Bubonic Plague Is Back

                Here’s a headline you never thought you’d see: “First ever documented bubonic plague case confirmed in Michigan.”
                Back to the future, or something like that. The plague, or Black Death, infamously wiped out roughly 1/3 of the population of Europe back in the mid 1300’s. The plague originated in Mongolia and China in the early 1300’s and is carried by fleas that infect rodents.
                Some experts claim an outbreak of the disease that occurred in San Francisco around 1900 “seeded the American rodent population,” and that all such cases of the disease in the U.S. have stemmed from that event. The disease is spread from urban rats to rural rodents, and can be contracted by humans in the vicinity of infected animals, alive or dead. The U.S. has averaged about seven cases per year, but this year the number has doubled.
                Some “experts” claim that, since millions of workers died in the Black Death, the price of labor was driven up in competition for the remaining ones, thereby greatly stimulating the European economies. (Hooray for Planned Parenthood! More funding…do it for the economy. But wait, stop those hordes of illegal aliens, build the fence now!).
                Some experts, however, claimed that so much death cheapened life, coarsened behavior and led to a dramatic rise in violence and insensitivity.

                See also, Planned Parenthood.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, And The New, Improved Judaism

                 (Reform) Jews have a new High Holy Days prayer book- and just in time. The holiest days in the Jewish calendar begin Sunday at sundown, and the new text for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur contains updated language on women and gay marriage and also makes belief in God optional. The Central Conference of American Rabbis has revised the existing text, in use for a generation, to be feminist and gay friendly, while also leaving room for disbelief.  Reform Judaism is the most progressive arm of Judaism. It is also the largest Jewish denomination in the United States.
                “One of the goals was to create a prayer book that was a prayer book for the 21st century, that is welcoming and inviting to everybody,” said Rabbi Hara Person, the publisher of the new prayer book, “Mishkan HaNefesh.” (Emphases/italics mine).
                A countertext to a prayer from Genesis (“The Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth…”) questions the scientific basis for the story of creation. It begins, “I speak these words, but I don’t believe them.” Inspiring!
                “We wanted to allow for people who come in with doubt and anger, not to say there’s only one way to approach these holidays,” Person said. (I bet they don’t have to say, “Happy Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur” anymore. In fact, I bet they say “happy holidays,” too). “There’s a place for you regardless of who you are and what you’re coming in with.” Wow.
                One Midwestern rabbi  stated, “A prayer book is an interesting lens, a window into who a people is at a given moment.” He went on to say that, among his congregation, “there is an enthusiasm and a sense that the last prayer book served us greatly for a generation, and now its time has passed.”
                A religious book, a prayer book, is simply an interesting window “into who a people is at a given moment?” Forget immutable truths, forget concrete right and wrong. Forget the Ten Commandments (we already have), forget the word of God. Our religious texts are just what the hell we feel like believing or “feeling like” at any given time.
                Every two-page spread in the new tome has a multi-screen approach, reflecting our preference for learning from modern digital devices. The translations on these pages have, of course, been updated, by referring to God as “she” or “compassionate mother” and replacing outmoded references to “bride and groom” with the blissfully non-gendered “couple.”
                Even better, there are alternate passages on the opposite pages, for those who wish to avoid the prayers altogether. Poems by Carl Sandburg, Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman are among the treasures to be found on these pages.
                Experts say these changes are a way to reach a younger demographic. Jewish millennials, like their (formerly) Christian counterparts, are much more likely than previous generations to identify themselves as having no religion. Can’t imagine why.
                Even the “Conservative” Jewish movement has revamped its prayer books to offer contemporary translations of prayers with gender-neutral language and recognition of same-sex couples.
                There was concern among some Jews that these changes would be seen as shocking- and would generate a backlash. There hasn’t been any. These changes simply mirror what has transpired in the Christian “religious” community.
                Looking at the massive, stupefying changes in/to mainstream  Judeo-Christianity in the past 50 years, it is scary to project what will be doctrine/ accepted behavior in another 50 years.
                “We certainly want to be open and inclusive to our NAMBLA Friends, Planned Parenthood Pals, and communist dictatorships around the world…! Illegal aliens, you’ve found your home! Islam is a religion of Peace! Capitalist-caused climate change is ruining the planet!

                  Bestiality? Who are we to judge?!”


Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Bad Day And Global Warming!

                This past week, where I reside, the temperatures were above normal due to global warming. (In this area of the country, it is always wonderful to be able to be outside without a parka, boots, hat and gloves and not be in danger of frostbite- or worse). Cooler temps are forecast for this coming week and just last night we received almost an inch of rain due to man-caused climate change. More weather has been predicted for the rest of the month, and indeed into next month, as a result of our assault on the planet.
                I was late getting up this morning… due to the Earth’s changing weather patterns, so I was in a hurry to get ready for work. I slipped getting out of the shower, which was certainly because of the anomalous fluctuations in humidity brought about by global climate change. While eating a bowl of Cap ’N’ Crunch cereal I noticed that there appeared to be a slight inconsistency in the coloration of the corn and oat bits- obviously attributable to the vast man-caused climatic changes ravaging our crops. Worse still, when I went to turn on “The View,” my television screen remained dark. It turns out the New England Patriots were stealing my cable signal. When I was done with my breakfast, I went to the kitchen sink to rinse off my dishes, but the water just trickled out of the faucet. I have had an issue with a leak in the pipe leading to the faucet for some time now. I wanted to get it fixed, but apparently Kim Davis somehow pressured our local city clerks’ into refusing my plumbing permit application.
                Before leaving for work, I was going to let my dog out as per our normal routine. Usually he  races to the door, eager to get outside for the first time on any given day, but I called out his name again and again and he didn’t appear. I quickly became worried and assumed Walter Palmer had shot him, but it turned out he was just preparing for a, “Black Labs Lives Matter” rally.
                Anyway, I got in my car and headed to work. It was running rough, due to the growing El Nino’. Arriving at work, I turned on my computer, only to find that it was very slow this day. I looked at my network and found something odd. I called I.T. and they confirmed my suspicions. Hillary Clinton was sharing my server.
                Later, my wife called me to let me know that our SUV’s head-gasket was blown. She was at the dealership trying to get it fixed. The mechanics said the failure occurred due to our over-exploitation of the planet. On the way home from work, there were several accidents on the roadways, due to El Nino,’ so I got home late. Chatting with my son at dinner I discovered that his teacher had told him the only reason he was getting good grades was because of “white privilege.”
                That evening found me a bit depressed by the events of the day, so I poured myself a beer and went into the den to see if the Patriots had quit messing with my cable signal. They hadn’t.
                The beer was flat, but I spilled most of it on myself, anyway.

                Damn global warming!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brian Williams Is Back!

                 He’s back! Brian Williams is set to make his MSNBC debut on September 22. Coincidentally, that is the first day of Pope Francis’ much anticipated visit to the United States. The network says that Mr. Williams will anchor, “live, breaking news,” which is probably safer than relying on his memory of newsworthy events past.

                “I must tell you folks, seeing Pope Francis arrive here now takes me back a few years. I vividly recall being in Rome in March of 2013, while I was attending the Papal Conclave,  helping to elect the new Bishop of Rome…”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kim Davis, Gay Marriage, And The Rule Of Law

                If Kim Davis had been a Muslim, she would not have been jailed for her refusal to grant same-sex marriage licenses. Period.  Who are we to impose on their religion, would have been the prevailing wisdom?
                Mowing the lawn a few days ago, I listened via my headphones to pundits, talkers and sports-gabbers on various radio stations all saying the exact same things about this story. “While Kim Davis has every right to believe what she wants (you could actually hear their eyes rolling and the bile building up inside of them as they uttered this), if she works for the government she must adhere to the law. The rule of law is the overarching tenet here. The bedrock principle of a democracy.  No decent society can long exist without it! One can’t pick and choose which laws one obeys!  (Obama sure does, and don’t get me started on illegal immigration hypocrisy!)The freaking Supreme Court (nine unelected guys) decided this issue! Duh! You can believe what you want (much eye-rolling), but if you work for the government you must obey the (their) law. Civil law must always take precedence over religious (God’s) law, for the good of society. Kim Davis is anything but a martyr or a hero!”
                On and on it went (I have a decent size yard). Same topic, same beliefs.  Mainstream, lock-step, close-minded, intolerant,  political-correctness somehow  trotted out as actual thought…and courage. What would these same radio-robots say if abortion was banned by the decree of the Supreme Court and Kim Davis was petitioning to have one? Huh? Yes, they’d probably be a tad less vociferous in their dismissal of her. We probably wouldn’t hear, “it’s the law, bitch, get over it!”
                Rosa Parks was anything but a hero?! Right? I mean, she went against the established law on segregation! What her own  government had established as  rule of law. And slavery? Back in the day it was simply the law of the (Confederate) land. You can’t let your silly little personal “religious” objections  interfere with your government’s dictates!
                The Third Reich’s law of the land was that Jews were anathema. They were what prevented Aryans from always being in their proper position as the master race. A good German did what the hell he or she was told, dictates of their conscience be damned. Their government’s laws and ethos commanded them to discriminate against- and perhaps  gas- Jews. So they did. Like most totalitarian societies throughout history, they mocked and attempted to ban religion. Not everyone always obeyed. Many who didn’t were imprisoned or killed. Law of the land, you see. Man’s rule.
                It was not legal for women to vote until 1920. If Kim Davis had been around prior to that date and said that her religious beliefs told her she should go down to the local precinct and stand in line and attempt to cast a vote, would today’s pundits and morality makers look at that behavior as remarkably “extreme?!” The complete bullshit that the self-congratulatory, holier-than-thou, (wildly intolerant) tolerant, elite chattering  class spew forth on a daily basis is breathtaking at times. Rarely stepping down from the comfortable pedestal they’ve put themselves on to seriously contemplate any opposing viewpoint, they typically just shake their collectivist heads and mutter, “do these rubes really believe this crap about the sanctity and sacredness of male-female marriage  and the right to bear arms and all the other b.s.?”
                The  shallow and dim tend to reply, “well, the right to gay marriage and women’s right to vote and being pro-choice…they’re all inclusive rights, so they are superior!”  Really? That simple? The right to bear arms and the right to life are truly inclusive…and closely related at that. And, they are actual rights! In fact, the right to the free exercise of religion,  freedom of speech and  the right to bear arms are all proclaimed in the first two Amendments to the Constitution.( Oddly enough, if one looks particularly closely at the Bill of Rights, one will find no right to kill one’s fetus and have its parts sold to a third party for  profit).
                Apparently, a good American county clerk does what she is told/commanded to do by her federal government, her deepest religious beliefs be damned, even if she happens to be a locally elected servant acting on her constituents wishes!
                (Is Kim Davis a sinner? Like all of us, I’m sure she is. Has she led a perfect life? Nope, nor has anyone recently. Do we need the rule of law? Of course we do).
                Today, the American people are actually being deliberately prevented from learning how and why this nation was founded, in large part by their own current governing class. Many, if not the large majority of early American settlers, came to this country fleeing government harassment, religious intolerance and religious repression.
                The famously irreligious Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Man has been subjected by his Creator to the moral  law, of which his feelings, or conscience as it is sometimes called, are the evidence with which his Creator has furnished him…The moral duties which exist between individual and individual in a state of nature, accompany them into a state of society, their Maker not having released them from those duties on their forming themselves into a nation.”
                Sir William Blackstone, an eminent English jurist, helped pave the way for the American Experiment to succeed. He stated, “Man…must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator…This will of his Maker is called the law of nature…This law of nature…is of course superior to any other…No human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this: and such of them as are valid derive all their force…from this original.”
                Many people are extremely concerned about the path this country is going down. Where will it end? The world as a whole is in no better shape. People feel that ‘things are slipping away’ and there is no underlying sense that we can do anything we set our minds to do. People no longer believe our best days are ahead of us. There is no reasonable, positive, strong, truly benevolent leader on the horizon. No Reagan (or  Thatcher, Walesa, John Paul II, etc.) appears to be waiting in the wings to rescue us.

                Is there a way out? Yes, but one, and only one.

We need to follow the Laws of Nature, not mock them.

Three Religions

             There are three primary religions now vying for prominence in the West. They are Islam, Christianity, and Secular Humanism. Islam commands its followers to convert, enslave, or kill the “infidels.” Period.
Christianity allows its adherents to question the very existence of God.
Secularism stamps those that dare to question man-caused climate change with a scarlet letter. In this case,  a “D” for “DENIER.” Christianity has allowed pastors and priests to be of either sex, to be married, and has even welcomed gays and lesbians into its ranks.
Secularism doesn’t allow the “Sanctity” of gay marriage to be questioned, nor the existence of 64 genders…and growing.
The intolerant religions are in rapid ascendance.
On the other hand, the tolerant religion of Christianity, and the Western societies it shaped, are meekly disinheriting the Earth.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The New York Times, JewTracker And The Iranian Nuclear Accord

                The New York Times has actually launched a website to track how Jewish lawmakers are/were voting on the Iranian Nuclear Accord, which some are dubbing the “JewTracker.” Jewish- and other-Congressional Democrats are no longer standing with Israel as was typical in years past. They are now standing  with the Iranian regime that wants to destroy the U.S.,  and Israel, as well.
                Think about that for a moment.
                These Democratic lawmakers are also absolutely, resolutely committed to abortion rights. No wonder why many choose to look at the Constitution as a, “living, breathing document.” If it wasn’t, they couldn’t abort it, too. Yet, I didn’t foresee a day when they would opt to give a sworn enemy the “right” and means to potentially abort us.
                And a mainstream newspaper tracking representative’s  votes by religious affiliation? Talk about profiling! Where is the Muslim Tracker? Black Tracker? Irish Tracker?

                Now we’re just waiting on Nancy Pelosi to take to the House floor to belt out a stirring rendition of that old Patsy Cline standard, “Stand By IIII….rrrrrannn!!”

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Breaking News

September 14, 2015
News Syndicate-

                Apparently, the Detroit Lions aren’t the only lions who have to worry about competing with the New England Patriots. According to trusted sources, rumors are surfacing among the NFL elite that wealthy owner Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots paid for Walter Palmer’s infamous Zimbabwean lion hunt.  These sources claim that, in return, Kraft asked for the trophy mount of Cecil the Lion, to be placed at the team's headquarters with the Patriots other ill-begotten booty, such as their four Vince Lombardi trophies.

New England Patriots Blame Climate Change For Deflated Footballs

News Syndicate
September 16, 2015-
                                                     Pats Blame Deflate-Gate On Climate Change

                In a bizarre turn of events, the New England Patriots have announced the results of an “exhaustive study” the organization has concluded on its footballs.  They released a statement earlier today.
                “We have determined that the reason some of our footballs were at times slightly deflated was because of (man-caused) climate change,” reads the statement, approved by owner Robert Kraft and written by the team’s legal department. “As we go through the long NFL season, temperatures in New England tend to plummet, resulting in reduced PSI, as any car owner can tell you from observing  his or her tires. Obviously, the temperature here in New England tends to be much, much colder than in many other cities we play in, such as Miami…and cities with domed stadiums, such as Indianapolis, etc. This is why balls carry slightly less air-pressure here at home in Gillette Stadium than they do at other venues, and would therefore account for the difference in our fumble rate between home and road games. The play-offs and NFC championship games are in January, the coldest month of the year, so the issue is more likely to occur, then, as well.
                “Of course, we have won four Super Bowls in the last 15 years at warmer, neutral sites, so it could just be that we’re better than other teams.”

Friday, September 11, 2015

New England Patriots And Deflate-Gate II?!

News Syndicate
September 11, 2015-

                                                              Oh, No! Deflate-Gate II?!

                In a story that’s shocking the sports world today, and one that will likely deliver yet another blow to the integrity of the NFL, the New England Patriots (i.e., the “Brady Bunch”) have been accused of tampering with opposing team’s buses. According to the story, posted on the website “,” anonymous Patriot employees have been observed deflating the tires of   opponents  team buses outside  the hotels these opposing teams stay at when playing in Foxboro.  Insiders state that these Patriot operatives- under cover of night- deflate the enemy team’s bus tires by an average of ten PSI, thereby resulting in more friction and less travel distance per revolution, slowing them down on the way to Gillette Field, resulting in less practice time. Sources claim the Patriot foe’s  bus trips have been extended by an average of approximately 39.8 seconds each, resulting in correspondingly less practice time.

                Yet another unfair advantage for those gridiron cheats so smugly clad in their  red, white and blue.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Illegal Immigration: Democratic Greed Trumps Voters

                Polling data suggest that immigration reform has strong support from voters of both parties. In fact, a recent CNN/ORC International survey found that 62 percent of all respondents said border security needs to be a first priority. (This is the primary reason that Donald Trump is so wildly popular at the moment).
                Yet, despite this strong, bipartisan public support for a wall on the border and other measures, Democrats won’t hear of it. Funny, I thought Democrats were for the people (“the masses”) and a pure unadulterated democracy, eschewing even the electoral-college as interfering with the direct will of the majority. Remember the election of 2000? 
                 This Democratic stance on illegal immigration should logically take the blinders off of some folks, but I’m not holding out much hope. If people haven’t already realized the only thing modern-day Democrats, and establishment Republicans  as well, truly care about is their own power, they likely never will.
                The Democrats as a party- and virtually every individual politician within that party- will never vote to stop an influx of people who will be inclined to disproportionately vote for them. Never. They won’t have to worry about anyone who disagrees with them soon, because there won’t be enough of those folks to do anything about it. They will have achieved political power immortality, even as those they ignore face taxation without representation.

                “Screw those voters, screw the country. Es todo acerca de mi!”

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Obama To Achieve Victory In Surrender To Iran

                Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, has pledged to violate UN restrictions on his countries ballistic missile program. He stated that Iran is not in any way committed to these missile bans and is not planning to abide by any of the UN sanctions.
                Remarkably, it is actually written into the Nuclear Arms Accord with Iran that a violation of UN bans on Iran’s missile program will not impact the deal. What, then, is the deal?!
                The deal is simply codified abject surrender on the part of the United State and its allies. Fortunately, the soon-to-be-eight-year-long World Surrender Tour that has been the Obama Administration is almost over. Unfortunately, the damage already done is so extensive and the shift in demographics and political climate (there has been political climate change!) so vast, that it is unlikely that we will ever fully recover. There’s that fundamental change, again. That is why Rush Limbaugh didn’t want Obama to “succeed.” It never was anything personal. He, like myself, simply didn’t want this president to succeed in essentially destroying the nation as we knew it. He has.
                It isn’t as if Obama doesn’t know how to play hardball. He does so continuously with any domestic entity that doesn’t agree with him, pushing, threatening and mocking as needed. Incredibly, he has twisted the arms of enough Senators to get the votes needed to approve this “accord.”
                Yet, he wouldn’t dream of being indelicate to those who wish his country harm.
                No nation in history, let alone one with the stature of the United States of America (at least prior to the Obama presidency), has ever willingly negotiated a deal so obviously detrimental to itself and its allies, while the country it was negotiating with continued to openly admit it was bent on that nation’s destruction! Even now, post-accord, Iran refers to the U.S. as “the Great Satan,” and reaffirms its desire to wipe it- and Israel- off the face of the earth. This would be comedic if it wasn’t so tragic. (Anyone bringing a fictional movie script containing events like this to a Hollywood producer would be summarily dismissed as a crank, their script absurd and unbelievable to the masses).
                Iran has built a network of terror bases in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia and has doubled its number of consulates and embassies in Latin America since 2005. The $150 billion windfall they will reap as a result of this “accord” will almost certainly lead to a significant escalation of anti-American operations throughout Latin America.
                The Monroe Doctrine stated that the United States would not tolerate interference from overseas nations in the Americas. It was practiced by virtually every president from Monroe through Reagan. The Obama Doctrine appears to be that the U.S. won’t interfere with any other nation’s attempts to harm it.
                Iran remains the primary state sponsor of terrorism around the globe. The U.S. is now the earth’s leading state sponsor of suicidal lunacy.
It is not hyperbole to state that the U.S., under Obama, has, in many ways, sowed the seeds of its own destruction.

In fairness, it must be said that Obama has been incredibly successful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Farrakhan Addresses Offensive Place Names

   September 11, 2015
   News Syndicate-            

                 Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan demanded, in a speech given earlier today at a Black Lives Matter rally,   that “Jefferson City, Missouri and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, among other cities and public spaces, be renamed and that all of America’s offensive, politically-incorrect, Confederate memorials, monuments, parks, buildings and anything on the ‘National Register of Pre-Historic Places’ be eviscerated, expunged, exenterated, enervated and attenuated from the face of the Earth!”

                Farrakhan suggested Jefferson City, Missouri be renamed, “Screwyouredneckjewbastards City,” and  that Jackson Hole, Wyoming be henceforth known as “Jackson WasanassHole.” He also demanded that the Jefferson-Davis Highway be rechristened the “Prophet Mohammed Highway To Paradise.”

Monday, September 7, 2015

What Would Samson Do?

As referenced in a prior post, “Cecil And Samson,” Samson was granted special powers by God, to accomplish great feats such as slaying a lion and doing likewise to an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass. Also on the docket was destroying a pagan temple.
Since lion-slaying is a particularly delicate subject right now, let’s review the other two enumerated challenges Samson faced and try to project how they’d be viewed today. Besting an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass seems the most difficult task to achieve. Yet, an entire military has been nearly wiped out by the spoken thoughts and commandments of Barack Obama, a “Democrat” who is actually a Marxist. Thus, the jawbone of one (doubly an) ass has actually managed that feat.

Unfortunately for us, the military was ours.

As for the pagan temple destruction, all that would be required is for someone to go to Detroit and successfully have at the Satanic Temple…and its brand new statue of… Satan.
Or, perhaps, trash a Planned Parenthood “center.”


Saturday, September 5, 2015

ABC News Special Report: Earth 2100

                ABC News aired a “Special Report” back in 2009 titled, “Earth 2100,” in which it warned of impending earthly devastation triggered by climate change. The first future “check-in” year was, you guessed it, 2015. At the time, the expert’s predictions for 2015 were that we’d be experiencing more intense hurricanes, “dangerous” temperatures, significantly lower agricultural output, $12 per gallon milk and $9 per gallon gasoline, “if there is any gas at all that is left.”
                Apparently, climate change pushers can be wrong as often as weather forecasters without suffering any consequences! And they were stupefyingly wrong! No wonder why they love their professions! They get to instill fear and hopelessness in their followers for no reason whatsoever. And get paid handsomely for doing so, in most cases. (I do much the same thing for very real reasons without getting paid!).

                One of the geniuses featured on this report stated, “All you have to do is look at the world today, with gas and food prices going up…” Yeah, as everyone knows, if commodity prices rise one day, they will keep doing so for the foreseeable future, if not forever. That is why everyone who has ever dabbled in the stock market or futures trading is a millionaire. So much for the cyclical nature of things. Or a knowledge of history. Or simple logic, the scientific method, skepticism, etc.

                It is more and more incredible what passes for "news" these days.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Washington State University Labels Terms "Male" And "Female" Hate Speech

                               Binary-Gender-Conforming Terms Judged “Hate Speech”

                Washington State University students have been threatened by their professors with bad grades- or worse- if they use the terms, “Illegal alien,” “male,” or “female.” Moreover, in professor John Streamas’s, “Introduction to Multicultural Literature” class, white students are expected to “defer” to non-white students if they want to do well in class. Streamas has previously called a student a “white shitbag” and stated that WSU should stand for “White Supremacist University.” He also demands that his students “understand and consider the rage of people who are victims of systematic injustice.” Like the student you just called a “white shitbag,” professor Streamas? Talk about sincere hate speech. He should’ve sued you, John. The fact that you are somehow still allowed to teach at WSU puts the lie to your insane claim about the school’s white supremacist tendencies.
                That said, I must admit, I too am offended by all the tired, old, restrictive binary conformity out there. It’s not just attempting to label someone male or female, man or woman, that should properly be considered hate speech. Many other black and white terms are offensive as well. Like “black,” and “white” for instance. These terms seem needlessly cut and dried, if not outright exclusive. We all know many things are actually gray. Or brown, pink, fuchsia, mauve or canary. The rock band, “Three Dog Night” could sing, “The ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write,” a few decades ago, but hasn’t society learned a few things about sensitivity and inclusiveness since then? Isn’t it possible- indeed better- to learn with rainbow colors? Purple ink on a pink page not only stands out, but fairly shouts “tolerance,” and “Pride!”
                This binary b.s. goes on and on. “Up,” and “down,” and “in,” and “out.” What about “down and out” and “up and in?” Talk about relative terms! What about “level” or “right here?” What if one is neither in nor out? Or both at the same time? I mean, one could be “up north” and “down at the beach” at the same time right? Just as one could simultaneously be “in” debt and “out” of work- or insane and out of one’s mind.
                What can possibly be gained from use of the terms “right” and “left?” Are we just to dismiss “center,” or “somewhat left of center,” or “refuses to be put on a spectrum,” or “F@%^# YOU! and your pathetic need to identify and categorize those who derive their meaning from an inherently, categorically existential outlook?”
                So, how dangerous are these illusory, artificial, binary, constructs? Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Think of what can be gained by refusing to acknowledge the designations masculine or feminine, young or old, human or animal, flora or fauna, yin and yang! And “right” and “wrong,” are you kidding me? How about “wright” or “rong?” Or none of the above? When we can finally put an end to the outmoded concepts of “right” and “wrong,” we will at last be on our way to a truly tolerant, open, inclusive, multi-cultural, multi-ethical utopia.

                Devoid of white male conservatives, devout Christians, strict-constructionalists/Constitutionalists and free-market capitalists, of course.

                (How about Republican and Democrat? Oh, yeah, there really is no difference between establishment Republicans and Democrats anymore. The party of really, really big government and the party of really, really, really big government, screw the people in any case. And we’ve previously established the fact that there is no longer any apparent distinction between reality and fiction.

                Update- WSU professors have since backed off of their threats to some degree).

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pope Francis Pardons...?

September 9th, 2015
Vatican City-

                Pope Francis officially pardoned Hurricane Katrina, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Ebola Virus in impassioned comments earlier today. The Pope recently decreed a “Jubilee Year” starting December 8th and ending November 20th, 2016. Jubilee years are traditionally marked by a higher than normal number of papal pardons, and an atmosphere of forgiveness. In remarks just last week, the Pope pardoned women who’ve undergone abortion procedures and proclaimed blanket amnesty for prisoners around the world.
                The pardoning Pontiff is said to be currently weighing whether or not to forgive baby-seal- clubbers and Planned Parenthood. Moreover, several high-placed, though anonymous, sources have said that Francis is also seriously considering pardoning Satan.

                Those same sources averred that the Pope was still unwilling to consider granting absolution to cigarette smokers and global-warming Deniers, stating that “they deserve whatever they have coming.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jefferson Davis And Woodrow Wilson Statues Removed

                This past Sunday, statues of Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson were removed from their pedestals (on which they’ve stood for the last 82 years) at the University of Texas, victims of a multi-culturally-crazed and politically-correct-crazy society. While neither one is a particular favorite of mine (especially Wilson), it is sadly illustrative of the vehemently intolerant and anti-historical times we live in. Ironically, history is now being made by how fast history is being erased, defaced, twisted and shat upon in the Era of Obama.
                President McKinley has also been kicked off of his pedestal in the past few days, albeit a slightly higher one. President Obama has unilaterally decided to rename Alaska’s Mount McKinley (the highest peak in the United States, as most any schoolboy or girl could tell you), Mount Denali. William McKinley was the 25th president of the United States, the last president to serve in the Civil War and led the country to victory in the Spanish-American War. He presided over prosperity and rapid economic growth and was for the “gold standard.”
                At the start of his second term McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist. Now he has been posthumously pushed off his peak by President Obama.
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, historic Lake Calhoun is likely to be re-christened “Bde Maka Ska” (White Earth Lake) in the near future. 
The mad scramble to edit and erase history does an injustice to all, including those who believe history has done them an injustice.

And it is a veritable hallmark of newly totalitarian states.


                 Millennials are the most educated- or at least have had the most schooling- of any generation in U.S. history and yet rank significantly below their global peers in math, literacy and “problem-solving in technology-rich environments.” The last would seem quite ironic, given the fact that you can’t get one of them to look up from their smart-phone under penalty of law.
                Thirty percent of millennials profess no affiliation to any religion, and the ones you hear about that do have usually converted to Islam and are heading to the Middle East. A large and growing percentage of them actually believe that socialism is an attractive and affective alternative to a capitalist, free market system. Of course, more than any previous generation, they are tolerant of the complete redefinition of marriage and family structure and even what it means to be a man or woman. Many in this generation don’t believe that truth is knowable, or that there is such a thing as absolute truth, while viewing “male” and “female” as simply “artificial constructs.” They’ve signed off on the social media sites acknowledgment of 57 or 63- or more- different genders.
                They make it known (often ironically via that old-fashioned, low-tech social media device known as the bumper sticker) that they are willing to “Co-exist” with just about anything.
                Except anyone who disagrees with them.
                There has never been a more widespread, broad-based, highly enforced, ritualized, internalized, elite-sanctioned, smug exercise of intellectual thuggery in the history of the New World than the multi-cultural, political-correctness that the Progressive Movement has foisted upon us today. And this generation, in particular, has become intoxicated by it- and addicted to it- thereby deadening their over-educated minds to the recognition of true independence, courage and free inquiry.
                Conservatives in a free society and rebels in a totalitarian one want the same thing. Freedom. Rebels in a free society don’t want freedom, they want fundamental transformation (back towards totalitarianism, at least of thought). Sadly, they are succeeding in their quest.
                Here’s an absolute truth: millennial’s “perceived rates of stress” are higher than any other generation’s in history for their age. Suicide is their third leading cause of death and the rates are going up.
The death of the West will follow apace. Not in spite of, but in part because of, the absolute belief in political correctness and the intolerance of traditional American values.

Does anybody really believe that will be good for the U.S. or beneficial to the world as a whole?