Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama Uses Paris Terror Attacks To Mock Republicans, Dissenters

                 President Obama is again mocking Republicans- and others- who dare to question the Dear Leader’s policies, practices, actions, (or opinions, character, intelligence, qualifications…). He stated that they thought the debate questions were too tough…and now are “afraid of 3-year-old orphans and widows,” allowing as how that didn’t seem tough to him. And if anyone knows tough, it is the anointed one!
                Once again, Mr. President, you are directly opposed to the wishes of the American people, who you steadfastly refuse to protect. 72% of the Syrian refugees are military age, able bodied men. You should watch some news footage, sometime. Moreover, even PBS has shown documentaries of jihadist camps where they are indoctrinating very young kids into the fight against the infidels. Your comments were ignorant, ridiculous and highly offensive to innocent, sane, freedom-loving people around the world, let alone dismissive of your own people and of the recent French tragedy.
                That the president is attempting to use the Paris attacks to score political points and shame his opponents is beyond repulsive. Republicans, and some Democrats, are simply stating the truth and trying to protect innocent life, for which they deserve to be applauded, not mocked.
                Obama and his policies have done more damage to America than all the terrorists in the world have managed to do… as of yet. He has brought our debt to unprecedented and truly dangerous levels, alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies, emaciated our military, inflamed domestic race relations and trashed the Founder’s vision of individual rights and limited government with an executive responsible to the people’s representatives.
                Much has been written as to why he has done this- or allowed it to occur. How can this behavior be understood, his policies rationalized? Head-scratching, excuses and pseudo-theories have been the rule. The truth is, Obama is a bright man who had a plan.  This has not been the result of weakness or incompetence. He is arrogant, but not in his weakness. He is arrogant in his success. At hurting the United States and seeing it reduced in stature and respect.
                He is a one man ‘sleeper-cell.’
                And that cell has been active for seven years now.


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