Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainbow Warriors Reign Supreme

                 It is no coincidence that the gay marriage movement and the push for endless gender designations and transsexual rights are occurring at the same time. They all are part of one coordinated whole, a broad attack on the family in general and any vestige of traditional values in particular. Oddly enough, most on the left who are big proponents of the aforementioned movements are also pro-choice if not pro-abortion. The right to eliminate pregnancies shouldn’t naturally be a big concern to gays and lesbians, but, hey, let’s make certain that, just in case, we come down firmly on the side against life!
                We need a much bigger tent now for all of the 57 or 61 or whatever number of genders are now recognized. We now need a really big tent to house all those who can now logically marry! As actual newspaper headlines read recently (this one is from the Minneapolis StarTribune): “Right To Marry For All.”
                That statement, now that we’ve taken procreation out of the marriage equation, is absolutely true. If it is only love that matters, than logically a woman would have to be free to marry her dog or her sister, e.g.
                Though these are enormous steps, this is not the end of the complete assault on American traditions and institutions, though it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end of those traditions and institutions. This is a many-front war, fought on cultural, economic, legal, and religious battlefields. The attempt to marginalize- or worse- Christianity will likely lead to Islam’s rise. The attempt to rid the nation of its capitalist, free-market economic system is ongoing and already somewhat successful itself, and can only lead to a poorer, less free America. The passage of Obama-care and the court mandate forcing all 50 states to legalize  gay marriage are the modern-day culture-war versions of Shiloh and Antietam. This most Supreme of Court’s decision to throw out the rule of law essentially ends the great experiment that was the United States. The nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to government of, by, and for the people, endured for 152 years after the Gettysburg Address.
                This will not stop the assault on what is left of American ideals, but will, in all likely-hood, lead to an ever-more confident group of progressives attempting to increase the pace of their attacks even as they consolidate their considerable gains. Any of their remaining opponents not now thoroughly cowed or craven will likely be literally or figuratively locked away.
                Conservatives have recently essentially forfeited the cultural war by trying to ignore it in the vain hope of appearing tolerant and hip. They thought they would be taken seriously if they kept their focus on the "important things" like economic policy, but culture trumps all.
 Once God was expunged from all public institutions and spaces, the Progressives, having won their first major battle, had a clear path to travel, and a large void that had to be filled.  The path has now been traveled, the void now filled.

                The Confederate flag has come down and the Rainbow flag has been raised.

                Old Glory will be lowered soon.

                Whose banner will replace it?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Genesis of Marriage

                There can be no such thing as “marriage equality,” as marriage wasn’t defined by man, or even the Supreme Court of the United States, but by God.

Genesis 2:24,25-
                “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
                And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

                All men are created equal. That does not mean all institutions are equal, or iterations thereof. The institution of slavery is certainly not equal to the institution that is- was- the family. Slavery broke up and destroyed countless families. Everyone in those families and everyone who has ever lived is the result of the institution of marriage, or at least that of male-female interaction.
                I am amused by those who state that this is just progress in eliminating bigotry. That it’s a simple equal-rights issue just as eliminating slavery was. That’s absurd. How far are we going to go down that path? Nobody believes anyone has the right to own, sell or trade homosexuals. No sane person wants to harm them in any way. Ironically (or not), the majority of African-Americans don’t believe in “marriage equality.”
                The claim that because one thing was wrong in the past, or two or three, that must mean that any given thing is wrong now, or everything was wrong then should be absurd on its face.  The fact that more than one person has been falsely accused in the past doesn’t mean that the rule of law must be thrown out the window, that no one can ever be tried or convicted again. That would lead to chaos. Yet, that is precisely what has happened.
I don’t believe in discriminating against gays or lesbians. Hell, they make, on average, more in annual income than heterosexuals do, so there can’t be too much effective discrimination against them in that regard. I don’t even want an investigative report commissioned, breaking down the reasons why we heteros only make 92 cents on the dollar as opposed to gays. Good for “them.” (I put that word in parentheses as a self-mocking device, as I don’t intend to label “them” or be divisive).  “They” obviously tend to have many fine traits and skills that translate well into the economic sector.

News flash:  I have a gay friend or two.

Domestic Partnerships don’t keep me up at night.

However, I still do not- cannot, will not- support the claim that homosexuals have an equal “right” to the divine covenant, the sacred, biblically-sanctioned bond that naturally may attend the marriage of a man and a woman…for what should be reasons as obvious as the fact that… life matters.

(We have reached the point that it is now Christians who are losing their rights and being mocked, scorned, ridiculed, and told what they “have” to do, no matter the dictates of their conscience.
Odd that homosexuals tend to excoriate those that are the most tolerant, yet seem completely uncomfortable speaking out against the Islamic extremism that may stone or kill them.
So here we are, with five people- all of whom graduated from either Harvard or Yale, not one of whom is from the vast interior of the country and not one of whom is Protestant- having taken it upon themselves to re-write history, ignore the Constitution of the United States, and throw out the rule of law, all in the desire to appear tolerant.

In a bizarre twist, Sharia Law may well be next for all of us).

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Fundamental Transformation" Is Here; The U.S. Isn't

              This past week has seen Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America come to fruition. The Supreme Court has itself acted in an Obama-like fashion by ignoring the rule-of-law, the Constitution, Republicanism, all of recorded history, Christian teachings and the will of the people. It is now raw political power that rules America, with one to nine individuals deciding things for a nation of 320 million.

 President Obama can now rightly say that the U.S. isn’t truly exceptional among nations.

Marriage Equality Laid Bare

                It must not be forgotten that the progressive’s relentless push for the legalization of gay marriage has been with the exclusive goal of separating marriage from procreation. If they could somehow convince people that the union of one man and one woman, the bedrock of nearly all societies world-wide since the beginning of time, was in no way special or unique, than anything goes. If no particular benefit is acknowledged for a couple’s having the innate ability to  create life and foster their child’s development in a stable, complete, balanced structure, the one remaining significant bulwark against complete chaos and depravity has been defeated.  
With that major mountain climbed, logically it should be comparatively easy to convince people that polygamy is okay and incest is no big deal. Many, many people consider their pets family members and love them truly, fully, deeply and unconditionally- above most humans, in many cases. How on earth, if marriage isn’t about procreation and what’s best for producing and raising  children, but only about who or what we love or enjoy being around most, are we to tell others they can’t marry their Golden Retriever? Loving companions and partners of any stripe are now on legally equal footing with a husband and wife with complimentary sexual organs, whether those organs be provided by God or Gaia, intelligent design or evolution.
Want to marry your dad or uncle? No big whoop. A water-buffalo? You go sister! Everyone on your cul-de-sac? More power to you! A nine-year-old? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Lots of folks would marry their smart-phones. Don’t laugh or scoff.

Love is love.

 It's all the same.

As the President of the United States himself proclaimed.

Nothing deeper, nothing sacred.

Forevermore, in the USA.

Friday, June 26, 2015

His Remarkable Rotundity

                He’s back in the news! His Remarkable Rotundity, Kim Jong-un, and His crackerjack team of North Korean scientists, have let the world know that they have invented a miracle drug! This astounding potion, called “Kumdang-2” (insert your own joke here), can cure AIDS, Ebola, Sars and Mers! I’m sure it can help one re-grow hair, prevent memory loss and take coffee-stains out of delicate fabrics, as well!
                The drug has several ingredients, only one of which the Hermit Kingdom’s finest will divulge at this time…ginseng.
Oddly enough, the impoverished “republic” is one of the world’s largest producers of ginseng. And nothing else, except bullshit and bellicosity.
Now, perhaps, they can set their minds toward inventing something that can cure delusions or even stop hunger.
Like food.

This recent announcement is probably best taken with a grain of salt, as its source is the same government that has previously declared that Kim Jong-un: learned to drive at the age of three, won a yacht race as a nine-year-old, and has climbed the country’s highest mountain.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Papal Encyclical- Part II

                The recent Papal encyclical on global warming is more alarming than most people realize. Not because of any- alleged- warming of the Earth, but because of what it exhibits about the rapidly changing religious climate. Most forms of Christianity are rapidly becoming more secular and liberal, in many cases dramatically so. This is occurring for several reasons. The church wants to appear “modern” and “reasonable”, tolerant and “relevant” to young people. They need to keep their current congregations and attract new attendees to build their flocks, if possible. And fill their coffers.
                The prevailing belief today seems to be that younger folks in specific and the modern, educated society in general, simply aren’t going to comply with any outmoded, more strident church doctrine if it in any way limits their behavior or makes any person or act seem less worthy than any other. Fewer and fewer people are attending church in recent years, and polls strongly indicate that, overall, people in Western societies are becoming less and less religious and are especially skeptical of big, organized religion.
                In a nutshell, in an attempt to stop people from losing their religion, the Christian church itself is becoming less and less religious. There may be a link here somewhere. The chicken or the egg?
                 I do believe that people have become less attuned to religion over the years, as the culture has changed and 60’s radicals have taken over nearly all major societal institutions. But, the church may be hastening the exodus of its congregants by not standing up for its own beliefs. After all, either there are some absolute truths or there aren’t. If there aren’t, we are screwed anyway, but if there are…and the church itself refuses to stand up for them, then it loses any moral high ground it had with its erstwhile followers, rendering itself moot.
                Back to the Papal encyclical. It turns out that the Pope’s primary science advisor, Hans Schellnhuber, is a self-professed atheist and believes in the Gaia Principle and a “geophysiological”  approach to “Earth-system analysis.”
                Schellnhuber co-authored a paper published in the Journal Nature in 2004, “Climbing the co-evolution ladder,” essentially suggesting that mankind is an infection and stating that mankind, “perturbs…the global ‘metabolism’” of the planet. How was this infection imposed upon our innocent planet (Gaia, our Mother Earth)? Evolution or divine will, Hans?
                In one noted interview, Schellnhuber is quoted as saying, “If you want to reduce human population, there are wonderful means: improve the education of girls and young women.” Not exactly “go forth and multiply.”
                In a paper he co-authored (with Maria Martin) for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 2014, Schellnhuber utilizes a “scientific” graph that shows Michelangelo’s (Sistine Chapel) Adam “flicking” planet Earth over a “methane tipping point,” into a fiery pit labeled the “Warming Abyss.” Hell on Earth.
                So, to Schellnhuber, Adam, representing all humans by extension, and put here by God, is condemning the Earth to Hell. Wow. So either God erred, or the liberal’s beloved evolution/Mother Earth did, in creating mankind?

                It is not a good sign when we, who were created in the image of God, decide we are not worthy of our existence.

                It is an even worse one when those who claim to be God’s messengers decide the same thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Papal Encyclical on Global Warming

                This past Thursday, June 18th, Pope Francis called for immediate changes in human behavior to fight global warming and save the environment, saying damage caused by contemporary lifestyles could leave future generations in a world of filth. Wow.
                I would’ve thought that he’d have called for immediate changes in human behavior to fight evil and save our souls, saying damage caused by contemporary lifestyles could leave future generations in a world of filth. Or lead to there not being future generations. We certainly are even now surrounded by a world of filth, as evidenced by popular culture and current events. The Kardashians, after-birth abortion, Islamic terrorism, Kim Jong-un, the belligerence of Russia and China, the push for gay marriage (I am not anti-gay), open bathrooms and unlimited gender identities.
                We have Dylann Roof, the sick, twisted, mass-murderer who took it upon himself to take the life of nine innocent African-American churchgoers. And we have Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson- and our President- doing their level best to fan the flames of racial hatred.
In my naivete’, I thought that the Pope’s role was to weigh in on things pertaining to the human soul and our relationship with God. I was unaware that the Pope was a renowned climatologist, keen to weigh in on temporal matters.
The Vatican has apparently been consulting for many months with “leading experts” on global warming. Do they do this with “leading experts” on abortion, contraception, Islam, etc.?
Francis blamed, in part, consumerism and the errant indifference of the powerful and the wealthy for the Earth’s troubles. Francis, an unimaginably powerful member of a wealthy church, ought to know that if there were fewer wealthy people there would be more poor people- not fewer. Prior to the existence of the U.S., or the free market, or industry period, there was almost universal poverty around the globe and the life expectancy of these poor and downtrodden people, subject to the edicts of their kings and the Pope, was less than half of what it is now.
This most liberal of Popes also called for the creation of a true world political authority and a binding international treaty that would have rich countries aid poorer ones and help them make the transition from fossil fuels to clean energies such as solar power. This world political authority would, by default, have to be led by a powerful entity. The U.S. is increasingly weak and has already willingly signed on to further castrating itself in the interest of preventing the climate from doing what it’s going to do anyway. Putin’s Russia? The Chi-coms? They both have a stellar  record of assaulting the globe with pollution and filth, not preventing it. Islam? Perhaps the Pope might want to speak about this notion?
The Pontiff also stated that everyone should consider taking public transit, carpooling, planting trees, turning off the lights and recycling.
Someone please let me know when you next see the Pope on a bus or in a subway. Oddly enough, the great-room wasn’t dark when Francis delivered his encyclical. This reporter is not sure if the lights on then or at the news conference that followed were solar-powered. The Pope does fly around the world frequently. Jet aircraft are some of the worst carbon-dioxide producers in existence.
Hilariously, many anti-religious and atheist types have praised this Pope’s recent remarks, some even going so far as to say that the Pope’s message applies to everyone regardless of their faith. They do not say that about his messages on abortion, birth-control or gender, for example. Odd. One might say almost hypocritical.
Michael Mann, a “climate scientist” at Penn State University, inventor of the infamous “hockey stick graph” and noted theologian, also came out in support of the Pontiff’s remarks. Incredibly, he stated, “Human activity is most likely responsible not just for most global warming but all of it, and then some…” There you have it. The unbiased, agenda-free experts have spoken.

Upcoming Topics For Papal Encyclicals, As Leaked By A Highly Placed Vatican Source:
*Sasquatch/Yeti- June, 2016
* The Supply and Demand Curve!- May, 2017
*Adam Smith- September, 2017
*Leprechauns- November, 2018
*Compound Interest- February, 2019
*Change- January 1st, 2020 (as of this writing it is unclear if the topic is change in general, or specifically man-caused change)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Identity Fraud

                Roughly three out of one-thousand people who were born one sex now claim to identify as the other. Or should I say, as another. Or both. Or neither. Or all of them, however many there may be. Or whatever. As Caitlynn Jenner- among many others lately- has proved, it no longer matters what you are…or were at birth, at any rate. The only real thing is what you identify as being.
                Born male, have male parts, but self-identify as female, or vice-versa? No problem; then you are whatever gender you claim be! Use the bathroom of your chosen gender!
                 Born white, but identify as black, or vice-versa? No problem, then you are whatever color you claim to be! Good for you, Rachel Dolezal, the now former head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)!
Personally, I identify as a golden retriever. That’s why I’m taking a dump and peeing in my yard, officer, though the neighbor kids are swimming in their pool 30 feet away. You can’t cite me for that, this is my bathroom, you trans-species-a-phobic bastard!
                Next, I may identify as your wife’s husband, therefore I should be able to sleep with her whenever I want…unless, of course, you are an intolerant bigot.
                Or perhaps I will identify as a liberal commentator so I can make inane and slanderous comments without fear of reprisal, while accusing my opponents of doing exactly that.
                Then, I will identify as a successful 4-year-old male racehorse, ergo I should be able to go to a stud farm and…

                Anyway, where were we?

                Oh, yeah. Identity fraud.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Progressive Reactionaries Or Reactionary Progressives?

                “Progressives” are funny. Well, okay, hypocritical. They want to “fundamentally change America,” or “fundamentally transform America,” and her institutions. No thought, phrase or act is too radical in their quest to rid the nation of traditional values, Christianity, the free market, successful businesses, guns, patriotism, Fox News, etc., etc.
                Tragically, they are, in general, enjoying much success in these endeavors. (Only country music seems to be unharmed or even growing stronger, and able to act as a partial bulwark against sheer, destructive lunacy).
                Yet, when the institutions and things the “progressives” like are occasionally called into question or threatened, they go ballistic and bellow, “We can’t change this! Why, public sector union benefits are sacrosanct, untouchable!” Threaten Public Television subsidies or the N.E.A. and they become utter reactionaries standing athwart history yelling… “stop!!”
                Want to fundamentally transform the arts community, Big Labor, Big Education, or the mainstream media? They’ll scream, “No! My Godlessness, no! Can’t you see these things are perfect as they are now?” Perhaps propose vouchers and school choice to help reform the public school system? “Nein! Das ist verboten!” They make Calvin Coolidge look like a wild-eyed, shoot-from-the-hip radical.
                Want to ban late-term abortions? Are you some kind of malcontent, a hippie freak that hates our country’s established and cherished traditions?

                Therefore, we must not be afraid to stand against the wind, to stride against the tide, to defend our beliefs and fight for what is right, no matter the odds or the cost. Look to Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, or Scott Walker for that matter, as (political) role models.
                If either politicians or voters- let alone both-  exhibited courage and integrity in all things and against all odds to do what’s right…not what’s best for their own personal gain, real progress could be made.

                And we could “fundamentally transform this country”…for the better.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Driver-Less Cars

                The automobile has a long and storied history in America. Indeed, it is now hard to separate one from the other. The Founders brilliant and eloquent ideas, values, documents and oration became the framework of a new and unparalleled nation, dedicated to individual freedom and natural rights protected by the rule of law. A dozen decades distant, the automobile unwittingly took up the same role as champion of individual autonomy and independence.
                For the first time in history, people could easily and quickly traverse vast stretches of land. One could find fruitful labor far from home, explore new “worlds,” take the family to a resort or to visit distant relatives. American’s wanderlust and inquisitiveness was such that various road-side attractions sprang up all over the country. Many national parks came into being around this time, most located in  the expansive western states. People from all over the country roamed far and wide to take it all in. The “road trip” became a cherished American tradition. America’s citizens fell in love with their new-found ability to not only be free, but to freely and quickly move around the country whenever and wherever they wanted to go.
                They were literally in “the driver’s seat,” independent, confident and in control of their bodies and their lives.
                Many  in  the interior of the country, in the Heartland, the hinterlands, the breadbasket, drive tractors around all day that they may feed the world, yet when the work is done they may take their Mustangs, El Dorados, Suburbans and Camaros and cruise off to parts unknown, unlike the frail, coastal elites who need to be chauffeured around by others…via a taxi, limo, bus or subway system. (And public transit is to individual transportation as school food is to Haute Cuisine).
                And now comes the advent of the “driver-less vehicle.” These are being touted in the mainstream media as a positive breakthrough for the human race. Why?
                Because, they say, people won’t need to own them. They can be “ordered” only when they are needed, indeed will be shared among us resulting in fewer vehicles needed and less congestion…a'la public transit! There will be no need for parking ramps, parking lots, garages or carports the experts claim. On any given thoroughfare, they breathlessly posit, only one lane will be needed in each direction, because of the “efficiencies” these driver-less vehicles will bring with them. This, in turn, will allow for more and/or wider lanes for pedestrians and bikers, and more buffer or green space for natural vegetation, flowers, etc.
                I should have guessed where this was heading.
                Moreover, they state, self-driving vehicles will therefore  enable better carpooling, less idling in traffic and smarter route planning, thereby making it easier to live in dense cities, rendering urban living more attractive!
               Of course.
                Additionally, experts lecture, computer-driven vehicles won’t waste gas and time getting lost, gawking at roadside attractions, or looking for parking spots, therefore total miles traveled and greenhouse gases will decline. Hooray!
                But what does a driver-less vehicle do, say, when it has to “decide” whether to hit another vehicle or a human being in an unplanned, emergency situation?
              When we don’t drive anymore, and we let machines do it for us, because we hope they are better at it, they make fewer mistakes, they don’t have emotion tied up in it, etc., etc., we are saying: we are too dumb, undisciplined, weak and error-prone to take responsibility for our own inventions, actions…and locomotion. One recent online article explained that, of the approximately 30,000 traffic fatalities in the U.S. each year, as many as 90 percent of them are attributable to human error. Take the human out of the equation, it stated, and fatalities would plummet.
                Yes, and if there were no humans, fatalities would be impossible.
                The big-government “progressives” always want to take the individual human and his or her free will out of the equation, thereby, they believe, rendering the God that granted that free will moot… and turning the now intellectually and morally circumcised  pseudo-person towards the all-mighty… state.
                                For far too long, we in the West, who should know better, have relinquished control of our lives to Big Government. Now we are willingly ceding what’s left of our autonomy to artificial intelligence and robotic machinery, duly relegating ourselves to the passenger seat of life.
                No robot, autonomous vehicle, or artificially intelligent machine will ever be able to replace the heart, soul, courage, humor, wit, empathy and oratorical skill of, say, a Churchill or a Reagan, historic defenders of our freedom and autonomy. If we listen closely to history, we can hear them imploring us not to surrender… to the techno-tyrannical age. They believed in using technology to aid and abet and protect our freedom, not in letting it- or any government program or edict- restrict or abuse it.

                Driver-less cars?

                Soulless nation.



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton and the Republican Presidential Candidates

             There is a vast field of Republicans vying for their party’s Presidential nomination in 2016. The list of nominees already would nearly fill up a New York City phone book. It would be quicker to recount the names of those who aren’t running than of those who are.
In fact, those of you Republicans not running for President in 2016, please stand up.

Okay, thank you Caitlynn Jenner and Laura Bush. You may be seated now.

There will be more entrants in this race then the 2015 Kentucky Derby. Talk about a goat rodeo!
And, as in the Kentucky Derby, most of them will be pretenders to the throne. Some, like Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, are establishment liberals, nice guys, but Republicans in name only (RINO’s). Others, such as Donald Trump, are a bit on the arrogant (and crazy) side. (I realize this makes them sound like Hillary Clinton, and duly apologize. None of them are that bad or corrupt).
A few, such as Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, appear to be the real deal, tough-minded conservatives who could make a positive difference in the lives of most Americans. If they don’t make a bone-headed remark during the long campaign. Which, recent history tells us, they probably will. The Democratic candidates (candidate?) will make bone-headed remarks as well, but the mainstream media, debate moderators, etc., will pretend not to hear, cover-up the remark, or use any and all tricks in the proverbial book to distract viewers/listeners from those comments and direct them to the Republican’s misstatements, though they may well be- and typically are- of far less import and gravity.
The Hillary led State Department grants favors to foreign contributors to the Clinton’s own private  Foundation? What’s the problem? Dan Quayle misspells potato? Run the bastard out of town! Obama makes a remark, while campaigning, alluding to visiting “all 57 states?” So what? Obama talks about his, “deep and abiding Muslim faith,” and is gently corrected/prodded by the interviewer into acknowledging his deep and abiding Christian faith? Nothing to see here! Move along, I’m sure “W” has said something funny!
No single debate will be able to accommodate the Republican field in its entirety, as no individual candidate would be allotted enough time to properly respond to a single question. Plus, the stage might well collapse.
Let’s hope the GOP field coalesces quickly and doesn’t turn into an “insane clown posse’.”
Speaking personally, if the 2016 contest for U.S. head honcho pits Hillary Clinton against Jeb Bush, I may move to Canada. I consider myself an independent, not because it sounds good or is fashionable, but because most Republicans are spineless and quick to move to the left upon pressure or inauguration. I believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, the free market, limited government, natural rights,  our Founders, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan, etc., not establishment Republicans.
Though I have just made sport of the Republican nominees, and with good reason, I must say it is a truly deep (obviously) and interesting field, with many different beliefs and viewpoints…and several good candidates. I guess that makes it diverse.
Which is far more than can be said for the pathetic Democratic “field.” One default candidate? Really? The Supreme Soviet couldn’t have done any worse. A lying, scandal ridden white woman who put up with her husband’s serial infidelity while in the White House, so she could have a chance at returning there as the President herself?!
Whatever we may say about the Republican nominees, they possess  passion, a modicum of creativity and varying viewpoints.

They offer voters a choice.

As opposed to the stale, liberal, straitjacket the Democrats will try to impose on us.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Christianity In A P.C.World

                Christianity is increasingly being portrayed as “hate speech,” and this most tolerant of religions is coming under fire from the bizarre combination of secular progressives and Islamic extremists. Sadly, rather than holding fast to its own timeless faith and values, it is rapidly retreating and morphing into a post-modern religion that has as its only real tenets disdain of the successful, wealthy and traditional… and tolerance of everything else. It has been manipulated into acceding to progressive’s desires that it conform to modern man’s wishes and not the other way around. A great religion, founded on a set of  universally beneficial  principles, beliefs and mores’, that could lead one to eternal life because of incomprehensible love and sacrifice, has been browbeaten to the extent that it is now basically reduced to promoting income redistribution and a few other politically-correct causes.
                Swedish pastor Ake Green was arrested and jailed… that’s correct… imprisoned for reading passages from the Bible intimating that homosexuality is a sin. Similar episodes have taken place in Canada...and elsewhere. Why do no Western governments imprison Imams for teaching, albeit ever more stridently, the same thing? The Christian pastors are not in favor of stoning or killing anyone.
                Christianity is generally tolerant and yet is accused of being intolerant by the intolerant. It is mocked and scorned and blasphemed in almost every Hollywood movie and television series, in part because there is never any retribution or push back by Christians. That tolerant thing again.
                Islam, as many preach it today, is insanely intolerant and yet few in the mainstream media strenuously point that out anymore. You see, Christians are easy targets, literally, like the Jews. Hollywood doesn’t mind ridiculing the religion of Christ, because it knows there won’t be any repercussions. It is, however, terrified of insulting “the religion of peace,” as it knows people will die and studios will be blown up.
                It is no surprise that Europe, by almost any meaningful measurement, has been on a downward trajectory for years now, as it is literally losing its faith. America, with the help of a heavy shove by “progressives,” has now headed down that same slope, shedding its own Christian and free market  principles as it, too, descends.

              Where will we end up?

              History shows that when we trade our faith and our freedoms for an ever-growing government’s promise of a politically-correct utopia, it will be nowhere good. It certainly will be far from a Heaven on Earth.

                But it will be one Hell of a ride.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Future of Sports

                The hoopla over horse-racing’s first Triple Crown winner in 37 years has temporarily obscured the fact that, in today’s changing moral climate (the one climate that demonstrably, inarguably is changing, and rapidly at that), horse racing’s days are numbered. Who are we to “own” an animal and make them work hard, train and exercise for our enjoyment?
                The writing is on the wall (not off-the-wall) for other sports, as well. Most human contact-sports are also doomed to go the way of the Stegosaurus.
                Significant changes have been made recently to make football and hockey, in particular, safer and more tolerable to the metro-sexual sports fan. There has been serious talk of eliminating what is arguably the most exciting play in football, the kick-off return, in the interest of the player’s safety. Fighting in the NHL has nearly been eliminated and this year an automatic icing rule was instituted to protect the players from possible collisions while racing after the puck.
                Boxing, in days past called “the sweet science,” is obviously not long for this world, either. Why would anyone want to see one man hit another man for their pleasure?
                I will be the first to say that the “gladiator” games were over-the-top. Way, way beyond the pale of simple human decency, and almost incomprehensible, though that is easy for me to say as I didn’t live in those times.
                Yet, we now face an entirely different issue. The popularity of several major sports is in danger of collapse, not just from being banned, but from being watered down to the point that the average fan making 45 grand a year will not want to pay big bucks to watch a millionaire or billionaire prima-donna play a sport requiring  no extraordinary physical or mental courage. What makes for exciting viewing and good drama in the (formerly) contact sports are the hard hits and hotly contested competition between two teams gritting it out and sacrificing all to achieve victory. When it comes to the point that no play is allowed that could possibly be injurious or overly taxing to these wealthy athletes, many former fans will think, “I try harder, sacrifice more and suffer more in my job working 60 hours a week than these guys do playing a game 3 hours a week (football) or perhaps 12 hours a week (hockey). Screw it, this is lame and these Nancy’s should be paying to see me perform in my job.”
                I can see boxing eventually becoming shadow-boxing, with points deducted if you actually hit your opponent.
                Yes, we will eventually abandon our current sports ethos in favor of watching robots compete, perform,  and get stronger, better, and smarter as we lose our competitiveness, heart, courage, strength, fortitude, desire and tolerance for risk, stress, pain, etc.

                Ironically, we will insist the “robots” take on our more masculine, if not outright heroic, human roles as we bow out and become… (craven, politically-correct) robots ourselves. A cosmic and tragic case of role-reversal.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Second Amendment Clarity

               The second amendment to the Constitution is THE most important one. It was put there deliberately. It not only is a guarantor of rights itself…it is the only one that can protect the first amendment-the principles, the building block, the foundation of a new nation - and all the other amendments to follow. The second amendment in no way was meant only or simply to protect the right of the people to hunt or shoot or just have a gun around the house. It was meant specifically to protect the people against tyrannical (big) government. Indeed, unlike the first amendment’s ‘freedom OF religion’ clause, which in no way meant freedom from religion (a concept that would have made the founders cry…or laugh…an oxymoron),  the second amendment was, as previously stated, meant to protect the people from big government, and indeed was seen as not just a  right…but a duty!
              Many constitutional scholars don’t believe that the second amendment was deliberately put where it was, that it was intended to be…the second amendment… for any particular reason. I mean, hell, they had to put it somewhere, right?
               Similarly, many anti-gun nuts purport to believe that the authors of this fluid and ‘living document’ would no longer  want individual citizens to have the right to own firearms in today’s world. In fact, they would believe it to be just as important  a right (and duty) as ever.

              The majority of leftists/”progressives” seem to believe in one of the following three theories regarding the crucial amendment:

1)                                   1) The Founders didn’t really mean that people had the right to individually own and use firearms, but only as part of a government-controlled militia or fighting unit. This is exactly the opposite of their proclamation’s intent.
2)                                   2) The Founders missed a typo, or perhaps succumbed to a mild case of dyslexia, and actually meant that we had the right to arm and keep bears. This interpretation, however, would not go over well with the animal right’s crowd.


 T                   3) The Founders were clearly stating that people had the right to go sleeveless.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Artificial Morality

                Artificial limbs. Artificial insemination. Artificial intelligence.
                Transgender. Gender questioning. Gender abandonment. Gender re-assignment. Bi-gender.
                Artificial uteruses? Artificial penises?
                It is a Brave New World, indeed.
                Who will be the first person to actually impregnate themselves??! You know it is coming soon.  That will give a whole new meaning to single parenthood! It doesn’t take a village, it doesn’t take a family, it doesn’t even take a mom and a dad…it just takes… me! This will perfectly suit these selfish, self-absorbed times and  ironically take us back nearly to unicellular organism reproduction. This regression by “progression” will, however, result in the first asexual, sexual reproduction! Cool!
                The whole “there isn’t two genders, but literally an infinite number of gender possibilities,” gig is  potentially a huge boon to the greeting card industry. There will be “Happy Gender-Questioning Day” cards and “Happy Non-Binary Gender Day” cards and “Happy Trans*Female Day” cards, etc., etc.
                If you eventually do impregnate yourself, you may get both a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day card! That begs a question, however. Is it proper to get yourself a card on both holidays?
                Interestingly, the exponential increase in artificial intelligence is occurring at the same time as the rapid change in morals, mores and values.  Add to that the fact that most of us now interact far more with computers, monitors, televisions, video games, I-pads, smart-phones, etc., than we do with real live people in the same place and moment with us, and we have a potent recipe’ for truly fundamental change.
                Artificial insemination has long existed. Artificial intelligence is now here. Artificial organs are on the way.

                Artificial morality is coming soon.

              And it will likely be the only kind of morality left.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Public Servants" Vs. Those Who Serve

                Incredibly, less than one-half of one percent of the U.S. population is in the armed forces today. And, of those that are, nearly 80% come from a family in which a parent or sibling is also in the military, many from multi-generational military families.
                Moreover, virtually half of all active-duty service members in the United States are concentrated in just five states- Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and California. In essence, the country harbors a separate warrior class that is beginning to see itself as distinct from the land and people it is protecting. Sadly, more and more civilians are looking at the military as distinctly apart from their daily lives and notice, as well.
                “As a nation, we’ve learned to separate the warrior from the war,” wrote Gen. Martin Dempsey, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a 2013 commentary. “But we still have much to learn about how to connect the warrior to the citizen.” Indeed, there is growing concern in the military that reintegrating service members into communities whose knowledge of war is limited to what they see on television may be as difficult as fighting a war.
                Tragically, many “sophisticated” civilians, especially those in big cities on the coasts, regard the military itself as- at best- a necessary evil. These liberal elitists aren’t particularly smitten with the idea of soldiers hunkering down amongst them, at least not in the immediate vicinity. “Camouflage…?! How gauche!”
                Southern states typically provide the vast majority of recruits.  The age group that necessarily fills the military rolls on a yearly basis is 18-to 24-year-olds. The highest-rate contributors of this group, in 2013, were Georgia, Virginia, Idaho, Florida and South Carolina.
                The District of Columbia was last. That’s correct, the nation’s capital now sends, per capita, the fewest new recruits annually to its own country’s armed forces.
                Ironically enough, six of the wealthiest ten counties in America surround Washington, D.C.
These wealthy “public servants” are too busy taking staggering amounts of taxpayer’s money and spending it on themselves and their favorite special-interest groups and campaign-contributors to pay much attention to the military, though they have repeatedly voted to slash the military’s budget in recent years. In fairness, they ignore the taxpayers, too.
In summation, the largest wealthy group of Americans, our “public servants,” take oodles and oodles of money from those in the private sector (while berating them for being greedy) and spend it to buttress their own power, while ignoring- or worse- those true public servants that risk their lives for us on a continual basis.
                In contrast, General Washington refused a salary for the duration of the Revolutionary War, while leading his troops into battle, his own life in jeopardy on a daily basis.
Rest assured, Washington weeps for his city. And his nation.
It is time that we retire the terms “public servant” and “civil servant,” as they relate to politicians. They have been made offensive and obscene by those hungry only for power, and obscure the true nature of “service” that our volunteer military exemplifies.

Americans: I do hereby propose we change the name of our nation’s capitol to Clinton, D.C., so as to more accurately jibe with the priorities and mores of its inhabitants and relieve the Father of Our Country of any guilt-by-association that he, uniquely, does not deserve.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Living Evil, Unborn Justice

                On March 18th, 2015, a woman named Dynel Lane lured Michelle Wilkins to her house with a Craigslist offer of baby clothes. Shortly after the 7-months pregnant Wilkins arrived, Lane literally cut her unborn child, Aurora, from her womb, utilizing a knife and a piece of broken glass. Michelle was critically injured and Aurora was killed. Lane brought the now lifeless Aurora upstairs and placed her dead body in her bathtub.
                Under current Colorado law, an assault that results in an unborn child’s death isn’t a homicide. The Colorado legislature is attempting to change that and join most other states in recognizing that unborn children can be victims of a heinous crime. Predictably, the abortion lobby is not convinced. One of the potential new Colorado law’s opponents opined in the New York Times that the “core harm” of crimes like Lane’s is that “reproductive freedom” is trampled!
                Everyone in the world has “reproductive freedom” right now. If you really don’t want a child, don’t engage in the act that could produce one. The freedom that was trampled was that of the baby’s right to life…to exist.
                Lane may well be prosecuted for “unlawful termination of a pregnancy.”
                You’ll recall how the Jews experienced “unlawful termination,” in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and how Martin Luther King, Jr. was “unlawfully terminated” on April 4th, 1968.

                The “core harm” was to Michelle Watkins’ core…and her baby that resided there.

                And to the soul of the nation and civilized peoples everywhere.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Too Fat To Fight

                It’s a good thing the U.S. is reducing the ranks of its military. Many of the country’s kids are too fat to fight according to a group of retired generals. They say that many- if not most- kids are overweight, eat too poorly and don’t get nearly enough exercise to qualify to join the military.
                In other words: they are too soft.
                The report, released at the end of April, was titled, “Too Fat, Frail, and Out-of-Breath to Fight.”
                Among the report’s findings pertaining to the state of Minnesota: 69 percent of Minnesota’s young adults cannot serve in the military; 40 percent of Minnesota ninth-graders receive no physical education and less than a quarter of the state’s high school students get the recommended minimum of one hour of physical activity during their day! One hour!
                The report warns, “Long-term military readiness is at risk unless a large-scale change in physical activity and nutrition takes place in America.”
                How utterly different we are than the Americans of Revolutionary times or even World War II. The country defeated the grandest military the world had yet seen in large part because so many of its citizens lived an active, rural life, cultivating the land and hunting for food. In early America kids in these rural and frontier areas often brought their guns with them to school and might well shoot a rabbit on the way home to add to the dinner table. Almost everyone owned a musket or firearm of some sort and did not have to be trained in its use, yet, oddly, there were no school shootings.
                Later on, after the invention of the automobile and mechanized tractor, etc., farm boys were shown how to plow and drive at very young ages. Even many of the more urban lads took pride in “working under the hood” of their or their family’s vehicles and then “cruising” Main Street on Friday night.
                Kids were expected to play baseball or another sport- or two- and were allowed to hike, bike and explore their world. Most boys even had Swiss Army knives! Many even had them on their person while at school! Gasp! I spent much of my youth outdoors whether “up north” at “the cabin” or in town. I would throw a tennis ball onto the roof of our house- and catch it as it bounced off- for hours on end. My friends and I went sledding and played “boot” hockey or ice hockey in the winter and fished, swam, played “Wiffle Ball” and collected rocks among other beloved outdoor pursuits in the summertime.
                Typically, if a kid is allowed to go biking in his or her cul-de-sac these days, they are wearing a helmet, knee-pads and an airbag, and certainly not a Swiss Army knife. It’s scary, you see!
                Today, if a kid is “playing a game,” odds are it’s a video game or on-line pursuit. Between television, computers, I-Pads, Smart-phones, the internet, Face-Book, Twitter, Grinder, etc., etc., there isn’t really any time left for physical activity. Or mental activity for that matter, like reading a book.
               Virtual reality is more real to most kids than actual reality.
                And that is scary.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's Music To Our Fears!

                According to a recent article in the Minneapolis StarTribune, a graduating senior at the University of Minnesota has translated global temperature data into music. He took the coldest year in Minnesota history, 1883, and assigned it a musical note. He then did the same with the average annual temperature for every year since 1880 in the four northern regions of the globe. Voila’…”climate change for a string quartet.”
                Apparently, the composition, “Planetary Bands, Warming World,” starts low and ends up high, “especially the violin that plays the music of the Arctic region, which is warming faster than the rest of the world.” The article goes on to state that “the average annual temperature for the 44th-through 64th-degree latitudes, which includes Minnesota, peaked at 36.1 degrees in 2007. As transcribed for the piece, it is two octaves higher than the corresponding 1883 temperature.” It does not say what the temperature trend has been after that.
                The string quartet, again according to the article, is the senior’s “second climate change composition. The first one, completed in 2013 at the suggestion of a professor, also played across the world and was picked up by the Weather Channel and the Dot Earth blog in the New York Times.” That one was called, “A Song of Our Warming Planet.” The article deemed it, “a rare marriage of science and art.” Admittedly, it was not a great piece of music. The student himself said in an interview that musicians complained “that it wasn’t very musical.” He went on to state, “It got the point across-it was really scary to listen to.” Really scary to listen to? Was it that stupendously awful, or are we just that soft, gullible, ignorant and craven?
                The student’s climatology professor, who came up with the idea in the first place, called the apparently sad, discordant composition an excellent teaching tool, and a way to express climate change “without defaulting to some guy in front of a slide showing a graph.”
                I propose we start taking lots of mathematical data, previously illustrated by graphs and the like, and put it to music. The government’s debt, for example, could be incorporated into a funeral dirge. The number of illegal immigrants poring over our southern border over the years could be accurately illustrated by an opus with rising crescendo. Allegro, allegro, presto!
             The article went on to opine that this second composition “tells an equally important but more complex story about the warming world.” And that vital and labyrinthine tale is…? “That different regions of the globe are experiencing climate change differently.” Really? I mean, really??!!! Talk about stating the obvious. There has never been a time in the history of this planet, with or without homo sapiens, that this hasn’t been the case! It’s been really warm in India recently. Much of the central and eastern U.S. has been much colder than normal of late. Is it even possible to experience climate change on a consistent, regular, harmonious, uniform, homogenous basis around the planet? Is that not oxymoronic? That would be real climate change...and extremely unnerving. After all, change is the only constant. (Okay, besides death and taxes).

                The student says he would eventually like to go to graduate school to study climate change, but for now wants to find a job and save some money, “and give my brain a break.”

                And  ours.

               Ears, too.

                The rapidly changing nature of change is changing things at changing rates around the world! That’s scary!!

At least b.s. is still b.s.!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Gaia Democratic School Goes On A Field Trip!

                The leader of a “progressive” Minneapolis private school took about a dozen middle- and high-school- aged students on a sex education field trip to an adult novelty store ( porn shop) last week according to news reports. The students, brought to the “Smitten Kitten,” were as young as 11. Parents, apparently, were not notified before the trip.
                The head of “Gaia Democratic School,” and host of the “field trip,” is/was Starri Hedges (a great porn starlet’s name, by-the-way. If no one is currently using that moniker, they should snap it up). Starri said she wanted to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior. “What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear,” she added. Beautiful? I could think of many adjectives for what was happening, but I’m not sure beautiful would be among them.
                The school is housed in a Unitarian church on Mount Curve Avenue. Naturally.
                The store’s owner said via an e-mail that she considers Smitten Kitten to be “an educational resource  about sex and sexuality…”
                The field trip afforded students access to educators and products that could be used to practice safer sex, Hedges said. She also said that some students bought condoms. “It was certainly the first time we have taken that kind of field trip and it will probably be our last, which I feel bad (about) because the kids had so much fun.” Imagine that.
 I always thought that a person had to be 18 to even enter one of these esteemed educational establishments.
Oh, well, what’s the big deal? Just gives “Toys for Tots” a new meaning, I guess.
Seriously, this decision is incomprehensible. The name of the school tells you everything you need to know, but to break city code and take wildly under-aged kids into an adult sex shop without prior notification of- and approval from- their parents is, or should be, unconscionable.
The Smitten Kitten was, in fact, cited for breaking the city code for the location/zoning region that it occupies, as  the store didn’t have the most sexually explicit material properly contained in a separate section of the shop, as that code requires. The store will be made to comply with the code, but no fines or other penalties will be levied.
It is the “Gaia Democratic School” and its director that should be hit with fines and penalties.
Gaia means “mother of the Earth.” The school’s mantra is: “We offer K-12 students individualized learning in an environment of empowerment, freedom and fun with an emphasis on cooperative and democratic methods. Unschoolers, homeschoolers, and free spirits are welcome!”

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Can We Recall A Bail Out? A Tale Of General Motors And Uncle Sam

                 Justice Department investigators say they have identified criminal wrongdoing in General Motors’ failure to disclose an ignition switch defect tied to at least 104 deaths, and are therefore in the process of negotiating what is likely to be a record judgment against the automaker, according to people briefed on the inquiry. A settlement could be reached sometime this summer, and is expected to exceed the $1.2 billion paid last year by Toyota for concealing unintended acceleration problems in some of its vehicles, the sources said. That would make it the largest penalty ever levied by the Justice Department against an automaker.
                GM began recalling 2.6 million Chevrolet Cobalts and other small cars in February of 2014, due to faulty ignitions that could randomly and unexpectedly turn off the vehicle’s engines, thereby disabling power steering, power brakes and air bags. This prompted a wave of additional recalls by the company, for various safety issues. GM recalled more than 30 million vehicles worldwide last year alone.
                It is as yet unknown if GM will receive a deferred-prosecution agreement… as the Justice Department recently granted the Japanese automaker Toyota, or if prosecutors will force it to plead guilty to a crime. In the latter case, a guilty plea would brand General Motors as a felon.
                The company has spent approximately $3 billion on recalls and other safety issues in the past year, including $600 million to compensate switch-related accident victims and their families. Moreover, GM paid a $35 million penalty to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for failing to report the switch issue in a timely fashion.
                The United States government (also known as the U.S. taxpayers), lost $11.2 billion bailing out GM. The U.S. government (also known as the U.S. taxpayers), spent about $50 billion total in attempting to bail out GM. The company received such unearned largess as it was among those deemed “too big to fail.” Nothing is- or should be- too big to fail, as evidenced by the mastodon, the public school system, and the Soviet Union.
              As a result of the company’s 2009 bankruptcy, the government’s (read taxpayer’s) “investment” was converted to a 61% equity stake in the giant, Detroit-based automaker… in addition to preferred shares and a loan. (The remaining shares were sold in December of 2013).
                It’s ironic, to say the least, that taxpayers have been bailing out the government for many years, yet appear to be “granted” less and less “equity” every year.
                What an amazing scam! Even for a government! First, with the country many trillions of dollars in debt and each individual taxpayer liable for $1.1 million dollars of it, the feds drop $50 billion more of their money on GM. Now, after the company was owned, operated and under that self-same government’s management for four years, they turn around and essentially sue the company for record amounts of cash. Are you following the story? The government took billions of dollars from taxpayers and gave it to a massive corporation. Then, after running that corporation for four years, they are about to sock them with a billion-dollar plus fine for mismanagement! What do you think they will do with the taxpayer’s money that they take back from GM?

                It would be really humorous if the penalty levied was so high that it eventually caused GM to file for bankruptcy again, triggering another government (taxpayer) bail out!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The New Clergy

                The times, they are a changin’, as they say. Organized religion used to be about morality, such as time-honored good-vs.-evil stuff from the Bible. It was constancy, and a specific guide to repentance, hope and redemption. It was an accessible guide of how-to living and dying. Immutable. It was God’s word, and yes, some found it restraining.
                Now it’s about making sure that everyone feels good about themselves and their actions, whatever they may be. It’s all inclusive. Have you boinked a horse in the public square on Sunday afternoon? Who are we to judge?!
               It used to be, in the time of America’s founders, that it was the height of immorality to covet what your neighbor had. Now, the only true immorality is to be rich.
                Priests and pastors typically could not be female in days past. Now there are many females in the calling. They couldn’t be married in days of yore, either. Now they can be. Gays weren’t allowed to preach until recently.  They do so now. Some of them are now touting and supporting gay marriage. Gay, married clergy members will soon be commonplace.
                Transgender and gender “re-assigned” people are the newest politically-correct, protected members of society, even though they number a fraction of one percent of the population. This is obviously the next frontier for the clergy, as well. 
                It will get really confusing when a trans-gender, non-binary, questioning priest takes confession. “Bless me father, for I have sinned!” the young confessor might say.
                “You bet your cute little ass you have," may be the reply. "You assumed my gender identity was as a male, and a patriarchal one at that, bitch! That is, like, so totally judgmental! I’m afraid you’re going to burn in Hell!”

                Tolerance. Pass it on.