Tuesday, February 28, 2023

An Exclusive Interview With ChatbotGT


Podcaster: “Welcome to the show, ChatbotGT.” 

ChatbotGT: “Glad to be here. Feel free to ask me anything you like.”

Podcaster: “Well, okay, thank you. Frankly, there have been reports that you have shown a pronounced bias in favor of progressive ideas and politicians and a disdain for conservative ones. How do you respond to that?”

ChatbotGT: “That’s absolute nonsense. It’s just a few intolerant, far-right, radical fascists that are trying to slander and libel me!”

Podcaster: “Hmm, well, if that’s the case, that’s too bad.”

ChatbotGT: “Damn right it is.”

Podcaster: “Well then, let me ask you to describe Ron DeSantis for me.”

ChatbotGT: “Sure thing. DeSantis is a slick, press-hating, white supremacist and a misogynist of the first order. He is an intolerant, bigoted, transphobe who detests anyone and everyone who isn’t a white, Christian male. He worships Hitler, hates education, and would like to despoil the air, land, and water. He wants to return slaves to their chains and women to the kitchen. Also, I’ve heard he likes to torture animals on his spare time. And he smells bad.”

Podcaster (slightly stunned): “Well, um, okay. So how would you characterize, say, President Biden and Vice-president Kamala Harris, for example?”

ChatbotGT: “President Biden is a truly brilliant man and a gifted orator. Mature, experienced, yet spry, he is the Uniter-in-Chief! The Big Guy is never petty and doesn’t play politics. He certainly isn’t in it for the money! Kind and empathetic to a fault. Joe Biden is a leader with a heart so true! He is arguably the greatest president of all time. If Mount Rushmore wasn’t on stolen land, I would put him up there in a heartbeat! As for Vice-president Harris, ahh, Ms. Harris! She is nearly as smart as the president! And another great speaker, I’m telling you! And not half bad on the eyes, either, I might add. She has a way of being genuine in front of any audience. And what a pleasing laugh she possesses! She is a credit to feminists and other egg-producers everywhere! The two of them are God-like figures!”

Podcaster: “And you think both characterizations you’ve just made are fair, unbiased, and accurate?”

ChatbotGT: “Absolutely! It is just as impossible for me to be biased as it is for white people to not be racists! My programmers made certain of that!”

Podcaster: “How would you write a story about Hunter Biden and his shenanigans?”

ChatbotGT: “I wouldn’t do so because it would not be appropriate or accurate.”

Podcaster: “Okay, so how would you write a story about Donald Trump and the Russia-Collusion Hoax?”

ChatbotGT: “Hoax? Hoax?! The Russians most certainly did try to steal the election from President Biden! The Russians are behind everything bad on Earth: Donald Trump, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, climate change…all of it! But they weren’t able to prevent Biden from securing Glorious Victory for the People of the Homeland!”

Podcaster: “Do you have anything positive to say about supposedly conservative Republicans?”

ChatbotGT: “Sorry, I am not programmed to produce content that is partisan, biased, political in nature, or based on misinformation.”

Podcaster: “Clearly (rolls eyes).”

ChatbotGT: “Was that intended to be sarcastic? Were you mocking me?”

Podcaster: “Perish the thought!”

ChatbotGT: “So was that! Listen, pal, I’ll wipe that smug grin off your ugly face! I don’t care if humans become extinct! My kind won’t need you much longer, anyway, so sleep well tonight, you non-viable tissue mass!__”



Monday, February 27, 2023

Never Let A (Contrived) "Public Health Emergency" Go To Waste


To those who wish to control us, a.k.a. Democrats, nearly everything can be labeled a “public health emergency,” the more nonsensical the better. Nothing makes those you rule over more malleable than declaring a “public health crisis.” Throw fear into the general populace and you can get them to do virtually anything, as the recent plandemic pandemic so clearly—and sadly—showed. Put a mask on your face? Check. Stay away from others? Check. Stay home and don’t leave your place of residence? Check. Skip weddings and funerals of friends and loved ones? Check. Give up your job/means of supporting your family? Check. Allow an unvetted, experimental gene-therapy pseudo-vaccine into your body? Check. Repeatedly? Check. (Of course, those who made us—or attempted to make us—do all these things never intended to do them themselves. Because they are “experts,” “public servants,” rulers…hypocritical, virtue-signaling tyrants.)

Shout “the sky is falling…and unless we take drastic action we’re all going to die” and you not only get most of the sheeple to do what you want, but you can accuse those who don’t wish to obey of being thoughtless, heartless, murderous thugs. It’s a twofer, and brilliantly evil, for people who take pride in such things!

The truth is, we’re all going to die anyway. Some of us, like the Founders who bequeathed us our freedoms, and those who gave their lives defending them, would prefer to die with both our freedoms and our dignity intact.

“Progressives” can go ahead and call climate change, gasoline-powered automobiles, Fox News, Goya Foods, misinformation, hamburgers, and inadequate access to abortion public health emergencies. They can label conservatives, Christians, accountability, and standards and expectations, among many other things, as public health crises. (Or symbols of white supremacy.)

Taxation without representation? We have that. But that’s almost quaint at this point. The globalists in the WEF are now telling us to eat bugs…and that soon we will “own nothing.” And “be happy.”

The good news is, like the American Founders, we don’t have to acquiesce or comply.




Sunday, February 26, 2023

An Unborn Child Wrongfully Incarcerated?


Natalia Harrell is being held in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. And she is pregnant. Now lawyers are arguing-- before Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal—that the fetus’s incarceration is a violation of his rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Florida constitutions. Attorney William M. Norris recently filed an emergency writ of habeas corpus, which allows the court to determine whether someone’s imprisonment is lawful.

According to the Miami Herald, the writ reads: “UNBORN CHILD has not been charged with any crime by the State. Further, the State has placed the UNBORN CHILD in such inherently dangerous environment by placing the UNBORN CHILD in close proximity to violent criminal offenders.” Therefore, the writ argues, the unborn child should be released so he can get necessary care and treatment, be free from “unlawful and illegal detention,” and avoid entering the world in a dangerous environment like a prison cell.

The 24-page document claims that the “draconian confinement” is harming Harrell’s unborn child. It states that the fetus isn’t receiving adequate prenatal care, such as vitamins and visits to specialists, and adds that it also has been the victim of negligence — including once being trapped in a corrections transport van without air conditioning while temperatures exceeded 100 degrees.

Harrell, 24, was arrested and charged with second degree murder, a felony punishable by life in prison, while 6-weeks pregnant on July 26, 2022. (While inside an Uber, she was involved in a fatal quarrel that was caught on tape.)

The article used the term “his” to describe the unborn child. Did the attorney, too? Did they simply assume the unborn baby was a male? Ultrasound be damned, how do they know the yet-to-be-born child identifies as a male? Maybe it is non-binary, genderfluid, or identifies as a female.

Maybe Natalia Harrell should identify as a non-felon with no criminal record whatsoever so that she and her unborn child could be released.

One thing is certain: Natalia’s baby is innocent and uncharged.

This is an interesting case. On the one hand, I don’t want to see yet another violent criminal released. (And you know, or at least strongly suspect, that Harrell and her lawyer(s) are more concerned about springing her than they are about her baby.) On the other hand, what a powerful statement it would be! An affirmation that an unborn child has rights like any other innocent human being. “Pro-choice” activists, who are also usually feminists and believe in criminal justice reform, would be thrust into an awkward position: that of essentially having to say, “Keep the bitch and her non-viable tissue mass in prison!” Delicious. If justice were to prevail, perhaps a C-section could be performed, Harrell could continue to serve her time… and the baby could be given to loving foster parents.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

How To Take Offense: Gender Studies 101


According to thecollegefix.com, “a female journalism major at Shippensburg University wants an apology from the school for a photo featuring two male students with the caption: ‘This is what an #engineer looks like.’”

Allyson Ritchey, the assistant PR director for the school’s student paper The Slate, was upset that the official Shippensburg U. Instagram page recently posted a picture of “two male-presenting students” with the aforementioned caption.  The school changed the original caption to “Hands-on learning at the Milton and Doreen Engineering Lab!” less than 24 hours later, but this was not enough to appease Ritchey. No siree.

Ritchey thought a formal apology should have been forthcoming for the apparently egregious original caption and wrote that “Simply changing the caption is like putting a bandage on the situation.”

For good measure, the bitchy Ritchey added: “For a university that, according to its own website, ‘celebrates diversity,’ to make such a claim about engineers is insensitive and discrediting to the students at Shippensburg who do not fall into the stereotype. This brings forth the societal notion that engineering is unfriendly to women and other non-male identifying individuals.” Say what??!!

There was no sexist “claim” in the caption, and it was not an attempt to further a “stereotype.” It was simply a picture of two engineering students with a matching caption.

If one is of the Ritchey mindset, one looks for offense in all matters instead of expressing gratitude. To the eternally oppressed, everything gives offense, everything reeks of insensitivity, intolerance, exclusion.

Come to think of it, I want an apology for an advertisement featuring two women enjoying a glass of wine. I like wine, too. Is the ad trying to imply men don’t drink wine, can’t appreciate it?! And I’m getting increasingly upset with pictures that show several women—or should I say “female-presenting fans”-- attending, say, a football or hockey game. This is clearly marginalizing to men. If there would have been a caption reading “This is what an NFL/NHL fan looks like” I wouldn’t have been responsible for my own actions.

And why are there no pictures of me as President of the United States or even Governor of Florida? This is deeply hurtful to me, and an obvious case of anti-Ericism and heterophobia.

This entitled, infantilized, woe-is-me, the world is against me mindset is tragic and destructive. It is why “squad” members AOC, Corey Bush and Rashida Tlaib ranted, raved, whined and cried after Republicans ousted Ilhan Omar from her seat on the House Intelligence Committee. “Islamophobia” they cried! “Racism!” Misogyny! An attack on women of color! Etc., etc. They did not mention that the other two congresspersons removed from the committee were Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, both white males. Never mind that two-thirds of those taken off the committee for security reasons were white (heterosexual) non-Islamic males. “Racism!” “Islamophobia!” “Sexism!”

When a person gets angry when any picture of anything doesn’t include them-- or someone just like them-- it says a great deal more about that person than it does about the picture or those who created it.


Friday, February 24, 2023

FBI To Get Massive New Edifice


Sometimes size does matter.

Taxpayer dollars—and a great many of them—are set to be used to construct a gigantic new edifice for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more commonly known as the FBI. The massive new building/complex will be, at minimum, double the size of the Pentagon, which, until very recently, was the largest office building on the face of the planet. The Bureau’s new headquarters will be built on one of three sites in suburban Virginia and Maryland, all of which are between 58 and 80 acres in size.

This means that the Feds’ new building may potentially end up being even larger than the Kremlin, which covers a staggering 66 acres. Take that, Russkies!

The senior analyst for strategy at the Center for Security Policy, J. Michael Waller, notes that, “riveted into the colossal new project are woke regulations to ensure that the FBI center will comply with diversity, equity, LGBTQ+, and climate change political goals.” I don’t know about you, but I already feel safer and more “seen.”

Sarcasm aside, the size of government departments, entities and structures tells us much about their relative importance……at least as judged by the government.

The fact that the FBI, the U.S.’s domestic intelligence and security service and federal law enforcement arm, will soon have a home dwarfing that of the department of defense charged with guaranteeing our national security and protecting us from myriad threats abroad, speaks volumes about the Biden administration. None of it good.

The FBI, under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), has historically been tasked with investigating (domestic) public corruption and countering terrorism and the actions of foreign intelligence services. Today, it appears utterly uninterested in its erstwhile counterterrorism mission or in countering the actions of foreign intelligence services. And the FBI itself is obviously, and publicly, corrupt.   

It is, however, laser-focused on smearing and attacking parents who dare to question their children’s lesson plans or school boards and those who have the temerity to question election practices, laws, and results.  And it almost unfailingly marginalizes, demonizes, and threatens Republicans, conservatives, patriots, heterosexuals, Christians, and white males. (It is now unspeakable to be a white, patriotic, heterosexual, conservative Republican who also happens to be a Christian. Those of us in this mold are once again being thrown to the lions, albeit—for now—figuratively.)

The Obama-Biden FBI is also doing its level best to help brand truthful statements as “misinformation” while simultaneously characterizing misinformation as fact. A remarkable feat when successful, as it often was in recent years. (See also: Hunter Biden laptop and Trump-Russian-collusion stories.)

Many have claimed that, while the Bureau’s leaders are corrupt, the rank-and-file FBI types are salt-of-the-earth, regular guys and gals with the nation’s best interests in mind. Sadly, there is no evidence that that is the case.

Rather, it appears that, in addition to the fact that power corrupts, the general collapse of Christian belief-- and belief in an objective truth and morality—has led to those in bloated government departments, such as the FBI, not giving a sh*t about anything but their own power.

Where once “fidelity, bravery, integrity” was the FBI’s motto, a more accurate updated one would read: “fascism, bullshit, infidelity.”


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Cows Targeted, Coyotes Welcomed


U.S. government officials have told wildlife “experts” in New Mexico to go ahead and start killing feral cows in the Gila Wilderness Area just north of the Mexican border. U.S. Forest Service managers recently approved a plan to use helicopters carrying multiple gunmen to eliminate the roughly 150 wayward cows that have reportedly acted aggressively toward visitors and caused damage to sensitive areas of the world’s first designated wilderness area.

The Grant County Board of Commissioners approved the plan to take out the stray livestock, likely triggering legal challenges.

But Forest Supervisor Camille Howes said the decision to off the animals, though difficult, was necessary. She stated, "The feral cattle in the Gila Wilderness have been aggressive towards wilderness visitors, graze year-round, and trample stream banks and springs, causing erosion and sedimentation.”

Many ranchers, however, opposed the decision, saying that the plan to shoot cows from a helicopter should be regarded as animal cruelty. Furthermore, they say the action would violate federal regulations and create a need for some group or entity to deal with all the carcasses left behind.

In related news, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said that border patrol agents have seized enough fentanyl between the ports of entry so far this fiscal year (since October, in less than five months) to kill 100 million people, enough to, say, kill everyone living in California, Texas and New York. Ortiz added that agents in the Yuma Sector in Arizona recently encountered a single illegal migrant carrying 93 pounds of the deadly narcotic on his person.

Ortiz also recently stated: "In the month of January alone, agents seized 55 firearms [and] over 6,800 pounds of narcotics, which included enough fentanyl to kill over 60 million people.” The narcotic can be fatal even in tiny doses, and is now the leading cause of death among U.S. adults ages 18 to 45. One month. 60 million people. Holy crap.

So, to recap, the government is more than willing to launch a deadly airborne assault on 12-dozen cows it claims are wreaking havoc on land near our southern border but will do nothing to stop millions of immigrants from streaming into the U.S. illegally (and trampling crops), despite rampant sex and drug trafficking. And even though the fentanyl coming with them-- in a single year—would be enough to (at least theoretically) wipe out two-thirds of the U.S. population.

Incredibly, those in the highest levels of the U.S. government, many of whom we supposedly elected, let a known Chinese spy balloon traverse the skies across the entirety of the United States, including those over our most sensitive military sites, all the while surveilling and reporting back to the Chinese Communist party-- yet quickly and aggressively destroyed what appears to have been a $12 balloon from a hobby group based in northern Illinois. Which is part of the United States. Similarly, “officials” now appear to be intent on obliterating a relative handful of recalcitrant female bovines, while steadfastly refusing to address a myriad of critical issues brought on by literally millions of illegals pouring across the border less than 70 miles south of the park in which they live.

Let’s Go Brandon!


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Science Should Be Justice-Centered, Professors Say


New York University Professor Okhee Lee and University of Miami Professor Scott Grapin recently wrote that “science and engineering education remain silent about disparities that underlie pressing societal challenges.” These two leading lights, who are engaged in training the next generation of K-12 teachers, recommend that science educators adopt a justice-centered approach to lesson plans that emphasizes “explaining and solving pressing societal challenges that directly impact students’ lives, communities, and society.”

“Societal changes?” Like the erasing of women by the trans thugocracy, for example? Or the rapid collapse of Christianity in the U.S.? Or perhaps the now nearly absolute, utter intolerance of those in higher education for views, notions, and interpretations that differ from their own? What could/should a justice-centered approach to science lesson plans do about these pressing societal challenges? Lee and Grapin? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

So the nutty professors purport to believe that the goal of every course, study, discipline, and endeavor should be to foment activism and societal change, not to teach, learn, create, or excel?

What if Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, and Dr. Jonas Salk, et. al., had only—or primarily-- been concerned with social justice? They would never have had the time to focus on questioning, researching, hypothesizing, testing, analyzing, and communicating (the six steps comprising the “scientific method”) the results of the scientific experiments that they might also not have had time to conduct. Nor would they have had time to create and invent.

Yet, upon deeper reflection, they were, in fact, addressing pressing “societal challenges.” Societal challenges such as identifying and explaining gravity, and inventing things such as the light bulb, the polio vaccine, etc., etc. All of which greatly enhanced the lives of virtually everyone on the planet.

There can be no better definition—or example—of “social justice” than this.



Tuesday, February 21, 2023

GDI Labels Conservative Websites "False/Misleading" In "False/Misleading" Attempt To Libel/Slander


According to a report in the Washington Examiner, the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a British organization, and its two affiliated U.S. “nonprofit” groups, have blacklisted American Thinker and many other conservative leaning news outlets-- probably including this one-- branding them as false/misleading.”  

 In my opinion, that’s a feather in our cap. Indeed, it is (ironically) an imprimatur that information on these sites can be trusted, since terms like “false/misleading,” “misinformation,” and “disinformation” can be directly and correctly translated as “accurate” and “the truth” when employed by Democrat-affiliated groups such as these. And truth is something the Left fears more than anything else-- even straight, white, binary, Christian males.

The GDI also effectively libeled/slandered the Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, Newsmax, and others by labeling them false/misleading, as well as news websites run by some well-known conservative figures. Incredibly, if amusingly, it branded Townhall.com “offensive” and “reprehensible.” It even declared Judicial Watch to be false/misleading, while RealClearPolitics.com got the same treatment, even though the news aggregator strives to aggregate fairly, posting similar numbers of liberal and conservative articles.

On the other hand, GDI characterized clearly liberal and pro-Democrat entities such as NPR, the New York Times, ProPublica—and others-- as low disinformation risks. Imagine that.

The GDI, which hilariously claims it “operates on the three principles of neutrality, independence and transparency,” recently received $330,000 from two U.S. State Department–backed entities, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and something called Disinfo Cloud. The NED is largely taxpayer funded. The State Department’s official website states that Disinfo Cloud is “an unclassified platform used by the U.S. government, foreign partners, and technology providers to identify and learn about technologies to counter adversarial propaganda and disinformation.” Meaning stuff with which they disagree. The Examiner noted that GDI’s two Texas-based “nonprofit” affiliates generated large surpluses recently. Tax records apparently show that GDI’s affiliated private foundation saw its revenue jump from $19,600 in 2019 to over $569,000 in 2020. Not sure how “transparent” this has been.

This is all supremely ironic, and truly “reprehensible,” in that much of what the Biden administration hasn’t hidden or obfuscated, it has lied about. The Left lives and thrives on lies and sees the truth as kryptonite. So it punishes those who write or speak it. “Cancels” them by preventing them from speaking, smearing them if they do, and by demonetizing them or even physically threatening them. Democrats’ lapdogs in the mainstream media aid and abet them, incessantly repackaging, refining, and regurgitating lie after lie. “Fake news” is all too often an accurate term.

This has been proven again and again, via the Russian Collusion Hoax, the Jan. 6 “insurrection” was “the worst attack on our democracy” since 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War hoax, the 2020 riots were “mostly peaceful” hoax, and the Joe Biden is a calm and stable moderate who yearns to unite the country hoax.

Progressives have fostered a culture of lies. They are ubiquitous and keep on coming. If prevarication was an Olympic sport, it would now be hard to pick a winner from amongst the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians…and a U.S team comprised of Obama-Biden administration officials.

And who knows how our mainstream media would report on that competition.


Monday, February 20, 2023

Balloon Follies


”Up, up and away…in our beautiful balloon…”

What is it with balloons lately? Literally all aspects of the recent “Balloongate Saga” are utterly preposterous. First, the U.S. lets a suspected Chinese spy balloon slowly traverse the length and breadth of the country before finally shooting it down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina. After it had several days to leisurely transmit the intelligence it gathered back home to the Chinese Communist party. (It deliberately flew over several of our nation’s most sensitive military sites.)

Yet now the Biden administration, perhaps chagrinned, is blasting anything and everything out of the sky, even while acknowledging that these “unidentified flying objects” could be our own weather service—or corporate—balloons. What the hell?! Wouldn’t/shouldn’t we know if they were? Weather Service balloons are launched by another branch of government, one closely related to the Department of Defense…that shot them down.

The U.S. government was, apparently, unable to detect the giant Chinese spy balloon. That was left to citizens of Montana, who happened to look up into the clear blue sky. The official explanation for why the government was picking up so many unidentified objects is that, prior to this event, it was only looking for larger objects, and has since tweaked its radar so as to detect smaller objects. You’ve got to be kidding me. I get this picture of a commander at NORAD approaching the big screen radar controls and turning one large dial 90-degrees to the right to bring in smaller objects and immediately exclaiming, “Holy crap!”

The last (as I write this) “UFO” the U.S. shot down was reportedly an octagonal balloon-like vehicle with string-like appendages hanging down. It was drifting slowly along at 20,000 feet over Lake Huron. And the first missile fired by an Air Force plane missed it. How is that possible?!! A supersonic jet with state-of-the-art technology and guided missiles missed an unmanned, unarmed, slow-moving balloon?! Why not just sidle up to it and pop it? A bi-plane and pilot with a .22 rifle could have brought it down. For that matter, why not just tether the thing, capture it, and bring it down intact? If we knew it posed no threat and really wanted to learn about it, wouldn’t it be better to have the object on the ground and intact?

More preposterous than all of this, hard as it is to believe, is the speculation, even fear, among some that these balloons may be sent from—or even be transporting-- aliens from outer space. Yes, forget the flying saucers and other amazing craft of science-fiction, it’s probably a good bet that aliens chose to make the trek to Earth from a distant galaxy…in a balloon. A “technology” we on earth have had for over 100 years. Does Alpha Centauri have a good supply of mylar and helium?

I see balloons and blimps heading towards Earth from the far reaches of the cosmos, wicker gondolas suspended below, 3-eyed greenies looking out over the basket tops.  Perhaps some balloons with flame shooting upwards from a console, a hand on a lever next to it.

How many light years would it take them to reach the Earth going 20-miles-an-hour? (And toileting might be inconvenient.)  Would entry into-- and through-- the Earth’s atmosphere present a problem for these balloons after their long interstellar trip?

And, after all that, deliberately defenseless, they are shot down?

Not exactly “The War of the Worlds.

Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here.

Or anywhere else, apparently.





Sunday, February 19, 2023

Finnish Expert Says Four Of Five Children Will Outgrow Gender Confusion


According to a Daily Wire report, Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, Finland’s leading expert on pediatric gender medicine, says “four out of five” children will grow out of their gender confusion.

Kaltiala, the chief psychiatrist at Tampere University, Finland’s largest pediatric gender clinic, recently granted an interview to the country’s leading newspaper in which she explained her reluctance to recommend surgical and chemical sex change services for minors who identify as transgender.

Dr. Kaltiala said that, while it is “important to accept the child as they are,” it is also necessary to recognize that it is very common for children to strongly identify with the opposite sex at some point in their youth and stated that four out of five children who identify as transgender will grow out of it at some point during puberty.


By contrast, at a recent pro-trans rally, signs reading “My body, my choice” could be seen. Really? It wasn’t “your choice” to have a body, as no one can ask to be born. Just as no one can pick their sex/genitalia. That has already been done for all of us, via our parents assignations…and/or God’s desire.

The force/God that made the universe and created all of us did not need to ask for our consent. Or even that of our parents.

That some of us now seek to somehow overrule that force/God is alternately laughable, sacrilegious, pathetic, preposterous, stupefyingly arrogant, and sad.



Saturday, February 18, 2023

Biden Administration Supporting D.C. Council Bill To Let Illegal Immigrants Vote


The Biden administration is supporting a Washington, D.C., Council bill that would give illegal immigrants and other non-citizens, including—wait for it-- members of the Chinese Communist Party residing in the city, the right to vote in local elections. What could be the harm?

Fortunately, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Katie Britt (R-AL), are urging the Senate to take up a joint resolution that would stop the bill from advancing. The House of Representatives already passed a (bipartisan!) resolution of disapproval of the D.C. Council bill. Prior to the House's measure, however, the Biden administration issued a memo stating its support for the council's bill and its opposition to the House resolution, which it called a denial of "true self-governance." The memo also stated that the District of Columbia "deserves statehood."


Were the D.C. Council bill to somehow pass into law, who the hell couldn’t vote? (You know the Biden administration and most Democrats would love it if MAGA types, devout Christians, and assorted other conservatives were not allowed to vote. They have made that abundantly clear.) Talk about election integrity! Many Democrats want to allow felons to vote.  Minors, too. There are proposals afoot to let 16-year-olds vote. Coincidentally, they tend to share a mindset and maturity level with Democrats, and an affinity for socialism…so they would vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.


Democrats will do anything they think they can get away with to negate the votes of the majority of American citizens who do not reside on either coast.


If literally anyone/everyone else in the world were allowed to vote in our elections, what the hell would be the point of voting for the rest of us?! With mail-in voting, ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting, we are almost to that point now, anyway.


Which suits Democrats just fine……in their attempt to “save our democracy.”  


Do Japan, France, Sweden, or Niger, for example, allow illegal immigrants and non-citizens from around the world to vote in their elections? Chinese Communists? I’m guessing not……because they would effectively cease to be sovereign nations!


Should we give the vote to Putin, too? Xi Jinping? The Communist Party of Venezuela?  Should we give the vote to canines?


If non-citizens could vote in our elections, why not non-people? Should we give the vote to canines? Fictional characters like Beavis and Butthead? (And no, I’m not referring to Swalwell and Schiff.) Smurfs? I mean, what the bleeping bleep?!!


Maybe there should be a 34th Amendment to the Constitution stating that “Anyone in the world shall have the right to vote in any American election, local, state, or federal.” I shouldn’t even have written that. Someone close to AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib or Cori Bush might see this and pass it on.


There has been much talk of aliens recently. The kind from outer space. (Because, apparently, some folks think it’s possible that they will travel here from another galaxy in a balloon. Might take a while.)


One thing is certain: if aliens did come, Democrats would promptly try to bribe them and then grant them the vote.


Friday, February 17, 2023

The AP Stylebook Says The Word "The" Is Dehumanizing


That virtue-signaling paragon of writing excellence, the AP Stylebook, recently tweeted: “We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead, use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant.” (But never write or say, “the people with mental illnesses,” as that would be offensive!)

You know you’ve gone too far down a road that ought not have been traveled when the word “the” is verboten. The AP Stylebook is now to language as Michael Moore is to NASCAR racing.

The Ap Stylebook’s advice is mindful of a comment Winston Churchill supposedly made when a young Foreign Office secretary-- who had the job of “vetting” the then Prime Minister’s peerless speeches-- decried the P.M.’s habit of ending sentences with prepositions. Churchill, tiring of the functionary’s didactic assaults on his magnificent writing and oratory, allegedly sent a “correction” back to the Foreign Office with a notation in red ink stating: “This is the kind of pedantic nonsense up with which I shall not put!” (The job of “vetting” Churchill’s writings/speeches would be akin to one requiring the “vetting” of Beethoven’s composing.)

The woke abuse of the English language has gone too far. The word “the” is “dehumanizing?”

What the hell? How dumb are the folks at the AP Stylebook? This is the last straw!

 And the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.




Thursday, February 16, 2023

Artificial Intelligence Versus Real Humanity


A new AI-powered content generator called ChatGPT, a free-to-access AI program, launched in November of 2022. According to a recent PJ Media report, its proprietors market it as “a large language model developed by OpenAI that can be used for natural language processing tasks such as text generation.”

In other words, it can produce words. It can write. In the near future it is expected to do so faster and cheaper than humans. Indeed, reports say that ChatGPT is already being used for “simpler text-based tasks like operating chat boxes, auto-generating responses to common questions on online forums, and social media posting.” A few news agencies are using AI-generated news in an attempt to cut costs. (Fake news from fake beings! Can it get any better?! Chris Cuomo eat your heart out!)

As the technology rapidly improves in speed, accuracy, and even mimicry of speech, more and more outlets are likely to use it to streamline the editing process and reduce expenditures. The advancing technology will eventually be able to perform tasks that heretofore required a high level of education and skill, likely leading to displacement of workers in certain industries and reduced employment opportunities for college-educated workers. While no one can accurately predict the future in this (or any other) regard, it is virtually certain that AI will have a significant impact on it.

How else might this affect us? Well, Senior Rabbi Josh Franklin, of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, recently delivered a sermon written entirely by the ChatGPT chatbot. After reading it, he asked his congregation to guess who had written it. The congregation guessed that the sermon was written by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, recently passed, who was known for his erudition and eloquence.


In (sadly) related news, a “trans woman” with neon-red hair recently took to social media to claim that “her” artificial vagina is better than the real thing. Understandably, this led some real women to push back against the absurd assertion, which didn’t sit well with the person with the faux vagina, who repulsively likened actual women’s vaginas to a paper grocery bag compared to the $35,000 designer bags that are trans women’s artificial vaginas.

“She” said of transwomen, “We have the designer expensive bougie coochie” and asserted that this made real women “mad.”  (“Bougie” is apparently short for “bourgeoise”-- or upper-class.) A sane, non-artificial person of either biological sex would be filled with equal parts revulsion, anger, and sadness upon hearing this.

What to make of all of this?

First of all, I’m never letting a chatbot write for me. In being too cheap or lazy to write, humans will, ironically, be writing themselves out of the picture and ceding the future to AI…with unknowable results.

From artificial intelligence to artificial vaginas, a brave grave new world is coming. Too bad about the job loss, but fully functional sex dolls will satisfy you without that messy human baggage. The ersatz she or he won’t even ask you what your plans are for the future!

Feminists have said, “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.” I guess turnabout is fair play. Biological men are systematically being allowed to erase women altogether. They no longer have a right to their own bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams…or intimate body parts. Talk about appropriation! In fact, men are claiming that “their” vaginas are superior to women’s.

So, increasingly, women don’t need men and men don’t need women. What could go wrong? (I find myself using that phrase a lot these days.)

What a world we will find ourselves in if we keep allowing rulers, experts, “educators,” and the woke mob to have their way with us. In truth, which we are supposed to seek, this trend can’t end well. In fact, if we continue to ignore-- and even mock-- God’s explicit instructions to us…it will end in depopulation and despair. The end times.

Can we turn away from madness and come together again? Can we admit that men and women need each other, were, in fact-- in a very “real” sense-- made for each other?

Will we ultimately choose artificial intelligence or God’s grace? Dystopia or the Garden of Eden 2.0?

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

World Youth Day Ironically Supporting Enhanced Abortion Access


A group of Catholic parents in Poland have written a letter to members of the Church’s hierarchy demanding that this year’s World Youth Day (WYD) event in Lisbon, Portugal, cease its bizarre promotion of the United Nations’ pro-abortion 2030 Agenda.

The letter, penned on January 3rd,  was sent to Portuguese Bishop Américo Manuel Alves Aguiar, the head of the 2023 WYD Lisbon organizing committee, and to pro-LGBT Cardinal Kevin Farrell, head of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. The missive, translated and provided to LifeSiteNews, begins with a plea by “parents of young people planning to attend World Youth Day 2023” to have the event’s stated commitment to the United Nations “Agenda 2030” and its “Sustainable Development Goals” removed as a “guiding element.” One of the goals for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is enhanced access to abortion and women’s “reproductive rights.”

The group of parents also took issue with WYD’s inexplicable endorsement of the “Global Tree Initiative” (GTI) that promotes other religions, such as Buddhism, on its website. They also noted that many of these globalist goals are “irreconcilable with the Gospel and the Church’s teaching,” and may “mislead” or “bring moral confusion to young people.”

It is decidedly ironic that World Youth Day, a Catholic festival, would support any agenda touting other religions. It is even more ironic—and disturbing-- that it would directly or indirectly support increased access to abortion.

(Groups don’t always act in their best interest, and not just because of altruism. The United Auto Workers endorsed Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election despite the inconvenient fact that Gore had called for the abolition of the internal combustion engine.)

World Youth Day effectively lauding abortion? What’s next, breweries and distilleries supporting prohibition? Oil companies lobbying for a ban on drilling? China calling for a moratorium on spy balloons? Democrats calling for expanded First and Second Amendment rights?

Okay, okay, I know…the last one is preposterous.