Saturday, November 21, 2015

Introducing The North Dakota "Fighting Hawks"!

                 After many, many months without an official nickname, the University of North Dakota has finally selected one. They needed a new one because they were forced to abandon their old one, the “Fighting Sioux,” after being threatened and bludgeoned by the NCAA and a few politically-correct media outlets, making sponsors and donors jittery. Racist, bigoted, insensitive and offensive, you see. (No one cares that Notre Dame’s nickname is the “Fighting Irish” and their mascot a pugnacious little leprechaun, because, well, they’re Irish).
                They will henceforth be called the “Fighting Hawks.” Really. Not quite the same heft for my money, but what do I know? Tradition is overrated. Their opponents probably won’t have quite the same level of respect for the new moniker and logo, either, but perhaps if they are giggling during play North Dakota teams will have an edge.
                It’s probably just a matter of time, however, until PETA, or the Large Bird Center, or some such, calls on the school to rid itself of that name too.

                Surely it’s offensive to passive raptors.

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