Friday, August 4, 2017

An Inconvenient Sequel: Al Gore, Mother Of All Hypocrites

                Inveterate hypocrite, eco-snob, fake do-gooder, and irritating importuner-in-chief Al Gore has a new movie coming out. Yes, it’s about global warming again, and is titled “An Inconvenient Sequel.”
                I’m guessing the Nashville Nag forgot to mention in his own film that his Tennessee home is estimated to use between 12 and 34 times the energy that the average American household consumes. In fact, the Daily Caller reports that the energy spent to heat Gore’s swimming pool alone would heat six typical American abodes for a year.
                ABC reported that the former Vice-president ran up a $30,000 a month power bill…back in 2007. And reports indicate that the charlatan of climate change has actually increased his energy usage over the years. Moreover, the Capital City Huckster flies around the world on private planes to badger folks about their energy use, and is usually chauffeured in limousines whilst travelling on land, so it is likely that the energy expended in his travels is even greater than that demanded by his residence. Seems like Mr. Gore doesn’t like to be inconvenienced.
                Gore, who has a net worth of over $176 million, has publicly stated that his home is completely powered by renewable energy, but it turns out that claim was as inaccurate as many of those in his doomsday sermons on climate change. Only about 3% of the electricity used at the Gore Mansion comes from sustainable energy sources. Three percent is less than 100%, Al. An inconvenient fact, indeed.
                A hallmark of progressive dogma is its endless imperative, through Godless evangelism, to instruct other people how to live their lives, while letting the Godless evangelist personally do whatever he or she desires even as he or she feels morally superior to those just hectored. In that, at least, Al Gore has succeeded.

                Algorithm: “a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end…”
                AlGoreithm: “1) I lecture you. 2) You conserve energy. 3) I use the energy you conserved.”


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  2. Thank you, Melony! Keep on reading! And thinking.