Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump, Sanders Take New Hampshire Primaries In Landslide

                 Iowa caucus results historically do not portend either party’s presidential nominees. The results of the New Hampshire primary often do. Yesterday, in the Granite State, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won in landslides. Completely demolished their respective fields. Each of the most liberal candidates in both parties won. Why?
                In “The Donald’s” case it is because no one knows or cares about his former positions, statements, relationships, donations, etc., and because they- rightly- are focused on his promise to protect the nation from near certain doom by sealing the borders and disavowing political-correctness as the highest form of consciousness.
                In Bernie Sander’s case (“feel the Bern!”), it is partly because many are finally sick and tired of Hillary’s constant lies, obfuscations and flip-flops, but mostly because millennials are in love with Socialism. They have been taught to hate capitalism, corporations, the wealthy and America in nearly every single college and university in the land for decades now, and in many secondary schools. They are steered away from entering business schools and encouraged to volunteer and go into fields where they “can make a difference.” The 70-something, white Bernie is winning an overwhelming percentage of the millennial vote for these reasons alone. Think about this: the state with the motto “Live free or die” has just voted for a socialist candidate in overwhelming numbers. (Millennials do believe everything should be free…to them).
                Don’t think an arrogant mud-slinger like Trump or an avowed Socialist like Sanders can win the popular vote and the presidency? Bill Clinton, an alleged serial rapist and pathological liar was elected twice- and is now considered one of the most respected ex-presidents, this despite the fact that he was impeached. Barack Obama, a man with no experience who openly showed his disdain- if not outright hatred- for the country he went on to lead- was elected…twice…to the presidency.

                There is no more here…here. The United States, as originally constituted, has…simply ceased to be.

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