Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Global Warming To Pose Risks For Air Travel

                 Global warming could cause more turbulence for airplanes due to increased carbon-dioxide particles in the air speeding up the jet-stream, NBC reported recently.  Say what? The report cautioned that this is a problem that “could be substantial” by 2050.

                      I wonder if we’ll have webbed feet by then? (See “Humans May Develop Gills, Webbed Feet Due To Global Warming, Experts Say”- Jan. 28, 2016).

                There literally is nothing…nothing…the alarmists believe won’t be made unimaginably worse or even deadly as a result of global warming. Gaia Paradigm zealots and other assorted liberals, cranks and crackpots tend to believe everything is interconnected to the point that, “If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, it can cause a hurricane in Louisiana.” That’s just silly.
                We know that only George W. Bush can cause hurricanes.
                Plus, millions of butterflies migrate every year around the globe. The Earth should long since have been battered into oblivion. Instead, the planet has survived both the migrations and the hurricanes… and even a couple of major nuclear bomb detonations and nuclear power plant meltdowns.
                There are existential threats to our long-term existence. Global warming is simply not one of them. To the extent we focus on global warming (or “climate change”), we take our collective eye off of the real problems confronting us.

                 That is why those in power worship at its altar.

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